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MindTap Mobile App

MindTap Mobile offers convenient textbook reading, organizational tools, and study materials to help you stay on track and prepared in your MindTap courses. The app features: - Textbook - Flashcards - Practice Quizzes - Activity Lists - Notifications - Grades - Videos Note: you must be enrolled in a course that is using Cengage Learning's MindTap. Textbook Reading: Download your textbook with offline access! Browse between different chapters, search for specific pages and terms, or take notes, highlights and bookmarks. Have the book read aloud using Text-to Speech. Note: We currently support all 2015-2018 titles. Textbooks from 2014 and prior, as well as, international or custom titles are not supported. Annotations do not sync with MindTap web. Flashcards & Practice Quizzes: Study on the go using pre-made flashcard decks for every chapter or unit. Then check your knowledge with practice quizzes. See your score improve over time as you learn more! Activity Lists: Stay on top of all your assignments with our new calendar view! Browse the unit view to see all the assignments and activities in your course. Notifications & Reminders: Don't miss out on instructor messages & course announcements. Easily setup assignments reminders and get notified with grade updates! Gradebook: See your overall grade for the course as well as the breakdown of grades by various activities. Also view instructor comments and grade changes! Access to the Gradebook requires additional authentication, by either password or fingerprint Instructor Access: Instructors, you can now log in and see everything your students see, such as the reader, activities, and study tools. Currently instructors cannot see the gradebook, but stay tuned, it’s coming soon!


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MindTap Mobile app reviews

  • A must have to a higher grade 5/5

    By LastMinuteLouise
    This app is user friendly. Using it has improved my grades.
  • Very frustrating to use. 1/5

    By macjef24
    I’ve downloaded the book at least 10 times and every time I try to open it up to read I get a blank screen.
  • Do not use if you do your homework on your phone 1/5

    By Tyasia7892
    Honestly I downloaded this app because I currently do not have internet access at my house. Since I’m constantly on the go I figured this would be similar to the smartbook app. I have only used this app to read one chapter out of the book. Although it does have all my coursework there, it is not accessible what so ever. In reality I feel like this app is useless and should be deleted if not updated. Take some pointers from smartbook by McGraw-Hill education. There app is superb and actually does as it says it does.
  • Reading 4/5

    By Jessbeaaxo
    It is helpful to catch up on reading, when you are on the go. Wish we could do homework too.
  • MindTap 5/5

    By isucc pinacolada
    It really taps my mind
  • Can not view material 3/5

    By MikeL328
    I downloaded the help in hopes of accessing the book to read during work. I have downloaded the book 3 times now and still pulls up a white screen every single time. I can access the chapters and descriptions but when it takes me to the book I get a white screen or error message saying book not found. Running the most up to date IOS system. No problem accessing from safari or my laptop but cannot access from the app. Seems like a recurring issue from the developer as previous reviews state the same issue. Update: Took me 5 times to download the book before it finally worked. Not a good first start for the app but will utilize and comment again once class is completed.
  • Great 4/5

    Great app! Makes it easy to read my textbook on the go! However, 4 stars for not being able to do activities in the app
  • needs a much better interface 1/5

    By c_l
    the web version works great! i can select the section i want or read. the app is just a never ending scroll...
  • Great Help 5/5

    By Mountain water
    Having a Mobil app has been a huge help with being in ministry, working, and taking classes.
  • Unable to do any activities 1/5

    By Kuddling
    I have an online class that requires this program to do assignments and it doesn’t even work. Every time I try to open any kind of activities it says “This preview of Mobile MindTap runs on a 10” iPad, using mobile Safari with iOS 6.0.1. Update your operating system to iOS 6.0.1 or higher to preview MindTap on this device.”, but I’m running iOS 11.0.1. I’ve run it on my iPad on Safari and Chrome with the same message when I’m on my iPad.
  • Senior adult in college 5/5

    By senior citizen in college
    This is the first time I've taken an online course like this. It is different from other classes, and I give it a B+.
  • Great App, Poor Reader 4/5

    By Dawn Page
    I'm a visual/auditory learner so I love when books have an audio option and I can read along with them. This book has that amazing feature, however, there reader is very much robotic and can get in the way of understanding concepts because of awkward pauses,incorrect pronunciations, or verbal expression of some punctuation. However, still a great book and a great app! Very easy to use!
  • Great app for on the go 5/5

    By JannaTG
    Great app that allows you to do homework or check assignments and class announcements from your phone at any location. If you forgot your book it's in the app and even reads the text for you. Best feature has been the flash cards for vocabulary and the study quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • For the test scores you need 5/5

    By Dan198725
    This app and website are both great. The audio book, simulations, tests, and review questions are very helpful! The flash cards would be more useful if there were more of them and personally i would prefer more quizzes but i definitely score higher when i use this app/website.
  • Improvements needed 2/5

    By Aw2189
    While the app runs smoothly, I would prefer it if I could highlight text and write in the side margins. Also I cannot view the videos that are in the text.
  • Reads to you 5/5

    By Jbabylolz
    I just really really like that it reads to you. I play in on my stereo, car, read along with it. It awesome for review too.
  • Like it 5/5

    By Opinion Counts good
    I like the app and using it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jackiecmezaaa
    i love this app! what i like is that i can read and study on here.. even thoe i can not do assigments i think the fact that i can have all the textbook here is awesome.
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By MamaBear920
    I love this app and website. The way it allows you to train your mind to really learn things for life is amazing. Time flies by when I use this as a learning tool and it doesn't even feel like homework most of the time!
  • Cannot use 1/5

    By bemcg
    Will change my review once this is fixed. I purchased IPC. I am able to read online, but when I try to use open the app, I am told I have nothing, and it kicks me off.
  • great 3/5

    By ddsweq
    its just school so ya know
  • Helpful 5/5

    By sharm94
    I like this app! I can do it on my phone or at home on the computer. It's very convenient!
  • Not Bad 3/5

    By Pink Gothic Fairy
    The app is useful for marking what you've already done and quick access to the textbook, but don't think you can complete assignments on it and the textbook is a bit glitchy.
  • White screen when opening textbook 1/5

    By ChristianBME
    How is it possible that cengage takes literally hundreds of dollars from each person who uses their services, yet they can't even provide a PDF reader that works? Every time I download the textbook and try to open it, the screen turns white. Very bad app. Cengage, get new software engineers.
  • MindTap - the portable study guide! 5/5

    By Katep52
    With MindTap I can study anywhere! I no longer am chained to a laptop!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Honestyhonesty
    Very informative!
  • I can't read the textbooks I PAID FOR!!!!! 1/5

    By Ne132
    I downloaded the app so I could use the online textbook but all I get is a white screen. Internet connection is great and all the software is updated, but it still won't work. Zero stars.
  • Depends on the OS? 4/5

    By Gr8ful girl
    I have had no issues with the app-knock on wood. But one of my classmates has-not sure what OS she's using. I do like the mobile reading and flash cards on the go. It doesn't bother me that quizzes and labs aren't accessible. It's important that I'm able to know where I stand (thanks to notifications). Definitely could see improvements down the road, but for now, very usable!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Tierry O. The Amp
    You can only read flashcards. No books, no videos. Pisses me off. Useless app
  • Unable to do assignments 1/5

    By AlexanderRohrig
    This app doesn't have the ability to complete assignments which makes it pointless.
  • Is it possible to give zero stars? 1/5

    By indtech
    I'm a faculty member and a department chair and the app doesn't work--not on my iPhone or iPad! The Cengage rep apparently doesn't return phone calls. Is this really the best option for my students? I hope not.
  • extremely disappointed 1/5

    By secret human
    i was hoping to be able to complete assignments see due dates and use this app the same way it works on the computer, it would be perfect to do assignments on the go. it's a lot easier just to study on the computer rather than try to find everything here. this app is so far extremely disappointing. i wouldn't recommend it to a classmate or teacher unless i could access my assignments similar to the way i can on the computer. :( best to stay on the computer, this isn't worth a download.
  • Exams 4/5

    By Sauble44
    This app is a great tool but you can not take practice test or exams. That is the biggest problem I have with the app and hope it will change.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By Sassy_mcRaffy
    Quizlet is simpler and easier but sadly my professor wants to use this. On Quizlet assignments are accessible on both the app and the mobile site. I'm thankful that I can do simple review on this but it's really inconvenient that I can't do my assignments on my ipad, because I can't do them on this app and I can't find out how to get to the mind tap page from the Cengage mobile site. I can't even buy an online textbook from the mobile site.
  • Poor app 2/5

    By frescaaa
    This application is poor, you can't take the quizzes through the app or the mobile website so you must be on a desktop or laptop computer which is very inconvenient, especially because I primarily use my iPad for school. This is suppose to be an education tool but it's truly a hinderance.
  • MindTap 5/5

    By Tleason4
    Easy access to read from your phone when on the go. User friendly. Would recommend.
  • So Far So Good - Spelling Error 3/5

    By MooMooMorgieBear
    Just downloaded the app. Got an error message that the textbook for my class is too old and doesn't work (it works on aplia's website just not in the app). But, I am still able to use the flash cards which is helpful. P.S. 'Study' is spelt wrong on the images in the App Store.
  • Best eTextbook out there 5/5

    By Henryarias97
    Seriously best eTextook out there I've tried Chegg and other eTextbooks just because I hate carrying books and this one is the most comfortable book to read. It fits perfectly on the screen to read and it runs smoothly. Also, if you need an access code for your class you can buy it for 100 or you can get the book AND access code for like $10 more. I totally recommend it, it also works with your schools system mine uses blackboard but I know from people in other colleges that it works with any other system.
  • Can't read textbook 1/5

    By slph2011
    It shows that the textbook is downloaded, but when I try to open it, it just shows a white blank screen.
  • Very good 5/5

    By al sayab
    I got the app for my Economics class; I found it very useful. I can review my studies and practice for exam. Strongly recommend.
  • Textbook fails to download 1/5

    By photogirl256
    I got this app to get an offline copy of the textbook I was planning to use when I teach general chemistry this fall. After two days of trying, it still has been unable to download the textbook (despite an excellent internet connection). I will recommend that my students NOT use this app.
  • Decent and gets the job done, but still needs work 3/5

    By #NerdingOutOnMusic
    Overall it is good and will get the job done, like a cheap cup of coffee. I mainly have three things that I wish were improved upon. 1. When doing the audio computer lady reading, which is nice, I wish it did not read through all the resources every time - that wastes a lot of valuable time. Even an option to not read the references every time. Hearing those web pages being read is quite frankly annoying. 2. Whenever the orientation on my phone or tablet changes, it goes to the top of the chapter. That is really annoying when you are laying down reading and turn the mobile device to get more comfortable and then it goes back to the top of the chapter and you have to scroll all the way back down to where you were. 3. Make the charts and graphs mobile responsive. They just look terrible and are terribly difficult to read. I am sure I am not the only one with these thoughts, but I am representing them by taking the time out of my study schedule to leave this review to hopefully get these in the queue for future enhancements. Mobile isn't going anywhere, it behooves you to make it easy for students, for that is why you are here.
  • Life Saver 5/5

    By Trayton's mommy
    This app was a great help to my college class. I was able to download my reading material onto my phone through it and keep up with my readings through any breaks and while driving (with audio reader of course).
  • Cant be logged in on both laptop and phone 3/5

    By ugly race
    The app is very good.. I just don't like how it doesn't allow you to login on your phone unless you change password. I think it would be nice to be able to study and read when you don't have a laptop nearby. I wish that it didn't have to necessarily have to change password, but ONLY allow one device to be used at a time.
  • Very impressed. 5/5

    By SexiiiMaster!!!!
    I've used connect's app & it was hard to maneuver. This apps reader competes with Cheggs if not better in my opinion.
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By _ChelsChels_
    Love while on the go and traveling.
  • Make Homework Available! 3/5

    By Meakoa
    The app runs smoothly and for what it does, is user-friendly. However, everything the app does is already accessible for mobile online. I wanted the app is for doing homework away from my computer, so as soon as that's available I'll re-download it.
  • 👍 5/5

    By Kays L
    Great for studying
  • Ok for textbook, useless for homework 1/5

    By dujasmine
    If I were to use this app solely for accessing the textbook, it is ok. I'm using this currently for my organic chemistry textbook, and some of the mechanisms and/or reactions shown do not display properly. This is bad, since some of the reactions I need to see are crucial for orgo I and II. I'd much rather access the content online using safari, and be able to see everything properly. I cant do my assignments either using this app, but I can on safari. I'm only keeping this app so that I can access the textbook when I have no wifi. Other than that, completely useless app.
  • Essentially Useless 2/5

    By smulqueen
    Although this has a calendar and the readings, it is completely pointless because I have quizzes and assignments through mindtap that need to be completed that I cannot do unless I have access to a computer. This is so useless. I should be able to complete my work since it's through cengage mindtap. So stupid. 1/5 would recommend to a friend.

MindTap Mobile app comments


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