MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 5.12.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: LIVESTRONG.COM
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyPlate Calorie Tracker App

MyPlate is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and improve your health! Join millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the most user-friendly way to track your food and exercise on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. MyPlate makes tracking calories and getting the proper nutrition easy. USER REVIEWS "I lost 75 pounds but regained my life.” — Robin "I changed my life, and lost more than 100 pounds in a single year.” — Ryan “My life has forever changed for the better -- and LIVESTRONG.COM was where it started. Thank you so much for helping me be the healthiest me!” – Lara “I have done Weights Watchers (WW) twice in the last five years with fantastic results but the reality is, it’s expensive and not conducive to reality. Counting calories is so much easier than counting ‘points’ and you feel free to eat what you want, when you want.” -- Meagan With the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker, you can: Browse a comprehensive database with over 2 million foods Find out which foods you eat contain the most calories Use our handy barcode scanner to find and track food easily Create custom foods and meals Set up automatic tracking in the future with the recurring food feature Get a personalized daily calorie goal Keep track of your weight and progress over time Review detailed data and create custom goals for your macronutrients and micronutrients Keep track of your water intake Follow along with in-app workouts you can do at home, at the gym or anywhere Get real-time, 24/7 support from members of our motivational community and others on a similar journey Set meal reminders to keep you on track Integrate with Apple's Health app to sync workouts, food and weight tracked from other apps and devices Get full support for use on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Why choose LIVESTRONG.COM’s Calorie Tracker? *MACRONUTRIENTS MADE SIMPLE* A daily snapshot of protein, carbs and fat grams and percentages allows you to easily monitor your intake and manage your desired ratio. *ROBUST PROGRESS SECTION* The extensive Progress section includes easy-to-read charts that give you a quick summary of your data over time including Calories, Weight, Carbs, Protein, Fat and more. *FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS* Want to stay fit? Enjoy our list of workouts, and exercise at home or anywhere. At the end of each workout, save the number of calories burnt to your diary. *REAL-TIME COMMUNITY SUPPORT!* Looking for motivation or advice? Our active community message boards are filled with thousands of members offering each other support and advice, sharing recipes and tips and just sharing a laugh. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people who share similar health and fitness goals. *EVEN MORE ON LIVESTRONG.COM* Check out our FREE companion tool on LIVESTRONG.COM with additional features such as meal plans, workout videos and the latest news and information about healthy eating, exercise ideas and more. *UPGRADE TO A GOLD MEMBERSHIP* Choose between three price tiers and periods (1 month for $9.99, 6 months for $29.99 or 1 year for $44.99). The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. The subscription renews at the end of every period you choose unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. A Gold Membership includes: Advanced statistics, including daily averages, trends and more Exclusive in-app Gold members only workouts Exclusive access to the private Gold Members board in the community Our Clean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eating clean An ad free experience Priority support from our customer support team Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period for the subscription you selected if auto-renew is enabled. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker app reviews

  • "EDITitable" for edibles 5/5

    By Awe Heal
    Update 15-May-2016: works as good as before. Love the workouts. Using Apple TV, I can AirPlay the 5 minute workouts and MyPlate syncs it. EZ PZ. Been using this MyPlate App since DEC-2016 and I love it. Besides the plethora of items already databased, I am able to edit and add my quirky food items. Plus, it seems the devs update the database frequently. MyPlate also syncs with Apple's Health App which is so super fantastic! I have to add my exercises but I'm OK with that. Having used many calorie counters before, I like this one the best. Thanks Devs!
  • noNOno 1/5

    By IamMrBrightside
    It's pretty trashy (as far as health apps go). I agree with the fact that one shouldn't necessarily NEED or be MADE to generate an account to have an app to tally things, but I went ahead to see what all the hoopla was about. HERE ARE MY FINDINGS: If you're FORCED into adding the most basic foods, & being left completely responsible to scan/weigh/add/find/blah/blah/blah everything that honestly THE best food types well then it's extremely self-defeating, right?? Couldn't pull up ANY of the basic strength-training exercises in this app's ENDLESS list either. Hm... Okay, let's see! I'm far from being catagorized as "lazy" (or as HEALTH APPS choose to word other truths "sedentary", lol) so I took my time, and headed into this community to see what types of questions were being asked/answered. WOW!! How do the majority of self-proclaimed health nuts and fitness gurus spend their time?? Well let me fill you in on that, sound cool? No problem, here's what I witnessed: I found the Community Help group and took a quick peek at the trending and MOST recent of questionaires. These weren't questions about "how to find this or do that". No! They were all just these community tattle-tale threads. Just a bunch of crybabies snitching-out on other members who they may have DISLIKED. It sort of reminded me of Hollywood cira. 1943!! LOL!! Good, very talented, seemingly benign and pretty knowledgable members BEING BLACKBALLED just for their achievements in the REAL world?? Okay, so the LIVESTRONG.COM has a terrible community who enjoy toiling away throwing flannel at others, and snitching on the one's who attempted to stand-up and call them out on tagging ppl as SYMPATHIZING. It's alright, they get immediately bumped but I highly doubt they'd care. True atheletes don't bond with these random types in real life, they're just a bit too busy. Lol. I would have probably felt somewhat relieved to be banned, tbh. who'd truly care (unless you live in complete smartphone iscolation. But, THAT'S the only real way to figure out what to do with this app. You are pretty much forced to confront or request "help" from the VERY types you'd never be able to take seriously. It's all just a game to most... Endless threads of women yacking about Oreo cookies, pro-ana 13 year old pre-pubecent girls posing ridiculous crap to overweight members who get no Oreos for LECTURING the sad, and/or mentally ill. Not buying into any of that. So, that was pretty much MyPlate. I did give it a 1-star rating though... The singular star was due to the fact that I rarely, if ever, watched them all in some caloric or sugary-driven PRAYER GROUP.
  • Needs a maintain weight option 2/5

    By Laa
    When you start the app you have two goal options, gain weight or loose weight. I'm looking to maintain my weight. This bothered me enough that I didn't continue to use the app, so I can comment any further on how well it worked.
  • Mpoints 1/5

    By Paulsr55
    Why not just say your not Going to use mpoints instead of saying working on it !!!!!Still not fixed mpoints over 8months Every since update nothing works no mpoints and lost history of meals !it puts meals you haven't eaten in the future dates ! junk since they updated Now they don't have mpoints seem to not care I give it 1 star till they fix
  • My Plate 3/5

    By adm6148
    I need to count calories and net carbs. Really like the app for calorie counting but, although app seems to count carbs, most of the food items show "0" carbs
  • سروش 5/5

    By So.ablaghi
  • Best UI of the trackers 4/5

    By Josh_kg
    Tried out My Fitness Pal and Lose It alongside this app for a few days and this was the winner. Best interface by far. One quibble - when I create a new food and enter macro nutrition numbers (ex 7g for protein) the finished food entry shows 0.007g for some reason.
  • Great design, but lots of bugs 3/5

    By ajpalmer
    I just downloaded this app today and I thought I found a better app than MyFitnessPal because the interface is waaay superior. But then I went for a 2 mile run using my Nike+ app. When I open up MyPlate again and it says I've burned over 4000 calories! This is way off. Outside of this little jog I've just sat at a computer all day, and now I don't know how many calories I actually have left today. MyFitnessPal never had this issue. Great design so have a few stars, but lacking in the engineering and data departments. :-(
  • Not working 3/5

    By Tjuli
    It's a great app but it stopped tracking my calories burned! Before even when I would walk it would calculate how many calories I burned now it continues to sit at 0
  • Comprehensive App 4/5

    By Swelligan
    You get a lot of features for free with this app. What won me over was the exercise feature. It can tell how many calories you burned anywhere from daily activities like mowing the lawn and gardening to focused exercise like running, walking, and biking. Plus it includes workout videos. Note: If you're wondering where your exercises are being recorded, scroll down on the main page ;)
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Hairlife1979
    Love this app it helps you keep up with calories and you can also keep up with your micros
  • Just started using app 5/5

    By tinman_2
    Just started using the app and it seems to work very good. I especially like the scanner feature and it always works well. The app also works very well with wearfit watch
  • Good tracker 5/5

    By FLGAL4686
    I like this app for the most part. It allows me to log food eaten, and create new foods that are not in their list. The also like the latest update they did. And I can scan foods too! I really like that I like the blogs but I'm not a muscle maker, just trying to lose weight, and logging food intake w calories and carbs is a big help. All in all, this is a well thought out app.
  • simple 5/5

    By jesantacruz
    nice aesthetic & super simple
  • Horrible ! 1/5

    By Quoi qu'il arrive
    The community board puts you Down and calls ppl names. They are not nice nor friendly. I would not recommend this app. It's horrible. It's also filled with ppl that make bully others.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Krossfit
    I like it because I have an event tracking my food ever since I signed up and I have been making food noon and he's been really good and I hope they enjoyed it some more
  • GR8 interface. Only okay for ketogenic 3/5

    By Larasolara
    I love the interface and graphs on MyPlate. It's the reason I've been using it for a couple years. But I removed 2 stars because I'm dying for the day the developers realize that not everyone is calorie-centric! I live on a ketogenic diet. I watch calories but I don't watch fat. Instead my lifestyle is about keeping my carbs low. I'd love more control over the settings. I had to hack a way to use MyPlate to track NET carbs instead of the default gross carbs.
  • Can't really log exercises... 3/5

    By Smt_92
    This would be my go-to health app if it was easier to add custom workouts. For example to add that I did 100 squats in a day would be a pain in the butt. Change this and the app would be perfect! I appreciate the workout programs that come with the app and love everything else though. Please make an update!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By johnjf7
    It's true there is a lot of workouts and foods that aren't here but you can add them one time and reuse them whenever you need. It's a great app to calculate your daily calories and reach your goal. It's not 100% accurate but it pretty close. It's Great!!!
  • Good. 4/5

    By Steven Gridley
  • Easy and nice looking 4/5

    By Amyjjjjj
    I just started using this app and find it very easy to use with a range rabe of nutrition data and lovely to look at. I'll recommend to others who may be looking for something other than myfitnesspal.
  • Easy 5/5

    By LynnH04021990
    This is a very simple app, easy to get the hang of. I would definitely recommend this.
  • Issues when using multiple devices 4/5

    By mcfadla
    I need to force sync anytime i switch between my ipad and iphone to make updates. It worked initially but now I can't update my ipad version of the app. It should just work - no forced sync needed. Auto sync when opening or refreshing the app is recommended
  • Ok 5/5

    By GrizzlyBarracuda
    Ok ok
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By em.raymond
    User friendly, good resource
  • Good start 5/5

    By msoccerlvr
    Only been using it for a short time but so far it's helpful to track my diet which is what I wanted.
  • Calorie and macro tracker 4/5

    By Zachwall
    Works very well as a calorie tracker and macro nutrient tracker
  • Simple and Easy to Use with an exception! 3/5

    By zipperbug
    MyPlate is the easiest food and fitness app I've used yet. It takes a little more time for some of my customizations because I cook my own meals, and I have my own fitness program, but that's expected. Otherwise, click, select, and I'm tracking away! I don't know what has happened, but I ate out and the restaurant I was at was not on the list so I added all the details myself. Only to find that it divided every nutritional item by 1000 except the calories! It took about a half hour to break down the nutritional info from the restaurant website to the precise food I consumed and get it entered into the app only to have 64 grams (entered into the proper field labeled as grams) of protein become 0.006 grams! I'm not a Gold member so it's likely LiveStrong isn't going to fix it since I'm not a paying customer, but be forewarned that some of the nutritional info might be very, very incorrect when selecting a user submitted food.
  • love it! 5/5

    By 3.14159078
    very cute and helpful
  • Great App 5/5

    By Josh$4243
    The app is excellent to capture what you eat with a good database for food sources. I would like to see the capabilities to include the type of vitamins in the selected food, better graphs, and little icons next to the food selected.
  • Best I've tried 5/5

    Better than Argus, better than My Fitness Pal, better than Fatsecret. Great interface. Useful information and charts. I haven't run into a good or an exercise the app fidnt know about. Also love that it tracks my steps too!
  • This app records your calories burned but... 1/5

    By That guy that's annoyed
    It will record your calories burned then randomly it will lose all the progress and has you restart halfway through the day when it happened today I added an exercise equal to the amount I had lost, it added it twice so I tried to delete it and you can't so I spent so much time trying to delete it and it only added it more so now It ruined the amount of calories I've burned today and has become a real pain
  • Great for food awareness 4/5

    By TH211
    I'm using this to log my meals, and it really helps me focus on good things to eat. I'm packing my lunch and healthful snacks, and I'm motivated to make a well balanced dinner to keep within my goal. Wasn't sure how it was working, haven't been weighing myself, but, a pair of pants that were too tight just weeks ago slipped on easily this morning! So, it is definitely working!
  • Great food tracker 5/5

    By roxmander
    Allows you to scan pretty much any item from the grocery store and enter in your own customized meals that you eat regularly.
  • Simple and easy to use on watch 5/5

    By teajay07
    Makes tracking meals on my Apple Watch super easy. Love it
  • Why is 'joining' required? 1/5

    By Mikagooddog
    Deleted right after install and first attempt at using it. I just want to count calories, not become a 'member' of yet another group. I'd probably pay a few bucks to use without registering or signing in. I have been told by the developer that registering is so I 'can accurately track and save [my] progress!' to which I call BS; plenty of apps store data locally without my registering. Registering is so THEY can track ME!
  • Info Stealer 1/5

    By UnhappyCamper864579
    You shouldn't have to create a public account to use this app. I don't want to share my fitness with the world.
  • Not compatible with Fitbit!! 2/5

    By siunnn
    MyPlate is not compatible with the Fitbit app. If you track your daily activities and calories burned with a Fitbit, this app will not pick up the activities. For me this was a huge disappointment as I use my Fitbit to track my activities. Fitbit is the most popular activity tracker so it just really doesn't make sense at all that the app isn't compatible with it. Very disappointed because I actually liked the app but had to go back to using the Lose it app so I can have my activity tracked from Fitbit to know exactly how many calories I burned during the day.
  • The best app ever 5/5

    By CousinLover71
    This app is so amazing i tried millions of app to try to loose weight but never works but this really does if you are trying to get fitter or lose weight this app is for you
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Willow Flower 13
    This really helps Count your calories! I haven't came across this yet but the only problem is you might have a hard time finding the specific food. Other than that I really like it and would recommend it!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lllmmmkkkkhbvvvvccc
    Hopefully it will help me with my diet
  • Good tracking app 5/5

    By *tekila*
    I like the fact that you can find lots of food in the database so it takes away the extra work of constantly enter each individual food value
  • Meh 2/5

    By rstwohee
    Looking for an app to easily track food/nutrient intake. Neither losing weight nor gaining weight but making sure that enough protein is taken in for a given day. This app is not that.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Pleased user1
    Doesn't track sodium or cholesterol, cannot manually add them either.
  • Best tracking app ever👌 5/5

    By 陳學謙
    It works like a Fitbit to track how much calories I burned walking daily and have the system for you to put your workout burned calories calculated. Moreover the prop for scanning the food you eaten. And widely search of food for different dishes' calories👍
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By stephtow
    This app (and website) has been the best thing I could have done when I started on my weight loss journey back in November 2016! I couldn't have made my goal without this app! So easy to use that I've gone strictly with the app rather than getting on my laptop to log in my calories. If you are doing calorie counting as a weight loss option, you cannot go wrong with this app!
  • New 5/5

    By CaseyBox123
    Used this app for about 1 minute so far. So far so good. Easy to enter food
  • Free isn't great 2/5

    By FyrFytr42
    I was using the bar graph for my macro info but after updating my iOS I can only get the pie graph. I hate this!
  • Keeps me mindful of what I am putting in my body! 5/5

    By Big blessings
    Great app!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Mike_DeLos6
    I love this app it helps me stay within my needed/wanted calories for the weight I have chosen to be on the app. I really recommend using this app.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker app comments

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