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My Sprint Mobile

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My Sprint Mobile App

On the move, or on the couch, My Sprint encourages users to live their lives without worrying about their Sprint account. Check for upgrade eligibility, view and pay your bill or find the tech support you need. Improving your experience is important to us. Feel free to let us know the ups and downs of your journey by contacting us at


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  • Sprint Fraud 1/5

    By Nilesh Dhake
    All Sprint executives are frauds and cheaters they sell you wrong service and promise for wrong promotions and when you receive your bill, it’s totally wrong and overcharged. I wish I didn’t have switched to sprint ever.
  • Worst 2 years with a service of my life 1/5

    By Miss Tonja
    Every month my billing was wrong, wasted time, wasted energy, been bled dry by this company. The worst customer service I have ever seen, calls are outsourced. The local office can’t even get satisfaction and even told me to go with another company. This has been an absolute nightmare. I was lied to from the beginning about “but one get one free” it was a lease, not a purchase!! Lies! He’s been fired, no recourse for me just lost money. I never should have left Verizon. I was duped.
  • Payment 5/5

    By Cmpitts
    This app does not tell me how much my payment is
  • Nolberto 5/5

    By el cubanito de san antonio
    Es muy bueno tener sprint
  • My period experience 5/5

    By gcarp009
    You’re expensive
  • Bad business 1/5

    By Cc2456
    I tried to log in and it’s showing me someone else’s account info including there card info that’s bad business on sprint behalf
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By innovative5
    The customer service i received by Albert on Tuesday was horrible. Thinking i should switch carriers. If i could’ve give half a star that would be more ideal.
  • Sprint is horrible never make the switch! 1/5

    By guyfromarizona
    Horrible customer service. Horrible company that forces their employees to lie to customers.
  • Horrible internet service 1/5

    By Gotchya1986
    It seems everywhere I go I only have 1 or 2 bars and my speed is very slow.
  • Very Bad 1/5

    By Luiggy carusso
    Super bad experience that i had with sprint, they lied to me many times, a bunch of hidden fees, the salesman lied to me about the way the lease was going to work, after attempt to cancellation they increase $140 from one week to another, they said that they made a mistake and gave me the wrong price but i had to pay those extra $140, definitely do your research before going to any of these companies, they are experts on ripping off customers.
  • Boo 4/5

    By Law808
    Price keeps going up
  • Quick pay option 1/5

    By Grans1021
    I want to view my bill first before paying it, and the option to do so isn’t listed easily. It goes straight to quick pay and stays there.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Veritoapb
    I like the app, user friendly and fast
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By mommyopinion
    While everyone else is paying less than $200 on 4 lines. We are paying $215 for 2 libes. Sprint has been kind enough to not help current customers get a better deal. Zero stars for customer service, 3 stars for dropping calls often.
  • I hate sprint 1/5

    By shouldhavegotverizon
    Not happy with coverage, reception or customer service. If I could give sprint negative stars I would..
  • Consistently good 5/5

    By KReal037
    No need to fix what isn’t broken!
  • Great service at your fingertips! 5/5

    By ShattuckCW
    I’ve been a Sprint customer for 7yrs now and the addition of this app has really made me happy! So easy to use and very convenient!
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Kenzie0920
    App is easy to use. Would be better if making payment arrangements were still an option within the app
  • cant get details of my account 1/5

    By fawkawff
    it hit a snag it states for all information will keep taking my password only to ask for it immediately again.... some how my bill is 200 a month for unlimited whatever i make 15 calls a month and maybe 10 texts, need for you to fix asap1!!!!!
  • Customer service 5/5

    By harryosti
    Every time I need help with my account, I ask for Makena at the Cedar Falls location. She is so sweet and knowledgeable and is a pleasure to speak with!
  • It’s ok for basic 4/5

    By Nathan78$
    This app is only good for the basic stuff, like checking your balance or how much of what you’ve used. I liked it before when I could control my kids phones through it. I use to be able to turn the internet or calling on and off, but not anymore.

    By Loverocks1116
    Great app helps me pay my bill in just a minute!
  • Bad coverage 1/5

    By RLiV33
    I am very annoyed with the coverage I get from Sprint😫😫😫. 80% of the time I have 3G network, WHY??? And I am never able to send and receive text messages while on a call ughhhhhhh
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Fatmanlongjohn
    I just can’t stand sprint. Not the app. The app is fine but I have never had and good service with sprint
  • Making a partial payment 3/5

    By Doodle Jake
    I have found it difficult to make a partial payment. I have attempted to press edit in search of the availability to submit a wanted amount but the system does not permit it. I hope this assist you in improving your service. GOD BLESS
  • Least user friendly website ever. 1/5

    By Jomama19
    Wants to change password too often and now, to waste MORE time have to get a confirmation code (which takes forever!) All I want to ever do is pay my fricking bill.
  • Edit 1/5

    By TazRinn
    Didn't allow me to edit $ amount. Don't offer the option of you aren't going to allow me to change it. Clicked on Edit and nothing happened.
  • System is too slow 1/5

    By gglalocka
    Good thing i get to write a review. I’ve been with sprint for way too long just giving a chance. But I can’t wait to cancel this phone. I’ve called dozens of times complaining about signal issues. Call drops all the time, and because I live in upstate NY if I go to the next town it goes into roaming. Thank God it is only 4 more months of tolerance. I’m done!
  • Easy 5/5

    By Laperkat000
    I’ve never had any problems with this app! It makes it so easy to check data and make payments.
  • Reliable performance 5/5

    By B-TimesFiveMinusThree+J
    Works as expected.
  • Meh 1/5

    By can you hear me now liar
    The app works sometimes. You'd think since it's the service provider's app, it would work at least most of the time, but month after month I have to wait to see if the payment went through to mitigate a double payment. Normally it hasn't so I have to repay/pay again. My contract is up so I'll be transferring service elsewhere despite higher price tags. At least I'll have coverage. The "can you hear me now?" turned Sprint guy is a liar. There is a big difference in coverage. Even in cities. I have terrible coverage in Boston, Atlanta and everywhere in between.
  • Over charging for device payments 1/5

    By itmer massey
    My device payments are finished and they are still charging me for devices.
  • Sprint 1/5

    By Ughghhh kjh
    Customer service really lacks!
  • Second day 4/5

    By Manowar1982
    This is the second day I went into to look up my data usage and he was using it all up and I got is we are fixing our site , so I cannot figure who is using all my data because I usually only use less than two on a 12 data plan
  • Slow 1/5

    By Loquetuss
  • Misinformation 2/5

    By Bigaggiefan
    Due date is very misleading.
  • My AT&T service was a car payment with No car 5/5

    By RealDeal$
    I’m very happy to finally had found a reasonable monthly payment, No restrictions or worries every month with my bill. Excellent Customer Service!!! Thank you!! Sprint
  • Why am I getting 3G? 3/5

    By citygirl48146
    I’m getting 3g service when I’m at work and anywhere but at home
  • 5 stars 1/5

    Great app made a mistake with stars
  • Website 1/5

    By hunter34sa
    Your website & mobile app are terrible! Unable to access either one of them in a timely manner. Hope you can get both up & running so that it doesn’t take so long to log into an account!!
  • Best app!! 5/5

    By GirrGirr
    When ever I need to see my bills or make a payment!! Plus I’m all good!!
  • Not easy to navigate 1/5

    By tdutim
    Sprint app is difficult to use. Makes you sign in multiple times and does not show you full statement details.
  • Phones 5/5

    By farrahminer
    They have amazing customer service; and great phones.
  • Not customer services 2/5

    By KD561
    I rather speak with someone to make my payment I get the convenient of it but I believe in customer service
  • Ok 3/5

    By yogaandcoffee
    I’m neutral with this app is like meh
  • Billing problems 2/5

    By Sgugjjjtr
    I’ve had so many problems with billing and my account that I’m considering switching.
  • Impossible to reach an actual person 1/5

    By Johnnydiamos
    I have had problems with my bill for months now. Half the time I can't even get into the app, then it impossible to get an actual person to fix anything. You call for help and get a call center in the Dominican Republic that doesn't even listen to you.
  • Service 5/5

    By Foolykiddcooly
    I live in Illinois and I have trash signal. LTE runs like .5Glte I am just saying that 1% goes a long way dawg... I love y’all tho and Paul you the MVP for making that switch, but you should of brought the Satellite with you bro. I will continue with the service because it is a good price, but I just would like to watch Dragon Ball Super in 1080P and not Standard.
  • Nice 5/5

    By THCastile
    It took no time to make my payment my first time.
  • Reliable 4/5

    By Chadizzay
    Costumer service is very helpful. Thanks y’all...

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