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  • Current Version: 1.2.5
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Minecraft App

The Better Together update is here! Explore massive multiplayer servers directly from the game menu and play with friends on all different devices. Skin, texture, and mash-up packs from the community! Find out more at minecraft.net/marketplace. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the dangerous mobs. Create, explore and survive alone or with friends on mobile devices or Windows 10. Minecraft Realms auto-renewable subscription info: Minecraft now comes with the option to buy Minecraft Realms. Realms is a monthly subscription service that lets you create your own always-online Minecraft world. There are currently two subscription options to choose from depending on how many people you want to invite to play in your realm simultaneously. A realm for you and 2 friends costs 3.99 USD/month (or local equivalent) and a realm for you and 10 friends cost 7.99 USD/month (or local equivalent). A 30-day trial of Minecraft Realms for you and 10 friends is available. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. The payment will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and the subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the subscription price option you have previously selected. Your subscription can be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. There is also a button in-game that take you to these settings. If you cancel after your subscription has activated, you won't be refunded for the remaining active period of the subscription. Here are links to our privacy policy and terms of use: - Privacy policy: https://account.mojang.com/terms#privacy - Terms of use: https://account.mojang.com/terms


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  • Command won't work 4/5

    By zackthecat950
    I love the game it's so much fun but I tried typing a command to get a Halo Master chief head and let's say it didn't work but I love the game keep on doing your awesome work 🦁
  • Please... 3/5

    By More free stuff please
    I’m not able to connect to my friends worlds on PE or PC. Please fix it...

    By FriskDreamer100
    The newest update won't allow me and my friends get on our worlds FIX THIS NOW!!!!!!
  • Plz make apple pie 4/5

    By cool girl🎶🎶🎶
    Hi so Christmas is comin just around the corner and I would love it if U guys made apple pie in the next update because u already have pumpkin pie and u have apples so u should make apple pie too and I would love it also if u guys made it so me and my frend don’t have to be on the same WiFi because nether of us have an Xbox so we can’t use Xbox live and we don’t live that close and we are never on good WiFi if we are on WiFi soo I’ll cya and plz do those!
  • How do I join the beta 5/5

    By Coman301
    lol I need help on how to join beta
  • LOVE IT!!!! 5/5

    By tocabell543
    Six years ago I downloaded this game because most of my friends were playing it.So when I downloaded it I was hooked.I loved it,so I played it everyday.But I got bored of it.But then I heard about the 1.2 update and I was back on.Everyday I prayed to finally make the beta update on mobile devices.But one day,I looked on my updates, AND SAW THE 1.2 UPDATE.I FREAKED OUT!!!!! Ever since then I have been playing Minecraft everyday.Good job on the game and I hope that you will improve Minecraft in the future.Bye!!!!!
  • Bugs Fixed! 5/5

    By Ethara Woodworks
    I love this game! The only problem is that on my iPad, it shoots me off the game if I go on a world.
  • Minecraft is awesome 5/5

    By bocabossjr
    This game is awesome. I’m not a fan of the newer inventory but I love to build I always beat my friends in master builders
  • Game isn’t working 5/5

    By Brandon_loves_horses
    New 1.2.5. Me: oh bug fixes. So I try to get on my world and the game just freezes for a while and I’m still on the menu . I try again , same thing so I try a new world , crashes , in fact every world I have crashes and I only have a handful of worlds . So too many worlds isn’t glitching it out , what is ? Thanks mojang :)
  • Fix it!!! 2/5

    By npursell
    I have played for years, and greatly enjoy the game. However, it has been horribly buggy the past few weeks. I will save, and quit, only to load the game later with all of my inventory gone. I saved this morning, with diamond armor and diamond enchanted weapons and tools. When I logged on this evening, the things I built were still there, but I was in a different location with absolutely nothing. Everything in my inventory was completely gone! It takes a long time to find that many diamonds. Fix it!
  • Buggy, but good. 4/5

    This game is full of bugs. I’ll only be saying one, though. When you drop something in some water/when you kill something that’s in some water, the item will NOT slowly sink to the bottom. It will drop swiftly as if it wasn’t even in water. Please fix this, Mojang.
  • Still... 2/5

    By Da meh dragon
    I mean it's beater but I hate the hole dumb Xbox live thing...I don't have a Xbox or Evan money for the Xbox pleas fix this because I would play on servers with friends I could not see eny more please fix this it's ruiend minecraft
  • Xbox live...l Really? 2/5

    By 🥐I Like crossonits 🥐
    I used to love playing Minecraft and to this day I still do. But this update has just ruined everything. I love playing Minecraft because i play with my siblings too (Witch I love !) but when the Xbox live thing came out I was completely fine. I logged in my Xbox account.. 10 mins later I got logged out of Xbox. I tried logg jog in again when I got a message 'This emails got sent a lot of junk mail and spam mail." Something like that lol. When I check my email. My inbox is empty... Please fix it this or get rid of the Xbox live stuff..
  • Fix now 3/5

    By Davethekid18
    When ever you pull out wheat potato and seeds to have the animals follow you when ever they jump they lose interest so plz fix it like now it’s so annoying to make a animal farm
  • Thx For The Awesome Game 5/5

    By Withstand Z The best game
    I love minecraft and all but the new update made it worse.Wheres the old days you can join anyworlds online freely without using a microsoft xbox type of thing.I hate Minecraft now because of how you join realms and join servers.Minecraft already cost $6 and we still have to pay just to get a world why cant minecraft just take it eeasyy with the money ir they will lose 75% of their downloaders and people who play it.Still love it tho even if it costs money.I appreciate it for ruining it Mojang you guys are being idiots no insult but you guys are getting cocky and greedy please excuse my words im just mad stuff cost real money!
  • Help 1/5

    By dr gycrftf&
    It will not update.can it be fixed
  • OMG😀😀😀😀😀😃 5/5

    By captian derp
    This game is amazing I played it 5 years I love it it’s a one of a kind game also one thing can you add more structures like abandon castles or like a destroyed village or both or random houses with loot
  • X box live 4/5

    By jillmycat
    I don’t have a Xbox live. It’s kind of annoying cuz now I can’t play on servers. I can’t even download free maps. Please please please fix this. Please
  • Can we have mods 4/5

    I have wanted mods for a long time and I have only found it on Computer,I would these mods:train mod,plane mod,gun mod,and some tipe of ship mod.Is there such thing as a jet pack mod if so I would like it to be added
  • Hi there I’m going to be at your place 5/5

    By pooplol012
    Good but needs better graphics but it is very fun
  • You better fix minecraft 5/5

    By Sophia springer
    You guys need to FIX MINECRAFT it's still lagging and it takes forever to get into worlds and every time we go in it's all white so FIX THIS

    By jlwalw

    By Songbird1087
    I HATE this new update the bugs in this one I can’t join a world without it restarting the load in and I can’t creat a world with out it doing the same thing!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡 I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!
  • was so fun, 1/5

    By dci
    new interface continues to disappoint. On my ipad, you can’t even see commands or chat because they are blocked by onscreen keyboard - so you have to keep dropping it down to see what you’ve typed. also, the wonderful mobile interface is gone - so using my mFi controller is still useful for moving - but transferring items and other navigation is much harder. about once a month i forget about the update and go to play. after about 10 min of spinning my wheels thinking about how fun this used to be i force it closed in anger. i still like it on my Xbox - but the ios version is now a waste of money.
  • Dumbest game Ever 2/5

    By myafine
    I always use to love this game until Xbox live came along and ruined everything. DUMBEST GAME EVER because of Xbox live and won’t let you do anything.
  • SO FUN!!! 5/5

    By Jason Warren
    I rate this five stars because the graphics are very amazing! I LOVE this game and it is my first favorite game. I wanted to write this because just to let you know how FUN this game is!!! It is just the update I needed to get use to but rather than that, this game... it is just AMAZING!!!
  • Glitch 5/5

    By Bunny girl 8989
    This game has come very far from the first time I got it. But now when ever I updated it it had a glitch to where if u get off a world it would delete progress
  • Updates 1/5

    By Poi$ion @pple
  • Great game but some bugs 3/5

    By Fixer Upee
    Nice game but what is a outdated sever it’s preventing me from join any sever in the game
  • Amazing 5/5

    By BostonBill5
    I have been playing this since I was 6 years old and Iove it
  • Opinion 5/5

    By Hi it's Mel
    I have been playing this game for a long time. It is fun when I am in my free time and when I am bored. But I have a problem. It's the space. There is little room. I would maybe a backpack or add more space in the inventory
  • I'm mad please help 1/5

    By Moms 4L
    I had minecraft but deleted it because of lag today I tried to download it back but it didn't let me I had to pay money this is ticking me off I already payed for it before why should I have to pay again 😡
  • I can’t do commands 1/5

    By Harley dalton Quinn
    I can’t do commands with the keyboard blocking and no way to move it away
  • Well 1/5

    By Jtmcox
    You know the game is fun, yes. But when I’m playing I like not having to restart the game every 5 minutes because it freezes. And this isn’t just me it happens to my sister and friends to. Please fix this
  • Was great but not so great any more 1/5

    By Lvphz
    Very laggy, doesn't let me change from creative to survival. It will just turn off entirely, and won't let me back in the app please fix this problem!
  • Help please!😖😖😖 1/5

    By LpsMarionette
    Ever since this update all of my items haven’t been showing up!! Like for the armor the food and all of that stuff but my inventory is perfectly fine! I’m so update cause I can’t build anything! Does anyone know what to do and Minecraft please fix this!
  • It’s good 4/5

    By Lilithgaming15
    Minecraft, a place of creativity and imagination. I get teased by my friends for playing but i dont care, it’s fun, i meet new people everyday with the live servers. But here comes why I didn’t give five stars, Minecraft people, or whoever does the designing. Add a version history so we can mess around with the older versions of the game. All and all you guys have a great game. Just add this to your next update please.
  • XBox live 4/5

    By Laksjdhff
    I hate that you need to sign into XBox live just to play a sever I had 5 stars for this game but now 4 Hope they change it

    By Behidlburg
    When I used to play the game, a huge plus was the massive render distance where you could see everything in your world. Now with the new and shortened distance, I can't see crap. I need this fixed especially when playing creative and flying around, it's like your surrounded by fog. This may have ended some lagging, but it just liked seeing everything. Please convert back to the norm or make it event bigger. Or have an update with no render disc tam even so you could see for miles. Thanks for making a good game overall though.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Kamryn mello
    A long time ago I played this game but now you have to sign into XBOX live. I don’t even have that console so I can’t play online you messed up Minecraft.
  • Awesome Game!!!!!! 5/5

    By Hallel_Monet
    For the next update can you give Us deco benches so we can decorate????!!!!!Plzzzzzzzzzzzz I am so desperate to see them in Pocket Edition
  • There should be guns 5/5

    By Jphc0099854
    I know you Mojang people may think why don't just use a mod but most of the mods are made by scammers the only ones that work are Addons and they only produce 1/4 of the fun so please make a gun update please
  • Typo 5/5

    By Nightblade90253
    I mean bandits at their fort, and that all that was that Minecraft needs to change like how the old one was and not here’s the present one, but it seems like nothing will change after that. That’s why I hope mojang will give a BIG update that will make Minecraft better, but not TOTALLY change because that’s not Minecraft and that what it has made it special.
  • Please add mods 5/5

    By Koa cookie
    🐾Minecraft is so much fun but it needs mods like the computers the game would be so much more fun so you could enjoy dog breeds and birds, I can't remember but the horse breeds that pull the wagons mod I really want to have more fun, oh also the furniture mod, dogy talents mod, and all the other mods out there please please please add mods it would be a dream come true!🐾 -Riley- P.S. minecraft is my favorite game!
  • Why can't we go on servers with out singing in 1/5

    By acidanimal
    The reason I'm writing this is because I want to play on servers and I can't :P that's what u are ); that's what I am
  • Greatest game I’ve ever played. 5/5

    By Pschwartz
    What can I say? Minecraft is one of the funnest games on the planet. You can make it whatever you want it to be. You can build your own map and role-play; you can slash down the varieties of enemies. You can do whatever with it, making it one of the greatest games ever.
  • It’s great but a have a problem🙁 4/5

    By Landon White
    Ok I love this game it’s my fave but I was muted on lifeboat for saying Bailey JTP so if someone gives me diamonds on survival mode I can’t say thanks but it’s still awesome👍
  • Minecraft is awsome! 5/5

    By Preston Rules💩
    I love that you can do whatever you want!
  • I hate it It’s so fun 5/5

    By Vonvonnie
    Horribly awesome
  • Love it, but updates don't fix bugs 4/5

    By Person the Person 777
    Ok. I love minecraft, don't get me wrong. However, in every world I get it crashes about thirty seconds at the most after I start playing. It also lags like crazy. I can't even use my texture packs at all. Mojang please fix!

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