My ONE20 - Truck Safe GPS, Planning & Savings

My ONE20 - Truck Safe GPS, Planning & Savings

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  • Current Version: 0.9.13
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  • Developer: ONE20 Inc
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My ONE20 - Truck Safe GPS, Planning & Savings App

ONE20 is trucking’s first and only, all-in-one, life-on-the-road-saving tool. Free truck-safe navigation and trip planning, deals that actually save you cash on stuff you want, truck stop ratings and community gripes, all in one place. ONE20 is the power of the trucking community combined with the power of technology to make life on the road better. For truckers, by truckers. FREE TRUCK SAFE NAVIGATION · 2D and 3D turn-by-turn directions with voice prompts · Heavy Duty Truck GPS Navigation - avoid low bridges, load limits, weight limits, left-hand or dangerous turns, and truck-prohibited roads · Choose the most practical or shortest routes with options to avoid toll roads · Real Time Traffic · ETA calculations - include HOS restriction estimates, travel times, traffic and speed · Offline maps - navigation and maps work even when you aren’t connected, and don't suck up your data plan. Maps cover North America, or you can download smaller regions to save space on your phone. · Free map updates included TRIP PLANNING · Plan your next trip with information on the places most important to truckers · Find points-of-interest for stops along your route—travel centers, truck scales and rest areas (TA/Petro, Love’s, Pilot Flying J or independent truck stops) · Find the best fuel prices · Find amenities like parking spots, restrooms, showers, scales, fuel and restaurants · View Live Traffic CONNECT WITH OTHERS ON THE ROAD · Find parking with information that’s updated by ONE20 and other truckers · Know the status of weigh stations as reported by other drivers · Rate and review your stops - the ONE20 team works on your behalf to help travel centers · improve · Rate the amenities at travel centers to find services you can depend on SAVE WITH UNIQUE DEALS ALONG THE WAY · As a ONE20 member, get exclusive savings on the stuff you buy everyday · Find relevant offers based on your current location and route (Save money on food, hotels, memberships, trucking services, health and wellness and more) WE’RE WITH YOU ONE20 is much more than an app—it’s a growing community of professional drivers who’ve decided they want more. Together, we’ll help you find benefits not found anywhere else—and radically improve life on the road. Knowing your location is key to ONE20, but please note, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. We recommend using a charger while finding your 20.


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My ONE20 - Truck Safe GPS, Planning & Savings app reviews

  • Bad Routes 1/5

    By YCB Crazy Mike
    this app is just okay for temporary routes i was recently in a accident in Pennsylvania and the route i was in cut through a mountain that’s really unsafe for truckers and the bad thing about it was the next day when i went to get my belongings out of my truck. i discovered that if i would of just stayed on the main route it would of taken me right to my destination without put any mountains smh
  • Updates? 1/5

    By Jtaran
    Why no updates? Your just as bad as copilot with updates. People would be better off buying a Rand or Garmin
  • Not Bad 3/5

    By Anita Towwel
    It's decent. I can't afford a real GPS so this is what I've been using the last 4 months I went back over the road. It works for the most part. One thing I like is you can type in where you want to go and it'll take you right there without having to type in the whole address. Somebody continuously talks after your last 2 miles before you have to turn which is useful. Most of the routes they choose are practical and it'll help you get places limiting the amount of tolls you use. My issues are it takes over 2 GBs on my phone, being what's taking most of my space on my phone. Also, I would prefer the maps to be updated, because from time to time it wants me to turn into illegal areas for trucks. It crashes a great deal if you leave the app often which isn't a good thing, but not a huge deal. The menus are kind of confusing, and you have to figure it out before you decide to us it. One thing I'd like for this app to do is to have a widescreen mode when I turn it to the side. Other than that, It works, could be better. I'm sure it'll be great as they keep updating it. I recommend it if you're on a budget.
  • Great app for free! 4/5

    By Juicey_Juice
    This app has everything that I have needed as a company driver. I have seen some of the other reviews and the only thing I can say is maybe you need to use the app correctly or get a better phone. My One20 work flawless on my phone. I have recommended and will continue to recommend on to others drivers! Update: after months of use and being urged to use the new One20 Maps app by tech support. This app still is leaps and bounds beyond that of One20 Maps.
  • After two months of use: 1/5

    By Pismelled
    This unstable app is a liability to commercial drivers. It locks up or closes completely at the worst possible times, and often requires you to enter your email and password to restart it, as well as re-entering your destination, forcing you to pull over, or to dangerously try to type the information while driving. If you don’t have internet available, you can’t get past the login screen - even after downloading the maps to supposedly allow you to use One20 with no internet available. The app does not remember any of your settings - it will say, for instance, that it will always use the truck-safe navigation and to change it, you have to go into settings. Next trip, you have to reselect truck-safe navigation, and again, you get the message about how your choice has been saved. When it works, it seems like every time I look to see what my next maneuver is or how far until the next turn, all One20 says is “in 9.3 miles, continue on highway” … 10 minutes later it says “in 3.5 miles, don’t turn” … 5 minutes later “in 7.8 miles, stay on road” … worthless. One20 drains my battery in about 45 minutes, and my phone is hot to the touch as long as the app is loaded. I leave my phone plugged in while driving, and when I stop, my battery is usually only 50% charged. Even with the app closed, my phone has become unstable. I’ve never had to power-cycle my iPhone 6+ until I started using One20, now I have to power-off daily … even if I haven’t used this app in several days. One20 offers alternative routes, which is a good thing as the initial route is never the fastest or the shortest. The menus and operation are not intuitive at all. The voice guidance is about twice as loud as my music with no way to adjust the volume without disabling the voice entirely. The voice is too annoying anyways … “In .4 miles, bla bla, in .3 miles bla bla, now bla bla” and the distances are usually off by 1/4 mile. Makes me laugh as it tells me “now, exit” and I’ve already passed the off ramp, as well as the associated on ramp. There are many more annoyances using One20, but if you’re okay with what I’ve already mentioned, you probably don’t care that the voice guidance often starts by saying “comma” or any of the many other bugs that One20 brings to your drive.
  • Won’t open since iOS 11 update 1/5

    By Lynchburg Killers
    Can someone fix this. I really enjoyed having a free gps for trucks on my phone
  • Like it. 5/5

    By Ke5gbc
    Most of the time I know where I'm going but when I don't I really like this one. All these navs at times go a different route than I want so I just wait for recalculate. It's the last 5 miles I really need.
  • Only one complaint 4/5

    By Happygolucky72
    So far this app is pretty good but it does tend to take you on a longer route so I have to pair it with google maps. Other than that it works great.. why are there never any updates?????
  • Navigation is horrible 1/5

    By nitewolf82
    2 times it took me to the wrong place, and one time it didn't even have me with 2 miles of my final destination. Uninstalled and I strongly urge you not to use this app.
  • Not bad for a phone app 4/5

    By Brad Conn
    I downloaded this because I'm just getting back in a rig and this app since I forgot my atlas at home has been great I recommend this to anyone one you can put in multiple stops an on spot location restrictions on road check points and the whole nine yards. Now that is a big 10-4 for this app.
  • Lacking Critical Function 2/5

    By GpsTrucker
    As a specialized hauler I often haul loads more than 13'6" high and don't see any place in this app to adjust the truck dimensions and weight for proper routing. This seems like a very obvious critical function that it should have.
  • Great for truckers 5/5

    By outlawtrucker17
    This app is a great gps for truck routes and to top it off it's free!!! Highly recommend it
  • Dangerous 2/5

    By Kikkyo
    If it times out, it expects you to log back in while in motion to get navigation back. Only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because if they fix that issue it'll be great.
  • Crash 1/5

    By kuzmich84
    It does not work on iPhone 6s plus. Want to test it
  • Not a comprehensive app 3/5

    By Dedwarmo
    A lot of the independent truck stops aren't listed. These are crucial for truck drivers these days because parking is so scarce.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Biscuit420
    Great app I love the navigation and it's free
  • Crash 2/5

    By md.hill_21
    Crashes a lot! Had to use google map.
  • Technical Support? FAIL 2/5

    By _bloo
    If you are going to develop an app for an industry that runs 24/7, you need to have Technical Support that answers the phones 24/7. Huge fail
  • Not a very good app. 2/5

    By Jwpaul1
    The app serves a basic purpose. However you have to open it 3-4 times as it wants to always crash upon opening. Also it picks terrible routes as opposed to my company's Navigo we use. The routes are always longer and senseless. One time it wanted me to take a short cut on a dirt road through a graveyard in the woods of Kentucky. It works okay along side my company's navigation but I would hate to have to rely solely on this. With that being said there is no way I would spend money to purchase their GPS tablet they push so hard.
  • Need a way to adjust speed 3/5

    By Thordrict
    It never takes me 2 hours and 57 minutes to go 147 miles. How is the arrival time calculated. It's way off. We need a way to adjust the average speed the app uses to calculate arrival times.
  • Eric H. 4/5

    By Eric Hagstrom
    I have been using the App for about two weeks now and I have to say it is pretty Good! I only had a little mishap in PA where it messed up but the customer told me many drivers reported problems with his address! Like any new App or software it takes a little time to figure out how to navigate and see all the features but this one was pretty easy to figure out!! I will continue to put it to the test and report back soon!
  • Good app 5/5

    By Flavy:)
    It's a very good app with cool features I recommend it to anyone 👍
  • Great! 5/5

    By Ytrdsxf
    Very good so far and for it being free I give it 5 stars!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jlp24
    Great gps !!
  • Unprofessional 1/5

    By Volman91
    If you are looking for a company that makes drivers look unprofessional, this is it. These guys are out for themselves and everyone can see it. Just look at their adds. They are rude and not at all professional.
  • Needs work. 2/5

    By Dasim4
    I like having options where gps is concerned but this one is lacking in too many ways to have me using it on a regular basis. First and foremost it picks terrible routes for truck drivers. Most of them I've selected go way off the normal route adding way too much time to the drive. I've set the app up various ways but it's always the same. Another huge gripe I have is that the menus are entirely too difficult to navigate and waste time. It also crashes almost every time I select truck safe routing to plan a trip. Most of the type is too small to read while driving. The poi list needs a way to narrow things down more. Under Truck Services I would like a way to be more specific, such as only truck stops, or only rest areas. Having every single truck service available pop up means manually sifting through miles of things I don't even care about. Look at how some of the other truck gps models do these things and then make it better. That's the only way this app will get 5 stars from me.
  • Looks promising 4/5

    By Twiich
    Got a potential. But the phones gets so hot even after two minutes of opening the app without navigating yet.
  • No Privacy 3/5

    By GameDayDog
    I understand the need to collect data on your users. But you can't begin to use the app without giving up an email address & more personal info. It's just directions. I'll use common sense & Google maps.
  • Can't open the app . 1/5

    By 8117Carlos
    Why I can't open the app ?
  • Wish it worked 1/5

    By Highhare
    Don't work on iPhone , so useless , must have the buy their expense tablet
  • Truck Safe 5/5

    By Jdm521
    Best free one I've used so far, gave it a run didn't let me down
  • Love You My ONE20!!! 5/5

    By Brooklyn4737
    Best for truck drivers!!! I live in NYC, this app is very helpful!
  • App stop working simple fix 5/5

    By Alexgs90
    Awesome app I found out that if you uninstall it and reinstall it will work guys
  • Not always helpful 3/5

    By Tonyvas328
    Needs to be simplified. Too many steps to go though to start a trip. Doesn't know legal hazmat route out of Seattle, Wash
  • Really want to like it, but can't if it crashes. 2/5

    By Mathiasinthe573
    Would love the opportunity to test it and see it works well. Has the potential to be a great app for professional drivers that don't want to spend $100's on standalone GPS units. But the app keeps crashing when opening. On the seldom occasion it opens, it crashes shortly after. This makes it unusable.
  • Updated now app won't open 1/5

    By Stupidbitches
    Updated yesterday 2/23/17 now app won't open at all goes back to my phones home page. Before the update worked great but can't use it at all. Was five stars now one was great now not so good. Plz fix this problem app was great before update.
  • Best for truckers 5/5

    By ednizzo63085
    Best for truckers
  • Awesome app for truckers 5/5

    By T3CH_W@RR10R
    I love the feature is that this app has including the truck GPS that actually works in a safer trucks and the truckstops rest areas and waystation map for areas around you. All-around great app for truckers
  • One 20 A Trucking Must Have! 5/5

    By Lone Rider 379
    Believe me when I say I was at first skeptical. However, I have now been using for several months and have become a firm believer. Just to make it short here are a few reasons to download One 20 today while ditching the traditional truckers GPS. First off, it's free. And who doesn't want free stuff. One 20 has a mission to take care of those who keep America going and they offer the only free Commercial GPS. Secondly, it's always readily handy on your phone or tablet and for those amongst us who need a tablet they offer it online at Amazon or at your nearest TA/ Petro. Check One 20 out today. You can't beat the options as it is extremely user friendly while offering safe truck navigation. One 20 is always adding new features or updating the old while maintaining the best map updates available. Check out One 20 today and I think you might just agree and save that $400 you were about to spend on your traditional truck navigation. And if your so bent on spending that $400 just buy yourself the One 20 tablet instead. Keep up the great work and updates One 20 while myself and other loyal truckers await and continue using One 20. Oh and while I'm at it - THANK YOU One 20 for giving back to truckers! We appreciate you for that and look forward to many years to come of a trucking partnership!
  • ur 5/5

    By yuroks
    Good gps navigation for truck drivers
  • Update?? 1/5

    By Kimaivanova
    one question? Why break that works well?
  • Useless 1/5

    By how am i driving?
    Crash buggy useless nonsense.
  • Stopped working 2/5

    By A7force
    I was down in southern Kentucky and my qualcomm had no signal to find a route to my next pick up so I opened this app, put in the address and pressed navigate. It wouldn't give me a route due to a restricted road being on the path. I figured whatever and managed to finally get a route out of my qualcomm but ever since then no matter where I try to navigate to using this app it will not give me a route, it won't even attempt to find one, it just goes into "follow" mode, that's what I'm calling it. Completely takes away the usefulness of the app though.
  • Best App 5/5

    By Jassi aabha
    Best app for Truck Driver good thing about this app once u download the map u don't need a internet or phone service and still working good
  • Free co-pilot 5/5

    By Ssgt78
    Co-pilot GPS for free, same as I have on my peoplenet. Not as good as rand McNally but it works good if my peoplenet is acting stupid.
  • Bug 1/5

    By Anton19831707
    It doesn't work on my iPhone 7plus, fix it. Pls..
  • Excellente Application La Recomiendo 5/5

    By Dj jensy
    Bueno 🇩🇴eh estado usando Esta Aplicación Por Dos Semana y me Ha estado a llevando Por Las Carreteras De Trucks 80,000 🚛Tengo Un Rand Mcnally tnd Tablet Y me ha Llevado Por Carreteras Con Restriciones y hasta Me Han Dado Tickets Por Sobre a peso En el Área De New Jersey And Pittsburgh En conclusión my One20 Es La Application Por el momento Que me a Tomado Por Los Lugares Correctos Si llega Una Aplicación De Pago Yo La compraría...Buenas Suerte Trucks Drivers Out there..🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
  • Good start 4/5

    By Jason-WX4JCW
    Need to put wifi quality in the ratings
  • Great app Best free truck nav out there 5/5

    By FoST13
    Best free truck navigation out there. It's been a real lifesaver since my company won't buy our trucks GPS. It's had its quirks and takes some time to get familiar with but it's always gotten me where I need to go. Thanks for making this free it's helped make my job so much easier and less stressful
  • Full Of Crap 1/5

    By Albertsada
    Just waisted 3 minutes of my life, don't even try it

My ONE20 - Truck Safe GPS, Planning & Savings app comments


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