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  • Current Version: 2013.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NBA Digital
  • Compatibility: Android
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The official app of the NBA Playoffs! • Check the Bracket and Series hubs to keep up to date with each matchup • See schedules to check live scores, game times, and in-game stats. • Customize your experience by following your favorite teams and players. • Stay up-to-date with the latest NBA news and top stories. • Watch top plays from around the league with video highlights and recaps. • Follow league standings for the whole NBA. • Listen to Live games with NBA LEAGUE PASS AUDIO. • CarPlay support.

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  • Ads 1/5

    By Te$fa
    who thought automatically playing video ads when trying to view a box score and nothing else was a good idea?
  • No comparison to the old old version couple years ago 2/5

    By Sunnnnnnnni
    Comparing to the older version the year before, this app is garbage.
  • Former options no longer available 2/5

    By Donetell
    I used to be able to see a players averages over their career by year and it's no longer available, no view of scores by quarter, and video plays automatically I don't like it. Putting my phone on silent doesn't even silence the sound.
  • Trash 2/5

    By Donny_deathstroke
    App wont open anymore
  • Video playing unnecessarily 1/5

    By RAYday75588933568453
    I just wanna see stats. No video but you wanna throw that in my face at all times
  • Not fair and balanced! 3/5

    By scrapperkim
    On Sunday the Celtics finally took the lead with 4 min left the NBA app sent a push notification. Tonight the Cavs were down all game and they finally took the lead with 3 min in the third q and no push notification for the Cavs.
  • Box Score 1/5

    By Luckness
    What millennial created a tab called "box score" and doesn't provide any team scoring by quarter?
  • Doesn't refresh scores 1/5

    By cukeith
    Whenever you reopen the app, all of your scores are the same as last time. There is no mechanism for refreshing the scores without clicking on a game. If you pull the screen down you just get last week's games, and your live game's score from an hour ago.
  • One annoying feature that ruins the app 1/5

    By Mds643
    I don't usually write reviews, and I'm pretty easy to please. However, this app has a feature that makes me hate to use it. When you open the app and click on a score an automatic commercial begins to play with sound. There is no way seemingly to pause this or mute it. You are forced to endure a full volume preview, even if your phone is on mute. I could understand a commercial that defaulted in mute, but this is rediculous. Please update and delete this annoying featureand.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Jermo262
    They could of made this app much better you guys should be ashamed for having this app and it's the "official" app for the NBA this app doesn't even deserve 1 star take the ads off.
  • Will not let me update 1/5

    By Ry5n skater
    On my AppleTV, I go on the NBA app and it says you must have an update. I go to update it and it just says open app. It is not showing an option for me to update the NBA app on my Apple TV. Please fix this.
  • User experience is terrible 1/5

    By Woden98
    Hard to navigate to what you want. Slow loading content. Video auto play is such a bad idea because most of time it is playing a unwanted one and it is slow!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Jarrod855
    I shouldn't need to watch a commercial to view the boxscore of a game.
  • Auto-play video ads. Deleted app. 1/5

    By Nicholasnick225422
    Used to pay for this app too
  • Not great 2/5

    By Painter101
    On iPhone 7 the app should open instantly. It takes 5 seconds. Ads are not retina quality.

    By BestRater_55
  • By far worst sports app 1/5

    By joeblowinit
    Easily the worst sports app there is.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By nklaiber
    I try and look at the box scores and am greeted with an awkward scroll that jumps the screens. I try and look at the box score and it auto plays a video. Of course, the video first has to have an advertisement. I can't pause or stop the ad, as tapping on the video triggers an ad click. Cheap interaction design. Frustrating experience all around. With the lack of care and attention to the people using the app, I've removed it from my phone.
  • Cannot Scroll 3/5

    By Al_Hon
    when viewing box score, i can't properly scroll up or down.
  • Terrible app indeed 1/5

    By Arannnnis
    Slow to load and when it load, full of ads.
  • Worst App I have ever used 1/5

    By Jamey5
    I have never seen an app as buggy as the NBA app. Even for the simplest things like checking the box score or matchups, the app freezes over and over again; it's very frustrating. I want to punch my TV screen every time I see the NBA app commercial come on. False advertising at its best.
  • Won't even allow me to log in 1/5

    By Valpo58
    Had a previous version of the app before being forced to update. Had no issues at all with the old app and it never crashed. This version won't even let me sign in to my League Pass account. No more NBA on the go for me.
  • Obnoxious app with a terrible UI 1/5

    By chuckleburrys
    The app splits the screen in half to play video in the top half at the slightest of touches. And it's very slow to start and respond. As much as I like following NBA, the app has gotten consistently worse over time that I am going to get rid of it and use Yahoo! Sports instead.
  • Trash 1/5

    By FF 4Eva
    This app is a piece of sh*t. It is just the easiest ways to track game/box scores if I am away from home. Instead of complaining, I'll just note that this is the only positive thing about this app to save time. They fall short everywhere else.
  • Worst of the big 3 1/5

    By ebm256
    They can't even get the simplest thing, like checking scores and schedules right. Please look at the MLB app to see how it's done.
  • App won't even let me log in 1/5

    By Mcasbar
    I just subscribed to the NBA League Pass monthly service a couple of days ago and the TV app on my Sony Bravia is working just as expected. However the iPhone nor the iPad app would let me logging while on the go. I keep getting the message about either the username or the password being incorrect, however it's the same one I've using on my TV/internet browser, and it seems to be working well on both. I emailed the NBA support team the same day, and haven't received not even the standard notification about my request being received. Based on my support experience support, it's unlikely that I purchase the whole season pass.
  • National tv playoffs 4/5

    By Television jump shot
    Listen, this is a 5star app... BUT... we should be able to watch all NBA games because we prepaid for the games!!! Give us the exclusiveness of seeing games whenever and wherever we want via mobile!!! Also, come down on that the game is available 3hrs after the game. Should be 1hr max. I'm at work and I have to go find a tv or sign up for cable services to my phone just to see something I already paid for. Not fair to me... been a subscriber since 2003/04 season. Best league pass watch ever: Kobe 80points.
  • Bad bad 1/5

    By Roke_K24
    You guy need to fix this app ..all season problem playoff problem come on men work hard
  • Embarrassing 1/5

    By Unclemonte
    Seriously? The NBA can't afford a capable app developer? What a feeble attempt at an app. When it works/updates, its decent. But it often goes days without updating scores, which should be unacceptable. What a fail.
  • Sloooow and buggy 2/5

    By HSausW
    You can check the scores and that's it. When it comes to streaming the phone app and the PS4 app are both slow and laggy.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Charlie Hustle 400
  • Horrible times infinity 1/5

    By Pdxbikeguy
    As soon as you open the app an ad starts blaring. I just wanted to check scores. No thanks.
  • Where's the widget? 4/5

    By @efficientearner
    The app gets the job done for my interests. I don't care too much about watching videos through the app, keeping up with the scores and stats is more important. I would like to see a widget get developed so that I can check scores quickly without opening the app.
  • App that shame the NBA 1/5

    By Tkopit
    With everything related to the NBA I expected a better functioning app that at least gives you real time scores updates and not waiting so long for the score to be refreshed. Very pool functionality
  • Why does the audio automatically play 1/5

    By JonoGreen
    The video AND AUDIO automatically plays when you select a game. Really idiotic. Deleting app
  • Cmon man 2/5

    By hvgades
    Why can't you guys get this right? Just go spend 10 minutes on the MLB app and explore everything. Why is there no pause for videos why I simply try to check box scores? Why do ads automatically play? Why is it so hard to see complete game logs of players? You guys can do better. Get on it.
  • Awful update. 1/5

    By Chris_greene17
    The app was fine before the update. The box score interface is awful now. If you care about your user base please fix it. (Update weeks later) app is even worse now...... it has sooo many bugs. Also navigating the app is extremely frustrating.
  • Videos should not autoplay with sound 2/5

    By TurboSlim
    This was a decent app, but recent changes make it almost unusable in many situations. When you just want to check out a game recap or box score, the app automatically plays a video WITH SOUND. Terrible experience when you're in a quiet setting or in public!
  • Full of ads. 1/5

    By 5nake plisken
    They change the app constantly and make it worse with each update. I finally decided to delete it after they put in ads tgat autoplay and will not stop until the ad is done playing. If you try to pause it it will redirect you to the ads site. Not cool.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Brownmamba03
    This app is horrible every year. You think you guys wouldve done something by now. And stop with these horrible camera angels. Theyre completely useless. Maybe work on the app before adding pointless, and again useless features
  • Auto play video is evil 1/5

    By Willie Rose
    The auto play ads are really really obnoxious.
  • Terrible with the auto play ads 1/5

    By Yair Marx
    I just want to open the app and check box scores. Not have to listen to an auto play ad with audio while I do that. Deleting this app. I'll just stick to the espn app.
  • Video playing 3/5

    By DaveMe2189
    The app at first was decent to me. It was kind of slow but it was basic enough to easily understand. Recently though they updated it where you click on a past game and the highlight video automatically plays. I hate that because I try to check box scores while in class and now the video starts playing and making noise. This now prevents me from using the app at certain times.
  • Arrogant design 1/5

    By alan j84
    Did you arrogant selves think that a user might just want to check the box score without watching the video? Idiot design.
  • Do not pay for League Pass! 1/5

    By hamburgerdinosaur
    Year after year, this app is truly among the worst in existence. This year it especially does everything possible to spoil every result in every way if you didn't happen to - heaven forbid - already watch a game live. (And yes, I checked the "hide scores" option.) The NBA's servers also *always* massively struggle to serve game replays. And the quality of the video editing is terrible. End game interviews are cut out this year, because... ??? Overall, performance could not be any worse. The NBA does not care about investing in competent technology, period.

    By Mike69696599990832684037
    Every time you go to check the box score it loads an ANNOYING ad and video that I don't wanna see. It's irritating every time you wanna check a specific players stats and automatically plays the stupid video and WASTES MY DATA . Fix this probably and stop making the video play. Will not be using this app till this issue is fixed
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Ymn_Ty
    The worst app to try and watch games on. The videos never play at least for Iphones this app is horrible. The videos never load it makes you delete the app and never want to download it. This app needs to improve fast.
  • Sad 3/5

    By Universal Language
    I expect more from a large company than this app. It works for me but it lacks advanced features (still no robust widget or 3D touch for example) & it's buggy. The apple TV app also crashes to often. The fact that this "new" version of the app has been out for a whole season & we are still dealing with mediocrity & bugs is indeed sad.
  • This App is totally annoying 1/5

    By Da Boyz65
    Yesterday I had to delete and reload this app 6 times. Every time an ad popped up I could not delete it so I had to delete the entire app and reload it. Finally I gave up. This app needs a lot of improvement.
  • Worst App in Pro Sports 1/5

    By Ldlve
    NBA signs multi billion dollar TV deal. Spends $7 on app development.

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