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MileUp App

MileUp™ – Free Rewards for Driving. MileUp™ is an effortless way to get free rewards just for driving. Download the driving app and automatically earn points to redeem for gift cards at retailers you love. Plus, get bonus points for joining weekly Challenges and referring friends. Whether you’re on your daily commute or a cross country road trip, you can earn awesome gift cards for the driving you already do. MileUp uses your phone’s sensors to track your driving activity - like how far you travel, when you are driving, or how many stops you make. By sharing your driving data, you’re helping us improve our accident detection technology and make driving safer for everyone on the road. In fact, with all of the great data we have been collecting from our tireless MileUp drivers, we’re almost there! So, make sure to keep those miles coming while this app is available - and don’t forget, if you get into a verified accident involving a tow or airbag deployment while using the MileUp driving app, we will give you a bonus of $250. How it works: Download the app and give MileUp permission to access your location and motion sensors. Whenever you’re driving in your car, MileUp automatically tracks your mileage and rewards you with points for every mile you drive. In addition to earning points for each mile driven, you can also earn for: Challenges —Join weekly challenges for extra bonus points Spreading the Word — Extra points for referring friends or posting about MileUp Accident Verification — We’ll even help take the sting out of accidents by offering $250 for verified accident reports Redeem your points for gift cards to retailers like Target, Amazon, Gamestop, Nike, Dominos, and more. It’s simple: the more you drive, the more you earn. Download and start earning rewards now. Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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MileUp app reviews

  • Don't even waste your time! 1/5

    By Hunnyb9
    I downloaded this app approximately 6 weeks ago. There has been 2 increases in the required miles needed for a gift card. With the most recent update all my challenge miles have been deleted, not one but 3 days straight. I emailed them twice without a response. Deleting this app and telling everyone I referred to do the same. The worst fraudulent app.
  • Awesome for what it is. 4/5

    By Mallow18
    This app is awesome. You're essentially just getting paid for driving your normal daily driving. Yeah they've changed the miles required for cashing out a few times now, but who cares. You're still being paid for doing nothing more than you'd be doing normally.
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By _ayomichellee
    Terrible reward system now.
  • Don't bother 1/5

    By Kokobelle13
    Was $5 for 2000 miles. Now $5 for 4000 miles. One more cash out and I delete.
  • No 1/5

    By Shnerd12
    You use to get gift cards but now they are doing sweepstake entries instead. Don't download. Not worth it anymore. Just delete app off my phone.
  • Don't bother. 1/5

    By Heytherejoann
    If I could give zero stars, I would. This app is a joke. They change the amount needed to get a $5 gift card every single week. NOW you can't even get gift cards anymore! You HAVE to enter their "sweepstakes" where they claim there are "bigger and better prizes" when in reality, we all know that nobody is going to win anything. Please save yourself some time and don't bother downloading this app. They also delete negative comments from their Facebook page.
  • Cool app to earn gift cards 4/5

    By Yadadda
    Simply let them track your driving and earn gift cards. I understand they're new and keep changing how many points you need but I like how they're adding challenges to make up for it.
  • Not Accurate 2/5

    By TurboCorrado
    So I downloaded the app yesterday after a recommendation from a friend. I'm thinking "Hey, this looks pretty cool". So I take a road trip with a friend today that is 200 miles one way. I also had to make another smaller trip later when I got home from the long trip. The shorter one was 36 miles one way. So my total driving for the day was somewhere around 475ish miles. I'm thinking to myself "Cool! I just got almost 1000 points in one day!". Well guess what. I was wrong. The app said I only drove 290 miles total today. When I click on my activity section it appears that the app only calculated around 50 miles of my 200 mile trip there and it did it in 4 separate "trips". Hopefully they fix this issue soon or there is no point in me keeping this app. It absolutely destroys your battery throughout the day. My phone left for the 7 hours of driving this morning at 95% battery and when I got home, after not touching my phone all day (it was sitting in the console of the truck), I looked and it was at 18%.
  • Doesn't always work.. 2/5

    By Sassers06
    I've been using this app pretty much since its inception. I dislike the changes with the reward system/points. It went from driving 500 miles to 2,000 just for a measly 5 dollar reward. Also, it seems to fail to record my first drive of the day which is always around 20 miles. Not sure why this is happening but it would be great if they could fix the problem.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By MrsADotson
    At first the app was working wonderfully, but the last two maybe three weeks the app hasn't been tracking my miles. Or when I sign up for a challenge it will record my miles in the history but not in the challenges. So I don't know what happened but I'm not a fan.
  • Issues with app 1/5

    By Mojopug
    My miles keep disappearing
  • Gift card doesn't work 1/5

    By Heybethanyyy
    I redeemed a 5.00 target gift card and it didn't even work.. made me feel like an idiot at check out when I had to explain it was a "driving app"
  • I really wanted to like this app 2/5

    By Cammie Galindo
    On the days my husband is off from work, we run a lot of errands so I thought this would be awesome to rack up points and earn a gift card. At first it was $5 for 500 points, then it increased incrementally all the way to needing 4000 points for $5. That seems a little unfair. I understand needing to up it as he app becomes more popular but this was all within the span of a month and a half that I had it and it just seems like this is what they will keep doing to avoid high payouts. I'll be redeeming what I have right now and then I'm deleting.
  • I'm so dead 1/5

    By Jlovechicken
    Thought 2000 points was alright but then they jumped to 4000 points. Don't bother downloading this app.
  • Stop changing the reward 1/5

    By Heart of Dre
    I have been using this app for a little over a month and the reward system has changed twice now. Apparently it will be changing again March 2...if it is not for the better I will be deleting this app.
  • Poor Customer Service 2/5

    By KandyRed
    Like: free gift cards for driving. Bonus contest for extra points. Dislike: constant increase of requirements. Not tracking my miles correctly. Contacted you about my miles and you never responded.
  • 0 stars if I could 1/5

    By Chantizzyp
    I've had this app for a little over a month now. When I was first referred, they told me 500 points for rewards. But when I downloaded it, they changed it to 2000 points. And now that I finally reached 2000 points, they again increased it to 4000 points for your first $5. My balance is $3.11 for driving almost 2500 miles. Ridiculous. Definitely don't recommend anyone to download unless you just want to have it for the heck of it.
  • They keep increasing miles! 1/5

    By Dv87
    When it first started it was only 1000 pts, then they changed it to 2000. Now it's 4000 points! Not even worth spending my data on it. Deleting it and switching over to Streetwise.
  • Marie 1/5

    By Sean_amarah
    Please go back to 2,000 points...
  • Needs ALOT of improvement 2/5

    By kimberlyalicea
    At first, the app was great. I understand as more people join you have to increase the point system to cash out in order to stay afloat but I didn't think you would change it so quick. As for the most recent update, the app is not working at all for me. I have to login every time I open the app and "re-setup" my account. This is super annoying. As of now I can't even get the app to work. It just says "loading" and won't leave that screen. I hope you fix this I. The near future or I will be deleting the app.
  • Easy Money 4/5

    By Jmichellethrasher
    I have been using the app for just over a month and have earned $10 in gift cards. The amount of points necessary to earn gift cards has changed, which is the reason for less than five stars. The app does drain your battery slightly, but not much. There is no effort required to earn the gift cards, it just tracks the mileage I am already driving anyway.
  • Easiest Rewards Ever! 5/5

    By Gloria999999999
    Totally easy, fast rewards, runs in background. Recommended highly!!
  • Takes Forever 2/5

    By MrsLadyC
    Unless you do a lot of driving, I mean A LOT, this app will take forever to get a gift card. They have changed the point amount needed for a giftcard TWICE! You need 4,000 points just to get a $5 giftcard! When I first got the app, you only needed 1,000 pints for a $5 giftcard, then it changed to 2,000 points. Now it's 4,000, RIDICULOUS!
  • Don't Even Try It 1/5

    By dany20mh
    Before the release the new update you could get $5 for each 500 miles you drive but now after the update, they want you to drive 1000 miles to get $5. And they made that another double, 2000 mile to just get $5, you kidding me !!! Very disappointed....
  • Whiners don't realize it's free money! 5/5

    By JennaleeH
    I am rating this app five stars because it works efficiently and it's free money. I drive quite a bit and I've almost acquired $10 in two weeks! I am literally amazed by all of the whiners out there. Please, do tell me how much you were being PAID before this app to drive as you NORMALLY would? Nothing. It's literally the easiest way to ever make money. Have they doubled the points twice? Yes. Did they ever tell you they wouldn't? No. Did they also double the points you already had to compensate for the change? Yes. You all fail to mention that. Also, to address complaints about it using data. I run it without data all the time, it pings your phone not your data, Einstein. I found this out by reading about how the app worked, just like you could have! Now, to the genius that said it's using up too much battery power: They actually make phone chargers that can charge your phone in your car now! Imagine that. Where else would you be PAID to do something you are already doing? I don't care how many points it takes, it's free money. And I'll never complain about that.
  • Raised the Cashout amount from 2k points to 4k points 1/5

    By Adrieloveee
    I tolerated the first increase, but now this is just ridiculous. Hardly worth the effort anymore.
  • Cheating app 1/5

    By Nganxdoan
    Not good. They cheat by increasing the points over a period of time. While we lose our mobile data, they gain access to our locations. We get nothing in return.
  • It's pretty sweet 4/5

    By LovinBoxxy
    I don't think people understand the point of this app. It's not to make profits. You don't go out driving just because to get points. Everyone is complaining about how long it takes to get 4000 points. Oh well. All the app wants to do is see if they can do research on how to make driving safer for accident detection. I think if you do a lot of driving, it a small reward. If you drive 100000 miles a year, it adds up to under 100 dollars of stuff but if you have to drive anyway, at least you are getting something back. You can turn off cellular data in the app so it doesn't use data so I don't know why people are complaining about that. And it doesn't really kill my battery that bad.
  • Great app 5/5

    By boynole
    Easiest way to earn free gift cards. I understand a lot of people have been upset about the point structure constantly changing. But in order for this company to continue to be in business and give out free gift cards, the more people that actually sign up they have to change their point structure a bit. I don't have a real problem with that, easiest way to earn a five dollar Amazon card that I know of.
  • Pretty good app 4/5

    By zacmassey
    Being that my job requires me to drive at least 50 miles a day in a work truck (I run a route) this app is great! For training I drove almost 400 miles one way, twice and I got a lot of points! Needless to say, if you have to drive a lot every day, get this app! Regardless of how much it takes to get points... For me, after a week I have enough to get a $5 gift card just about... My average driving mileage for work is about 70 miles a day. Most I've driven in a work day was over 100 miles.
  • Great so far 5/5

    By Surprised by Kitten
    I've had this app for two days and since I was on vacation have earned lots of points. I don't understand all of the vitriol, but it's a free app that you can tell to only update when connected to wifi that rewards for something you're already doing. It's all a win in my book.
  • Don't waste your time! 1/5

    By Marysol9999999
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Shantra201
    This app doesn't accurately count the miles. I drove from Jacksonville to St. Augustine and only got 4 miles. To add insult to injury,you guys keep raising the amount of miles to redeem the gift cards! Either fix the app or get rid of it
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Sahil Deschenes
    Some trips have trouble syncing although most seem to work. Wish it didn't take so long to get a gift card, need to lower points. Also drains a good amount of battery. But with some little improvements could be an amazing app
  • Don't bother. Seriously. 1/5

    By Skarkroe
    They just keep raising the amount of points needed to get a gift card. It's just not worth it even though it's "free."
  • Frequent driver 4/5

    By Wonder Woman ljh
    I've read a few reviews. Yes, the points needed increased, however, this app is not a scam. I just earned my first gift card this past week for doing what I would normally do throughout my day. I wish there more options for the gift cards but was glad to be able to get one. I got my email within three minutes after pressing the button to redeem for a $10 Dominos card.
  • Easy way to make money in the background 4/5

    By katprohas
    I originally downloaded MileUp when it first launched - 1000 points was equivalent to $5, which was awesome. The next couple updates ended up quadrupling the point system, from 2000 to 4000 points for $5. It's disappointing to have it changed so drastically, but understandable, since this is a company meant to collect data, and they have limited research funds. That being said, I have not had many issues with the app itself. The one time sign-up is a simple process, and as long as you enable everything that the app requires, you don't have to have MileUp running at all. It works by syncing your gps and accelerometer data from your phone, and does so over wifi, so it doesn't use data or battery at all. I have had zero issues with space and functionality on my phone, and for not doing anything besides driving, I'd say it's worth it. My only suggestion would be to add more gift cards for cheaper stores, especially since it takes so long to collect $5 now. Tim Hortons, starbucks, fast food, etc. would be great to see. Amazon is still useful, but you can't get much for $5.

    By Jjone2019
    This app is a complete rip off especially when they want to use up your data. They initially started off with 1,000 points I get a $5 gift card. Now you have to get 4,000 points to get a $5 gift card. Who in the hell is about to drive 2,000 miles for a $5 gift card? I'll need an oil change just to get $10 gift card. NO THANKS. Second, they cheat you on the miles. The app automatically closes itself and logs you out, therefore, when you think yourre accumulating miles, you actually aren't. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.
  • Works for me 4/5

    By Flying elephant paci
    I've had it for just over a month. 3000+ miles and three gift cards. It works for me.
  • Excellent app 4/5

    By Kbcson
    This app is wonderful if you do a lot of driving you get 2 points for every mile you drive in one week i already go 4700 points the people complaining about taking 4000 points to get a gift card arent saying that each time the app has made awards cost more point that the developers double your points that you have banked another think is its free money anyway so why complain about a free app that pays you when your driving already. The only gripe i have is the location services drains you battery faster than normal but you are in your vehicle so you can hook up to your car charger
  • Out of your minds!! 1/5

    By Wnderlust
    Okay, this app was cool. I mean 2,000 to get a $5 dollar gift card was ridiculous but doable. Now 4,000 for a $5 dollar gift card you must be out your rabbit a** minds. Its not even worth it. My battery drains like crazy behind this app and then you raise the points. If you raise the points raise the value of the gift cards. I might as well just buy my own iTunes gift card. This app is ridiculous now and especially since it doesn't calculate the correct mileage. Get it together mileup. I'll be deleting until you guys listen to you users!
  • Not a good app 1/5

    By Chrisk44444444444444445501
    This is slightly like a scam. The scammer says here just drive and I'll give you money. Exactly... but you need to drive 2000 miles and then.... you get $5.00. No way! Just uninstall the app
  • Scam they will not send any gift card!! 1/5

    By edenan
    I drive a lot mainly because of my kids and their activities, I quickly accumulated 300 points + and you need at least 4000 to redeem any gift card. then suddenly out of no where all my points have been deleted and to redeem a gift card I now need 2000!! Looks and sound fishy to me! I've wasted two weeks worth of data as the application will be running on the background. Sound like a SCAM to me!! I've now accumulated enough points and after two weeks I have not received any gift card... I've contacted them 5 times with no reply!! Total scam!!
  • Awful!!!!!! 1/5

    By iHateMileUp
    I got the app a couple of months ago. Right before I hit the mark to cash in for the gift card, they raised the point limit. Then I finally earned enough points to cash in and never received an email with the gift card. It's been over a month and I've sent them multiple messages saying I'm having issues, but no one will respond. In the mean time, they have upped the point limit again! Don't offer an app if you don't have the capacity to keep up with it!
  • Stills your miles 1/5

    By ShoniRenee
    I keep track of my miles because I'm a professional driver. I also screenshots miles at the end of the day. So how I'm the world do I go from 4755 down to 3889?! This app is a waste of time and they are crooks!! First we went from 1000 to 2000 now 4000. A bunch of cheap cheaters. Delete!!
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Scorchia
    I will agree with the rest, it made sense when it was $5 for every 1000 points. Ok I can still be on with $5 for every 2000 points. But now it's totally not worthy. We downloaded it and referred friends and as a thank you the developers became so greedy. More and more friends are deleting it so good luck
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Tabbytantrum
    I wish I could give this app no stars. Started out exciting, advertised it a bunch for the company and got 10 friends to download. Then in 2 months that I had the app the points went from 1000 to 2000 and now 4000! That's a bit extreme, ridiculous, and not even worth having anymore....for $5. Myself and my 10 friends have uninstalled this app now. Maybe this app should've been thought through better before launching it. Just terrible. Failure.
  • Use to be great 1/5

    By Daisyjae
    Doesn't credit on a regular basis. Keeps freezing up! Trying to send a message for a help ticket and it won't allow me to send one. Frustrated! Eats your battery life!
  • Not worth battery drain & giving up privacy 1/5

    By Career Enthusiast
    They do keep devaluing the points (you need more points to get a reward). Additionally the app signs you out when you think you're getting miles. It doesn't track miles reliably. It's not worth giving up your location 24/7 and the battery drain.

    By BrandonBusch
    Just so everyone is aware, as of 1/17/17, the bonuses you earn were actually cut in HALF. they call it the new "points system" but they literally just made all of the gift cards double the value. Almost not worth it anymore and it's a shame the app went this direction. I do warn you it's going to take a lot of driving to get points now. DOUBLE of what you used to need. Sigh. They even made a fake update to try to hide the reviews UPDATE. DOUBLED THE POINTS AGAIN. NOT WORTH IT. UNINSTALL.

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