My NBA 2K18

My NBA 2K18

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  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
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My NBA 2K18 App

The companion app for the award-winning NBA 2K franchise is back, with MyNBA2K18. Packed with features, including the ability to scan your face into NBA 2K18 from your mobile device and daily opportunities to earn Virtual Currency, MyNBA2K18 makes it easier for you to stay in touch with NBA 2K18 on PS4 and Xbox One. MyNBA2K18 also includes the collectible NBA 2K themed card game, MyTEAM Mobile, which allows players to collect their favorite NBA player cards and legends to challenge other competitors across the world in quick games, playoff tournaments, and in-game special events. This year’s iteration includes brand new cards, daily objectives that earn great rewards, new ways to improve your cards and new team incentives! Features: • Integration with NBA 2K18: o Facial Scanning with your mobile device to get YOU in NBA 2K18 on PS4 and Xbox One o Earn Virtual Currency daily o Shop for console items while on the go from expanded MyPLAYER Store o Watch 2KTV any time from your device. • Many ways to play with Quick Game, Playoff, and PVP game modes • Daily Objectives – complete each day for in-game rewards • Team Login Incentives – Login daily to earn team packs to distribute to teammates • Over 300 new cards for the NBA’s 2017-2018 season


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My NBA 2K18 app reviews

  • I’d give a no star review if I could 1/5

    By OConnorx 05
    This game could only be “fun” if you spend real money on fake money. I don’t like this game, if I were to recommend a basketball game I would choose nba mobile.
  • Really fun!!😄😄😄 5/5

    By mathewthenoob
    It really s really get to play games in basket ball.but when you play the game,it's just cards playing by itself and you don't do anything that's fun.but you get money and have fun👌🏽
  • Epic Prime Cards the same but can't combine 1/5

    By Terrible Update2013
    I have two Lou Williams Epic Prime cards that are the same but have slightly different ratings and it will not let me combine them....... Sooooo are the different or not? Will change rating after response. I removed both cards from all decks to answer your first question you will send.

    By Polis tatted
    Is anyone else having issues with's been a week and still get errors?
  • Face scan 1/5

    By Young_Sparky_
    The app is trash, every time I try to use the face scan it gives me a error saying they're is no save data on NBA 2k18 when I clearly have one with my MyPlayer.
  • Not great 1/5

    By Austin Istvan
    Have to continuously sign in to PS4 every time I log on. Only thing to do is get daily vc
  • No more VC 1/5

    By Heyyyywhatabadapp
    I would give this app 0 stars if I could I used to use their old apps because I could earn VC that way and it would be helpful.
  • Face scan looks NOTHING LIKE ME 1/5

    By Ravemastr 14
  • Boring 1/5

    By Good😎👍
    Really boring
  • Crap 1/5

    By CalTick
    I rarely do reviews but this app is absolutely junk. Won't upload properly. 2k18 is a disappointment overall
  • Requires you to log in every time 1/5

    By Faraway1215
    Really!? It took me to log in every time I launch the app. Gotta go through account, password, and robotic check!! Such a hassle! Not a good one. Turns me down every time I'm going for my vc
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Judah X
    Was ok when it worked. Why do I have to keep signing in over and over, verify code every time. I have like 23 text messages off this alone. Scan your face? don't like it? Here we go again. Sorry but gots to only give a 1 only because I can't give a zero.
  • Huge downgrade 1/5

    By CN_26
    I have downloaded the mynba2k app for the last 3 years and each year the app gets worst and worst, which is a shame because the actual console game gets better and better every year. Not only does the app not remember your sign in I.D so you constantly have to re-input it and go through the terrible "I'm not a robot" picture but the face scan so you can upload it into the game doesn't work. If I could rate this app into the negatives I would. Flush this app. Not worth the download.
  • I installed it to do the facescan and.... 1/5

    By Jfjrhsof
    Messed up the first scan and it wouldnt let me redo it it just jumped me into some card game(Im new to 2k havent played really since 2k13) couldnt go back to thw face scan so I deleted it with intentions to redownload in hopes itd let me redo the facescan, but it wont let me download it again! Im trying to like it but I cant even start my career with my face on it!
  • Events 4/5

    By slitherfan101
    Please add events, the game is dead w/o them.
  • Will not work with Nintendo Switch 2/5

    By NoRemorse34
    Otherwise no app feedback because can't use app since I play on Nintendo switch.
  • Face Scan Upload 1/5

    By RM2012
    One and done, can't edit, fix errors...
  • Log into PS4 but apparently 2k doesn't recognize me 1/5

    By Dargderf
    I keep logging into my PS4 account multiple times on this app and every time I log it says I can't access my 2k account. Figure this out plz!!!!
  • Waste of time can't even get my 2k vc 1/5

    By Dghjb68
    Literally waste of space
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mr BAM RK33
    The app constantly crashes can't pro cards cards supposed to be awarded aren't upgrading... App has so much potential support is trash though don't download!!!
  • NO VC 1/5

    By GThaChris
    We only get up to 150 VC a day. With 2k charging VC for literally everything, it would be great for ways to get more vc like the past my nba 2k apps.
  • Login and VC issues! 1/5

    By Chaseunc21
    The only daily VC you can earn is the “daily” login bonus - which at times doesn’t even register or work. Additionally, every time you open the app, you have to login. I don’t play any of the card games or other modes, so I can’t comment on that functionality. I usually use this app for the daily VC (at least, I have since 2014). However, by far, this is their worst app to date. Constantly having to login, no VC rewards with picking certain cards and getting double bonuses, AND with the “daily” login bonus being extremely inconsistent, I give this app a gracious 1-star, which is still too high. Fix the login and “daily” login bonus issues, and bring back the old VC bonuses and rewards, and I’ll change my mind and, perhaps, the rating! Come on, 2K - Care about your customers!
  • Why does music play every time I login 2/5

    When I open the app there is no music playing. When I login the music starts but I click off every time but when I login it keeps doing that. The sound effects remain off but not the music. And I want to be able to open the app without having to sign in every time
  • Worse Than Last Year's App 2/5

    By Squweeeeeeep
    Let's face it: the main reason we all download these apps is so that we can get more of that hard-to-come-by VC. The 2K accompanying apps have been a great resource to earn VC - until now. Before I delve into why this app is horrible, I'll give it some credit. The layout is much more clean this year in my opinion. The card game you can play online is just as good as ever. You earn more cards and a tiny bit of VC for playing. However. The daily log-in bonus is where the VC has been at. Last year you could get a MINIMUM of 300 VC and a maximum of 1,500. Huge, right? Worth downloading and logging into your respective online service (PSN, Xbox Live, Steam) just to get, right? Well this year they decided to make it even harder to get this free VC. The MAX you can earn from the daily login bonus (the only amount you can earn) is 100 VC. 100. That's 200% less than last year's MINIMUM. It's already a pain to log into your service every time you log in. But now taking that time is hardly worth the measly 100 VC. What does 100 VC get you in 2K18 anyway? MAYBE a pair of socks?! I will be deleting this app as it would take me over 2 weeks to earn what the maximum daily bonus would be in 2K17. Absolutely not worth it.
  • Kinda bad app 3/5

    By Brian123456780101112
    The concept of the app so great but I have to relogin every time I Re open the app is kinda annoying should have the ability to just save it so I don’t have to login every time I open the app and have the ability to login with multiple accounts if you play on multiple platforms I’d be fine with have to renter the password every time I want to switch platforms and fact I can’t login with my Nintendo account is kinda dumb
  • Needs work 1/5

    By This ev
    I know the game just came out but this app needs a lot of work. I cannot even login to the network and when I tried facescan it says “follow directions”.
  • 😡 1/5

    By Funforall16
    I have tried so many times to log in to the real game with this app and it is still not workings
  • Fix the login 2/5

    Yo, i don’t know how long it’s gonna take for you guys to fix this login. Could be a heck of a lot easier, but no, I have to sign in every single time
  • Player store? 4/5

    By Petorious42
    When will the store be open on the app? I'm not seeing any info about it online
  • NBA 2k18 1/5

    By MarcyGoGreen
    Where's the NBA game??
  • Trash. It doesn't work (especially the face scan) 1/5

    By dkbman
    Face scan won't upload. Has trouble logging in. After almost a dozen tries I've decided to delete this app until it actually works as advertised.
  • Failed to log into 2K 1/5

    By ChiefsFan83
    I have signed into my PS4 account several times successfully but then it says "failed to log in to 2K". Just want to scan my face. Can't even do that. Terrible app.
  • Servers... 1/5

    By Rncjansx
    Almost everytime i go on this all and try to play quick game, it gets stuck after i pick my card. I have to close the app and log in, wasting time on this app. FIX THIS NOW!!!
  • Other than face scan app is pointless 1/5

    By SonnySmooth
    Daily login bonus would work if there is some type of timer when you can claim the VC like in the 2k17 app. I Login several times during the day and not even sure when that VC will appear. Other than that I don't waste time on the other features! Huge app so I may just uninstall!
  • PSN sign in 1/5

    By jcrane25
    You have to re-sign in to PSN every day? That's just annoying.
  • Pro Cards 3/5

    By RDotta Add me
    This game is cool and all but every time I try to combine two max cards to create a super pro version I get a error messages which takes away from the fun of the game I know the developers are probably focused on the actually 2K18 but don't forget about the same fish that makes you some money as well. I hope they send out a update soon.
  • Warming 5/5

    By ShinySpaceman
    Face scan thingy fixed and I'm rolling. This game is epic.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Eddy2.0
    Absolutely terrible. Can't even do the e thing everyone downloaded it for
  • Good 5/5

    By KingB_04
    But can be better
  • Straight Garbage 1/5

    By Bigju52
    This app is straight trash! You gotta manually login every time you close the app! The face scan doesn't work! I mean i dont know about anyone else, but that's the only reason me and my friends download the app in the first place! And if you're lucky enough to get it to work, your player ends up looking like something off of "wrong turn"
  • Face scan 1/5

    By vinmvstrs
    Doesn't work now I'm sad
  • Less vc login bonus 1/5

    By Workout life
    You get way less vc on this app than in previous versions. Only 100vc per day for login bonus????? In the my nba2k17 app you could earn up to 1,500 vc a day for login bonuses. You could get 500vc from playing matches but I don't see the point since it takes awhile. Waste of time.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Curtis Edge
    Keeps crashing, won't let me log in. Thinking about getting a refund for 2k18 because the prices of in-game stuff is ridiculous. This app is supposed to help get some VC but doesn't work. Don't let 2k have your money.
  • Can't even download 1/5

    By big daddy cakers
    For whatever reason I'm unable to download the app at all. Just says sorry cannot be downloaded at this time. Plenty of space on my phone. Can't even give it a try.
  • No Switch Support 2/5

    By bdrum99
    No Nintendo switch support. Pretty much worthless if cant link account.
  • New issue 3/5

    By Java_Jack518
    Unable to combine 2 rare Al Horford cards maxed out to pro and when going to train players some of the player cards are not showing.
  • Sign-in 1/5

    By Akwjicjanwickamfj
    No one wants to sign-in ever single time to use the app to get VC for PS4. Add a remember me option
  • Wow! Terrible! 1/5

    By dolphin99
    I hardly do any reviews but with this one I'm compelled to do one as i have been a consistent player since 2k16. I have spent money on these games and don't even bother doing cheats or purchasing online credits. It was fun so i was glad to spend every year. But with this new one that they rolled out? They took out the fun completely! 2k17 you had to pay for auction house so a lot of us for sure was hoping they would revert to 2k16 when it was free! Now they completely took it out. Way to go Devs and executives! You just killed this app for me. Oh and not to mention my devices does not completely sync. Im playing 2 different levels on 2 different devices event though i have deleted and reinstalled the app on both.
  • Doesn't keep me signed into PSN 2/5

    By scooley84
    Doesn't keep me signed into PSN. It makes it too much of an inconvenience to have to sign back in anytime I want to use the app.
  • Buy VC 4/5

    By RajonRondo9
    Please allow us to buy VC through the app store this year!!!!!

My NBA 2K18 app comments


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