Mimo: Learn to code on the go

Mimo: Learn to code on the go

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  • Current Version: 2.4.3
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  • Developer: Mimohello GmbH
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Mimo: Learn to code on the go App

Learn to code, make apps, build websites, automate tasks, and more - whenever and wherever you have a minute! With Mimo's bite-size lessons, projects, and challenges, becoming fluent in code has never been so easy. ◆ What others say about Mimo: "This way, you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime." - TechCrunch "The app’s lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day, and it has a beautiful interface." - The New York Times ◆ What you can master: - Programming basics - Building apps - Making games - Making websites - Automating tasks - Swift - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - Cybersecurity - SQL - Python - Ruby - PHP - Command line (Terminal) - Git - Java - C# - C++ - R Achievement badges, daily goals, and streaks Continuous extensions and updates ◆ How it works: Sign up and jump into any track or course you can find. If you want to go beyond the free content or a potential trial period, you can subscribe to Mimo Premium for unlimited access to the whole range of tracks and courses. Get Mimo today and start your programming adventure! - More on Mimo Premium: Mimo Premium is a subscription that gives you unlimited access to all courses, continuous extensions to the courses, and the additional courses we release on a regular basis. Mimo Premium is USD 49.99 for a year, quoted in U.S. dollars (prices may differ in countries other than the United States). At confirmation of purchase, payment will be charged to your iTunes account and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period at the price of the chosen subscription. Any unused portion of a trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. You can cancel your subscription (i.e. turn off automatic renewal) in the Account Settings section of your App Store or iTunes settings after you have made the purchase. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are available at https://getmimo.com/privacy/. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at support@getmimo.com.


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Mimo: Learn to code on the go app reviews

  • Keep improving . Best programming app available! 5/5

    By Gabriel Simoes
    Good job. Keep nice work!
  • Impossible to evaluate 1/5

    By iLovMyiPhone
    The only free lesson is a very basic quiz about programming and then you have to pay. Not a particularly effective way to encourage people to buy a subscription if you let them see one tiny pretty useless lesson. There are a lot of free resourses out there. And even the non free ones let you try many more lessons for free. Deleted.
  • Wanted To Like It 3/5

    By jordonisawesome
    I would like to learn some sort of programming language and figured this would be similar to DuoLingo in how it’s constructed, which is sort of is. Difference is that DuoLingo has ads (now) so the content is still free but there is an option to pay if so choosing. Mimo is free for the first short lesson and then costs a yearly subscription by way of a paywall. The app is fine in design and flow, but it’s a bummer that I cannot continue any further than making a pb&j
  • Mimo teaches coding wrong 1/5

    By überBuilder
    If I were interviewing you for a job interview and You coded the way they teach you, I would not hire you. Mimo teaches you “facts” which are wrong, and you should avoid this application if you want to know coding. They get some of the most basic JavaScript examples wrong. I’m disappointed.
  • It’s a pay to play 4/5

    By Drake212d
    It’s pretty good other than the fact you get two lessons per category
  • Great app 5/5

    By Quemerdadeporcaria
    Great for all of those busy programmers or someone wanting to become a programmer to learn something on the go... totally user friendly and right on point. I totally recommend this app to all, beginners and experts!
  • Wanted to use it, not paying for this though. 1/5

    By Kevinmandt
    You barely get through anything before it demands you to pay for the “premium content”, quotes being used as premium content means the entirety of the app. There are other sources out there that are either free or hella cheaper than this.
  • It’s a scam 1/5

    By matthewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    It’s not even close to free. It’s almost $60/year or $10/month. For free you get to learn how to use the app, and then everything is locked until you pay them.
  • Be aware 1/5

    By Raven222232
    If you are a beginner, you can’t learn nothing with this app. They make it look as if you can, but you will realize right after you pay that it is not possible. You will waste your money. I even wrote to their support right away and asked for a refund, but they took my money anyways.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Noob123321
    Not free at all. I completed all the “free” stuff under hacking within 5 minutes before it tried to make me subscribe. The free stuff is all common sense so to get anything out of this app you have to pay
  • No way to view files 3/5

    By Victims jkkkstm
    The text editor you recommend doesn’t have an iPad app therefore all I can see is the code not a blog or page. I’ve tried WP with no luck in viewing these either.
  • Amazing App 4/5

    By Clock_6:13
    Mimo has a UI similar to Duolingo, but better. You can go back in a lesson, and— if you've already completed it— can choose which page of the lesson you'd like to visit. The one thing that bothers me is that you don't have the ability to remove a track from the “Learn” tab.
  • Monthly sub required... 3/5

    By CMedley67
    Might mention that upfront and in your ads...
  • Pretty much a scam 1/5

    By Yodiikssktchfyydtj
    Says it's free but you only get to do one lesson on the free version. And it teaches you nothing about coding, only useless step by step directions such as how to make a pb&j sandwich. And when you do buy the subscription, you would have to redo lessons multiple times to understand if you are a beginner. Not a very good app. Wouldn't recommend it
  • Great app 5/5

    By GameReaper
    Very good app for anyone starting out trying to learn some kind of basic programming.
  • Neat app 4/5

    By h0ngk0ngph00ey
    If you’re wanting to learn a few things in the computer world. This app can help. It’ll give basic understanding on how to create apps, games among other things.
  • Interesting but no free option =\ 2/5

    By Johannesburg Philipe III
    You get the first (very short/basic) lessons, then you have to subscribe and pay. No other option. Disappointing.
  • Curious about programming 5/5

    By Original_Pixelosopher
    This app offers a great introduction to programming. I’m still working my way through the lessons, and am finding them well thought out.
  • Great content 5/5

    By -CirEriC-
    Besides the awesome content... they have great customer service!!!
  • It a good app, not perfect. 3/5

    By ('-')ipodtouch
    I like the idea, but the subscription is not worth it. I think it could be better.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Teddybeartamer
    I’m writing this review to express that I am glad that I paid to gain access the rest of the content of this application. It’s a great way to keep learning if your not near your computer/laptop/book. If you’re a fellow student in learning, I would definitely recommend this. Developers, please keep up the good work and keep adding more content and latest technologies.
  • Best app 5/5

    By nerdygamer05
    This is what I call a better app anything I always wanted to learn this stuff
  • GREAT! 5/5

    By BigRiek
    So far I’m doing good with this app! I love it
  • Great concept... 2/5

    By Luc61198
    I like the idea of this app and it seems like there are several sections covering important coding topics that would be very helpful in learning how to code in Swift; however, simply going through the introduction does not provide any indication as to what I can expect from the rest of the app. Because of this, it is hard to justify spending $30 on a 3 month subscription or $50 on a year subscription. How am I supposed to commit to a subscription when I don’t know what I’m paying for? It would be nice to see a free full access trial or an option for a one month subscription for an opportunity to see what this app has to offer.
  • If you don’t have a Mac, don’t waste your money 2/5

    By SRosengren
    I had fun with this up until the actual hands on project. Then I found out I need to have a Mac to continue. So, not much value for the money.
  • In the dark. 1/5

    By TooManyApps
    This has potential to be a good app, but it’s hard to tell because the trial is 3 minutes long. The trial basically just said what programming is, so I still have no idea how they approach teaching the actual programming part. I get wanting to be paid for your app development, but I can’t pay a cent unless I at least know the teaching style. I don't think the price point is bad ($10/mo or $50/yr) but I just want to know what get for it before committing. Even if they made the trial a whole 10 minutes, I might be able to give a more informed review.
  • Not free, zero way to see what course looks like 1/5

    By Anothernicknameyetagain
    50$ a year right off the bat. The intro course was zero information, and seemed way too basic to inform of much. Wanted to love this app
  • Barely teaches anything before asking you to subscribe 1/5

    By GarrDeMoy
    I would recommend SoloLearn even though the UI isn’t as good. It’s absolutely free and I’ve been using it awhile. Hacker Rank has really good exercises too!
  • lessons are relatable 5/5

    By Missreka3
    The lessons are simple and relatable. My only complaint is that it has a glitch almost every time I am on it, it turns white and I have to restart my phone to clear it to continue my lesson.
  • Useless without pay option - such apps should be banned 1/5

    By Arthur Dent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Who agrees that the “free” apps have become a scam? When an app has not even a minimal ongoing function (see Doulingo), that doesn’t even allow you to evaluate, it should not be allowed to be called Free. It should be straight pay for download. This app is useless without paying so and I doubt will pass the FTC test for advertising as Free. “Free” not free apps are getting out of hand (this app is pretty much a flagship example of worst of the worst) and everyone should lodge a complaint to Apple as well as FTC.gov to stop allowing such deceptive advertising.
  • You will pay 2/5

    By Pandaface5
    Unlike most language learning apps, Mimo does not offer any free courses. There is a mini lesson when you download the app but that’s about all you’ll get for free content
  • Not so free 1/5

    By benedetto0708
    The app has a Duolingo look and feel which I really liked at first. I had high hopes considering I used Duolingo for free and enjoyed it. Honestly thought I would get more out of this app before they asked me to pay up but it was immediately after the first lesson. The first lesson was a joke and taught me nothing. The payment options were $50 for the year or $30 for 3 month. Now the $50 comes out to just over $4 a month but it’s a lump sum. I’m sorry but I can’t pay $50, or even $30, for an app that took 5 min of my life to tell me programming is like making a PB&J or opening a door and then ask me to pay for the rest. There needs to be a longer trial period or a lower barrier to entry because I have no faith that the rest of the lessons will be worth my money. Until then this app will be getting deleted.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By MzLez
    I agree with the majority of poor reviews — it’s subscription situation is misleading & you don’t get to see enough of the app before being required to subscribe.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By workmam
    Ambiguous examples in text and frequently asks questions without introducing concepts in text. For the money look elsewhere.
  • Beginning code 3/5

    By indiso
    I’m only beginning but it’s hard.
  • Pricey 2/5

    By RhymeWriter12
    Very nice content and app interface, but none of the lessons are free, and the only free part is basically the intro to the course.... I was disappointed to find that none of the courses are free and premium is expensive. I’m sure if I paid for premium I would absolutely love the app.
  • Great and EASY! 5/5

    By Bo Kndr
    Such a great app that helps you learn code no matter where or when! I love it!!!
  • Dope app 5/5

    By BBQpirate
    Explains things in simplest terms. Great at teaching the basics and building upon them!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By bigbojangles
    Like many others, I’m disappointed with the massive paywall after just the introduction. Asking for a 3-6 month subscription after only being on the app for a few minutes is ridiculous in my opinion. Maybe the app is worth a subscription, but I would need to be able to go through at least the first section of lessons first. I don’t want to commit to something I just started using.
  • Not for beginners. 2/5

    By Zander Vasko
    This is more of a quiz to check your knowledge. Doesn’t effectively teach. Perhaps it’ll get better. Otherwise, there are better learning tools on the web for free.
  • Awesome learning 3/5

    By Rhantok
    I was skeptical about it but it’s very different than codeacademy or some of the other programming apps that teach you this one actually tells you what you need to do and where to go I do however wish if you had problems on a certain area it would help you learn it better than just skipping through it.
  • Amazing app,but needs more programmers languages 5/5

    By Davraho
    Mimo is an amazing app. But it needs more programming languages lessons such as:Kotlin,C...
  • Future Programmers 1/5

    By Behnsiudjehsidjekaoqqpeowiruy
    If you are getting into coding, this is not an alternative to some websites like codeacademy, but it can be a good start if you start at a young age to ease into the basics. Although, it is slower and if you’re willing to overlook the monthly price it adds up to, go for it, but know this is not enough to go very far into computer programming. My brother majored in computer science and got a job in cyber security after several recommendations for his field. It is very difficult and time consuming if you’re thinking of going serious in this field, but it is in high demand. This is an excellent choice for work and having a bright future, it is the future. Hope you found this insightful.
  • Nothing but a scam for idiots 1/5

    By 2847728;8-97;7294$;73$!,8/
    What is taught has nothing to do with programming but rather tries making the user feels smart and then pay for a subscription which is required to go beyond the teachings of “how to make a peanut butter sandwich in order” so it can relate to how programming is instructions... Points is this app has massive amounts of 5 star reviews because big sites are paid by people who want good app reviews to get them and then the website tells its users to rate the app that paid for its rate service to give it 5 Stars right after downloading it then that user receives between 3-10 cents at which when finished rating they’ll just delete the app and keep doing it in order the site tells them so they can build up money for a gift card or etc online payment These sites have already been found and if you want to see a example for yourself just look at the average written star review rate and it’ll compare a lot worse to the average star only ratings
  • ... 3/5

    By saltylightning
    The interphase is great and the learning experience is fun. BUT, what they DONT tell is that to make the app (the reason I got this) you have to have a Mac os computer😡😡. Also, even with xcode, it cost at least 100$ A YEAR to publish the app on the apple app store!!! So read this before you get this app, ESPECIALLY if you plan on making an app with it!
  • This is a great idea however 1/5

    By Choas Guardian
    It is not ok to lead people in acting like they are going to learn to code and slap a crazy monthly price on their and say they can’t learn anything unless the pay it!!!! Very angry I wanted to learn some basics.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬
  • Great app!!!! 5/5

    By Picpip
    I would recommend this app to a beginner the pricing model is a little steep but I find that it is worth it. It is a very solid app
  • This is it!!! 5/5

    By Yo!8sVinnie
    Im so excited for the outcome Of this course😌💯🌎 YOU SHOULD TOO😊👍🏽💯
  • Awful pedagogy 1/5

    By VirginioM
    I was dumbfounded at how terrible the content was. Poor or simply no explanation, idiotic questions... Also the app is free but you have to pay for content right away. Only a very tiny amount is available for free (totally enough to judge the poor quality though!) I was very surprised at how bad it was since the app looked so sleek. It looks like all the efforts went into design and marketing and they forgot to make good courses — or didn’t bother. Save your time and your money and find courses by good teachers who care. There are many out there.
  • Mimo 3/5

    By BarbieGirl!!!ehhh
    Free app but you can’t do much with it without buying premium versions

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