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myChevrolet App

The myChevrolet Mobile App puts the power of Chevrolet in the palm of your hand, letting you stay connected to your vehicle from virtually anywhere. If properly equipped, you can start/stop your engine remotely, send destinations to your available navigation system, set parking reminders, schedule service, and more. Get the app to enjoy the full potential of your Chevrolet. You’ll need your or username and password to log in. Features available for Chevrolet vehicles equipped with OnStar Remote Commands: - Remote start and stop (requires factory-installed remote start) - Remote door lock and unlock (requires power locks) - Remote horn and lights to help locate your Chevrolet Advanced Diagnostics: - View fuel level and efficiency, oil life, tire pressure and odometer readings - For Electric Vehicle models, battery charge level and charging status, change charge modes Check for Recall Navigation: - Search and send destination to vehicle’s navigation system (if equipped) - Search and send destination to OnStar Turn-By-Turn routing assistance Locate Vehicle: - Find your vehicle’s approximate location on a map Wi-Fi® Hotspot support: - Toggle the Wi-Fi hotspot ON or OFF - View and/or edit the SSID (network name) and password for the vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot - View current data plan and remaining or consumed data, or purchase more data Marketplace: - Provides members savings and offers for dining, retail and fuel along their route View important information about your OnStar account including: - OnStar account details Features available for all Chevrolet vehicles Accessories: - Explore/shop for accessories specific to your vehicle Interactive Owner Manual: - Quickly access the owner manual (in brief) for your Chevrolet [for 2011 model year vehicles and later] How Things Work videos: - Learn about common vehicle features Parking Reminder: - Set a parking reminder with a pin drop, take a photo, make a note, and set a timer Get Help: - OnStar Advisor - Electric Vehicle Advisor - Chevrolet Roadside Assistance - Contact a Chevrolet or OnStar Advisor via Facebook Messenger Preferred Dealer: - Locate and set a preferred dealer - Search for dealers by ZIP code, proximity, or by City/State Schedule Service: - Request service appointments at the dealer of your choice - View the status of your service appointment Roadside Assistance: - Request help from Chevrolet Roadside Assistance App Customization: - Edit the app’s home screen and configure myChevrolet to meet your needs Note: Acceptance of OnStar terms of service are required. The application is free, but a smartphone with a data connection is required to use certain online features. An active OnStar account is required for some features; others require a paid service plan. Features vary by vehicle, location and conditions. For a list of supported vehicles, please visit


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myChevrolet app reviews

  • No iPhone X screen size support 4/5

    By androook
    I’m holding one star hostage until you fix that.
  • Lame 1/5

    By Tjkkydssik
    Advertising is not for my convenience. I don’t need location based ads from onstar. I pay for my subscription and I’m quite capable of finding what I need from all the other apps on my iPhone. Please stop patronizing your customers.
  • Buggy and unreliable 2/5

    By sewhidbey
    I really wanted to like this app. With an EV and there are many great options for charging, pre-conditioning, measuring performance and range and so forth. However, this app has become more of a problem than a convenience. It often freezes, won’t function it is generally frustrating to deal with. Maybe a debug version will come out later. For now, meh.
  • Great. 5/5

    By Buck Wheet
    App works great from my phone and watch. Very nice. I originally had an issue with the watch, but now it works great. Love the app.
  • Remote hardly ever works.old onstar app was better 1/5

    By De security
    I can’t get the remote to work. It said in progress and then says timed out but my request could have been completed. Onstar app was better. They’ve made this worse.
  • Not happy 2/5

    By Abhoward
    I updated my app and sadly the feature to start my truck from the app is no longer there.
  • Need iPhone X update 4/5

    By Seraph0013
    While this app is very could be much better if it was updated for face recognition.
  • Ugly UI. Missing functions. Needs some work. 2/5

    By langamarca
    Outdated UI. Would be nice if they threw in features like being able to turn on car through Alexa like other car companies offer.
  • Functional but annoying 2/5

    By MoToGuY84
    I think the app works well enough for its purpose. I like using the myChevrolet app over the OnStar app because it allows me to use my Apple Watch to remote start my vehicle. The Onstar app does not interact with the watch at this time. However, when using my phone the myChevrolet app continuously asks for me to allow location settings. I do not wish to give the app access to my locations. I do not feel it necessary to cancel the request half a dozen times ever time I use the app. So for my phone I use the OnStar app. Very odd considering they are basically the same app but the OnStar app does not give me this much trouble.
  • Ads? 1/5

    By Kar!n
    I just bought a $40k car and I have to see ads for Red Lobster? I just want to check my range, tire pressure, charging status.
  • Stopped working on my Apple Watch 3/5

    By WV tower
    Until about two weeks ago the app also worked on my Apple Watch (only if within Bluetooth range) I use phone app a lot to heat or cool my truck while I walk to my distant parking spot at work. Plus location of parked vehicle helps when in a new location. Wish the app worked again on the watch. While gm fixes that, why not make the app work independently from iPhone on Apple watch3 with built in cellular?
  • Getting better 2/5

    By RDA1990
    Getting better needs more work
  • It’s Alright 3/5

    By motosteven
    App does what it’s supposed to. Could work a little faster, seems to lag a lot. Also not optimized for iPhone X though and that’s rather disappointing.
  • A little slow 4/5

    By LitBowWow
    I love that this app allows me to start my car from anywhere! It is super convenient and easy to use. It’s a little slow, from the time I push the button on my phone until it actually responds is very hard to say. Sometimes it responds almost right away and others it takes a few minutes (I lock my keys in my car and use the app to unlock the car when needed, super convenient!).
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By buy a chrysler
    After multiple phone calls multiple updates multiple resets multiple uninstall and reinstall still junk. In the dead of winter in Minnesota my key FOB worked fine. Used this app and then nothing 14 below zero I walk across the parking lot to start my car with the key because this app screwed something up. 3rd time this app caused my GM fob to stop working. Not my imagination. I have never in over 20 years of working with software applications seen anything this worthless
  • Awful 1/5

    By Rotten78m
    It’s funny how my reviews keep disappearing.... This app is horrible, and I’m even more irritated now that neither of the two reviews I did are showing up. Shows how much OnStar cares about their customers...
  • Glitchy, but I still use it every day. 2/5

    By Jhutch500
    Doesn’t update vehicle status frequently. Often times I have issues connecting to my car or a very delayed response. Overall it’s neat to be able to use your phone to lock and remote start. Just needs some love to get it just right. I check my EV charging status with this app so I know when my car is charged. It is very convenient. Edit to 2 stars. 1/12/18 Have reinstalled app 2 times and still will not connect to my car. According to the forums there is some issue with the volt and onstar? Hopefully it’s resolved soon
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By blmz00
    I had this app before with a different car from 2010-2015 and it allowed the lock/unlock, remote start, and miscellaneous oil/fuel features WITHOUT an active Onstar plan. It was the perfect compliment to a nice car. I was surprised how often we needed the lock/unlock option. I just bought a Chevy and was excited to have these features again but of course, money talks so the app is useless now.
  • Chevy app 1/5

    By Luveb
    I’m not happy something is wrong with the app it doesn’t update correctly it keeps saying no server response fix this please my app is not working it’s giving me the same pop up please fix
  • Same terrible OnStar App, new look 1/5

    By Kaput21
    It’s the same as the previous OnStar app, they just revamped the look of it. Be prepared to have your remote start function frequently not work. It’s a great lesson of why you would NOT pay for the OnStar service.
  • Unreliable ! 2/5

    By BriCon328
    Love this app when it works. The problem is the instant functions are constantly unreliable. Technical problems have left me STRANDED numerous times, time after time! When I call onstar they advise they are having technical difficulties and try try later or uninstall app and reinstall. This is unacceptable and continues with no improvement. It’s a shame as it really makes Chevrolet look bad! I have three vehicle and have had onstar for many years, but I think it’s time to cancel ALL subscriptions and go old school, the problems are not worth the headaches at this point!
  • Jan 12 2018 Review 1/5

    By TKD_Chicago
    App still horribly undependable! Be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait, and wait for it to do anything.
  • It’s great when it decides to work 1/5

    By JMarsh89
    This is app is great when it decides to work, most of the time the remote start on this app works great but then it always says there’s no internet connection when my internet connection is good and when I’m using data on my phone it’s a full high speed internet and yet it says not connected to server, even though my phone and app is connected to the internet , I shouldn’t have to delete the app and re download it just to get the app to work and for it to connect to a server even though IT ALREADY IS, this is app needs to be fixed
  • Constant problems 1/5

    By Big Hancho
    This app is constantly having problems. It consistently crashes and say “no internet connection” when there clearly is since I can use other apps on my phone. After about the 4th time of having to completely remove the app and re-download it in a month, it’s just not worth it anymore. This is a horrible app that needs serious fixing
  • Marginal at best 2/5

    By Pudge 88
    The app continues to say internet cannot be detected on my devices. Very odd considering every other item (computers,tv’s, and satellite) have internet. Middle of the winter and I cannot remote start my truck.
  • No issues 4/5

    By Tig3rBeat5
    I have had no issues with the myChevrolet app regarding the remote start and vehicle status functionality. I think it’s so cool to have the ability to use an Apple Watch to start my car so I don’t have to take my phone out of my pocket. I would give an extra star if the application was updated for iPhone X to fill the full screen and include Face ID.
  • Very slow 2/5

    By CurtisW1993
    Sometimes takes several minutes to lock/unlock car.. I’ve tried on strong WIFI, and LTE data, neither seem to improve the speed process. Restarted phone, and the app. Still the same.
  • Stupid app 3/5

    By Da Real Mckoy
    App still works fine on my Note 5 but all of a sudden it stopped working on my IPhone 7+
  • Worked for first year,Not worth the Price. 1/5

    By Startpage user
    Worked for the first year, then if you don’t Pay a fee somewhere around $35 a month,by purchasing their higher package(Basic it Doesn’t work),it quits, or it quit on me after first Year. They say it still works but it sure didn’t for my 2017 very expensive Chevrolet. Simply Not worth what they want monthly for this App,Can’t be rated lower than 1 .
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Jesaan
    There’s still a few bugs in this app, I’ll be happy when they get fixed. But it does work sometimes. I was getting some false “out of range of charger” messages, but not lately. I can successfully preheat the car, which is super handy this winter, so happy about that. But for some reason it won’t update my SOC or charging status, even though it has a strong cellular connection. It reports it’s unplugged even as I watch it charging. Hoping for updates. Shortly after this review, I tried again to check my SOC after charging all night and I got this: “Out of Energy” “Charge Vehicle Now” and it said I was unplugged. Yet it was still plugged, and fully charged. Go figure?
  • Amazing! 4/5

    By macbook air 21
    The app is very easy to use, and the app is built really user friendly! The only bad part is that the new iPhone X does not have full screen support yet. I would say that it’s the only drawback for me at this point!
  • My Chevrolet mobile app 1/5

    By Diesel Vin Cecil
    I have a 2012 Cadillac. I created an account, entered my Vin# & still cannot access the remote key fob as shown on the app page.
  • A non-starter. 2/5

    By You can call me Al.
    I’ve had this app for a couple of years and have been mostly happy with it. However, after this latest update, the remote start feature isn’t working reliably. I have had several times where the app states that the car has started successfully, but the car isn’t running. I’ve even tried it standing next to it. I have two Chevy vehicles and it is acting the same for both. Also the Apple Watch has the same issue. Please fix this, it’s cold outside.
  • What’s people’s problem 5/5

    By Vbus12345
    Does what it says. Starts car, Opens doors Tire pressure Etc Great app imo
  • Apple Watch doesn’t work 2/5

    By Jakeyyyy2318
    The app is slow to respond and almost never works on my Apple Watch. Some type of haptic or vibration feedback (on Apple Watch) when a command is completed because the screen always shuts off before command completes. The remember my pin on Apple Watch feature also does not work.
  • Only shows the front page. 1/5

    By Elmo70p
    No way to access the actual buttons to unlock /start and such
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By CKC7911
    If I could give this no stars I would!! Attempted to download the app for my new vehicle, can't even get past the sign in! It tells me I don't have a vehicle registered?! Well no sh¡t Sherlock!? I can't get past the stupid sign in to put the dang thing in! Absolutely ridiculous!
  • Hmmm 3/5

    By UhhhReally
    I have factory installed remote start and the remote start option is not available in this app. May uninstall for that reason.
  • Remote Start Not Functioning 1/5

    By pcm123654
    Following a previous update in 2017, the remote start function within the app stopped working (although the lock/unlock and horn functions still work).
  • What happened 4/5

    By Kingofmyown34
    App all of sudden not working......
  • Less than average 2/5

    By Kbearz momma
    I’m not sure how this app is meant to function. More than 4 times in 3 months I’ve had to delete and reinstall this app because the onStar rep I complained to, asked that I should. My complaints were as follows: 1. Even though my vehicle has been close by and my internet on, the key fob feature was unable to start my vehicle. 2. At other times, it did start it but when I tried turning it off, (after an attempt to warm the engine most mornings). I’ve had to go outside (not fun in my negative 35 temps) to manually do this, which defeats the purpose of having the app. 3. I don’t know if it’s meant to be an autostart feature, but using the “start engine” feature of the key fob doesn’t actually start my engine and that has been inconveniencing, particularly this winter where I activate this and think the car will be nice and warm on getting in. It just activates the accessories but the engine itself doesn’t run. With my Malibu, the brakes have to be stepped on before the engine comes alive. So what exactly does the keyfob do or function as. I’d sincerely appreciate an explanation please. I just had to delete and reinstall this app because the feedback on my screen said there’d been a 3rd party redirection, and suggested I delete and reinstall the app. Kinda frustrating.
  • Apple Watch 2/5

    By DeltaY
    Please make the Apple Watch app work without the iPhone. I have the cellular version and it will not work unless I have the phone also.
  • Extremely buggy 1/5

    By Vnuhfer13
    The first day I had this app, it worked just fine. Since then, it hardly worked at all. Trying to refresh the data and all it does is sit there and wheel spin in refreshing for 5 minutes plus only to just give up. For an app that offers a lot of features, it’s a shame that they don’t work when you need them to
  • Sign on problems 1/5

    By AbnRgr375
    I don’t know what it is about this application, but every time I’m prompted to sign in, it doesn’t recognize the username/ password combination -even after multiple attempts of logging in and changing of several passwords. Not impressed.
  • Apple Watch needs work. 2/5

    By Haus1995
    The app itself works, but not as well as the OnStar app for some reason. I have never had the OnStar version fail to start my car. I changed to this version due to getting an Apple Watch. The watch app consistently fails to start my car. And even the app fails to start my car at times.
  • Siri Support 4/5

    By AYUB has2525
    It would be a lot better if the dev updated the app to support Siri. So that Siri could start the car!
  • Good concept, poor execution 3/5

    By Kshea215
    This app is just quite simply ugly. It works reasonably well, takes a bit too long but that is somewhat understandable. It definitely NEEDS iPhone X support in the NEAR future. It’s pretty ridiculous that none of GM’s apps have been updated and neither has OnStar. Pretty pathetic for such a big company.
  • Nice features, but they don’t all work! 3/5

    By Eric7609
    I have a 2017 Bolt EV and the app allows me to auto start and lock the car remotely. I can see my battery levels and when my charge will be completed. However the app signs me out frequently. Also I’m unable to edit the settings in the Notifications screen. It asks for my fingerprint and then the ‘wait’ dial just spins endlessly. Don’t expect much from this app.
  • Stop notifying me 1/5

    By ChuckyB42
    The app just hangs on the notifications page. I can’t change the settings. There is no equivalent change possible on the web page. I tried texting “STOP” this does nothing either.
  • Works well most of the time 4/5

    By Jimbo952
    Lots of mixed reviews here. I use it to start the engine, lock the doors and send directions to the vehicle. 95% of the time it works great but sometimes have to restart the app to get to work. Nothing’s perfect I guess

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