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MSNBC is your destination for full episodes of your favorite MSNBC shows, including new episodes available the day after they air. Log in with your TV provider account (cable, satellite or telco provider of TV) and open up a whole new way to enjoy MSNBC – anywhere and anytime. On-demand full episodes of your favorite shows, including: • The Rachel Maddow Show • Morning Joe • Hardball with Chris Matthews • The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell • All in with Chris Hayes MSNBC Features: • Full episode viewing when you sign in with your TV provider account • Save your favorite shows to your watchlist for quick access to the latest episodes • Chromecast and AirPlay! You can now start the episodes in the app and stream MSNBC to your TV and Apple TV. • Free trial – watch up to 3 full episodes of your choice for one month • Can't finish an episode in one sitting? The app saves your place! • Special clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes video • MSNBC program guide • Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing


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  • Struggles with live stream 2/5

    By Marcus S. Zarra
    Live streaming is not new technology but this app cannot seem to handle it. I leave the “live” news running and it stops at least once per hour causing me to restart the app. This should not be this hard.
  • Terrible mobile app mirrors the weaknesses of AppleTV app 1/5

    By Tunedelicious
    Let’s start with the AppleTV NBC News app. You switch to MSNBC and you get 3-minute clips chopped out of three days worth of news shows. Who watches news that way? I’d want to see 45 minutes straight of the Rachel Maddie Show, but it’s not available. Luckily, MSNBC content streams into the AppleTV cleanly with no hiccups at all. Yay, Apple servers. Okay, maybe the MSNBC mobile app for iPhone will do better. Nope. What the TV app does well, the mobile app stumbles over. Sure you can live stream an entire show (because access to the prerecorded shows are delayed 24 hours), but it stops and starts every few minutes to buffer, interrupting the flow of the broadcast and cutting off discussions. Oh, and you can’t even live stream without a cable subscription anyway. Add to that the fact that NBC seems to sell advertising blocks in one-month segments and you hear the same five grating ads eight times per episode, every show, every day, for weeks. It’s enough to make you toss your TV out the window. May I please kill pop artist Halsey now? Both NBC apps are terrible in their own unique ways. Let’s just go back to watching cable TV. At least that way you can record it and fast forward through the commercials.
  • Video stops playing consistently 1/5

    By CO_hockey_mom
    Every single time I try to watch live tv using this app, whether I’m connected to my Wi-Fi at home or LTE data, I can’t get through a full five minutes without the video feed stopping. Very frustrating. Pretty much makes the app worthless.
  • Embarrassing for 2017 1/5

    By aastraron
    For a news organization that prides itself on up-to-date, cutting edge news, it’s a sad attempt at a streaming app. They need to take a page from Netflix’s book. Sometimes I’m actually in the middle of streaming live TV (when it’s not freezing or buffering) and I’ll get signed out and it will pause. Rachel Maddow wouldn’t approve!
  • Does not play well with Apple TV 2/5

    By Carloschristian
    I have the latest generation of the Apple TV. This app use to work well, but now it’s acting so weird. It will fast forward through content and like have two audio streams playing at this same time. Like a commercial for some toy will be on and the audio to match the commercial is there but the audio from the actual program is playing too. Honestly can you guys please just make an Apple TV app like CNNgo? Having to airplay it to my TV is pretty annoying. Anyway please fix!!!! This is the only way I can watch MSNBC and it’s my favorite!
  • Absolutely terrible App 1/5

    By Hgfddds
    I’m using my iPhone 7 Plus to watch the app on my Philips TV which has built in chrome cast. App keeps freezing and it keeps shutting off. I sent messages to the support people and they keep saying to restart my app, restart the TV or restart the internet modem. They definitely keep to fix the app.
  • Barely works 1/5

    By WaitingForANinja
    Jumps around while you’re watching live tv. You’ll be watching live and then it will replay the last ~30s of the segment at least one more time and then jump back to the live point in the stream. It’s very frustrating and this happens consistently. Makes it difficult to watch. I agree with others, this is at it’s worst during TRMS.
  • Ad variety is awful 3/5

    By Toosdai
    1 - Please get rid of the Halsey ad. She's neither unique nor authentic, she's shilling for Jeep FFS! No one in your demo even knows who this chick is. 2 - Ditto on the audio only option. It would greatly improve the UX. 3 - It's a decent app that I use off/on all day.
  • Poor video quality when live-streaming 1/5

    By CrystalVanD
    AV freezes constantly, especially during TRMS. I have business grade very high speed Internet, so MSNBC servers apparently lack bandwidth to support Internet viewers. Also where are Maddow’s shows in the app? I have gotten a message they are not available for the past week every time I have checked. I can’t always watch live, and sometimes give up due to poor AV quality during the livestream. Her videos for the last couple of days are not out there. 😟
  • This app is worthless 1/5

    By Xxdythra
    The audio is cutting off and on right now while trying to watch Rachel Maddow. It goes offline regularly. Ha. Just now! Funny the endless commercials always work fine. Repeated emails to support go unacknowledged. Frankly NBC should be ashamed of their substandard worthless app.
  • I’m a huge fan 5/5

    By Did it all 4 u
    I love Rachel, Lawrence and Brian. They rock. I listen to them religiously every night and the reruns on the weekends. I’m addicted. They kick the crap out of Trump night after night and I love it. Long live MSNBC. Long live the app! #resist
  • Worst app ever, just like CNN 1/5

    By beesy90
    World fake news agency, terrible terrible fake news, fake reporting lies lies and more lies, not just that ....this app constantly closes it’s not worth a dime ......go to Fox and download that one ....true news great news!
  • Where is Hugh Hewitt? 1/5

    By DanMcDermott
    Why is there only a limited selection of your shows available? Do I really have to watch Hugh Hewitt live at 8 a.m. on Saturday or it’s gone forever? In 2017? You don’t even have episodes on your website. It’s the only thing you offer to me since Morning Joe become unwatchable.
  • Good luck signing in! 1/5

    By Zagreos
    I am required to log into my cable account to watch msnbc on this app... nearly every time I open it. If I get a phone call, or I'm airplaying the stream on the Apple TV tele and it gets interrupted, well guess what! Time to sign in again! Man... I once had to sign in... just to have the honor of signing in... All so I could... sign in again. ...and the whole time, I'm wondering... why? I miss the live broadcast... (they also desperately need an app for the Apple TV...)
  • Needs an audio only option 4/5

    By SeanK-D
    This app works fine, as long as you’re watching it, but it really needs an audio only streaming option so that I can lock the screen and put my phone in my pocket. Save on data (although I’m still grandfathered in on an unlimited data package) and battery life by not having to have the screen on. Come on MSNBC. You know it makes sense.
  • Love it - do I have to sign in EVERY time?!? 5/5

    Great app but have been avoiding it because (cue the miniature violin) it’s too much work to have to sign in to my cable provider EVERY SINGLE time I open it. Take a cue from HBO NOW and at least let my sign in coast for a half dozen openings. Please fix - I can’t find Rachel on HBO.
  • Where’s the news? 1/5

    By scotthilt
    All the show video and Live Stream content is really great, but this app should be a “one-stop shop” for political news with breaking news, headlines and in-depth articles and live election results. Why this is only a promo app for MSNBC shows is leaving a lot of potential on the table. I understand you have the NBC News app, but this should be for those who ONLY want political news.
  • Content needs to be updated 3/5

    By Speedluva
    I work until 10pm so I usually watch Rachel Maddow in the morning. No new content has been uploaded since Monday which is disappointing, usually the shows from the previous night are ready to view the next day. Needs improvement in this area...
  • Can’t turn CC off 3/5

    By ecelis
    Suddenly Close Captions (CC) started showing on their own and can’t turn them off!
  • Needs work, chromecast + tv subscription repeatedly required 2/5

    By tanmanjf
    Cons: 1. There is no way to adjust the point where you are in a show with chrome cast. 2. Constant dropping of the chrome cast. 3. Tv subscription needs to be re-entered frequently. 4. Shoes do not save your position when you pause and leave for a while. (Write down what time your at, not that you can get back to that time) 5. Commercials, Its not just that they are repetitive, but trying to adjust your position in a show, or getting the show to cast right you will watch 3+ commercial breaks all at the same time. Pro: Its free and it works like a free app. This is equivalent between all comcast apps, including a total lack of chrome-cast support for the xfinity app.
  • Freezes and signs out often - annoying 1/5

    By Willatx
    So tired of this app’s streams freezing and dropping. Sometimes it forcibly signs out the tv provider. Have given up watching Rachel on regular basis. Please fix. same result on iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 (the worst), and iPhones. All iOS 11. Less issues on 10. Update after 6.2.1 update: stream still stops randomly when Airplaying. And agree with other reviewers that if app crashes, you have to login. Over and over. Crap app.
  • Needs a lot of work! 1/5

    By Like to Travel
    When streaming video screen will freeze and lock a lot. Reloading the app multiple times and will finally seem to work correctly. Very annoying. No audio only option! Very slow to load shows on the video feeds after they have been played live. Sporadically have to verify my cable tv account. This morning has to verify twice while I was reloading app after screen froze! Drives you crazy. Not worth effort.
  • Still Terrible 2/5

    By AthenaA82
    I thought after the most recent update the live streaming issues would be fixed. Wrong. Streams for about 1 minute, then freezes and the app must be restarted. Incredibly frustrating. Please fix — and not 2 months from now.
  • Save my login and I’ll come back 1/5

    By popvideoKelly
    This app is only good one time. If you exit out or quit the app you have to relogin to your cable provider. I don’t mind the ads but I HATE having to constantly give my credentials. Don’t waste your time until they fix this issue.
  • Ok but needs “audio only” option. 3/5

    By kellyNYC
    Why not have an audio only option for this app. Sometime I just want to put he phone in my packet and listen. But when you lock he screen, streaming pauses. Please consider adding this functionality.
  • Apple TV app? 1/5

    By marklanegan
    Where the hell is the Apple TV app? Seriously.
  • Needs PIP 2/5

    By Consumer Application Advocate (CAA)
    Picture in Picture. Why watch this show when it is the only thing I can do. Even CNN has PIP now. Please update so business people can muliti-task. Split screen is not enough. Thank you.
  • Can this be more interactive. 2/5

    By The angry guy
    Would love this app if it allowed for people to email or text. During shows.. Please set up a way for us watchers interact with the broadcasts
  • Went downhill 1/5

    By Hozy69
    App was great at streaming but has become unbearable.
  • Worst App 1/5

    By Katia by the Sea
    Seems like they are so worried about getting their advertisements to you that it doesn’t matter if you can’t actually get the news. Once you do get the live feed you will end up with voices playing on top of what you’re watching. Then there is also the issue where it keeps looping back to a spot and repeats it from 1-5 times.
  • It's OK 3/5

    By Ma7mgte
    The live feed needs a lot of work. It keeps freezing. Would like to see an updated Windows app for my Surface that supports the live feed
  • Shocked there’s no fix yet 1/5

    By Hillary C.
    Live stream is completely unusable, and has been for upwards of six weeks. Jumps around in time, buffers indefinitely, video plays with no audio, audio plays with no video - it’s a hilarious exercise in all the potential problems a streaming app might have. Update it, guys.
  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By PheeMcD
    I loved the app but after past 2 updates it crashes all the time.
  • Streaming Problems 1/5

    By CathyIles
    Criznizzle’s review got it right. I, too, love MSNBC, and the app used to work great. But for at least the past several weeks, the app doesn’t properly stream, and the live news feed is impossible to watch. I haven’t even tried watching for the past few weeks as the constant stream interruption was too frustrating to even bother. With today’s big Manafort, et al. news I tried again. The uselessness of the attempt brought me to write this review rather than watch. Maybe I’ll be able to catch the second round of news shows at home later tonight...
  • Hacked app 1/5

    By CHriscom10
    Why does the stream keep skipping back every few seconds? This never happened on this app before, doesn’t happen on any other apps, and it is really bizarre insofar as when it skips back it rarely does so when ads are playing.
  • Login P I A 1/5

    By Donny Shope
    I want to keep using MSNBC App but I hate that every few days I have to login AGAIN. It doesn't save my login info. So I go to other news sites that aren't a PIA. I deleted the app a while back. I'm about to do it again.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By egwugwu
    This app used to be so good, but now it’s terrible. Crashes constantly, problems with video and sound. The MSNBC app has been unwatchable since the last OS update.
  • Loyal MSNBC fan, but....... 3/5

    By ControlRN
    Dealing with frequent freezing is annoying, however, I’m more bothered by the fact that I lose audio when try to do anything else on my phone. Please fix this. It is a giant pain to have to get back into the app every time I need to check email or even the weather! We should always have access to the audio, even if minimizing the video.
  • Stuck in download 2/5

    By Ferryla
    Can’t open on iPhone. App tile not showing up after downloading update from cloud. Requires too many re-sign ins with provider. Almost weekly!!
  • Just Awful 1/5

    By 44atticus182
    Looking for news? Better look somewhere else. Nothing to see at MSNBC except constant, unverified attacks towards their own President. As if living their lives with the sole purpose of delegitimizing the leader of the free world is somehow patriotic and just. And after a year of being told that President Trump DEFINITELY didn't pay anything in taxes in recent years, Rachel Maddow proved to her own network that the President paid 38 million dollars in taxes, more than any other 2016 candidate. It just doesn't get more fake.
  • The stream does after a minute or so 1/5

    By Mcfrank1982
    Used to work perfectly but now the stream dies after a minute or two when watching live. It makes the app fairly useless.
  • Please update & fix! Disgraceful. 1/5

    By carlylu
    Why is MSNBC always so behind in online & streaming media??

    By Claymore303
    Hey MSNBC! Fix it! It's absolutely junk... Freezes, audio glitches, video jumps back and forth, plays multiple streams at once, and even fast forwards. Absolutely maddening. I've never seen anything this bad - ever. Doesn't work on any of my devices. And where is the Apple TV app?
  • MSNBC App 1/5

    By Queen Susie
    This is my nomination for the worst app ever, for the reasons listed by others.
  • Please fix it 1/5

    By gmandel
    I used this app on my iPad with few problems for many months. Lately the live stream freezes after a minute or less. Reinstall, restart, different devices, delete other apps to free up space, nothing solves the problem. Tech support not helpful. Please, guys, it worked before, get it working again.
  • MSNBC better get this fixed! Fox app runs GREAT! 1/5

    By Greg In Tarzana
    This app is so BUGGY! It plays for a minute then freezes! You have an audience wanting your “product,” .... but you will LOSE them to Fox & CNN if you do not get this fixed ASAP!
  • 6.1.1 still not working as expected 1/5

    By FredTsui
    It has been months and MSNBC won’t fix the huge bug I have. So I haven’t been able to use the app for MONTHS. The app won't verify when I'm on my home network. If I switch off wifi, it will verify over cellular. Then I can turn wifi back on and then stream. Live and past show works now. Location services is turned on and allow over cellular is turned on. Other apps that verify have no issues. Of course this means I can't use it on my iPad.
  • MSNBC is my security blanket at current environment BUT 1/5

    By Ckang2000
    Your app is BROKEN! It happened about a week ago. Video stream freezes, packets get mixed up so that the sequence jump around. I reinstalled the app. Tried on iPad, iPhone. The same. It’s broken from your side. Please GET IT FIXED. We cannot watch at current condition. It’s NOT working!
  • Problems with the live feed 3/5

    By Eaglecrest-SV
    First, let me say that I love MSNBC and this app. However, I have recently been experiencing exactly the same problems with the live feed failing as have been reported here by other users. It is terribly frustrating, and makes the app unusable for watching live. The word from support is that they cannot reproduce the behavior. I was told to do all the standard things. Uninstall the app, reboot the phone, etc. Trust me, none of that works. @MSNBC Support: Please step up, figure this out, and implement a fix. We miss our MSNBC!
  • Does MSNBC Care About Their App? 1/5

    By Dylan Murtaugh
    I have been streaming MSNBC in every form they have ever offered, so I look forward to the people who have built this app architecture to be replace with people who care whether or not their streaming viewers have to chance to actually watch their programming. I have been in a tech support email conversation (seems like a company like NBC/Universal could afford some phone lines...) and have explained repeatedly that the problems (having to sign in multiple times a day, crashing, skipping, etc.) happens EVERYWHERE, on EVERY DEVICE, with WiFi or data. Still, their canned advice is to “reinstall” or “try on a different network.” YOUR APP DOESN’T WORK WELL, period. Never has. And now - as they other comments note - it’s worse than ever. But you’ve never cared before, so I have little hope that you will care now.

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