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MyChart App

Use your existing MyChart account to manage your health information and communicate with your doctor on your mobile devices, including Apple Watch. With MyChart you can: • Review test results, medications, immunization history, and more • Stay in touch with your physician • Manage your appointments • Upload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app, when enrolled in self-tracking programs • View and pay your bill • Access your family's health information You must first create an account through your healthcare provider's MyChart website. If your healthcare provider is not listed, or if you require support accessing your existing account, contact them directly or visit their MyChart website for more help options. Have feedback about the app? Email us at


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  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Skk1951
    I can login thru website but thru App. Have deleted and installed. My provider is NM Northwestern Hospital.
  • No Health App Integration 3/5

    By bbauter
    This app is stuck in the early 2000s. It is great that it displays Dr information and test results but it needs to be portable and in sync with the patient. Example would be a patient that tests at home regularly for blood sugar or blood pressure. They should be able to via Apple health app that syncs with devices be able to update that info to the dr via EPIC. The patient should also have the ability to have all results download to the Apple Health app from EPIC. I get the security issues but Apple has made it clear it is in the security game and is one of the best out there. Give patients the power!
  • Sync with apple health 4/5

    By sync with apple
    I would like to see my medical record being able to sync with my activity and my health info on my Apple Watch and phone..
  • Useless with potential 2/5

    By MrFactotum
    Having access to one's medical record in an app is an exceptional idea but when the information included in the record is incorrect or missing pertinent data and cannot be corrected by the person whose data it is the app becomes useless. If my personal medical record is mine then it should reflect accurately my health past and present, be correctable by myself if it does not so reflect or, at very least, have a way to submit corrections that need to be made. Unfortunately, if a doctor outside of the group represented by the app provides services there seems to be no way for the user to update their own medical records without making an appointment with a physician in the represented group and then hoping that the change will actually be made correctly and that the correct information will eventually "trickle down".
  • Terms and conditions 3/5

    By JonKrastes
    I would use his app but it keeps popping up that I can’t because it can’t upload the terms and conditions so guess I can’t use it for my health app.
  • WHY DID YOU CHANGE??????????? 1/5

    By Textesster
    The MYMDANDERSON app was so much easier to use! Did not even get a warning it was changing! Now I have to learn how to use this new app all over again. I don’t have time for this crap! The least you could have done is send a warning and instructions on how to use the new app, but no, had to discover it when I needed to know immediately about my husbands appointment!
  • App changes not good 2/5

    By gritser
    At one time I could view different doctors from different hospitals but now it will only give me one doctor’s group. Can not figure out how to get my other doctors to come up on the app. Don’t like the change
  • Does not support multiple care providers 2/5

    By Phatpatio
    I have different doctors, hospitals, and care providers. There is no ability to store these and easily switch between them. Poor design due to lack of understanding of real world use cares.
  • This app does not work for me 1/5

    By foxtrotmatt
    The sales pitch is great. Problem is: this app does nothing on my device.
  • Obtuse 1/5

    By Dread Lord CyberSkull
    While the long awaited integration of HealthKit is a welcome addition, the app's obtuse interface makes finding it impossible. I can't tell if supposed features of the app are missing, disabled or what (or unsupported by my provider?). The UI needs an overhaul. Also, a criminally missing feature is notifications. The app doesn't support notifying me of anything at all, even an innocuous "You have two unread messages in your inbox.". There is no support for Apple Pay for making my copay and paying other bills.
  • Terrible at best 1/5

    By Nickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    First off it took me 6 months after enrolling for my chart to be able to sign in on the app. Every time I tried I got an error regarding loading terms and conditions. Epic is terrible at best, always failing in one way or another. Thanks for fixing the terms and condition issues but there is still a lot of room for improvement.
  • Worst upgrade ever! 1/5

    By uc-ti
    Making/checkin appointments is not available anymore Paying/ checking bills is mot an option Calendars are not available The previous version was so much better.
  • Questionnaires fail to proceed 1/5

    By XweAponX
    When given nearest to fill out before my appointment, it will ask me questions that have nothing to do with my current status our insurances. If I answer correctly, it fails to send me to the next question, he tries to get me to give a different answer. Even though the question has nothing to do with me. It will not accept "no" on questions where it is asking me about insurance that I do not have. Today isn't the first time a questionnaire got hung up on me, either. And it should never even be giving me questionnaires about these things, about insurance that I don't have, and about diseases I have never had. Appointments I cannot make an appointment with my primary Scripps Doctor. Every time I try to do it, it properly processes the demographics, but then when it gets to the next step it says "cannot create an appointment of this type". And when I try to make a request for scheduling, it does not include my primary care physician only an alternate that I have used only once who does not work in the same building. I got this email from Scripps yesterday: "Direct Scheduling from the web or mobile app - You can now schedule many of your appointments with your current providers in family and internal medicine, OBGYN, and pediatrics*. Depending on the type of visit, some appointments can even be made for the same day. The health portal will show you a complete list of available appointments with your physician and their team. Click on "Schedule an appointment" from the home screen or from the "Visits" tab to access this feature." - this is false, I cannot make a direct scheduling request, not when the page comes up blank after the demographics. And Touch-ID is still Broken: I can login with my password or my passcode, but logging in with my touch ID, The spinner just spins around forever and ever. MyScripps. By the way, thanks for deleting my original review. Wasn't impressed with the original MyScripps app, not impressed with this either. This app needs to be a lot more user-friendly, because a lot of other patients are not as forgiving as I am, and I am sure that there are doctors offices right now that are receiving hell from them because of this app that is wholly in adequate in a lot of ways. -can't make appointments with my primary physician -questionnaire is constantly get hung up on questions that have nothing to do with me -test results are incomplete and take weeks to populate -Missing test results.
  • Eh 1/5

    By IdLikeToKeepItOnPlease
    Sometimes the app unlocks and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s pretty darn annoying. Please fix.
  • iPad support is horrible! 2/5

    By SmittyRedcard
    While the program does what is needed, the poor iPad feature support outweighs everything else. Not only can you not rotate the screen, so you’re forced into portrait mode, but it’s all one huge single field. Sure, the Epic interface will never win design awards, but they could at least TRY to move their design into something from the last 8-10 years. This looks like it was programmed for an android tablet. The web site is better, but only barely.
  • Bad App Bad Service 1/5

    By Kassidy_The_Bichone
    The app needs a lot of work, first customer service is AWFUL. For some reason my account is always disabled and calling the help desk for support is a long wait with a very unfriendly customer service rep! I swear it’s only one person in this department because I continue to have issues and always speak with the blah customer service rep!
  • Not a good app if u have multiple hospital 1/5

    By Nita bird
    This app needs to allow u to be able to logged in multiple clinic or hospital accounts in stead of one not very helpful
  • A Little Complaint 3/5

    By snowowl47
    I got a notice that I have a new statement I look and I got a bill for $98.00, but no statement to say what it is for! ? is the problem in the app, or wellstar screwing up. I just don’t pay bills without knowing what they are for!
  • Login failure 4/5

    By Saxhorn2
    Be sure to use the same login information on the app that you use for the webpage. The app will allow for fingerprint ID, and it allows easy access to each of the featured tabs of the web page. Should be faster access than the webpage. Using iPad Pro and iPhone 8 both running iOS 11.2.5
  • What happened? 2/5

    By Shanny the Nanny
    I have had this app for years. And now all the sudden I’m having issues with it. It has been trying to update for 4 days. I finally had to delete it, and reinstall it. Now it says I have the app, have logged in to my different drs offices, but the only way to find the app on my iPad is to search for it, or open it in the App Store. There is no icon on my tablet. What the heck happened with the update? I even tried powering down my tablet for a while and turning it back on. It hasn’t helped.
  • Nice app! 4/5

    By JoeT7702
    This app is user friendly and quite functional. Contacting your healthcare team with medical questions or prescription renewals is a breeze. Likewise, scheduling appointments is a snap. Want to look at a graph of your lab results over time? Easy. And Face ID with an iPhone X is really nice. I really like this app.
  • So, that update then... 4/5

    By rtix81
    It’s an OK app. Has some utility to it. Was looking forward to face-ID compatibly, but after the update, it’s still not supported (still does not exist as an option).... UPDATE: Quick response from the developer is a huge bonus these days, professional, courteous, and most importantly offered a solution or a way to help! So glad to see it!!
  • Where is Face ID support? 3/5

    By Socotria
    The new update says it’s been optimized for iPhone X, including Face ID, but I do nowhere to enable this. It’s not under Account Settings like they suggest.
  • Thanks for update! 5/5

    By sleepy-head93
    I posted an earlier review mentioning the app not supporting iPhone X display or Face ID. The developer made the necessary changes in less than one week. Excellent! I love this app and can’t imagine healthcare without it.
  • iPhone X support is here! 5/5

    By Erockseventysix
    Looks great!
  • Works well 4/5

    By CalifDude
    It’s not the slickest app I’ve seen, but it does the job when I need quick access to info on the go. Everything works... I’ve not encountered any bugs or glitches. And I’m glad to see it optimized for iPhone X. I’d like to see the billing section added to the app, like the website. That way I can download my billing statements as PDFs.
  • Cannot pay bills on this app. 1/5

    By JCLang
    It 2018. Why can I not pay by bills on this app?
  • Very helpful 4/5

    By joejones64
    I really have enjoyed having this app. It has made appointments and scheduling painless! I use it a lot for messaging my doctor with questions and follow ups. One request I have is to please make my outgoing messages available on the app. If I want to verify a message I’ve sent I have to go to the website to see those. Do that and this is definitely a 5 star app!
  • Not usable at all 1/5

    By notusable
    Forgot password ..have to call provider. Not convenient at all.
  • Can’t live without it 3/5

    By Franklin Schwartz
    This app is indispensable for patients of hospitals who use Epic. However there are many usability issues the developers need to address. The user experience is sub-optimal for patients undergoing regular treatment. For example, eCheck-in requires no less than 20 taps, not including scrolls, across a dozen or so screens. And this process must be completed every time. I do this 3-5 times per week on average. No, none of my personal information has changed this time, I swear! Once I’m checked in, and I go to scan the barcode at the kiosk, I can’t get to the barcode! Because my hospital doesn’t have cell service and the MyChart app requires internet connectivity to open the app! Even if I just did the eCheck-in in the parking lot! So I take a screen shot of the barcode and access it from Photos. It would be great if MyChart could add the barcode to Wallet like some airlines do for their eCheck-in. Finally, because I am receiving regular treatment, I am constantly receiving notifications from the app. There’s no way to silence them. When I have multiple unread messages, I have to navigate to one, tap back, tap the next message, tap back... no way to just cycle through unread messages with a single tap (like with the Mail app, gmail, etc etc).
  • Useless 1/5

    By Doveraven1
    Much of the information one might find useful - new billing/claims, visit summaries - you must use full website to access. You cannot change your “health care team” Doctors, etc. I’m certain there is concern for security, so they direct you to the website... so why offer these options in the app? I’m not confident with making appointments or messaging either, so it is not useful to me. And the website is not much better.
  • Limited info 2/5

    By Harley Road King Rider
    Hardly get any updates from visits and test results.
  • No Apple health integration 👎 3/5

    By iDMs1
    I wish they had Apple Heath integration so I can sync all my data.
  • Amazing but... 4/5

    By Gabby F.
    This app is really great and has helped with my medical/health awareness for myself. The only thing I’d want added to the app is notifications if a prescription has been approved to be refilled or denied because that would be a great way to be updated on medications especially ones that individuals take often.
  • Has potential, but confusing UI 3/5

    By Boris_Chang
    I have several different providers who utilize MyChart portals. I was able to select two providers when I first started the app, but now that I have logged into one of them, it is not clear how to go back to a screen where I can switch to another provider. This app isn’t of much use if it cannot handle switching between provider healthcare systems. I might just as well use the web app.
  • Super convenient 5/5

    By kt_trixie
    I am so pleased that my healthcare provider system decided to go with this app. I can contact my doctors, I can be notified of messages from my doctors, I get reminders of my appointments, I can see my appointment notes from past visits, and view upcoming appointments as well.
  • iPhone X Support Please 4/5

    By bking1224
    Great app but please add iPhone X support
  • Vertical mode instead of horizontal 1/5

    By Imageman100
    I won’t be using this on may iPad pro 12.9” because it comes up in vertical mode on the screen, and I’m not going to turn my iPad vertically with the keyboard attached!
  • Nice interface but can’t get to sync with HealthKit 3/5

    By Ms. Holly Marie
    How do I get to sync with HealthKit. My app looks nothing like these photos.
  • What gives? 3/5

    By harleebeee
    Alright, I’ve tried chrome, firefox, microsoft edge, internet explorer, and now this app trying to sign up. Every time I fill the whole thing out with a password containing letters and numbers Every time: Your password must contain at least two characters (and the password fields have been emptied). Impossible to sign up. I have no idea what to do. UPDATE: changed from 1 to 4 stars as I figured out it meant special characters and was able to sign up. Would change to 5 if that was more clearly presented in the instructions along with the other password rules rather than having to submit an insufficient password to be told what else needed to be included.
  • Doesn’t Function Fully 2/5

    By pghIgirl
    “E check-in” no longer works. Also still can’t view test result reports (attachments) in app or on mobile device.
  • Lynette 3/5

    By braille-book-lover
    The app works for the most part. However, I cannot read any statements using VoiceOver. Also, if there are any other settings I can manage I don’t know where they are. It would be great if the VoiceOver interface were a lot better. The app as well as the website is clunky but it’s better than nothing. Please look at the apple suggestions to developers and see if you can make this app more user friendly for those of us using screen readers.
  • Does not support iPhone X FaceID 3/5

    By lkvahgoihang
    Nuff said
  • Needs Features 2/5

    By HeadMoose
    I still must use the website to do any useful management of my MyChart account. And why does this app not allow you to store your login info (or use Fingerprint ID) so that you must login every time. This just does not work well enough for me - I’m out.
  • No way to see sent messages 3/5

    By sethw8
    This app gets some things right but leaves room for improvement. I wish I could easily see all my sent messages. They're only visible as replies in message threads. Also, I wish I could clear the alerts. The same 3 have been stuck there since install even though I have seen them many times. I know I haven't completed them but they should not have a badge after I've dismissed them already.
  • Just a pain !!! 2/5

    No provider listed so it doesn’t say what it needs so you can use the app i put in the doctor nothing! Why not just let us use the login we have for the website
  • This app need work 3/5

    By Greg Achtenberg
    I have tried to open this app and use it and all I get is try back later for two days now it does not do a login please fix thank you. I see you fix it Great and in a timely manner thank you 2018 it use to work now it does not fussed I used it all the time need to fix the app
  • Test results definitions 4/5

    By Planet Houston
    It would be so cool and helpful if when reviewing test results posted by my provider if I could click on a test name and get a definition of the test and explanation of what the results could mean. I find myself switching back and forth to a browser to look up the meanings, what a time consuming nuisance.
  • MyChart 1/5

    By sajmir Abdulai
    It is a really good app for checking your medical records however there needs to be a bug fix for the server communication error that keeps popping up every time her user tries to login like me who’s been having that problem for weeks and maybe months otherwise it is a really really good app
  • Clear, and easy to use 4/5

    By Bodybyww
    I do have a question though. I was wondering if more than one person can use the same download? My doctor uses a medical system that this app is connected to, but I’m already using it for another member of my family. Is there a way to add on a patient to this app? Thanks.

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