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MSNBC's app makes it easy to watch your favorite MSNBC shows – including Morning Joe, The Rachel Maddow Show, and Hardball with Chris Matthews – at any time, wherever you are. Watch MSNBC live on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Or, if you missed a show, you can catch recent full episodes. It's MSNBC your way, in your hands. With the MSNBC app, you can watch: • MSNBC live: Stream live episodes of your favorite prime-time shows as they air, and watch breaking news as it happens. Catch up with the latest political stories and news in real time. • On-demand full episodes of your favorite shows, including: The Rachel Maddow Show Morning Joe Hardball with Chris Matthews The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell All in with Chris Hayes Up with Steve Kornacki Lock Up Caught on Camera • Your own Watchlist: Save your favorite episodes for later on your personalized Watchlist. When you add shows to your Watchlist, you can view them at whatever time is convenient and never miss a story or episode. • To watch live TV and full episodes for free on the app, log in using your account with a cable or satellite TV provider. Dozens of providers – including most major ones – participate.

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MSNBC app reviews

  • Good app 5/5

    By Atx9876
    I have to use the app to watch the only show on MSNBC worth watching, Morning Joe. Of all the news organizations' apps, this is by far the best one to use.
  • Best News App Ever 5/5

    By Queenkickbutt
    My only wish is for MSNBC to continue to serve the people the way they have. I am hooked on MSNBC. This app goes to school with me. I listen in the car on my way to school and work. MSNBC is awesome and deserves a ten star rating.
  • Give me more 😉 4/5

    By 63barby
    Enjoying the programs especially Rachel Maddox. The only thing I would ask for you to do is update the shows faster, and include Joy and Rev. Al shows. Nothing wrong with a little bit of flavor.
  • So, when can I actually watch stuff? 1/5

    By Reddog417
    This app is useless unless MSNBC changes its posting times policy. I got the app so I could watch Al Sharpton. But whenever I try the message is "No content available".
  • Good app with a cable login 5/5

    By Bex11279
    The live streaming works well and the commercials are almost all MSNBC ones rather than just obnoxious product ones.
  • No Cable No Maddow 2/5

    By Lisa..
    The app itself works great. I had to copy someone else's subject line to enforce the dissatisfaction of not being able to see these shows without cable. I don't understand why not. We're forced to watch the commercials, why isn't that advertising enough?
  • The MSNBC App 5/5

    By JonaMal
    I LOVE this App. I am addicted to MSNBC. I watch the shows and listen to the broadcasts on Satellite Radio. This App allows me to continue viewing in locations where I don't have access to a television. This allows me to stay informed.
  • MSNBC APP 3/5

    By Star Dog Champion
    Cool, but I long for better options and features.
  • Good 5/5

    By littlebw
    Good except for that awful drum bongo beat over & over during commercial breaks. Drives me crazy. Silence is better than that noise. It goes on and on sometimes for three or four minutes. Some nice music would be better. NBC now has just silence and the logo
  • Good app 4/5

    By cookr8888
    Overall good app. Would love an Apple TV version or integration with the NBC news app to watch live tv through there, I don't like having to airplay. It would but is not consistently reliable and has to load from my phone/iPad.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By MarcusValiant
    My favorite news source. Thank you!
  • Love the live feature! 5/5

    By Mhanson815
    It is convenient to get my favorite news shows - then I discovered the live feature. Unbeatable up to the minute reporting available wherever I am. Yes.
  • Great Way To Catch-up 4/5

    By The Rafster
    I LOVE this app! It gives me the ability to catch up on all the previous day's news at my leisure. On MY schedule...on MY time. And gives me a chance to watch several MSNBC programs which I would normally have to miss due to work, schedule, air time, etc. I would love to see a write-in comments or questions section which could then be read on the air!
  • Great Content 2/5

    By LA Fran
    Love the shows that are available. Unfortunately, I have had to delete and re-download this app numerous times because of buffering, buffering and more buffering. I have good internet service and every other app works fine. Don't know what is going on but am really unhappy with this MSNBC app.
  • Morning Joe is good, rest is garbage 1/5

    By The dude2cgbdc
    Pretty much sums it up. Bias and fake news abounds. Nothing but fake reports and click bait titles. They even faked polls during the election. Not worth reading/watching. Morning Joe is good though. <3 Mika. Joe is Joe.
  • Just one flaw 4/5

    By Mike S4354
    Would be perfect if it would just let me cast to my tv.
  • Rachel TV 5/5

    By Ecogalaxy
    Easy access to Rachel. What could be better?
  • Charge through app subscription rather than cable? 1/5

    By Zzzopfgb
    I greatly enjoyed watching MSNBC when I was a captive of DirecTv, but since I have cut the cord, I am not able to view or hear podcasts without having a cable provider. The exception is The Rachel Maddow Show, which to date still has full audio podcasts on the day following broadcasts from at least one website -- but not through this app. I suppose that will be shut down too, but as long as it is available, I will continue to enjoy it. I would be happy to pay some kind of MSNBC subscription fee to be able to view or hear its stellar programs without being choked by cable providers. That is apparently impossible. If you don't have cable, don't bother to download this app.
  • I like, but dont love the app 4/5

    By Dmgabriel214
    It takes too load the live broadcast. It is also very difficult to search segments Ive seen, esp during weekday eve shows, and share them for friends/family to see. But its a great alternative to not watching if no access to a TV.
  • Awesome easy to use news app 5/5

    By CA1323456789
    Use it every day! Rachel is the best!
  • Won't work without cable tv 5/5

    By Grandmamee
    Works great, but you must have cable TV.
  • The BEST source for honest news! 5/5

    By Jaimi143
    I've been living remotely for years now, and without a TV, the MSNBC App provides me with all the quality in-depth news I need. I'll admit that some programs are a little biased leaning, but regardless of a particular hosts beliefs, each one of them are dedicated to providing us with facts and exceptional coverage of national and world events. I watch all of the news programs they offer, every single day, except Morning Joe. Thats just not my pace or desired content. But all the rest are stellar, in particular Rachel Maddow! My only critique is that I wish the older episodes would last on the app a little longer. Sometimes I get busy and have to miss a day and it's a bummer when they've already been spired before I get a chance to go back and watch. But besides that, this app is great! And now, Rachel, Chris H, Larry, Joy, Chris M, here I come! And Thank You!
  • App is great when it works...improved 4/5

    By Angry Agent 56
    Love the concept; I rely on this app to watch these shows, and I LOVE the shows! MUCH nicer that we are not absolutely assaulted with the same commercials over and over anymore! That was seriously LAME! Posting the shows faster, keeping them there for two days, and improving the ability to detect a wifi connection would be great! Go, MSNBC!!
  • Fake news Opinions of morons 1/5

    By America1st!!!!
    Even after a decisive election, these people continue to undermine it and our system of government by non stop coverage of nonsense on Russian involvement. So they allege Russia helped expose emails in the Democrat's own words their election fraud and fixing. So truth is the enemy. Ha. Here is your FAKE news site. Eat it up instead of embracing positive changes for all Americans. Delete.
  • Fantastical 5/5

    By U.S.Marine Sniper/8541
    This is definitely a go to app. Great listening to things while they are happening. Semper Fi
  • Autistic 3/5

    By Bulls n Bears
    Kill the snare drums during commercial break and there're way too many of them!!!
  • Great. 5/5

    By Madden 2884839
    U use this app all the time.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Earlystart
    Love it as I am a news addict! Hate the music in place of commercials - just play the commercials! Now make one for the Fire-stick!!!!
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By Toupee2
    You need a us cable contract to use this app
  • Very good 5/5

    By Cliff6385
    It's a good app. I only wish there was an audio – only feed as part of it.
  • App Great, content delay *NOT* 5/5

    By dank4ak
    The delay in getting episodes available is an insult to your customers!
  • Poorly designed 3/5

    By JudyWren
    I love MSNBC for news and personalities, however this is so poorly designed that it is almost not worth loading. It unexpectedly quits, won't load, if it quits, the only way to make it reload is to turn the device off and back on, or if that fails, dump the app and reload. It shouldn't be so hard. CNN works every time.
  • Annoying Process 2/5

    By Sw7591
    Having to go through the full sign in process for every single show is so annoying! Also MSNBC show have the content up sooner and leave it up longer.
  • All MSNBC 4/5

    By AJcvi
    Want to see all MSNBC Shows in the lineup.
  • Great app 5/5

    By aznpolishkidd
    I really enjoy playing catchup with MSNBC. Interface is quite clear. My only issue is the lack of variety of advertisements that play in between a segment that feel like they are on repeat and drive you nuts. Overall love the app
  • I like app 5/5

    By CeDe48
    I like this app. I'm spending holiday where they don't have extended cable. You like watching news in evening.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By JCQDS
    Finally I found you! My fav MSNBC programs on demand. Chris, Rachael, Lawrence, Brian!
  • Breaking news 4/5

    By Xcrhdpt
    Term Breaking News should not be used in commercials touting your abilities. Use it when it means something. 4th try to get past your "nickname" start over demand. Giving up after this !
  • Best place to catch up on missed coverage 4/5

    By Criznittle
    The app works better than CNN and Fox News. The ability to minimize the app and open it again with the stream starting right up is a nice touch. There are buffering issues now and then which can be aggravating during a TRMS exclusive story, but that's the price of streaming. My only real gripe is when one of the prime time shows is missing from recently aired episodes. This happens to Rachel Maddow the most for some reason. I wonder why that is?
  • Valuable connection to news 4/5

    By catr11
    Other than commercial music and repeat advertisements, app is good
  • Mystifying 2/5

    By John4649g
    There's only a few things an app like this has to do, I don't know how they got it so wrong. 1. Chromecast support. There are 10x more Chromecasts than Apple TVs, why support the ladder and not the former. 2. Ads? I'm already paying for cable subscription, why are you pushing ads to me to? 3. Todays show. I can see the shows that air tonight in the browser an hour after but I have to wait 24 hours to see them in the app. Like I said, mystifying.
  • Sign in. Sign in. 1/5

    By Skdjdeiejdjaj
    This is the only app on the planet that requires you to sign in EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have a cable account so I can stream live, but you constantly have to sign in. There's no "remember me" or anything. Even if you switch between apps while still keeping MSNBC open you have to sign in again. Sorry, Morning Joe! You lost me.
  • Mind-numbing "intermission" 3/5

    By Yahoo1947
    App used to work but now I cannot sign in to my carrier; screen just freezes. Also that drumming whaterthehellitis during commercial breaks could send one over the deep end.
  • Works well -- too many repeating ads 4/5

    By WKurtz
    I've been using this app for a few weeks. Very few problems. But I have seen the "Sing" animation commercial about 60 times, often times with it playing back-to-back!! It's making me mental. Please find more ads or another model. It has gotten to the point where I just stop watching the shows.
  • Mostly good 4/5

    By Bx Sensei
    Makes you log in too frequently but is stable and easy to use
  • Fallen heroes... 1/5

    By Kuriyan
    Truthfully, I haz a sad. Rachel, Chris(the nerdy one, not the elitist spitting blond), Lawrence(god, especially Lawrence)- you were all my news gods. But then the 2016 primaries started and Bernie. I'm deleting the app, and won't watch MSNBC until is a source not beholden to the corporate establishment- not holding my breath. Those 3 were good people- maybe still are and are trapped. Either way, I'm out. #demexit
  • Provider Login 1/5

    By Cwagle
    I have never, ever, ever been able to log in with my cable provider via this app. Not once. It didn't work when I had DirecTv, I didn't work when I had Centurylink, and it doesn't work with Charter Spectrum. And YES, I am entering in the correct username and password.
  • Liberal bias 1/5

    By Not happy with CNN
    Rachel Maddow shares her one sided views.
  • NewsAnywhere! 5/5

    By WORD hater now...
    Great app! I can watch my shows live when I'm not at home or catch up shows I've missed anytime on my iPad or iPhone. Have used it for almost 2 months now and not run into any glitches.
  • Log-in every time? 2/5

    By jdinsf
    Pro: It's a good app to catch shows live/on-air. Con: the advertising is awful & irritating!! Every time the ATT ad with spin class comes on, I shut down the app and go to CNN or NPR. This constantly repeated ad, interspersed with the frozen screen when they have no ads, is really irritating and disrespectful to viewers! Come on - aren't you making enough to impact now to get a greater variety of sponsors? Can't they be ads that aren't so irritating? It used to be you have to go through the log-on process each time you try to go to live tv. They have corrected that so log-in is required less often

MSNBC app comments

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