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NBC News delivers the stories you care about, right now. Get up-to-the-minute breaking news, exclusive interviews, and in-depth reporting from our journalists around the world. The NBC News app can be used on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Here are a few highlights: • Simplified user interface offers easy tabbed browsing • Stories download automatically so you can keep reading when you’re offline • Split screen plays video while you read stories • Today screen widget lets you instantly see the latest top headlines • Interactive notifications for easily sharing and accessing important stories Our live, continuous coverage gives you all the news you want, and now it’s easier than ever to share the stories that matter most to you.

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NBC News app reviews

  • Wretched 1/5

    By big2planker
    Horrible load times, poor streaming quality, no live stream in  TV app. Come on, get your act together and publish a PROPER news app!

    By Absolutely nothing2
  • Bring back Breaking News 1/5

    By Cooldmh
    Breaking News was a 10/10 news app and should have never been shut down. Bring it back!
  • Whaaaaa??? 1/5

    By Cupcake.Fab
    Updated to add: why won't it update? It's been stuck for 2 months. What happened? This update stinks. Same stories over and over, stupid to navigate. Go back to the way it was. Booooo!
  • Screwed up. 2/5

    By TomBC
    They had a great app and really hosed it up. What's wrong with you people.....fix the app.
  • Poor performance 1/5

    By 11-27-2010
    Opens to old page. One must pull down and hold then wait about 30sec for current page to load ☹️
  • Firemedic504 1/5

    By Firemedic123432
    This app will not refresh. If/when it does takes forever!
  • Drain NBCs swamp 1/5

    By America1st!!!!
    Even after a decisive election, these people continue to undermine it and our system of government by non stop coverage of nonsense on Russian involvement. So they allege Russia helped expose emails in the Democrat's own words their election fraud and fixing. So truth is the enemy. Ha. Here is your FAKE news site. Eat it up instead of embracing positive changes for all Americans. Delete.
  • Show some pride, NBC 1/5

    By Willow Birch
    For goodness sake, you are NBC News. Make an app that shows the current news as soon as it is opened. It is your job to deliver timely, relevant information. You need to nail this.
  • Very Slow 1/5

    By OldSheep44
    By the time the news loads on this app it is history. I have a 7 Plus and a fast internet connection so I know it is the app.
  • Crap crap crap 1/5

    By Clfmd
    This app is so bad. It's hard to know where to start. I'll just echo what others have said. And there's no where I can even find to get help about inability to change location within app. It has edit location button but it's apparently just for show. Webmaster should be fired
  • Crap 1/5

    By Lucyvin
    Carrie Fisher died yesterday, yet NBC still has her in "critical condition"!! Guess they don't believe in updating the news on this app!! Needless to say I deleted this worthless app--
  • Has become extremely slow to refresh news 2/5

    By hravnaas
    I've been using this app for a long time and it's been fine, but within roughly the last month or two, refreshing the news by pulling down, has become extremely slow. I'm guessing it's taking close to a minute. Terrible.
  • Bad Update 1/5

    By Nvtrplt
    The news has not updated on iPad in more than 2 days.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By lanky333
    I'm just going to repost the same review I always use for this garbage app that never gets any better. Hey look it's still broken. What a surprise. Nbc can't get their act together with this app. Videos never seem to work. You sit through an add then get an error message. Also, most times stories don't even load. Click into a blank page. Way to go NBC. What a piece of garbage app.
  • Horrible load time 1/5

    By Salad-every-day
    No indication of when latest update and update loading takes 60 seconds or more even on wifi. No other news app performs so poorly.
  • Update your filthy app!!!! 1/5

    By --**
    TV app: terrible iOS app not much better.

    By LPat61
    I cannot trust your news or anything else coming from you due to your close ties with Trumpf. Until he loses his "producer" status with you I will not use or refer to anything NBC. This app is already deleted - now I'm off to delete The Weather Channel app - but not before I leave a review and lousy rating. Dump Drumpf if you wish to maintain ANY credibility.
  • Extremely slow to update on 4G or Wi-Fi multiple devices 1/5

    By Bongfloyd
    Are use this app for entertainment to see what the left is freaking out about. Lately it will not refresh on multiple devices on 4G on Wi-Fi and different locations etc. So much for getting my socialist news from them anymore! Lol DELETED!
  • Awful! 1/5

    By Llendersman
    I've deleted this app. Breaking News is SO perfect & now NBC is going to shut it down?? Ugh!
  • Biased media coverage? 1/5

    By MindyMaucelli
    Yes, I believe so. No thank you, I think I'll see what's on fox. How sad! Shame on all of you!
  • Piece of crap app 1/5

    By Itsjinx
    Takes 5 minutes to load news after opening. Pathetic
  • 1st killed local app, now national one 1/5

    By Winerep
    NBC first screwed up their local app here in NYC and now their national app won't load any new feeds?!? It just sits there with the wonderful wheel a spinning. Poor showing NBC. If you want a better news app look elsewhere.
  • ⭐️ 1/5

    By jherman03
    This news station has done nothing but lie, caused unrest and the most racial divide in history, delete
  • Absolutely worst news app 1/5

    By Craig069
    Trying to run this app or even use Safari to view nbcnews.com is nothing but total frustration. Since the site was redesigned is is now a piece of crap that will not play any of the videos (except for all the ads that pop up everywhere and play before every segment). Don't bother to even download. Why they haven't fired the person that designed this to me points to their total incompetence. Go to BBC News for actual up to date news and a good experience.
  • great app! 5/5

    By kittykat_kitkat_112233
    works well, great app. easy to use. would recommend it!
  • Politically Bias Reporting 1/5

    By iTeach_2
    NBC just doesn't get it! This is supposed to be a "news" network not a combination of editorial segments! Do they not understand that the entire country sees through their totally bias political reporting! I've turned them OFF for good!
  • Liberal Bias Masquerading As News 1/5

    By Ynot9945
    "News" presented is really just left wing political opinion paraded as fact. Reporters are biased hacks repeating the current administration's line or the Clinton team propaganda. No real investigative reporting involving any democrat is even considered. Not sure they are even capable of it anymore.
  • Not Breaking News 1/5

    By Stod27
    I will see a news story online and hours later this app sends me a notification of the same story...
  • Precious splash screen 1/5

    By Gma Bob
    I got tired of waiting for the splash screen to go away, considering I already knew which app I had selected, so I washed the car and did the grocery shopping. It took about that long for the news to be revealed.
  • Something is wrong 1/5

    By summersgirl
    It will not update on my iPhone. It is gray like it is in the process of updating but won't let me open it or "x" it out to delete and reinstall. Help please!!
  • News? It used to be, no more! 1/5

    By Sdalton101
    I grew up during the Kennedy years and was privileged to see news when it was considered to be a noble calling to have the trust to provide complete, total coverage of everything, the good, the bad and let the consumer decide. No longer. Now you make the decisions that are aimed at creating a larger and larger liberal leaning group within America. By refusing to just provide the facts regarding the Clinton Foundation and their many wrongs. You didn't think that Americans needed to know about that you didn't believe that the American people should know that the charitable Clinton Foundation was used to pay for Chelsea's wedding, expensive home as well as all of her living expenses. Sadly, you have turned into a left leaning noise piece, unwilling to speak any evil nor willing to present any conservative good. Sadly for you, you hadn't considered Social media where "all" of the news is shared. You are no longer able to hide the Suns rise, it is there for all to see. You have become irrelevant. I have deleted this app and removed you from my television guide.
  • NBC is not News anymore 1/5

    By Saturn1209
    Back in the 1900s, the nightly news always came on with Tom Brokaw. This was really the only news that people watched back in those days. Now, everyone has so called "news" at their fingertips. Unfortunately, this news is misleading, inaccurate, incomplete, and completely filled with liberal bias. The peacock organization has been leaning more and more to the left everytime tensions flare about politics or ethnic problems in the US. I am no longer using this app as my news source.
  • NBC app 1/5

    By Mikesrails
    News updates take too long. I suspect some of being more than a week old.
  • Liberal Propaganda 1/5

    By hamrick5o
    Not a legitimate news source
  • The app is just fine but... 1/5

    By bambamagogo
    ......it is no more than a portal for fake news, self-serving cultural supremacist propaganda, Cultural Marxists and reprobate anti-Christian bigots and their quislings. NBC is no more than a biased idiot box shilling for the globalist shadow government, a ministry of disinformation so sinister and void of objectivity and ethics that the FCC should yank their license. RT is a more credible news source than the faux "news" of NBC. Beware the statist/democrat/establishment media complex. Beware The Enemy Within.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Chilly chill 503
    Junk fake news pushing there dumb agenda.
  • Liberal news network 1/5

    By Toltepeceno
    Typical liberal propoganda site.
  • Brian Williams 1/5

    By vaughn&peggy
    Guilty, but still hanging around infecting organization
  • Fake News 1/5

    By Grinch app alert
    Ignored Wikileaks and Project Veritas exposés on Hillary and the DNC while pushing any negative and scurrilous Trump rumor as gospel. Your cover is blown, Pravda!
  • No Dates on news Stories! 3/5

    By noadvertisingplease
    This APP works great, technically, and is a great way to get all the meat of a show without the fluff. BUT, the individual stories should have dares and times on them so we know if the news is today's news or yesterday's. The newest stories are not always first, so you may be watching the original story even though there are updated that are more current ... VERY SIMPLE: JUST ADD DATES !!!
  • Significant improvements 4/5

    By Barb Redgreen
    The App has been greatly improved, with videos loading & playing as they should. The reads are nicely displayed and easy to navigate back and forth. In particular I like the option to follow Top stories; could you perhaps make it a general option to follow any story?
  • This app is garbage! 1/5

    By Ofcourse trump
    This app works horribly and the content is nasty too! Seems like only negative propaganda comes out of nbc. I deleted after 15 minutes of using it. This app is some real garbage.
  • DISGUSTED!!!! 1/5

    By LoveInspires
    Literally nothing but LIARS!! Deserve ZERO stars!! You have utterly failed and refuse to acknowledge it let alone clean house and do anything about it. People want the news not your arrogant interpretation of it. Deleting the app and never watching your channel again. One day soon you will fail beyond repair yet your inability for a company wide innerreflection won't allow you to see it coming. Good riddance.
  • No Live feed available. 1/5

    By lyn6282
    I intend to use this app for live feed of the election & they don't provide any. Their competition have live feed available for streaming in the apps. I highly suggest that they at least provide a live feed in the app if they intend to stay current with the competitors.
  • Where is NBC Nightly News? 1/5

    By AlphaStunner
    I expect to be able to watch the regular cable broadcasts but no I'm instead peddled a bunch of garbage. Where are the past NBC nightly news airings!?!?!?
  • NBC no longer reports the news 1/5

    By Wayerbot
    Try it for yourself and see. They have gone from a reputable news channel to a biased opinion column. It's up to us to find fact checking forums because NBC stopped following basic reporting principles. It's unfortunate, I was an NBC follower for years. This election has revealed much about NBC. You should be ashamed to call yourself a news channel. Stop picking sides, just report the news with no spin.
  • Pretty pathetic 2/5

    By BT23$23
    Once one has tapped on a story, read it and gone back to the cache of stories it reverts back to a previous days stories. Pulling down to refresh it doesn't work and even deleting the app and reinstalling it doesn't work! Please fix this. It's quite disappointing that NBC can't come up with a decent, functioning app (particularly given the sheer number of negative reviews) as I truly like NBC and will probably have to switch to a news app that actually works.
  • App broken 1/5

    By #}\<%*€
    App loading old news stories over and over. Please fix!!!
  • Horribly broken 1/5

    By dukemar
    Not only does the app have problems displaying current content, but stories that link to external sites have issues with the browser crashing and constantly trying to reload the page. A deeply flawed app in its current state.

NBC News app comments

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