Moovit: Free Transit App. Bus, Train & Subway

Moovit: Free Transit App. Bus, Train & Subway

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Moovit: Free Transit App. Bus, Train & Subway App

#1 global app for public transportation. Peace of mind, in the palm of your hand Moovit is the #1 local transit app in the world trusted by over 50 million riders across more than 1200 cities. With the most robust and precise information of any public transit app, Moovit adds a new city every 24 hours. Combining all your transit options together in a single app, Moovit gives you total control over your travels so you can finally enjoy peace of mind when riding public transportation. Because public transportation is always unpredictable, Moovit constantly updates as transit operators change schedules or alter service, so you don't end up at a station that is closed, or waiting for a bus that isn't coming. ► Live Directions with Get Off Notifications guide you step-by-step in real time as you travel. Know exactly where you’re walking, how long (or should we say how short) you’re waiting, and how many stops are left. You can focus on anything you want while riding because Moovit will alert you when it’s time to get off--no need to constantly re-check whether yours is the next stop. ► Bike Share - For sunny days, days you don’t feel like walking, days when you feel like a little extra exercise & many other days ► Real Time Arrival information (where available) lets you know when to be at the stop so you can spend your time doing something more valuable than sitting around and waiting ► Global Coverage in over 1200 cities means that when you travel, you will still be able to ride public transit like a local Additional Features ► The Favorites Screen lets you save locations and frequently used lines so that you get going with a single tap ► The Widget gives you immediate access to your favorite lines & locations making checking public transportation as easy as checking the weather ► Service Alerts keep you in the know so you don't end up waiting for a bus that isn't coming, or sitting on a train because of a delay that could have been avoided. When you save your favorite lines, Moovit sends you a message when there is an issue that would affect your travels ► Live Ride tracks your ride & alerts you when you’re approaching, and when you arrive at your stop. So even when you know exactly where you’re going, your mind can indulge in a wandering day dream ► Line & System Maps let you view any local transit map available as a PDF file Ride with Moovit in 100+ cities across the US: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Austin, Seattle, Miami, and more Moovit supports all major transit operators including: MTA, New Jersey Transit, LIRR, MBTA, WMATA, SEPTA, CTA, Pace, LA Metro, Metrolink, SFMTA, AC Trans, BART, VTA, OCTA, Amtrak, King County Metro, Miami Dade Transit, MDT, Metro, Muni, MARTA, RTD, CATA, MWRTA, Metrorail, Bart, Beeline Bus, Norwalk Transit, Dash Ladot, DC circulator, Torrance Transit and more… Bike sharing provided by: Bay Area Bike Share, B-cycle, Bike Chattanooga, Bublr Bikes, Capital BikeShare, CAT Bike, Citi Bike, Citi Bike Miami, CoGo, Decobike San Diego, Divvy, Flashfleet, Healthy Ride, Hubway, Hudsonbikeshare, Indiana Pacers Bikeshare, Nice Ride, Pronto Cycle Share, Skybike, SLC Bike Share, WE-cycle (Including: Muni map, Path Train schedule, WMATA next bus, next Caltrain, METRA schedule Chicago etc.) Moovit is a worldwide app! You can find us in hundreds of cities around the world including: UK (London, Birmingham, Manchester), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Italy (Rome, Milan, Napoli), France (Paris), Poland (Warsaw), Sweden (Stockholm), Finland (Helsinki), Hungary (Budapest), Russia (Moscow), Netherlands, Israel, Brazil (Rio, Sao Paulo), Chile (Santiago), Colombia (Bogota), Mexico City, Peru (Lima), New Zealand, Philippines (Manila), Greece (Athens), South Korea (Seoul), Norway (Oslo).

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Moovit: Free Transit App. Bus, Train & Subway app reviews

  • Muito útil 5/5

    By Alex_Novarro
    Muito bom principalmente pro transito caótico do Rio de São Paulo
  • Moovit! Is the best metro app 4/5

    By Mr.Smith in LA
    Great app, only flaw is it doesn't give alternate route options from next walkable stop or line.
  • Awesome for blind travelers 5/5

    By Blindscouter
    Terrific app for travelers who use voiceover
  • The finisher 5/5

    By I'm the finisher
    Awesome app it's hard for me to get lost now...
  • TRAIN TIMES ARE ALWAYS 2minutes behind!!!! 2/5

    By Djnickyred
    I really want to love this app, but the consistent inaccurate times the app gives for trains keeps me double, even triple checking in other transit apps... Get it together Moovit
  • Generally good 4/5

    By rolypole
    Moovit suffers when the data is bad (not their fault) and the developers suffer a bit from feature creep rather than concentrating on what they're good at. It's generally a good app but it's worth keeping Google Maps open as well so you can check!
  • Confusing! 2/5

    By thumbellina97
    I used the older version and though it could have used a few tweaks, this newer version is too confusing! Instead of being able to favorite from the location I'm currently viewing, I'm forced to search through a series of city & transit lines. And unless I click on EVERY route, I don't get info about my stop. The listing of past, current & future schedules are gone? At least I can't find it easily! Additional info about inactive lines is unnecessary. Unless that's the transit line I'm specifically looking for. Ex. Click on stop, get transit lines, click on line, get active/inactive routes.... Timing seems to be off also, home screen shows slightly different time than when you click on your favorites.
  • Best transit app yet 5/5

    By deadmankillin
    It help me find a bus home when all other apps couldn't
  • Need improvements 3/5

    By Salvov
    It is easy to use but for a simple path, it didn't give me the transfer which will safe at least 15 min of the while trip.
  • Really cool app 5/5

    By Nicogru
    I used to use it from time to time, but now I use it every day, it has a great amount of info in various countries which makes it convenient to use not only at hometown, but in trips as well !
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Chelbe101
    This app is not bad. I like it because it does both bus and train schedule.
  • Good idea, not mature yet though. It's worth a try. 3/5

    By andreamonni
    Good idea, not mature yet though. It's worth a try.
  • Good 4/5

    By Clarycrazy
  • Awesome transit app 5/5

    By Kakani venkatesh
    I loved this app because it gives alert notifications when your stop is nearer and when bus is nearer to your stop. But some directions should modify based on google maps because google maps are good when we have 2-3 connecting buses.
  • Better than my own city's transit app 5/5

    By Mike.P
    Amazing what a private company can do with public transit data. This is my go-to app for inner city transportation. Everything is an easy read making this app convenient while on the go. Very well designed with everything a rider (at least for me) could want.
  • Poor App, Next Bus App BETTER! 1/5

    By twaty
    This App is very difficult to navigate.I have been using it for over a year and I have still not totally figured it out? I tried the Next Bus App and it is more accurate and user friendly. It even show's live Bus location!
  • Great app 5/5

    By I'm in love with this!!
    Always helpful
  • Accurate times for Brooklyn & Queens 4/5

    By adnet23
    I use every day.
  • Excellent! 4/5

    By Don Marlo
    Excellent app, always improving! It would be nice to have an integration with my contacts list, so I can find out quickly how to get to their homes.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Chamas300
    Very helpfull and accurate app
  • אחלה של אפליקציה. 5/5

    By sergey ziabko
    וכל מילה נוספת מיותרת.
  • Excelentísima 5/5

    By Kokiypunto
    Muy buena aplicación, puntual con la ubicación, siempre al día y es perfecta ya que te indica perfectamente las paradas y zonas.
  • Good 3/5

    By hazmat2
    I'm trying this out for SEPTA in Philadelphia alongside my normal transit app. While it has its up sides, as others have commented on, it has down sides as well: 1. It's nearly impossible to favorite a bus route by number instead of stop meaning buses that have different end points need to all be "favorited." 2. You can't easily look back at the buses that have just "passed" although they likely haven't yet. This is a commonly used easy-to-find feature in other apps.
  • Best app for public transportation 5/5

    By Periclesaugusto
    Very easy and accurate, the best app for public transportation
  • Some bugs 3/5

    By Pablinsky2k10
    The app is good and helpful but while editing the live routes, the app returns to the previous screen and you can't see your live travel :( that didn't happen before
  • Good App but ALWAYS tracking you 3/5

    By stephen•ph
    Moovit does a great job moving me around Chicagoland. But why does the app need to know my location when the app is off?
  • חן 3/5

    By Da467533
    קורסת הרבה. חבל כי הרעיון טוב אבל אי אפשר לסמוך על אפליקציה שתקרוס לך ברגע שתצטרך אותה באמת. מיקומי התחנות לא מדויקים.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Sehunisdumb
    It's very easy to use and gives great updates. Sadly I can't use it with stations without wifi.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Annmargaret🌀🤘🏽
    Its an great app And its very fast
  • אחלה אפליקציה שבעולם 5/5

    By Amazing!2012
    משהו משהו
  • Cool 5/5

    By Tinh apple
    This app is pretty clever. It helps me a lot in finding my places. I'll be lost in the city without this awesome app.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Alfa blaster15
    Best app for travelling and finding alternate ways of transport to move around the city
  • Fairs Up Service Down 2/5

    App not working as designed
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By popen2
    Does the job, it found me buses I didn't even know existed in my area!
  • My choice for bus apps 4/5

    By CJ Couter
    This app is my favorite of all that are currently out there, both paid and free. It combines all of the best features: 1) being able to see GPS positioning of buses in real time, 2) push notifications for service alerts, 3) pins on the map to show you where stops are, 4) clear labels to note which direction buses are headed, 5) ability to favorite certain routes, 6) layout and app design are clean and intuitive, and 7) accuracy. The one thing I hope the developers improve for the next update would be battery life! GPS drains an iPhone so quickly, and it may be beyond the capabilities of the app structure, and more on the build of the phone and iOS, but it's the only thing They could improve upon. This app is a million times ahead of all the other transit apps for Boston.
  • Simplemente excelente 5/5

    By Pipe15557
    Es una aplicación muy completa, y se retroalimentación con los usuarios . La verdad me gusto mucho
  • Ahora si se llega en bus a todas partes! 5/5

    By Anania4ever
    Una muy buena app! Fácil, segura, práctica y con datos precisos, es lo que faltaba para IOS. Me encanta y la recomiendo a todos.
  • Michael 1/5

    By Usbsuctctydjdsb
    This is a terrible application!!!
  • The future standard for using public transportation 4/5

    By MaxBul
    Nobody should ever again take three steps into the dangerous avenues to see whether the bus is coming or not...they should just take a peek at Moovit. Planning a trip is easy....and if it's convenient just use the Lyft functionality.
  • Old version was better 2/5

    By mariamcneil
    Old version was better
  • Just great App 5/5

    By Sniper22_kill
    It's a wonderful App. I would only sugest that the App could run in background while we are navigating to destination. Sometimes destinations or transfers are far away and if I open another App then my itinerary is lost and I have to find out the way how to simulate the original itinerary. Thank you for this great App
  • nayman 5/5

    By nayman
    האפליקציה מביאה מידע מכל החברות ומביאה את המסלול המהיר ביותר, ואפילו אומרת באיזה תחנה לרדת. היא נוחה ועובדת מאוד טוב! הבעיה היחידה שמצאתי היא שהיא לא מדייקת בלוח הזמנים, ובשביל לדעת מתי מגיע האוטובוס/רכבת עדיף לבדוק עם אפליקצית אוטובוס קרוב
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Babudvg
    Must have app
  • Great 5/5

    By pedro.felipe
  • Just too much 1/5

    By Banana1224
    On the latest version there is too much info the moment you open the app. You don't know what to press and you don't know what you see. Back to google maps I guess.
  • Love 4/5

    By Destoooooooo
  • Ok. Like HopStop! Much more 3/5

    By Oded h
    Fair app- but not comparable to other transit apps like Hopstop! And Google maps.
  • Lit 5/5

    By Finnese_Savii
    It's really lit lol.
  • Bus issue 4/5

    By Abiscoco
    Does not show bus number 4 that runs from merit street to Newport mall in Jersey City.
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Florechico
    It's a life saver very accurate .

Moovit: Free Transit App. Bus, Train & Subway app comments

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