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Watch thousands of live sporting events airing on NBC, NBCSN, Golf Channel, and more, LIVE with the NBC Sports app. Download now on your iOS device. DEDICATED BRAND EXPERIENCES: • NBC Sports • Golf Channel • Olympic Channel STREAM LIVE EVENTS INCLUDING: • NFL Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football • NHL Regular Season and Stanley Cup Playoffs • PGA Tour • Premier League (soccer) • NASCAR Monster Energy and Xfinity Series races • Formula 1 (F1) • French Open (tennis) • Indy Car • Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes) REGIONAL CONTENT: • NBA: 76ers, Bulls, Celtics, Kings, Warriors, and Wizards • NHL: Blackhawks, Capitals, Flyers, and Sharks • MLB: Athletics, Cubs, Giants, Mets, Phillies, and White Sox Sign in with your TV provider username and password to watch your favorite sports anytime, anywhere, on any screen with the NBC Sports app. FEATURES: • Live Events: Watch marquee NBC Sports events LIVE! • Video on Demand: Access video clips, preview upcoming events, and check out highlights from past events • Online coverage schedule: Browse the online schedule • Full Event Replays: Re-live all the great moments with full event replays • Push Notifications: Receive reminder alerts for upcoming events • Alternate camera angles, synchronized statistics, and extra content available for some events FULL AIRPLAY SUPPORT: Stream your favorite shows to your TV or monitor using AirPlay. ACCESSIBILITY: NBC Sports is proud to offer closed captioning support on shows with a “CC” icon in the player controls. Just touch to enable. The vast majority of live streaming content on the NBC Sports app will only be available to authenticated cable, satellite and telco customers via TV Everywhere. Further instructions are provided in the app settings section. NBC Sports video is only accessible in the USA and certain U.S. territories. The application requires a 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi network data connection. Watching video over a 3G or 4G connection may affect your wireless data plan. Data charges may apply. The video quality will adapt based on your data connection. Access to the NBC Sports app’s live video is determined by your TV provider and package, and in some instances, your Internet service provider. The providers below currently offer access to NBC Sports live video: • AT&T U-verse • Cablevision • Charter • Comcast XFINITY • Cox • DirecTV • DISH • Optimum • Time Warner Cable • Verizon FiOS TV • Plus many more providers This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.


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NBC Sports app reviews

  • It's A Shame 1/5

    By Very unhappy hockey fan1818
    Garbage service; what a piece of trash streaming platform this is. Why even bother trying to watch your favorite team if it's just going to lag and freeze constantly even with great wifi connection? Wish I could rate this -5 stars because this is a joke.
  • This app is a (huge) waste of space of my device 1/5

    By Spoogy
    I use to at LEAST be able to get CONTENT. (That’s not too much to ask, is it? Duh.) Now when I click on anything outside settings, I get a “we’re sorry-NULL” error. Deleting (and probably) uninstalling it for the second time.
  • Easily one of the worst apps around 1/5

    By Jschmiedeberg
    Freezes frequently, is 2 minutes behind live action, quits unexpectedly all the time, gives erroneous error messages that your device is offline. It's awful, but what do you expect from the network that shows the NHL?
  • Jumps with Coverage 1/5

    By Mik9964
    For a company that makes a ridiculous amount of money, you’d think they would have a decent app. Th coverage of games jumps back and forth so much that you can’t tell where you’re at in the game. Come on, NBC!
  • Trash 1/5

    By ShullieTime
    App is trash. Getting "local blackout" messages for Sunday Night Football and can't stream it, even though the game is NOT blacked out and on cable TV.
  • Login issues 1/5

    By Alanvannevel
    Tried multiple times to login to directv, failed everytime
  • Black out 1/5

    By MagicMike1814
    I live in the Chicago area and get the channel on my cable but the app tells me I’m out of market and am blacks out. Customer service said if I get the channel as a part of my cable package it shouldn’t be blacked out. Yet it is
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Tart-RJ
    Does not link to cable provider and just says "sorry." Not sorry that I just rated this app 1 star.
  • Never pay for gold 1/5

    By Timmaaay
    It's a joke
  • Please fix 1/5

    By larrythew
    Today I missed the Chelsea game despite recording it twice ( it was listed on 2 separate stations). Instead of Chelsea it was Tottenham and Bournemouth. When I clicked the highlights on the Tottenham game, a feature I usually enjoy - and appreciate, they referred to the Chelsea game not the Game I was watching. I wonder, am I the only person I the US who notices these things? Why wasn't it fixed right away?
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Instagramadssucks
    They removed everything good from this app and now charge extra
  • Wow how stupid 1/5

    By Week of fate
    You guys really put the Livestream soccer games on the nbcsports gold app now I’m paying for cable to have access but then I have to buy a gold pass on top of that. Really stupid move this app was perfect the way it was
  • I’m done 1/5

    By phatmonkey
    I already pay Comcast extra just for sports and now you want to charge us more for NBC sports gold get out of here
  • Wish I could give no stars 1/5

    By Pantera989
    Was a five star app until they got greedy and created nbc gold. So not only do we have to get a higher tv package to get nbcsports and pay out the wazzu, but now these greedy pigs want more Money to watch all the premier league matches. Thanks for turning into fox soccer. Good luck cause it didn't work out well for them once they got greedy.
  • Invalid blackout restrictions 1/5

    By psujmh22
    This app doesnt even know the rules with nba blackout restrictions. The whole point of me downloading the app is so i could watch the sixers out of market, but a blackout restriction comes up when i sign into my xfinity account and attempt to watch. Also, preseason nba games are not subject to blackout, but somehow they are blacked out on this app. Know the rules! What a joke of an app
  • What happened to the EPL coverage?? 1/5

    By The Real Football Fan
    Leave it Americana cooperations to do its best. Purchase a good thing and then dissect it to make more money on every little part. Thank you for living up to your real value, we are not disappointed nor surprised!
  • Doesn’t let me use on my phone 1/5

    By Ktmurray2
    I can stream videos no problem on my computer but when I try to sign in and stream on my phone, I get an error message along the lines of “this feature isn’t part of your subscription” even though it is and it works on my computer. So frustrating and more so when I contact them and receive no response. Terrible app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Diggy106
    Plays ads during the middle of the play. Can't remember it's connected to Chromecast. Lags behind with no ability to catch up to live play on Chromecast. Apple TV is no better. I constantly lag behind after ads are shown sometime I'm watching 5 mins behind actually play. This means on more than one occasion my phone alerts me of a play I haven't seen yet. Why is there no way to catch up to what's live on Apple TV or Chromecast?!
  • Good 5/5

    By khiem1509
    I need video beautiful
  • Needs work 2/5

    By bjurasz
    I’m writing about the Apple TV version of this app. It needs some serious UI work. For example, fast forwarding and rewind is very clumsy. It needs to act like most other apps, like Netflix and Hulu here but does not. But the worst is that it appears to have no memory of where you are in a program. Say I’m watching an F1 race after it has aired. I get through half of it before I need to do other things. When I come back to finish the race it restarts on me. Now couple this with very clumsy fast forwarding. Ugh NBC needs to take a lesson from Netflix here.
  • Awful, garbage, pos 1/5

    By Don't download this awful game
    This app is garbage with all that money NBC you'd think you could sign into your account, it actually work and actually keep you signed in.
  • More commercials than sports. 1/5

    By dansiesel
    Better off spending the money for dish than trying to use this app. Can’t watch most of the game... to sum it up.. very disappointed... Adding on to this review. Deleting this app. May reconsider it when they fix the ad to game ratio.
  • CNBC (Cause NoBody Cares) sports app 1/5

    By Night shifter
    Got this app and had it for a long time to watch Formula one racing, Indy cart and hockey and some baseball. App has horrible commercial overlap, doesn't update replays on specific events like Formula one, or NHL hockey games. CNBCSN and CNBCsports doesn't appear to care for it's app subscribers and presents itself as a biased sporting event viewer only to viewers that agree to watch what the app features which happens to be the NFL football teams that only want your viewership if you support their stance on players kneeling against the American flag. Clearly, CNBCSports app doesn't want diverse viewers and only provides immediate correction of sports feed to those that support black awareness and not those viewers that support law enforcement. Their are also way too many commercial advertisements. And the projection of scheduled sports events jumps around from beginning to end of any sport selected to be watched. CNBC Sports app isn't transparent and does not update often enough to all productions of sports. I refuse to be dictated or forced to watch programming of sports that support only one side of any political argument. This program is clearly going to lose viewership if it doesn't fix its sports program feed or doesn't address diversity issue's within its organization. People watch sports to escape the political frustration that grips the US, but if a sports viewing provider such as CNBC Sports continues the trend to force viewers choice of sports, then more viewers will drop and Hopefully will become a wake up to the organization. I'm clearly done watching or being forced to watched unwanted extra bias political sponsorship through this App. Fair warning to anyone else thinking of downloading CNBC SPORTS APP. Best of luck. Good day and good bye!
  • Bad reception 1/5

    By gibbre69
    You guys should show the snf games for free
  • Hot Garbage 1/5

    By I_Hate_AT&T
    This app is trash across all devices. The streaming is awful and basically unusable. Hot steaming garbage.
  • Since the last update.... 1/5

    By Schmuck one
    To many commercials, why break for a commercial during a hockey game??? Was NOT a break in play! A goal was scored during that time period. I'm done!!! NBC SHAME ON YOU!!! Since this last update: I think the developers met at a local bar and after 6 to 8 drinks decided to write code. Oh, the commercials play through perfect but as soon as it goes to the game it freezes and or crashes. ONE FINGER UP FOR THIS APP AND IT'S NOT MY THUMB!!! This is the worst sports app in my honest opinion. October 8th, after the last 2 updates I log into my IPS and just wanted to watch the Sunday night NFL game and ALL IT DOES IS SPIN!! NBC.... hire the developers of either ESPN or FOX SPORTS.....they get it right!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By M18123456987
    Constantly skipping forward and backward on my chrome cast. I LITERALLY DONT UNDERSTAND HOW A MULTIBILLION DOLLAR COMPANY HAS SUCH A HORRENDOUS APP. It’s terrible.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By SmallBusinessOwner123
    Absolute garbage. Freezes with regularity. Doesn't allow chromecast 90% of the time, and when it does, I'm constantly restarting my iPad, chromecast, and my TV. NBC nends to figure it out.
  • App problem 1/5

    By NBCsportssucks
    Says I don't have the channel and I do
  • Byron B. 5/5

    By B-Bang
    I seriously dig this app and I honestly believe I can make it to the end of my contractual obligations with dish tv. I now can follow my sports interests on a whole new level , and even try new sports. Give it a try, ya just might enjoy it .
  • Meh 2/5

    By TB31369691
    It works most of the time but freezes up a lot. Don't watch on the app if you really need to see something. It'll likely freeze or you'll have a lapse in the video where the audio will play over itself repeatedly. NBC sports in general is terrible so it's no surprise really.
  • Do u enjoy watching sporting events on nbcsn? 1/5

    By Swirlybs
    Then this isn't the app for you. I'd say it works properly 3% of the time.
  • Horrible App!! 1/5

    By Conner Allen
    You figure being as big of a broadcast network they could get things like their app to work. 90% of each NASCAR race they have broadcast via the app is in "Standard" definition and being that stats and numbers are an important aspect of the sport, it is very aggregating to sit thru!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Gluck935!
    This is the absolute worst I've ever seen this app. Even on full strength, high-speed wifi, the app is never up to date and constantly skips around. The audio is never synced up to the video, no matter how many times you hit 'go live.' Serious improvements need to be made.
  • Worst. TV App. Ever. 1/5

    By KDB0925
    This is probably the fasted I’ve downloaded, used and deleted an app to date. I thought I would download this app so I could watch the Japanese F1 race that I stupidly deleted from my DVR. I was already frustrated by my stupid action, but had no idea how much further I could be frustrated until I started using this app. The controls are beyond bad, they are almost useless. Please use Apple’s controls so we don’t have to remember your arcane version. Unless, it was to set this app up so we had to watch 5 minutes of the EXACT SAME commercials (which you can’t fast forward past). And the commercials are for NBC’s own shows! I’d almost understand if you wanted viewers to watch commercials from other companies, but other than the JD Gator commercial, the rest were for your shows. If I could give you zero stars for your complete disinterest in serving your viewers, I would. The only thing that makes me feel better is that ESPN is taking F1 from your brainless hands.
  • Was good 2/5

    By Sporttrac126
    Used to work great now not usable at all, crashes instantly
  • Commercials 1/5

    By R8drFanRoyer
    Too many commercials. Way too many.
  • Thank god!!!! 1/5

    By techmanmatt
    Thank God!!!! F1 came to their senses and got rid of this terrible app and network. Go ESPN!!!
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Faith15_u
    "We're sorry." Can't watch live feed despite logging in through provider.
  • Get with the times 1/5

    By Snowdog7881
    NBC needs to keep up with the times. Having your sports app WIFI only is ridicules. While all the others are data based. I’m a truck driver and it’s very hard to always be able to find WiFi and even if I do it’s most likely a place that has nbc games on. So please let’s step it up with everyone else. It’s no wonder why your network is behind in ratings.
  • Makes being an F1 fan impossible 1/5

    By Ricciardofan
    This app makes watching F1 impossible. There are so many glitches. In every single race I watch the app freezes and I have to fully restart my phone to resume the race. When I get up at 4am to watch a f1 race live I do not want to have to have the app freeze in the middle of the race. The app is truly appalling. Not to mention the ads are the same 3 ads repeated 10 times each. Please fix the glitches. Please. NBC is the only way to watch F1 and the poor quality of this app makes it impossible to watch.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Scruff918
    No longer can stream to my tv, worked just fine a few weeks ago, no problem. It "connects" but the tv and app just have the logo and it just hangs there, sound comes out of my mobile device. Good job Nothing But Crap
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Jbcarolina
    App never lets me view anything
  • Ads make me suicidal 1/5

    By yourmommaknowsbetter
    Its embarrassingly bad, and only gets worse. Glitches non stop
  • Playback lag issues 2/5

    By Jmnhunter
    Thought NBC would have fixed the lag and replay lag issues over the year, we even upgraded a WiFi router and still get the playback issue, it gets annoying, maybe one day it’ll be fixed; also get ads playing in the middle of a game
  • Fails too often 1/5

    By grahamdixon
    This app only streams the game about one time out of five. And when it fails and you try to start the game again, you are forced to sit through a commercial before the game starts (or, more likely, fails to start). That's not right. I shouldn't be subjected to five commercials just because the streaming failed four times. If televisions worked this way, nobody would buy them. And after literally 20-30 failures, I am finished trying to watch today's hockey game -- I'll simply read about it in the newspaper tomorrow.
  • Always crashing 2/5

    By Jonny m a
    One extra star for allowing live streaming of sports events. But, app crashes each time I try to load the event
  • Gone downhill 1/5

    By n8gray
    Has all the problems I outlined in my original review below, plus now the Premier League coverage has gone in the crapper. Most games are for-pay only, others are just mysteriously missing. You end up with 2 games per weekend when you used to get them all. Boo! Oh yeah, and now it takes about a minute and a half to start up because of unskippable launch ads. Original 3-star review: I use the app to watch Premier League soccer on my train commute. It's normally pretty good for that task. You can start a game, sit through some unskippable ads, and watch the match. Need to skip forward or backwards a minute or two? Sorry, you have to use the onscreen scrubber, which has terrible precision. Couldn't we have +/-15 sec buttons? Need to leave the app to take a call or send a quick email? Or did you accidentally hit the wrong button? Ooh, that's a shame. You'll be starting the whole game over, watching those exact same ads, and blind-scrubbing to try to figure out where you left off. Already seen the first half and need to start the match in the second? God help you. You're stuck watching about 10 minutes (no lie!!) of unskippable commercials. On the plus side, the app's giving me awesome EPL soccer matches to watch on my commute and the stream quality is quite good. If the devs would provide +/- 15sec buttons, add a "resume" feature for picking up where you left off in a game, and put a reasonable limit on the number of ads they make us watch it would be pretty good. Come on, devs, you can do it!
  • Not Quite the Worst, but Close. 2/5

    By SdKuAb
    At least they make an attempt to stream games. That puts them just ahead of CBS, who is truly lame about streaming their sports. This app, however, is so sketchy that sometimes I just shut it down in frustration. Right now, for example, I’m trying to watch the Dan Patrick Show: but the video is jumping back in time... it’s randomly displaying the “Coverage Will Begin Shortly” page, even though Coverage is actually happening at that moment. It’s too early for this kind of nonsense, I’ll just listen on the radio. Boo on you guys.
  • Poor Navigation, Crashes often, Oppressive ads 1/5

    By Xyz1000mnbvcxz
    I started using this app for the America's cup replays. I found that I was forced to watch the same five or six obnoxious television ads over and over again. Every time I navigated backward or forward within the video the app would launch the same five or six ads and I couldn't access any controls other than to leave the app. I think in the single hour-long broadcast I must have watched those five adds 10 times. Annoying as hell. It also locks up and crashes frequently on an iPad. Screw NBC.

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