myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed

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  • Current Version: 1.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: ResMed
  • Compatibility: Android
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myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed App

myAir™ helps you track your progress with your CPAP machine. Whether you’re new to CPAP or have been using it for years, myAir, ResMed’s patient engagement application, can make sleep apnea treatment easier.. Your ResMed Air10TM (AirSense™ 10 or AirCurve™ 10) machine automatically uploads data to myAir so you can simply sign in and view important information about your therapy. With myAir, it’s easy to track your treatment quality and progress over time. To help increase your confidence and motivation, myAir provides helpful tips and tricks with access to videos and guides to help you stay on track for a comfortable night’s sleep. myAir provides you with: • A daily snapshot of how you slept with the myAir sleep score • Detailed statistics to help track your sleep therapy progress • Automated, personalized coaching and support • Videos and guides to answer common questions • Encouragement to help you build your confidence with treatment Learn more about myAir at Note: myAir for Air10 supports ResMed AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 devices. For AirMini, please download the AirMini by ResMed app. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are not supported.


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myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed app reviews

  • Enjoy it but... 4/5

    By I*hate*Kenny
    I enjoy the app but hate that it doesn’t sync with the sleep app that’s in Apple health. It would be great if it tied all in with the sleep portion of the whole HealthKit. I also hate the fact that it will time out and I have to sign back in. Please consider making it accessible to the sleep portion of apple health. That would make me SO happy!
  • Log in, every time??? 1/5

    By Hark fall
    It’s not a user friendly app, every time it opens you to sign in. It’s to bad really it has promise. Please fix it!
  • Please add Apple Health integration 4/5

    By PhantemMonkey
    As part of a complete health picture it would be great to add Apple Health integration for sleep analysis.
  • Not bad; could be better 3/5

    By Danke7hlr
    This app is a convenient way to monitor your CPAP machine. The iPhone app works on iPads, but a native iPad app would be nice (hint, hint, ResMed...) Also, it gets old typing in your password nearly every day. An option to save your login, even better, touchID, would be highly welcomed!
  • Auto logout what a pain 1/5

    By Rev. Ruby
    This app is just okay. But then the auto logout is too annoying to make this app worth using. A big thumbs down for me.
  • Password. 1/5

    By Kid On A Leash
    I'm convinced this app can't do passwords correctly. It makes you enter your password every two weeks which is annoying but when I do it never seems to be the right one. I've had to reset my password every single time. Ive never had problems with this in any other app.
  • Wake Up ResMed 1/5

    By czr01
    This app, while it looks nice, is very rudimentary. My two biggest complaints is lack of support for touch ID and lack of integration with the Apple’s health app. It is ridiculous that I have to look at third party sleep tracking methods when this should track my sleep and send it to Apple’s health app.
  • No Touch ID 3/5

    By App reviewer mike
    Update and I’ll change to 5 stars.
  • App is basic but good 3/5

    By Paradox4286
    I'd really love for this app to find a way to integrate with Apple health kit
  • Better then nothing, not as good as sleepyhead 2/5

    By AndrewZeppa
    It's ok for basic data, though mask on off and sleep score is way off. Better then nothing. If you want a truly accurate assessment with pressures, ahi, leak, etc charted for the entire night the open source free software sleepy head can't be beat.
  • Ok, needs a lot of work 2/5

    By StuartDole
    This feels like an app that was done under contract by a developer. Like a set of not well thought through specs were emailed off and that was it. It does contact ResMed’s servers and display the data, but: Passwords are required and expire frequently, so you keep having to invent new ones (hello? Why?) It doesn’t integrate with Apple’s HealthKit. It displays sloppy programming in the user interface.
  • Wish this connected to Apple Health!!!!!!! 2/5

    By Honkified
    Wish this connected to Apple Health!!!!!!! If making an Apple App, should Share Data

    By Zingarapd
    Really at this point there is no touch log in?? It is extremely Annoying to sign in each time!! Also there are other glitches... The contact form has 400 characters & no keyboard!! It also needs a landscape option. Such a shame because the engineering of the equipment is first class!! The app is really sloppy!
  • Great Almost 3/5

    By Drawingmecrazy
    I've been using CPAP for over 10 years and as such this app constantly gives me scores of 95 - 99. I've only got 100 once. It's not hard to do if you use CPAP correctly and sleep at least 7 hours. The problem I have is that it removes a point for on/off even when you take it off in the morning when your session is complete, that along with my one time getting up to use the bathroom brings my perfect score down to 99. No big deal but I just feel you should not get "penalized" for removing your mask at the end of a session, everyone has to remove their mask when you wake up.
  • Needs some work, but easy to see some data. 1/5

    By SABiblestudent
    I agree with others about the Touch ID. Such a hassle to put in info each time. Also I wish there was a diary section we could add notes to our daily info. I.e. We could note if we were up in the night, sick with a cold, changed masks, etc. I have to keep all this info separate from my data so I can try and figure out what's going wrong with my therapy. Also the point number system doesn't make sense. If your AHI isn't at 5 or below your CPAP therapy isn't working properly. The score I get is "94 Great" when my AHI is 15.6!!! All the other stuff Doesn't matter if my AHI isn't improving. So for new users it could be very deceptive. They think the overall score is great when really the cpap isn't working at all!!
  • Is it worth using? 4/5

    By Mr. Musical201
    I do believe it to be a good support app. Must admit that I use it and check it almost daily. Does it accurately reflect what and how I feel about my nights sleep? NO- not most nights, but it does encourage me to continue to maintain the unit daily. I would not stop using it. Would appreciate more accurate technical information. In my case it would be more effective as support should they build the app with a greater sensitivity to actual reported information. It causes me to feel someone is caring enough to keep me involved with my machine. Thanks Resmid
  • So so app 1/5

    By SquareHammer
    Not a true representation of what happens when you sleep. It lists that I took off my mask when I never did. It is also a pain in the A-- to sign in every once in a while. Should have the option not to have a password. Who really cares about someone sleeping habits. Needs to have more explicit information on what happens at night when you sleep.
  • Data Not Accurate!!! (See update) 4/5

    By cclouca
    I've been using this app now for three weeks. The Mask on/off feature is way off! And the Usage data is off! It cuts my hours of usage time on a given day by up to an hour and a half some days. I document my time "on" and "off" to compare. This is particularly annoying because in order for my primary insurance to cover this machine, I have a minimum usage time per day to meet. I am also suspicious of the "mask seal" feature. Just doesn't jive with what I experience during the night. NOTE: The data reported on this app, is also reporting the same on my ResMed CPAP machine. Both devices need work! Not good! Thanks UPDATE: Spoke with tech support about the disparity in the usage time and I was told this is happening due to air leakage from my mask! I have the setting on "smart start" and when the mask leaks, it automatically shut down my CPAP machine resulting with the usage time difference. I am changing my rating. The "mask seal" feature shows an on/off point each time the air leak occurs, even though I am not actually removing my mask several times per night.
  • Touch ID 3/5

    By MBnGB99
    I'm a new user and already frustrated at having to enter my password with each login. Please consider an enhancement to add Touch ID.
  • Waste of space 1/5

    By Mtnhke
    I have never gotten this app to work because I never got the registration email. I registered my machine 6 or 7 times, checked junk mail, garbage and everywhere I could find in my email and I never once received the activation email. Contacted customer service and all they did was resend the email which never arrived! Did not understand that the email was not being received. To me that says it was something on their side! I even deleted the app and reinstalled it but that didn't help at all!!! I am going to delete it and not waste the space on my phone!
  • What he said--Please get TouchID set up 5/5

    By One way please
    Please get TouchID set up.
  • No Apple Health Connectivity 1/5

    By Abelly44
    App is okay. Score is subjective. Serious gap by not having Apple Health integration. By failing to integrate with Apple Health, users have limited functionality and can't piece sleep together with measures from other apps to paint a broad picture of their overall health.
  • Needs a lot of improvements 1/5

    By Haxxsaw
    Really tired of getting logged out of the app and needing to re-enter my credentials. Once I sign in, I should stay signed in. The app ASSUMES everyone is on the same time schedule. Instead of reporting actual data, it automatically stops a day at a pre-determined time. I have unconventional hours, so this usually means the app is not reporting correctly. Reporting needs a lot of improvements and refining. Horrible app.
  • Sad 1/5

    By April and David
    This is just a duplicate of the mobile web site they already have. There was no thought put into this so it is just something that clutters my home screen, occupies storage on my device, and chews on my battery in the background. Why not provide HealthKit integration, more visualizations and data (there is a ton of it), etc. There are a lot of things this app could be doing. ResMed could leapfrog Philips if they were to provide an amazing mobile experience. I would also say that if they add to their machines an oximeter, motion sensors, a more thoughtful UI and display, and include the data from those in this app as well, they would leave competition in the dust.
  • Good application 4/5

    By acocke
    The application does a good job at showing me my stats during the night and I enjoy seeing them. There is one thing though I wish the app would do and that is talk to Apple Health app and log my sleep in there. I like to keep all my health stats in that app and show my doctor all in one app. Other than that I really enjoy the app, and once it talks to Apple Health I will update the stars to 5.
  • Not good on iPad 1/5

    By TigerRain
    Portrait mode only. No fingerprint login.
  • Needs better integration 3/5

    By bheffron
    Ok app. Provides rough data, but should tie in with HealthKit. Time to update for that.
  • Info is too generalized 1/5

    By erikaadinh
    Better to know time, e.g. 2am, of apnea.
  • Not Working Overseas - Germany 1/5

    By DancingCamel
    I'm disappointed that the app does not overseas. I'm stationed in Germany, I have a ResMed Air10 CPAP machine. The app would not take my info and says that the machine does not work in Europe, only in US. That is too bad.
  • Not the best 2/5

    By Tomtom521
    Doesn't record data everyday. It's a not consistent. Support says to make sure you have a good signal...I did and it still doesn't work.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By DDarlingDD
    I really have no complaints EXCEPT that it won't stay logged in. It's irritating , annoying, and inconvenient to have to log in so frequently. Once every 6 months would be good enough. Most apps don't log out ever unless one does it manually.
  • Let me decide when to sign out 3/5

    By DSLspeedy
    Love the app but it automatically logs me out every couple of weeks then I have to find my password again. If thumbprint recognition is not available then let me stay signed in for as long as I want to. Don't decide that for me let me configure when or IF I want to sign out.
  • Password issues 1/5

    By Mydogsfartingagain
    Tried to use this app on iPhone 6 to check my data from the previous night and was asked to sign in. I checked my password cheat sheet to be sure that I had the correct one, entered it, and the app comes back with "Incorrect password". I entered the same exact password on my desktop and I was able to see my data. Deleted/reloaded the app. No change. It worked great for six months previous. App and phone are up to date. It would be nice to be able to use the app but it is useless on my phone.
  • Great app 5/5

    By j-fi
    I am very satisfied with this app. It's really enlightening and encouraging to see these stats. I'm really surprised at all the other low stars. I haven't had any of the problems others have mentioned. Couple improvement I'd like to see is more graphs showing the data over time and the ability to export the data (ex: emailed as a .cvs or .pdf file).
  • Keep timing out 1/5

    By Dhuynh7888
    Sessions keep timing out asking to re-enter password. Very annoying.
  • Pretty much BS 2/5

    By Cynical SOB
    First let's note that their frequent identity verification is a royal PITA. I bet they try to claim HIPAA requirements, but as one who works in this domain I call BS. Second they really restrict your access to the data and give you simplistic data summaries that are based on lots of assumptions. I want to see the nightly time series data, not their poorly distilled summaries. Hey ResMed, recognize that I OWN these data, not you. And I know more about analytics than you do. I probably failed some of you in undergrad stats!
  • Apple Health Integration 3/5

    By TSBarnette
    I like the app but would love to see it integrate into Apple HealthKit.
  • Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Akamaicool
    I am a new CPAP user. I've downloaded the resmed app on the iPhone which worked flawlessly for 10 days. Today when I tried to check my results the resume I would have said my "session had timed out." I have tried to enter my email/password and even deleted and reinstalled the app… Nothing works. As you can tell by the overall review rating, this app is a waste of time.
  • Better sleep. Needs Health App integration 4/5

    By MishR
    I love using this app and have been for about 9 months now. My sleep has dramatically improved with my CPAP and I am very motivated by gameification. I would really like integration with the iPhone Health app. Please work with Apple on this. 
  • Awful 5/5

    By Carilee59
    This app has collapsed and is useless. I liked it. Now I can't get in it. Trash 7/11/17. After a day or two this app is working again. Gremlins must entered. All is well today. Back up to five stars. Very helpful in monitoring sleep.
  • Just bad 1/5

    By Jessebo8247
    If I could give this app less than 1 star I would. I fought with my cpap mask for 14 minutes last night because it didn't want to seal, and this app gave me a perfect score for no mask leaks. I can tell you this mask had more leaks than a styrofoam cup with a thousand holes poked in it. Don't waste your time even thinking about downloading.
  • Almost useless 1/5

    By PasadenaTom
    "Rah rah rah. Good job". That's all you get. No useful data. Not geared toward anyone interested in understanding their condition. If you are the type of person who wants to turn over your treatment to others and not ask questions or do any research, this may be for you. Otherwise, get Sleepyhead, import your data, and see something meaningful. Zero stars would be more appropriate. But I was forced to give it at least one.
  • Poor App - Waste of Time 1/5

    By Maxwellax
    I registered AirSense10 and got confirmation but the app never gets data from the machine - useless app. Don't bother wasting a lot of time with this one - just use your APAP machine as you have been. No support worth anything through the app.
  • Junk. Poorly written app 1/5

    By Joe-T
    Lots of reasons why this app does not live up to its potential. The big one is that the "Forgot password" button on the login screen is hidden by the device keyboard and is inaccessible under the message that tells you the password is wrong. Then it will lock you out for 30 minutes after 3 attempts. The password box doesn't support LastPass integration either. Who needs this grief when you can just look at the machine for the sleep data.
  • Needs one other feature 4/5

    By TeesaReviews
    I like the app. The data is effective in making adjustments. But it would be really helpful if you could add a reminder feature to prompt user to replace hoses/filter/mask on an indivdual schedule.
  • Ok app short term. 2/5

    By Tom Castagna
    Would like to see same data graphs available on computer. Also only 14 days prior use available! Would like to at least see 30 days minimum but why not all data available? I need this data for a flight waiver as I am a pilot. Like I said ok app with limited data available.
  • Why no Android version? Just Sad! 1/5

    By Cali2OR
    Seriously sad! Just Heartbreaking!
  • Good but not entirely accurate 3/5

    By courtb86
    The mask on/off statistic is wrong. I never take my my mask off at night and it always says I do once a night. I don't even go to the bathroom at night. I think the statistics aren't 100% accurate.
  • Myair 1/5

    By Hopsock
    Would not recommend it to no one after the last update have to keep changing the password every time I want to use the app. They have no email address to write to at all no phone number on the app to call have to go online password works there but not on app give incorrect email. How could it be a incorrect email been using since downloaded the app.
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By DEM ΔΧ
    Need to be able to connect with the health app and be able to export to share with my doctor

myAir™ for Air10™ by ResMed app comments


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