MyPlate Calorie Counter

MyPlate Calorie Counter

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  • Current Version: 5.12.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LIVESTRONG.COM
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyPlate Calorie Counter App

MyPlate is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and improve your health! Join millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the most user-friendly way to track your food and exercise on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. MyPlate makes tracking calories and getting the proper nutrition easy. USER REVIEWS "I lost 75 pounds but regained my life.” — Robin "I changed my life, and lost more than 100 pounds in a single year.” — Ryan “My life has forever changed for the better -- and LIVESTRONG.COM was where it started. Thank you so much for helping me be the healthiest me!” – Lara “I have done Weights Watchers (WW) twice in the last five years with fantastic results but the reality is, it’s expensive and not conducive to reality. Counting calories is so much easier than counting ‘points’ and you feel free to eat what you want, when you want.” -- Meagan With the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker, you can: Browse a comprehensive database with over 2 million foods Find out which foods you eat contain the most calories Use our handy barcode scanner to find and track food easily Create custom foods and meals Set up automatic tracking in the future with the recurring food feature Get a personalized daily calorie goal Keep track of your weight and progress over time Review detailed data and create custom goals for your macronutrients and micronutrients Keep track of your water intake Follow along with in-app workouts you can do at home, at the gym or anywhere Get real-time, 24/7 support from members of our motivational community and others on a similar journey Set meal reminders to keep you on track Integrate with Apple's Health app to sync workouts, food and weight tracked from other apps and devices Get full support for use on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Why choose LIVESTRONG.COM’s Calorie Tracker? *MACRONUTRIENTS MADE SIMPLE* A daily snapshot of protein, carbs and fat grams and percentages allows you to easily monitor your intake and manage your desired ratio. *ROBUST PROGRESS SECTION* The extensive Progress section includes easy-to-read charts that give you a quick summary of your data over time including Calories, Weight, Carbs, Protein, Fat and more. *FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS* Want to stay fit? Enjoy our list of workouts, and exercise at home or anywhere. At the end of each workout, save the number of calories burnt to your diary. *REAL-TIME COMMUNITY SUPPORT!* Looking for motivation or advice? Our active community message boards are filled with thousands of members offering each other support and advice, sharing recipes and tips and just sharing a laugh. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people who share similar health and fitness goals. *EVEN MORE ON LIVESTRONG.COM* Check out our FREE companion tool on LIVESTRONG.COM with additional features such as meal plans, workout videos and the latest news and information about healthy eating, exercise ideas and more. *UPGRADE TO A GOLD MEMBERSHIP* Choose between three price tiers and periods (1 month for $9.99, 6 months for $29.99 or 1 year for $44.99). The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. The subscription renews at the end of every period you choose unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. A Gold Membership includes: Advanced statistics, including daily averages, trends and more Exclusive in-app Gold members only workouts Exclusive access to the private Gold Members board in the community Our Clean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eating clean An ad free experience Priority support from our customer support team Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period for the subscription you selected if auto-renew is enabled. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.


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MyPlate Calorie Counter app reviews

  • Love it! 5/5

    By Rag0r
    The interface is so much more friendly now, and I'm putting my data is simple. All the metrics allowing me to see breakdowns and charts and graphs like this in ideal diet/lifestyle tool.
  • Very useful with tracking macronutrients but terrible with micronutrients 3/5

    By Alissaturn
    Every time I look at the details where it displays not just macros but things like sodium and cholesterol, sodium is never correct. I scanned a verified protein shake that has 250 mg of sodium. MyPlate app details show only 1.62 mg of sodium for the whole day and I’ve input about five other foods that has at least more than 1.62 mg.
  • Please add points system 4/5

    By SeanSHSU
    I love this app. I used to use “Nutrition” by Shroomies but they didn’t update for the new IOS, and I was forced to change how I did things for the past 5 years. So far this app has been excellent. But if they had a point system, I would give a higher rating, and even go gold status in a heartbeat. I would also like to see how many calories I have left (or points) annotated on the app badge.
  • Free app is great 4/5

    By Ikkyicke
    Even the free part of the app is amazing. I definitely think that 44 a year is a little bit steep, but also worth it if you don’t have the time to log in all the information your self.
  • Diet Hunter. 5/5

    By Diet Hunter
    I love it, It’s easy to keep track of everything I eat and drink.
  • Food log problems 3/5

    By meeeeeee3566749
    I would probably stop using MyFitnessPal and switch to this, but there are some huge issues with this app. That I believe can be easily fixed. As far as food logging, I have to constantly make "my own food" because the bar codes i can or items I search for are not being found, this gets really annoying and begins to be a huge waste of time. With the other app I am able to find and scan in all the items, that I can't with this app which makes it much easier and faster. Also when I precede to "add my food" because I'm now forced to because of the lack of food items within the app, it only asks for fat, protein and carbs, which I find to not be enough information as far as nutrition, on MyFitnessPal, it asks me for sodium, fiber, sugar, vitamins, etc. which I think makes more sense. I'm not sure if this is only with the basic version 🤔. Anyway I love the design of the actual app, the interface is easily navigated and I like that the home screen shows me the breakfast, checked off with the specific calories, in a highlighted form.
  • Eazy Pezy 5/5

    By StayingtheCourse
    This app is so easy even I can do it. It keeps me aware of my daily calorie intake. I lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks 3 years ago and this easy app keeps me disciplined & on track. Thanx
  • Annoying 2/5

    By NaurelIl
    Most of the entries are inaccurate and are still inaccurate when scanning an item directly. The app information is still incorrect by 5-20 calories. I keep having to manually enter everything. And it rounds up on your weight. An ounce is an ounce. You have no right to round up.
  • Good at first, now not so much 3/5

    By V307
    This app used to work great. Now it continually messes up on counting my calories burned. Sometimes it won’t track at all. Sometimes it resets to zero & starts over again not recognizing calories already burned. Very disappointed with the unreliability.
  • Excellent free version 5/5

    By WhoRunBarterTown?
    Can’t get better than this for free.
  • WONDERFUL!!!!!! 5/5

    By Kelsi📸📱
    I love to keep track and the workouts are even better I love it!! Great food choices!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Natedad32
    So far a really great app to track my food intake.
  • Better Than MyFitnessPal 5/5

    By MrsMcKeon
    Love this app! Makes tracking my food and macros so easy!!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By RockneRC
  • App allows scam ads 1/5

    By apple189991
    I have received multiple scam pop-ups while using the mobile app. These are the ones which say the iPhone is infected and that I need to call a fake apple support number. I highly suspect this is coming from the ads being run.
  • Easy and perfect 5/5

    By Somethingchad429608
  • Well done 5/5

    By CameronTaggart
    The app works very well, I'm glad that the information about the food is accurate to what I'm seeing and that I can continually track my progress
  • Good when starting out but food list needs updating and expansion 3/5

    By RiverTideRed
    This app has been helpful in terms of forcing me to track everything that passes my lips and being aware of what I'm eating. I also find the chat helpful for the most part. My biggest problems with the app are the food list and the exercise list. The food list needs to be updated more often to add foods and needs to include mixed food made from scratch. For example, I made a bag of mixed dry beans with low fat reduced sodium chicken broth last night. I had to add each kind of bean one at a time, add the broth, add the onions, celery, etc. and then estimate how much I ate of each item. Ugh. The exercise app needs an overhaul and to include more types of everyday activities as exercise. I have lost 5 pounds so far. I am about a month in now and for the most part I still feel this is a fairly good app for tracking your foods and macros. I feel less positive about the chat portion and I've decided not to use that aspect of the app any longer. There is 1 person in particular who thinks he is Gods gift to the food and diet world and I've grown tired of his incredibly nasty approach to everyone. He's The school yard bully.
  • Forced Update 1/5

    By Dom dude 123
    It forced an update to the new "single app" whatever that means and now the new app is stuck "syncing." It never completes and the app simply doesn't run. It is useless. Can't even start a new account because the old one is still tied up, in use.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jimmerscar
    I love how it sync's with everything...... no excuse not to eat well
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By JHyder218
    I love this app!! Keep up the awesome work!
  • Simple and easy to use 5/5

    By Kimmedeee jones
    I am a mom of 4 into bodybuilding, and this is a simple and effective app for me. I can't stress the simplicity enough, it's what got me. I love that I can track and scan as I go, and the calendar set up is really easy to remember and navigate. I like that I can add and customize my dietary needs as I gain weight. I'm able to get in my macros and count my calories at the same time and keep at it consistently. I really enjoy this app.
  • Helpful & straight to the point 5/5

    By Idk really.
    Does what it says it will do and more. Also has options for workouts, which is extremely convenient. :)
  • 10/10 5/5

    By Ambrollins 4 Life
    This works so well!!
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By Alwaysoverpar
    This app has helped me so much. I have lost a total of 40 pounds using this app. I have recommended this app to all of my friends.
  • Loved but stopped working 3/5

    By T🙂☹️
    I loved this app but unfortunately after the Apple 11 update its not working. It no longer tracks the calories burned and now loooking up food sometimes doesn’t work and sometimes deletes food entries. Been waiting for update. Have deleted app and have downloaded again, but still not working.
  • pretty good, basic 3/5

    By Flatkatcarsnicoenckfc
    I wanted to see what i ate and track my macro nutrients. I really miss my old samsung health app because it would track vitamins and minerals and macros really well, and overall customizable. I still can’t find a good app for that, and this app also doesn’t track micronutrients, which is a shame. this app has a lot of foods in the menu which is nice. I really dislike that i can’t customize the calorie goal. i was forced to choose either lose weight or gain weight as my goal. I didn’t want to do either, so I am a little dissatisfied with that part.
  • What it needs!!! 4/5

    By Andy0630615
    This is a great app. I feel like I'm loosing weight but it needs to have different types of exercises like benching and squat!! It would be great to have all the exercises and the calories that I burn. I don't know how many calories I burn for every exercise I do.
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By Joseuno
    Daily ‘go to’ for calories burned
  • Good 5/5

    By Julia 456
    Good stuff. It shows me the overview of calories, carb, protein and fat number as well
  • Helped Me Gain Weight 5/5

    By Mochi<>Love
    This app helped me gain weight and me being 11 and having to track how many calories I eat everyday because of an eating disorder is pretty bad. Overall it's really easy to use and very efficient, it tracks how much water your drinking, how many calories you consume for each meal and a separate column for snacks, it also has 5-10 minute workouts that allow you to burn up to 100-200 calories depending on which one you do. GREAT APP! LOVE IT!!!
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Miniluv1984
    I've been using it off and on for a while. I think it's easy to use, has a strong database of recognized foods, and allows for some helpful shortcuts to make it easy to upload data. I like that it pipes to apple health too
  • Super helpful! 4/5

    By CocoaLoco
    Great app! I can even add and save new foods!
  • Solid 5/5

    By Jplay26
    Does what you would want it for.
  • Serves the purpose I need it for 5/5

    By jasonwmorgan
    I use this for calorie tracking and maintaining my macro nutrients appropriately. It works great for these two things. I appreciate that I can set my macro percentages at what I'm shooting for and not just the recommended based on my weight, weight loss goals, etc.
  • Crashing 4/5

    By Stonemarky
    Everyday every time I open it shuts off 3 times before staying open. This is my second review with this program problem. I also wish if your paying for the app there was a daily journal you can use. This would be helpful. Thanks
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By what man is cool i am
    1. Make an option to subtract dietary fiber automatically, or just make an option to quickly show carb and calorie consumption when its subtracted. 2. Make a scheduled weighing day and a reminder for it. Example: Saturday 9:00 am -Repeat every week. 3. Make a way to change your wanted daily amount of calories and macros on an off day. Example: 2,235 calorie, Carbs ___ g Fats ___ g Protein ___ g every Mon-Fri. 1,800 Calories, (edited macros) Sun-Sat. AND OR: off day selection where you enter in the macros and calories for your upcoming off days, and switch it on during a randomly chosen off day. *Daily steps have been a little glitchy lately but I’ll let it slide. *
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Cryformercy85
    Easy to use The library could stand to be a little bigger but I know that takes time.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Moey1060
    Easy to use keeps me on track
  • Was good but now not working? 2/5

    By IZybelle stopped syncing with my iPhone for tracking calories burned....I was all in until today...very very upset.
  • Immediately uninstalled 1/5

    By Lucas Stanley
    I downloaded the app and the first time I tried to add a custom meal it returned with an error saying “sorry, unable to create custom food at this time. Please try again later.” I waited a few hours and tried again and am still having the problem. Immediately uninstalled.
  • JaneYouIgnorantSl_+ 1/5

    By just-someguy
    I'm unsure why this app continues to receive such praise. This may possibly be due to the apps "request for a new MEMBER to submit a TRUE assessment after less than 20 minutes of having it on their device". **I'm just pointing this out.** I've submitted a previous review yet I'm unable to locate it. Therefore it's fairly obvious it's either been removed or WHATEVER. Taking so much time to point out its various downfalls seems futile, therefore WHY BOTHER?? Let's just look at the numbers of reviews SHALL WE?? 276 for MyPlate. Over 16000 for MyFitnessPal. This should be taken into serious consideration "unless": 1-You are a stay at home mum without friends & absolutely LOVE to socialize with your other weird "friends". 2-You are an extremely old person who (again) enjoys the "like-minded" emptiness of "said" ppl. 3-You enjoy claiming to be CLEAN & SOBER yet you feel it's not "a factor" that you praise the illegal use of illicit DRUGS in "said" community forums; and you have no real life FRIENDS. As for how the app WORKS?? It doesn't... I hope this helps!! (Not holding my breath though)
  • Helpful App 4/5

    By MadTC
    This app is fairly easy to use. It doesn’t seem to have that huge list of foods that I’ve seen with other apps but is sufficient and the searches are quickly relevant. Also, the free version allows you to use a lot more features compared to some other apps I’ve tried. For instance, another app wants close to $4 a month to log water. Yeah, no. To begin with I’m just tracking what I eat with no regard to dieting. Oh my God, I find that I regularly consume 2500 to 3000 cal a day!! Hopefully this app will help me trim that and drop down to a reasonable way. I am not morbidly obese‘s, but for 6‘2“ older male, 240 pounds is hard to take. Good luck y’all.
  • Simple and easy 5/5

    By Hiemesolem
    A simple guide to losing weight. I luv it.
  • Over all okay 4/5

    By Rip-off-artists-inc
    Pretty good app for basic tracking. Don’t like that it does not allow you to edit manual exercise entered. Seems a basic function.
  • Custom food option: 4/5

    By Reddit Harlot
    Putting in the custom nutritional facts for food causes errors. E.g., I’ll put “8” grams of something, and when I review its nutritional card it shows up as “0.008”. This throws off the accuracy.
  • Great app for Keto or any macro tracked diet 5/5

    By Motodave
    Love the app. Love you can set your macros and track them. Few things to make it six star: I add foods a lot and take the time to get the macros correct and for some reason the calories stay but all the macros go to 0.1. Once in there no way to delete them. Be nice to be able to delete. Also if I barcode scan something and add it tends to do this less but still does it. How do I add a pic from phone. Lastly be nice to track net carbs where you could view your percentages etc without fiber and that will alter your percentages. Be nice to view them that way just for accuracy.
  • Uugh!! 1/5

    By iTunesReview5
    I just submitted my review! Where is it? It actually doesn't matter. None of the poorer reviews are even being tallied in the final "Star Breakdown". Geez. How much is Green Leaf paying Apple?? This is a shoddy app all-round. I wasn't expecting the world but I was totally unprepared for this pos. It does nothing correctly. Nothing! I keep two alternate apps downloaded at the same time due to its shortcomings. But like all the rest of the poor reviews it'll still state that it receives 4.5 STARS!! See ya!!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Sanzo2016
    The amount of data programmed into this app is amazing and the user interface very easy to learn and use throughout the day. My nutrition professor recommended the app and I am glad she did. My family and I now all use it! I will look forward to further data populations to make this app even better. The community section could use a little editing to make the user interface more appealing and dynamic.
  • Z 5/5

    By ❤️Amber_Leigh❤️
    So far everything is perfect!

MyPlate Calorie Counter app comments


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