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My TWC® App

Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company, and soon you’ll get to know us by the name Spectrum. This app is for customers in the former Time Warner Cable service area. Use My TWC® mobile app to manage your account and services, including review and pay your bill, get detailed billing information, and troubleshoot equipment for service issues, manage your existing service appointments and access Phone voicemail. Billing - View your bill summary, payment history, recent activity and last 6-month statements - Pay your bill using a credit card, debit card, checking account or savings account * - Schedule a future payment without waiting for a due date - Setup recurring payments using AutoPay and paperless billing preferences Troubleshooting - Activate your new set-top-box, modem & Digital Adapter - Check equipment connection status and troubleshoot service issues by reauthorizing equipment Services - Check your full list of existing services and equipment - Add or upgrade TWC services from the app Appointments - View/reschedule/cancel your existing service appointments - Manage your appointment notification preferences for existing appointments VoiceZone® - Receive notifications for new phone voicemails - Listen to and manage your phone voicemail - Use Call Forwarding to forward your phone when you¹re on the go Contact Us - Use Virtual Assistant to get answers about your services. - Schedule a call-back using Talk to TWC. You don¹t need to wait on hold, we¹ll connect you with an agent when you’re available. - Chat lets you text chat with a live representative for help on all your service questions. Other Features - Find TWC WiFi® Hotspots near you - Find TWC Stores near you - Access the TWC Channel Guide *Hawaii customers cannot make payments with checking and savings accounts


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My TWC® app reviews

  • Can’t see the bill 1/5

    By Mryan2469
    Keeps showing error try again later, cancelled the service after a week, too slow, never got the 200 speed. Buffer is what I got and I can’t view my bill hope to get all those fees back that are on the bill I can’t see.
  • Fill in some gaps 3/5

    By My2¢worth
    I needed to change the credit card on file for auto billing. The only way to do that with the app is to make an immediate payment even though no payment was due. In the “contact us” on the app no telephone number is provided...can only do chat but advised not to send credit card info via chat. When you get the telephone number the automated system wants to send you to the website to pay. I didn’t want to pay (not due) just change credit card number for future auto pay. Finally asked for rep and rep changed the credit card. Lot of my time wasted because app doesn’t allow me to change credit card number for auto billing without making a payment which is not yet due.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Kalkat1950
    Do not use this app to pay your bill! Do not leave your payment info stored either! This app charged me twice in a month on two different dates 😡 now I have to wait for the refunding process that takes 10 days customer service reps are horrible even the supervisor who suggested they would be more than happy to cancel my service. Shopping around for a new carrier!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Squatty T Justice
    This is a great app. I can pay my bill, troubleshoot my equipment and do a lot right from my phone. This works great for me because I don’t like waiting on hold to talk to someone if I can do things for myself.
  • Not at all User friendly 2/5

    By Santoo09
    I always have bad user experience with this app, the same way I do with their customer service on call
  • One More Company That Sells Lies 3/5

    By Older Music Fanatic
    Third billing. I was warned that being told I would pay the same price for 2 years was not true. I didn’t listen and sure enough My third bill is about $10 more than my second bill. The packages or plans seem redundant. Why is there a need to be able to access the same tv channel two or three times? If all channels are digital duplicating the channels is redundant!
  • Change format 3/5

    By Mcfisfresh
    I think app is fine but it’s visually unappealing and makes things more complicated just make it simpler with larger text
  • Really needs some improvements 1/5

    By TamofVa
    I have 2 cards on my account and I can’t tell which is which because all of the card info is masked. You should at least show a couple of digits like EVERY other site. Also I selected to add a new card and it went straight to charging a card already on file that I didn’t want to use.
  • App is confusing/ difficult to use 1/5

    By ER328
    It is frustrating all the loop holes needed to be able to see my statements. Need significant improvements
  • Works for me 4/5

    By not a twc fan
    As much as I don’t like TWC/Spectrum the app works well for the bill pay. I can also check my home voicemail from the app which is nice since I don’t have a home phone (bundled with other services).
  • Voicemail cannot be accessed app 2/5

    By royar
    Since late December the voicemail part always says server error, try later. It never works.
  • Voicemail 1/5

    By dsjmaj
    Since the last app update, the voicemail retrieval has not been functioning. I receive an error message each time attempted. Please fix.
  • Usable but not the most friendly 1/5

    By #1 ex-fan
    I would like a badge for the number of voicemail messages. I also hate that I have to listen to them. Other voicemail providers offer transcript display! I prefer to read the transcript and only listen if it was complicated or garbled. I would like to be able to customize my landing page to prioritize the tiles the way I want them not the way you think I want them, because if I look at the priority of how things are set now I should expect to pay often for a lot of problems because troubleshooting my bill are at the top but I only pay my bill once a month and I hopefully don't need support even that often, but I get calls everyday so voicezone should be more prominent and function.
  • Simply works 5/5

    By melawson77
    View my equipment and statuses as well as pay my bill and many other account maintenance features. No complaints
  • ¢яαѕн 1/5

    By FonoJane💋
    αρρ ιѕ иι¢є вυт ιт кєєρѕ ¢яαѕнιиg.. ℓσσкιиg fσяωαя∂ тσ ∂σωиℓσα∂ιиg тнє αρρ αgαιи ωнєи ιтѕ fιχє∂.
  • The One & Only PO$ App Available for Customers (: 1/5

    By sarakaitlintx97
    Beyond the abrupt and noticeable shift in the quality of service, support, and prices... this app is simply awful. Its the cherry on top of the outrageous merge that essentially eliminated any option I had to switch services. Hurry up Google Fiber. I’m unable to utilize the app because when it’s downloaded it reboots my phone; BUT, my WiFi CONSTANTLY needs a troubleshoot which I can only access on the app through my phone when this occurs (due to the disconnected WiFi which is what I’m trying to resolve). I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how they could offer such poor quality connection & defective resources AND PROCEED TO INCREASE MY RATE!!! Two words for Spectrum- Bad business.
  • Could be nice but isn’t 2/5

    By Flpr
    Not much to see here. Serves no real purpose and the voicemail section always generates a server error. Could be helpful like the website but isn’t.
  • Limited value 1/5

    By Kweickert
    I mostly go in the app to try to get WiFi hotspots working. They almost never work. The app isn’t much help. It directed me to the latest profile. I installed it and still couldn’t connect. Makes me think WiFi hotspots are just an unsupported marketing tool.
  • Not that great but OK 3/5

    By m.samuels14
    App always has some “network” issue . It’s like why did I bother getting it, if it works 20% of the time. And they’re fix is “to call them” ??? The point of the app is to NOT have to talk to their annoying customer service robot. And if I call , they always annoy me with phone calls after for surveys or to upgrade to things I DO NOT WANT. Just give me my bill and leave me alone. I know what services I want and don’t want ... you’re not swaying this person. Rant over. - the first 3 sentences were my review
  • When will the voicemail part of app be fixed??? 2/5

    By Need VM in App
    I haven’t been able listen to my voicemail in the app for months. When will this be fixed????
  • Long time customer 2/5

    By Marlo90
    I’ve been with spectrum for a long time, but for some reason my internet begins to slow down to a frustrating speed (I pay for the fastest internet). The app is good for paying my bill but not fixing my connectivity issues.
  • ShaZam! 5/5

    By Tuuvok666
    It works, I pay my bill here.
  • Spectrum! Most misleading service in the business! 5/5

    By Truth of offerup!
    I was having evening blackout problems with my ATT services! I was shopping at Walmart and was chased around the store by a Spectrum sales representative who mislead into believing spectrum was better, cheaper and reliable! So I mistakenly decided to go with spectrum!! Not knowing you will have to pay extra for the channels that are free with any other service!! So I had phone, all the premiums, phone and mtv was free, USA was free, amc,all Disney and etc!! So I got bullshitted and mislead from my honest provider!! They’re 99.00 special is over 200.00 to compare with Att!! Spectrum are crooks!!
  • Review of App FOR TWC/SPECTRUM 2/5

    By Peri2201
    Long time customer of TWC/Spectrum : Constant server errors and crashing apps !! How do you expect to have happy customers who pay for the services you offer and are relied upon to work yet don't !! Wow if you write to much of a complaint I get blocked! Do you want a review? I dont like your tech suppirt people laughing at me when i asked abouttwo things , the current new upgrades offered for free on the online services Which they told me i was mistaken (They dontveven know whats going on with the companyoffers !!! i saidi guess ill go else where since i cant afford the high cost of services! & ( after asking for help and saying " im tired of the apps not working that control the landline ) And effects my use on international calling App & The online App use which when I have to call Spectrum to fix the app thats not working, going on 2 weeks now"! You should credit everone fortheservices we have been withoutforv2 Weeks!
  • Passwords don’t match 1/5

    By GenerousBandit
    How many times do I need to change my password for it to work? I change the password and then try to sign in with the app and it redirects me to change the password again. So pointless.
  • Features not working 1/5

    By 1gobo
    No longer receive call notification from missed calls and constant “encountered server issues” when trying to retrieve voicemail. Not seeing much value over my old landline provider
  • iPhone SE 1/5

    By youngdickemdown
    So you fix the problem with the iPhone X now it doesn’t work with the iPhone SE thanks a lot
  • Can’t Log In Since update 1/5

    By 3746
    I use the app every month to pay my bill. Since the update, it just says it cannot connect to the server on any device. Fortunately it still works going on-line but it seems a telecommunications company ought to be able to develop an app that works.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Daisy9144
    Does not work most of the time.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Wifeyjo3506
    This app is terrible and never loads current information.
  • Ripped off 1/5

    By Maurosoy1
    So twc connected my internet 29 days ago and they are telling me i am 35 days past due .. Nice way to treat a new customer Going back to Verizon
  • Login on app and site is a loop of despair 1/5

    By Veno77!!
    I am so annoyed with the login process - i have yet to successfully login from a mobile phone on web or app. I have refrained from reviewing hoping it would get fixed but it hasn’t. It’s a constant loop of password doesn’t match, TWC ID request or my favorite a redirect to redirect to redirect until finally it brings me to the login screen again. I know it’s gonna do it every time but like a hopeful idiot I wait to see if it’s different. It’s still the same. This seriously does not make paying my bill on time easy and I am considering switch carriers to something easier to login to. See it’s not the big things that break up a peaceful home it’s the little things.
  • Finally iPhone X support! 5/5

    By EBdiesel08
    Like the title says finally! I think the only thing that’s missing is Face ID support, but I’m happy that for the meantime display support is here.
  • Gendered icon? 1/5

    By swingingout
    Who’s stupid idea was this?
  • Nothing spectacular 3/5

    By CAS1951
    The app is okay, however, it unfortunately doesn’t allow you to access your rr email acct.
  • Can’t find page to block unwanted calls 2/5

    By jcksal1
    I’ve been all over the app; but I can’t find where to enter phone number I want to block. I know I have done this before; but it was probably on the website. If the app doesn’t have the ability to block phone numbers, then that is a serious flaw and I still need the website.
  • Time Warner i miss U 1/5

    By Kaya Weso
    Spectrum sak customer service sak all u can think of
  • Mobile App 3/5

    By sunny24smd
    I like the fact I can pay the bill but when you try to make your equipment is working I don’t State active I just want to see on or active instead of troubleshooting
  • Notifications broke 2/5

    By Camcrobe
    App does not push notification of new call, missed call, or voicemail. Is really the only reason I have this app. Please fix
  • Excellent Product 5/5

    By Gerry Bodrogi
    This APP has made my life so much easier. I've been having difficulties writing entries in my checkbook and writing checks. This keeps track of my bills and payments without me having to write anymore. The tools available in this APP have been very helpful also. You can diagnose your TVs, cables and other hardware connected to your cable. My grandchildren love it because they don't have to call for technical support as much anymore. I Love It and it's so easy to use.
  • Dumb app, service is worse 1/5

    By Tribe65
    Neither the app or service meet customer needs. Arrogant and def product offering.
  • Worst app and internet provider 1/5

    By Bookqorm113456789
    My connection is constantly going in and out every 5 seconds and I am unable to see my TV for even one show. Ever since Spectrum took over, Time Warner’s connectivity has become the worst. The app doesn’t help me at all since I’m constant rebooting the connection but nothing is fixed. I upgraded to the 100mph and the connection is still horrible. Paying very high price for a mediocre internet service that doesn’t even work for an hour a day. I work all day and expect to be able to watch my tv for at least 30 minutes. Will definitely be switching.
  • Missing Accessibilities 3/5

    By ABloodlettet
    I’m very disappointed with the fact that eMail has not been made accessible easily and that there are no front menu customization features. This app either needs a good update or a complete overhaul.
  • Stupidly complicated 1/5

    By an unfortunate customer
    App and online
  • Whenever I open this app on my iPhone ios11.2 2/5

    By Programmerparker
    Whenever I open this app on my iPhone ios11.2 it causes me to have to erase my phone because it will go into a loop with the spinwait icon every few minutes. I am unable to recover from this issue without going to erase all settings and restore iPhone. Please update when fixed.
  • Functionality is all there 3/5

    By delamp
    Pro: The app allows you to see all activity Con: I set up touch security which only send to work if I put the cursor on the password. Standard UI just pops the touch login is set without an extra click. This is clunky design
  • For the most part like 4/5

    By HappilyChillin
    My likes: Pay my bill directly on the app See ‘package’ I have. My dislikes: Can not make changes to ‘package’
  • Garbage company 1/5

    By Thatcoolhipsterguy
    Never help, have been left with faulty internet for 6 months and they’ve done nothing
  • Froze. Garbage for my purposes. 1/5

    By Alesia28
    Spectrum stopped supporting TWC's Caller ID app on my PC. This is no substitute, but I figured I'd check it out. After setting up and clicking Agree (and denying access to my entire Contacts list), I clicked to set home phone features. It started "loading" and never finished. Finally I stopped the app. Enough of Spectrum's nonsense.
  • Error 1/5

    By OhioSt8Girl
    There is always something that has an error, what good is that.

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