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MyDISH Account

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  • Current Version: 2.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: DISH Network LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyDISH Account App

The MyDISH app enables you to manage your DISH account from anywhere quickly and easily on your iphone or ipad. View and pay your bill, manage your appointments and programming, order Pay-Per-View and Video on Demand, manage your preferences and more… all on the go. It’s just one more of the many ways DISH continues to offer fantastic customer experiences and help you enjoy TV more than ever! MyDISH Account • Create a MyDISH account (used to access the MyDISH app,, DISH Anywhere app,, and more) • Retrieve your MyDISH username • Reset your MyDISH password Appointments • View technician photo and monitor technician location in real time • Review appointment date/time Billing • View current bill breakdown • Make a payment • View previous statements • View payment history TV/Programming • View your channel line-up • Customize your package and explore options • Compare TV packages side by side Internet • View your data usage meters • Purchase additional data capacity Pay-Per-View & Video on Demand • Browse & order movies, sports, events and adult • Click on the ‘Watch TV’ link to launch DISH Anywhere and watch TV shows and movies instantly on your mobile device – all for free! Preferences • Set up/change eBill and AutoPay • Manage your account info: Contact info, security settings, etc. • Reauthorize your DISH Outdoor service Refer a Friend • Refer your friends and family to DISH via email, text message, or social media • Once they’re installed with DISH, pick from great rewards like a FREE Echo Dot, 12 FREE Pay-Per-View movies, or $50 in bill credits! • View all your referrals and rewards history Restart • Restart your DISH service if it has been cancelled or temporarily suspended Support • Troubleshoot and resolve equipment issues. • Provide us feedback so that we could improve the DISH experience.


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MyDISH Account app reviews

  • Triste 1/5

    By karol Palma
    En mi telefono baje la aplicacion pero al momento que quiero entrar a mi cuenta se queda negra la pantalla😏😔
  • iPad 2 issue 4/5

    By jimmost
    Update: 2-22-18 This update now works on an older IPad 2. Thanks. This update renders those of us with an older iPad 2 in an update loop. You start the update, it finishes, you open the app and it says you need an update, taking you back to the App Store to update. This update messes up those with iOS 10.3.3. Please fix this properly.
  • Quick updates 5/5

    By BigD_099
    Quick response to app issues
  • Problems 1/5

    By vsanthuff
    Cannot get it to take my pin. Keeps crashing. Do not like it!
  • This version is not good. 2/5

    By Dasadadadasadasasasasas
    I have used this app many times and it has been very helpful and convenient. Since the update, it crashes every time I go to manage tv.
  • Will not retain login info 3/5

    By JuanNut311
    The app doesn’t retain my login info. Once in, it seems to be useful.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Chikitaruby
    The app doesn’t work at all there’s always something when I’m trying to log in, it always freeze when trying to make a Payment
  • Thank You 5/5

    By Jaskarn.S
    Thank you for fixing this issue, it really helps me out.
  • Won’t open 3/5

    By Jon333cv
    I haven’t be able to get past to login screen for months using IPhone
  • Theresa 1/5

    By Theresa1978
    Haven't been able to update my dish account for 3mths now. Deleted it and tried to reinstall it but wouldn't let me. Said my IPad wasn't compatible anymore. Very disappointed.
  • Dish payment app 1/5

    By Jessramrz
    Dish payment never works, it always ask you to sign in over and over, with error message your submission was to quick, and that your log in information is incorrect , which is strange that it works on but never on the app Useless app ever!!!!
  • What do I do with a black screen? 1/5

    By Boodreax
    After I login it just turns the screen black. Nothing else comes up, even if I allow my phone to sit long enough to go to sleep. Reboot does nothing. iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 11.whatever.
  • The app won’t open past the mydish screen 1/5

    By Caitlingirl23
    I have updated my phone and app and still can’t get it to work
  • Does not work! 1/5

    By JimmieGee
    I was prompted to download this app the last time I went to log into the Dish website. I thought it seemed to be a easier way to manage my account, so I went on ahead and downloaded it. Well, it just sits there and does nothing once I enter my login and password. A waste of time, memory and data. Don’t bother with it.
  • Won’t load. 1/5

    By mikebama52
    Won’t get past log in screen. Times out, sends you back to login screen. I could probably develop an app that didn’t work. Are we beta testers? I deleted it. Not worth the trouble.
  • Trash! 2/5

    By jgray1986
    Won’t let me log in! Won’t go pass the log in screen!
  • Fix please 1/5

    By sooan2009
    It won’t open. Won’t get beyond logo. What ever you did ruined the apps ability To function effectively. Please fix
  • Not compatible with iOS 10.3.3 1/5

    By Berkey99
    Going on 3 months now and DISH has done NOTHING to address this problem. Why does an account app need iOS 11 features? Were there security fixes in this release to address security and privacy issues in my release of the app? I am tired of waiting for DISH to squash their bugs. I am deleting this defective application.
  • It Finally Works! 5/5

    By MaxwellSHammer
    A few days ago, I received a developer’s note saying that an update was issued “this morning” and that improvements had been made. I immediately updated the app (and for good measure, updated the iOS on my iPad Air 2). With hopeful anticipation I opened the app. Black screen with MyDish logo in the middle. I waited, pressed all over the screen (thinking there might be a secret login square somewhere), closed the app and re-opened it. Nope. Just black screen and MyDish logo. Still waiting. Update: I tried opening the app today and was pleasantly surprised—it finally worked. It is now a very useful tool.
  • Ms 1/5

    By 3Mc2Da48
    I try to open the dish but it doesn’t working I call dish and they did not help me
  • Not unlike their satellite internet service 1/5

    By Vtv227
    Takes at least a full 40 seconds to open the login screen! No wonder it 'eats' my data! Horrible. UPDATE: I quit trying, and deleted.
  • Logging In 3/5

    By Erin96203635
    Please add Face ID to log in.
  • Keeps saying "Looks like you need an update!" 1/5

    By Go-Hokies TP
    After receiving the last update for the myDISH app it no longer works on my iPhone 5c or my iPad 4. When I open the app on either a box opens saying " Looks like you need an update", and that's as far as I can go. The app does work on my wife's iPhone 5se and her iPad 2017. Both are running OS 11.1.2, while mine are both running OS 10.3.3! So I'm guessing your not going to fix this problem! I'm deleting it from my iPhone and my iPad.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By markgott
    Can’t even open the app. Get the spinning wheel for a minute and then nothing. This is on an iPad II, with up to date iOS.
  • No iPad 2 support 1/5

    By blksnow
    The new update does not support ios9. That means that those of us with otherwise perfectly functioning iPad 2's and below don't have to pay our dish network bills. We could switch...
  • Complaint 2/5

    By Bubba2a
    Worked well for a good while, today is the first time I tried to open it in a while and it will not go past the logo. No login no error , just opens the logo and stops. I see that others have complained at least since September. Fix it!! IPhone 6 IOS 11.1.2
  • Quit working 1/5

    By Rick-s
    I have been using for a long time. Now it just hangs at the logo screen. I can still use the internet to logon but the app is now useless!
  • My Dish App 1/5

    By No slew
    Has always worked fine until I got the update and it told me this version was no longer compatible with my iPhone 5c. It asked me to download a new version and I did about six times and when I open it the same thing happens , update and download new version. It works fine on my wife's 5c. I have been updating this app everyday since November 22 and everyday it ask me to update and download the new version which I do everyday and it loads and immediately ask me to update again. It is working now and allowing me to log in. I just keep getting the same annoying update. Please fix it or remove it.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By debbip
    I can't use this app at all right now. It opens to the screen with the logo but doesn't go any further. I have an iPad Pro. Update on 12/4/17- I still can’t use this app. It gets to the logo screen and then does nothing.
  • App no longer supports older iPad 2 1/5

    By Resthome2001
    Okay let's see can't run able because it says it needs to be updated. You try to update and it says your device is no longer compatible. So maybe it time to stop paying DISH !! And NO fix for this stupid loop in today's update. Guess they need to stick there head under the hood and leave it there until they resolve this stupid bug. Well finally as of today's download of the old version because I have iPad 2. The you must update notice is gone an it allows you to log in.
  • It now works on iPhone 5 3/5

    By go4wd
    As of today 11/28 it is working again :) It used to work, but now keeps saying it needs to update. Go to download update and states new update not compatible with iPhone 5 and do you want to download latest compatible version. I click yes download and it still doesn't work and app locks on screen saying it needs to update :(
  • What the h*** 1/5

    By Mr Rick 123
    Just like the rest it won't open. Might think about a new programer or go back to version that works
  • Won't update 1/5

    By Me 2 too 2
    This new update won't upload, and the app no longer works. It's always been slow, but now it doesn't work at all.
  • Will not work with iPad4 1/5

    By Brdgbldr
    Try to open and it says it is not compatible. Try to upload last compatible version but just keep getting the same response.
  • Doesn't Work with older IOS 1/5

    By Keegan Otis
    Used this app for the last year with no issues. Now it will no longer work while running an older IOS (iPad 2). At least previous updates allowed you to still run a compatible version
  • Update made app incompatible with my IPad 1/5

    By Bubblebon
    The app that has been on my IPad for 3 years and the latest update tells me it is 'not compatible with this IPad' and won't let me open the app. Good thing I just hard wired my receiver so I don't have to rely on the app like I used to. Great job team with beta testing the update!!
  • Problem 3/5

    By Agurdy
    Can’t open the app on my iPhone 7 since the latest update. Love the app so I’m sad I can’t open it
  • Update 1/5

    By Former team member
    Keeps saying needs to update and there is no update in App Store !
  • Sign in 1/5

    By Phil8824
    Signing in is terrible your updates do nothing I have to many passwords to worry about anymore make the finger print log in work or don’t offer it.
  • What’s Next 1/5

    By Jseabaugh25
    Not only are we losing our Cbs stations again!!! Now the app won’t open worked fine until the update but wouldn’t let me open it until I did the update then it just stopped working!!! You always mess with something that is fine the way it is and then as for the stations we pay for our bill goes up at least every year or I know mine does we pay and know NOTHING until the channels are gone but then again we’re just the customer we don’t have a right to know right?? As long as you get your money all is well
  • It all s—ks 1/5

    By just guess my nickman
    It s—ks! Endless circle of “You need an update. You need an update!! I’m telling you that before you fixed it, everything was fine. Unless you want talk about the internet service!! They s—k’s as well.
  • Once again 1/5

    By Mcolletta
    11/21 update available and once again get the message I can't update because it is not compatible with my IPad. Seriously, can't the tech department update the app so it will work with all versions of IPads? So, once again the app is useless....So frustrating.....
  • Your apps not working 1/5

    By Zapper52
    Help app won’t open keep working on your app it’s not opening !!!
  • Can’t open app 1/5

    By Twister chaser 100
    App won’t open with new update.
  • Cannot open App beyond MyDISH logo screen... 1/5

    By KeithSouders01
    It keeps asking to update but never updates nor will it ever open... iPhone 6 with lasted IOS... how can I make it work?
  • 11/21/2017 still not working 1/5

    By 54@why
    Updated on 11/21/2017 app does not work. I'm caught in the you need to update cycle.
  • Update TERRIBLE 1/5

    By Kathyin29
    The latest update won't load. Now I can't use app. Go ahead and raise prices and come to an agreement with CBS. You will raise prices anyway. Starting to consider Direct TV or a cable co. Fix this!
  • Never needed an update 1/5

    By Dj Rick Lenore
    I’m not sure what the IT people are doing but they’ve just totally screwed up the iPhone app. It will not open beyond the logo and keeps directing me back to the App Store for updates and there’s no new update since 1, Nov. 2017
  • No puedo abrir mi aplicación porq dice que necesito actualizar pero ya lo actualice y nada 😠😠 5/5

    By Gaby Duràn
  • Can’t open 1/5

    By faby375
    Keeps saying I need an update even after I updated I’m on iPhone 7

MyDISH Account app comments


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