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myHomework Student Planner

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  • Developer: Rodrigo Neri
  • Compatibility: Android
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myHomework Student Planner App

What makes myHomework the best student planner? * Beauty, Simplicity, and Reliability - myHomework has a gorgeous appearance and simple interface making it easy for anyone to use. Our apps fill their role as a planner without network connectivity. * Amazing Anywhere - With highly rated cross-platform apps, and a wonderful website, it's the most complete on the go planner experience anywhere. * Price - The account is FREE everywhere and an ads-free premium experience is available. * Experience - myHomework has been around since 2009 and continually improving the experience based on the feedback of our users. But don't listen to us, check out just some of the coverage we've received: 2014: USA Today Best Back to School Apps 2013: Edudemic The 16 Apps And Tools Worth Trying This Year 2012: HLNTV Top 4 Back to School Apps 2012: Yahoo News 10 Helpful Apps for Students 2012: The Street 10 Best Back-to-School Apps 2011: Main Street Back-to-School: The Best Smartphone Apps 2010: Mashable Top 10 Back to School Apps 2009: Time's Top 10 Back To School Apps 2009: Business Insider The Top 10 Back-To-School iPhone Apps The free app includes: - Track your classes, homework, tests and assignments - Beautiful calendar display - Supports time, block and period-based schedules - Universal (both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) - Compatibility for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus With the optional myHomework account, you also get: - Sync across other platforms - Access to our website - Receive homework reminders - Facebook Single Sign-On - Join your teacher's class and automatically download their class information, assignments, files and announcements Are you looking for a replacement to that paper student planner, school diary, or academic agenda? myHomework is just what you're looking for. The clean interface and design make this app great for college, high school, or middle school. This homework helper contains additional features that make it easy to use for high school students with a block class schedule. Keeping track of assignments has never been better! The myHomework student agenda is today's students favorite way to focus and reduce anxiety. With this school tracker, the information normally hidden in the academic planner is now available everywhere. Using myHomework as a school organizer makes keeping track of what assignments to do easier than ever before. Download Today!


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myHomework Student Planner app reviews

  • Won’t work 1/5

    By 1say gf
    Apple Watch app keeps saying to sign in, I’m already signed in, I’ve tried reinstalling and signing in and out. Still not working.
  • One thing should be added 4/5

    By Bobbbbbbobbbbbobbbb
    I just downloaded this app so I may be missing it. But I think it would be a great addition to be able to mark an assignment done.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Jinkeys!
    Absolutely wonderful! This review cannot begin to express how much I love this app! I would also, I HIGHLY recommend getting the extra features. $5 for a whole year! THAT’S a good deal! This app is better than a school planner. It reminds you when you need to do your work and so much more! It’s wonderful!
  • Love it 4/5

    By Lil miss archer
    This has made me so much more productive. The only thing is I wish that there were more options for free. 4.67
  • Need to fix notification bug ASAP please!!!! 2/5

    By KilikLopez
    I really like this app! Specially since I can add all of my homework with my computer and it syncs to my phone. This saves a lot of time! But there is one GREAT flaw: the notifications won’t show up unless the app is open. This is a HUGE PROBLEM!! People like me who totally depend on apps like these to keep their things organized really need those early reminders. PLEASE PLEASE fix this!!!
  • Useful for College Too 5/5

    By 123749494
    I have absolutely loved this app. You get the positive feedback from swiping away homework once you’ve completed it. And I have been able to better organize my life and classes with their increased course-load. Overall very user friendly and allows a lot of personalization to fit any type of course schedule or class style. 10/10 would recommend! Thank you!!!
  • Extremely useful and intuitive. 5/5

    By Joey Nytehawk
    This app is a must have for those who dislike pen and paper planners, and even for those who do. It keeps your work neatly in front of you, reminds you beforehand what you haven't completed, and even works perfectly with my block schedule. I wish more developers were as straight forward as this. No bugs to my knowledge, just plain useful.
  • I wish there was an easier way to enter homework 4/5

    By Isak25
    I love My homework, I just wish there was an easier way to enter homework, like Siri or using the widgets.
  • Very handy 5/5

    By Red Okonogi
    Can’t complain, this app helps me stay on top of my schoolwork. I made it a habit to check the app twice a day to make sure I have finished all my assignments.
  • Auto sync 4/5

    By Zach37473772
    It’s a good app, but I would like to see an auto sync feature so I don’t have to press the sync button each time I want to make sure I have everything updated across all of my devices.
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By HebbsD
    Since everything in the present is online, it’s nice to have a convenient app that has everything thats due when and having access to it at my fingertips!
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Hollaathim
    Hi! I love this app and it helps me keep track of so much but the other thing i don’t like is the way it shows in the widgets section of the notification center when you swipe right. I wish it would show me there what i have coming up or what i have late. Thanks :)
  • Great! 5/5

    By Matthew S 4
    Great help in reminding and keeping track of my assignments.
  • Really good 5/5

    By LifeMushroom
    Really good but tells order of classes in A-Z order, not by period
  • Really Great, Seems Slow. 3/5

    By Tyler Grommesh
    myHomework is an excellent replacement for paper planners. The interface is nice and intuitive, and the reminder system is well implemented. The animations need to be sped up if not done away with completely though. The slow animations make the app seem slow and it can be frustrating. I would also like to see better theme customization, specifically on the desktop apps. Overall — Really good — But needs sped up.
  • Stress and anxiety....goodbye!! 5/5

    By Palmer Evans
    Honestly, up until I found this app, I would miss deadlines ALL THE TIME. But as soon as I downloaded this app and entered everything in, my anxiety went away and my grades began to go up instead of down. There are a few minor bugs and glitches, but overall I am SO grateful for whomever made this app. And I especially like the layout and themes. User friendliness is a big thing to me, and this app has that in the bag!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By TrevinoAngel24
    The app is all I can ask for in place of a planner on my phone. Especially since you can add it as a widget, just swipe left to add an assignment.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Aznlollipop
    Easy to use, easy on the eyes and keeps track of assignments. What more could you want?
  • Amazing app! 5/5

    By KB1053955327964215906432
    Nothing bad to say at all!
  • Reinstall if slow 5/5

    By Senor Peso
    The app was very sluggish with the new update when trying to add homework assignments. If you experience this issue just delete it and redownload it then it is fast again.
  • Helps with the ol’ memory 5/5

    By Brendan BL
    Although for me the best way to memorize something is to write it down on paper, since I can’t carry a planner with me everywhere I go and since I always have my phone anyway, this app is a very very close second and I can probably say it’s just as good. I’ve been using it for 4 years and no matter what other apps I find or planners I keep I always find myself coming back to this app because of how easy and convenient it is.
  • It is awsome 5/5

    By 10noremac10
    This app is great and easy to use for anyone going to any type of school. It is completely customizable for any type of schedule. You can choose when you want it to send a notification for homework and you can put in all your classes. It has saved me time and effort so I don't have to carry a planner around and I can just take out my phone and see what I have due the next day. However keep in mind teachers may not let you have your phone out at all. I explained to them I had my planner on here. This app has kept me organized very easily and has helped my grades drastically.
  • Easy to use and access 5/5

    By Hxhdydoduodhodfu
    I love that you can access the app on any device and everything will be synced. Won't have to worry about getting homework done late
  • This is a great app! 5/5

    By LightPvp1
    This app has been helping me so much with my homework and important tasks!
  • Compatibility!! 5/5

    By Koehler Ipod
    Make compatible with Google Calendar and regular iPhone calendar, so you can’t have so many calendars and so they are all in one place!! So much more organized! That would be the best.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Elijahdaboss
    If you have school, it will be your life saver keeping you organized and stress free, it would be perfect but it doesn't have that much schedule variations for when you have certain classes. Otherwise, it's great
  • Super helpful 5/5

    By Richard123456789
    Great app that helps me stay organized!
  • Great for University 5/5

    By Turner2012
    It is advertised as geared toward a high school setting but I have found it incredibly useful in college as well, great for planning, organizing, staying on top of various deadlines and so on. Great app!
  • Love it!!! 5/5

    By Legends Gaming
    Before I started using this app I wasn’t doing so good in school, I tried using a planner, but I just kept losing it. This app helped me get all a’s in high school. I helps because it remembers and notifies me of my homework that is due.
  • Perfect for Students 5/5

    By YouArePerfect<3
    This app has really helped me stay on top of my schoolwork. It is very easy to use and keeps everything organized. Would recommend to anybody who struggles with time management and organization!
  • Fantastic App 4/5

    By vanguard123
    Best homework app out there. I give it 4 because there’s always room for improvement.
  • Great app 5/5

    By JusRoDah
    Really easy to use and very easy to quickly add assignments...even while the professor is still lecturing
  • Extremely helpful 5/5

    By Bobby457
    I have a concussion and I have trouble remembering things. This app has helped me remember my homework. As the teacher speaks I type in what I need. Later that day I get a reminder and I know exactly what I have to do. I have used other apps and they always need you to use the premium version to use the app. This app has the premium feature, but I am able to use the app on the free version without any problems. This app allows me to get good grades. Thank you!
  • Needs some work 3/5

    By Scott Gann
    I'm a college student and I thought this would be the perfect solution to make sure I'm on top of all my assignments. Unfortunately it doesn't help much because the notifications only pop up after I open the app. I've played with the setting but no luck. The main purpose is to remind me to do the work but it can't do that without push notifications. Still helps as a check list of sorts
  • KEEPS ME SANE! 5/5

    By Isaiah Lee (ATX)
    thank y'all for the support!!!
  • I love the app but.... 3/5

    By heyyyyyyyyyyie
    This app is the best to stay organized in college. The set up is great and all the extra options are fantastic. But, I tried upgrading to premium and it was taken out of my account but it says I don’t have the premium account. It sits there forever loading and saying connecting to iTunes. Please fix this issue, it is very aggravating.
  • Surprisingly good 4/5

    By Derking derk a derp
    Before I had this app, I used the homework app. I enjoyed that app until it made many unessessary and annoying changes. I then quickly switched over to this app. At first, I didn't really like it, I thought the Dashboard was ugly (different from what I was used to), but after awhile I started to appreciate this app. It has more features and is overall better than the homework app. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but now it's extremely useful. Thanks
  • Great 5/5

    By lexylou112233
    The app is amazing and helps me soo much... I've never been more organized! All if my stuff gets turned in on time too!
  • Keeps you organized on the move 5/5

    By Caalhon
    A planner you will always have with you
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jeremy0802
    Very handy tool, does everything I need it to. Basically a todo list with a few bells and whistles tuned for a school environment.
  • Love the app, but... 4/5

    By Princess3247
    I love this app, but recently I've noticed that when I initially create new homework items and select which classes they're for, it defaults to the correct due dates—which is great. HOWEVER, when I go back into the app later, the due dates have been mysteriously changed to the following day (but still the correct time of day). This isn't a deal-breaker, but it is definitely a nuisance to have to go back in and correct a lot of the due dates.
  • Missing 2 small features for me 4/5

    By sassybleu
    I really love this app. I don’t think $5 a year is too terrible to part with to get a fully-functioning app with no ads, and lots of customization. One issue I have is that I am unable to remove files once they’ve been attached to an assignment, so if I accidentally upload the wrong one, I can’t remove it. I’d also like the option to upload files from my onedrive account since I don’t use google drive or Dropbox, so I currently have to deal with transferring files or going to my desktop to use the file attachment feature. Besides those things, I love this app.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By AJBugMan
    Great app for keeping track of assignments!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Fear kitty
    Keeps me well organized and on track with my homework. Attaching picture files to homework instead of carrying a textbook around everywhere is a life saver.
  • Great Foundation (with room for improvement) 4/5

    By Liz.A.Light
    The two things that would make this app thee perfect assignment planner app would be 1) Integration with Google Calendar 2) OS 11 Files Support

    By C Pnut
    I'm a college student at Central Michigan University right now and the Homework app has been a tremendous asset for allowing me to be organized
  • Love it 5/5

    By Rinskey
    I love this app! As a freshman in highschool, this makes things so easy to stay on track! Whether it's studying, homework, or anything school related, it reminds you. You can also set due dates so you don't forget and I absolutely would give this 5 stars.
  • Nice 4/5

    By Wildbman
  • Good 4/5

    By Dante_px
    MyHomework is a simple, effective, and efficient app. I prefer the app rather than a notebook.
  • Simple and keeps me on track! 5/5

    By Headofhair
    Great app. Helps me to stay focus and conveniently helps me to stay on top of the ball. Easy to use and beautiful interface.

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