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MSNBC is your destination for full episodes of your favorite MSNBC shows, including new episodes available the day after they air. Log in with your TV provider account (cable, satellite or telco provider of TV) and open up a whole new way to enjoy MSNBC – anywhere and anytime. On-demand full episodes of your favorite shows, including: • The Rachel Maddow Show • Morning Joe • Hardball with Chris Matthews • The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell • All in with Chris Hayes MSNBC Features: • Full episode viewing when you sign in with your TV provider account • Save your favorite shows to your watchlist for quick access to the latest episodes • Chromecast and AirPlay! You can now start the episodes in the app and stream MSNBC to your TV and Apple TV. • Free trial – watch up to 3 full episodes of your choice for one month • Can't finish an episode in one sitting? The app saves your place! • Special clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes video • MSNBC program guide • Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing


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  • Not working ! 1/5

    By CindyBurk
    This app today will no longer let me view shows or live cable, even though I am logged in via my wifi provider. I get a message error stating that my provider does not subscribe to this channel. I get this message even though my provider is on their list and I am logged in.
  • Cable is doomed 1/5

    By jc2563
    Downloaded the app and it requires you to sign with your cable provider, as you can get straight up by you tube. That's why cable will die
  • Closed Captions doesn't come off! Fix!!! 2/5

    By juicy fat butt puffs
    CC won't turn off no matter what!
  • Need a "Now" Version 3/5

    By wmnflmmkr
    Just gave up on cable for good. Surprised that MSNBC does not have an app for my Apple TV. C'mon guys and gals--get with the times. I'd happily pay for a subscription to your channel like I do for HBO NOW.
  • Now 2 stars (was 3) Fix it! 2/5

    By Bluheeler
    Running on iPad pro, ios 10.3.3, most recent MSNBC update. Will be watching live for varied amount of time when app freezes, and buffers then pops up an alert that I don't have access via my carrier. I do in fact have said access, and it authenticates when I log in. Also, other times when I watch live, it will begin buffering, start playing again with the prior 30 sec or so I'd already seen, get to the original buffer begin spot and bounce back again to replay same 30 sec. I have to exit app, then reenter to stop the replay... Until it happens again. The buffer thing is less often. But, everyday, I get the "Oops! You don't have access via your carrier" message WHILE I'M LOGGED IN VIA MY CARRIER!
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Lalita09
    Constant buffering while watching live tv. Casting fails constantly. Get it together MSNBC.
  • Convenient most of the time 3/5

    By Dinosraawrrr
    I have the same issues as other reviews. The app often freezes to buffer while streaming live. I have stopped trying to use it with ChromeCast because I thought that may have been the issue; it freezes to buffer when Casting, but then kicks me out of the app, or declares the stream unavailable (which restarting the app proves false). Freeze and buffer issues persist when watching on my iPad, regardless of whose internet I'm using. I also used to rest easy knowing I could miss Rachel that night because I could watch the next morning...there's been a hike in delay between a show airing and being available on demand. Also please get The Beat up in here! We'd all benefit from some Ari on demand. Overall, an app I enjoy and am willing to struggle with, but really could be improved with more consistent updates & bug fixes.
  • Good, except 2/5

    By miss windserpent
    When streaming live video, app freezes then buffers for about 10-15 seconds several times throughout a program and then it usually crashes at least once during a 1-hour program. I don't have that issue with other streaming video apps, so I'm pretty sure my wifi connection isn't causing it, and my phone is fairly new and has enough free space. Also, there's a several hour delay between when TRMS airs and when it's available to watch on demand. It would be great if it was available sooner.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Locokan
    I open app, sign in with provider. Then I pick Morning Joe to watch. no programs at this time. This show has been on for multiple years. I think that there would be one show. I tried four different shows other than Morning Joe, all the same. No shows, what a joke please fix I would actually like to watch some shows. Isn't that the whole idea? Pathetic
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By It's_all_me
    Practically ever attempt to access shows is followed by "episodes are unavailable". I'm sticking to podcast. Fix your app MSNBC!!!
  • Better than CNNgo But.... 2/5

    By monomynous
    It works but why not allow saving your credentials? And why make us login so often? And it would be much easier with an AppleTV app.
  • Signing in 1/5

    By YouTube is Awsome
    Terrible experience too complicated don't get it why do I need a network too many ads just gave up went to CNN.
  • Always Crashing 2/5

    By AthenaA82
    Live TV will only stream for a few minutes at a time. I'm constantly having to restart the app because the video inevitably freezes. It's impossible to get through a whole show. Please fix
  • Live Feed Doesn't Work 1/5

    By DivaDev
    Since your most recent update, I am no longer able to view the live feed on my iPad Air 2. All I get is a blank screen, which never loads the feed, no longer how long I wait. Please fix this!
  • App Crashes 1/5

    By OtherOptions
    App crashes often once video starts. Have redownloaded several times and same issue persists. Wouldn't recommend.
  • My most used app for tv 5/5

    By Puzzleloverkim
    I love this app. It's been dependable and stable for me. My one suggestion is to upload current episodes more quickly so they aren't obsolete in these fast moving political times. Love this app!
  • Will not accept my provider log in 1/5

    By Youbo
    Please fix this app. It will only intermittently accept my provider log in credentials. Very frustrating when you want to watch live streaming tv.
  • Poor 2/5

    By Jkeithb
    App stops playing all the time. Loses the video and refuses to load the whole show.
  • Great station crappy app 1/5

    By FamilyOfFun
    Every so often it stops accepting my provider login and there is no way to get it fixed even reloading the app. So frustrating
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    As a U Verse customer I am allowed to view the contents. I notified the MSNBC and U-verse support that the app errors notifying me to be a subscriber. I am subscribed. MSNBC is not acknowledging the issue. I think a big organization like MSNBC can do better.
  • Useless 1/5

    By The Sea Hag
    24 delay to access videos is silly in the today's news cycles. Better off using a web browser and access videos Only a couple of hours of delay... or view on YouTube. To make my point, five hours after 8/22 airing of Morning Joe, the only access on the app is to the 8/21 clips.
  • Something is wrong with the sound 2/5

    By jodybars
    This app was great, up until last week, when the sound just blips a rate of about once per minute or two. This new problem makes it unwatchable.
  • When this app works, it's good. 3/5

    By QuantumLeap3
    When this app works, it's good. Problems are many with loading and bugs though. Also, whoever updates the videos does not have much attention to detail. For instance, identical episodes will be loaded with two different date labels. I've reached out via Twitter before, but no reply, just crickets. Also, Ari Melber's show is nowhere to be found. Why no Apple TV app?
  • Love MSNBC; app, not so much 2/5

    By drpoet
    If I sign in with my ISP (Comcast/Xfinity), I should be able to livestream Maddow. As it is, I listen via Sirius XM in my car. I want to be able to take the *live* show with me via iPhone and watch/listen while taking a break. And no, I don't want an additional paywall to get there. C'mon, folks. You can do this. P.S. Congrats on the #1 rating!!!

    By Film Score Nerd
    Seriously. This is a MAJOR deal breaker for me! Get. It. Done.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Alan SR
    Absolutely worthless!
  • Poor design for streaming but good content 2/5

    By jack001892457
    * 8-16-17 Latest update is filled with bugs and constantly. crashes. Streaming is also unstable. Another fail! First the good, most msnbc content is available. Now the bad, its unnecessarily complicated and cumbersome to access live TV content. Why bury accessing streaming behind 3 required actions involving locating and selecting 2 icons? You should be able to push one large clearly distinguishable icon or app button in the app to log in and begin streaming live programing. What's up with this weird obscure diamond mini icon then another mini "live" icon to start streaming? And then you have to land on your provider page each time and choose that really? Is that the best your app people can come up with? Fail! Redesign accessing live content because the current process is very 1980s soviet internet style! Sent from my iPhone
  • Apple TV App Please! 4/5

    By Hffhdftdnhsc;;(&4
    I agree with J Watson -- pleez create an Apple TV app! Other than that, I'm pleased with this app. I use it on my iPhone and iPad. I only watch the live stream, so I can't comment on others' problems with the availability of previously aired shows.
  • Please add Deadline White House THANK YOU! 5/5

    By NovaDevil
    Very good app. Please add Nicolle Wallace's show. 8/9 Awesome that you added Nicolle's show...5 stars!
  • Still can't live stream on iPod touch 1/5

    By :o)^*
    Live streaming works on iPad and iPhone but not on iPod touch. Can only watch earlier broadcasts on iPod.
  • Needs Apple TV App 3/5

    By J Watson
    I like this app, but I'd rather not "airplay" every video to my Apple TV because it drains my phone battery. Please just make a dedicated Apple TV app. CNN has a phenomenal one.
  • Audio only 4/5

    By Markymark7174
    Please have the option to listen to audio only versions of shows that means you can lock your phone and listen with headphones on the go. I have unlimited data, but I can't just click the screen off, cut data use and just hear shows.
  • Absolutely not giving you access to location services 1/5

    By a c w
    That's absurd. Delete.
  • What a pain! 2/5

    By Pippilngs
    Frequently has problems loading. New episodes often not added by the next morning. Friday episode often not available on Monday. Not helpful in a news app!!
  • Don't download 1/5

    By deadmarv78
    This is just liberal propaganda.
  • Tabloid news 1/5

    By Garrett DN
    Why does app need to know my location to stream shows? This app belongs on the shelf with other tabloid news at the grocery store checkout line.
  • Not news just opinions 1/5

    By 3637475raymondcaudle
    This isn't new it just liberals opinions of trump, like the one lady said "I think trump gets bored easy, thats why he does these things, because he is bored" then the fat dude and the "dude" one will the makeup on laughs.
  • fake 1/5

    By Sportllover
    fake news, unreliable, you just can't trust them
  • Location Services Required 1/5

    By TgBrad
    Signed into my TV provider, but still requires location services to watch. No thanks
  • App is still garbage 1/5

    By Dennis888888888888
    If you can get this running long enough without crashing, you quickly find a huge number of ads and op-ed commentary. MSNBC is one of the lead purveyors of fake news. Assuming this app will actually run long enough and you can tolerate the grotesquely biased "reporting", at least download a real news app so you can get accurate information.
  • Can't Log On 2/5

    By FutureMedia
    On some networks you can't even log into the service. Why is this true for some and not for others?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hduendbsj
    Works great !
  • Love MSNBC, Hate the app 1/5

    By Klvrtt310
    This app has always been glitchy and loved to log me off when I got a call or had to answer a text while watching. Now though, I press my service provider, log in, and it won't retain my account information. When I try to watch, it say my subscription won't allow me to play the show. It's been this way for over a week now. Seriously ridiculous...
  • Bummer. I don't have a cable subscription. 3/5

    By Gummo63
    Great news cast that embraces facts and checks sources. Unfortunately since I don't have a cable subscription or ever will I'll have to just scour YouTube for the same shows without watching sponsorship. Pay for commercial TV? I'll pass.
  • It's 2017, where is the  TV app?! 1/5

    By seanmccusker
    Cannot watch any show. No problem with showing ads though. For the love of all that is holy, create an  TV app.
  • 6.1 still not working as expected 1/5

    By FredTsui
    The app won't verify when I'm on my home network. If I switch off wifi, it will verify over cellular. Then I can turn wifi back on and then stream. Live and past show works now. Location services is turned on and allow over cellular is turned on. Other apps that verify have no issues. Of course this means I can't use it on my iPad.
  • Good app, great journalism 5/5

    By Len Pitzalis
    Funny how the Trumpsters give the app one star because they think it's fake news! Russia invented fake news to help Trump win. Rachel Maddow does a great job explaining it all on MSNBC.
  • Nicole Wallace 1/5

    By Apple pie 1
    Mrs Wallace is not as polished or informative as your other wonderful commentators. Her style & host skills are not inviting to watch.
  • Great News 5/5

    By No, I Am The Man
    I just downloaded the and so far it's working well. Love the content they have on MSNBC, it's not just that one sided news the F-uped news always talking about. It only become fake news when it something you are blind too.
  • In accessible through Apple voiceover 3/5

    By Randy-B
    I love MSNBC, so that wouldn't be a problem. However, the app is in accessible through voice over, Apple's text reader for people with vision and other print impairments. Thus the app is not usable for me.

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