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My Spectrum

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  • Current Version: 5.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Charter Communications
  • Compatibility: Android
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My Spectrum App

The new My Spectrum app (formerly known as My BHN) offers a fast and convenient way to pay your Spectrum bill and manage your account from anywhere, with an updated look to reflect our new company. Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company, known as Spectrum. This app is for customers in the former Bright House Networks and Charter Communications service areas. If you're in the former Time Warner Cable service area, please download the My TWC app instead.


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My Spectrum app reviews

  • Can’t even log in? 1/5

    By late bill billy
    When I try to log in, I get a message that reads “mandatory token is missing.” Please fix, my bill is late as is...
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Whizzdom
    Does not let me login.
  • Crashes over and over 1/5

    By Shannon6571
    I find it ironic that the company that provides my wifi and cable service has the app that crashes each time I attempt to pay my bill. Aggravating. Time waster.
  • Stuff doesn't work 1/5

    By AmersReview
    Stuff on app doesn't work. I call and they just keep saying they are working on it. Paying more and getting less from Spectrum than we did from Bright House.
  • My review 1/5

    By mhunward
    Lately i have been discouraged with all the show stalls and down times and shows i missed because of it
  • App 3/5

    By Nana3642
    Since the recent update every time I try to make a payment or navigate through the app it abruptly closes out. Other tab that the app is set up nicely and easy to navigate
  • M 1/5

    By You tube sensation
    This app is worse than when it was brighthouse, so buggy, wont let me do anything without kicking me out of it. All I want to do is make a payment through it without having to log in through the website
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Vol Ball
    This app is terrible. Uninstall. Reinstall. Still not working. Using the correct credentials. Logged into it before. Mobile products are severely lacking for the amount of money I pay for the services.

    By Chocolatebunny234
    This app has tons of bug improvements continuously needed. Everytime I try to select Make a Payment, it exits out the app and doesn’t allow me to make payment. Everytime I try to check my WiFi settings it does the same thing. This app is really only good for looking at your bill and seeing when it’s due. Hopefully they will be fixing the bugs and constant app closures soon.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Wesley correa 0234
    This app just keeps crashing everytime I go to make a payment or try to change my password settings... horrible!
  • Annoyed 2/5

    By Liyahhhlove
    The app is getting on my nerves. Since this last update I can’t pay my bill on the app. Please fix this!!
  • Don’t like it anymore 1/5

    By The one4219
    It keeps on crashing
  • Mad as hell! 1/5

    By bstcanndo
    I am not liking the new and improved company. We have had three price hikes! Nothing in exchange but the removal of the best channels! Can't get a better deal unless you're a new customer which we all are, so I find nothing to be happy about! Would like my old Brighthouse back!
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Madental
    Today is 10/17/17. Just wanted to let whomever know that I’m trying to pay my bill on my app as usually and when I tap payment it crashes. It sent a report and everything. Actually about 4 times. Until I went to the website to do it.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Laurenbnnnnbhhg
    Can't make a payment, can't change wifi name/password, constantly crashing
  • Service and App 3/5

    By Niki_B
    I have no issues with the Brighthouse/Spectrum service however since I have updated my iPhone 7 Plus my app will not allow me to log in. It closes abruptly once I put in my username and password. Very frustrating please fix.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Tiliro
    The app crashes every time that I try to make a payment By the way same thing happened with me I removed the cable services and I wanted to stay with 200mb speed they said they didn’t offer that anymore so or you stay with 300 and pay 30$ more ( I don’t believe the speed is real) Or u go to 50 !!! Imagine if I m having problems with 300 hum imagine 50 So I was forced to pay 30$ more to keep the 300 speed
  • You idiot 1/5

    By jack👿👿👿😡😡😡
    Don't drop nick Or I will shutdown your Company
  • Very good app 5/5

    By Katracha777
    Very good app , expensive bill $75 per month 😥
  • Stops 1/5

    By Jessicainfla
    I loved the app when it was brighthouse but I've tried using to pay my bill since becoming spectrum and the app closes abruptly when I select pay bill. I've tried many times with the same result
  • Useless 1/5

    By TriniRudeboii
    Useless app it closes everytime I tap make a payment I have to use my internet browser to pay my bills now. I guess it's a good app if you just like looking at how much you owe without having the option to do anything about it.
  • Won't work now 1/5

    By Pilot KN
    Since the update I have not been able to log into the app. The app opens and then just keeps saying authenticating.
  • Log-In Issues 1/5

    By KingD.92
    I wish I could even write an honest review but I can’t because I can’t even sign into the app. I downloaded it and every time I try to log in it says that the request cannot be made at this time. Please try again later. Well, a week later and I still cannot sign in. So what am I to do?
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By E.Indy
    This app serves no purpose. What I would like to see is the Brighthouse Easy Gadget brought back, it was so nice to be able to check caller ID and voicemail and turn on & off call forwarding from a slick little app that worked.
  • Crashes on IOS 11 1/5

    By B18181818
    Really? does this company ever test anything correctly. Xfinity is smoking you guys.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By joshredditt
    While I am supremely happy with my Spectrum services, the app continues to crash whenever I try to click on the"Make Payment" button. I logged out and back in but the problem persists.
  • Bad reviews? 1/5

    By Jett Man Do
    Those I believe. But how many of their reviews are done by the employees? Doesn’t make any sense that so many have the same issues, but all the good reviews praise them. Smells like rotten fish to me. Maybe when they start seeing older customers leaving, they might wake up. The new name for them is: CUSTOMER NO SERVICE !! Because they really don’t care. I was told by a friend that works there, no matter how much the customer complaints about prices, NEVER give them a reduced price.
  • Useless 1/5

    By RVApps
    Goes in a loop and is of no practical use.
  • My Spectrum Update Broken 5/5

    By SaneVirus
    I installed My Spectrum again after it not updating. Now when I o to login it abruptly closes the app. Installed in an iPhone SE. Please fix, I like paying my bill through the app. Update! - later that evening or the next day ( I can’t remember) it began working again. Must have had server issues after the update. Thanks for fixing it so quickly and responding to my review! 😆
  • Fn pos 1/5

    By Brian3058
    While I was in my Brighthouse contract I had zero issues. Now I'm fully under spectrum and I can't use half my devices and this app does not give me any information about my services. Big pos
  • Crash 1/5

    By Calgera
    This app crashes and does not work on iPad or android at all
  • Spectrum 1/5

    By kCuscfan
    This App is not Good at all , I click on it to review my bill and it keeps going back to Home screen or nothing (White screen) ,Very expensive for someone on Fixed income. Not Happy!!!
  • Lied to multiple times , app doesn’t work 1/5

    By Gr0uchY
    I was told I was going to keep my internet speed and get cable for 5 dollars more because I was on an old plan with brighthouse, in addition there would be no installation fee, once they installed cable, I was downgraded on my internet’s speed from 200 to 50mbs, also I was charged for installation, I requested them to just please put me back on my old plan, I was told they no longer offered that speed since it was Brighthouse. Yet I had it 20 minutes before. After getting the run around and speaking to a supervisor, he assured me that I would get my speed and be given it at the reduced rate I was on prior. It never happen, I called again and was told they could up grade my speed to the max speed offered in my area but there was a 200 dollar installation fee. I wish there were other options for internet in area but sadly this monopoly has bought out every cable company So they do as they please. With disregard for the customer. If I had other options besides dsl I would gladly pay double, just to not deal with these thieves. Oh and this app doesn’t work it’s on “authenticating” screen, apparently it’s he only screen within the app because I’m still “authenticating” .
  • Recent Update causes app to not work 1/5

    By JackLeoné
    This app was functioning before the most recent update. Now all it does is authenticate. Please fix this. I’m hoping this low rating will raise awareness to update this app.
  • My Bhn worked. My spectrum doesn’t. 1/5

    By LysdexicJim
    Bill pay crashes the app. Every time.
  • Mr. Davis 1/5

    By Missing filter
    Paying for their fastest internet service that only works half the time.
  • Can Not Even Sign In! 1/5

    By FreelandMichigan
    Nice to have ability to get into an account … but doesn’t work at all!!!
  • Multiple user Management Gone, No Tutorial, No outage notification 1/5

    By TheMommaEi
    Where did the capability to manage my users go? And the tutorial is not a tutorial, just a few of photos of what the app supposedly can do. Had an outage, but no notification or notification management capability as shown in the "tutorial" picture. Had to call to be placed on hold, and info being fed to me while waiting said outage could be determined via app...not!
  • Fair 3/5

    By DanTheReconMan
    It's cable and internet. The local teams are my fav and I get all their games. No tickets or passes required. Internet is what it is.I I am getting what I paying for.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By RKMJK
    We have been back and forth with this company because we changed our plan and found out that our online app has charged us a different amount than our paper bill. Thank goodness we get the paper bill to compare or else we would never know! Last month, we paid exactly what our app asked of us, which was apparently less than the paper bill. Spectrum then added a late fee to our next month, BUT ONLY ON THE PAPER BILL AND NOT ON OUR APP. So if we continued solely using the app, we would always be behind our payments. After spending an hour talking with representatives on the phone, we were apparently credited the late fee and were told that it wouldn't be an issue moving forward. However, this month we have the same problem. Our paper bill is different (more expensive) than our online app. I don't trust the app or the company and am looking to change providers.
  • Can not open 1/5

    By Xerroe
    Open the app. Says to press exit to close as the service can not be reached. Nice. No problems with the old app.
  • Useless - completely blank 1/5

    By onafrequency
    ever since the IOS11 “update”, the app opens to a completely blank screen. There is nowhere to navigate, and no buttons to select. This company has been disappointing since day one and this new app continues the trend.
  • Great 5/5

    By __RRJ__
    Very user friendly.
  • Spectrum messed this up too. 1/5

    By Peteb500
    This app worked great...until Spectrum messed with it, now it doesn’t open, you need to fire your employees and start over Spectrum. They mess everything up. Brighthouse was better.
  • No outage I information 1/5

    By FR062
    We've lost signal on all our TVs and when I called for support the automated system informed call volume is too high to answer calls. It then referred me to MyBHN app fir support and info on outages. After looking through the app, I find zero information about outages!
  • Zero stars if possible 1/5

    By jenriquenunez29
    Your brand new update broke the app. All it says press home to exit. Way to go spectrum
  • V5.0 ... nothing but blank screen?! 1/5

    By acrisis
    Updated to 5.0. After agreeing to the new TOS popup ... all I get is a white screen with a black line near the bottom. Waited two minutes. Nothing. Force closed. Repeat. Repeat. Zip nada. Seriously???
  • Garbage just look like the company. 1/5

    By TPLP02
    App is garbage just like these rip off artists. App crashes. Figures they would update the bill pay feature. How about taking care of your customers instead of worrying about your bill pay app.
  • 5.0 Crashed at startup 1/5

    By haaseenda
    After upgrading to 5.0, app crashes at startup. iOS 11.0.1 and iPhone 7 Plus.
  • The update doesn’t work. 1/5

    By JackD9
    I just downloaded the new update and all I have is a blank white screen. Thanks for nothing literally.

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