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MTA Bus Time

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  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Compatibility: Android
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MTA Bus Time App

MTA Bus Time uses Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware and wireless communications technology to track the real-time location of MTA buses in New York City. This innovation lets you use your computer, cell phone, smartphone or other tech device to get information about when the next bus will arrive at your stop, even if you are still at home, the office, shopping, or dining.


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MTA Bus Time app reviews

  • Not match iPhone x 1/5

    By 10086sx
    Also ,there are no depart information (Time )for bus
  • Love it when t works! 3/5

    By M2DGG
    This is my essential app since I take the express bus every day. However, everyday, at approximately the same times, it tells me that my "internet connection is not available." And I can repeatedly click the bus or refresh button and get the same message. Until I don't. It's frustrating at the very least.
  • Of no help 1/5

    By Moonmagpie
    Used to be useful tool but now just useless.
  • Why am I getting so much errors? 2/5

    By poopishappines
    The one reason why I give this 2 stars is because it is only slightly useful. I get errors every 2 minutes which really ticks me off. You haven’t even updated the app in 2 years! Come on MTA! Do something with the app!
  • Amazing ❤️ 5/5

    By Cuteboii02
    This app gives the exact time, love it ❤️
  • Favorite option stopped working! 1/5

    By etricha
    Maybe the app needs to be updated for IOS 11. Favorite stops no longer save. App allows u to enter them but the next time you use it says “you have not set any favorites “. Also frequent notifications that “we are no longer tracking buses at this stop” pops up . Worked fine until IOS 11 update.
  • Good but only works half the time 2/5

    By Carbman1960
    When it works it's very good. But half the time I get and error or it says check internet connection and I have 5 bars. Often says not tracking any busses when I'm on a route that runs every ten minutes.
  • Accurate but sometimes buggy 4/5

    By Zldnosnsk
    Usually the app is very accurate. Which is appreciated. But lately it’s been deleting the bus roots I’ve favorited, which is very inconvenient. I use this to plan my trips and I have to waste time trying to find the stop.
  • Eh 2/5

    By Chimi86
    Not always bad but not always good. I have to close the app all the time to get it to update. Whenever I check a stop it says “We are not tracking a bus at this stop. Check back later for updates.” This app needs an update. As does the MTA system itself.
  • Still Buggy 1/5

    By Knitsistah
    Update 9/18/17 App continues to crash upon opening or as soon as you choose your bus and street location. Clearly MTA doesn't care about making this app work well--perhaps because they're avoiding oversight or monitoring, another part of the problem--but as long as they offer the app they have the responsibility to keep it working and address reported bugs. Update 7/28/17. Downgraded because of continued errors that they don't seem to address. Still getting error messages constantly. Poor customer service. 5/4/17. When it works it's good, but I constantly get error messages several times before I get a schedule for my q111 or qm21 buses. I'm guessing that they don't invest much in big fixes or keeping up with latest system updates. Still, at least it's semi-realtime as opposed to other apps that approximate where buses and trains "should be."
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By 0Fruitsandnuts
    Since I've downloaded this app, in the beginning it wasn't too bad, but now every time I open the app it says currently not tracking any buses and even when I get it to show. It stays for like 5 seconds then it disappears with that message. The map loads backwards. I'm deleting it. Horrible app!
  • Zero Updates or Fixes in 2 Years!! 1/5

    By JN10022
    Buses routinely listed as "at the terminal" when they're not, Manhattan stops, such as 57th St (on Third Ave.) not even reflected on the list of stops as on Uptown M102 & M103 lines. But mostly how do u NOT update or tweak an app in 2 years?!?
  • Useful but needs tweaking 3/5

    By Kexcormacson
    I use this every time I need to catch a bus. What would really be useful so I don't have to remember the bus stop codes is if my favorites actually stayed on the app. It takes forever to type out intersections or scroll through bus routes to find the stop I need if I'm on my way to the stop, so having easy access to stops I frequently use would make this app perfect for what it is.
  • Should be a quick-use app but isn't 1/5

    By JNeatly
    The app loses my favorites every other time I open it. I have to search for the bus and stop I want every single time.
  • Doesn't work on all stops 2/5

    By AbacusLover1984
    Doesn't work if your stop is close to the end of the line. It'll say there are no buses, and then say the bus is 2 min away, not leaving any time to walk to the bus stop....
  • Great app however...., 3/5

    By Pat1276
    I loved this app but last week it started deleting my favorites. Very frustrating. Would've given 5 stars if that didn't start happening.
  • Favorites 3/5

    By Bkmyr
    It's good and close to accurate but keeps erasing my favorites
  • Bus did not come when expected 1/5

    By Will x3 Sam
    There are buses that are not registered or have their GPS off rendering this APP useless. I routinely check the whereabouts of the next bus as I walk to the nearest bus stop. One incident where the APP had the next bus as "At the terminal" (about 2.3 miles away), which takes about 13 minutes from the terminal to my regular bus stop, I went to grab a drink nearby and as soon as I got out, a bus drives right passed me (with people inside). The entire transaction took no more than 5 minutes. The MTA couldn't even get this right! Big disappointment.
  • Essential 5/5

    By alex92RU
  • Love it 5/5

    By LilyNYC2015
    Very convenient
  • Network problem when there ain't 1/5

    By Smk38
    Keeps telling me to check my network connection despite the fact that I'm outside waiting for the bus. (Delete)
  • App is useless near beginning of bus routes 1/5

    By chrishahn
    For stops near the beginning of routes in downtown Manhattan the app is useless. Typically says next departure from terminal in 40 min or longer. Then a few minutes later busses appear in the app 2 minutes away. It needs better info for departures at the beginning of routes to be useful.
  • Not great for bus at beginning of route 3/5

    By Clintonuws
    Great when you're getting on mid-route. Very precise time and map. However.... drivers turn on GPS when they leave 1st stop. If you're at 2nd stop... there is nothing coming... then arriving in 1 min... Prevents planning to leave with perfect time to catch bus. Frustrating when in the burbs waiting for (late) buses that only come 1x per hour. But otherwise, great technology and worthwhile.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By jhoop2002
    Whenever I open the app, it says something went wrong and won't pull up any bus information.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ageinus250213
    It does not track the buses I need to/from work - Q53 and Q55. It always says "currently not tracking this bus". So that's about it. Useless.
  • A step down from the website. 2/5

    By Torero360
    This website is the best thing to happen to me. Buses are so uncertain and this fixed the problem. Unfortunately the App inexplicably does not even have all the functions of the website. TERMINAL TIMES: the website tells you when a bus is scheduled to leave a terminal. This does not. It only tells you how far the next bus is. No times.
  • Janky app 1/5

    By Uglyjoe31
    Worked great at first then I went to check it one day and all of my saved bus locations were gone. Thought it was a hiccup so I re-saved them. Couple days later, same thing happened. I finally deleted the app when it began sporadically showing an error message when I would look up a bus.
  • Mta bus is the best 5/5

    By Werlboss Cunningham
    Mta bus is the best
  • Crashes way too much.. 2/5

    By Pmsodie
    This app is also always crashing. Good idea and would be a great app if it actually worked well on a consistent basis.. But it doesn't
  • Trash 1/5

    By Gioteran
    Have no other words than not useful
  • Ghost Busses 1/5

    By TruNYC
    Not very reliable.
  • So buggy it's almost impossible to use 1/5

    By Super flunky
    Asides from missing busses on the radar, the app doesn't work on wifi and then won't function until I restart it on cell data. Not worth getting
  • One Major Issue 3/5

    By Roxishere
    This app is extremely helpful but it is constantly crashing (message saying "no internet connection).
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By Pricegtx
    Great app MTA glad my fares are going towards wifi fixes and this great app but can you guys fix the L Train already it's been like 16 years and also for the app let's get accurate times.... distance good, map good, time how is a bus gonna hit 8 stops in 2 minutes or am I the only commuter... love the app not the ETA's.
  • Error message 1/5

    By JaimeSmedes
    Constantly get an error message when refreshing or pulling up data. Occasionally it'll work. Please fix!!
  • Works well but..... 3/5

    By Furnaccio
    The times are accurate and it comes in handy at all times. My biggest and only complaint is that my "favorites" always reset after one or two days so I have to set them again all the time. I guess you get what you pay for
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jnsaito1
    Useless! Time is off!
  • Needs help 2/5

    By Youcandobetter1589
    This app doesn't remember my favorites. It's great to have live times but It would also be helpful to provide scheduled bus stop times as well because when a bus is scheduled for a layover, I have no idea how long that might be for and so the app becomes useless when I'm trying to figure out my options. Please make this app work without an internet connection even if this means that live times are not available. I often use this app on the subway to figure out which stop to get off at in order to transfer to a bus.
  • It's ok. But it still needs improvement 3/5

    By Asia21
    Every so often. It deletes my saved stops. This has happened to the people I know that uses the app as well. Please send out a update to fix this.
  • Phantom busses 2/5

    By a developer of apps
    My favorite part about this app is rushing to a spot, only to see (on the app's map of course) a phantom m11 bus zoom by at 100MPH. Faster than real traffic of course. Not to mention reality. But otherwise this app is great at identifying the stops where I need to wait for the real m11 bus
  • It's alright 2/5

    By Edward cantos
    The app is useful for bus times but its very glitchy and sometimes features don't work
  • App keeps deleting favorites. 2/5

    By TurboGPX
    I agree with other reviewers that this app keeps deleting favorites I saved. Also most people use it to track the same route they commute every day, so why make it so difficult on everyone? Why not just eliminate the extra taps? Update: 9/15/2016 Now every time I search a bus, and switch to Map, it will zoom out to the global level. I manually zoom in to local level, the bus gps positions are there but the route will not be shown.
  • Essential, but new issue. 4/5

    By Nutz&Bultz
    i've been using the app without problems since it came out. i don't just love it, I need it. issue: a couple of days ago the map loads incredibly zoomed out. it's inconvenient to zoom in to my route. also, the route doesn't always load properly once i've zoomed in. i reinstalled the app and it keeps happening. help!
  • Does not save favorites 1/5

    By M212718
    This app was pretty reliable regarding the schedule. However, don't bother saving your routes to "favorites" as it will only save for a couple of days. Then it will randomly say "you have never saved favorites." Huge inconvenience when you're rushing trying to make the next bus and all of a sudden need to search for bus route again etc. Defeats the purpose....
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By johnstru
    This app is a joke, the times are rarely accurate. Don't base your travel plans on it or odds are you'll be late...needs improvement.
  • The idea is great but horrible application 1/5

    By Kev Chik
    This is a great idea but the execution on the application is horrible. Filled with multiple crashes and bugs. If the app just opened the web view it would be 100x better than the application out now. Seeing as how this application has not been updated since 2015 is very discouraging.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By TAC1224
    Spot on!! Love that it tells you the end stop for the bus too such as South Ferry or Houston St on M15! The best and very timely!
  • Useful 4/5

    By Young Riku
    This app is accurate and useful with buses, now I wonder if there would be by any chance a subway version in the making?
  • Essential for NYC bus riders 4/5

    By tcs3600
    This app gives the distance and approximate time until arrival for any bus stop. It's fast and accurate (except for the few buses with broken GPS). The arrival time is adjusted for traffic conditions. You can search for nearby stops, add from a map, or search for text, and you can save favorite stops. I use this every day and it has never crashed. Room for improvement: the bus stop names should signify the direction of travel so you don't have to use trial and error to find the one you need. Also, I have the same problem as another reviewer with the map jumping around when zooming.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By yuery
    Before this app, I was always hesitant to use busses because I never knew when they would come. Now, I can quickly look up the best possible bus route for me to take then find out exactly where the next bus is! Amazing!! *****

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