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MyChart App

Use your existing MyChart account to manage your health information and communicate with your doctor on your mobile devices, including Apple Watch. With MyChart you can: • Review test results, medications, immunization history, and more • Stay in touch with your physician • Manage your appointments • Upload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app, when enrolled in self-tracking programs • View and pay your bill • Access your family's health information You must first create an account through your healthcare provider's MyChart website. If your healthcare provider is not listed, or if you require support accessing your existing account, contact them directly or visit their MyChart website for more help options. Have feedback about the app? Email us at

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MyChart app reviews

  • Works great! 5/5

    By Alliekat56
    I use the app for epic through Fairview. No major complaints. I've been able to schedule appointments, message my care team and review results without issue. The app does not pull the photo through that the clinic took that is the only thing I've noticed. Some of the reviews say the clinic has not gotten refill requests and messages. Call your clinic to make sure they have acknowledged them in their end, for kids you need to be enabled as a proxy user before you are able to schedule appointments and message their care team. I use epic for work and we do not have these issues. The only hiccup is they aren't sure what app to use cause it doesn't show the Fairview logo until after it's downloaded and opened, that's it.
  • Appointments 1/5

    By Sasafrasssssssa
    How do I set up appointments?
  • Great app 5/5

    By Shorty_HI84
    Wonderful app for reviewing appointments both past and in future, lab results, bills, and medications!
  • My chart is the best!!! 5/5

    By Tyjaun
    I love mychart
  • Good Patient Portal, Underwhelming App 3/5

    By iSubmitReviews
    Having access to labs, upcoming appointments, provider messaging, and billing from an app is incredibly useful. However, the app itself is pretty underwhelming and has a lot of room for UI improvements. It feels like a templated app from the early days of the app store. Some suggestions for feature improvements: ⋅ General UI improvements. The app feels old and doesn't include many of the design principles becoming common in apps today. There is no use of swipe-based gestures, 3D touch integration, widgets, etc. ⋅ Left/right swipe options for labs to mark lab values rewd/unread. Providers often release lab values via MyChart only when they're normal/not a cause for concern. For patients with chronic conditions that have a lot of lab values it can be tedious to open each lab and wait long enough for it to switch unread. ⋅ A widget. This could display the next upcoming appointment or indicate if any bills are due. ⋅ 3D touch shortcuts. Would be nice to launch the app directly into one of the submenus (eg 3D touch, select appointments, get prompted for touch ID, and launch right into the appointments section). ⋅ Default account option. It would be nice to open the app, be automatically prompted for touch ID, and launch right into the app. I have MyChart accounts from a few organizations but I use one much more than the others. It would be easy to switch accounts once already logged in for the rare occasion I need one of the others. Even an option to default to the last account logged in to would do the trick.
  • App Is Not Ready For Prime Time, Needs Work! 1/5

    By Scott1155
    The latest update appears to have dumbed down the app. In the past the app appeared more professional and was easier to navigate. As the app is now dumbed down I find it not to be useable for me. For example I cannot see any of my scheduled future tests or lab appointments. In order to see my future tests and lab appointments I must log into My Chart with a web browser. What use is an app if it does not offer all of the functionality offered through a browser?
  • No way to see sent messages?? 2/5

    By BeamerDude
    Hello, You have put together a pretty helpful and useful app, but it needs improvements. The one that jump out at me as a huge "miss" is the lack of a "sent messages" view. When I log into Sutter Health's system directly, I can see the messages I've sent to my doctors. But, not so via the My Chart app. Please fix this!! If I have to keep logging in to Sutter Health's website to ensure that my messages have been sent and whether they've been viewed, then what's the point of using your app?
  • I belong to 2 networks 5/5

    By surfinmimi
    How can I use the app for two systems? I have doctors in two networks.
  • Can't open app 1/5

    By NYC 2 MIA
    Used this app several times with no issue but for the past few weeks app won't I even open. I deleted and added it again, no help.
  • It's worth the download 3/5

    By Topher_lightguy
    So far, I find it to be pretty similar to the iPhone app. It's quite useful, and I appreciate being able to look at everything on a larger screen and to reference things while on the phone with a doctor. However, I agree with other reviewers on some things. For instance, I can't believe that there is no way TO PRINT your upcoming appointments or your test results. That is especially true for an iPad app...since most users are at home while using it and have cordless wifi printers. DEFINITELY a feature that should be added. It is something that really disappointed me as well as other users. ******UPDATE****** 5/24/17 - The latest version has a tiny bit of improvement, however I wish that Epic would make the following improvements: A) The ability to print upcoming appointments. B) The ability to remove "alerts" that tell you that you are due for a flu vaccination or a cholesterol screening, pneumonia vaccination...which are all things I do not need. Or, at least remove it from being 'Active' so the bell will lose the red circle, just like email. But, I do still find it a useful App that I use on a daily/weekly basis.
  • Merge 3/5

    By JoeyD9383
    Hi In a future update, can you merge different medical facilities into the app that use epic. I have doctors at 2 different facilities that use my chart/epic, I would like to have the interface for both in the app login to see.
  • Good app, but needs improvement 3/5

    By SuperSquinty
    This app allows for easier communication between patients and healthcare providers, but it needs to have some sort of notification aspect for when you receive a message. I got an envelope in the mail, and only then did I check the app to find a message sent to me 4 days ago.
  • Literally the worst 1/5

    By C'est moi leanne
    Terrible. Fire your app developer and start over.
  • Had my apps confused - Sorry!!!! 5/5

    By Ersweety
    I had my apps confused between this one & Apple's Health App. Will say customer support for this company is GREAT!
  • Where's the help option? 2/5

    By Linaea
    App is ok, my only complaint is, where's the option to reset a password? If you enter an incorrect password too many times, you get locked out and have to call the provider to reset it, and it can take DAYS to get someone on the phone to help. I get security is needed, but there needs to be a "reset password" option on the log in screen.
  • Can't get in 1/5

    By Sassy4458
    Please fix this app cannot access my chart to get my scripts etc ! Thanks Says cannot connect to server!
  • Instant access to my health record 5/5

    By p_noc
    Although GHC could enable more features like direct scheduling, I do enjoy being able to see summaries of my previous visits and the ability to see future visits, confirm them, or cancel them as needed.
  • Does the job 5/5

    By CincyStrobels
    I use this app almost exclusively when I communicate with my doctor's office. But he's also a technology friendly doc. The complaints about other doctors not being on the system, or their offices not responding quickly...that's not the app's fault. If your doc wants to use the tech, it works great.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Garebear22
    I can't even log in now. Whenever I do, it says there is a system error. I put in the right password every time but it still says system error. I even reset my phone yet, the app still causes problems and says system error.
  • I like this app! 5/5

    By JD San Diego
    Not sure what all the fuss is about, maybe there were a few bugs in the early release but the app seems to work just fine for me! As a test, I sent an email to my doctor, and within minutes, she replied and I saw the message in the app. Also double checked my scripts and history against the website and it is in sync. I like the Touch ID Security - that's an added feature over the website from the PC.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Alexs112
  • "Doesn't work well" 1/5

    By CL in IL
    That is what the person at the help desk told me a few minutes ago about the app. It just doesn't work well. Apparently this is more so with Apple products. I called because I cannot view my sent messages from the app, a system I installed for easy access to get to everything. The solution is to go to the website where I have to log in every time. Pretty backward when there are days I am Messaging multiple times to multiple physicians.
  • Useless for family 1/5

    By The Smurfless One
    Violates UI Guidelines, doesn't make appointments for children, badly wrapped version of a bad web site. Not sure why they bothered, they definitely aren't providing value or increasing shareholder value or whatever nonsense they used to sell this to medical providers.
  • Unable to View Reports 2/5

    By KCJoshi
    My doctor keeps telling that he has signed made my reports and should be visible. However they are not appearing yet in the MyChart application. I have been able to view older reports.
  • Great idea but 1/5

    By Oburgmom
    This app is a great idea but my doctor doesn't answer messages or refill prescriptions. I hate calling the office because you can never get through. It is great to make appointments.
  • Oh now I'm getting annoyed! Add Touch ID for MyGeisinger! 1/5

    By samoyedprincess
    Why does MyGeisinger still not have touch ID enabled? Why does my Geisinger still not have 3D Touch enabled? Now that Epic finally offers it with their app why is MyGeisinger taking so long to add it?!
  • Health app integration 4/5

    By AOBlk
    This is an overall solid app with many useful features to keep tabs on my healthcare. Since this is not the only health-oriented app I use, I'd like to see closer integration with Apple's Health app. For example, why can't MyChart share data such as Vitals (blood pressure, weight, etc) to the Health app?
  • Mostly convenient 3/5

    By dpmoody
    The app is stable and it's nice being able to review my medications and read and reply to messages. My big complaint is I can't figure out how to access my sent messages. I have to log in to the web portal to review what I've sent.
  • Unable to log in 5/5

    By shotcallas59
    I was using this app for about a week and was impressed with its features. Now, when I attempt to log in the page simply looks like its loading and never fully allows me to get past this page from here on out. I've tried deleting and redownloading the app. No issues logging on through the actual internet site, so I know it's not a username or password issue. Please help! ***update 5/6, the issue has been resolved and it was actually NOT with the app itself, but my healthcare university's servers. Confirmed with the university. Giving this a 5 star rating now for the assistance from the developing team!
  • Stopped working 5/5

    By CaptainRayRay
    Recent update... I wrote to customer service and received a very prompt response. The problem was with the hospital server and was corrected quickly. Thank you for the excellent service. The app was great. Worked well and keeps all of your information in one place. Then they added the touch log in. Now my app stopped working. I have deleted and reinstalled but still not working. I hope you sort this out soon. I would also be great to get notifications from the app. Not by email every time you have a message.
  • Suddenly can't log on- problem resolved 5/5

    By grandmalene
    My original problem is below but I want to applaud the developers who responded immediately, contacted the folks at the hospital I attend and the problem was settled in half and hour Thank you for going the extra mile for me because I really love this app! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have loved this and used it with no problem- starting yesterday when I tried to log on, the app was just spinning its wheels and never actually logged on I was able to log in through the web site without a problem so it's not my account I deleted and re- downloaded- still the same Any suggestions ? Thank you
  • Working fine until they fixed it 1/5

    By Sherm2
    Following touch ID implementation this application will no longer login to the University of California healthcare system. 100% useless. Remove and reinstall does nothing but frustrate. The developer contacted me this morning attempting to shift responsibility. "How long have you waiting on the login screen? It should login within seconds but could take longer if the UCLA servers are experiencing high loads. Eventually it should log you in or display an error." "Have you tried reporting this directly to their helpdesk yet? If not, here is the number: (855)364-7052"
  • Deceiving graphics 3/5

    By Jbherrera
    I sort of like the app. Easier to access than the website my hospital uses. However, your app advertises the ability to see charted, timelined, results of blood tests and such. But when you go to that aspect (which my hospital's website provides) this is not found in your app. Why advertise something we can't see?
  • Can't pay 3/5

    By Jennnx7
    Love this app and the best feature was I could pay my bill on the app but since the update I do not get notifications and it will not let me pay my bill ):
  • Fail 1/5

    By Grnmtnbky
    I got a notice from my hospital that this app was available. As soon as I logged in I got a message that said, "Oops! There was a problem communicating with the server. Please try again later." Try again later?!?! That's the best solution you have?
  • Unusable 1/5

    By LTil23
    I'd love to be able to use the app but I have not even been able to log on ("Oops there was a problem communicating with the server. Please try again later")
  • Poor Performance 1/5

    By TexasNewfy
    Unable to login. Website works fine. Need to add Touch ID
  • Cannot log on 3/5

    By Doctooth14
    I have been using for @ 1year with no problem. Starting yesterday when I try to log on the screen greys down slightly and there is a never ending spinning of a line. It freezes there.
  • Great App but had to reinstall due to issues 4/5

    By G4|\/|3R
    I love this app. It helps me check out my test results and gives me all the appointments scheduled that can be directly added to my calendar. Recently, I updated to the app's fingerprint login capabilities. It was great at first. A quick way to log in to the app. However, in subsequent login attempts, after logging in with my fingerprint, the app would just hang. I would hit home and try and reopen the app and then it would crash. So I'm reinstalling now and going to not do the biometric log in. Ah well...
  • Was working fine until... 1/5

    By Jediyuhdigg
    When I enabled Touch ID, it no longer let's me login using Touch ID or cancelling and typing in my password. Have to delete app and reinstall.
  • Not logging into UCLA Health 3/5

    By Athehut
    It used to work. No it just stays loading. The website works fine when I log in. Just doesn't work on this app anymore.
  • Needs notifications 4/5

    By Dr Shriveer
    Overall I'm pleased with the app. The biggest issue is notifications. I usually receive emails that tell me there is something in my MyChart to check I don't understand how this is not integrated with a push notification and badge. Especially amid potential privacy concerns, the notifications need not give any other detail than "there's an update, please check the app." -- just like the emails I receive do. I'll point out this doesn't seem to be a healthcare provider issue given that I receive these emails. I'll also comment that I'm very glad to see quick login support recently added.... but I still can't wrap my brain around why there isn't at least a badge indicating I should check my MyChart. This is the reason for my lower rating.
  • Can't Log In Anymore 2/5

    By JoeyS1986
    As of Friday, April 28, every time I try to log in to this app on my iPhone 7, the circle just spins endlessly and the app eventually crashes. Please fix this.
  • Extremely helpful for busy parents 5/5

    By nvmeek
    This app is much easier than the website on a mobile phone. Mind you the website is user-friendly and you receive email notifications. But as a heavy phone user like me, the option of banner notifications is key when waiting for test results or reminders of upcoming visits.
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Wi1dfire
    I want to preface this review by saying I love this app. It has smoothed over so many aspects of getting medical care that I can't understand why more places don't use either this or something similar. It also work smoothly and intuitively. The one thing I would wish to see would be a list of tests ordered but not yet taken. I get labwork done every few months, and the ability to see the tests already ordered, and what they are, would save time at the draw station and messages back and forth with my doctor.
  • No weight, length, personal/baby charts 1/5

    By AGBelletti
    For an application that is called MyChart I was expecting to have available charts for the growth of my baby! There's no records or charts for weight, length, etc.
  • Great app 4/5

    By jwhevans
    I am extremely happy with this app. It has made it much easier to manage the appointments for my children and the healthcare needs of my mother. I appreciate having appointments, test results, and communications in one place. My wife and I can coordinate more effectively and records are always available when we visit our doctors. I would love to see the app support integration with Apple Health, particularly the Health Records section, as this would provide an additional backup and a way to share results with other doctors or hospitals.
  • No HealthKit or TouchID support? 3/5

    By BDRhodes
    This is a decent app, and I really enjoy so easily being able to see test results from an app. But it could be a great app if two changes were made. One star deducted for not letting me log in with TouchID – I don't want to have to enter my password in every time. Another star deducted for not being able to send my health data from this app to Apple's Health app via HealthKit. That just seems like a no-brained to incorporate.
  • Worked great until recently 3/5

    By KatAMG
    Now I get regular server errors when trying to sign in and while using the app. Happens on both wifi and cell connections. Website still works fine, but I prefer to use this app if I can.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Rose241987
    Love this app for all my doctor appointments n other stuff but it would be nice to be able to send Apple Watch health to doctors like heart rate n other vitals that most doctors can't get until they see the patient like what Texas mychart has please add this as soon as possible

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