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Monster Job Search

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  • Current Version: 6.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Jobr, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Monster Job Search App

Instantly search through millions of new jobs. Simply apply by swiping right! Monster Job Search is 100% free & the highest rated job app! 1. Install the free Monster Job Search app 2. Create a profile or upload your resume / CV 3. Adjust filters to find the perfect job around you! 4. Apply to jobs instantly! Hear back quickly Features: • Get interviews faster than any other app! • Apply instantly by swiping right • Set a location radius around you • Use search to filter specific roles Featured in NPR, ABC, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Bloomberg, FastCompany and Quartz. ---


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Monster Job Search app reviews

  • Not worth your time 1/5

    By Julio ing
    This app’s search tools are incredibly limited. Even simple search specifications like geographic region are restricted. They flunked the intelligence test with this app.
  • Monster 5/5

    By ⛽️🅰️🆖🎒🌀
    I love This App Because I need a Job ASAP
  • Awful 1/5

    By Avid Kindle Paperwhite User
    Monster has been my go to search engine for jobs for a long time. I have recently begun my job search again and the new app is terrible. I haven’t tried searching on the laptop yet, but the app is pretty much useless.
  • Wish me luck 5/5

    By DeeButta28
    Brand new jobs experiences await you
  • Great platform 5/5

    By Jcmccurley13
    Wonderful ease of access and surfing in the platform. Great asset to find new opportunities, candidates or prospects.
  • I'm not sure... 2/5

    By Mindless Swag
    I only had the app for a total of about 4 minutes when I realized that this app really isn't meant for high school students. I'm sure the app is fine, but it's really only for adults
  • Horrid job search app 1/5

    By aharrison561
    I have been using this app for over a year now. Not one job offer based off this app. The matching of skills or jobs searched is actually very poor. The format for how these job details are read is equally poor. You get matches with nobody contacting you. Which makes this app garbage and a waste of time in my perspective. It’s more useless then tinder dating or other social apps.
  • This is not accurate 1/5

    By ChallengeAccepted1249
    So I’ve been searching and searching and it comes up with jobs all the time that have nothing to do with what I’m looking for. Then today, the app assumed I wanted a job when I swiped it up and sent a resume to a place that is looking for a CDL driver while looking for a job for a casino cashier lol. Then “Jay” messaged me saying I successfully applied and they will be contacting me soon. I said I didn’t swipe right and 2 seconds later revive a message saying they can’t undo an apply they did. Well then... fix your app and thanks.
  • Benefits Advisor for VA 5/5

    By cibologuy
    Hello job seekers. I’m currently working overseas and based near San Antonio. I’ve used monster before and was contacted by Jasmin within minutes to pursue an opportunity near my home. I’ll be in the market in a few months. Happy hunting! Never be too cautious, never be to hasty, be deliberate and never be denied.
  • Nothing works! 1/5

    Even though I’m logging into the mobile app the exact same way that I log into the desktop app, it’s acting like it’s a new account. None of my information is saved & it wants me to upload my resume again. When I try to search for jobs, it keeps giving me an error and saying to try again in 30 seconds.
  • Useless 1/5

    By sirscrubalot
    Every single job on here requires a minimum amount of years of experience and no way to filter it. Seems pretty useless for any young person with no college degree trying to better their life.
  • What happened??? 2/5

    By John Gregorio
    Monster is Tinder for jobs now??? How could they take their business model and apply it to something as important as ones career?! Also the fact I can’t upload any resumes directly from iCloud/Files app is ridiculous. I’m downloading Dropbox as I type this just to get it through. The UI has also gone through a terrible design change and is way more confusing than it used to be. Improve this app asap.
  • Idk 1/5

    By diskidgotmemes
    They didn't respond to my question when they said "message us if you have any questions"
  • Best app to find a job 5/5

    By Haidarbek1955
    Love it
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Gavrino
    Mobile app sends lots of completely unrelated positions. No relevance to my line of work and I can't tune the filter. Ridiculous. Doesn't deserve one star.
  • Great 5/5

    By jun69168
    Great Job
  • Useless 1/5

    By Travster23
    The new app took everything that was useful in the old app and replaced it with something terrible and not functional. Did they even test this in real people? I don’t want to look for a job like I’m on Tinder. I’ll use the old app, thanks for nothing. The only option to stop the bot from messaging me and sending email was to report it as spam. Why wouldn’t you be able to delete a “match “ that I never made? Why can’t I disable emails from it in the app? Stupid. Worst. Upgrade. Ever.
  • The Most Helpful Job Site 5/5

    By cpells
    By far the most helpful website for job seekers. I got my first job out of college through Monster.
  • Totally dis like mobile app 1/5

    By leonslife
    This new app is difficult and irritating ... it does not function like the original app..get rid of it please
  • Hmmm 2/5

    By FatBabyQueen
    Not much variety.
  • One of the 2 best job site! 5/5

    By Gamedog007
    I’m on all kind of job search sites. By far the two best are Monster and Indeed, the others aren’t even close. I give Monster the edge though with their swipe at job recommendation .
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Taylor7812
    Amazing app! They are caring about getting on things as soon as possible! Everything has been simple & easy! Not stressful like most!!
  • Very Professional 5/5

    By Campcam
    Alert me and was very kind
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By Mr bull 295
    I don’t know what the search engine algorithms are but the results they produce are terrible. For every relevant job that shows up, there are about fifteen that are not. Furthermore, the geographic criteria entered into the filters are essentially irrelevant. I selected several different ones and despite that, I was getting job listings in Mexico and Hawaii despite living on the east coast and giving a smaller commute radius. Waste of time!
  • New update stinks! 1/5

    By pnutncrew
    Won’t load on my iphoneX, so thanks for that update!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ma2ce
    Amazing app!!! Very helpful !!!
  • Very active website. Though I’m still looking for a job. 5/5

    By kiikhk
    Have a lot of positions however, I’m looking for a comfortable Desktop support position.
  • What's up with pale font? 2/5

    By BoBJoX
    Barely see anything; letters are pals great color; if Monster's UI Devs think it's "cool" look, they are mistaken, as a user cannot see any darn thing in there. Make a good seeable font: bigger, classic black color, otherwise, you will loos lots of users, unless you don't care. Make it as Priority and include it in your nearest Patch or Release. Thank you.
  • Spam 1/5

    By aerisart
    Spam all day every day. Don't put your number in
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By Ace Neville
    Easy to use. Impressed!!!
  • Store manager 5/5

    By Lillie Boothe
    Excellent website to look for a job
  • Too buggy to be useful 1/5

    By Replica Kill
    The app won’t update my job search location, and if that wasn’t bad enough, it displays only search results completely unrelated to my search terms. All the other apps seem to get it right —but Monster? No way. Skip this app —there are better alternatives. Happy job hunting!
  • Glitchy—you may end up applying to a job you didn’t intend to 1/5

    By cbkylx
    If you click on a job for more info or swipe to apply, it may not be linked to the same job that you were interested in. Therefore, you’ve just accidentally applied to a company you have no interest in. I tried telling them about the glitch, but their help chat is automated and completely ignored my real concern and then asked me to rate them, so here I am.
  • New to the App 5/5

    By Kaylijohnson
    Jay was very helpful and gave me several tips to speed up my job search! Thanks Jay!!
  • Hate the new app! 1/5

    By Nisey V
    I do not like the new app. I like a list version better and this will not work. Guess I will delete it. Too bad.
  • Scary good 5/5

    By Jackblack:)
    Monster provides a plethora of jobs, ranging from part time to full time, and allows simple communication with companies and businesses within the app.
  • Significantly lacks accuracy 1/5

    By brillion28gringo
    Horrible accuracy in matching jobs with search. Deleted my account after only 10 minutes.
  • C 4/5

    By This is very helpful!
    Not too bad so far
  • What the heck 1/5

    By Druid.nymph
    This is the worst job app I have ever used. I got because it seemed popular but don’t let that fool you. The app doesn’t give you any search results that are even relevant to what you searched. None of the jobs shown to me were even in my town; nor did they have anything to do with my job experience in the field I’m looking for.
  • Terrible search functionality 1/5

    By The Spesh 1
    Monster needs to add more filters so you can actually find what you are looking for. I was looking for PT jobs and I typed it in the search bar and still got almost all full time job results. Good luck asking for help, they will just continue to send you computer-generated canned responses, or just ignore your question all together. Totally frustrating.
  • What is going on? 1/5

    By kidddmayo
    I just applied to two jobs without wanting to. Dismissed three. I am confused with the swipe left and right. So this is tinder? I’m sorry but this isn’t innovative way to be creative, smart or hip.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By LuckyLady8891155
    This is the best app that I have used to help apply for jobs. It’s easy and you can also talk to someone immediately texting.
  • Used to be good. Horrible is too generous of a word now 1/5

    By moonblazegraphics
    Recently I have been searching jobs through the different apps available. All seem to function similarly, but with slightly better or worse results with the exception of Monster. Monster is so far off base with its results that I can't comprehend how the ratings are showing as high as they do. They clearly were too focused on making it "cool" with the swipe gestures without paying attention to the results. It's BAD :(
  • Potential is there 2/5

    By Evmb162
    Thus app has slot of potential to make it easier to look and apply for jobs , however it falls drastically short in several area: 1. You cannot choose the job area you want I get IT jobs and everything else journalists Etc and I can’t change it 2. I applied for jobs without even knowing it, one I’m not qualified for, and it apparently happened when I was swiping away These may seem small quirks but it very frustrating
  • Swipe Right to apply must go 1/5

    By Daddinator
    So I get monster probably gets paid every time someone applies so they make it as easy as possible but the swipe right with no verification and no undo is both ridiculous and unreasonable. At an “Are you sure you want to apply” might be nice...grrr
  • Great app 5/5

    By Eternal504
    This is a great app that is very easy to use and you get quick replies for assistance when needed
  • Monster Job Sesrch 5/5

    By MistyBlue3369
    Very good and helpful
  • Great 5/5

    By RomanBurke
  • Best App 5/5

    By Lenore53
    This tech savvy app with all these new features is great!!
  • Careful Where You Tap 1/5

    By Honest Job Seeker
    I had the app for approximately 8 minutes - was trying to look through the items they thought matched me (which didn’t) and before I knew it I had inadvertently applied for a job. I contacted them and told them and they said “sorry once you swipe you apply we can’t take it back”. Then asked me to rate the app as a 5 star. I in turn offer to help them fix the app. No reply as of yet!

Monster Job Search app comments


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