NBC – Watch Now and Stream Full TV Episodes

NBC – Watch Now and Stream Full TV Episodes

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NBC – Watch Now and Stream Full TV Episodes App

Now with fewer commercials - by popular demand! Watch the latest episodes of your favorite NBC shows, anytime and anywhere! Catch up with hit series like THIS IS US, THE VOICE, SUPERSTORE, THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON and more. With full support for AirPlay and Chromecast, you can cast the app to your TV! Never miss another episode of popular shows like THE BLACKLIST, CHICAGO FIRE, BLINDSPOT and SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. You can stream the current season of most NBC shows from the beginning or rewind with an expanded selection of classic throwback series! No TV provider login is required to watch the latest episodes of new series, including TIMELESS, THIS IS US and THE GOOD PLACE. Plus, you can watch any three locked episodes for up to one month for free, no login necessary. Sign in with your TV provider username and password to access the latest episodes of all NBC shows the day after they air on TV. Don't have a provider? You can still watch! Most new episodes are unlocked eight days after air. On the go? Tune in live to catch your local news, sports and specials! The NBC live stream is available with a participating TV provider in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Hartford, Dallas, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego and Bristol, Virginia. Please note: Use of the app is limited to the United States and its territories. Video is accessible via 3G, 4G, LTE and Wifi networks. Data charges may apply. This app features Nielsen’s measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to Nielsen’s TV Ratings unless you opt-out. Please see www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information.

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NBC – Watch Now and Stream Full TV Episodes app reviews

  • Horrible app 1/5

    By RAW1014
    Haven't been able to use it for the reason I downloaded it for. It will not accept my cable service log in, so I cannot log in to watch the show I was interested in. I tried to get the 3 free shows and it has failed to send me a link twice. On top of that, the search doesn't work at all. Worst app ever.
  • Works great 5/5

    By ktea92
    Love this app
  • App not working on Apple TV 1/5

    By Myhanalei
    Despite having my television provider activated on my Apple TV, I have been on able to watch any episodes of any show on the NBC app for over a month. The NBC app developers really need to fix these bugs.
  • Good but could be better 3/5

    Only gives you a few episodes per show usually so you need to watch within a week or so of showing. Waaaay too many commercials and if that wasn't bad enough, it's the exact same commercials each time. So annoying
  • App requires PDF tv account 1/5

    By App limited
    Trying to access NBC on the iPad requires a paid cable service buy NBC is broadcast for free. The Catch 22 is that you cannot access NBC on an iPad except through the app. This is a big problem.
  • New to me but works well 5/5

    By CLKinPA
    Interested in watching two shows and it works well. Ads are annoying but whatcha gonna do? Par for the course.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Juantke184
    I always get playback errors on certain shows, I reached out to support and no results. I don't see the point of the app if it does not work half the time, and can't see the shows the day after they premiered.
  • Good app but needs some work 4/5

    By Mauriciomendo.305
    Basically a good app but it needs a couple of things. It should have a 10 second rewind button, a 10 second fast forward button, and, it should sync up with Apple TV. It doesn't allow the Apple TV control to take over it. Also, it should remember where you left off on a show, so you can continue watching from the same point.
  • Amazing!!! 5/5

    By Iza101
    I love this app!! The shows are amazing!!! Can't stop watching this is us!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jwhiteman
    Along with yidio, i can quickly watch my favorites online
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hajdiduchhsbdhs
    I just watched my first episode on this app and I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  • There's always a catch 1/5

    By Nimbus1857
    Crashes and quits often...and when it is working the content is blocked on iPhone for some weird reason.... overall a complete useless app.
  • Disappointing 3/5

    By Jazz Kat
    Good to have access, but frequently the same commercials repeat two or three times in a row. Same on their sports app.
  • THINK AGAIN! 1/5

    For anyone who still enjoys an occasional show on television, you are in for disappointment with this app. First, you have to pay for the privilege by having a cable provider. This app takes it one step further and won't even play the episodes once you disclose your cable login...
  • Zero stars... 1/5

    By Youyen
    2017 and nothing's changed - just as horrid an app as ever. I sign in successfully (always after the first error message) and then nothing happens. Big waste of time...
  • Good try NBC 1/5

    By davidthefox
    App worked ok on iPad, piss poor on iPhone. Aside from only getting a 3 episode pass per iOS device, videos don't always play. Probably the worst video player app I've used.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By 1 Jarocho
    Recommended! For us it is an enabler, freeing us to see news, etc., from any place in the house or anywhere else with wifi. We've had no problems at all.
  • So far pretty good and improved 5/5

    By NeedsOversite
    Need I say more?
  • The Worst 1/5

    By EJECTED2017
    After jumping through all the hoops to watch an episode of SNL on this app, none of the videos work. Not one. Alls I get is a blank screen telling me the video playback is malfunctioning. Worthless. This app is embarrassing.
  • Abysmal 1/5

    By J. Ott
    I keep trying it every few months. Crashy, poor streaming, unresponsive interface EVERY TIME.
  • WAYYYY too many commercials! 2/5

    By Kill Pigs
    It's convenient being able to watch these old TV shows, but there are MORE commercials than there were on live TV when they originally aired! Plus, unlike YouTube there is never a skip option for ANY of the commercials. You have to watch a series of commercials before the show starts, then more commercials after the opening scene, then more after the title sequence... Sometimes there are only 2 commercials in a block, but sometimes there are up to 5!
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By Aicg19
    It's great to have local channels available in my phone
  • Love this app-daysfan1 5/5

    By GreatOne316
    I have trouble getting to watch Days of Our Lives when it airs. So every night I watch it on my app as soon as the new episode loads. The app is free. NBC doesn't charge you to watch either, and you can sign in and watch all your favorite current shows, plus some classic TV also. Get the app. You'll love it.
  • Very disappointing 2/5

    By Annoyed byPocketAgain
    NBC doesn't seem to want us to watch their content. Jump through hoops to watch the one remaining show we are still in to. Can't wait until it is done and we can not use the app!
  • 3 out of 5 3/5

    By Yowza004
    So the "rate this app" keeps popping up. Hopefully now that I've rated this app it will STOP popping up. Here are my pros and cons: PROS: 1). Improvements have been made to this app in regards to a viewer stopping in mid view, so thank you. Before this improvement i had to make sure that I could watch a show continuously. Otherwise if I had to pause mid viewing, rewind back too much prompted another 90 second run of commercials. Total waste of time! 2). I appreciate the 10 second rewind. CONS: 1). The search option can be improved. What if you don't know the complete title? It would be nice to have the search bar show possibilities. Or search by actor if you do not know the name of the show. 2). The close caption (CC) is problematic. I had an issue turning it off. Now, I can't turn it off. It has a prompt telling me what the issue is but it doesn't do any good because I don't know what it means.
  • AGT 5/5

    By XxNerdyScorpipxX
    What I love most about the app is that I can watch ANY AGT episode I want!!!
  • It's just fine, better than most 5/5

    By Hopsingh
    All ya'll complaining about not being able to watch stuff "free" is why cable keep raising its rates. Stop being a cheap a** and just get cable or figure out some other way to watch free tv. Every channels app makes you sign in or get a free 3 day pass. Ya'll are probably them same people having 3 kids and sitting home getting free health care and food assistance. Trump's got ya'll in for a bad 4 years. The apps here for people that have cable to be able to watch it on the go.
  • Worthless since last update 1/5

    By Mariojm717
    Ever since the last update we have not been able to stream anything from this app. I have fiber which does not use a modem. I have done a number of tests to try to pinpoint the issue (changed routers, called my ISP to check for firewall settings, reset all routers) and Nada, zip. I have also contacted app support and a week has gone by without any response.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By Urban Jule
    Use this app to watch my favorite shows. Hasn't failed me this far.
  • NBC app 1/5

    By Katmwrn
    Doesn't allow use without cable tv, Why can't it be on the internet?...
  • Kinda works? 3/5

    By Rubber Duckies
    I love being able to watch the shows on the app. My biggest complaint is that the app doesn't let me stay signed in. I literally have to sign in every time I try to use the app. And then when I choose my provider, it glitches out as gives some http forbidden error. So then I back out and try again and sometimes it works. And also, sometimes the latest episodes don't play. I'm not sure this is related to the sign in error or not, but either way, this app needs some serious testing and bug fixes.
  • NBC app 5/5

    By Megan2696
    I love being able to watch my favorite shows on the NBC app. The only problem is that some of the episodes/shows are limited if you don't pay for ShowTime
  • Very Disappointing 2/5

    By Rjeok
    After watching seasons 1 to 3 of Blacklist on Netflix, I wanted to watch season 4. They did not have the episodes for the beginning of season 4 available, only from the middle of season 4. After writing customer support TWICE, I still have not received an answer as to why the episodes were not there, and if they would be available
  • Content wont play 1/5

    By Cory Norris
    Video playback keeps getting an error. Not worth it.
  • This is a commercial app 1/5

    By Ikin18
    If you wanna watch commercials this is the app for you!!! Every 5 min watching something there is one!
  • Unstable App 1/5

    By Angiepapa
    Constantly thrown out of the app or receive errors over and over again.
  • next day watchable 5/5

    By mikey w/ smurf
    Good change
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Firefly3509
    This app is terrible. I keep having to repeat the account set up process, it tosses me out of the app, I'm really surprised and getting tired of it. I never have problems watching a show on Amazon. Too bad, as I am someone that is bored with most weekly series, sitcoms, etc., but would watch "This Is Us" every week if I could. My schedule does not allow for this and I need to watch episodes this way after they air. This app is more frustrating than it's worth. Get it together,NBC. Whole new audience based on content (of this show) and process to watch it that you will miss out on if you don't get the bugs out soon. I do not have much time to watch television and I will give up on this app if I'm spending the time I do have just trying to get it to work.
  • Total fail 1/5

    By Scanner 2011
    Signed in on DIRECTV, still would not play selected NBC programs
  • Days Of our Lives 5/5

    By Desalibo
    Love this app! Right now we can't KTVZ, CH 21, in Bend, OR.!!! I've been watching NBC every day and night for all my life!!! My favorite channel!! Video is clear no problems!! Thank you foe such a good app.!!!!!! Linda Thornton Bend, OR 97701 CH. KTVZ 21
  • Mrs. 3/5

    By Whitlow.
    I do not have cable or satellite. I do not understand why I have to have those to use the app.
  • Great 5/5

    By zeusywoo
    This app is very good. I love the fact that it doesn't skip & moves along the shows nicely!
  • NBC App 5/5

    By FIFO 3456
    Love this app
  • Bad update 1/5

    By Game player111111
    It used to be able to watch more stuff for free. Now since the update if you don't have cable you can't watch as much. I mean NBC is one of the channels available without cable so why do you have to Login to a cable provider to watch a free channel???
  • What it's supposed to be 5/5

    By DerWhoDat
    App does what it's supposed to. Unfortunately, the world of free TV is over. Advertisers aren't enough. Now, milk the private sector. But, this app is great as it works the way it's meant to.
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Lina Hdez
    I have not been able to watch any programs on the app, and I've contacted their "support team." This used to be one of my favorite apps to catch up on my favorite programs but now it's just one of those useless annoying apps!!
  • NBC 5/5

    By Iceman 302
    This is a great app I love it
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Verne42
    It's free unlike CBS. Easy to use. Love that have old shows like "Miami Vice."
  • App Needs Improvements 1/5

    By Najmah S
    The app stalls very frequently! It's very disappointing, especially when I'm trying to watch my favorite shows.
  • Ads Freeze, terrible app 1/5

    By mwm77
    Great shows but app locks up frequently during ads. You would think NBC could do better. They should hire some high school kid to help them write an app that works.

NBC – Watch Now and Stream Full TV Episodes app comments

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