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The official app of the NBA! Watch NBA games all season long with the purchase of NBA League Pass. • Watch live games as well as full game replays • NEW: Monthly subscriptions • NEW: NBA League Pass Premium package, getting you closer to all the action on the court without the commercial breaks Other great features • Check live scores, stats, and game times • Watch live press conferences • Watch top plays from around the league with video highlights and recaps • Customize your experience by following your favorite teams • CarPlay support • iMessage stickers • Apple Watch app * Local and national market blackout rules apply based on your location, and therefore may be not available via NBA League Pass (regardless of home or away). In-app purchases are purchased from and billed by Apple iTunes, not Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. These purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of Apple iTunes. NBA League Pass Annual (billed as "NBA League Pass"), NBA League Pass Premium Annual (billed as "NBA League Pass Premium", and NBA Team Pass Annual (billed as "NBA Team Pass – [Team]") are each valid until the end of the NBA season, and will be re-billed at the start of every NBA season by Apple iTunes until cancelled by the user at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Apple iTunes will send an e-mail in advance of renewal containing a hyperlink to manage the subscription. Annual subscriptions purchased after December 15, 2017 will not be auto-renewed. 
NBA League Pass Monthly (billed as "NBA League Pass - monthly"), NBA League Pass Premium Monthly (billed as "NBA League Pass Premium – monthly"), and NBA Team Pass Monthly (billed as "NBA Team Pass [Team] – monthly") are each valid for one month and will be re-billed on the same date each month based on the original purchase date (i.e. If purchased on Jan. 17, re-bill will occur on Feb. 17, Mar, 17, etc.). Users will be re-billed unless the subscription is cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Apple iTunes will send a monthly e-mail in advance of renewal containing a hyperlink to manage the subscription. Apple iTunes subscriptions can be managed, and the auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the iTunes Account Settings after purchase; from a mobile device or computer that uses the same Apple ID as the initial purchase. Any cancellation will take effect at the end of the current subscription period. By purchasing a subscription, you also agree to our subscriber agreement at, and terms of use at


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  • Issues with Games 3/5

    By CTenkey
    When I’m trying to watch games on my phone or tablet, can’t watch them . I have the League Pass. Very disappointed.
  • Always something 1/5

    By C_Boheme
    I love the NBA so much, they do so many things right - why is their app consistently the worst? If it isn't one, it's another. It's telling me now there's an update but the app has been blacked on me since the All-Star break. The website and league pass are always acting janky too. GET. IT. TOGETHER.
  • Wish it were better 2/5

    By Ruam Smith
    Attempting to scrub back and forth while casting games to a display continues to be one of the must difficult experiences with in app video playback I’ve ever had. It makes rewinding to catch something you’ve missed, or attempted to bypass a commercial a task so difficult you’d rather not even attempt.
  • All Star 2018 Coverage is horrible. 1/5

    By Pure-man13
    Why is it that either on my Phone or TV every minute there is a stuffer or it goes to low quality?(I have an IPhone 6s and PS4 for the TV both on WIFi with speeds of 80mbs and higher) During the 3-point contest the screen when black for 5 seconds at one of the more important parts. App need to be fixed. Also WHY IS THE CAMERA ONLY ON THE PLAYER FOR SOME OF THE CAMERA ANGLES for 3-point contest, I want to see the makes not just the player! And even why is there not any type of SCOREBOARD TO SEE THE MAKES AND MISSES. Makes me so mad. Tried every camera angle (Bearing through the stupid ads when I PAID FOR THIS SUBSCRIPTION) and nothing works. I'm tempted to never watch from this app every again. PLEASE FIX OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS APP.
  • Thank God For This App 5/5

    By ⚡️DV⚡️
    This Is by far the best app for anything NBA being in a fantasy league I love bouncing back and fourth between live games on league pass and being able to catch highlights for all the games I miss
  • forcing updates???????? I dont get it. 1/5

    By 国产ghggg
    Its bad

    By Newty7
    Its a great idea but has really poor execution! If you're thinking about getting the league pass just don't, it's extremely underwhelming. You can't watch any big headlining games. No Warriors Vs. Cavs Or Rockets Vs. Celtics, i have the league pass so i can watch all NBA Games not just The Magic Vs The Suns on a Wednesday night. Also since I'm located in the bay area i can't watch my local team (Warriors) so the league pass is absolutely point less.
  • iPhone X 2/5

    By Raffaad23
    The iPhone X has been out for months and the NBA still hasn’t managed to get league pass to fit the screen. Feels like you’re watching on an IPhone 4.
  • Poor Video Quality 3/5

    By AVGIphone
    I have been using the NBA app for several years, and enjoyed it. Recently, I've noticed that the video quality is terrible. But it’s never bad when the advertisements are running, only when it is game footage, or highlights. This happens on my iOS phone as well as my iOS iPad. Both have the most recent iOS software and the most recent app version. It's usually blurry, and sometimes will correct while I'm watching, but often not. It feels like watching TV in the 70s. Please find a fix!
  • Solid app 4/5

    By Escaladestylin
    Use this for watching the game recaps, and skimming quick news videos. Then for the gossip, mini highlight vids, and other extra stuff, The Score app ;)
  • Confusing.. 1/5

    By Chkoolaid
    I have the last version of the iPhone software. According to the Apple Store I can download the last version to be compatible but when I open the NBA app it says I need the latest version
  • Nba app 1/5

    By EdwardJimJr
    Can’t watch local or nationally broadcasted games and those are the good ones. I bought this app to see those games at will but you can’t. That’s annoying. If I could Return for a refund I would
  • Great app and service 4/5

    By jtefft
    I love this app and the league pass service. While a little too highly priced, the service it offers and the access to games is incredible. I love having access to nearly all games from my iPhone and iPad. I would like to point out that the Apple Watch app could use some work. You have the capability to do so much more there and I’d like to see what you could do to make the most of that additional screen such as more in-depth stats, more frequent updates and even game and player profiles. You should also allow unique notifications for the watch that can vary from those on the phone. Keep innovating because you’ve got a good thing going.
  • Ads are taking over the app 5/5

    By MitchellPalermo
    I liked using this app to keep up on scores of games that I missed. But now every tine I try to use the app, an ad flies up and keeps me from seeing what I want. UPDATE: the ads pop up whenever I go to a different screen within the app. It hasn’t happened for a few days, so I’m wondering if it was a fluke. The ad was for dog food.
  • Horrid 1/5

    By SelpSelp
    A video add pops up every 5 seconds when trying to scroll through the news feed. I’m deleting this app in 5, 4, 3, 2... ***in reply to NBA app’s question... as I clearly stated, scrolling through the news feed. You’re aware the app has a news feed called “top stories”?
  • Iphone X full screen Support 2/5

    By Icecold2825
    The App appears really smooth and worth the subscription, but I want to suggest a full screen setting for the iPhone X. This will cause me to add additional stars for a five-star rating. I am frequently on the road and would enjoy a full-screen experience. Thanks
  • Videos 3/5

    By East Oakland 98
    I have used this app for years but the video quality has gotten worse. The first 10-20 seconds of a video is always blurry and at first I thought there was an issue with my phone. Even under the perfect signal conditions I am unable to see a full clear video. Is there going to be a fix for that soon? My friends all have the same issue. Download speed is 97.1 mbps upload is 10.9 mbps and ping is 11 mins. I haven’t looked at any archived games yet.
  • Garbage (to be nice) 1/5

    By Nknknknk12345
    App won't even open because there's a new version... Except there isn't. So amazing. Lol
  • Freezing freezing freezing 1/5

    By Guy P
    If I could make it through one game without the feed freezing, I might give it better ratings. Persistent issue throughout multiple platforms (appletv, iPad, iPhone, ps3, ps4) even with gigabit Ethernet. I ran the speed test as requested during one of the freezing episodes. 367Mbps download 356Mbps upload and 8ms ping.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By FckdupNBA
    This app is soooo up and down. Your better off purchasing YOUTUBE tv. Cheaper. Plus I’m not forced to watch the opposing team, due to the Houston Rockets game always being in F&@$!?& Spanish. I LIVE IN AMERICA!!! So go figure. It’s not even a option. Disrespectful to me and every one who watches and buys NBA. I think I’m switching back to NFL. I have always been a rockets fan to. I go to at least 7-12 games a yr. Plus our Xmas was based on NBA presents. No anymore. Plus you have to stay in the app. Once your out of the app. You have to start the game over again. Plus these pos try to tell me there is a option on Spanish for the Rockets. NO THERE IS NOT. YOU FORCE PROPLE TO WATCH THE OTHER FEEDS. YOUTUBE TV is BETTER. Plus you keep emailing me on the 2 low grade teams play. Telling me and bragging how it was in English. Let me tell you. It was the only 2 games in English. What about the other games. Get your priorities correct. Or lose a half of country over some wet back ish. YOUTUBE or PLAYSTATION VUE IS 100 percent optional. I can watch my ROCKETS game without all the rockets bashing of the other team. This site is hypocritical and flat out liars. Make that ish optional. Not forced. NBA should stand for NOT BOUT ANYONE!!!! But money. Don’t email me back support!! Nada you can say will be true.
  • BACK: Audio subscription 5/5

    By bapplem
    Kudos to NBA for restoring the audio-only subscription after I’d complained in the 2017-18 app review. The League has wonderful radio play-by-play announcers and analysts in each city and they all make the fan experience unique in pro sports. It’s a joy to listen to the drama of every slam, crossover, and swat of the basketball; NBA radio talents link the listener to the game and all its intensity in a way that video experiences cannot, almost like we can hear more of the game than we can see on TV. So, thanks NBA for listening and connecting fans everywhere to the game we love.
  • Please fix your app! 1/5

    By ThiagoOmena
    Another app that crashes all the time. I love the app, but half the time it is useless specially for videos. You would think they would be able to create a stable app with the money they get from NBA.
  • Videos not loading 2/5

    By Pedobear-luvs_u
    Whenever I try to watch a game recap the video won’t load. Some videos load and some don’t. Please fix
  • Very glitchy app 1/5

    By Weedower
    The app here is very bad. Constantly serving very low quality video. By very low quality I mean not just not being able to see the players faces but even the numbers on the jerseys🤣🤣🤣 Seems to me the nba are resting on the laurels of record breaking revenues. This app is doing what it can to make me love nba hoop less. I have tried it on a dozen different high speed wifi connections and it is the same. So, clearly, a server issue.
  • App Trash 1/5

    By Twill1989
    No videos will play on my phone, iPad, or Apple TV. I have a very reliable internet connection yet to no avail.
  • Game recaps 3/5

    By LoganXpert
    I love watching the games and love the game of the nba players, but whenever I try and play a game recap, it shows me and ad, then crashes and won’t let me watch any of the games. This just started this week and it’s not changing. Plus the video is blurry for a little bit then it gets cleared after a while. Please fix this please so I can go back to watching my games
  • Not working! 1/5

    By Strizzle86
    Video highlights and clips will not play!!!!!!
  • Video issues 3/5

    By J_boogie21
    App videos keep saying now playing after ad and will not play. This has happened multiple times where i cannot view a game recap because it just gets stuck
  • Much worse than last season 1/5

    More adds, very poor video quality, except for the top teams. Funny how that works. How can a decent app be turned into a bad one? I’m giving up on it.
  • Ads play with no issues but nba content does not. 2/5

    By kmevans72
    The ads load fine and play but none of the videos play. I’ve tried on phone, tablet, roku, PlayStation. Is something up with your streaming? I keeps getting error messages saying something is wrong with my network. If Netflix and amazon are streaming fine. NBA should be able to stream properly.
  • Bugs 2/5

    By ggghgfftggghh
    Bugs everywhere. But hey, the ads always work.
  • Not Functioning 3/5

    By SackBoyGT
    It’ll play the ad with no problem but won’t show any video after that.
  • Good app 3/5

    By Add football
    Really nice, just wished it had more customizable condensed replays
  • Video not clear 1/5

    By wastenotime
    The video is not crisp when starting to play. Could take up to 30 or more seconds before it clears up. Note, the same clip plays just fine on YouTube from the get go.
  • 🤨 2/5

    By gabenewland
    Needs a double tap or pinch to zoom on iPhone X
  • Fix videos 2/5

    By antm1001
    Like using the app to check scores and watch the game recaps but that has become difficult due to the laggy video playback. Video player seems to be the biggest problem with this app.
  • Blackouts 1/5

    By Tre1473
    It's no use to me here in Hawaii because all the Lakers games are blacked out in my area. Watching the games delayed defeats the purpose of subscribing to League Pass.
  • Notifications not useful 2/5

    By Shraf
    The notifications consist mostly of close game alerts for random matchups which are essentially ads for NBA league pass. No final score notifications based on my team preference. No news alerts, even when it concerns my team. Use ESPN instead.
  • still horrible after 3 years 1/5

    By bball3975
    do NOT buy this app. it is horrible and has not improved at all after 3 years of disappointing performance. even to just try to buy a single nba game, there is no way to rewind or fast forward to which quarter of the game you would like to see. it’s a joke. it’s slow and glitchy. only buy it if you want to watch the download icon instead of actual basketball. 0 stars
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By AneudyRod
    When are you guys going to fix the blurry videos at the beginning? You guys upload a 15 minute dunk highlight video and you can’t even see the video cause is all blurry. I love the NBA and just so tire of this issue. By now it should be fixed. Come on! You guys got do better than this.
  • Poor Video player 1/5

    By Guy Duderson
    Videos don’t buffer. It’s blurry for a minute or so then by the time it’s a watchable resolution the replay is over.
  • When is full screen iPhone x support planned for? 2/5

    By TheRealJJ
    It's hard for me to understand that for the price an NBA subscription costs, it is my only video playing app that does not offer full screen iPhone x viewing.
  • Video quality 4/5

    By tweinert
    Great app which I use everyday. Main major complaint is the video quality for watching highlights. The ad comes in nice and clear and then the first 10 seconds or so of the highlight has terrible quality and then the quality gets to normal. Feels like a buffering issue that should be simple to address. I have a 1G internet connection so it’s not that. I’m on the latest app version and iOS version. Keep on improving the app.
  • League pass doesn’t fill my TV screen 1/5

    By SFSurferDad
    League Pass is almost $200 a season yet it doesn’t manage to fill my TV screen like Netflix or Amazon does. It’s a medium sized rectangle with a fair amount of black on each side. Fix it please!
  • A problem? 4/5

    By theocho86
    I've recently been having an issue where I hear more than one video playing at once. Doesn't happen during actual games but only when I'm watching highlights or other videos within the app.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By uryviel
    You’re lucky if you even get to watch the games you paid for... I paid the fee to watch every Knicks game and I can’t log in, am not receiving emails to retrieve or change my password and had to pay a separate fee for an individual game so I wouldn’t miss it...
  • Why wouldn’t NBATV be available on this app 1/5

    This app should be called NBA League Pass app. If you have satellite or cable service and would like to watch the game that is currently being shown on NBATV, look elsewhere. No stars.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Bob McFackenslap
    This app is total garbage. My internet speeds are incredibly fast (55Mbps) yet the app is constantly freezing and pausing to “buffer”. Game finally comes back and is in horrible quality the remainder of the game. The only explanation I have is sometime after I started watching the game, my wife switched the input and is on demo mode for NBA jam on a Super Nintendo. Ping: 25ms Download: 67.4 Mbps Upload: 5.99 Mbps
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Lewiss32
    Rarely let's me watch games when it does the game can crash anytime you touch the screen. Poorly designed app and waste of money. Also the Apple TV does not work all together. DO NOT PURCHASE LEAGUE PASS
  • Not very good 2/5

    By aFive720
    Update to dev: I can contact support if you’d like, this issue is present on all devices I’ve tested. Video of an ad before the video loads instantly and in high quality. Video itself? Not watchable for 30s-2mins. On WiFi it does get to hd quick, on lte not. As per your request, ran a Speedtest on lte 21ms ping 39mbps download 6mbps upload. This also happens in areas with 80mbps lte. Not very user friendly. Players section is hidden, let’s talk about the highlights... even on 400mbps Wifi the video is so pixelated that you can’t make anything out for the first 30 seconds till it changes to hd. Lte? Even worse! Video is mostly unwatchable until the highlight is almost over. Why can’t we select HD as default quality!?

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