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MoneyGram App

MoneyGram – send money anywhere, from anywhere. With MoneyGram’s mobile app, you can send money worldwide (as a guest or a registered user!), track transactions, pay your bills, estimate transfer fees for online and cash transactions, find locations, manage your account, and much more! Send Money Quickly and Affordably • Send money as guest, with no registration required • Send cash, deposit to a bank account, or send to a mobile wallet • Pick up cash in more than 200 countries and approximately 350,000 locations worldwide Pay Bills Securely and Reliably • Pay Bills as guest, with no registration required • Make payments to thousands of companies including auto, mortgage, child support, utilities and more • Safe, convenient, reliable and easy-to-use Estimate, Track, & Locate • Estimate transfer costs before you start a transaction • Check the status of transfers you’ve sent or are expecting to receive • Map locations near you or anywhere in the world Enjoy the Benefits of MoneyGram Plus • Exclusive promotions and discounts • Faster cash transactions • Receive notifications and view your cash transaction history Enhanced Security & Information Protection • Protecting you and your financial information is our first priority • 24/7 monitoring of online activity


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  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Thatguywhosucks
    For an app that transfers money... the process is a little lengthy but they only do it to really verify your identity. Which is understandable, like.. come on y’all. The app does freeze, it’s not the best built. The interface is poor in my opinion. But it works and is reliable. Good if you need it.
  • No good 1/5

    By Queteimportababoso
    They blocked me for is Jong this 💩💩💩💩💩💩😵😵💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
  • Slow and horrible 1/5

    By Copiluu
    The app is slow and I can’t send money with my acc.only with card but is more expensive to send with card like almost 50% more hope they fix that or had to look for a different way to send money
  • Can’t used MoneyGram 1/5

    By Nathan 2494
    I can never send money thru MoneyGram it always logs me out even if I just logged back in, cause they say of inactivity
  • DO NOT USE!!!🤬😠😤 1/5

    By kidkingme
    Took me an hour just to cancel a request. The app made the receiver middle name an optional choice so I used his first& last name.Then the money gram place told my friend he couldn’t get the money I sent him because there was no middle name.also my card was charged twice smh never again.
  • Pésimo 1/5

    By xatracho
    No me deja entrar a mi cuenta y no puedo enviar dinero es una porqueria de mi parte le diera -0 estrellas
  • Complaint 1/5

    By Javiersrlq
    Bug ridden app, not too good of a service either
  • Poor Refundable payment 1/5

    By RegOff22
    They take my money Asap and it takes 12 business days to refund when you cancel transactions . That’s terrible and very inconvenient. I prefer the Wave app instead
  • Abandonware 1/5

    By Mallard06
    This isn’t an app, it’s a web view. Moneygram must think we can’t tell the difference. Even worse, this app hasn’t been updated in over a year. This is clearly abandonware.
  • Seriously Need to Develop a Real App 1/5

    By Hehms
    I been using MoneyGram to send money. I would give 5 stars for their service, but the app is total garbage. App is same as mobile web browser. App log out user itself. It doesn’t have Touch ID function too. I would suggest you to use web browser instead of the app. MoneyGram, you seriously need to develop a real working app. Thanks.
  • Bugs bugs bugs 1/5

    By Michaelg5482
    Crap, I can’t believe that the financial company cannot manage their app the way it will be working properly. A lot of bugs.
  • 1 star 1/5

    By sirbic
    I can not enter this app, all the time some kind of problems, Permanent drawings that prevent entry
  • Locked my account on my first transaction 1/5

    By Team Six Sam
    I wanted to send money for BTC and the first thing it does after requesting both my license and passport is it tells me it has locked my account and my transaction was not processed. Very nice money gram. The idea of the app is to save me a trip to the store where I wait in lines.
  • TERRIBLE APP, keeps crashing. 1/5

    By WFHIT
    I’ve been trying to send money to someone in another country but this is honestly the dodgiest app I’ve ever used. You can tell it lags and skips every time it loads the next page or you’re scrolling down. The worst part is trying to go through the process of sending money, every time I tried to upload a picture of my driver’s license to verify my identity, the app crashes and logs me out. Waste of time. So frustrated, and clearly I’m not the only one. FIX IT PLEASE.
  • Doesn't do Apple Pay...Insane! 1/5

    By leirbag28
    unacceptable...utter non-sense
  • App 1/5

    By zhhzvx
    Fraud app doesn’t let you receive money Fake fake
  • happy with service 5/5

    By So cal Tribe
    I’ve been using money gram for over 5 years, cheap and convenient rates for international money orders. They've always helped me with any errors and inquiries I have, this company has been more realible than other financial services
  • Use Western Union! 1/5

    By xxVOSSxx
    These guys have an app that is garbage. They are responsible for overdrawing my bank account, due to the fact that they processed my money transfer THREE TIMES!!!! When you call them , they are completely unapologetic, and will do absolutely NOTHING to help you at all! These idiots need to be held accountable!
  • High Fees 2/5

    By MoneyClip Cee
    I dealt with MoneyGram for years and I will say this....the app/service works absolutely great but the fees are extremely high....PayPal and Google wallet works good for me
  • Jose 1/5

    By Adrian_Delacruz1
    Bad system layers
  • Stop being lazy & a cry baby... 5/5

    By IDanny617
    This app and company sends my money successfully every time. And the password recovery is not a hassle nor is the app, I loss my password and I got a recovery password send to me via email. Make sure you set your security questions correctly and you remember the responses. People just don't pay attention to the questions the app asks, so they answer incorrectly and the app locks them out or make harder questions. This is a security measure you actually need so that nobody hacks you and sends money to their hacker accounts. This app works great! Don't pay attention to all those false paid negative western union reviews.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Puscvhhjhh
    Don’t download
  • 1 star is too high of a rating for this app 1/5

    By DukeB1982
    I downloaded this app on my iPad and registered my account. It prompted me to log in immediately after I set up my account but the app kept telling me that my login information is incorrect. I went on to login through my web browser and it told me that I had too many failed login attempts.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Possum skeeter
    Had problems with money gram for years. We live in Honduras as missionaries so when we come back to the states for a short time we still need to send money to help with projects/needs in Honduras. After them shutting down my account I called money gram. Of course I talked to several guys in India but 30 minutes later after me going into detail about why I’m sending money there (to a Pastor in Honduras) they still said my sending was suspicious. I tried to find the best in this company for years but they truly are a terrible company for many reasons. Use a different company to send money.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By nilda0987
    Jesus Christ! I’ll give -5 if I could. This is the worst app ever! I been all day trying to log in on my account tried to reset my password even if I know it and it keep appearing an error. Called customer service and waited 30 minutes for nothing!! They didn’t resolve said that I have to wait an hour to try log back in. LIES 🙄
  • Cumbersome login process 1/5

    By Clebaug
    Thus doesn’t allow me to use Touch ID. Not only that, I can’t save my email. Once I’ve entered that and my password I have to do two rounds with captcha. The first time, it asked me to select all pictures with bridges; perhaps they could have chosen an image that’s easier to see! It wouldn’t let me in because I couldn’t see all of them.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Uppy Dave
    Only can give 1 star! Last year I sent money several times the person I sent it to couldn’t receive the money ! Something about her identity ? I’ve been sending to her through Walmart for over a year never had an issue ? It’s money gram ? I have been reading the receipts and they are promoting the money gram app! Why It doesn’t work just baffles me ? The app is complete garbage I tried to use the app again it wouldn’t let me ! It didn’t believe my name ? It simply said we need more information about your identity ! Well guess what you don’t show a platform to add information ! How exactly I’m supposed to give you more info ? This is totally nuts ! I don’t think this app is anything anyone should attempt using I think it is bogus ! Don’t waste your time ! And to anyone connected to moneygram get it together people there’s an information highway out there it’s called the internet ! Sink or swim
  • Scam company. 1/5

    By JordanBird423
    I wasn't even able to make an account. All I did was fill out my name and address and it kept giving me an error. After emailing them it said I breached the terms and conditions and would never be able to use the app, but could visit one of their stores. My husband tries and then two coworkers. They all had the same issue. Apparently they just want you to go to the store. PayPal, WesternUnion, Venmo, etc. Plenty of other apps that can be used.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By 137662783
    Bad campany call 1800 number to unlock my account they told that any to used other time off service that I cannot use their service
  • Awe fil App! 1/5

    By MrsCoachT
    I was dropped about 5 times while trying to use the app. The buttons don’t work consistently there are no back buttons so you cannot look up something and go back. Have to start over. Location finder works about 10%. Customer service is also terrible. Waited over 30 minutes to talk to someone after much trudging through other options.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By SoisPas
    Everything about this app and company is a hassle. What’s the point of an app if it won’t remember your password or allow you to use Touch ID to log in? Might as well use the website. Here’s the truth: it costs much less to send via the app, so they make sure it’s difficult, cancel your transactions (even after giving you a confirmation number) or lock your account. If you HAVE to use MoneyGram, just go to Walmart and do it for more money; I’d rather spend the extra money than deal with the app and I’m never going to call their customer service. Outdated and unpopular method of sending money, so they’re hurting for fees and trying to direct people away from the app.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By OrganicAnon
    Worst app ever. Disgusting and useless. You can’t even do anything it’s worthless and a huge waste of everyone’s time I’m telling you all right now, do mot waste your time. Unless you’re an individual who likes having their time wastes then this app is for you. Go fund yourself.
  • The worst experience I’ve ever had with an app 1/5

    By Gaston son
    After uploading my ID I sent money to family and 14 hours later I’m still waiting customer service was no help. So I canceled the transaction and customer service says the system won’t cancel it “REALLY” so the system is controlling the company. So I had to send money through cash app and the transaction I did with MG I guess will go through whatever it feels like it smh! So I’m being held hostage waiting on there system to take my money that I don’t need to happen now. Time to call my company attorney. Who all wants in on this class action?
  • Use WesternUnion instead! 1/5

    By tshdi
    I’m very disappointed with customer service, worst experience I’ve ever had! My account was blocked for no reason and what the most interesting, that I’m not able to restore it! Use WesternUnion instead!!!!
  • Don't waste your time! 1/5

    By Extremely Fabulous
    I send money on the Western Union app all of the time, but my son wanted me to send him money through Money Gram so I downloaded the app. After spending 20 minutes setting everything up, a bad transfer bubble popped up. I tried it again and it did the same thing. I'm going to stick with Western Union.
  • Worst app and bad website 1/5

    By Combang
    I spend all weekend trying to send money to my family with this website and it keeps rejecting my request for no apparent reason beside that fact that is a stupid website and ridiculous app. Furthermore; when i call customer service Lea-do from customer service give me this number to call this other company and no one answers my calls. I used western union which is more expensive and the first try my money went thru. I will delete this crappy app from my phone.
  • Terrible ! 1/5

    By afazocho
    This is such a bed app. It constantly crashes and it lags so much. Every time i have to send money it’s a bore
  • 0 stars stay away from money gram -!! 1/5

    By Jowuy
    Stay away from this company.
  • Do NOT fall for it 1/5

    By Noomy420
    I read the first review on here and decided to dowbload the app so I can leave a review and warn the more gullible (not very aware, a bit too trusting) They are asking a lot from you, information you would NEVER give a stranger, because they need it to steal your identity, this obviously a way to get you to release your information in case it's needed for whatever accounts they may want to look into
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By None12154
    Don’t wast your time with this. I tried to use it and after a day of trying to send a friend money I gave up and shut down my account.
  • This app looks like it was created in 1999. User experience is 0, performance -5 1/5

    By Sardor Nazirov
    This app looks like it was created in 1999. User experience is 0, performance -5
  • this is ridiculous 1/5

    By stilltuned
    collected all info about me and then locked my account because it didn't pass some "security" checks. Support didn't help either! 0 starts, not even one!
  • Everyone giving bad reviews but... 5/5

    By AllahuAkbar1288
    They don't know they do this for your own safety. After they verify your identity sending is easy, just put their name and location and select your credit card you save on the app and boom, you'll receive the email confirmation and reference number in less than 10 seconds.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Anton13a
    absolutely not a working program that spends time. it's better to walk on foot to the office money gram than use it
  • Not recommended after all 1/5

    By Astala-vista baby
    been using this service to send money overseas But they started to charge more Fee, they have raised the Fee, too bad they choose this way But anyways, I'm looking alternative way now, Good luck who wants to try.
  • Works well 5/5

    By BDufrene
    In spite of the terrible reviews, this app functioned quite well. The ridiculous questions were not a problem. After all it's for one's own security.
  • Crap 1/5

    By antonintl
    Customer service bad! My account is locked! Nothing they can do! Customer service overseas! Phone connection horrible!
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By nicegoingellie
    I've just got this app 2 days ago and 30 minutes into trying to use the app it had logged me out. I log in and it gives me an error message saying that they've "encountered a problem". This app is just a freaking scam. I've been trying to log in and delete my information so I don't have to use this app. I even tried logging in from the website and it still gives me the error message.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Michael r d
    I tried to log in every time I do that there's a security code you had to do I did it over 5 time and more and it kept saying severity code is invalid then tried to change the password didnt work too then lock out my account after that when I tried to call assistants to unlock it and it's doin the same thing over and over again not letting me get into my account THIS IS THE WORST APP EVER IM GONNA MAKE SURE ANYONE I KNOW WILL NOT USE THIS APP ITS TERRIBLE AND NOT HELPFUL SERVICES 1 out 5 👎🏾
  • Worked out great 5/5

    By Tj00546
    Not sure why this app has so many bad reviews. I just did my first transaction on there and it went smoothly. Yes I had to create a profile like every other app and input personal info to verify my identity but other than that it's pretty standard. No more lines to send money

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