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myAT&T App

There’s a faster way with our cleaner and more modern look. Get more done with the myAT&T app. myAT&T lets you manage your AT&T Wireless, U-verse®, home phone and Internet accounts with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Easy access to common actions directly from the app icon on 3D Touch enabled iOS devices. Billing and Payments: • View and pay your bill • View activity since last wireless bill including bill and payment history • Manage bill ready notifications • Enroll in and manage paperless billing • Set up and manage AutoPay • Manage stored payment profiles Manage your plan and services: • View wireless voice, text, and data usage (including rollover data) • Mobile Share customers can view, compare and change their wireless plan • Add or remove wireless account services • Review wireless rate plan details • Access U-verse service details and plan information • Manage U-verse voice features like caller ID on TV and Locate me • Trouble logging in? Recover your User ID and reset your password • View U-verse voice and television usage • Reset your wireless voicemail password • Set customized usage alerts for wireless accounts • Manage U-verse technician appointments • Move U-verse service • Get help for your AT&T services Shop: • Find AT&T store locations and schedule appointments • Shop in the app, and then stop by your local AT&T store to pick up your products myAT&T requires an active AT&T account that is registered for online account management. myAT&T does not support Premier business accounts or GoPhone/Prepaid accounts.

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  • Needs work. 2/5

    By DB20TX
    They should add a data usage meter widget to the Notification Center similar to what Verizon does in their MyVerizon app. This app is very slow and unresponsive, needs lots of work.
  • Incredibly user-UNfriendly app (and website, FTM) 1/5

    By ffgirl05
    Even though I was a long-time Verizon wireless customer, I decided last November to combine everything and make life easier for myself--cell phone, TV, internet all from one overall provider and on one bill. Perfect, right? Wrong. Two separate bills, apps that won't let me sign in, a user ID that can NEVER be changed (even though it references an archaic email account that has never been used because it's a .net account and, well, nobody uses those) and a website that seems designed to send you on wild goose chases that increase in number commensurate to your frustration level. I am supposed to have all of this wonderful DIRECTV access, but I can get no help whatsoever making it work in my mobile devices. No one in my family can sign in with our user ID and the whole concept is, therefore, rendered utterly useless. I don't have any more hours left to spend on hold or chatting with a tech or trying to explain my recurring problem to yet another CS operator. I'm exhausted, AT& win. I give up. You get quite a lot of my money every month, but you don't have to provide anywhere near the services we pay for. Good for you.
  • This is the most intuitive big company app I have 5/5

    By Rjdjmama
    I use this app for everything from checking my bill to putting in a service ticket. It's one of the fastest apps for paying bills and managing my account there is. I have not always been pleased with my AT&T service but they have made great strides over the last 17 years in becoming customer service oriented. I may give them a hard time but I'm very pleased with the plans they offer, especially as compared to the outrageously expensive plans of Verizon and the limited coverage of Sprint and TMobile. I've been with the company since 2000. I've considered others but always stay with AT&T and this app is a big part of the reason I've stayed.
  • Usage 5/5

    By Sensin7075
    Easy to use app
  • Left hand doesn't talk to the right hand 3/5

    By TeamDNF
    You wouldn't think that this is still a problem in today's age of technology. But apparently it's still is a problem here.
  • App is to slow 1/5

    By JackNights
    The app is to slow to use effectively. It's a pain to use.
  • 👍🏼 5/5

    By Bianca Adorno
    Awesome app
  • Mr. 5/5

    By SocklessRichard
    It's dope. Thanks boys.
  • Data is not updated 2/5

    By Mqdubs
    Can't seem to get the correct read on my data which isn't helpful. Doesn't update after a full couple days.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Nicole7o7
    Makes my life easier when it comes to paying bills! 👍🏼
  • Great App 5/5

    By Bradley Williamson
    The customer service at AT&T is the best and that is why I stay with them. It may cost me a little more to use AT&T but their customer service is worth it!
  • Meh... 3/5

    By HelenTinkelson
    App works fine and gives the info I need. My biggest issue is how AT&T relies on WiFi phone capability to justify their poor coverage even in major metropolitan areas and across many miles of interstate. Coverage is not as expected - buyer beware!
  • Disaster 1/5

    By Never Hillary
    Account has showed zero balance due each and every day for 6 months since activating my service. Cannot view previous bills. Making payments tells me I'm paying more than is due. Getting emails showing zero balance due while getting phone calls threatening to shut off service if I don pay.
  • Problems 4/5

    By Softballmom1242
    My account has been hacked quite a few times within the last couple weeks and everyone has been very helpful going above and beyond to help resolve the issues. Thank u soo much
  • Cc 5/5

    By Canedi
    I am able to do all my business thru this app
  • Could be better 1/5

    By Joeshammock
    Hate it. Interface isnt smooth, ugly fonts, colors. Plus monthly bill slowly increases each month.
  • Love ATT!!! 5/5

    I have used ATT numerous years and they have always been helpful and honest!!!! Love that in a company!!! Very satisfied with my experience!!!! ❤️
  • Meh 3/5

    By Kaity116
    Sometimes this app works, sometimes it doesn't.
  • Horrible service!!!! 1/5

    By Okieredsfan
    I pitched the a plan to have unlimited texting while traveling to the UK. The texting worked only a couple of times, then I kept getting a message saying "enter correct number". I did, with the same results. Then I tried to log in to my account at myATT, and it didn't recognize any of my information. But they didn't hesitate collecting my payment from my bank account. The sad thing is I can't call AT&T, because I would have to take out a loan to pay the bill for it!!!
  • Lew 1/5

    By lewmr
    Latest update crashes; doesn't open. Worked well until then.
  • Our service 1/5

    By jmac121110
    We are trying to understand how you advertise free iPhone 7s for up to four lines with unlimited data for 40.00 per line. We were told our tablet and services used W tablet would be free due to our unlimited but noticed we are being charged 40.00 monthly for using it. Also my husband is now using a flip go phone bc even though he pays an ungodly amt. to have the iPhone , he is being charged three different insurance and protection plans plans for our services just for that phone alone. Every company including ATT promise free upgrades which we have yet to get. Our bill has always been well over 350.00 a month and we have no laptop or wifi connections including hotspot which was taken away when the laptop stopped working. I've been trying to combine our Directtv and ATT accounts for a very long time to save a little bit of money but have been told on numerous occasions that if we were to do so, we would lose our unlimited privilages and have to be placed on a data plan which will not work for us. He messed up his last iPhone and made a claim, received another and had another accident. He was told that if he made another claim they would drop his insurance entirely. So he's using a go phone that cost him 20.00 with no data, yet he's still being charged as if he's using one daily. Upgrades are supposed to be available yearly , yet I haven't been available in a while and I still have to pay installment plans for the phone( hundreds of dollars) for an upgrade. I want the deal advertised on TV, free iPhone 7s with free unlimited data for four lines but for some reason that doesn't apply to us. I need someone to explain all these charges to me. Each phone has a few different insurance/ protection/ whatever else charges that we have not or will never use. We were told the tablet would only increase our monthly bill by 10.00 for usage and all of a sudden it's 40.00. I know if we go elsewhere I bill would not be close to the amount we pay monthly with this company. We've been with ATT for a long while( years) and were staying bc of loyalty but we are starting to pay attention to our bills and charges. If it's known hes using a go phone due to att and asurions policies regarding ibsurance, why is he still being charged as if it's an iPhone. I don't understand. That phone is 100% paid for. I just want to speak with someone in charge regarding the way too many issues and money we've spent trying to believe in your company but we feel like something cannot be eight. If you advertise you give free iPhone 7s and unlimited services for anyone switching up to four lines, then why is it totally different for customers who stood by your company through your legal issues of overcharging your base? I'm trying to understand but every time I call there is a different explanation given about the situation. Upgrades have always been free everywhere else or at least very close to it. Not about 10% off the devices. They are free if you switch companies, just not to your loyal customers. Plese contact me to help me further understand some of these bogus charges. I may be wrong but I have many questions that I need the answer to so I will be able to make an educated decision regarding my family's future service. We love ATT. We would love to resolve the issue and pay what others coming into the company have the opportunity to pay. Please contact me asap bc our bill is becoming to much for us to handle and with other companies offering all these great deals, including ATT with free phones and unlimited as long as Directtv is a provider( well thats been us all along att and Directtv and just nothing) I need to speak to someone vehicle knows what they are doing and also what can be done to maybe help out our horrible services. We don't even have a computer in our home and when I tell others with different companies what we pay, they are shocked and tell us to get away from ATT. I always defended this company bc my grandmother ( God rest her soul) swore you were the best but that has been many years ago. So, for separate Directtv and ATT bills with no computer, a go phone as one of the lines which is known but still being charged smartphone prices, a tablet that wS free and promised to only add 10.00 monthly ( which turned into 40.00) and two iPhones in which one hasn't had an upgrade in over a year, our monthly total for both services is 600.00 monthly. Something cannot be correct. I've been calling about this and I'm told something different each time. I've been talking to friends with other carriers and they are begging me to leave and promising me that I would save hundreds of dollars monthly. I wanted to speak with someone first who really understands things first before I make any rash decisions. ATT S been on our lives since we were children and I don't want to change it now but we can't afford to keep paying such incredibly high bills. I'm researching things over the next day or so, pleae call me back to help me understand why loyal customers such as ourselves are being charged more than new switch over customers. I don't understand. Please return my call. My name is Jenniferabl Pringle at 3185425142. I worked at Tmobile in the past and have never seen anything like this. Please call. We need your help and preferably from someone who has a title. With Kindest Regards, Louis and Jennifer Pringle
  • Easy To Manage Account 5/5

    By Opiumgoddess
    As a person who hates dealing with other humans during sales transactions, I find this app very convenient. I can use it to do basically anything that I could possibly want to do with my cell phone account (ex: pay my bill, change my plan, upgrade my phone, address customer service issues, etc.). My satisfaction with AT&T as a provider is another matter...
  • Complete junk 1/5

    By ElDuce
    I can't even connect to my account. This app is completely worthless.

    By Fabian805
    it's an easy way to pay your balance, your data balance and see which plan you have ;)
  • App 5/5

    By Tlcogar
    Is easy to use. Makes it easier to pay bill.
  • Makes reviewing bills easy 5/5

    By ashleeesmommi
    This site makes reviewing my bill and making payments easier then having to having to go through and keep all the monthly bills
  • Unable to Use the App 2/5

    By Trivia Medivia
    Whenever I open the app, it asks me if I want to update the app or go to the AT&T website on my web browser. I've already updated the app, yet I can't use the app unless it's "updated." What's the point of having the app if I'm unable to use it?
  • Excellent 5/5

    By TroyMich
    This app gets better and better. It is intuitive and very user friendly! Thanks for listening to your customers!
  • Not So Good...Can't Get into App 1/5

    By Bird Legs 101
    Bad idea. Can't get in to fix my account issue. Bad loops to get caught in. Good luck with it.
  • Good App!! 5/5

    By Cowboy & Maverick
    Feels much faster. Looks like the App is redesigned and has a fresher look.
  • Not so promising 2/5

    By EmJai84
    I have been using the is app for quite some time now and have a love-hate relation with this app. There are times when the app runs smoothly without fault and then there are times when the app will crash the moment I use Touch ID to checking my usage or viewing my bill (sadly, the latter more frequent). The idea behind the app is great but the continued navigation issues for all parts of the app is discouraging and frustrating at best. It would be great if ATT would update this app regularly to ensure their app would be more reliable.
  • Pretty Good 4/5

    By Deebz217
    App doesn't update billing and data usage very quickly, but otherwise a solid app.
  • Unread messages 3/5

    By tewise
    I cannot mark messages and alerts as read. And the X to delete them doesn't work. So they never go away. I can't stand that!
  • Acct log in 1/5

    By Marclwvin
    This app was ok until the update- now horrible since I cannot get log on
  • User friendly 5/5

    By Gail Washington
    Love the app!!!
  • Absolute WORST!! 1/5

    By Nodenof
    This app is so ridiculously convoluted and incredibly difficult to use it's absolutely worthless. You click on a link and the app takes you to more links, and then to more links, until you're back where you started. Unbelievably worthless app!!!
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By gwm1952
    This app (even though it's free) isn't worth the time it takes to push the button and download it. Says my contact email can't be found nor can my phone number. What's the point? Or better yet, what's the problem?
  • Terrible 1/5

    By KoaaJ
    If you use the same email for att and direct tv completely glitches the entire app and website. Cmon. Aren't y'all a "technology" company
  • ATT app is better 4/5

    By Pic ladeeee
    I actually prefer using the app more than the live customer service. In the past my experience with the CS on the phone would be given 2 stars but I believe my request by ATT to give them a review coming from within the app was for the app and I find that it has been improved.
  • 🤣😝😂😍😍😍😘😋 5/5

    By Bim mck
  • Unhappy in Alabama 1/5

    By DoubleD1313
    Unfortunately 0 stars is not an option. The app is essentially useless. I can only access part of my profile, so I can't do anything at all with the app.
  • Att 5/5

    By Xnzmaiba
    Love the app and the service
  • This is so easy 5/5

    By brndwn
    I wish all my apps were this easy
  • Not reliable 1/5

    By 48Merrymary
    I pay my bills online due to disability makes paying other ways troubling. I've tried twice to pay my bill and was unable. First showed no balance and another time just no information on my account and my plan name had changed. Now they want a late fee! Beware!
  • Exactly what I asked for. 4/5

    By BestWolfNA
    App works fine.
  • AAT&T All The Way 5/5

    By At a glance
    I have always been an AT&T Customer. I have an iPhone, iPad, Land line and Digital Life. I have been very satisfied. They have been very helpful and never mind answering questions.
  • iPhone 4/5

    By Yellow rose 113
    Love the app easy to read easy to understand. Seeing my bill is perfect and understanding it is a cinch.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Dcejeff
    I love being able to manage my account with this easy to use app.
  • Password Protection & Character Allowamces are Weak 2/5

    By i8paste
    It's ridiculous in this day and age that AT&T doesn't allow for special characters to appear in passwords. Any number and character on the qwerty keyboard should be allowed. Not the case with AT&T. Also, changing my plan is an incredibly poor experience on mobile. I was better off calling them instead of trying to work out a new plan in their haphazard hybrid interface. Very lazy and poor product development if you ask me.
  • Does not link to your account 1/5

    By K2 home
    Won't give me access to menu. Chat line asked for all my ID info. I would not give. Not proper protocol to ask for user ID & passwrd.

myAT&T app comments

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