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MyPlate is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and improve your health! Join millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie Tracker — the most user-friendly way to track your food and exercise on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. MyPlate makes tracking calories and getting the proper nutrition easy. USER REVIEWS “I lost 75 pounds but regained my life.” — Robin “I changed my life, and lost more than 100 pounds in a single year.” — Ryan “This app is great. It is really easy and streamlined to use” — Can Kartal “My life has forever changed for the better -- and LIVESTRONG.COM was where it started. Thank you so much for helping me be the healthiest me!” – Lara With the LIVESTRONG.COM Calorie Tracker, you can: Browse a comprehensive database with over 2 million foods Find out which foods you eat contain the most calories Use our handy bar code scanner to find and track food easily Find out which foods you eat that contain the most calories Create custom foods and meals Set up automatic tracking in the future with the recurring food feature Get a personalized daily calorie goal Keep track of your weight and progress over time Review detailed data and create custom goals for your macronutrients and micronutrients Keep track of your water intake Follow along with in-app workouts you can do at home, at the gym or anywhere Get real-time, 24/7 support from members of our motivational community and others on a similar journey Set meal-time reminders to keep you on track Integrate with Apple's Health app to sync workouts, food and weight tracked from other apps and devices Get full support for use on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch Why choose LIVESTRONG.COM’s Calorie Tracker? *MACRONUTRIENTS MADE SIMPLE * A daily snapshot of protein, carbs and fat grams and percentages allows you to easily monitor your intake and manage your desired ratio. * ROBUST PROGRESS SECTION * The extensive Progress section includes easy-to-read charts that give you a quick summary of your data over time including Calories, Weight, Carbs, Protein, Fat and more. *FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUTS * Want to stay fit? Enjoy our list of workouts, and exercise at home or anywhere. At the end of each workout, save the number of calories burnt to your diary. *REAL-TIME COMMUNITY SUPPORT! * Looking for motivation or advice? Our active community message boards are filled with thousands of members offering each other support and advice, sharing recipes and tips and just sharing a laugh. It’s a great place to connect with like-minded people who share similar health and fitness goals. *EVEN MORE ON LIVESTRONG.COM * Check out our FREE companion tool on LIVESTRONG.COM with additional features such as meal plans, workout videos and the latest news and information about healthy eating, exercise ideas and more. *UPGRADE TO A GOLD MEMBERSHIP * Choose between three price tiers and periods (1 month for $9.99, 6 months for $29.99 or 1 year for $44.99). The price will be shown in the app before you complete the payment. The subscription renews at the end of every period you choose unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. A Gold Membership includes: Advanced statistics, including daily averages, trends and more Exclusive in-app Gold members only workouts Exclusive access to the private Gold Members board in the community Our Clean Eating Guide, including 21 recipes and tips for eating clean An ad free experience Priority support from our customer support team Your iTunes account will automatically be charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period for the subscription you selected if auto-renew is enabled. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

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MyPlate Calorie Tracker app reviews

  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Nise122
    I love this app. I use it especially to track calories, cholesterol, carbs and sugar. This is a fabulous way to track eating! The scanner makes eating packaged foods so easy!
  • Best food tracker app 4/5

    By Azaan0220
    Gives you everything you need, tracks macros, sodium intake, good for bodybuilding or just losing weight, just missing a little something extra
  • Wish I could give it half a star 1/5

    By Gengen9
    This app was great about 2 weeks ago before the new update turned everything to crap. So many issues with the new updates. Everything is slow, sometimes the app glitches and there are no other buttons when you press track. The bar to show how many calories is constantly incorrect, and overall just horrible. Will be deleting this app after this.
  • New Version Not Good 2/5

    By LTrack
    I loved the previous version and gave it 5 stars. The new version lost its clarity and ease of use. They say they are thinking about things and may change it back. It is hard for me to understand why they changed it in the first place.
  • Falls short 1/5

    By Potsini
    The app is bogged down with annoying ads and pop-ups. Try something else.
  • Way to RUIN a good app with updates! 1/5

    By Such shame
    This app started out great. Every time you update it, it gets LESS user friendly, and is kicking out when you click to put in a workout. Uninstalled! Never needed a stupid app to lose weight before, I certainly don't need one that doesn't work.
  • Awesome app. 5/5

    By Bertranoids
    Amazing app. Helps track essential calories and by doing so I've lost weight!!! I also appreciate being able to add calories from other exercising. 2 things, add a calorie counter to the watch app for jogging and swimming and add nutrient information to the list of meals and verified food in the database to track vitamins and such.
  • So great! 5/5

    By Jmilhem
    I very much enjoy the ease with which this application allows me to track calories, weight, and the percentage breakdown of my carbs/fat/protein ratio. Extremely helpful for losing weight!
  • Simplicity makes this great 5/5

    By Coleman86
    This app is simple and effective. I love that I can scan almost any barcode and it automatically programs in the nutrition information.
  • Ads 1/5

    By Britt wants no sounds.
    There are ads that pop up that you can't get around without forcing the program to close or clicking on the ad. Too distracting.
  • Better Than Ever 4/5

    By Evansilly
    I've been using Livestrong since July 2012, I can't imagine not using it to track my food consumption. However, it is not without its glitches, the one that keeps reoccurring is it loses your daily tracking from the current day and moves it to the day before and since this happens regularly even with the new layout/look I'm hoping this glitch will go away. That being said I like the new layout/look. Fix the glitches and I'll gladly rate 5 stars!
  • Aggression from ads 1/5

    By Gerglomacro
    Ads you can't click out of is the poison in this otherwise helpful app. If you need cash this bad, make it a purchased app.
  • Helpful App! 5/5

    By Gr :/
    Calorie consumption and burning tracking features are very helpful! & community tab helps with motivation :)
  • Potential problem 3/5

    By Jlatino96
    I like this app. I think it has a lot of potential (for me, at least). I might even buy the premium upgrade if I didn't have one substantial problem. I believe that if you enable the app to access fitness data from HealthKit, it will "double dip" from both iPhone steps and Apple Watch steps. Therefore the app things that I've walked twice as far, and effectively doubles the amount of calories that the app tells me that I can eat. This is a problem, and until it is fixed, I'm going to keep using MyFitnessPal. Please give me a reason to switch.
  • Diet tracker 5/5

    By He rudolph
    The App works great for daily motivation for keeping you in track for your weight loss and continued management.
  • Good app 5/5

    By Derick1089
    Good app it does what I need
  • So far so good 5/5

    By EIGRP88
    I've been pleasantly surprised at the amount of data that it provides. This application competes quite well with others that track calorie count.
  • The app went from hero to zero! 2/5

    By MisterBanks
    A few months ago I would have given this app five stars. Now it barely deserves two. I use to love the user interface to this app. It was quick, intuitive, and informative. Now since it changed in March 2017 the user interface is awkward and slow. I like change, but only for the positive. This change has done the opposite for this product... and for what good?
  • It has potential 1/5

    By chaiffr
    I really like the simple interface design and workouts but I had to delete this and get "Lose It" instead since it has some functionality dealbreakers for me that's not offered. 1) I don't like how when adding a food entry, it doesn't allow me to add all the details such as sodium and vitamins. It seems this app is primarily concerned with carbohydrates, fats, and sugars only... which I understand however that's not for me because I like to take into account the whole nutritional profile. So when something I'd like to track has high sodium, but displays 0 sodium since there was no option to edit that when I was adding the entry... that information becomes false (misleading) and ultimately confusing and thus useless to me. 2) I'm a visual person and I did not see the option to add pictures of my food and/or body...
  • Not Great, Back to myfitnesspal... 3/5

    By 00/00/0000
    1) Weak database of real food (if I wanted to track fast-food ingestion I probably wouldn't be tracking my food at all...) 2) Barcode scanner on iPhone stopped working. 3) Syncing across devices is not automatic. I'll just deal with the myfitnesspal adds and overall clutter, which is a shame because of this apps nice UI.
  • Such potential wasted. 1/5

    By Thefirelion
    First the good. This app looks good, user interface is crisp and clean and intuitive to use. The list of foods is complete and specific, all that myfitday app isn't. It's specific with brand names of foods and brings up very relevant products when searching, all that myfitday can never seem to get right. The user experience is way better than MFP so that's also a big positive. That said, This app had every opportunity to be what my fitness pal could not/would not, but missed it's chance. Mainly, these free apps aren't useable in the sense that they provide just enough info to make it work but barely. They get you hooked so the idea/frustration of starting over with another app gets you to give in and pay. This app won't even show you your exact total daily macros, you have to upgrade to a monthly payment level to see that. Really? The whole point of these apps is to know your daily macro totals and you shouldn't have to pay for that basic bit of info. I've grown tired of all these fitness apps claiming to be free but to actually use them correctly/effectively you really need to upgrade to the super duper gold level package for 10-20 bucks a month. Can't someone just make a simple flippin app that lets you enter your food, set your macro %'S and see what they are at the end of the day without it looking like a nerd or a 12 year old girl made? Geesh.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Sjb9000000
    Helps me keep track of my carb intake and is super customizable. It also has most brands in its database.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Roscoe911
    I like it more than other apps because it's interface is easy to understand and its database of foods it the most extensive I've seen.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Cómounjefe
    The update makes the app look so much nicer and less of my personal business just out on a screen. I do wish it had an option for higher weight loss and extra free tips on how to shed pounds.
  • very detail and helpful 5/5

    By Gerrylikestoplay
    very handy tool
  • Best food tracking app!!!! 4/5

    By Cri2016
    I love this app!! It had the best graphics, it's easy to use and has the best and more comprehensive food database!! The only thing that would make it better is the ability to sync with my Fitbit!!
  • They took my money 1/5

    By Moooooonlight111
    I sign up for gold membership and I paid yearly 44.99$ I used it may be for a week then they log me out, and When I log in again , I couldn't go to gold membership and asked to pay again . I sent them so Many emails just to get someone to respond me but nothing. I even sent the screen snip pic for the confirmation letter through my email . Nothing So Just be careful
  • So far so good 5/5

    By I'll eat
    Simple and easy.
  • Love it 5/5

    By MsCaliLuv619
    Keeps me on track with my weight loss
  • Hate the new interface 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 2/5

    By Jsalvatore0192837464
    I've been using the app for just over a year and have always told people they should use this app. Not anymore. I do not like the look or functionality of the new interface. Time to start trying new tracking tools... boo.
  • Easy tracking 5/5

    By FelizMere
    Easy to track and I love how it keeps in sync with my steps taken from my iPhone
  • Reverse the last update!!!! 4/5

    By Runnin with scissors
    * update- I added stars because they updated a few things to incorporate the daily macro goal, daily pie chart and nutrient "label". Still wish they could separate out for NET carbs. For ketosis folks, that's a big deal. This has been my favorite tracking device for years! Even before apps were a thing. I just got the update and the whole appearance has changed and NOT for the better. MyPlate, please reverse this, it was a stupid design change and got rid of the reason to use your app.
  • Very good 5/5

    By Jdawg 35
    This app is very very needed for millions of people!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Nadiawhome
    So easy and so helpful!!! Thank you for the motivation!
  • Good app 4/5

    By Si|entio
    Does what it says on the box.
  • Awesome tracker. 5/5

    By Juice the Eunuch
    Great tracker. I wish there was a section to record feelings while eating.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Obiegirl123
    I downloaded 3 different meal tracking apps before this one and was super annoyed that the macro counting option was only available with a monthly subscription. This app does it all and is quite comprehensive to use. I especially like the scan option to input new foods.
  • Horrible update 2/5

    By Dr Tar-Paul
    I log on 20x a day for past update has me contemplating deleting. Too many "clicks" to get what used to be easy. Why change what works?
  • Perfect app 5/5

    By Mariah91740230373
    This works amazing
  • Greatest 5/5

    By Dudly44
    Sooo very helpful and easy to use. Even tracks my exercise. Couldn't be happier!
  • Very Useful 5/5

    By Gator6256
    I love how I can keep track of my diet on the go and with such ease My Plate is "FANTASTIC"!😉👏🏾
  • Great app for tracking food 5/5

    By Ksimp143
    This app has really help me to be aware of what I am eating and the areas I need to change! Love it!
  • Love this app 4/5

    By SulySweats
    Easy to use. Has lots of food on record and you can also add foods
  • Great App 4/5

    By Bizzle9
    Fairly new to diet tracking, I appreciate how the app helps set goals for daily calorie intake.
  • Good for tracking 5/5

    By Dalton303
    Simple put. It does what it should. The barcode scanner is a great help and the manual input for anything that you can't find is very detailed as well.
  • My opinion 5/5

    By Rbennys
    This is a very easy and convenient app to use. Easy to find food calorie counts.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Shayshaycx
    With this app, and enough exercise I lost 43lbs !!! I never thought someone like me ( a huge procrastinator ) would be able to achieve such a thing, you need motivation and concentration, and with this app and those two important characteristics you'll achieve anything ! Believe in yourself, and love yourself regardless ♡
  • It USED TO BE a great app 2/5

    By Fatclaire
    This app was very useful and I loved it - until they took away the pie chart showing protein/ carb/ fat ratio. Where did it go? Now I need to look for a new app!
  • New UI is a step backwards 2/5

    By Esmcguigan
    Loved the app prior to UI update, please improve. I can't see my days meals in one view. Also an extra click to get to my meal to log food. Like the effort but this is clunky.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jsnsmxoabemfkshs
    Great app

MyPlate Calorie Tracker app comments

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