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  • Current Version: 6.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: NBC News Digital, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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MSNBC is your destination for full episodes of your favorite MSNBC shows, including new episodes available the day after they air. Log in with your TV provider account (cable, satellite or telco provider of TV) and open up a whole new way to enjoy MSNBC – anywhere and anytime. On-demand full episodes of your favorite shows, including: • The Rachel Maddow Show • Morning Joe • Hardball with Chris Matthews • The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell • All in with Chris Hayes • Up with Steve Kornacki • Lock Up • Caught on Camera MSNBC Features: • Full episode viewing when you sign in with your TV provider account • Save your favorite shows to your watchlist for quick access to the latest episodes • Chromecast and AirPlay! You can now start the episodes in the app and stream MSNBC to your TV and Apple TV. • Free trial – watch up to 3 full episodes of your choice for one month • Can't finish an episode in one sitting? The app saves your place! • Special clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes video • MSNBC program guide • Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing

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  • Utter Garbage 1/5

    By Langurss
    Zealous moon-bat opinions - nothing more. It's astonishing that MSNBC cannot come to grips with their own bias - stubborn and foolish. Their disdain for Trump is obvious, but their fierce opposition to the entire current administration makes them look petty and small.
  • No more background app refresh 3/5

    By Somelucky
    I used to be able to stream this to my Apple TV and lock my phone. This no longer works and the option to enable background refresh is not present.
  • Over 4 weeks in and no fix 1/5

    By FredTsui
    The app won't verify when I'm on my home network. The app won't live stream if I'm on my home network. All new requirements are turned on and nothing works. Is it that hard to fix?
  • Don't like Update 1/5

    By Skytree10
    Updating to say I now get kicked off right after signing on. It was fixed for a while and now I can't even launch the site. Please fix! Thanks. I wasn't a huge fan of the old app either but at least it didn't kick me off! I just got the update last night and now I have a glitchy update that freezes every 20 minutes or so and then periodically closes out. Please fix! Thanks.
  • Background 1/5

    By I am Scott a
    Used to play in the background. Not anymore. Can't have that—paying customers liked it.
  • Can't log on to Google Fiber anymore 2/5

    By Mercenary Writer
    This makes me sad, and the app useless. Freezes during account log on. Only shows a white screen. #sad #MakeGoogleGreatAgain
  • App or new apple update? 1/5

    By Kwonzaa
    I can't sign in. The login page won't come up from my service provider.
  • Stay signed in 2/5

    By vikerious
    I wish it would not keep asking me to sign in every couple days. It gets old after a while ...
  • New upgrade 1/5

    By Nd05-1978
    How many times do I need to log in?
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Marrakay
    Thank you so much for adding the chrome cast tab! I use this app daily and it always runs smoothly!
  • Why? 1/5

    By pvino
    Edit: I've come to accept MSNBCs need to monetize at the expense of user experience, but could they for once have current episodes of their shows? I don't ever want to watch Rachel Maddox from three days ago. Never. How hard is it to put out a digital copy of a show you just aired, and probably recorded digitally as it was airing?
  • :( 1/5

    By promyk
    So now I can't use it unless I update my iOS..... Thanks

    By S_McAfee
    UPDATE: 4/9/17 V6.0.2 Build 10403 Streaming now works. Title says it all. Went from Ok app to crap. What's up with that? Update 1: I can stream fro my. Able provider but only on my home network (cox). Little consolation though. Update 2: I deleted the app from my phone and re-synced just the MSNBC app from my laptop, which had the previous version. Working fine again. If you sync apps regularly you should delete the app from iTunes to avoid accidentally updating your mobile device.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Cindy123455
    This new version keeps requiring me to sign into my satellite provider. I won't be using this app anymore.
  • Good but... 5/5

    By Davidwg35
    PLEASE add the option to speed up the videos.
  • Not good enough 1/5

    By Guy69Fahd
    Forces me to sign in multiple times a week. Does not remember my login. Why is there no subscription. There is no Apple TV app. AirPlay is very irritating. Also no audio only. Shows are uploaded at erratic times. Why are they not uploaded as they air, like on HBOnow? Just not good enough. I have given up watching Maddow because of this app. All these updates. No improvement.
  • Terrible since update 1/5

    By Brutality In The Raw
    I used to be able to stream all the time without wifi, but since the update I can get one sentence here and there. Unusable.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Hippitydippity
    Doesn't stay logged in. Doesn't connect to shows when it finally does. Trying to figure out why I'd use this cause its consistency is so bad.
  • Barely functional on iOS 10 1/5

    By Tahoe Jimbo
    This update still messes up the video when you try to send the audio to airplay speakers. You can hear the program, but the video turns into this weird semi-transparent mess. The app is still a bit unstable, and I find myself forcibly quitting and restarting it to get it to play properly (and refresh the available content). Also, why does it take a day or more for some shows to appear? Chris Matthews showed up tonight shortly after broadcast, while Rachel Maddow is two days behind? The App makes me sign into it with my cable provider login, so there shouldn't be any content barriers. And why does it force me to turn on my location? Again, I've authenticated myself as a paying customer using my cable credentials. That should be enough.
  • Crashiest app ever! 1/5

    By jb1808
    I use the MSNBC app to stream to my Apple TV. If I try to do anything else on my phone while I'm watching, the app crashes. And sometimes it just crashes on its own. I usually have to re-log in to my cable provider to re-authorize the app 2-3 times per week. The new layout / user interface is nice, but I wish more time had been spent on making it actually work.
  • Upgrade still not live streaming 1/5

    By Grumpy MSNBC fan
    Logged in to provider. Location turned on. Uninstalled and reloaded. Contact Us not working. Disappointed.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By littlebw
    Get rid of that terrible sound during breaks. The repetitive beat drives you crazy. Play ads or real music. Cannot watchthus anymore. PLEASE GET RID OF THAT SOUND!
  • Repeat commercial ads - MADDENING!! 1/5

    By LosAngeles, CA
    I stream MSNBC in background all day while I'm at office. I used to stream on PC, until I discovered the app didn't play the same maddening commercial ads & jingles every single commercial break...that is, until this latest app overhaul. Now the app does same as PC streaming -- repeat the same ads & jingles EVERY SINGLE commercial break...this, multiplied MANY TIMES in a single hour is mental torture - multiply that several hours in workday and it's nothing short of maddening!!! If you won't fix this repetitive ad issue across your streaming platforms, then at least provide an option in SETTINGS to mute commercial ad play". For sanity sake fix this!
  • Bill g 1/5

    By Wrg 980
    Hard to use A royal pain.
  • Location requirement 1/5

    By IDontWantAStupidNicknameDamnIt
    GPS location should not be required for a media app, particularly when logging in with a content provider. This privacy violation is unacceptable.
  • El Crapo 1/5

    By Russwethet2013
    Multiple false positives log in errors. Crashes all the time in comparison to peer news apps. Very unstable. The latest version has a GPS bomb built in requiring you to open up to location services. (None of their business where I'm at) Finally, MSNBC's business model isn't 'sound and the app reflects it. Why should I pay for a cable subscription when competitor apps function better. Check out the CBS News App. No subscription, no login, works all the time. Big cable news needs to understand. It's about the consumer not the advertiser. Go with a direct subscription model.
  • Weak streaming 2/5

    By KB Bob
    Just like their website, this app is not up to basic standards of smooth streaming. CNN Go and YouTube live channels work well for me. I wish MSNBC could figure it out
  • Consistent crashing and latency 2/5

    By smhartley
    While the new design/dashboard are nice and easier to navigate than earlier versions, I find that it frequently crashes whether I'm using it on a 6s or 7. There also appears to be more latency that before.
  • App 1/5

    By Godalmighty why
    New update makes no sense, freezes up, turns off by itself, goes to the app page when screen is touched. Using my brothers xfinity app right now to watch live tv, you should go to it and try to get your app to work like theirs. Thank you for trying.
  • 联合成立后 5/5

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    I took some time, a lot of fun
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    What is the best in the world? Of course is it
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    Follow your feelings
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    The real king will go forward
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    By H bjychouc
    Hope I will become better and better
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    By Duigkcvkcy
    Hope I can play of special happy every time
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    You're a good choice
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    By Svgsdb
    Really is a very rare software, the play is not difficult, very interesting!
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    By Stgutzgutx
    Good bad software, fascinating, I like it very much
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    By Dygixtcu
    Very good play software, each time can play of very happy!
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    Very good software, every time we play all let a person fondle admiringly!
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    It's good to can have a good time, every time, I like it very much
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    True good, so a good software makes me very happy!
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    There are many mysteries waiting for you to discover
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    Fun share, of course
  • Location requirement stinks 1/5

    By Lahehoo
    The update to this app will not work unless I disclose my location. It is now unusable, since I have no reason to allow MSNBC to track my location when I use the app. Fix it, or lose a steady viewer.
  • 是国内公司 5/5

    By 思考过得好randg代购美术馆sgjsg
    Most live up to your affectionate than this
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    Believe in yourself, do you want it
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    I like to believe you also like it
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  • Torture sound track? 1/5

    By Lucca1122
    Is anyone at MSNBC listening to the soundtrack during the commercials on streaming devices? It's torturous and absurd. I cannot imagine that anyone of reasonable intelligence signed off on it, or that anyone who has listened to it since didn't say what were we thinking?

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