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Mini Pets

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  • Current Version: 2.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Care for pets and their cute little babies by building your own animal shelter! This new game by Miniclip lets you shelter the cutest animals on earth. Give them the best accommodations around, watch them fall in love and welcome their babies! Join in on the fun, share and build the best animal shelter ever! Mini Pets main features: • FREE TO PLAY! • Arrange DATES between animals of different species and produce fantastic new creations! • House and care for cute BABY animals • Shops and vending carts to help you earn more revenue • Share your achievements with friends on Facebook • Level up and unlock over 60 animals • Beautiful and colorful retina graphics • Hire caretakers to help you build your shelter • Complete quests to earn rewards • DECORATE: Tons of decorations to personalize your shelter =================== See animals fall in love! House their babies! Find the strangest animals to ever come out of an Animal Date! All this for FREE! =================== Mini Pets requires an Internet connection to work.


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Mini Pets app reviews

  • It’s not loading up 1/5

    By Bombella27
    Please fix the game it’s not loading up to start playing it...👎🏻
  • AMAZING I love it!! 5/5

    By MasterGamer1964
    This is my favorite game ever
  • Phenomenal! 5/5

    By wal.nut . 4321
    Whoever came up with a scheme is a genius!
  • 😡 1/5

    By havdjfk
    My daughter spent coins to get a baby and then to keep the baby she had to spend pretty much all of her gems. I thought it was a fluke. No, a second time she spent a lot of her coins for a baby, but to keep it she has to spend ALL of her gems!!!!! This should NOT be happening!! To top it off the prices for the gems and coins is the worst I've ever seen in a game, its outrageous!!
  • Mini pets 5/5

    By Ofer E
    BEST game ever!👍🏻😍😘😁😆😄😃🤣😂😀😃😁😚🤗
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By Dnskkdnfjdjf
    So addicting and so fun I wish I could play it all day + All night
  • Must Get :)! But Some Suggestion 5/5

    By Kddkmfkd
    Okay, I love ❤️ it!!!!!! But there are just a few things y’all should do\add. For one, can you please add a drink shop? Then, can you please add aPeregrine flacon? Few more things/ please lower the prices of some certain animals.. other then that good and must get :)
  • Awesome 5/5

    By !lightning!52
    This game is fun you should play it
  • Its ok👎🏼👍🏻 1/5

    By vdudhbsjsksjsjsskbxhxisjh
    So i went in my game and looked at my quests it said bragg about getting gems one my mom does not let me use facebook and two the whole game is a rip off you spend gems for almost anything so if you can take if so many gems to spend and no quest that includes facebook i will love this game.✍🏾
  • OMG 5/5

    By Kaly said so
    This game is amazing love it!!!!
  • Mimi pets 1/5

    By Jlbg86
    I love it, my grand babies think this game is awesome. On road trips they connect the real animals to the ones on this game, a great learning tool as well as a game.
  • Great game! 5/5

    By KrissiSmith
    Great game & easy to build!
  • Amazingly amazing!1!1!1!!!!1 👍🍟🍔🍦 5/5

    By its me the potato :3
    Guys this game is is AMAZING ik that some animals cost a lot of diamonds but that's ok I love this game it's rlly good and fun I have been addicted to it!!1!1!1!1! Choose ur pet XD 🐶🦊🦁🐵🐔🐥🐺🐗🦆🐧🙈🐮🐻🐱🐭🐼🐷🙉🐦🦅🐴🦄🦉🐤🙊🐨🐹🐰🐯🐸🐒🐣🦇🦋🐠🐟🐩🐕🐖🐏🐐🐑🦍🦏🐘🐫🐪🐅🐃🐂🐄🦌🐿🐀🐁🐇🕊🦃🐓🐈
  • So cute! 5/5

    By Ryl4nd_J😀
    Honestly,this game might not be the best to everybody,but I love it!It gets 5 stars from me!Its so cute and I also love playing the game where you feed the animals!Great game!
  • Amazing 🍫🍩🍪🍱🍓🍉🌈🌞🌺🌸 5/5

    By cookies with corinne and wills
    I love this app it's the best. I have a lot of pets in this game. This app teaches me responsibility I recommend this app for anyone who needs help with their pets
  • Great App! 4/5

    By Elerbean1803(948:""16
    I think this is such a fun app. I love to play it. But I'm going to have to rate it 4 stars. That reason is some things are too expensive and sometimes you complete your tasks, but you don't get your money in the game. Please fix this! But other than that, it's a great app.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dirtbike_gurl28
  • Awesome!!! 4/5

    By Skymolly
    I really like this game. I like being to get the animals. I think it does get a little hard to go the baby's when you get to level 19. It is also very very hard to get diamonds. I do not pay to play any games.
  • AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By HelloGames-
    I have gotten many games and apps just like this, but this is by far the best one I've played. It's very enjoyable and addicting. My sister got this game a while back and when I downloaded it after she told me an amazing review , I CAN NOT stop playing! It's very fun coming back to the game after a few hours and collecting my coins from my pets. I also like that each animal can have a baby and that I can make different animals date. It's very cool when you breed two animals and make a very cool new one! I am personally not into kids games much but this on is hard to get over!!! If your thinking about downloading don't hesitate to!
  • Almost! 1/5

    By Michelle9682
    I love the game but it will not recognize when I complete a quest involving Facebook. AND if there are going to be quest requiring so many diamonds, then they should be earned more easily and frequently. Thank you!
  • OMG AMAZING👍😄❤️ 4/5

    By Brooklyn369OMGsocute
    I love this game because the animals are so cute and I also like how someone can visit your zoo and you can visit someone else's as well!😄
  • Great 5/5

    By Ash Lorraine
    I like this game ALOT
  • Love it 5/5

    By kekekaci
    Love it except it takes forever to build stuff and it is really hard to get diamonds
  • Best game!! 5/5

    By Jenna #8
    I love this game so much it is addicting 😬😂
  • The best game ever🐶🐥🦉🐨 5/5

    By Spring Helen
    Hi I love your game so much !!!!
  • Luv it!!! 5/5

    By Catnoirgirl401
    This game is so much fun I don't know how you could make it better
  • Review 5/5

    By Rubyrose1010
    This is such s sweet game I love the way you can take care play with your animals it really shows responsibility and how to be responsible for other beings
  • Love the game but... 4/5

    By Jecadle
    The quests require WAAYYYY too much money to complete with only a small reward after. Another thing is, I have you liked on Facebook and I've shared quests, but the quests for that don't get completed and it losses me off. It needs to get fixed
  • Quests are annoying 3/5

    By Superstar🏀
    I would give it higher but in order to complete quest(which are suppose to help you gain money) you have to spend waaay more than what you would get for a reward. I end up spending like $2,000 on a quest that rewards you $200. Which to me defeats the purpose of quests. Other than that its a fun game
  • Love it Still 5/5

    By Watch out for flying monkeys
    I played this years ago and the park looked awesome! It's been a long time but decided to open a new game and start again and I'm still having fun! This game is fun for the kids. Keep it up (but be patient) you will have fun.
  • Best animal game!!!! 5/5

    By minecraftfoxy
    Love the dogs!!
  • Mini pets is the best 5/5

    By Donegan1987
    This game is great but it needs a update like add lions and monkeys you should be able to breed all animals like a monkey and a turtles.
  • Fun but glitchy; new update stinks 1/5

    By AnakinJedi123
    I really like this game, but the new update stinks. It is exceedingly difficult to collect coins from your pets, and nearly impossible to collect from shops. They also got rid of the "free coins" option, which is super annoying. I've stopped playing the game as much because it's just irritating. Also the gems are nearly impossible to earn and they are ridiculously overpriced in the store.
  • Bad 1/5

    By googlelite
    Terribly should not feed your pets you should have to buy the food before you go and feed your pet.I hate this game.
  • Best game 5/5

    By Jamster111
    Best game flat
  • fav game 5/5

    By abby✌🏼️
    this has always been my most favorite game and it's so much fun to take care of all different kinds of animals and to create your own huge zoo!
  • Needs fixing 1/5

    By Onlinedatingreview32
    This game was fun until a recent update that broke the way to collect coins. Now requires multiple taps on each item until you hit the right spot.. very frustrating. Placed a ticket with support a month ago and there have been no responses or developments.. Deleted
  • HEY 1/5

    By #liveforjesus6
    Do you know what I can't start over on the game so this game is crap I messed up on a few things and I wanted to start over but I can't
  • Best game ever! 5/5

    By Twinados
    This game is so much fun I could play this game forever.
  • Luv it... but it could be better 3/5

    By Kaydence😘😘😘
    Well... I love it but it needs a lil work on the look
  • Love ❤️ it 5/5

    By winter7907
    Love the game I'm on level 8 my place is winter7907❤️👍🏻❤️👍🏻❤️🐴🦄🐈🦌🦉🐕🐆🙉🐬🐶🐅🐒🐓🦊🐺🦇🐕🐭🐈🦌💍
  • Amazing 5/5

    By littt ball
    This game is amazing
  • Good game but 5/5

    By Puppy girl 3.0
    I don't like feeding the animals it's annoying Other than that it's a great game 👍🏻
  • So much fun! 5/5

    By Jessica G0789
    Love the animals and the amazing place you can build for them
  • Mini pets 4/5

    By Tanker373
    This game teaches my kid how to be responsible
  • Love it?!!!! 5/5

    By bri bri ☺️
    I love the appp!!!!
  • Great Fun 4/5

    By Spear Time
    A fun game to take your mind off life while playing with pets
  • Buy this game 5/5

    By Moylly
    It is so addicting! I check everyday it never gets old
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Axxytxxy
    Great game to keep you busy
  • Love it 4/5

    By DramaticFashionista
    This app is very enjoyable

Mini Pets app comments


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