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myPilot App

The convenient way to get the most out of your stop at Pilot Flying J. Shower Reservation: Reserve a shower from the mobile app. Logging In: - If you already have a registered loyalty account, simply choose “Sign In” from the bottom of the screen and use existing credentials. - If you have a loyalty card but you’ve never registered online, choose “Create Account” to link to your existing card. All data will transfer. - Creating a digital account has the same benefits as our physical cards, and more – such as mobile fueling, mobile wallet and enhanced rewards. - Already have a registered account? Choose “Forgot Password” and input your email address.   Fast Fueling This new updated app gives you all the tools for a quick and efficient fueling experience. Fuel Lane Status tells you which pump is likely to open up next. Mobile Wallet Store your payment and loyalty cards in your wallet, and don’t worry about paper receipts. Everything is kept safe and secure within the app. Talk about fast throughput. Rewards MyRewards loyalty information and point balance is stored and ready to view anytime, anywhere. You’ll receive exclusive offers and discounts right on your phone. Parking Our updated app allows you to see how many parking spaces are available at each location. At select locations, you can reserve a parking space in advance through our Prime Parking system. Locations With over 650 locations across the continent, you’re sure to find a Pilot Flying J nearby, and our app will show you exactly where. You can also see which locations feature our totally overhauled Wi-Fi— providing better, stronger Internet connection—plus our newly renovated bathrooms and showers. NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


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  • Great App! 5/5

    By KadrianE
    had some times the Whoops” message but its less than 10%.. I'm happy with it.. what i don't like is the ELD... :))
  • Fueling... 3/5

    By Rolland Lynch
    Seems that about every third stop to fuel I have to do the manual card thing.
  • My Offers don’t work 3/5

    By Ambre Renee
    The offers that are supposed to take you to another page never work! It just crashes the app.
  • Definitely Recommend 5/5

    By Leo_decrapio
    Had a little trouble logging in but after some trouble shooting with the developers I was able to. Since then I can say the app has helped me. Even if you only use it to track your points I recommend it. I can say without a doubt the app is very well put together.
  • I want to leave a comment about the store I visited 4/5

    By Geraldsonbk
    That’s all I want!
  • Apple Wallet Support 3/5

    By WatertownMA
    Why can’t I add my Pilot card to Apple Wallet? Your checkout lines are slower when people have to fumble through your app just to get at a barcode.
  • Apple wallet 3/5

    By sskin1425
    Need to make so will work with apple wallet
  • Stop logging me out! 1/5

    By Ihop23947
    How about letting us book parking through the app? And see how many are left open. And STOP LOGGING ME OUT!!! Why do I constantly now have to log in when forever I never had to log in? And why make it complicated? My email and a password? You couldn’t make it my phone number and a 4 digit pin? Why? You want my email address. How much did you get for it when you sold it??? Why is the my in the “my pilot” logo a sad face? Makes not sense. You want to see a great app Mr. Buffett new owner dude? Check out TA/Petro.
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By stayonthego
    Always logging out and can't even use the app without logging in
  • Logged me out and can’t log back in 1/5

    By Stoptryingtoforceanickname
    I keep getting the Whoops message
  • Not working at pilot 156 in mortons gap 1/5

    By Lonewolfbc
  • Adding payment card impossible 3/5

    By Love the Love's
    The only way I've been able to add a payment card is to be connected to the PFJ wifi network will not complete when on cellular data.
  • App needs a fix! 1/5

    By Yamaha11111
    Can't add a fuel card to my account. Every time I try, it crashes!(((
  • Doesn't work. 1/5

    By Tomracer70
    I go through all the steps, but when I get to the part it waits for the code. It says whoops it lost communication to the store. At every single pilot/flying j through Az.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By 488S
    App will not sign me in unless I'm connected to pilot wifi... it will work on regular cell service. Why is that? I can't even look up near by stores because it won't let me sign in. Says whoops

    By antpat21
    This app is great but yet lackest thou one thing.🙂 It appears you have to be sitting in the specific PFJ's parking lot (or in really really close vicinity) in order to see the list of available showers. I was across the street from a PFJ and couldn't see the available showers. Although I had an internet connection the app said something about the gps? C'MON PFJ 🙂 Your many many truck driver customers should be able to check and see the showers available (like with TA/Petro) from anywhere in the country. A driver may be limited on time and just wants to check and see, if there is a long wait for showers. Why have him or her, have to be physically parked in the parking lot, or really close, just to check and see the shower list? Other than that, the app is great for reserving a shower from inside the comforts of your truck. After showers are available and you reserve one of them, the app issues you a PIN number that expires in 10 minutes if not used. The ability to fuel from the app is also great saving you time from having to enter in the info at the pump. It saves your fuel card and truck info inside the app. After your info is submitted and accepted for fueling, you're given a code or PIN number that expires in 30 minutes. You then, can pull up to any available pump, punch in the code, and the pump is turned on right away. Nice! Thanks PFJ!
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Rrchell4
    App was good, couldn't get an advance using the app but it worked. Now the app no longer works, redownladed and it still won't work, goes all the way threw with info but never finishes, always says " Woops can not connect " use to use all the time now I can't use it at all.
  • Joke 1/5

    By iowagan
    A big joke! Works good for a little bit then says invalid information just out of the blue.
  • Works like a charm! 5/5

    By SNI roadrunner
    Excellent app. Use it at the pump every time with no problems. In store purchases - easy breezy! Love the heads up on the offers too.
  • Won't let me log in 3/5

    By PFJGirl91
    I think this is a great app and I would give it five stars if it lets me log in. I've uninstalled this app and installed it so many times but it's still not letting log in. Please fix so I can get rewards just like everybody else. Plus I'm employed here!! Smh
  • Setting up an account a nightmare 1/5

    By Mikezots
    Do everything right and you still get blocked, with a call customer service message that is via phone only. No points, nothing but a station locator that I can already do in a mapping app. Useless.
  • Does not work on iOS 11, crashes every time 3/5

    By jnbmks5612
    I would like to be able to view a particular store's shower situation from anywhere. Would come in handy if there are two PFJs at the same exit
  • App 2/5

    By schneiderbulk
    Rarely works at fuel pump.Whoops cannot connect to store.Just gone back to swiping card at pump.Technology 🙄
  • Hit or Miss 3/5

    By Tschwand
    When it works, it's fine. But the only time I can use it at the pump is when I get DEF. All other times it fails to communicate with store. Also for updates, would be useful if you book parking in app instead of app sending you to the website. Update: how are the in store coupons in the my rewards section supposed to work? No matter how many times I hit refresh, it says to check my connectivity even when I'm in the store on there wifi!
  • Does NOT Save Time 3/5

    By Tim, the Trucker
    I'm writing this review at Store #152 near Memphis, Indiana: First, the app is slow. The driver can actually punch the information in at the pump faster than going through the steps on the app. Next, after entering the information on the app, and getting my pump code, the pump in Memphis was unable to retrieve the information. I ended up having to enter the info at the pump anyway. Finally, and most importantly, when using the app, the driver is unable to print a receipt at the kiosk. The driver has to stand in line to have the cashier print it. The app is marketed as saving the driver time, but it actually takes longer to use the app. The idea is good; and I usually use it because I am not in a hurry. But, Pilot/Flying J needs to put extra effort in improving the app so it lives up to the company's promises.
  • Functional but clunky 2/5

    By indycpa
    I'm not a professional driver, so have no idea how well it functions for them. I do have several gas and C-store apps though and this is the "clunkiest" if them. My first issue is that it tries to locate stations via gps as soon as I open it. I am at a station when I open it, so don't need to find the nearest one. This takes several seconds before finally opening. Make "locate" a feature once opened instead of forcing it every time. My second issue is that I have to enter my PIN just to pull up my rewards card. It is not linked to a payment card, so why extra step? Currently the app is functional but not convenient.
  • keeps saying unable to retrieve acct info. i erased it and re downloaded it still the same issue 1/5

    By rcaceres03
    i don't know what else to do.
  • No Apple Wallet 3/5

    By fatherRON
    Please make it so it can be added to the Apple Wallet. It's Inconvenient to have to open the app every time I check out at the store.
  • Whoops! 1/5

    By Lightey
    Useless if I can't sign in.
  • App crashes 3/5

    By Samoanjigga
    Heard is was a good app but once downloaded and signed on once, entered fleet card then it continues to crash with WHOOPS message, I'll check later to see if working
  • The app doesn't let me sign in 5/5

    By AwesomeGuyNHisGirl
    I sign in like I'm supposed to and when I click log in, it says Whoops! Unable to retrieve account information. I saw some others with this problem and developers helped out. Looking for the same help here please and thank you.
  • Worked great! 5/5

    By K4KW
    I just updated to iOS 11 Beta 3 and the app crashes immediately. I know it's a beta operating system and I'm not complaining, just making the developer aware of the problem. I hope they get it fixed quickly as I use the App every day.
  • Please update app 3/5

    By keeso
    The app really needs to be updated for iOS 11 it crashes as soon as you open it!.....Thanks in Advance!!
  • No service without account 1/5

    By NotGood101@
    You MUST have a account to use this app I can't even lookup stations without first opening an account ...NO THANKS
  • Apple Wallet Passes Support 4/5

    By Mitch_M
    App works great, love the new myOffers section. I think y'all should add the ability to add your drivers card to Apple Wallet in the Passes section. I don't know about anyone else, but my card is starting to wear out. The magnetic stripe is dead and the printing on the back where the barcode and # is starting to come off.
  • Better for Phone than Tablet (revised review) 4/5

    By Mick Gator Fan
    Great for locating Pilot and Flying J stations. However, an app developer confirmed that some functionality will definitely not work correctly on tablets. - Points do not display correctly on iPad; it shows 444,444 points but the correct number is 3. If you look carefully, the real number of points is actually visible at the bottom of the screen in very small print. - Selecting "More" on the iPad results in a white screen instead of all the options you see on the iPhone. The app developer also confirmed that the app is designed to show only truck fuel prices, and nothing for vehicles that use regular gasoline or automobile diesel. Luckily the Gas Buddy app will display Pilot fuel prices for cars.
  • Bad service Pilot 5/5

    By Ffyntik
    Tried to create an account and the web site freezes, tried 3 times with different info and no good..... Update: The app support helped me resolve the problem. So the app works good
  • Unable to create an account 1/5

    By zinkefamily
    Keep getting "Whoops! Unable to create account. Try again." I stopped at 3 attempts. I'll update my rating if I can create an account through the app someday. Sounds like it would be useful.
  • Lastest update made it worse - fixed by developer 4/5

    By Billyptx
    Before the update you log in and did your thing and then next time you tried the app it crashed. This update, you just get an error "Whoops! Unable to retrieve account information. Would you like to try again?" I guess problem solved. -—----------- Contacted by the developer. They made some adjustments to my account and the app now works as expected.
  • Just keeps crashing 1/5

    By Mwl983
    I just downloaded the app, added my loyalty card number, and created the account. After that, the app has just been crashing. I'm now deleting it. I only fuel at pilot/flying j as a last resort anyways.
  • Can't connect to store 1/5

    By Gortex1us
    Used to work great, but lately can't connect to any stores. Uninstalled, reinstalled still can't connect.
  • Great when it works! 4/5

    By Nomad_76
    The app is a great idea and far better than the competitors' apps I've tried. However, the fueling feature is annoying... great when it works, but very hit or miss. :-( Also, I wish the scannable card could be added to iOS wallet for quick access .. usually takes a while to access in the app. Hope they continue to improve!
  • Crashes 2/5

    By Great duo
    Won't load. Uninstalled it, installed it and it worked once. Now same thing.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Hky52
    Won't even open after first time using app. Difficult to set account.
  • App stopped working 1/5

    By iPhone User 1 million
    App was working fine until 5/14/17 now it will not load loyalty information and crashes upon opening after the first use. Customer care wasn't much help said information would populate after 24 hours, That was a lie!!! Reservations of showers was a great feature and fueling without using cards was awesome. Hope you get this fixed sooner than later.
  • Simple and convenient! 5/5

    By laceyland
    I love this app! Makes my life so much easier on so many levels!
  • Won't let me complete acct set up. Frozen. 1/5

    By HHSFI
    Doesn't work.
  • App worked great and now it just shows loading and closes? 1/5

    By Scottmonster
    What happened?
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Martiniani
    Never works when you really need it !!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
  • Won't even let me create an account 1/5

    By Guy-o Domo
    I already have a my rewards card and while creating an account it sends me the email to confirm my email is active, and once I click the link it redirects me to a web browser, says I have to start over again, I re-do the form in browser, it sends me the confirmation email, and says we have to start over. TOTAL GARBAGE APP!!

myPilot app comments


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