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  • Developer: Epic War LLC
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Mobile Strike is an exciting new action game of modern war that lets you build a base, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemies on the battlefield! Unlock cutting-edge assault vehicles, command powerful armies, and put your tactical mind to test against opponents across the globe in this worldwide MMO game! - Join millions of players from around the world - Build & customize an elite military base for defensive strength or offensive might - Use tanks, helicopters, and modern military units to blitz your enemies - Claim the title of Head of State to grant protections to your allies, and obstacles to your enemies! - Upgrade buildings & walls to defend your perimeter - Train, level up, and supply your Commander with superior firepower - Command 16 types of troops with 4 lethal tiers - Clash with rival alliances & rule the world in the #1 modern war themed MMO Experience the rush of battle and conquest in the vast multiplayer world of Mobile Strike. Join forces with powerful players to create global alliances and conquer enemy territories in the immersive world of Mobile Strike! Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Game Page:


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  • COST MONEY!!!!! 1/5

    By Noah gardner
    It’s only for the rich to level up at certain levels, just like level 22, level 31. No money means, no passing those levels and many more like that.
  • Missing purchase 1/5

    Can’t find contact or help and support for this but my purchases are gone. I want my damned money back.
  • Trash 1/5

    By DevilishBroboy
    The ads are fake and you have to wait like an hour for everything so the game should be illegal period
  • WARNING - Game is being shut down 1/5

    By JGB5280670
    The Pay 2B Loser scams MZ are running are coming to an abrupt halt very soon! Don't invest time and you would be even more foolish to spend any money.
  • Enjoyment? 1/5

    By FullSail1968
    Started over 18 months ago. Met some really cool people online. Most have quit with the unrelenting demands of time and excessive spending. It isn’t a strategy game anymore, but rather a requirement of massive sums of $$$$ and time to always get monstrously larger and yet never getting anywhere. Smaller players are always chased out unless they have support. Constant updates drain monthly data usage, but never fix game problems, always looking to add more “features” for you to buy. I’m done.
  • Don't Play This Game.. all about the money 1/5

    By Patrick Arcement
    Got a vacation or life? Forget that, you got a new girl friend and it's this game. You need to check in hourly and click buttons. Button strike is what they should call this game. Spend money only to spend more money. People kill your troops and you need to spend more money to build fast. It's button pressing money sucking, rinse and repeat. You can't really play for free and survive. It's bull. People spend 1000 on this game a week, there are 5 or 6 in every state you will never beat, and get no where. The TV ads lie, nothing like them! It's little cartoon trucks going to locations you dispatch and they take hours. People kill your troops while out collecting res so you have to sit and wait. Wait... and wait... and wait.. take your eye off the Troops and you lost them. You will never win, there is nothing to win. Once you become head of state all you can do is give out stupid titles that give people plus or minus something. I was HOS 5 times and got coin as a reward. Coin you can do nothing with. No real power, no real win! It's a game based on gambling algorithms that keep people who are normally addicted to gambling pressing buttons and spending money. Being big in this game means being stupid with your cash. Your wife will hate you, you will spent time on this game you will never get back and money!
  • I can’t stand this game! I use to have a life ! 5/5

    By Anyonebuttyou
    Love the game really!
  • Great 5/5

    By Justin.the.jarman
    I love this game. It make me feel like a real general. Add the fact that I'm already in the army
  • Former player 1/5

    By Alooom
    I played this Mobile strike game for about a year and at first it was fun to play but just like everyone else that comments on this game ( it’s a rich persons game ) I was dumping about a hundred dollars a week plus into this game and I still wasn’t able to play at full capacity, and if you say anything negative against the game in chats and blogs they will make it hard to play your account. In my case they wouldn’t let me adjust my equipment on my commander and when you can’t adjust it you are vulnerable to attack and you will loose battles, I would suggest if you are going to play this game BE CAREFUL! it’s addicting and you can get sucked in and basically loose a lot of money.
  • Don’t waste your time. 1/5

    By BigRed41383
    This game was fun and challenging. Now it’s all about spending money and buying new packages. I’m not talking five to ten dollars. I’m talking people are spending thousands of dollars on this stupid game. You can’t grow your base past LV22 and lots of others are over LV 300. Good luck winning that fight. Until they change it’s not worth your time. I’m done.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By sl33py24
    Really upset that in the gold store only the $99.99 promotions are available. While everyone else can but the cheaper ones available I can only see and buy the most expensive one. Emailed them about it and they don’t even care to try to fix it.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Betogtz1
    Love this game but it's getting ridiculous on the packages you have to buy
  • Save your money 1/5

    By Hit man ds nuts
    This used to be a fun game with lots of great people and now it’s all about how much you can spend
  • Money Pit 1/5

    By PianomanSJP
    You cannot play this game for any length of time without dropping BIG money on this game. You are CONSTANTLY bombarded with ads to buy packs. Oh, and after your first two packs which cost $5 and $20 respectively, the rest of the packs cost $99 only!!! The people who play this game for any length of time are dropping hundreds, of not thousands of dollars on this game. And let’s be real here, the graphics are simplistic. The game strategy is boring. This game is nothing more than an app designed to exploit people. Stay away!
  • Come on!!! 3/5

    By Mortal Mayhem
    I have played this game for some time now, and I loved it, up until the point where I could train troops. It only gave me the option to train over MT amounts of troops, which I can’t. I hope the developers fix this and wish they fix any other problems with it. Thank you!!!
  • Run while you still have $$$ 1/5

    By Country_Girl @ Heart
    The game in it of itself is a lot of fun and the people who you play with are great. I've been playing for about 3 months and I'm at the point where I cannot progress anymore. If you don't want to spend a minimum of $100 a week this game isn't for you. The packs are $99.99, and they no longer come with free gifts for your alliance members. Save your money and find another game!
  • Sad the game went to waste 2/5

    By TieFiety
    All they care about now is money,that’s it. I feel bad for all the players who still bought the packs just to keep up.i remeber when hq 21-22 meant u we’re like a god,now it means nothing because it goes all the way up to 300,lol won’t be surprised when they come out with hq 1000
  • Negative stars 1/5

    By Rebel75034
    This game is nothing but an expensive money pit that allows cheating on spouses
  • Multiple Issues 1/5

    By Kshoalin
    This Game is very expensive. There is a new release for $99 pack everyday. You must spend approx. $300-$600 a day to stay maxed out above the competition. What’s worse there are multiple glitches that the developers won’t acknowledge or fix. The only way to contact them is via email and all you get are generic responses. They find time to release new packs but do not find time to maintain the servers the game is hosted on. There are many glitches and concerns they won’t address, instead they release new packs to force you to maintain your profile. Do not waste your money time on this one.
  • Used to be fun 1/5

    By HafnerDesigns
    Mobile Strike used to be fun. It used to be all about strategy. But now it’s a game for the rich. I’d step out on a limb here to say that epic wars plays favorites with those players who choose to use strategy with their credit cards. The game freezes, app crashes, and there are many glitches. This game is only for attackers and never allows you to build a defensive. Epic wars idea of a mega alliances two alliances joining together to defeat the enemy. They’re psychology in this is that one team has 100 entry slots for players. Therefore a mega alliance is 200 people max. Also, when the game glitches and you get zero’d they always write back saying it is your device’s fault not theirs. We constantly have to restart app, reboot devices, reboot wifi, remove wifi, or delete app and reinstall. It doesn’t matter if you have a brand new device. You’ll still be told to do the above or use another device. I was emailed by support and told that players requested higher attack so they gave higher attack. Defense is never given as high as attack. Not even close to what attack boosts are at. Therefore, when you base is found, unshielded you will be zero’d. This game is very much like a gambling addiction. It is NOT a free game.
  • It good 5/5

    By Wwasse1
    The game can be fun and no you don’t have to pay a lot of money to have fun and stay at a high level you just have to pick the better packs and you will Make it. Yes you have to pay money but think of it as this, how do you think the people that made this game Make money?
  • bad game 1/5

    By LuckDude1
    when mobile strike first came out it was fun. now it’s not because you need to spend a lot of money to compete. if you don’t spend money its impossible to get powerful.
  • 3/5

    By FireQu33n
    Most expensive dating website ever.... spent so much money. But finally found the love of my life.
  • What a scam! 1/5

    By 2Sergeant
    This game is a scam. They just keep you spending and spending with the promise of game play but it’s all just an unattainable goal. You buy packs, build, research, train, etc. and then they come out with all new stuff that you have to buy and start all over before you can even use the stuff you bought. There’s always guys out there that seem to be able to instantly be the strongest so you can never compete with them. And if you try, you will lose everything and have to spend more money to get back in the game. Don’t waste your money on this game and unfortunately there’s very little you can do in the game without spending money.
  • Good times 5/5

    By Lta55hole
    Great to be back on!
  • This means WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By hitman4065
    Love it but could do better.Add some fighting scenes like on the front screen in the App Store. Oh and one more thing..... Add NUKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 5 star reviews are lies 1/5

    By LooneyCLOW
    This game blows, unless you want to spend a $100 everytime you log on and 3-4 hours or more of your time. Then you'd be good, that isn't for me! Glitches happen so you loose stuff so you'd have to rebuild. Even if they give you stuff back you still have to put the time in. Which is too much or the cash. Same thing way too much too often. This game is a scam and capitalism at its best. Please quit now if you are reading this! Cut your losses and try a different game. This one is the worst, it's just about cash. Most of who destroys you are the pack loader that work for them. The more packs you buy the bigger check they get. They will never fix the glitching...Never it only gets worse as you go.
  • Awesome game!! 5/5

    By RedSloth
    I have 52 Love the game!!
  • Super expensive 2/5

    By The beast of malp
    the game is excellent, but after spending almost $ 1000 in a year, I realized that it is the stupidest way to make millionaires to the developers, so much so, that they took it as a vice and put packages of $ 100 twice a week, which implies an average cost of $ 1600 per month, if you do not spend you're nobody, win the global control point, control point, I was in the top 10 of the game, until I decided not to invest more, and after 1 week everything starts to go down, statistics, position, etc etc etc
  • Should be 0 stars 1/5

    By Hippo8937
    Dumped 30 thousand playing this game for years!!! It’s terrible now so much lag and you get ghost deployments that stay out and you can’t sheild and lose 1.08bttt troops in 1 hit. Do not download this game I am warning you now
  • Used to be fun 2/5

    By Jt-99
    This game used to be fun, but sadly, it’s all about money. Players can’t compete due to the amount of money you have to spend. You may be an elite base today but tomorrow new gear comes out and your bottom of the food chain again. It’s free to download and watch others play, but be ready to spend thousands to compete with other bases.
  • Why it’s keep kick me out 1/5

    By smurf 137
    The app every 15 min it’s close I try to open it and it keep log off on iOS iPhone 6 Please some help here
  • Do not buy this game. 1/5

    By Chadleek
    I loved it for the year I paid thousands of dollars to stay competetive and made lots of friends across the world that used the LINE messenger app to strategize. But the game is a joke. Do yourself a favor. Download Clash of Clans... its so much better. Im not a paid spokes person. Any money you put into it is better spent for a game that transports in your pocket. You play people your level despite your clan’s business. And you keep your stuff after attacks... its simply a win or a loss. You will suffer here and be forced to pay on a very regular basis and when you stop, you will lose. Dont listen to me, I dont care. Theyve gotten my last penny but they also know there are a lot more fools to come.
  • Must have 5/5

    By 68 wiskey
    Extremely addictive and extremely fun game
  • Money 3/5

    By Eggs chi
    I like the game like a lot but I hate that I have to waste REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME, if u can make it free until like base 40, and make it so we didn’t waste money on a game that is temporarily, we still quit one day but I want end the game with out using real money if u hear me please respond to my review Thank you Mobile strike player
  • Fraud 1/5

    By JoeDokes327
    The developers sell packs and don't deliver what was advertised and worse delete things from your account you have previously paid for without notice or explanation. They are slow to respond and rarely provide compensation of value or refund unless you file a complaint with Apple. Today most players lost over 50% of the items they had previously purchased.
  • App won’t load for days lose everything you paid for. 1/5

    By logan423423
    No point in getting this game you will spend a lot of cash and then the game won’t load for days and your out a few hundred dollars. And they have done nothing about it or nothing for me.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By knifehand5
    Very high prices, a lot of technical difficulties, non existent support from the app. Laundry list of excuses as to why things are missing, good luck save your money to spend else where.
  • Fraud 1/5

    By joe the salesman
    Do not buy this game. I have been a long time player and spent a ton of money, but they operate a bait and switch scam. I bought a pack and they awarded a lesser one then the one I purchase. I have sent them 6 emails, including screenshots of the pack I should have received and they have refused to make the correction. The game was once enjoyable, now it’s just a scam.
  • Purchase scam 1/5

    By Fightnch3f
    I tried to buy the $99.99 casino pack, that from what I have heard from everyone else is still there! Don't buy it!!!!! My card company stopped me(thank god) because the game tried to charge me $119.98 for a $99.99 purchase! My card company even told me that it was even way to high for it to even be a tax!!!! Good thing there are recordings from card companies!!! If I could give zero stars right now I would. But you have to have one star for a post. Psssh smdh.
  • Mobile Tripe 3/5

    By Farmed to Oblivion
    The tactics were fun and joining an alliance was fun. It all went downhill when they focused on the whales rather than the whole gaming community. We still had our alliances until the developers merged States and split us all apart...again. Basically the game hit the reset button and now you have to start again with new alliance members while ignoring the ones you bonded with in the beginning.
  • Money grab 1/5

    By Jhjnjjk
    I’m a game aholic. I have spent multiple hours a day, for weeks now. I even spent $, which I almost never do. I was making progress, someone wiped my soldiers out, now I have to train a trillion soldiers at once (literally)! I don’t have a trillion of all of the multiple resources I need to train soldiers, so now there’s not much to do on the game. After hours and hours wasted, I can’t recover from one guy wiping me out. To do almost anything you need to buy stuff. Every time you close the game, or even go to a different app for even 2 seconds, an ad pops up, which you have to close before going to the actual game. I have games I’ve been dedicated to for years, this one isn’t worth it.
  • It Was A Great Game Until MS Got Greedy 1/5

    By Catholic Theologian
    I have played Mobile Strike for almost two years. I no longer play the game or have an account. It was a fun game for awhile until MS became greedy and their customer support and the developers and sales team failed to respect legitimate complaints by customers and failed to fix or put an end to numerous issues that are still unresolved from technical problems to misleading ads re: packs. I bought a pack last Summer that claimed "free research on all research trees". I asked Support if this includes Economics research and Building Dev., research. They said yes. They continued to advertise the instant research claim in other packs. I wrote another message to tell them that the latter and former cannot be instantly researched. They gave me confidence that they were working to fix this problem. More time passed with this problem unresolved. I wrote Support again except this time they claimed the instant research was not for all of the research features but that the two that I mentioned will be instantly researched but through a new pack put together by the Sales team. Players spent as much as $100 on a single pack with the aforementioned instantly research feature and now they were told to spend money on a future pack to finish researching the aforementioned research trees! What a low thing to do to customers! MS uses black hat tactics to deceive customers into spending money The black hat tactics include enticement and false advertising. They charge for a membership-type setup in that players have to buy and sell constantly and then buy anew for a lifetime and then Mobile Strike makes up an entirely new format without warning or explanation so that players are forced to start from the beginning. They keep selling packs that become outdated before you can use them. You needed to farm for resources and maybe buy at least one big pack every month to stay relevant and competitive but then farming became useless and it turned from a monthly pack to a pack once a week and now the game demands daily purchases of packs. The "best" and most expensive packs are $100 each before taxes. These packs now become outdated in only a couple of days. Players have attempted to organize protests by boycotting the purchase of packs. A large number of bases gathered in a hive to show unity in protesting but MS failed to get the message. Some of the longtime and best players have since quit the game. Play the game if you are interested in building up debt and in being lied to and misled. Do not play the game if you do not like endless greed and in tactics that are misleading and dishonest.
  • Beware of fake 5 star reviews (READ THIS) 1/5

    By Happios
    The 5 star reviews are from the developer. This game is essentially a scam. Initially the game is fun as each action you do will have consequences. However, after you reach a certain point in the game it’s about spending money on packs and there are absolutely no strategies involved. There are plenty of negative reviews on this game but the developer has so much resources that it covered up any negative press with fake positive feedbacks. Spending over $1000 in this game is common, are you kidding me?! The chat rooms and alliance groups all have a high ranking female member that will engage with new players and encourage them to spend. There has been leaks that these fake female players are employed by the developer and are probably guys with female avatars. There are also high powered players proclaiming how much they spend as to normalize the high expenses required to stay competitive. Eventually ALL real players quit the game! If you are still not convinced how this game is a scam just search on google and go to for the players petition against the developer. I repeat, there are no game play or strategy involved in this game. It’s all about spending money. Majority of the “female” players in the game are employees from the developer to get stupid guys to spend. Anyone with a brain will realize everything I’ve said within a month of playing this game. So if you enjoy spending money on stupid made up items like “Divine ordinance chance optimizer prime plus “ and chatting with fake players that calls you “family” then you will love the game. This has been an honest review of the game. Play the game at your own risk!
  • A fun way to waste your money... 1/5

    I’ve been playing this game for almost two years now. It started off beautifully, I managed to join a great alliance and meet some pretty cool people via the chat rooms and such. The problem is that the developers are dropping packs 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a week. The average pack runs $100.00us and it takes at least a day and a half to apply all in the pack to your base strength. But by the time you complete this task and exit you base to map view. You will realize that the updates you just applied to your base are obsolete. Because while you were on the inside of your base applying the pack to level up your base the developers Have dropped three more packs making your pack obsolete. I know that the owners and developers of Mobile Strike also on Final Fantasy 15. It is rumored that they are dropping packs as frequent as they are because they are trying to manipulate the players of Mobile Strike to switch over to Final Fantasy 15. So if you like to blow your money come on over and join my alliance. And let’s all just burn our money together.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By [Barbarian]
    Pay to play and pay to win game. Expensive to keep up, especially with all if the new releases. Must spend at least $20 on a pack every week just to keep up. Must spend at least $70 a week to have most of the latest stuff when it comes out. You will spend most of your time upgrading, chatting, preparing and looking around rather than actually engaging in "gameplay." You're basically spending a lot of money for an expensive chat room where u meet up with lots of new people and show off how much money u can spend. If you are rich and want to spend thousands or more on this game, it's your money. You def will get the attention of a lot of people, especially women, if you're a guy. Just don't let your wife or gf know about everything, ok? Seriously, there are many good games out there that provide a good and full gaming experience for $300 or less per year. Why would any real gamer who isn't rich want to spend too much money on this game? If this game is cheaper and provided more gameplay, it could be really good.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Dee33150
    So I've been trying to update my commander for the past 3-4 days and the game keeps crashing. This is getting on my nerves b/c I have over 3300 points to add. 😡😡😡😡 so now it's honing into November and the game still crashes!!!
  • This Game will Rob your wallet 4/5

    By Bloody Bup
    Basically: you need cash to play, your cash runs out. Your base will be zeroed all money you have spent will go down the drain. They bring out something new everyday now at 8 oclock. One day your big the next day your enemy is bigger then you!! No matter if they just start playing.. Money wins on this game you can Buy a win. Here lately the game shutsdown alot leaving your open to attacks!! I finally erased the game everyday you have to spend 100 dollars to keep up or shield and thats boring
  • Free Package? LIE 5/5

    By stuipdguy
    Love the game! Been playing it for 3 years. But there are packages that say they are free but aren’t.
  • Mobile strike review 1/5

    By The Jerk#1
    This game was great when it first started.. new content came out once a month had time to enjoy the money you put into game and actually play the game. The more players joined the more new content comes out sometimes 2/3 times per week and you must pay to upgrade new content.. If you don’t want to spend money on a game this game is not for you.. it will not even be fun for free game players it’s not really fun for the money spender unless your dropping 500 dollars a week on game content. This game is a money pit very dangerous for your wallet

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