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My Baby's Beat

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  • Current Version: 3.10
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  • Compatibility: Android
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My Baby's Beat App

"A beautiful way for you and your partner to bond with the baby during pregnancy… You can even record & share with your friends via email or Facebook...” – “My Baby's Beat” was launched on 2011 and was the world 1st prenatal listener app. Turn your smartphone into a prenatal listener for a great bonding experience. “My Baby's Beat” is a unique iPhone application that enables a bonding experience between you and your baby! Using ONLY THE IPHONE'S MICROPHONE, you can listen to your baby and share the experience with family and friends. This app supports: * iPhone's , iPad's and iPad Mini. * It does NOT support iPod Touch. * For best results, use “My Baby's Beat” after reaching week 30. * This app is NOT a medical device, has not been reviewed by the FDA, and is NOT intended as a replacement for medical advice of any kind. For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby’s health, please consult with your doctor/midwife. * Make sure to take your iPhone out of its case, before you start using the app. * We recommend switching your iPhone to airplane mode to stop all mobile and Internet transmissions before using this app (The app itself does not activate any iPhone features that emit waves of any kind, It only use the microphone). *Older iPhone models (4, 4s, 3GS) can also be used with simple headphones without an embedded microphone. **********BE ADVISED PLEASE!! ********** * For best results, use “My Baby's Beat” after reaching week 30. * This app is NOT a medical device, has not been reviewed by the FDA, and is NOT intended as a replacement for medical advice of any kind. For any medical questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy and your baby’s health, please consult with your doctor/midwife. * To use our app, you must accept our license terms and privacy policy, which can be viewed by clicking the "License agreement" link in the app store. Please make sure to review it, before you download the app. **************************************************************** For more info, visit: Be advised: Our app name, icon and even screenshots is sometimes copied in different variations by competitors which use similar app names like: my baby beat ,baby beat, my baby's beat PRO, my baby heartbeat listener, my baby's beat monitor - prenatal listener, my baby scope, babyscope - prenatal listener, my baby scope - listen to fetal heartbeat sound, my baby's beat - baby heart monitor HD, instant baby's beat - listen to baby heartbeat, my baby's beat - fetal heartbeat monitor, fetal heartbeat listener, baby beat - listen to your baby's fetal heart and more. Please notice our app versioning runs back all the way to 2011 (something no one can fake in the app store) - so our app is the original My Baby's Beat.


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My Baby's Beat app reviews

  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Madonnaaaa12345
    I downloaded this around my 27 week mark. I am now 39 weeks and 3 days and not only have only been able to find the baby’s heartbeat, but i can’t even find my own.
  • Not happy!! 1/5

    By anit!!
    Doesn’t work well. All you hear is whistling like noises How can I get my money back!!!!!
  • AmazingApp 5/5

    By melaniemv
    Amazing app ! I was honestly so scared to purchase this app because I thought it wasn’t going to work but it works ! You may just need to have a little patience but it’s definitely worth it
  • Do not waste your money!!!!!! 1/5

    By Abyk1980
    This app is not working! Will make you only more anxious!!!!! Do not buy this app!
  • Not sure yet 3/5

    By Angeliiina saav
    How do I get a refund if it doesn’t work?
  • Do not waste your money!!! 1/5

    By Jessicaaddiex3
    This app is horrible. I’m really disappointed in the quality. I can’t hear anything except for static and I’ve been trying for weeks (I’m 33 weeks pregnant) Total and complete waste of money.
  • Total bull. 1/5

    By Tays_summer
    I’ve had this app downloaded since I found out I was pregnant. Now my due date is two days away and this app does not work at all anywhere on my belly.
  • I don’t want this app 1/5

    By Cece luwinsky
    I didn’t mean to buy this and I don’t want it.. been trying to read about who to call about a refund I see nothin
  • Horrible/inaccurate 1/5

    By Mandee28
    This app is’s detects nothing. A waste of 4.99 I tried it on my chest to hear my heart and heard a beat that wasn’t mines, covered the speaker with a pillow and heard a beat, covered the speaker with my hand and heard a beat. Not accurate/precise at all.
  • Put it on any solid surface and you’ll hear the same sound! This app is a lie! 1/5

    By Odi133_sash
    Put it on any solid surface and you’ll hear the same sound! This app is a lie! I put the put on my bed and it was making the same sound as in my belly. Then, I tried with the sofa, the same sound, on my arm, the same sound. This app plays with our feelings! Thanks God I also have a doppler! $5 to the trash!

    By Chelseyweie
    I was extremely realistic about the difficulty of hearing my baby’s heartbeat if it was too early. However, after several weeks of trying I think this app is BS. The sound it makes is like a whistling noise and it would take a true medical professional to even hear anything resembling a possible heart beat. Not even close to worth the money. Wish I hadn’t spent it. My $5 could’ve gone toward something much better!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By emdhav
    This app didn't work at all. I couldn't hear my heartbeat let alone the baby's.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ggg133
    This app doesn’t work at all. Hard to distinguish between any of the sounds
  • Don't waste your money 1/5

    By TDH 1
    I bought this app to give it a try. I am 36 weeks and 5 days. Baby is head down and obviously isn't moving all over. Just left the doctor and used this right where doctor found the heartbeat-I get nothing. I could barely pick up my own heartbeat! I followed all the instructions (airplane mode, listened to samples, etc). What a disappointment for $4.99!!!!! Ugh!
  • I hate it 1/5

    By cynthia carapia
    I hate it ... this app does not work.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Raysa C.
    I’m at 28 weeks, and I was able to listen to my baby’s heart beat! You just need to follow the instructions (there’s a video). I also recommend you to listen to the sample sounds, just so that you would have an idea of what you are looking for. It doesn’t sound like the Doppler or your doctor’s fancy ultrasound, but you can definitely hear your baby’s heart ❤️. I love it!!
  • So good! 5/5

    By mgw315
    I have had this app downloaded since I was maybe 15 weeks pregnant. Since my placenta is in the back of my uterus, I have had no issues feeling my sweet baby boy move since 15 weeks or hearing his sweet little heart beat with this since 23 weeks. I am now 30 weeks and I can find his heart beat every day with this. It’s very good and I’m happy this is free because I didn’t want to spend $60 on a doppler. I totally recommend this app to any pregnant woman who wants to hear their sweet bub. I would suggest waiting until around 25 weeks to make sure you can actually can pick up the heart beat, but don’t be discouraged if you don’t at that point. The app suggests you wait until you’re between 30 and 40 weeks and I have had no difficulty finding his heart beat now that I am 30 weeks. Earlier it was a little bit difficult. Make sure you use airplane mode when you’re looking for the heart beat though and that you’re in a quiet room.
  • Loved this! 5/5

    By Brooke4573
    Very easy to find the heart beat. I was able too use it really early in my pregnancy.
  • Don’t waste your money! 1/5

    By Jdlotero
    This app does not do anything! It is a waste of money. My wife is 40 weeks pregnant and I still can not hear my baby’s heartbeat! I could I would give a minus star -5⭐️ rate!
  • Idk 1/5

    By Ashlien2
    The app wouldn’t let me update my due date and keeps saying that I’m only 10 weeks along. It also give kept freezing up on my phone and wouldn’t close when I tried to close the app
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Carolsi123
    With others apps I can hear baby's heartbeat, but in this I can't!
  • Worst!! 1/5

    By Bumbleboo
    Don’t waste your money just go out and get you a fetal heart Doppler!!! Wish I could get my Money back!!!
  • Don't waste your money 1/5

    By DBeeez
    This app does not work I'm 35 weeks can't hear the baby heart beat.
  • Didn't work for me 1/5

    By Heathertopia
    I bought this app at 14 weeks (I know it says to wait until 30 weeks but I was so excited). I tried every week to see if I could hear anything from baby and not once did his heartbeat (I went to 41 weeks). Totally a waste of money.
  • 38.5 weeks & can’t find same heartbeat my $20 doppler finds... Wishing I could Return this App! 1/5

    By doernotsayer
    It absolutely does NOT work. I can catch a CLEAR heart beat with our cheap $20 doppler, then use this app in the same place and hear NOTHING. My baby is so close to delivery he is no longer moving anything except his arms and legs... so it is Incredibly EASY to find his heartbeat.
  • Simply great. 5/5

    By Rancher111
    Week 29 + 1 , heard, recorded , shared.
  • No lo compren!! 1/5

    By Ort MD
    Malísimo, no se escucha nada y encima cobran!!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By JennWill1204
    Never picks up her heartbeat and I’m 37 weeks
  • Ok for hearing baby... terrible for exporting the sound 1/5

    By G77777777777777777!
    Ok for hearing baby... terrible for exporting the sound directly.
  • Ridiculous! 1/5

    By Candace????????
    Waste of money. Thanks for making an app just to take everyone's money! Don't even deserve one star.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Amanda qwerty
    Waste of money, doesn't work. Don't bother with this app
  • Chu chu train 😍 5/5

    By Tabkym92
    This app does work, have a little patience...found my babes heartbeat at 6 weeks and It's absolutely amazing!
  • App doesn't work at 32 Weeks 1/5

    By Old Navy Fan 'til Now
    3rd day of my 32nd week. App picking up a "heartbeat" that's not baby's heartbeat. App deleted. Oh, wait, where's my refund?? 🤔Over n out!
  • Don't waste your money on it 1/5

    By _mexicunntt_
    Terrible not worth the $5 waste of money
  • Disappointed!!! 1/5

    By macmel79
    Doesn't work. Tried it several times and I'm 33 weeks, and baby moves all the time, so by their instructions it should work. Save your $5 and just wait to hear the baby's heartbeat at the Dr's office
  • No 1/5

    By Nicky576
    This app is not the best out there, it doesn't hear anything.
  • Doppler 5/5

    By sajaira
    I was scared at first to purchase this app because of the negative reviews but Im happy I did because it really does work ! I'm a happy camper! Thank you!!!
  • Didn't work... Bummer! 1/5

    By 7Jenn11
    I'm 33 weeks pregnant and purchase this app to listen to my baby. I tried it on my own and went to my Dr visit and attempted it after my Dr found the heart beat but nothing. I have requested a refund... Hopefully they'll approve it.
  • Very good app! 5/5

    By Rkdaddy85871015
    Just bought this app and listened to our baby's heartbeat! I would highly recommend this app to anyone that wants to experience the joy of hearing your baby's heartbeat! 5 stars!
  • Waste 1/5

    By jmarcello
    App never worked! Sound like a train the whole time! Even theAIR of all things had a heartbeat yeah wierd huh...that's because it's a faulty app to get your money!
  • Nope. 1/5

    By Jmaro88
    Don't buy it. I know it's tempting. But it really doesn't work. I'm 38wks preg so should hear loud & clear. I did exactly what the directions said. Like another review said- this thing picks up a "heartbeat" on everything. Would like my $ back.
  • Guessing I'm too early 😩 3/5

    By Ty&James
    I'm 14 weeks so I'm guessing I'm to early but I hear my heartbeat perfectly fine I can't wait to see if it works out for my baby's heartbeat as well
  • Completely did not work. 1/5

    By Jacobi family
    Absolutely disappointing. I am 38 weeks and should have been able to hear clear heart beat. Nothing. Baby is moving and fine. App did not work.
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Jenaaaabug
    I was excited to be able to hear my baby's heart beat, but it turns out this app will give any object a heart beat as long as the speaker is covered 😐 it is such a waste of money and a huge scam. Do not waste your time or money on these apps, just get a real ultrasound or buy a doppler. It's too good to be true, and now I am disappointed in myself for believing otherwise.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Despicabledi
    Paid 4.99$ for an app that doesn't work.
  • Really good!! 5/5

    By Jim977
    Ever since we downloaded the app we can't stop using it!! Super exciting during a first time pregnancy !
  • Does not work 1/5

    By tbygrl4l
    Downloaded it to hear the heartbeat of my baby , so I tried to see if I could hear my heartbeat as well and couldn't even hear that... I sure would like to have my 4.99 refunded asap... why charge for something that not going to work properly.
  • Doesn't even catch even my heartbeat .. 1/5

    By smenon75
    My wife is 40 weeks pregnant.i thought of buying it to check the baby's heartbeat.the volume is pretty low. So you don't know weather you are in the heart area to record the keep on moving your microphone to capture the actual sound not knowing weather you are at the right spot to record .the recording had good volume.but not the actual application .in fact it doesn't even record my own heartbeat when I was my folly to purchase it ..
  • Downloaded for my pregnant daughter (32 weeks) 5/5

    By liatyyy
    We love the app ! I downloaded it for her to try and it did indeed work ! Just the idea that we can finally save the recording is amazing ! (I also played around with it and saw that it was relatively easy to find my own heartbeat too) But make sure to listen to the samples so that it's easier to understand what exactly your listening too and what sounds you're looking for.. Im pretty sure my daughter downloaded it on her phone too now 😜!
  • Don't waste your money 1/5

    By jelly0924
    I've been trying to use this app for weeks....still nothing!! I bought a fetal Doppler and found her heartbeat instantly!! Don't waste your money! Will be deleting this app today!

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