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  • Current Version: 2.14
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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MyQuest for Patients App

The Gazelle app is now the MyQuest™ mobile health app. What does that mean? It’s not just a new name, we’ve redesigned the app to provide you with a better user experience. So now it’s even easier to get your results, make an appointment, pay your bill and everything else the MyQuest app allows you to do. And don’t forget, your username and password haven’t changed. If you had a Gazelle account, you can continue to use the same login information to access the MyQuest app. Use the MyQuest app to help you make better decisions about your health by conveniently accessing your essential health information on your smartphone. MyQuest allows you to: • Receive easy-to-understand Quest Diagnostics lab results anytime, anywhere • Securely see, share and access your pertinent medical and health information • Conveniently and easily share your information via e-mail or fax • Schedule your next Quest Diagnostics lab appointment and find the nearest Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center location • Schedule and receive medication reminders • Easily integrate and populate Withings body, weight, and blood pressure cuff data For MyQuest Support: Email us at

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MyQuest for Patients app reviews

  • Lab results 1/5

    By Robinalexis
    The lab results are all jumbled. Parts of a CBC mixed in with HEP panel LFTs and manual diff. How would anyone who isn't a medical professional make sense of the way it's presented?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sinustacky
    I got blood work dec 5, 2014 and got some results back but on dec 15 I'm still waiting for more results. I called and spoke to supervisor and he said I can't have results! What a jerk! It's my blood work! I have a right to know! Idiots!
  • There are kinks... 3/5

    By PinkCherries64
    This app is a wonderful idea, but there are kinks in it for sure. Half the time I don't even get my labs and have to email customer service.
  • Very slow 1/5

    By Slapfrnj
    Very slow on sending you the report. On this app and by mail. I wrote two emails to Quest and they never responded to either. App seems fine, It's who ever they have to get the reports out. they must not be working but a few hours every other day.
  • Difficult to use, can't get results 1/5

    By doneal24
    This version of the app is buggy. My account remained "offline" for close to a week recently for no apparent cause. Inquiries to support were not answered. It is not possible to paste email addresses or phone numbers into the app. I have also been waiting for three weeks for results when they were promised within 5 days. Multiple requests for the results, both by email and phone, have been ignored.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Emaillinda
    After several attempts to get my test results, I still do not have them. Having this app is pointless if you want to get lab results.
  • My Quest is good 5/5

    By TLTrue
    This app is far better than the previous gazelle app. I am happy with it.
  • A bit slow 2/5

    By Dipnik
    Been 4 days and my Doc doesn't have my results nor I. PDL did same tests last year and results were back in 2 days?
  • Nice Job Quest! 4/5

    By Bhenn47
    Application works well and I am just happy to have my lab results all in one place. Would have rated it five stars if more interfaces were available with other medical records apps.
  • Buggy, slow 2/5

    By Bogdana
    I had a CBC and vit D drawn 12/4. I am still waiting (I am supposed to wait five business days, it's been 4). My dr office is still waiting too! These aren't fancy blood tests. On top of that, my app now says "offline mode" with no explanation why. I removed the app and reinstalled and it still says that. I contacted quest "support" three days ago about the offline mode issue but no response. Tried again this morning... All around pretty slow and disappointing. Could be really cutting edge, the potential is there but the organization apparently is not.
  • MyQuest 1/5

    By Dudecicle
    It's hard to guess what that's not the bad part. The bad part is it never works. He doesn't return the results of my blood tests.
  • great service 5/5

    By Hapyjoe
    Simple - important info when you need it.
  • Good 4/5

    By Adelacruz01
    Good app
  • Amateurish 1/5

    By Acey Trey
    Go ahead - try and make an appointment. All it does is take you to the web page - along with the graphics that don’t work on a mobile phone.
  • Awful 1/5

    By iColleen66
    Don't expect a reply if you "contact us" for help. If you call they cold transfer you to a recording that says "wait longer" - one of the tests my dr requested, results say "specimen not collected" WTH I had to go back and do more blood and now I'm waiting longer....they have forgotten they are dealing with people's lives. This app is junk and quest needs to get their act together. The positive reviews must be by employees lying because there is no way anyone can get results, see "graphs,"or contact anyone with this junk.
  • Identity confirmation 1/5

    By northpunc
    Good concept but the HIPAA stuff kills it. I logged in with my username/password and validated the last 4 of my SSN. Why then do I have to answer terrible identity vetting question that are either not about me or are fed with bad information. Good try but here's your F for effort.
  • Good, very helpful 4/5

    By HealthnPropserity
    Easy to access records
  • My Quest 1/5

    By Covecat
    One of the worst apps I've ever tried to use. Their phone support isn't much better.
  • Needs Work ! 3/5

    By Al-syo
    Takes too long for results and you have to make a request every time,even though it says you don't.
  • What would make this a killer app.... 3/5

    By diane143
    3 things: First, I got my lab work in the mail a full day before they showed up in the app. This is inexcusable. If it's available for mail, the app should have it as well before it is in my mailbox. It was 11 days before it showed up in the app and I'm not in one of the states listed for extra time. Second - a way to input labs that were done at other places would be great. One of my doctors sends me to Quest but somehow the results show up through his system, not Quest. The ability to input these would greatly enhance the app. Third (and fourth) - a way to export the lab results into a csv without the patient info. To tie into this, a full comparison chart/graph of all labs instead of one by one would make it a 10 star app! ie with certain labs like iron, you really need to look at more than one portion to see the entire picture. While I do like the app, I am still entering my results into a spreadsheet so I can see trends, and I was hoping to eliminate that. That, along with the fact that my paper results showed up first.......
  • It's now 10 days and no labs 1/5

    By Bob Scottsdale
    This app is worthless Labs take weeks to post!! Don't waste your time
  • Unbelievable 1/5

    By Santadoggy
    Quest is not a reliable source. I've had to contact the corporate offices twice to get my report. They did not send it to my doctor. since I have a blood test every two weeks they're not getting the results to me or my doctor. When I called and spoke to a consumer advocate named Karen,it was a waste of my time. She said she did not care if I got the results but she would look into the doctor getting the results and call me back. it is now over a week later and I still haven't heard from her. It is becoming a joke. The only person who helped me was a gentleman named Chris in Teterboro New Jersey who finally got me my results and also the Dr. received the results also . It is unbelievable how they can be so inefficient and some of the people they have working for them who are not doing their job properly I wouldn't recommend Quest unless you have no other option which is why most of the people go to quest. The office where they draw the blood, the techs there are very efficient and very nice . As far as as the corporate offices are concerned they have no clue what's going on .They keep getting bad reviews and they don't do anything about it it is unbelievable how a company could be operated in this manner. I hope that they read their reviews that they are listening to their consumers and do something about the caliber of their services. My recommendation is to call the corporates offices in New Jersey and voice your complaints.
  • Still waiting on lab results 1/5

    By NikkiBheyyo
    Had labs done October 31st. Still aren't there. Even submitted a request, even though they are suppose to load automatically. Very frustrating.
  • Results from Sonora Quest 5/5

    By J.Wayne11
    The app works well and is eas to use.
  • App is useless 1/5

    By Cromley
    It takes over 21 days every-time I request labs results. And I always have to send an email to quest support to get my labs. And then it takes another 7-9 days to get results back. I had labs done on Oct-28-2014 and I did not receive the results until November-13-2014. I wished it worked it would be great if the app did what is promised.
  • Really??? 1/5

    By TSwartzendruber
    Usually an app gets better the second or third time around. However, this app went from bad to absolutely ridiculous. Scheduling an appointment used to be ok. Now it's not hardly possible. They have made the app point to the website for schedule. There is no responsive design so you are constantly trying to resize the browser window to try and navigate.
  • It's my business 4/5

    By BigToop
    I like this app. I wanted to be able to see my results before my next appointment and it provided me with just that. If you have a follow up within a week than this app probably isn't for you. It shows what was tested, normal ranges and tells you if you have anything in abnormal ranges without having to review all results. So far I am happy I got this app.
  • Excellent app. 5/5

    By wh64
    Excellent app. friendly and knowledgable customer support. App is Very useful for trending graphs. Good work.
  • Never Worked!!!! 1/5

    By Why ask?
    Waited for results never got them, my doctor gave me my result (so what's the point of the app). After 7 business days I emailed the company to see what's going on, they NEVER respond to my email. PLEASE DONT USE THIS APP, maybe if people stop using it the company can improve the app.
  • Works some times. 3/5

    By I like cute things
    Depends on which doctor we use weather I can get the results. The first time labs were requested it took a long time to get the results. But after that they sent an email saying labs were ready to be reviewed. Very secure. Frustrating cuz it takes a long time.
  • Great app, very convenient 5/5

    By Mercury@mac
    No more waiting for the doctor to review and call. Keeps track over time of all your results and graphs them.
  • Good! 5/5

    By yannisT
    ... and getting better.
  • Good app but needs improvement 4/5

    By Len Valenti
    All blood tests are easily reported and summarized. The requesting physician information needs work, since it's manually recorded. It should be able to access contacts book on your smartphone. It would be nice if this app can be integrated with the iPhone health app.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Mavrahul
    Navigation doesn't work. Didn't receive the results on time. Had to speak to customer service for over 2 hours to finally get results to appear on the app.
  • "MyQuest is not supported... 1/5

    By Whoadave
    on jailbroken devices"
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Clarence
    I like the new layout a lot. I like how my results show up without me having to request them. Keep it up Quest!
  • This site is EXtreMely frustrating. I HATE it!!!!!! 1/5

    By momCat23
    I can pick up a phone and get information quicker than I can via this website.....ugggggh
  • Gazelle was better 1/5

    By Njoce
    App doesn't work as promised. 5 days and still no results. Doc has them but not syncing. Support is non existent. Should be ashamed of themselves given the size of their company. As a round 2 app this isn't beta anymore - get your business together!!
  • Not as good 4/5

    By Uxmal1234567
    In the previous application you could see the complete lab results. In this app, you only see the result.
  • Does Not Deliver On Promise 1/5

    By Dennis_Jets_Fan
    The app promises to deliver results as soon as they are available. In my case, they were not sent to me until three weeks later. When I asked about the delay, I received no response.
  • Terrible. Zero star rating. 1/5

    By Patient#1
    Terrible app. What's the point of having the app if lab results aren't released months after being drawn? I'm guessing I'll never see any results through this app. I know the app is free, but there really is absolutely no point in having the app. All of the time I spent to set the app up was a total waste. No stars.
  • Quest does not care when contacted! 1/5

    By Forgotten patient care
    One word; "worthless!" Critical results needed and no results for 2-3 weeks!
  • disappointed... 3/5

    By olavaleigh
    it started great, my results came on and it was perfect. then over a month ago I had more bloodwork done and waited and waited and am still waiting. I wrote twice to customer service and I m still waiting for a reply and I still don't have my numbers that I need...
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Robins1668
    I love that I can look on my phone and see my results. I automatically get the emails. But the app software is easy to use and the lab results fit my phone screen perfectly.
  • Okay, needs work 3/5

    By Mel1205
    Tests show with wrong draw date. And I get emails saying the results are posted but then don't actually post for 2-3 days later.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By netmate
    The original Gazelle was a better app This new iteration doesn't include customer support, there's no options for interaction with anyone or anything. Out of range results aren't highlighted. My doctor gets results from Quest days before this app does. So if my doctor's appointment is within the same week as test I don't get to study my blood work so I can ask him relevant to my test questions update now they've stopped posting results and their automated phone system doesn't work Makes you wander if they've become To big to fail?
  • No access to labs after update 1/5

    By Vanfleets
    I cannot view labs my email said was available as of today. I cannot enter a lab date to get any labs. That feature is gone. Makes this program useless.
  • Can't get results reliably, no real support 1/5

    By Heavy G 603
    Suppose it's worth what they charge for it, except if you figure in the amount of time trying to get it to work! Says it won't accept requests from my state, which is crap since there are no restrictions in ours. Now they are putting this crap app between you and customer service. Spent over 2 hours on the phone with tech support debugging their app before they would agree to fax me my results. Emails to their support are never returned. I need to find a new lab.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By c2max
    It's so handy to be able to make an appt, get reminded of the appt and your results on your phone. It also allows me to email results. Love it. Thanks programmers (!) and Quest.
  • Results 4/5

    By Maamejo616
    Easy to read/understand. I often times have my results two or three days before the doctor's office calls. Great improvement over the predecessor "Gazelle" - I would recommend it.

MyQuest for Patients app comments

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