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Seamlessly store the movies you've collected in one place—so you can watch them when and where you want. With Movies Anywhere, every night is movie night. NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE, EVER Create a free account with Movies Anywhere and only pay for the movies you buy. CONNECT AND SYNC IN SECONDS Connect your digital retail accounts to import your movies from iTunes. BUILD YOUR COLLECTION Watch your movies come together in your new Movies Anywhere library. THOUSANDS OF MOVIES AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Whether it’s date night or a late night, we’ve got you covered. With over 7,000 movies, there’s a movie for everyone. YOUR MOVIES, ALWAYS WITH YOU Stream your movies or save them for later. No matter where you go, your Movies Anywhere library will go with you. WATCH ANYWHERE Phone, laptop, TV, tablet— wherever you want to watch, we’re there. Visit for complete details & terms and conditions. All transactions subject to applicable license terms and conditions.


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  • Kid friendly 5/5

    By iiSL@Nd GiiRL
    I love how you can create a profile for your kid and lock in that profile to a certain device. You can also adjust their profile so it only shows certain rated movies. i.e. PG and under rated only
  • Needs More Development 2/5

    By kpmercer
    So you can add “sub-profiles” but it doesn't seem you can delete them. There is NO option that even shows up on the mobile devices, and from the website clicking the DELETE link does nothing. I’ve redeemed a movie, and I got a pop-up to say it was added to my library, but it isn’t there so I can’t watch it. I’ve contacted support, but been few days and still no one is responding. I submitted help tickets using iPhone, but can’t see them when looking at the app on my iPad. Shouldn’t the “messages” that we started in the help center be viewable from anywhere as long as I am logged into my account? After submitting messages in the help center on my phone, I can still see the question/issue that I submitted, but if I click on it to go into the details, it just says “Failed to load comments”.
  • No download option 1/5

    By Kirchnrd
    Supposedly there is a download option, but it is nowhere to be found in the app on my iPhone 7.
  • Fix the kinks and then 5 stars 1/5

    By Mahalo24
    A few kinks - I have 161 movies on Disney Movies Anywhere and those linked easily (except the Lion King). Some of the other iTunes/VUDU/Google movies did not link, even where one shows but the sequel isn’t linked (purchased in a bundle). Once this is fixed, 5 stars - seriously fantastic. I loved DMA because all my Disney movies are linked show purchased through merchants that wouldn’t do that other than through a 3rd party. Now it’s even more than just Disney, seriously fantastic! Yes, I drank the cool aid.
  • Concept is good, but app needs work 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    The video data sharing language makes no sense. What is the benefit to sharing? Someone, who is not a lawyer, needs to add language to explain the legal jargon. Love the idea of a single source for all movies. UX is klunky.
  • Love the idea, but some supported movies are missing 3/5

    By djdestasio11
    I love the idea behind this, but at least one movie that I own that should be supported (Disney's The Lion King) does not show up in my library, but does show up in my iTunes account which is properly connected to movies anywhere. I have to go through my movies and see what else is missing. I couldn't find any helpful information on how to resolve this issue. Update 10/22/2017: I have contacted support with the information provided. Also, I looked again and the contact info is available in the website, but you have to dig quite a bit to get it. Will update again and consider changing rating if support can fix the issue.
  • Why isn’t this a 5 Star app?!?! 5/5

    By Jahelmie
    This app was the answer to my biggest problem for so long! All my digital movies in all my different accounts were a pain to access so I only used iTunes and just forgot about the rest. Finally someone solved my problem. Why is this only a 3.6 out of 5 stars?!?!?! This should be 5 out of 5!!!! Thank you for the great app and for the free movies for doing what I intended on doing anyway when I downloaded the app! You basically rewarded me for using the app the way it was intended to be used! You guys are the greatest! I don’t write reviews often unless I come across a gold nugget like this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  • Missing movie titles and equally missing support 1/5

    By Snarglat
    The app interface is clean and easier to use than competitors. That’s where my positives for this app stop. I have tried through multiple help tickets and phone calls to get support to fix my missing movie titles. My account is missing titles from not only my linked Vudu account, but also from my Disney account and others. In my Vudu account I have 47 movies from my combined linked retailers. With those same linked retailers in this Moviesanywhere app, I have 22... 22/47 seems pretty broken. My support tickets have all received the same canned response via e-mail, “We’ve fixed a lot of bugs since we launched, check our website for further help.” Phone support is also offered as an option. Of the 3 occasions I tried calling during business hours, twice I was met with busy signals(busy signals in 2017?!?) and on the third I was waiting on hold for more than 30 minutes to speak to a human to try to resolve these issues when I finally gave up and hung up. Disney should be ashamed to have their brand associated with this app. I’ll stick with the poorly designed UI of the Vudu app where at least everything works and the movies I’ve paid for are actually present in my library.
  • Vudu movies not transferring to the app 3/5

    By Cliffilaulau
    Everything else worked though
  • Movies are not linking. How can this app have over 3 star. Has anyone tried to use their support? 1/5

    By Shindog1
    I bought 5 movies in the last 2 Days. Planet of the Apes Trilogy and Lilo & Stitch on Itunes and Rush Hour 2 on Amazon. None of which are linking to this App or linked to other retailers. Asked for help in App with “contact us” and is being ignored completely. I can understand with the launch of an app like this things may need to be ironed out. Being ignored is disappointing. No reason to give anything but 1 Star. Why would I use this app if I can’t watch new movies that I buy on it?
  • Lack of customer support 3/5

    By Rockit Danger
    I have quite a few digital copies that had errors when entering their (definitely) valid codes. So the app said to email the team I did...5 days ago. I love what you're doing here but if something doesn't work you need to help out.
  • Promising but frustrating 1/5

    By Greatowle
    I love the idea but immediately ran into two problems: 1. Could not get past the sign in page because it did not like that my password had special characters such as $@!#%, even those were perfectly acceptable when creating the account from my desktop. 2. After changing my password to consist purely of alpha-numeric characters It would block the sign in when it was that someone else already had the email address and would tell me to log in instead. But there was no other option available to choose!!!!
  • Why 1/5

    By Ignantvro
    What bugs did this fixed it just made everything worse EDIT why bother contacting ya’ll again it already took about 5 days for ya’ll to reply and now answer my questions
  • Vudu link issues 2/5

    By Trying to look good
    For some reason my Vudu account is not showing up in my app or linking to iTunes.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Fuq69 <===3
    Horrible app. Really disappointed to be going from Disney movies anywhere to this. Miss half my iTunes and vudu movies. Sent several messages to help center was told to disconnect and reconnect. On my 3rd time doing this and same movies missing. Beyond fed up!!
  • Disappointing. 1/5

    By Colorado Bo
    My main draw to DMA was the Audio Description service, and ability to sync with another source. Movies with AD don’t even allow access to that audio setting in this app.
  • Doesn't work since bug fix 1/5

    By ACO2005
    Won't show the movies in my account, just asks me to keep logging in.
  • ITunes not connecting 1/5

    By Bobotaku
    Update 10/21: My iTunes account is still not connecting to movies anywhere. I am also unable to adjust the connection setting to movies anywhere in iTunes. I’ve placed a support ticket in the app on Monday and have not yet received a response. My support tickets have since disappeared from the app with no resolution. The support tickets would fail to load any comments in the app when it was there. Purchased a movie from iTunes but it’s not showing in the movies anywhere app. I waited more than an hour per the help instructions. It’s just the first day so I do hope they can work out the kinks or update their help page with more information. Will update this review if they update or repair things.
  • Great Idea 3/5

    By Zlfh4
    I love the idea of having all my movies in one place but unfortunately that is not exactly the case. I only have 4 movies on my Amazon account and I am only able to view one through Movies Anywhere, I can't watch the Hunger Games series, the divergent series, or the Twilight series. I can only watch one of the Bridget Jones movies. I hope in the near future I will be able to watch them all.
  • Remove Profiles? 4/5

    By The steel wolf😃
    This is an amazing app and I love using it! There's just one small problem and that is that there's no way (that I've found yet) to remove other profiles. I would like to delete a profile from my account but despite my googling, I haven't found a way. Other than this, the app is an incredible idea and I would definitely recommend it to everyone :)
  • Good movie app 5/5

    By Pa dreamer
    The movie app works very well,movies are clear and sound works well,I watch the movies on my iPad Pro 12.9 and check it out for yourself
  • Didn’t work for me on Apple TV 4th Generation 1/5

    By Stepinwolf
    I was able to create an account on my iPad or iPhone, but wasn’t able to get the Apple TV app to get past the activate step. It seems to be stuck on a step that is all text. I had difficulty with trying to get it to work on a ROKU Ultra as well. It gave me code letters to enter, but I couldn’t find anywhere to enter them on the Movies Anywhere website. After watching the praise of this app on Apple Byte extra crunch, I was all fired up to get this working. I don’t really want to watch movies on iPads or iPhones when I have a big screen TV.
  • Variations Between iPhone and iPad Apps? 3/5

    By theatredancer10
    Currently, I do not have the capability to save movies offline on my iPad. However, I can save movies on my iPhone. Is there something going on with the version for iPad? I prefer watching movies while traveling on my iPad for the bigger screen. I used to have all my movies downloaded to my iPad in their various apps (for different studios) but deleted them since this was supposed to be the improvement. Great concept but follow through for change over was not executed well.
  • I wasn’t able to access my downloaded movie in flight! 2/5

    By Drhandy
    I had downloaded one of my movie titles to my IPad for later viewing while flying on a commercial airliner. The title was identified as downloaded prior to my going off line (airplane mode). However, when I attempted to view the movie in flight, I kept getting the “circle of infinity”. Eventually, the app instructed me to log on to access my movies, which, of course, was impossible in flight. I checked my “IPAD Software Usage” data, and the movie in fact had been downloaded and resident on my IPad, But was not accessible. When I arrived at my hotel, I did log back in, and was finally able to access my downloaded movie. I’ve emailed this incident to the developer, but have not gotten a response. Before my return flight, I made sure I was still logged in to this app, and I started viewing the first minute of my movie in advance. Once on board my plane, and again back in “airplane mode”, the app did work, and I enjoyed my viewing of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”. I even paused the movie twice for a little shuteye, and was able to resume my movie. But I would like to know why I could not view my movie on my earlier flight, despite having downloaded it to my IPad, and despite never having logged off.
  • Please Add TV Shows Too 2/5

    By R. leFay
    This app is useless if I can’t watch Seasons I have bought of my favorite TV shows from Google Play Movies. It’s hard for me to watch those shows, because I can only watch those on the Google Play Movies app and my Samsung TV doesn’t have the Google Play Movies app. So I have to watch the shows on my smaller screen in my room. I should be able to watch my favorite shows anywhere as well!!!
  • What happens to audio description? 4/5

    By WKS79
    As we migrate from DMA to this app the audio description option is no longer available. Will this be added back in the future once the DMA app is removed from the appstore? Also what happens to all the additional content from DMA (ie the short clips, music videos etc)
  • Finally! 5/5

    By KALE-L
    Love having all my content syncing across all accounts. Five stars for the service. Don’t really use the app much and would suggest just using the built in TV app since everything that’s in MA should also show up there.
  • Accounts 2/5

    By Xjedyy
    Please allow account deletion for some reason it was taken away in the latest update
  • Downloading movies is a nightmare 2/5

    By NorthCountry2014
    I’ve been trying to download for the past day and a half a series of movies that I easily stored on the Disney Movies Anywhere app. I’ve been unable to do it with this app. A few will go on and then it will partially download something, which doesn’t show up on my saved downloads, but does show up as taking up storage on my iPad. If you try to continue downloading it just creates another file. So then I have to delete the whole app or just have wasted GB for only partially saved movies that won’t play. At this point I’m going to try to save the movies in the other digital retailers since I clearly can’t rely on this one to actually save them properly. I hope this gets resolved with an update soon.
  • Not very user friendly 3/5

    By ronomoore
    So I purchased Edge Of Tomorrow on BluRay with a digital copy. I opened the app, went to Redeem, put in the code but it never showed up in my library. Also, other movies like from WU only transferred 2out of 10. Not sure what happened and customer service is a joke, they never answer. Picture is good, nice quality.
  • Is there IT 2017 5/5

    By Emily_Spark
  • Buenísima aplicación 5/5

    By seyaj
  • Offline Viewing 2/5

    By ReeAlly88
    Love the concept of this app and super excited for the free promotional movies but not being able to download the movies for offline viewing has just put a SERIOUS kink in my life. :( I used the Disney Movies Anywhere App every single day. I live in a rural area and it is not possible to have internet access on my two year old son's iPad in my home. So I would drive to a nearby town to access internet from a friend and download movies for offline viewing. I'm incredibly sad to be unable to find that feature in the new app.
  • Quite nice 3/5

    By bgm1959
    My only complaint is on the Apple TV app there is no option to sort movies A - Z
  • Works very well 5/5

    By VenomousSVT
    Not only does this work as expected, but it has made redeeming my movies codes a breeze. Had a few movies I had to chase to try to get them to redeem through "other" apps because they weren't iTunes codes. This gives 1 place to redeem and shares to all my linked apps. Love it so far.
  • Rocky start but improving 4/5

    By baslack
    Update: midweek I received a contact back and discovered on logging in that my account auto migrated. So it looks like my initial problems have been addressed. Thanks MA personnel.
  • FINALLY!! 4/5

    By Zsnake1
    I’ve been unable to watch my iTunes movies because I didn’t want the shell out the cash for an Apple TV. Now got all my movies in one place.
  • Incomplete collection 3/5

    By Jeffy2284
    This app after linking to Vudu and iTunes still doesn’t list all my digital movies. For example, I just purchased “Baby Driver” and its on Vudu but not Movies Anywhere. Movies Anywhere lists about 3/4 of my total collection.
  • Promising but buggy 2/5

    By iPhoneiOS7
    Initial collections sync. But any new purchases don't show up.
  • Great!! 5/5

    By Matt_G_Burns
    The Digital HD movie app I’ve been waiting for!!
  • Apple TV app is terrible!!! 2/5

    By neolipknot
    Please please please improve the Apple TV app. After all, your app is made to watch movies... and TV is the best way to watch movies. Make the Apple TV app as good as the iPhone app. Add the possibility to search movies so that we don’t have to scroll forever and please add a sorting (a-z, newest to oldest, recently added, etc.) and filter (action, humor, family, etc.) options. Also it would be nice if we could upload our own pictures or avatar instead of the ugly ones provided... to make it easier to see which account it is... Thanks
  • Finally! 5/5

    By Zboy13
    Finally! All my movies in one place! And I can now cast my amazon video purchases. Great app so far! :)
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By JohnJay1231
    I haven’t been using it for too long but it’s a great app so far. It has most of my digital movies in it so one stop viewing (does a much better job than Apple TV app). The viewer has all the needed functions which is more than can be said for the crappy Vudu viewer.
  • Finally an app to bring it all together. 5/5

    By Lukeofthehill
    This app has it all. It has chrome cast and airplay support, and an excellent Apple TV app. Highly recommend!!
  • Great plan. Needs to be available on more platforms. 3/5

    By greenyoyo90
    Love that all my movies are in one place. Love the fact I don’t have to keep telling the app I want them in alphabetically order unlike other apps. Are you guys working to get a model of this app on PlayStation network or on smart TVs?
  • Movies anywhere 2/5

    By Vin deasil
    Right now I don’t like it all my movies from iTunes and VUDU are not showing up on movies anywhere not good! So I call to see how could get my Movies put in but her usual you pass the buck to the studios I have to go through them to see why the movies or not there your problem
  • The digital locker is great. The app is bad. 2/5

    By RedViper1972
    Will revisit when I can filter my library by genre. Until then the app lags behind those of any of the retailers it links to.
  • Finally!!! This feels like a win for us consumers! 5/5

    By OHXPerine
    Access to all my movies in one place, regardless of where they were purchased. This removes part of the fear of switching platforms, but also allows me the ability to purchase movies from the vendor with the best price. I just hope the rest of the movie studios get on board with this, because it’s definitely something to consider for future purchases.
  • Great idea but developer support is lacking 2/5

    By (~MJ~)
    This is a great idea. Overall when everything is properly linked through Movies Anywhere, I greatly appreciate the ability, for instance, to now download my UltraViolet movie copies directly onto my iOS devices through iTunes. They all began appearing under my iTunes purchases as available downloads. Well, almost all. . . I’m currently having trouble with the Spider-Man Homecoming movie. For some reason my UltraViolet linked account is not transferring this movie over like the others. . . Thus, I’ve reached out to Movies Anywhere support through the app AND they’re website via email and neither have responded to date.
  • Good stream quality, a little buggy 3/5

    By klydefrogg
    The stream quality on the videos is great, especially compared to Vudu. Leaving the app and coming back to resume playback sometimes gets the app into an unusable state. And while I appreciate the ability to watch over HDMI, the playback stops if my phone screen times out, something other movie apps don't do.

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