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" is the world’s largest creative platform. We make it super easy for you to make awesome short videos that you can share with friends or the world. Download the best short video app and share your favorite moments. Capture and create your own funny short videos with our special effects filters, cute stickers and much more. ■Add your favorite music to your movies and slideshows for free A huge library of amazing free music has been added. Now you can easily edit your videos with millions of free to use tracks!We’ve prepared several Featured Music Playlists for you too. Genres & Moods; Hit Singles and trending music are all updated every day. Music genres like Pop, Rock, Rap, Electronic, R&B, and Country Music videos. ■Funny Stickers & Emojis 100+ funny and cute stickers available to use free. With, you can add amazing video filters & stickers to your videos easily. ■Join the creative club & showcase your talent Millions of creative people are waiting for you to join. With, you can showcase your awesome talent easily, with our intuitive user interface. ■Editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge, and duplicate video clips ■Live filters which are constantly being updated with fresh, creative designs ■Dance, Comedy, Vlog, Music and Sports videos, it’s all here. * Any feedback? Contact us at or tweet us @musicallyapp. Make sure to include your muser ID in your comment!" * Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Optimised for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and latest models. Performance of this app on iPhone 5c or earlier iOS device is not fine-tuned.

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  • Good but...... 2/5

    By jümping_ünicorn
    I like the app but the new update with the videos form camera roll I HATE LIKE REALLY HATE it won’t let me post any with sounds from other people. You should really change it back everyone hates the new update.
  • Eva 5/5

    By Lynnricheva
  • Amazing App, but just a few problems. 3/5

    By payton_kayla3454
    I have used for almost two years now, and I can’t stop! It’s so much fun to make videos, but recently has made some updates that make my filming worse. The first one being that the camera zooms in randomly, while I am recording. also apparently doesn’t support headphones anymore which is a HUGE problem for me. I use headphones in almost every video, and now I can’t. Other than those things, I highly recommend this app.
  • Can’t log in with another front 2/5

    By Bean.z
    I had this REALLY popular account with a username that had a different front, but of course it logged me off and I couldn’t get in because my username was a different front. So warning everyone, don’t make your username a different front or that will happen:(
  • The glitch 4/5

    By bebeslayer
    For some reason when I’m recording a song I can’t here it and then it logged me out of my account so I had to put in my username and password all over again! Then it did the same thing multiple times. Please fix this. Over all , i love this app very much; it is my favorite app on my phone!
  • Love it! 5/5

    By isabellaesparza🦄🦄🦄
    Thanks for making this app I love it I don’t know what I would do without his all also I have a suggestion why don’t you add effects where like you can make the camera slow for a moment so then it would be way much better so then u wouldn’t have to stop it. That’s all I really like this app thank you for reading this!
  • Hey this app is the best 5/5

    By richrichard2024
    This app changed my life I started 1 a day then 3years later I’m doing a lot more than one this app is soo addicting when u have it almost forever so get musicly cause it’s the best oh ya go follow @richtichard2024
  • Meh. 1/5

    By ezzr46
    It’s a good app, just, wow. Let me put all the problems with in a list. Too many kids. Rude remarks. Narcotic models. And we can’t forget my friend Monika. Monika get your crap together.
  • Why 2/5

    The new update is annoying it doesn’t let you do musicaly with earphone for the I phone 7 musicaly plz fix this 🧐🤬😡
  • Good but something's wrong 3/5

    By mramo_11
    I like It but I deleted (deleted profile too) it one time. I decided to join again then it didn't let me in no matter what age I put!! I try mine doesn't work try my big sisters doesn't work I try everything I could but it says I'm not eligible I even tried my moms birthday!!! I don't know why it doesn't let me in but it ticks me off!!!
  • Getting Worse And Worse 1/5

    By KawieePerson
    I used to love so much. But since you have been adding new is getting worse and worse. Like how when you would go to a original sound..and you clicked “Post now” you used to have a choice “From Library” Or “Post Now” please bring that back. And in the new update..when ever you would go to the red plus button at the used to have the option “Pick Music” But now it doesn’t. I don’t wanna give hate that these terrible updates have been isn’t as fun as it used to be. Please bring these choices back soon!
  • Best app ever! 😘💕✌🏻 4/5

    By bailey😉😘😍❤️
    I ❤️ MUSICAL.LY SM....but... the newest updates not the best because now i cant do slomo videos that you create on iphones :(( if that was fixed id rate it a 5 but its a 4 Rn 💕✌🏻
  • is amazing 5/5

    By Anisty (honesty) Crandle
    I love this app I use it all the time. It's so fun and it's a great way to communicate with my friends. You can get a good amount of followers if you like to have followers and do duets it's just so much fun. And I actually use this app every day it's so fun and addicting I love it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By gracegrace101
    So much fun
  • Ehhhhh really annoying at times 2/5

    By reviews and redos
    When i first got Musically i used it when i was bored and didn’t care that much. I had a private acc and then somehow it became public and someone hacked into it and started posting things of there own. I finally deleted it but i forgot my password so hen i clicked the button”Click here to change password” so i did and it asked for my email...then i went into my email to get the message to change my password and it never showed up and then i tried phone number but it never showed up. Then i made a new one and everyone was spamming and now they are just copying Snapchat with the filters,slo-mo,thumbnail,views,and the video pic, if i were you i wouldn’t get it
  • I kinda like it?? 2/5

    By Candyland4life
    I actually like this app, but I try to make a new account using my Instagram and I put the year 2005 and it said I wasn’t eligible to use it? so I decided to make one using my email, I put the year,, same thing happened again. I restarted my phone, same thing happened. I deleted the app, same thing. can someone fix this?
  • I love this app but... 4/5

    By shadow51012
    so I got a new phone and then I signed to my account and IT DID NOT SAVE MY OLD PRIVATE MUSICALLYS IM SO MAD!!!! And the brand newest update I HATE it
  • Ummm new update?? 3/5

    By Aloni jean
    When I use my beats solo wireless 3 i won’t her the sound from my headphone while recording but while I’m watching I can but the last update was perfectly fine can you please fix this!?? Thank you😁
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By XxJessicaTheGymnastxX
    Okay this app is the best. My friends let me use it on there phones cuz I am not allowed to have this until I show responsibility by keeping my room clean. I have sneaked it once but then I got caught. So let's hope I can get this app soon!
  • This Account Does Not Like Me 1/5

    By Daniel_Slaymore
    I first go to musically a couple months ago and then it suddenly took my account away.i don’t know why and I had my friends on there but u guys just got rid of my account. I hat u guys and u guys are just wasting time over people
  • Really 🙄 3/5

    By SlimPickenz27
    Alright so when I first got this it was so fun. But the reason I’m giving it only 3 stars is because I get random notifications for people I don’t even follow! I’m tired of this please stop now or I’m deleting my account and the app. Thanks.
  • Cringe 1/5

    By Janae graham
    This needs to stop, little kids getting influenced by these so called “Musers”. I don’t understand how so much cringe can be put into one app. This would be best if this app wasn’t even here in the first place, it would save a lot of eyes.
  • I dont like the update 1/5

    By Omgloller360sparkle
    I dont like the new update because whenever i want to do a musically i wear my earbuds and when i choose the song i put it on fast and i cant hear anything from the earbuds i just hear the music coming from the actual phone and when i finish ny muscally in the point of recording it, it shows me the ending nusically and at that point i can hear the music from the earbuds (btw this is the update of the one you can add sound effects)
  • Awesome but also bad 4/5

    By Chris Tracy 2000
    Okay, so basically I'll just be minding my own business, making a or something, when my screen goes black. Then, it goes out to the screen where all my apps are & it always does that over and over. But, besides that, the app is pretty good. You can do comedy & songs & stuff.
  • Love it❤️❤️🔥 5/5

    By Emely🔥
    Ok when I first got musiclly I was so impressed it was the best thing ever I made it 1,000 musicllys I have it for 4 years but it is 5 cause ur 2018 I love it keep it up❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥
  • My opinion 1/5

    By good game, but has a problem is pretty annoying. My friends were getting hacked, and my friends were fighting with the app. The app is pretty slow and glitchy. For example, I would delete a post, and the next day it would be back on there. If I made a video, and my phone turned off, I would lose all the progress. Also I deleted in September for a big reason. It can be very inappropriate. There are 5 year olds that use this app. They shouldn't be hearing sexual things and seeing people twerk. should be rated 18+ not 12+. I'm 12 and I think a lot of the stuff in there is bad. Also I've seen that is on the top 10 list of apps with people threatening others of child malesting. Therefore had rapers and they threaten kids. This app is horrible I don't recommend it.
  • its okay 3/5

    By SabrinaPlattner2004
    I've had musically for 3 years, the new updates are personally HORRIBLE, I hate them, I hate the new profile, and the drama, and the hate and I just think the 2016 version was way better... but other than that this is really good for people who like music.
  • The Update 1/5

    By Makayla56
    I don’t like it. The update doesnt work with my headphones so can you fix that please and thank you😬😬😕
  • Don’t like 1/5

    By haley precella
    Does not let me make account says I am not eligible
  • Posting, saving and headphone problem 😑 2/5

    By So good and great
    Musically used to be the best app ever but after the whole new look and the recent updates I kinda hate the app. I got musically when I was in second grade and now I am in fifth grade and over the summer after fourth grade they came out with the big update. I was so happy until I started looking into it. A few months later they did another big update, when you post musicallys it brings you back to the home screen which is very annoying so I would have to save all the musicallys privately until I was done looking for sounds then I would post them. It would also not allow me to look at my friends musicallys with a private account even though they where following me. Then today another big update came out it came out with sound effects which I love and a new filter. But another down side, now when I post or save a musically privately it brings me back to the home screen which is even more annoying then just going to the home screen when I post a musically. The new update also has a headphone problem when you go to do a musically the sound comes out of the speakers not the headphones, I fix it by unplugging them then plugging them back in but If I go to do another musically I have to do the same thing over again, please fix the headphone problem Asap. It also makes it a little hard to use if you are new on musically because I now some stuff from a long time ago but sometimes I get confused. That is why I kinda hate musically, it was always my favorite app my friends used to say I was obsessed with it but now I am always on it but now the same amount I used to be.
  • The nice one🤨 2/5

    By queenlyemma
    Hey musically I like how you updated everything and fixing the bugs (thanks) but there’s this one thing! Why when you updated musically you had to take away “shoot not” and “camera roll” when someone does post now. You could’ve put an update because before I knew it it went back to the older musically. Plead BRING IT BACK. Thank you
  • Um 😐 Love musically 5/5

    By Chicken lover Elizabeth
    I love musically but I never know when there is updates and when I go the app it signs me out that is why I have like 4 accounts because I cauldron remember my password but other than those I LOVE MUSICALLY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Sorry 1/5

    By Clehiria
    I’m sorry, but I hate this app now.i used to love it soo sooo much. Now I can’t hear my audio when I make musicallys. Seriously you’ve ruined the app for me. And until this gets fixed, I’m not going to be on it and I’m going to tell my friends not to use it for the time being. I have deleted,restarted, basically everything and nothing worked. Hate this update so much! 😡
  • Review 5/5

    By a_thang
    This is my favorite app but I hate to see all the bullying and hate going around on this app it is sad
  • Fix it !!! 4/5

    By lexi 🌻🌎
    I loved it but there’s the new update and I’ll be using headphone but when I make up the song play threw the speaker so I tried it on my moms phone and it did the same thing
  • Sound effects 1/5

    By mmer1710
    The new update now won’t let me post with my earbuds in. Won’t even let me change my phone number.
  • I lost my account 1/5

    By Steph_410
    So, I’ve had musically since 2015. But while I was looking through my friends musicallys, it suddenly glitched and it logged me out. I thought it was just a small glitch but it wouldn’t let me log back in. Then, my friend texted me and said “how come you deleted your account?” And I was just mad because I spent the whole day on this app and now I hate it, it’s not worth it don’t waste your time.
  • Can’t hear the sound 3/5

    By Fdtdstahnpofeubsyhst
    I click on a sound and I can’t hear it even though my sound is on
  • Terrible 1/5

    By curlyheaded_chantel
    I keep putting in my age and it doesn’t work and i try to use instagram doesn’t work
  • Cringe 1/5

    By cringe2039
  • Welp 2/5

    By jaymay41
    This was probably my fav app but then they updated it and now I can’t make musicallys with my headphones in 🙄 I can hear other musicallys through my headphones but when I go and record mine it just doesn’t play through the headphones it plays out the regular iPhone speaker WHILE my headphones are clearly plugged in🤣 It honestly so annoying. Yes my headphones work. No nothings wrong with my phone.🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Musically 5/5

    By Madison allport
    I love musically because it kelps me busy
  • Updates are not helpful 3/5

    By mysteriøus pøtatø
    So when you took away the recents button I though “now how do I get popular” than you make it so you can’t save something private and continue it takes you off what you were doing!and when I put my headphones in it goes on speaker instead please fix this
  • I might delete the app 2/5

    By squad
    Wth did u do to the private section it’s so confusing now !! I wanna put one filter over another and u guys don’t lemme do it!! It copies the musically again so now I have both same musicallys
  • Fix a lot of bugs Etc. 2/5

    By ded ;-;
    1. It lags out, saying one of my sounds or something that I post from my gallery is this one song when it’s not even that song, and the sounds are completely different. 2. It takes forever to load, I’ll sit there for 30 minutes waiting for a musically to load and it won’t load 3. It glitches with the chats and comments. The comments won’t appear on the musicallys sometimes even if their not pg13. You can’t really message anyone because there’s a bug in the DM’s. 4. It has gotten So confusing. Some people don’t know how to get to post their own videos or images on musically anymore because of all the updates and everything that’s been happening.
  • Great 5/5

    By Scooby1775
    This is a great app. it has different languages. but, some people cuss very heavily, like the f-word. SO NOT FOR KIDS 12 AND UNDER
  • Musicly is a piece of garbage 1/5

    By musicly trash
    This app is full of white jake paulers and are ruining this world
  • Musically 1/5

    By Dfails
    Musically is the most stupid app ever!!!!
  • It’s hard 5/5

    By Chang it
    It’s hard to get a lot of followers or likes or stuff u just have to be good at it and I agree it can start drama
  • It has ups and downs 3/5

    By boo i see u
    When u use headphones and ur about to make a musically u have to take the headphones out and plug it back in to make one but other than that this app is amazing app comments


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