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MyChart App

Use your existing MyChart account to manage your health information and communicate with your doctor on your mobile devices, including Apple Watch. With MyChart you can: • Review test results, medications, immunization history, and more • Stay in touch with your physician • Manage your appointments • Upload health and fitness data, including data from the Apple Health app, when enrolled in self-tracking programs • View and pay your bill • Access your family's health information You must first create an account through your healthcare provider's MyChart website. If your healthcare provider is not listed, or if you require support accessing your existing account, contact them directly or visit their MyChart website for more help options. Have feedback about the app? Email us at


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  • Message draft lost when phone call came in 2/5

    By MJCqwerty
    I was composing a message to send to my doctor, and I was just about finished with it, when a phone call came in. I took the call and spoke for several minutes to the caller. I then tried to return to my draft, but it was lost. I had to do it all over again! On the positive side, I do appreciate you having added "Touch ID" to your latest version of your app. Up until now I did not have anything to complain about with the "MyChart" app. But please fix this issue regarding message draft lost by incoming phone call. Thank you. Update: November 23, 2017… I was not able to set up an appointment on the latest version of “my chart”. I have never had this problem on earlier versions. Please fix!
  • Having problems 3/5

    By Laibjr
    I would put a 5 Star but ever since the last update I have been having problems. I keep getting notifications saying I have a new test result to look at. However the last test I did was like over 2-3 months ago. I get the same notification saying I have new messages but when I look there is nothing there.
  • Face ID please *updated* 5/5

    By Nfzkg mg oh
    This app is in dire need of Face ID support. Thus the 2 star review See developer response below. I did not realize that after upgrading to the iPhone X, “Touch ID” in the app setting would in fact use “Face ID” if appropriate. A little confusing to the average joe if not explained if you ask me. Maybe changing the label to “Touch/Face ID” would help others too. Either way, I’m happy that I can use my phones Face ID to log in now and have adjusted the rating to reflect that. Thank you developers!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Timshuwy
    This app is great. In looking at other reviews, it appears that some people do not have as good of experience. Maybe this is not because the app is bad but because the health provider does not provide the proper info or doesn’t respond to the app. My medical group makes just about everything available on the app. I get test results on the app before being contacted by the Dr. I can make prescription refill requests and new appointments online. I also have had great (non emergency) communications with my Dr. The fingerprint login works great.
  • Downtime without notification? 1/5

    By mommy2shoes
    I had access earlier now for over 10 hours the app, website and all pages that connect to the actual “records” portion are giving a “cannot connect to server” error. No notice was sent out that these would be down.
  • After last Apple update won’t work 1/5

    By SurfTraveler
    I’ve used this for years and now it won’t work. No longer an area for a code and when I use a password says it is not communicating with server. Sutter Health
  • Wish it Worked 1/5

    By my atur t
  • Messages 2/5

    By nonsense is nonsense
    Why is there no way to mark all read? Thoughtless, paternalistic, backward.
  • Confused 4/5

    By proudnavymama
    This app was working marvelously now all of a sudden it isn’t. Keeps telling me oops problem connecting with the server.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Lebronfeldt
    Says my account is disabled but they don’t tell you who to contact to get it disabled.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Kkpeh
    For the past couple of weeks the app gives me an error message “Oops! There was a problem communicating with the server. Please try again later.” I’ve tried at different times of the day and keep getting the same message. App still not working. 11-17-17.
  • Lost the comparison feature for blood tests 1/5

    By J_W_55
    One of the better features was the ability to compare test results over time. This feature appears to have been eliminated. Please restore this!
  • Revised review: it works now 5/5

    By Okiedokes
    Final edit: 11/14/17 Ok, I’ve used a lot of the other features and it is working flawlessly for me. Push notifications are helpful in getting messages from my doctors right away. Very satisfied. Original review: Can’t even get logged onto the app because the terms and conditions flash onto the screen so fast I can’t accept them. And after reading more reviews about what you’re not able to do on this app, it seems no great loss. I’ll just use the Safari browser on my phone to log on to my medical group’s website. Uninstalling. Edited 11/2/17: Customer service contacted me and I told them which medical group was the problem. They were able to fix the problem with accepting terms and conditions and I can now access my information on the app. I have not tried to do anything fancy yet so I will make another edit and upgrade my review when I have more to report on, but I did want to give the devs credit for trying to fix the problem, they were A+ in that aspect.
  • Most recent update 1/5

    By Mother tucker2
    As one reviewer commented touch ID would be most beneficial your response was to contact my church because each provider is different or company is different however this is in accurate because I’ve been till this update I had touch ID to access my MyChart now since I did the update it was removed which means I will now remove my chart as one of my apps
  • Nice, but a flaw 3/5

    By Devonshire12345
    Nice app with lots of good info. BUT, no way to print results so they can be sent to a non-participant specialist. Would be nice if we could also email select results to someone. Please fix. Not every doc has access to this app.
  • Odd bugs at times 3/5

    By cheme75
    Always some bug or glitch - now it’s messed up the appointment request section. All my doctors are at the Cleveland Clinic so this app makes it easy to see all my appointments, tests, etc in one place and easily accessible. Overall handy for keeping track of test results and sending messages to providers to ask questions such as asking for opinion on an out of range test result or other non emergency issue. Tests results show up quickly which is nice. Sometimes the doctor will comment on the results. Also handy to look back at previous tests for comparisons. Seems like there is always some glitch or bug - currently I cannot see how to request an appointment with any doctor other than my pcp. I used to be able to select the doctor, view available days/times and send in the request. Now, the request an appointment button hovers at the bottom of the appointment list and opens a page where there are three paragraphs of text describing a request for an office visit, requesting an annual physical, or requesting a virtual visit and then a lot of white space. None of these paragraphs of text look like buttons to click but they seem to be - touching the paragraph opens a new page. Touching in the first two paragraphs acts the same way - opens a request page but is limited to my pcp only. There is no button or scroll bar to select any of my other doctors. Both paragraphs open an appointment page for the Krupa center with no options to change it. The third paragraph for the virtual appointment just opens an error page saying that option is not available. Why even have it there? Plus nothing to go to the normal office visit appointment request. Big pita now. They need to make these look like buttons and they need to make a button to open the normal appointment request page to allow selecting any of our doctors. Could be a great app if they could only leave what isn’t broken alone. But they always seem to break something and updates are sloooooow to be pushed out.
  • Not good 1/5

    By nelsons99
    I downloaded this and every time I try to log on it closes.
  • 👍🏻👍🏻 5/5

    By Gold02
    Having all of my health information in one spot is so convenient! I love being able to send a quick message to my doctors. I would greatly appreciate the ability to attach a document or or a photo in my message. Is that something you can address in a future update?
  • Meets all my needs 5/5

    By homi nomi
    Simple and easy to use. I switch between different health care providers within the app, a little annoying but better than have separate/multiple apps.
  • Close, but still missing some basic features 3/5

    By ORHobbes
    The app is a great start. More medical providers should be offering apps like this. But it has some issues... 1) Needs to integrate with Apple’s Health app for saving test results, vital signs, and other data. 2) Needs push notifications for messages from your Dr, new test results, etc. Otherwise you never know when there is an update. 3) Needs to add an option to download and print out test results, messages, etc for our records. You can do this on the website, but not in the app.
  • Login with TouchID BROKEN 1/5

    By XweAponX
    I can login with my password or my passcode, but logging in with my touch ID, The spinner just spins around forever and ever. MyScripps. By the way, thanks for deleting my original review. Wasn't impressed with the original MyScripps app, not impressed with this either.
  • Doesn’t detect orientation 4/5

    By zabetprof
    I like the app. However, i work a lot in landscape mode, and the app is not sensitive to the device orientation when it starts up. I can make it go to landscape mode, but it should be able of determine what mode the device is in.
  • My Charts just keeps getting better 5/5

    By TigerWizards
    I’ve used My Charts since it was first introduced for PC. Now I used it with 3 health systems that use various versions of the APP. When my primary in one system and my gastroenterologist in another we’re able to ‘reach across’ their systems and sync my medications, see the labs performed by the other I knew My Charts had grown up. I’ve never had a problem in the desktop, iPhone and iPad APPs. I travel twice a year and I have piece of mind that I’m carrying my current health records with me. I now what my neurologist to interface their system. They get into MyChart easily but their is no merging of test, visit notes, therapies ordered accessible from MyCharts for my other doctors to see. I figure that will happen in due time. The developers of MyCharts and the APPs for it get KuDos from me. A 10 if the review scale allowed.
  • Have you read the license agreement? 1/5

    By BoltonBob
    When you agree to using this app you are agreeing that Epic can essentially access anything it wants off your iOS device snd share it with anyone. I did not accept the terms and have immediately removed it from my iPad
  • Needs Health App Source Integration 3/5

    By sjbphoto
    They need to make their app a source for vitals and such for the Health App.
  • Wonderfully useful app, but critical features required 4/5

    By Blackhawk212
    I love the App but it would be great if it had the ability to save referrals to PDFs locally on to the device to be printed later, or to have a direct to print feature.
  • Really need to fix perscription refill section 2/5

    By Yesserson
    Every time I try to refill my perscriptions from this app they do not go through to my pharmacy. This needs to be fixed. Highly annoying.
  • Sighing up 2/5

    By Maltesebud
    Not even signed up yet, sending a code in the mail!? I opted to apply online and gave permission to have access to all my records and they cant identify me, so I wait! I will keep you posted on how it goes when/if I can get signed up.
  • What happened? 3/5

    By Greenwalkingcat
    Since the last update I can no longer use Touch ID to log into the app. Also can no longer do the e-check in in the app. The option is there but a blank page opens. Had to go to the website. Not as functional as it was before the update. UPDATE: I have since found the Touch ID log in option in settings. Not sure why the app no longer asks if you want to use it if it's not turned on nor why/how it got turned off in the last update.
  • Who approved this design? 2/5

    By Wavea
    Unbelievable how poorly this was designed and how so many features don’t work. Unacceptable.
  • login stopped working - now wants PIN instead of password 1/5

    By Earthrisers
    i've been using MyChart on my iPad for a couple of years, but today it stopped working. (I have the latest version.) Until today, I would log in by entering my username and password. But today it presented me instead with a number pad and said to enter my PIN. (I don't have a PIN. Never used one for MyChart.). Tech help at my doctor's office told me to uninstall the app and go in through the website instead. Which I did, and my password (not PIN) gets me in successfully that way. I guess the developer broke the app.
  • Requires Additional Features 2/5

    By App is Not Working
    I like this app, but it is missing some basis functionality. I do not understand why the app does not allow you to print your test results from the app.
  • Good standalone, no watch functionality 4/5

    By Skylucy
    It says it has an Apple Watch app but that isn’t the case apparently. Very disappointing. But, as a phone app, it works well. An export function would be helpful.
  • Logging in issues 2/5

    By MarleneHope
    Haven’t been able to access since the update last week. Other than that generally a good app.
  • Features 2/5

    By Briana9999
    I don't see anything from the past on my account and I cannot send messages to my doctor. Confused on what's going on. Please fix!
  • Not so good. 1/5

    By Mysubscription
    Weird app. Tried to reset password then asking for security question. Forgot answer. There is no way to reset or no information how to reset that. There could be phone number email or someway by which I could reset security answer. Then the blocked account. Now I am filling contact form and provided all info details but submit button not working. Using safari browser. What a dead app website and everything possible is there. Useless app as well as their website. There is no negative star option.
  • Prefer former app - easier to use 1/5

    By Redlands Calif
    Information overlays each other at the same time.Have to spread the screen to read the information. Not Avery good improvement.
  • Will not let me accept the terms and errors! 1/5

    By Dave.iOS
    Awful first impression!
  • Notifications stopped working 5/5

    By GPswee
    Love this app, and use it both on iPad and android phone. I used to get an email and/or pop up msg whenever I had anything new put into MyChart. This has stopped working on both platforms. I hope this can be fixed. UPDATE...messages were being marked as spam in Verizon mail. I fixed this with Verizon and things now work fine.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Polopinoy
    I used to use this app all the time. Now when I go to use it...I tap on the icon and the only thing that happens is it goes gray...that's it. Just sits there. If I tap anywhere else in the screen it closes it out. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling luck. Can you tell me what's wrong with it?
  • Used to love My Chart. 1/5

    By Ziyal67
    tried to pay a bill on line using the app like I have done before and it kept kicking me out. went back to-send me the bill by mail.
  • Pretty much worthless 2/5

    By Bbbgames
    I can't read most of the test results, it keeps popping up with health reminders for appointments I've scheduled, and it notifies me of new messages I can't access until days later! It's more annoying than it's worth. I'd rather the doctor office just send me a letter. You remember those, don't you?
  • Notifications 4/5

    By Whycantifindanamethatisnttaken
    Love the app. It recently quit working. It won’t connect to the server. I’m using Memorial Care and iOS 11.0.3
  • Good app 3/5

    By Phil Fenix
    It works well but needs an update to be able to print your lab test results. I have to see another doctor but cannot print my results to show them.
  • Some features depend on your provider 3/5

    By Sashazur
    The app looks good and is easy to use. But whenever I get a new message from my doctors office, I only get an email message, not a notification from the app; according to the developer this is dependant on your health care provider enabling push notifications, so I guess mine hasn't yet. Also when typing a new message it forces me to use the default apple keyboard instead of my preferred third party keyboard. Finally there seem to be a few missing features, for instance if my Dr sends me a "letter" instead of a "message", the app tells me I have to go to the regular website to read it.
  • Not the best app 1/5

    By sassygirl253
    I loved this app at first everything worked perfect. But I got a patient added to my account and now it won't let me login in at all. Keeps saying problem with loading terms.
  • Stopped working 4/5

    By Steve 899
    It didn’t work after an update, however within 24 hours it’s back working -Thank You. Overall the app works fine/ only suggestion would be to add “voice activation” if possible.
  • Cannot figure out how to enable “track my health” 3/5

    By CyVVH
    Does this need to happen from the website?
  • HIPA 1/5

    By Vintage_1967
    In your license agreement you are basically telling us you can use any information in our medical documentation as you see fit. Am I reading this wrong or is that a misprint.
  • Portrait mode? 4/5

    By coachbb94
    The one annoyance I still have with this app is that it opens in portrait mode. While I understand it opening in portrait mode on the iPhone, I find it an annoyance on the iPad! The app should be able to know if it’s opening on an iPhone or an iPad and open accordingly. If it can't tell if it’s opening on an iPhone or iPad then add an option that a user can set as the default for how the app opens. For me, once this annoyance is removed, I can give it 5 stars.

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