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Mosaic from Steven Soderbergh

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Mosaic from Steven Soderbergh App

HBO Presents: MOSAIC — a new film experience from Academy Award®-winning director Steven Soderbergh, starring Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Jennifer Ferrin, Paul Reubens, Devin Ratray, Frederick Weller, and Beau Bridges. In MOSAIC, as in life, the path you pick affects your perception of reality. What one viewer may consider a fundamental fact on one path may be an insignificant piece of trivia on another — or may not even be a ’fact’ at all. As its title suggests, MOSAIC isn’t complete until all the pieces are viewed in their proper perspective. MOSAIC lets you experience the story from multiple perspectives, going deeper to see the big picture: - Film view: Watch the film in full-screen, immersive mode. - Choice moments: Select which character’s perspective you want to adopt to continue your journey. - Discoveries: Dive deeper into the story through voicemails and emails between the characters, police reports, news clippings, and more. - Look again: Go back and view the perspectives you missed to get the full picture. Getting started is easy. Just download the app and sign up with your email or social account. Watch on your favorite screen — iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV device. MOSAIC is powered by PodOp technology, and is designed for seamless viewing on iOS9 and higher. MOSAIC is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions apply. ©2017 PodOp Inc. All rights reserved. MOSAIC and related channels and service marks are the property of PodOp, Inc. For help, please visit Privacy Policy: [] Terms of Service: []


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Mosaic from Steven Soderbergh app reviews

  • Engrossing mystery, with a unique viewing experience 5/5

    By Blerg74
    I loved every minute of Mosaic. The acting was great, the story even better. I watched it all within a week on my iPhone, although it felt like it deserved more than such a small screen. The story and visuals are so engrossing though that it feels like you’re there with the characters on this journey. The app gives you multiple perspectives of the same scenes and additional documents/clips, which confusing at first, gives you character insights that aren’t really possible in traditional mediums. I hope this isn’t the last of this type of tv show experience. I’m not even sure you could call Mosaic a tv show, it’s something so much more.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Gr8dames
    This was outstanding. Great story that was suspenseful and entertaining yet also let you pick the viewpoints to watch it from. I hope more apps are developed in this framework. It was terrific.
  • Ughhhh 1/5

    By MendyBee
    Cringed the whole way through as much of the first episode as I could get. Makes intelligent women appear weak and unable to make a decision without a man's input. Gross. I hated this so.
  • Compelling and a really gripping experience 5/5

    By Adrian & Rebecca
    Love how it interweaves different content as you’re watching, so you don’t feel like a passive observer. For instance, the film will reference a murder and then you get to read through a website showing news articles relating to the murder. Feels like you are participating in the investigation!
  • You Should Get This 5/5

    By Deconstructor
    Great production and storyline. The additional multimedia draws the viewer closer to the story. I’m surprised at how quickly I was hooked.
  • More! More!!! MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By C-137 Tony
    I loved this all the way through. It was so interactive and the fact that you were the pilot of how your story progressed was amazing. Can we have more things like this? Ghosts? Beasts from beyond? Creatures unknown? This could be greatly expanded to other things and received with open arms guaranteed ! Please make more.
  • Done that 20 years ago... 3/5

    By Fighting Mad Irish
    I was the Visual Artist on an interactive movie for PC called Silent Steel. Same premise to a degree, only our game let you be a character. The choices you made directed the story line. Again like this, only to a degree. It still had a forward path that led to one or another conclusion. Might be the reason we never made another. Nice to see a different take on the idea though, although less interactive. Best of luck to future productions. I know the cost, this may be a short lived venture.
  • Nicely Done! 4/5

    By barnettart
    Love those options to follow several paths to the end, enriched by the small but meaningful “Discoveries” attached by old-fashioned lightning bolts to their primary video stages, and reminiscent of early computer storyline-based games that used similar lightning bolts to speed one’s access to other rooms (clues, usually). He main video segments are well-acted - other than Ms. Stone’s rather unconvincing fisticuffs/vitriol. Still, captivating throughout. Thank you, Mr Søderberg, as always, for your unusual approach to storytelling, which I first noticed in your “Sex, lies, and Videotape,” which made quite a splash when it was first released, and is now considered a classic from that time period.
  • Always resets where I started 1/5

    By Captain Obvi
    Never saves my progress :( have to star over every single time
  • Great 5/5

    By PinkPandaNinja
    The platform omg this is really good!!!
  • Interesting idea, poor execution 1/5

    By cicero1776
    This app is NOT a ‘choose your own adventure’ style narrative. There’s only one storyline, you simply choose which character tells it. And as a viewer there’s really no basis to choose. Consider just because someone looks more interesting they’re better at telling the story? On top of that, the characters are shallow and it’s hard to feel any sympathy for them. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who is wealthy, self-absorbed, and self-loathing. And it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who prays on people like that.
  • Creepy and unrealistic. 2/5

    By Jwismcmdjwjnxdkdk
    I could barely get through the first video. The guy Eric was creepy and suspicious, and it's ridiculous that a seemingly intelligent woman like Olivia would so easily fall for his "charms." She was introduced as strong-willed, but that was quickly thrown aside when a moderately attractive man came to "save" her. Based on the reviews, I'm sure the storyline overall was great, but I couldn't make it far enough to find out. Also, how are we still fighting for racial diversity?
  • Would prefer an edited film 3/5

    By Luhmann
    Would much rather watch a single well edited cut of all this.
  • End of a path, but still a long way from finished 5/5

    By Double nope
    Wow! I knew I was in for something good with the outstanding talent surrounding and within Mosaic, and I was right. This is a professional movie that involves you through the paths that you choose. True, its not the first if its kind, but it is the first that's perfected it. Any attempts at others will he judged against this. If you are a fan of cinema, if you love suspense, if you want to become part of the story and feel the tension as you make your chooses; then prepare to become part of the Mosaic.
  • Awesome on its own; spectacular that it’s free 5/5

    By Reviewer.Anonymous
    Awesome on its own; spectacular that it’s free
  • Very creative! 5/5

    By wrench
    This is absolutely one of the most interesting and creative ways to get lured and seduced into one of the most eclectic stories I have ever seen. If you enjoy a story where you have a choice to follow a certain path or multiple paths, you have to check this App out. Totally cool story-telling.
  • Restrictions?!! 1/5

    By Blacklabelmee
    Why is the us restrictions for?
  • Fantastic filmmaking w bugs 3/5

    By endersaves
    Resets every time I close it so I have to fast forward through previously watched vignettes to get back where I was.
  • Good app 3/5

    By JenEric1992
    It’s a good app with an equally better story, but every time I go back on the app it starts me at square one and leaves everything else locked. I’ve done what the people behind the app have suggested in the event of a problem, and nothing is working. Like I said good story, but it’s frustrating with having to start over every single time...
  • Two spirited thumbs up! 5/5

    By Smiles@wc
    An amazing story, and a fun way of watching the movie. I really liked how authentic it was. The setting of the story was in Utah, and the movie was actually filmed in Utah! Very rare to see that kind of genuine work put into a film. This is a great start in a new era of movie production, and I can’t wait to see more from Steven Soderbergh!
  • Wow 5/5

    By heryata
    All I can say is wow. From the moment I started watching I was hooked. This was an amazing experience.
  • Before you download 5/5

    By K1lluhk4m
    So... Downloaded this thinking it was a strategy game however when the app was opened a 25 minute video popped up. Decisions are made based on full length episodes. You do what you want with this information.

    By TinaDayton
    I have been an Apple product user since 2007 and this is my first review! I LOVED the movie, the actors/actresses and story line. I have not gone back through for my second view yet for I wanted to first tell you how well done this was. No this isn’t a game per say but the way you allow us to participate is exciting! HBO did good! Not cheesy and ...Sharon Stone! Plus a few others that are recognizable! Only advice is to pause movie when it starts in first moments.. to review the settings and understand you can actually push those little pop ups during your video for “more insight”! Can’t wait for more!
  • Captivating, unexpected, mysterious... 5/5

    By Calliee
    I’ve never written a review, but for this I will because, as always, Steven Soderbergh is a genius. Teaming up with HBO to create this interactive narrative is brilliant initiative. So excited to see this new way of story telling develop.
  • Not great 2/5

    By WhiskeyDent
    I thought this would be like a choose your own adventure story but it’s just a generic boring tv show that’s divided up.
  • Sign up? 1/5

    By Asya1
    Why do you need sign up?
  • Fascinating 5/5

    By Illbedarn
    I love this format, fun to explore each character’s perspective. I noticed some people are complaining about setting up an account in order to watch but I think it’s necessary in order for the app to preserve your viewing history so that my husband & I can have a different viewing experiences. Excited to keep watching!
  • Just finished... 5/5

    By pinkydisco
    I was immediately drawn in by the first chapter, completely captivated by the story and acting. I couldn’t wait to see what was next and felt anxious excitement as I chose the next chapter. The interactive aspect of storytelling makes it an almost hypnotic journey. I can’t help the feeling that this isn’t over...or is just wishful thinking? There are still questions, answers, angles...I want more. As stated in a previous review, this new format probably won’t be free for very long, so I feel fortunate that I took advantage of the opportunity to watch this. I did feel that the later chapters were not as good as the first and second acts, but not enough to warrant the loss of a star. I can’t wait for the next one.
  • Fun and fresh take on storytelling 5/5

    By NikkiMG0425
    Really enjoying this new,creative way of watching a show and can’t wait for more! Find myself consumed and looking forward to it during the day
  • No support in my country 1/5

    By BenzNg
    Downloaded it, was really excited, and then REALLY disappointed by the lack of coverage of the app outside of other countries like US. If you really want others to play it, then let them actually play it.
  • Great format 5/5

    By Littleolivia
    I used to read mysteries & sci fi books in junior high that allowed you to choose which direction the story would take. This is a similar format. It’s innovative to use it in a movie.
  • Great & polished for a free app. 3/5

    By Travis252nc
    It's great. Won't be free much longer as this storytelling method on devices takes off in near future and for VR. Not sure why I had to set up an account without info on why it was needed(I just used a throwaway gmail account) also only works in USA but the free VPN app Windscribe was able to allow me to use it while on vacation in Argentina.
  • Fun format, great story. 5/5

    By Con Solo
    A well-executed and compelling cinematic experiment. It's a lot of fun to see the story from different character's perspectives, which keeps you guessing until the end.
  • Super Interactive & Captivating 5/5

    By Madisonphillips56
    New and innovative way to watch investigative TV shows. Super interactive and captivating. I hope that more shows are released this way in the future. Only wish that the story could have continued.

    By Poof2subdivision3x
    The account alone would have been enough for me. Just another way of digging into your privacy. Isn't the world fed up with Facebookism?
  • Ahhhh! 1/5

    By Hey.33
    Don’t get me wrong I think that the app is good but I can’t use it because I’m outside of the US Territory ; /
  • Pretty...pretty...prettyyyyyy...pretty good. 5/5

    By Popsicle fingers
    First of all, I’d like to ask myself a singular and sincere question: “Wow… Is this really happening??” The answer: “Yes. This is happening. It must be embraced.” Secondly, taking heed will be your “salvation.” (AKA Key to understanding and translating this work of art...) ...Blindly trusting, then wholeheartedly acknowledging this story WITHIN the story will be more than helpful in deciphering an enigmatic code that is cleverly hidden between the lines in its script; directly beneath the nail-biting, suspenseful and clever plot. Personally, and honestly; I can say that I’ve fallen right into its rabbit hole...and I’m STILL falling! How fun and sweet this is. ***P.S. - - - I’ve watched only 25-30 min, thus far. 🙃🧡***
  • Incredible! 5/5

    By Bexrobinson
    This app and storyline are incredible. This has been the most worthwhile 24 hours of 2017 for me. You. Must. Watch!
  • Meh. 2/5

    By wwhitakker
    This format is not ground-breaking, it's a simple network narrative where you can choose which characters POV to continue watching. Unfortunately this gimmick is further undermined by Soderbergh's signature blend of pretentious dialogue, sterilized storyline and one-dimensional characters. Delete.
  • So far....great! 5/5

    By Pretty Layla
    This might be my first or second review ever, which shows how much I appreciate this app (I’ve been with Apple from the beginning and my phone is loaded with apps). I know eventually, when this really takes off it will end up being a charge per show, and I understand (business is business). But I am very thankful to be at the front row test drive for this groundbreaking concept. I am a writer and can very much see this become the “new” form of storytelling. Looking forward to what comes next!
  • Can’t login on AppleTV 1/5

    By glev1
    Excited to watch. But can’t login on Apple TV. Support was hard to find and was not helpful. Too bad.
  • Excepcional 5/5

    By Billy Bira Cosme
    Fantástico a ideia, ótima direção, muito bem conectado. Genial.
  • Geoblocked 1/5

    By JD&FD
    What's the point of geoblocking this?
  • The future of TV shows 5/5

    By adec27
    This was an amazing watch, I highly recommend it. I love the format it’s a real innovative way of doing a show and I really appreciated it.
  • Story only intended for those in the US 1/5

    By Suckaduckus
    F your territorial discrimination. Also there was no caveat of it being available on US territory alone before I began downloading.
  • FIXED! iPhone X Home Indicator 5/5

    By grgrsslldlln
    EDIT: Today’s update (11/09/17) fixed the Home Indicator issue for iPhone X! Excellent! 👏👏👏 This app uses its own custom video player rather than using the standard iOS video player. This limits the viewing options on the iPhone X; however, the worst offense is that the iPhone X’s Home Indicator does not fade away. Please take note of how Netflix’s app properly fades the Home Indicator. It’s incredibly difficult to watch the content with that bright white line on the screen. I’ll gladly edit my review when an update corrects this issue.
  • I couldn’t use the app 1/5

    By Gabonha
    This app only works for people who are in the United States. 👎🏼
  • Discrimination 1/5

    By Antoinius
    Discriminating other territories goes against all that the WWW is supposed to be....
  • Söderberg you have done it again.. but we get to do it too.... 5/5

    By Ted Hemberger
    I know this is important to you S.S. Because of how hesitant you were at first to create something like this, so very weird and scary... . I don’t write reviews about APPS, so I guess you can feel special? Maybe just a little? I still to this day at 30 years of age remember Goosebumps as a child when I could choose my own ending.... where the character went next, and the suspense was a different type of suspense knowing you controlled where the story went to next. Of course I know this isn’t all you Söderberg - everyone out here in SF and Silicon Valley where I happen to live making the app itself happen... but for those who haven’t downloaded this yet. Download it. I’m on the side of my bed supposed to be cooking, getting ready for tomorrow’s shoot (I’m a filmmaker as well), but I’m stuck wanting to see all of the characters and how they met. You always wonder. “There is definitely a past with them... right?” as he slams down the dresser... or this guy is going to fall for her isn’t he... (even with he may have a secret job and bad intentions). I love it. I love the ability to choose. I love that it was you who shot/directed/created what you can now call interactive art. I think this could really start something huge. And it keeps you from “binge watching” it almost forces you to take a break and go live your life to come back and choose who’s life you want to be a part of next in you’re “interactive map movie” please make more. And thank you for giving us this gift and the push to make more like yours. Kudos to the crew and cast. The PA’s and AD’s, all the grips, VTR, the techies here in SF! Great job to you all.. I lived in SLC...I spent a lot of time where you were on location and you were without question cold 24/7. That’s a statement, not a question. impressive guys. You made something different for once. Thank you. I can’t wait to see what happens next... I already don’t want it to end and I’m only on chapter two.. - Ted Hemberger
  • Incredible and immersive 5/5

    By willisataylor
    The story contained here is so detailed and fleshed out that every possible avenue is explored! It continues to get more intriguing as the chapters move along. It’s a real masterpiece. I love the ways that background is delivered through fictional news articles and flashbacks. I’m addicted to this story!!

Mosaic from Steven Soderbergh app comments


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