mytaxi – Book taxis in one tap

mytaxi – Book taxis in one tap

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mytaxi – Book taxis in one tap App

Ride in style with the mytaxi app – Europe’s largest taxi app. Look no further for a reliable and professional taxi booking service you can trust. With a number of features to make your trip a breeze, mytaxi gets you on your journey in a matter of minutes. Order a cab with us today! HOW IT WORKS 1. Open the mytaxi app 2. Enter your destination 3. Tap once to order a taxi – sorted! In three short steps, the mytaxi app will get you where you need to go – safely, quickly and easily! OUR FAVOURITE FEATURES • Prebook your taxi – choose the date and time you need your taxi and book up to 4 days in advance • Fare estimate – get accurate fare estimates before you start your trip • Pay in-app – no need to carry cash, you can pay hassle-free with your credit/debit card in our taxi app • Track your ride – share your journey when you order a cab and keep your friends and family up to date so they know where you are • Rate your driver– let others know how much you enjoyed your taxi ride With 10 million downloads in over 70 cities, mytaxi is the trusted taxi app for safe, quick and easy journeys across the UK and Ireland. Book a cab with mytaxi today and we’ll get you where you need to be. Order a black cab with us in London, or find our taxi booking services in several cities across Ireland. You can also find our taxi booking service across more than 70 European cities, including London, Dublin, Barcelona, Berlin, Cologne, Krakow, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Rome, Vienna, Warsaw and more. We can help to make your holidays and travels safe, quick and easy with our taxi app. Are you looking for a specific taxi experience? • 5-star drivers – Request 5-star drivers, or hail one of your favourite drivers for the best cab experience • Multi-seater – Go big with our multi-seater option for larger groups • Exec feature – Ride in comfort with our new exec feature, for our Irish customers. Simply select an executive car when you book and we’ll send a bigger luxury car, so you can ride in style! Are you looking for stress-free airport transfers? mytaxi has you covered. Prebook journeys up to 4 days in advance and get guaranteed fixed fares for airport trips (in London and other selected European cities). Say goodbye to the pressure of last minute travel and book a cab with us today. Maybe you need to order a cab for somebody else? No problem! Just leave the driver a message under ‘Booking Options’ before you click ‘Order a Taxi’. The passenger can then share their trip details with you, so you can be sure they reach their destination. We want your taxi booking experience to be as stress-free and easy as possible, so we’ve added a few features to make your life easier: • Track your taxi – Sit back, relax and watch your taxi arrive in real time • Address book – Save your home and work addresses to effortlessly order a cab • Favourite drivers – Rate and favourite the best taxi drivers for future journeys Booking a taxi with mytaxi is as easy as it sounds. Our accurate location services will find you the nearest licensed cab drivers you can trust – for safe, fast pickups. Download mytaxi and experience the best features of our taxi booking app yourself. We are the ultimate trusted companion whenever you need to order a cab, making your journey a safe, seamless experience. If you have any questions, please visit the Help and Contact section of the app (via your profile) to see our most frequently asked questions. Alternatively, please get in touch at in the UK, or in Ireland.


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  • Payment doesn’t work 2/5

    By Eurofrosty
    It was not possible to add a credit card for payment— I got an Error 401 from Tomcat, which means the whole card registration bit is a web view, which may or may not influence your opinion of MyTaxi’s security practices.
  • Scam 1/5

    By budlight305
    Be careful they double charged me the one and only time I used it. Contacted what they call customer service 5 times no response. Nothing has changed in the taxi business. It was just taken to the app level. Still stealing money. Recommend Uber or cabify or any of the other reliable apps
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By A.Chandra
    Unlike Uber this app’s estimates are often off. It says a cab will arrive in X minutes but it hardly ever does. Fare estimates are almost always off too. I use this app in Germany because I don’t really have a choice, in countries where I do, I ALWAYS switch.
  • Deceptive and misrepresented fares 1/5

    By Timmyjd
    Used in Spain: this service just uses the regular black and yellow taxis. The driver took the best most direct route and did not add any unnecessary fares. There was also no traffic on the way. However, the myTaxi estimate was €16-19. The actual final fare was €33. This is a gross misrepresentation of the actual fare and renders this service useless. Disputed with no response. Uninstalling. Beware!
  • With credit card set up, it works smoothly! 4/5

    By SunshineAkiko
    If this app accepts ApplePay as a payment method, it’s 5 stars for me. I am a big fan of London black taxi and try to avoid Uber whenever possible. My partner and I used this app for the first time. He ordered a ride twice in central London without adding a credit card to the app because he was going to pay by ApplePay at the end of ride. Both times, the car showed smoothly but he ended up paying by cash because drivers didn’t want to take ApplePay or credit card. As for me, I was also not comfortable to add my credit card info to the app, but I did, and pre-ordered a ride from London to Heathrow for the next day. I was a bit nervous, but it really worked perfectly. When the driver started heading to the pickup location, I was notified by the app. He arrived 30 mins earlier than I had requested, but he was going to wait for me. In the car, there was £10 discount promo code for the first ride. So I was only charged £45 for £55 on my card. I would definitely use it again in London!
  • Deceiving fares 1/5

    By Spartan student
    Fare estimator was €12, ended up paying €27. So expect to pay twice what the original estimate is.
  • Worst ride hailing app I’ve used 1/5

    By Jilliansaurus
    This app replaced hailo in Dublin, and it is TERRIBLE. They’ve introduced a “prebooking surchage”, which makes using the app more expensive than hailing a taxi on the street. Although I live in the city centre, the time to find a taxi is frequently really long, and the wait time will be significant as well. Finally, whenever I try to prebook a taxi, it always claims there are none available (yet when I try to hail one via the app at the time I tried to prebook, I can always get one). I would absolutely not use this app given any other option.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Madroxin
    I couldn’t add any credit card - all allegedly rejected by the bank. Contacted the tech support, they asked for more information and never got back to me. Waste of time.
  • Ripoff - ugh! 1/5

    By CheapAndBoredGal
    Quoted me €16 to get to the airport. Ended up being €29. Didn’t have much of a choice, did I?
  • Terrible inflation 1/5

    By Bearspiders
    Meter started at 6 Euros and the driver was 3 min away when I booked. Then he charged us for bags an additional 3 Euro. So to start by just getting into the taxi we were at 9 Euro. Terrible rip off Avoid it!!
  • Price estimates are not accurate 1/5

    By ijustcametosaygoodbye
    This app is not like Uber where the rate is prefixed. The rate charged at the end of the trip can be whatever the driver wants it to be, and they'll add extra fees at their discretion like a 4,50 euros "pickup" fee. There is another app called Cabify that I think is more like the Uber of the US.
  • Uber is better, unfortunately 2/5

    By Trevor 23
    Truly horrible app experience. I couldn't enter my destination or get an estimate of costs, either before out during my trip. I tried MyTaxi because I'd rather not support Uber, but it's clear after this experience why Uber is winning--they are both cheaper & better. I knew from Google Maps that MyTaxi was going to be more expensive, but I chose them anyway. But then they added a €1.50 surcharge to pay by the app, which is absurd. To add to the incompetence, they asked me to take a survey to rate their app, but when I selected English as the language, they only let me report on London & Ireland. As if English speakers only use their app in the UK. There's so many reasons to avoid Uber, this company could really be a competitor if they could just stop stumbling so much.
  • Deceptive. AVOID. 1/5

    By Zach2010
    Quoted 16€ and was charged €37. Also had to try three times and wait 30 minutes total. Terrible app. Used once and deleted.
  • Causes credit card to be cancelled 1/5

    By mossyw10
    They did a zero charge transaction on my credit card( I hadn’t used service in over a year) and set off a fraud alert. Will be without a card now for next week. Will be a better place when whole world is on uber.
  • Excelente app 5/5

    By Alvichester
    Sin problemas con la app, bastante útil y sencilla.
  • Easy 5/5

    By MeMunich
  • No cars behind the app. 1/5

    By Buyer201111
    Tried several times to get a cab in Nuremberg with no luck, I don't think they signed up any car in thus major city. Cannot compare with Uber at all.
  • Price are never Matching 1/5

    By Abepareja
    This is very bad. Taxis also charges you EUR 1,50 on top pf the normal EUR 3.50 here in Munich at least, just because they were booked with this app. So normally you trip start with a fix cost of EUR 5.00 besides the cost of the trip. Very untransparent.... and expensive compared to uber....
  • Ripoff app 1/5

    By JB510
    What a total ripoff. The taxi arrived with more already on the meter than the fare estimate on the app. In the end UberBlack would have been cheaper than the taxi in Rome.
  • Heed my warning! 1/5

    By PageEdwards
    So I read the pros and cons of these reviews and stupidly thought, that won’t happen to me! I’m in Dublin, it’ll be fine! It was not fine. Am estimated fare of 17 euros ended up to be nearly 40! As other reviewers have said, the fare is already started when you get in. You’re better off finding a taxi on the street and hoping in.
  • Useless piece of crap 2/5

    By cmcglone
    It did work in London. Does not work in Belgium or Amsterdam, but doesn’t tell you that until you’ve gone through hell trying to enter your pickup information. If you’re going to fail, then don’t make the user spend large amounts of time to find that out. How hard is it to check location at the start of the process? Amateurs.
  • Super unprpfessional and unreliable 1/5

    By vplass
    This app is super unprpfessional . Doenst let you know in advance when the car cannot come and i almost missed my flight because it showed as confirmed and reliable . Support doest exist. Delete immediately
  • Useful app 4/5

    By Sangolatation
    I would suggest that you would add “child seat” in the preference section.
  • Blocked in Barcelona 3/5

    By wwschwartz
    Of 10 times I ordered a ride in Barcelona, the drivers cancelled 6 Times. I got a ride 3 Times, and the rides were fine. The 10th time, with a driver 9 minutes away and 3 taxis in front of me, I canceled. Next time I tried to book, my account was blocked. Why??? I emailed and got no reply.
  • Extremely deceiving app 1/5

    By foodie22
    Extremely deceiving app. Absolutely cannot compare to uber where you will never be cheated with inflated fare. Ordered a cab where the app shown estimate of EUR5. Ended up I have to pay EUR12. It seems the meter starts when the driver accepted your booking and keeps running when the driver makes a big round driving to your pick up location. I would never use this app again and I've deleted this app from my phone too!! When you write a message to feedback about issue, you are referred to the help section which is absolutely not helpful at all!!
  • Perfekt für Berlin 5/5

    By dgerrity
    Nice improvements, easy to use, fast response.
  • useless 1/5

    By jbrown3141
    Impossible to get a taxi in Barcelona outside if city centre. Time to let Uber in to fix this mess!!
  • Get Uber now!! 1/5

    A truly terrible response to Uber. I have used numerous time with typically not getting a ride and when I do it is very expensive. Germany you need Uber!!!
  • My go-to in London 4/5

    By B00g136
    This is a good app and the service I get from black cabs in London is far better than Uber. Drivers know the city, have a little banter with u & there’s no awkward cash exchange at the end of the journey. I often receive grt offers/deals as well. Customer support is slow to respond to emails and a contact number would be good hence 4 stars.
  • Great Uber substitute 5/5

    By RansomGray
    Here in Galway Ireland with no Uber Service so I was a bit worried getting around without my own car. But this works great and even lets me use my company Amex card. Drivers come quickly and have been great. Thanks for this app and service!
  • Great and actual cabs, not uber rides 5/5

    By Falconnyc
    As stated in subject line
  • This app makes the case for uber 1/5

    By bohVibes
    This app just doesn't work, never connects. Waste of time. This is why people like uber, regardless. Uber works, this doesn't.
  • Lifesaver in Rome 5/5

    By Zack Coffman
    We were out late in the suburbs and the app totally saved us! Driver arrived in 6 minutes and we used the app to pay by credit card instead of cash. Perfecto.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jordemort
    I had this app recommended to me since there is no Uber in Spain. I tried it at least once a day over the course of my stay in Barcelona and wasn’t able to get a cab with it even once. Useless garbage. False hope. Don’t waste your time.
  • Better than Uber! 5/5

    By ErikEdvH
    I love this app for travel in Germany. It's a must have!
  • Nice! 5/5

    By SalesProOhio
    I was worried that it might be American Express card would not be honored. However the driver showed up on time, was very pleasant, and made two stops with no complaints. In Barcelona, Uber does not seem to have a presence, so this was perfect. I will continue using it. Very happy.
  • App still not improved 1/5

    By ChiTownDave
    A ride from downtown Rome to FCO is 48 Euro per tariff. App wants to charge minimum of 54 Euro. To add insult to injury, app insists on user paying a tip.
  • Useless for Barcelona 1/5

    By BoVLB
    I tried this app three times. Twice we never got a taxi despite repeated attempts. Once two taxis showed up at once and the drivers nearly had a fight over us. Update: Apparently, once when it didn't work there was a general taxi strike. This would have been useful information for the app to provide.
  • Worked great in Barcelona 5/5

    By sfurst
    Most cabbies in Barcelona don't speak English, or pretend not to. This app gave us piece of mind when needing a cab to the airport at 4 am. Can even pay through the app which is a huge plus.
  • Nonfunctional 1/5

    By zomg.squirrel
    The app just doesn't work. It won't complete a cab order
  • Use uber instead 1/5

    By sokihun
    Buggy, never accepts my credit cards that's just work fine with uber
  • Meh 2/5

    By V.F.
    Can you actually write release notes instead of generic language so we could be aware of what's fixed?
  • Complete rip off 1/5

    By Jdoeheeiisjsh
    Taxis are already so expensive. With this app, the meter starts running as soon as you request a car no matter how far away it is. I called one from a very centrally located area, and even still, by the time I got in the cab the meter was already up to $12.
  • Great in spain 5/5

    By Abadi37
    I like it
  • Easy and great app 4/5

    By Loma65
    It an easy app, I would only like that the charge can be automatic like Uber.
  • Total ripoff!!! 1/5

    By TalalZL
    They charge you from where they leave and it was more than twice the price I should have paid!!! Don't recommend it!
  • Deceptive Pricing 2/5

    By Rootintoona
    Requesting a cab was easy, and even though one cancelled 30 min before pick up, another was still there early. That said I was quoted a €20 trip and it ended up costing €34. As people have said previously, there seems to be little accountability with the pricing, and should just be viewed as an e-hailing service.
  • Impossible to add credit or debit card 1/5

    By Kopchony
    It is impossible to add credit or debit card
  • Hints for App Development 5/5

    By Great Application for Waxhaw
    I just finished 5 MyTaxi trips in Rome, 2 of which were pre-booked. Hint #1: When requesting a new "Pickup Now" booking when you already have one pre-booking arranged, it is impossible to use the graphical map interface to set the pickup point. Instead, the user must manually enter the pickup address. Hint #2: The address lookup process for the destination address repeatedly hung. The app should allow the user to select a drop off address with the graphical map interface. Hint #3: If the driver does not start the ride upon pickup of the passenger, then the app should determine automatically that the passenger is in the taxi, and start the ride so that the passenger's app is not stuck with the "Arrived" screen.
  • Uber crushes this App 1/5

    By MiamiBoater
    Poorly designed app with a forced tip feature. I used their estimate fare feature and it said 4euros, but I was charged 6.75euros.

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