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Music Maker JAM

  • Category: Music
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  • Current Version: 4.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: JAM just add music GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
4,945 Ratings
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Music Maker JAM App

#1 music creation app. Join the music revolution now! Millions of people use Music Maker JAM to create, share and discover amazing tracks across a wide variety of genres like EDM, hip hop, dubstep, house, pop, rock and more. We make it easy! Pick from thousands of studio-quality loops, beats and melodies to start mixing your new track – then share instantly with a world-wide audience. Submit your tracks to our global challenges - gain a following, get discovered, and get a shot at fame. More than eight FREE style packs available when you download the app for the first time. HIGHLIGHTS - Choose from 180+ music style packs including trap, hip hop, dubstep, rock, pop, funk, drum and bass, techno, house, ambient, jazz and movie scores! - Create your own unique sound: easily combine samples from different music genres - You are the producer: record live with a perfect mixdown on the 8-channel mixer - Access thousands of studio-quality loops from beats and vocals to synth leads and bass lines - Be creative with easy controls: adjust tempo and harmonies, edit song parts and play with spectacular real-time effects - Remix tracks by shaking your device - Record your own vocals - Share your tracks directly to SoundCloud, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks. - Join our music community and connect with friends, artists, influencers, fans, followers, DJs, producers and more. The Music Maker JAM community has created and uploaded more than 1 million songs to date. Do you have what it takes to become a part of this today? You are the music revolution, we are the spark.


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Music Maker JAM app reviews

  • Won’t give you the in-app money you buy 3/5

    By Scaryplant
    Ok, I love this app, and I’ve had it for over a year. Recently they added Beat coins, which is how you buy new song packs. I tried to purchase some of these “best coins” several times, and it didn’t work. Over and over and over again. Nothing. I was still stuck at 70, instead of getting the 750 I paid for. Please fix this.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Good...not great but good
  • goof 5/5

    By siavash2545
  • Amazing 5/5

    By PixelBoltPlayz
    Jeff and billybob love it
  • No sound after turtorial 1/5

    By castetter55
    I have a problem, after the turtorial I have no sound at all . It might be me so help me please lol.
  • Good 5/5

    By geveney.trix
    Good app
  • Good creative outlet 5/5

    By @roserich
    I'm an artist and often need to express my creativity in different ways. Out of all the music making apps, this is my favorite! What makes this app super, is the social aspect. Sharing, receiving feedback from likeminded artist and finding inspiration in what they create. I love MMJ and all my fellow Track Heads! ▫️Track💜Addict▫️
  • Wow 5/5

    By Da Man Of Many
    Awesome I Love this I can Create is Phenomenal!!!!
  • Much slower after updating. 3/5

    By Formerly From Tokyo
    It's okay; I only updated because the sound had stopped working on my older version, but I preferred it to this. Downloads are very slow, and general operation is now sluggish. Also, it's in another language now when it used to be English. Not sure what happened.
  • Too many bugs 4/5

    By TheCMStudios (IG name)
    This app is amazing and I’ve been using it for awhile and it’s had no problems until now. The app keeps crashing occasionally when I play music or do something else and when something interrupts the music like a call or something when going to back to the app and playing sound on there it keeps cutting in and out in like a fuzzy sound and sometimes after that going to the music studio to make music it just will not load at all.
  • Great but.... 3/5

    By Anakin116
    I can’t share! I mean you should make it as simple as pressing the share button! It keeps saying “hold up! Make a custom song title”! I mean like what? I already put a title! Why isn’t it simple enough? I know all of you have had this problem! So how do you do what it wants you to do! Also, when you save a project, save and cancel are in different languages.
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By Adaviaaaa
    Great styles. Easy to use. Awesome music that's easy to make? Count me in!
  • Beats 5/5

    By alkalista
    Awesome app fun for beginners
  • Dj Fee 5/5

    By Sedoofg
    I’m in love with this app. Still learning. Just please add more bars or whatever you call it lol. That could take it to another level and simplify things. You guys are Awesome:)
  • Muy bueno! 5/5

    By Marcos Delarge
    Sobre todo si eres músico, muy útil!
  • Noice 4/5

    By Jaazmom
    Pretty lit although there's not many styles to choose from
  • Sherif 5/5

    By Stuff chickpigGoaTboi
    If u can't smoke it I don't want it
  • GREAT APP. 4/5

    By ARK46
    This app. Makes someone like me sound like a pro.
  • 5 Stars just 1 thing 5/5

    By Uncle Death Jr
    The most amazing app i can use, just I only uploaded 3 songs to the community but now I can’t post anymore it says “Whoops, an error occurred” but love this app
  • Minor issues 4/5

    By yadinyquiqui
    Hi Music Maker Jam Developers, I love the app it is really cool. When I go to the store nothing pops up for me. If you can fix the store that would be great to get beat coins. Thanks
  • vandad 5/5

    By Vasvandad
  • Music Maker Developers, Great Job! 5/5

    By UltimateT
    Just to point out, I’ve been using Music Maker for (about) 1 month at least, and, from my experiences with it, I do believe this is a amazing music app. Currently, as of posting this, while the app itself is great, there is a concern or two that I have to talk about. More particularly, about Bluetooth connection. While you are able to make music on your phone wherever you go, for some reason (at least for me; don’t know if anyone else had this), when I put in the Apple included headphones, I’m able to listen and make music while I have those on, but if I was to connect a Bluetooth headset and use the app, I can’t hear any of the music I’m making nor can I hear anyone else’s songs on the app itself. The other concern, for me, is that when I save or change the name of my music, the “Save” and “Back” options are in a different language. While it’s small, it can be a bit annoying after using the app for a time. But, while these are my concerns, this app, overall, is amazing otherwise. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to make music!
  • It’s so good! 5/5

    By Lockeys Lop
    It’s so good, it has great quality. Someday it deserves to be app of the day!
  • Trash UI 1/5

    By Gassed Up Kid
    Used to be decent now its gone to hell
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Emi💢🔥
    Great music maker I had so far.
  • This is great 5/5

    By Dj Jetstream
    I like this app a lot. It has soundcloud and YouTube upload options
  • Great app, a bug needs to be worked out 4/5

    By Psychopixxel
    I thoroughly enjoy this program, and find it easy to use, which is hard with many app like this out there. There are some flaws, and one particular bug that keeps aggravating me. Firstly, I’d like to point out the very limited note choices. There are only a few notes you can choose from, and only one of them is a flat or sharp. I feel that a user should be able to use all the notes, (flats and sharps). Secondly, I think that the transition between chords is a little rough, and needs to sound smoother. And lastly, the bug. Ever since the new update with beatcoins, I keep getting this annoying bug that happens whenever I’m making music. In the middle of my song, the app will freeze, and play this raspy low sound. Eventually the app will crash, thus deleting all my hard work and progress on the song I’m working on. I’m not sure if this is just the device I’m using responding harshly to the abundance of sound coming from the speaker. Nevertheless it’s still annoying. Even if it is just my device, there is still a way to fix it. Add an autosave feature. I couldn’t find one in the settings, (which is in a different language for some reason, and I can’t fix it because the lack of a language setting). It could be turned on or off, so if anyone who doesn’t want it can turn it off. It could have you name your project BEFORE you save it, (the name would still be changeable before posting) an then every five minutes or so, it would pause the app, and save the project. This would also help if someone was using the app at low battery, and the device suddenly turns off and deletes everything. Please fix at least the last one, and the app will improve immensely. Thank you.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Loops on my mind
    It is so great so now I can finally get my songs out there
  • Good App 4/5

    By Kan_Nyo
    Good App
  • Pretty sweet! 5/5

    By sonicbeats123
    As soon as you pick up the know how's and get the sounds you want, you'll be inspired to just create with your fingertips.
  • You rock 5/5

    By Rayray2160
    This is a really cool app thank you
  • very very cool 5/5

    By Matin akhavan
  • Defiantly a cool app.! 4/5

    By Jshookit4u
    Really easy to use , get user familiar with structure, notes , beat matching , vocals , overall great creativity opportunity. I’ve really enjoyed it .
  • Some settings in German 3/5

    By Saver82
    I don't speak German much less read it. That is my only complaint. Sure it crashes a lot, happens to everyone on MMJ. Support seems to think it's on my end.Happens on my android account too,but android is at least in English.
  • Awesome App!!! 5/5

    By Scooch200
    If you love music and have no clue how to make your own music. Then this is the app!! Really fun and very informative! Definitely a must have if you love music!!!
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By AdorableAdamboss17
  • Could be better, could be worse. 4/5

    By ⭐️👶
    I'm a harsh critic when it comes to music software, but that is because I judge it as if I were looking to add it to a professional workflow. If you are doing it just for fun or just because then you might not agree with my review and that's okay, too. I like the interface, however, there are certain sections that will pop up and are in different languages that I do not understand. That takes down one whole start for me because it adds stress to a process that should be stress free. The iPhone app feels like a toy, but is not far off from where the desktop versions are so there is some consistency, which is a good thing. I have both the desktop and mobile versions of this software and I don't approach either of them when wanting to create serious music. Sometimes I just like them to jam with the loops or chord progressions and find inspiration that way, then fire up the DAW and my library hard drive to begin a piece. I believe this will meet the needs of most users, which will probably be mostly beginners since pro's will likely see this as a toy. It has the portability down, and when I am traveling, out and about, or winding down away from keys, I find it to be a neat resource for sketching musical ideas out. Thanks for this!
  • Good app with a fatal flaw. 3/5

    By That one random review
    The app itself is pretty well made, UI is easy to navigate and the music you can make sounds rather good but it is all at a cost: the possibility of wasted time. The app will often (and I mean VERY OFTEN) crash while you are making music. When it crashes it blocks sound on your phone for a few seconds, makes a ear shattering groan and deletes all of your progress. The review will remain at 3 stars until the issue is resolved.
  • Yay 5/5

    By JiggleyJames
  • Stupendo 5/5

    By Kevin zulueta
    Milito bello
  • Great app, I need help! 5/5

    By Ty's Tyme
    Love the app, however for some reason there is text that is split between English and some other language! I didn’t have this problem a few years ago! I hope someone could help me get this fixed!
  • Love it 5/5

    By lilquinn100
    Two words LOVE IT
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Don Jehovah
    It is really awesome and really easy. It has lots of good sounds and tunes to create with. Love it
  • Ugh 4/5

    By mr.blue97
    Please Make it so we can change the language and make it easier to get coins cuz I don’t wanna pay for this app like if you get some likes or fans you can get a lot of coins or something and that’s it please fix
  • This is MUSIC 5/5

    By sarahve3
    I am think this app is very helpful u get to create actual music close to how many famous people make music I love this app!!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Can't even sign up
    I used to have this app and I thought it was the coolest thing ever but when I got my new phone and downloaded it the app wouldn't let me sign up! I used a new email and everything but it just said "failed"... I don't know if it's a new update or what but it needs to be fixed.😡...if I could give it 0 ⭐️ I would
  • My review on this app 5/5

    By Tooth Viper
    I think it’s awesome but I would change a few things in my opinion
  • Fun App 5/5

    By 72doobie
    I’m giving 5 stars because it downloaded nicely, which is always a good start 😬, it ran great I had no issues, glitches, freezing, nothing. People always give a rating based on their opinion of how much fun it was and yada yada yada! I’m not saying that this app blows me away and you can do everything on it that you can do with ProTools or Logic Pro... 🙄NO NEVER, that’s why it’s an app that works on your goddamn phone it’s NOT supposed to be like that you bunch of dummies! Some day hopefully you’ll catch on... anyway I think it’s a great app and you can do quite a few things with it, I would recommend that you do your own vocals, since they actually give you that option, they do give you a couple samples there’s there’s 4 verse samples and 1 chorus! But I just had my first chance to mess with it tonight and I enjoyed it! Thanks
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Pocahontas3683
    Why won’t it let me upload my songs and why is it in a different language than English!
  • Really good and fun app 5/5

    By ajdabeatmasta
    If you want to make music the fastest way possible download music maker jam!!!!😎

Music Maker JAM app comments


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