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myFICO App

The all-new official mobile app for users, featuring the FICO® Score, which is used by 90 of the top 100 largest U.S. financial institutions to make consumer credit decisions. View and monitor your FICO® Scores and full credit reports based on data from the three largest credit bureaus – Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Monitor your identity and get notifications on your iPhone. Features: • FICO Scores – Check your FICO® Scores while on the go, including versions used in mortgage, auto and credit card lending • Insights – Learn how your credit history affects your FICO Scores • FICO Score Simulator – Explore how different actions could affect your FICO Scores • Alerts – Monitor your credit and identity, including optional push notifications • Reports – Instantly access your credit reports and credit data • Timeline – Track your FICO Score 8 over time • Credit Education – Explore videos and educational content to learn about credit and FICO Scores • Touch ID (Requires PIN Setup) Requires an active account. Certain features are available only with eligible myFICO subscriptions. Learn more at


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  • Does not work for iPhone X 1/5

    By hpsmags22
    I’ve reinstalled and it keeps crashing after login. Please fix ASAP
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Heidijean1965&
    They only pull your score when you first open the account, after that it is like using Credit Karma which is free. Don't waste your money
  • Decent Service But Expensive 2/5

    By Chanjohn01
    Pros: * Scores from all three CBs * Shows you scores based on Lender Type (auto,cc, etc) Cons: * no on-demand credit report capability (can only pull once every other month * must pay each time to pull a new report if outside of that 2 month window * too expensive for what is offered * the simulation tool doesn’t allow you to simulate paying off all cc debt AND student loans in one query. * if your score improves, the tool doesn’t the new score as a baseline to provide your simulation result, but rather it continues to use the previous score (that’s pretty counter-productive in my opinion). Overall, it’s a decent app. However, I’m finding it very difficult to justify paying $300+ a year for something that is limited in its offering.
  • Poor persistence of login credentials 2/5

    By CHI twh
    My FICO expires login credentials like grocery stores expire milk. Whenever any change by Fair Isaac occurs touchid, pin, and login credentials all expire, and it's like you're logging into a fresh install of the software. I consider this behavior to be a malfunction of user experience and so cannot recommend this app. Also alerts persist until you click into the alert which gives you barely any additional information. The goal of alerts is to notify users of a change, by getting users to the alerts page, you have done that. By forcing them to click into each alert, the alert becomes onerous. Again, a ux that treats users as if they're third graders needing to be forced to do what you want them to. Fail
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Xenovann
    Only gives scores, the rest is filler like discover cards fico thing where it hides all useful information from you. Not saying myfico is bad, found what I needed from their website, just a poor app.
  • Not impressed with the updated app format. 1/5

    By tabreunig
    It's not as user friendly, it's taken away some of the original features, and most importantly it isn't as prompt for updating info as it used to be. Old format would be just as quick as the emails I received for posting scores and activities from my accounts. The new format lags considerably by days! I have to log into myFICO via computer to see real time info. Not happy, especially since I pay $30/month for a service that has declined. Fix the bugs please or I may look elsewhere for services.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mjones7
    I like that it shows all 3 credit bureau fico scores.
  • Bring the old app back 2/5

    By mr_arkanoid
    Can I downgrade to the prior version? You know ... the good one.
  • Comments 3/5

    By Eraticus
    The update is just okay. There is a lot lacking that I see so many others have covered in their points. I am not going to mention those points again. The one thing that is frustrating me is the alerts. That's an easy fix so how is it that the update had been out for close to three weeks and there is still no fix for something so simple. That bewilders me.
  • Can't clear alert! 3/5

    By Rtwiz
    Nice new interface but I can't clear the Alert notification. I've gone thru the entire app looking for a new notification but none exist.
  • New app is cool but... 4/5

    By mojo510
    Fix the red badge icon. Can't clear it no matter what I try. It hella annoying.
  • Can't log in on iPhone 2/5

    By dcbeamon
    Since the update, I can login in on my iPad, but when I open the app on my phone and try to login, it just shuts down. Please fix it!!!
  • This new update was not great 2/5

    By Goldie-Brown
    The old features was easy to read. Features have been moved and it's harder to fine. Then the simulator only shows AFN I'm in the US I don't have time to covert.
  • Change for the sake of change 2/5

    By Mostoyswins
    This was a nice app. An update doesn't have to be a complete do over. You ruined it. Add features ppl ask for & leave the rest alone.
  • This notification Alert Won't Go Away 2/5

    By Pear234
    I have this notification alert, that won't clear, I guess it is due to a bug issue.
  • Not great 1/5

    By Shines6568
    The new app has some OK things in it but the old app have much better things that you could do in and within the app. The new app you cannot rotate or anything. All that you could rotate. I don't understand why people want to mess with something good to make it worse they have totally made this app crappy
  • Notifications bug 1/5

    By Volume16
    Can you guys stop making it so complex and stop taking features away, also fix your notification bug can't take red badges away
  • Very mixed feelings about the new app 2/5

    By tofu the third
    1. Agree with others.. I've got the indicator showing there is a new alert and there isn't one. I've tried everything to clear it, but nothing. 2. The app only appears in one direction on my iPad... I know this is an iPhone app, but previously if I opened it on my iPad, I could view all the data in landscape position, but that no longer works. 3. Like others, I hated having to remember my credentials when it's been set up for Touch ID for years now.
  • Cannot clear red badge icon 3/5

    By Randy_Jack
    The app prior to the update was much better and I cannot clear the red badge icon even though I've read every alert.
  • Simple 5/5

    By Crawfordmomof2
    Beaty easy to use and navigate
  • Nice new version 5/5

    By Siskiyou2
    I like the new look and added features
  • The New Look 4/5

    By GroovyAce
    I absolutely love the new look and update.
  • New version doesn't allow me to log in 1/5

    By Mykel54
    I can sign in via the website but app keeps telling me my password is incorrect :(
  • Best 29.99 5/5

    By Mrs. Focused
    I love it!!!! Get investment
  • Nice update but, can't clear red badge app. 4/5

    By cbtrusted
    Nice update but, can't clear red badge app. I've gone into every section but I can't make the red badge app clear on my iPhone 6. I've even logged into the website (no new alerts) and removed/reinstalled the app. How else does one clear that red badge indicator?
  • Stop taking features away...please 3/5

    By Boredwithoutnumbers
    To be honest this was a great tool. You took away many cool features and now it's just okay. There is no longer a home button to select the section you want to go to. You now only get a few choices at the bottom. The report history is gone so no more comparison. You now get 2 choices: prior month or buy one. The score goal is also gone. You can no longer see how far or near you are from reaching your goal at a glance. The score chart is also gone. You can't see where you fall in comparison to the rest of the world. You no longer display at at a glance of what makes up the balance of your debt. You now have to reference an outdated report or buy a new one. Clever way to get users to spend more money. Please bring these useful tools back or at least bring the price down. Way too expensive with less tools.
  • Great App, Terrible Notifications Bug 4/5

    By ericdowell
    I love this service and the app, but please create a way for me stop your app from reminding me I purposely turned off notifications… thanks!
  • Stop deleting credentials 4/5

    By kmetcko
    Love the app however, every time it gets updated developers choose to wipe out the username and password. Very annoying.
  • myFICO and Fair Isaac Corp are great 5/5

    By needa926
    Wow! The new version of the app released today is very much welcome. It is clean and beautiful and fast. Thank you, FICO!
  • Back on track 5/5

    By beedy08
    This has helped me to stay on track with my credit score I can monitor it weekly and I know what I have to do to get things back on track. It has help me detect when someone is using my cards. I'm able to dispute when needed The only problem is not understanding how , one negative result can drop your score so drastically and three positive cause it to climb so slowly . Seems like evil over rules good
  • So far the most accurate 3/5

    By Con3crock
    It's the closest score to what lenders see.. but it's very pricey.. and doesn't offer that much.. credit karma better.. though the score might b off by a mile.. 🤣🤣
  • Awesome and Accurate 5/5

    By Nia S
    This app is awesome! It's allowing me to constantly check my credit score and offer excellent ways to improve it.
  • Ok, but disappointed 2/5

    By Jimmy Barrientos
    I can see my scores at start up and I can see what has affected it, BUT the app as a whole feels clunky and rough to navigate. The design and feel is outdated. I use a lot of apps to track my scores and financial statuses and they all feel great. This app, however, could really use a user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) revamp. Considering I'm paying a good bit a month for this service I expect to get great, not good, quality apps and services. Until then I can only give 2 stars.
  • Touch sign on 4/5

    By Cocoplay
    App now has fingerprint sign on so it's very convenient. I like the graphics and ability to set alerts to my choosing. It makes me more conscious of managing my finances and I've seen steady uptick in my score over past year. Only downside is limited information in the app -- would like to be able to see more.
  • Mediocre 3/5

    By Mrs. Hyde
    I absolutely love myFICO and prefer the web version. The app needs a complete overhaul. It is not appealing at all, you are limited with the info you can see and there's no way to remove those alerts or mark as read. For the amount of money we're all paying to use this service, the company should really invest in a better mobile experience for its members.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kinghudsonn
    Was recommended by a friend, a lot better than credit karma, monitors a lot more, worth the 30 bucks a month
  • Good Content, Poor Sign-on Process 2/5

    By Winhack
    If you use the myFICO service, this mobile app *should* be a must-have. The content it provides is actually quite the good analog to what they show you on the website. It's formatted well for mobile (phone and tablet) and works pretty much as expected. All except the sign-on process. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I've set up a passcode or TouchID, I am literally *ALWAYS* forced to enter my email address and password. I use long, very secure passwords for all my accounts, financial or otherwise, which keeps me very secure. The problem is that, for this app, I am constantly forced to re-enter them, and trying to do so on a mobile keyboard is, shall we say, less than desirable. The whole point of TouchID is to be able to forego that whole process. Clearly, myFICO has not received that memo yet. I hope they do, some day. When that day comes, this app would be 5 stars for me. Until then, it is an infuriating 2. I should not have to work this hard to get to the data on my mobile.
  • Great 5/5

    By YPC Nae
    I love it
  • GREAT APP 4/5

    By Bshi69
    I lie this Format
  • Truth costs. 5/5

    By Guitarzmygame
    Nothing worth doing is ever easy.
  • I like it. 3/5

    By Tami680
    Sometimes the app is a little slow with updating the scores or alert.
  • User Experience 3/5

    By XerxesV
    There are a lot of credit review apps out there, but this one is one of nicer ones. But it could stand some improvements, especially since it a bit pricey compared to similar apps. For example, the user has limited options in "settings." "Alerts" pile up and cannot be deleted. And unread alerts are difficult to identify. It would be nice to easily identify unread alerts if they were color coded to distinguish them from read alerts.
  • This App is a Pretty Weak 1/5

    By Wk2009@me
    The app is bare bones. It doesn't have much in the way of instructions nor does it tell you to purchase everything online at their website first. Unlike most apps it's far from full service. I am going to delete it from my phone and tablet.
  • Acceptable 5/5

    By Region of Bob
    This is a near real time tool to remind me, almost daily, how horrible I am with my credit.
  • Very effective 4/5

    By TicaMB
    This is a good tool to monitor my credit and understand the factors that impact it. It would be good, though, to see the versions that mortgage & car companies use as well.
  • Easy access 5/5

    By Kell429
    Love having access to myFICO with app to keep me updated on changes as they happen.
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By JayAidChaAva241804
    This app is the best and it keeps you up to date on your credit scores.
  • Should be Zero Stars 1/5

    By Steve Lind
    Seems there is no easy way to opt out. Now I have to stop through my credit card I guess. What a pain.
  • 3rd company ive tried - by far the best 5/5

    By kazin121989
    Started with credit karma. Started seeinga credit repair specialist who referred me to That was a good starter website but no app support so i didnt like that. Did a few hours of review reading on forums and app store and kind of find a consensus that myfico was the best. For $30 a month itd better be! Nothing on my credit goes unnoticed for more than 3 days. Whether it's been run, updated, address change, EVERYTHING that happens i am made aware of within 72 hours. That i like. It also has identity insurance. Id recommend it if you're serious about rebuilding or monitoring your credit
  • Accurate and informative. 5/5

    By Nniverson
    Keeps me up to date.

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