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myFICO App

The official mobile app for users, featuring the FICO® Score, which is used by 90 of the top 100 largest U.S. financial institutions to make consumer credit decisions. View and monitor your FICO® Scores and full credit reports based on data from the three largest credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Monitor your identity and get notifications on your iPhone. Features: • FICO® Scores – Check your FICO Scores while on the go, including versions used in mortgage, auto and credit card lending • Insights – Learn how your credit history affects your FICO Scores • FICO Score Simulator – Explore how different actions could affect your FICO Scores • Alerts – Monitor your credit and identity, including optional push notifications • Reports – Instantly access your credit reports and credit data • Score History Graph – Track your FICO Score 8 over time • Credit Education – Explore videos and educational content to learn about credit and FICO Scores • Touch ID/Face ID support (Requires PIN Setup) • Check the rates you could get for mortgage and auto loans based on your FICO Score Certain features are available only with eligible myFICO subscriptions. Learn more at


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  • $20 per month? 1/5

    By WhyT
    $20/mo is CHEAPEST version. Waste. Use Credit Karma and suffer the ads for credit cards for free..
  • Newest update reduced functionality 3/5

    By Doc_Rob
    This app’s features, layout and design were far better before the latest version, but it’s still s good app to track your credit information.
  • Very pleased 5/5

    By Entreprenuer Man
    This app and option while it costs $31 per month- it is very detail and much more accurate than the free CK option-
  • No longer working as of last update 2.5 1/5

    By Msmartinez125
    I loved this app as of two days ago. As soon as it was updated to 2.5 it no longer works. It allows me to sign in but has a permanent network error. Unable to connect to server please try again. If this isn’t fix soon. I will discontinue my membership. I like being able to see everything on the app and the real updates.
  • My Score 5/5

    By Ja'den jefferson
    Amazing App
  • Scam 1/5

    By Dustinst22
    They make it very hard to cancel. We had to call in, and they still billed us even after calling in and cancelling. They said they do t show any record of us calling so won’t take off the charge, true A/hole customer service. Called my cc company to get my $ back from these jerks. Beware
  • Great for Staying on top of your Credit 5/5

    By Kmb2ph1
    If your serious about your credit you need the right tools! I have the monthly plan and it gives me a full look at my credit from all angles at all times . A must have if you want to fix and monitor your credit changes .
  • Expensive 3/5

    By codyhernek
    I continue to pay through the nose for these official reports hoping to get some special insight on how to optimize my credit scores. I have had better luck with FREE sources.
  • I’ve been using MyFICO for many years. It’s very reliable. The notifications are great! 5/5

    By GJCLewis
    Easy to read. Easy to use. It sends notifications how you set it. Very dependable. Highly recommend this site!
  • Helpful real-time updates 5/5

    By Evans r
    Helpful tracking your score on a daily basis.
  • Credit 5/5

    By Minhin
    Everyone has been raving about Now I can see why. They give you the latest data information on your credit report.
  • Very useful and expensive 4/5

    By Cfinney01
    The new updated app has a lot of info and very useful.
  • Great app, however 4/5

    By CT Train
    This app has been awesome, however it has been crashing the last week or so, can you please fix?
  • An absolute must have App! 5/5

    By Hubtime
    Anyone who cares about managing their credit should have this app... no question.
  • Version crashes on start 4/5

    By Deekity
    Unfortunately the last update causes a crash on start with my iPhone 6plus. App is unusable Edit: latest version fixed issue.
  • Almost there 2/5

    By SimCitySucks
    I actually like the app, however, since the update, I now have to re-enter email and password every time I log in.
  • Great Credit Monitor 5/5

    By Sir Big E
    Over the past two years, I have used this stay on top of my credit. This app was very critical in reestablishing my credit. My credit before the app was 667 and now it 787 Equifax, 776 TransUnion, and 771 Experian. I was able to identify errors or fraudulent issues immediately. Great Tool for reestablishing your credit.
  • Confusing 4/5

    By Fhhjfdeygfgkhfvcse
    The app will give me updates, but not changing my credit score.
  • Useful 5/5

    By Rubenmc5
    Great tool makes it very easy to make corrections on your credit reports.
  • The real deal 5/5

    By jcoombs21
    Unlike Credit Karma, these scores are real and are used by real credit agencies. I learned the hard way when I tried to get boat financing and got declined because my counted on my credit karma scores. Those scores were 15 points higher then my Fico score. When I saw my Fico scores on here they matched what the boat loan company had.
  • Bare Minimum 2/5

    By Five0hFour
    If you compare MyFICO as an app/service to Credit Karma you might think ok it’s fairly on par, but thats simply unacceptable if you actually think about it. CreditKarma manages to give every feature and more for free that MyFICO has for ludicrous prices, the only difference is the scores involved are FICO scores. They invest NONE of the money we pay for their services into having a top tier app/website, and that’s inexcusable, they should have the absolute best app/website. It gets worse though. I have what they call: FICO 3 Bereau Credit Monitoring They no longer offer this service it seems, its $20 a month and sits somewhere between their current $20 service and $30 a month service. I get monthly FICO score updates, for all 3 Bereau’s, but only for the single FICO score 8 scoring model, not the multitude included in others, and i get once yearly FICO credit report’s from all 3 Bereau’s that includes all the other scores etc. But the app and the data/tools within is almost 100% useless to me, i used to write to them monthly to let them know their app was broken, it took nearly a year to finally be explained to me that no, they deliberately set it up that way. My app data, the scores on all the charts and the ability to see what certain actions might do to your score is all useless because it uses data from 2014 in my case, because I’ve yet to redeem any of my yearly report’s, but still at best thats still once a year that the data in their app updates, instead of just updating it with the data I’m already getting monthly with my score updates. its absolutely ridiculous, it likely wont make sense to most of you, bottom line is they’re lazy and greedy, and apparently have zero shame. I’d not pay for monthly monitoring from them unless you have to for some reason, go with the free options available and just get a $60 3 Bereau report with FICO scores before applying for major credit app’s
  • Good, but room for improvement. 4/5

    By Kr33mator
    While this app gives accurate scores what doesn’t do is give you specifics as to what negative marks and from whom. This would be vastly helpful for those looking to clean up their credit. I seem to remember this feature being available a few years ago
  • Got Scores 5/5

    By Big Poppa Chris
    Great app. Gives me all three credit bureau and their different Fico scores for getting a loan, credit card, car, etc. Most business go off Fico scores so you won’t be surprised when other apps says you got a 750 but your Fico is a 680.
  • Scores 5/5

    By s cross
    Sometimes I don’t understand why my score goes up on a lower amount that I paid then I pay quadruple the price and stays the same I don’t understand that. And why is one much lower than the other two.
  • I find it worth the money 5/5

    By Mainebug
    I love working on my finances. It's actually a special interest of mine. So I love this app. It's in depth, showing me a number of different scoring models. It updates whenever a change happens, so I don't have to wait till a certain day to check it. The app is user friendly and easy to navigate. I like it, no complaints
  • My score at my tips 5/5

    By FlyBoyAndy
    I like that the app never crashes on me. I also like that I can log in using my fingerprint and it takes me right to my scores. I’m rebuilding my credit so this app keeps me in the loop of any changes the moment they happen.
  • Good features WAY TOO EXPENSIVE 1/5

    By freakedoutmatt
    For $30 a month I get quarterly updates. Lol. I just can't help but laugh! I've used American Express Credit Serve for years and I thought it was a little pricey but man was I wrong. Credit Serve is just as detailed, if not more so, and it allows three credit pulls a month. It is $17 a month. The cost ruins it all here. This service shouldn't be more than Credit Serve. FICO is laughing all the way to bank on this app.
  • Knowing is motivating 5/5

    By Savv Wa
    Great way to keep on top of your credit
  • The best 5/5

    By mossboy🔥🔥🔥
    On point when it comes to your credit.
  • Cheede 5/5

    By Rash ran
    I love cause it’s always on point
  • Price 5/5

    By la fear
    2 expensive
  • Great App! 4/5

    By R Plez
    This app gives you up to date info on your credit score and credit reports. I feel very secure with FICO monitoring my credit data!
  • Great tool 5/5

    By Natiamaa
    I love fico score. Since I download the app I increased my score and monitoring it all the time. Awesome tool!
  • Wonderful 5/5

    I really really like this company and what they offer. They have always helped me and the app is fun to use and had at my fingertips
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Paddy-14
    It works well for me, and it’s very easy to use!!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Chiterry
    Great up to the minute information!!! All numbers are spot on.
  • 100% accurate 5/5

    By Designmgr
    This is the only score to use when going for loans!!!
  • A better tomorrow. 4/5

    By Anim8tedtoon
    Solid service a way to better my future and understanding what I’m doing today to support my decisions.
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By SmokinV10
    Scores should update more frequently (especially with the other scoring models, I.e. auto) but otherwise the best credit monitoring app from one of the three bureaus.
  • Love this site and app 5/5

    By Mlbank68
    It's very nice to see the changes as they occur on a daily basis! Well I don't understand all of it, I do know now what affects my credit on a daily basis. I appreciate the fact that I get to look at my photo credit report and know when my score is fluctuating and know what caused it. My only complaint is the cost. I wish it were less expensive and quite frankly others are now offering the Fico score through my various credit cards as well. Something to possibly consider. But I do love with this site has to offer.
  • The Best App the Understand Fico Score 5/5

    By gebs06
    MyFico is one of the best apps for those better trying to understand their Credit Score. With tools as well as a forum outlet to help guide those of us new to the credit world into the correct direction with repairing our credit. I give MyFico 5 stars hands down.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Johnny......
    It's still nice to check u all for my score cause nine times out of ten even though it may be lower then others......... It's accurate and I know what to base my score improvement on....... Thank u all again U rock!!!!!!! Johnny
  • Very Quirky & Doesn’t Play Well With Apple IOS 1/5

    By Weiver Dettimbus
    Title says it all. Forgets fingerprint access, and randomly just doesn’t want to open up. Functionally could provide more relevant detail. A nice average app that provides barely average relevant information that would allow the average consumer to make INFORMED decisions regarding managing their credit worthiness. LOTS of room for improvement, if they really wanted to give us a level playing field, equal to that which they provide to their business clients.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By reighns_mami
    I love this app and it does a good job with helping me improving my credit, disputing information and keep track of things on my reports
  • My Credit Score is going through the roof 5/5

    By Kris-ting
    My intention was to have this app for only 1 month, here I am 12 months later and I refuse to let it go. It taught me so much about my Credit things I would have never known, that you don’t learn in those bogus Credit repair classes. This app will teach you not only how to improve your score, but how to maintain and manage credit!
  • Challenges stay long logged in 1/5

    By Chic606
    So annoying to have both the uname password and finger print enabled and still come back to the logon screen every few days. Worst that that however is finally going to the source of the score and see the outdated asinine factors that can impact how much I may end up paying for a mortgage in 30 years. And they use equifax which has no security and had all credit worthy American data stolen.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Casinorider
    Was good up until about a week ago. Now when you select app it attempts to open and just crashes. Deleted and reloaded and same thing. Lame.
  • Does not work for iPhone X 1/5

    By hpsmags22
    I’ve reinstalled and it keeps crashing after login. Please fix ASAP
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Heidijean1965&
    They only pull your score when you first open the account, after that it is like using Credit Karma which is free. Don't waste your money
  • Decent Service But Expensive 2/5

    By Chanjohn01
    Pros: * Scores from all three CBs * Shows you scores based on Lender Type (auto,cc, etc) Cons: * no on-demand credit report capability (can only pull once every other month * must pay each time to pull a new report if outside of that 2 month window * too expensive for what is offered * the simulation tool doesn’t allow you to simulate paying off all cc debt AND student loans in one query. * if your score improves, the tool doesn’t the new score as a baseline to provide your simulation result, but rather it continues to use the previous score (that’s pretty counter-productive in my opinion). Overall, it’s a decent app. However, I’m finding it very difficult to justify paying $300+ a year for something that is limited in its offering.

myFICO app comments


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