NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

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  • Current Version: 2.1.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Compatibility: Android
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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball App

“This is the only NBA mobile game where it feels like I’m playing as myself.” – James Harden Choose your path to greatness in the all-new season of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE. Build your team, dominate opponents, boost your Rep, upgrade players, take over the Blacktop, and connect with the NBA in Live Events. Capture the spotlight and create your legacy in the world’s most downloaded basketball game. LEAD A TOP SQUAD Create the ultimate roster as you upgrade players, rain buckets, and rise up the ranks in the NBA. With Chemistry, choose and match players that mirror their coach’s playstyle, allowing you to focus on shooting, defensive, a run-and-gun style, and more to get boosts and elevate your game. Get your team in the zone to become the league’s best squad. GAIN YOUR REP Beat opponents in Head-to-Head matches and Leagues to earn Rep. Use it to earn special packs or Rank Up players to their maximum performance level. The higher your players’ levels, the better they’ll play on the court. Strategy rules in this battle for victory. OWN THE BLACKTOP No quarters. No shot clock. No rules. Head outdoors to the blacktop and build a lineup of classic players to compete against other NBA legends and prove yourself on the courts where bonafide ballers are made. From Brooklyn to Chicago to Venice Beach, experience a different feel and unique events that keep the stakes high and the wins rolling in. COMPETE IN LIVE EVENTS Connect to the NBA all year long with daily challenges that keep you raining buckets on the way to the top. Score incredible rewards in real-life matchups and break ankles in Seasons or Head-to-Head mode with friends and foes. Become a hoop master all day, every day. This app: requires a persistent Internet connection (network fees may apply); Requires acceptance of EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy and User Agreement. ; includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13. *Facebook login required. Must be 13 years or older.


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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball app reviews

  • Cool, but said, “Could not connect with servers” 2/5

    By keller4
    I have been playing this everyday for a month, and right in the middle of playing it, I got a “Could not connect to servers” error. Now my team is completely reset and I had a pretty good team (82). I just wasted all of that time. Lame...
  • Fix action block 4/5

    By Jagkv
    It’s a good game but not as good as last year. The promos have gotten worse and worse, and there is just not enough stuff to do. The grind element is lost. And on top of that the action block crashes every time you release a new promo. I can’t see my actions on the action block anymore. Please fix these problems and your game will be great again.👍
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By Akjnefkakgk
  • The down falls 4/5

    By Pistol peyt
    I love this game but there are down falls like not getting to go to auctions until you're level 10
  • Read this before you buy 1/5

    By Overwatch!!!!!!!!!
    I had fun playing this game for 2 months then the game changed you couldn’t get any good players you only could choose one lineup and EA is notorious for making great games turn in to garbage after a while money hungry developers ruined this game and I couldn’t even log on until today!!!! If you are considering buying a fun game get a different game then this
  • Can u give me my packs 5/5

    By Samaghost
    I bought two specialist packs the 99 cent ones and it won’t give me my packs I don’t know if it’s because I’m not in WiFi or not but can u give me my packs please
  • Downgrade 1/5

    By RoualRaiRai
    Ruined the old alive
  • I deserve a legend 4/5

    By conraddansun
    So I was playing and this game crashed my phone. I contacted ea but it took a couple of days to respond. So all I’m asking for is a legend. My account is conraddansun
  • NBA live mobile 5/5

    By Yo boy Gamer Aids
    The game is great I like everything about it. It’s...I’m out of words to say Bc this game is the greatest.....SO GET THE GAME NOW Bc it’s awesome.....also the game is money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 🏀 ball is life 🏀
  • Nba live 3/5

    By King_kevo27
    I was playing this game for the entire year It was cool at first after awhile it got boring i had completed so many seasons and had won so many championships I wasn’t much else I could do so I just downloaded nba2k18
  • I the best 💯💤🈵💮💮💝🈲💘🗑😴 5/5

    By true shoot
    The Best nba
  • Evreytime I open the game it crashes 1/5

    By Rolo1
    I can’t even open the app without it crashing
  • How do I get the real players??? 5/5

    By 2khead
  • . 1/5

    By DokkanBlazing
    I have been on this game for life 30 minutes and looking up how to get to level three so I can play matches because there are no ways that I can find to get xp
  • Was great 2/5

    By Chicken in a Biscuit
    New version is doing too much and is sloppy. In addition, I lost my entire progress from the prior versions covering about a year with the new update
  • iPhone se 2/5

    By minkloc
    It will open then close by its self can not play
  • Has It’s Flaws 3/5

    By JoelBerryII
    Mostly a great app but has its flaws. When you block on defense, you’re already spamming block so when/if you get the ball back you shoot it from the opposite end of the court and you blow a possession😑😬🙄. Lost some games because of this. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • I love this game but now I deleted and I cant get all my stuff back 😭🤧 5/5

    By Jschsjdc
    I love this game but I deleted it and now cant get stuff back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧
  • Who ever made this game is autistic and gay. 1/5

    By KILLER 109.3
    It’s so laggy and u can’t even enjoy it. If u play the game u will think, wow, the people who made this game is gay
  • Nba 5/5

    By Lily Rage
    The game is very fun, but I think more fouls and foul shots
  • Thank you 5/5

    By jeezy_fresh
    Good job on the game but can you make the game take no internet to get on it so while I’m outside I can go on it
  • Horrible Change 2/5

    By hello5657
    Please make this game more like is was last year.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ihatenba
    It’s horrible
  • Fun but frustrating 4/5

    By Mc lkr 1256
    Fun but when I shoot and it is perfect it doesn't go in
  • NBA LIVE 5/5

    Really good and addicting
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By txgzg
  • Update 3/5

    By Wordy McNordy
    When it updated it took away all of my older lineup players and I have not got them back!
  • Force crash 1/5

    By Tyler_F_500
    Everytime I open the app it crashes forcefully
  • Blacktop??? 3/5

    By anonamys spell check
    I don’t know how to get to blacktop👎
  • easy? 5/5

    By dsfhdsfh
    Well its an easy game, Scoring a 3 pointer is by doing at a little above green its possible, Layups are easy, Just rush them

    By ishmealgames
    Has really good graphics super fun and with events like Christmas and HALLOWEEN one this game is AWESOME
  • Gucci game 5/5

    By golden stat
    I love this game it lets me experience a real game and lets me create my team
  • Trash 1/5

    By Lamelo Grant
    This game was better before the updates. It was better when you could choose your lineup. The game even blocks me out sometimes. I get that you want people to play you game more, but seriously, your gonna lock me out of auctions until I’m level 11 and 75 overall?
  • Great NBA game 5/5

    By Caitlin_Luvvs_RPTH
    I am a level 19 on my other account and is very fun to play
  • NBA 5/5

    By Buckeyes0428
    It is so fun to play around the house, but I don’t like how you spin before you can pass cause it cost me a game. ⛹🏽‍♂️🏀🏀 It is super fun though. Hands down my fav game
  • Love it 5/5

    By big feall
    Best app ever on the phone
  • Don’t waste your time!! 2/5

    By makropland
    If you like watching your opponent in any game mode get 60% of their offensive rebounds, this is your game. If you enjoy spending time collecting items on live events just to keep getting the same “elite” player then trade them to get another player only to end up with the same “elite” player, this is your game. The only reason I give it 2 stars is because of the H2H mode. I have wasted enough time on this, Don’t waste yours!
  • Go Spurs! 5/5

    By My Cat's name is Kylo
    Amazing, just perfect! Remember the Alamo, Spurs! I want to see a San Antonio Spurs game! Great graphics on this game, great gameplay, and great potential! Good job!
  • NBA 5/5

    By lilokc
    Best game out there
  • SO FUN 5/5

    By kenpomonster
    I have had no issues with the game very fun and challenging
  • Why 2/5

    By XxXLegendary27XxX
    We’re do I start with this game I have a lot of crap to say about this game let’s start off with the fact that The shooting gauge is messed up and makes no sense how do u miss a shoot and it’s dead on green also I don’t get that when the computer can just flies through the air like idiots. Oh that’s all I’m not done yet when u go to block the computers they just go right through u I don’t know if this is happening to everyone but if it’s happening to u just do wht I did it’s simple just quit the game and delete it. One more thing where’s the fouls at the computer can legit (this happens when u play against other people to) block the crap out me making the player fly a cross the floor wht happens nothing.Electronic Arts Can u please fix some of these issues. but anyway this is long already but I do have positive things about this game it’s fun and time consuming (when it doesn’t screw u over) but anyway it has a lot of features u can invite some of ur friends to come play with u and have a good time.
  • Iss ight 4/5

    By Tiarattb
    This game good but it be glitchin sometimes 😭
  • I was level 59 & worked hard to have the players I had. 1/5

    By Swagandola
    So I decided to update nba live and everything on my account was erased I had a lot of good players now they’re all gone and I’m at level 1.

    By Alex Duir
    Please fix game ending issue. I will be winning a head to head or league vs league game by say 10 points, with 2 seconds left in the quarter. The game will glitch and close out, when i reopen it says they beat ME by 10 points! Why the hell are they getting 20 points when only 2 seconds was left? This has happened countless times and it is so stupid. Why are points allowed to be scored when the game glitches and crashes? Please fix so that this game works. Very annoying has the previous NBA live never had this issue.
  • Doesn’t Make Sense 1/5

    By Vagabond1231
    GAME STILL CRASHES. Players glitch all the time. During Seasons application quits itself all the time. Also continuously asks to choose between New User or Already User Also is James Harden only Master Player or whatever that you guys are allowed to use it as? Because as much as Mr. Harden is an amazing player, it’s getting quite old. Like in Live Event, you guys still left New Years Eve event. Like Harden Swag event that never comes out. EA is so greedy that it stopped coin earning system so users could not earn more money by selling their players. Also auction system is just completely ridiculous. How expensive players are in general. Starting from 80+ in general, you have to really grind since all of these Live Event, H2H, Seasons and whatnot every way to earn money only rewards small amount of coin. Pretty cheap EA. Only pros? It’s free and still better than NBA 2K paid version —————————————————— My Shaq can shoot 2pts from 3pt line... this dude is not Dirk. Long story short, fix your detailed stats at least. Also there are Classic players that are playing in 2017 but listed as Classic player... can someone explain to me what that is about...? and HOW IS ISAIAH THOMAS A CENTER? GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. Last time I checked, this dude is a point guard...?
  • Dope as Soap Baby! 4/5

    By AndyBeeBop
    Bench is utterly useless. Can’t directly sub players onto starting lineup out of game, let alone in-game. Every game uses same five players throughout, no matter what. If you have a really low bench & high starting lineup, your OVR looks a lot lower than it actually is. You can make your OVR look super low and dominate worse players in head 2 head, or use your “low” OVR to help your league match with worse leagues. Other than that: dope as soap baby!
  • The best game of all time 5/5

    By Hamer45
    Can get you mad but it's a good game
  • Awesome 4/5

    By Bigmuss
    This game is awesome. It is the best basketball app I’ve played.but I think if madden gives you a free elite player on the team that you have this should give you one too.
  • NBA live 5/5

    By eltouie
    Greåt gåme
  • Nba live is lit 5/5

    By litus kid
    So thanks for making this game it is so lit your helping so much get coins and every body we want we go to auctions and type in the name of the player it cost some coins well goodbye and thanks so much for making this game.LETS GO JAMES HARDEN HE RULES

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball app comments


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