NCLEX RN Mastery 2017 Edition

NCLEX RN Mastery 2017 Edition

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NCLEX RN Mastery 2017 Edition App

Master the most important test of your career: the NCLEX. With over 1,800 practice questions, quizzes, mnemonics and strategies, NCLEX RN Mastery will help you pass your test in 75 questions. NCLEX RN Mastery was created by nursing educators and professors who understand the struggle and pressure of nursing students just like you. We are always improving our app and adding new content at no additional cost. NCLEX RN Mastery was developed to give you an edge by obsessively focusing on providing maximum learning in minimal time. Review NCLEX RN practice questions anywhere, anytime -- no network connection required! Install the free version today and jumpstart your studying! We have provided a limited free version of the app that you can try before deciding to upgrade. This version includes a limited amount of practice questions and basic progress metrics. Upgrade to the Standard Version with a one time, in-app purchase that includes access to additional practice questions, tough quiz questions, must-know terminology and detailed progress metrics. Get your best value by upgrading to the Premium Version with a one time, in-app purchase. The Premium Version includes lifetime access to: • 1,800+ meticulously crafted NCLEX Questions with explanations and pictures • 30% of the Questions are Select All That Apply (SATA) • Pharmacology questions • Content based on past NCLEX RN questions • The most comprehensive list of NCLEX RN mnemonics on the market • Practice quizzes • Detailed test taking and study strategies • In depth statistics that display your strengths and weaknesses • Built in timer so you know how long you are taking per question • Retina display graphics Download NCLEX RN Mastery now and see why more than 1,000,000 nursing students made NCLEX Mastery the #1 rated nursing app. Our reviews speak for themselves! BONUS: Purchase the mobile version and we'll grant you access to the full-featured ONLINE version. Our Customer Success Team is available from 8am to 6pm, Monday - Friday (except on major holidays). Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments— or 319-237-7162.

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NCLEX RN Mastery 2017 Edition app reviews

  • Great app 4/5

    By jonar1us
    Using to prep for Med/Surg II & NCLEX
  • Great buy 5/5

    By Bam Bam569
    I absolutely love this app! It makes studying for the NCLEX a little more enjoyable! At first when I upgraded to the 2017 version it was a black screen but after I reinstalled it it worked great!!!
  • A great app for learning 5/5

    By so_blueh
    I absolutely like this app. It's a convenient way of learning on the go. The app is user friendly, and it offers a variety of ways to learn. I would definitely encourage other nursing students to use this resource.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Rwalker79
    Paid for the full version during nurses week, great so far! Yet to take nclex.
  • Bad update! 1/5

    By Marz RN
    This new version is extremely difficult to use the "unselect" button located on the far right in each answer. The gray text on white background is also difficult to read. I really dislike this update!!!
  • Super! 5/5

    By droleh77
    This app is very helpful! I used it for 3-4 months before my NCLEX-RN test. And I passed! Thank you!
  • Very helpful for studying on the go. 5/5

    By JamieDJ85
    I really like this app it is very helpful and easy way to study on the go.
  • LPN TO ADN 5/5

    By Hoovermd87
    Used this app through school and now using to study for boards! Love that I take it everywhere with me and I love being able to reset it and start over!!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Trebizzo
    Love the ease of the app. Great rationales.
  • Worth it! 4/5

    By Manny Ayala
    It's worth the money I spent. But don't like the new theme.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By NMRunnerGirl
    Love the NCLEX style questions. The rationales are great and I love that I can study anywhere anytime. So easy!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Dollyrock
    Love this app! Definitely my go-to review material. Can't go wrong with it! Thank you!
  • Off to a great start! 5/5

    By Camiam0612
    If you're looking for taking many NCLEX style questions this is the app!
  • Awesome App! 4/5

    By Maribelleo
    This app really help me prepare for the RN nclex.
  • Excellent Questions 5/5

    By Dobechic
    I use this app regularly to assure I am comprehending the material I am learning. As a nursing student it is a must. Excellent value.
  • A must have!! 5/5

    By MzAmazen
    I love love love this app!! It has helped me so much in preparing for my exams. I have recommended this app to many of my classmates. Looking forward to passing my boards 👍🏽
  • NCLEX Mastery 5/5

    By Rbd786
    Excellent app in content as well as in how well it tracks what questions have been completed. Categorizes as to Know, Don't Know, and Don't Know Well and allows going back to those.
  • 4 stars 3/5

    By weeklyshoppher
    Okay, would also Like to see more robust explanations for incorrect choices.
  • Nclex study 5/5

    By elderberrett22
    A great app for on the go studying and has good explanation and rationale of answers
  • Great app! Highly recommended 5/5

    By KimClairePhoto
    Great app! Highly recommend !
  • Amazing, comprehensive app! 5/5

    By the rater girl
    This app prepared me far better than anything my nursing school has offered me. Exceeds even what was provided by big-name testing centers. Love it!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Cooky😁😜😉
    Love this app. Has great content, especially the questions with rationales!
  • Use to be great, new theme ruins it 3/5

    By Mv826
    As the Title states the new theme is harsh on the eyes for long studying and just ruins the look. No one likes staring at a bright white screen, please give us theme options or bring back the old theme that wasn't so bold and harsh on ones eyes. Stop making big changes that we don't want. Thank you, sorry for the rant just extremely upset over the theme.
  • Great app 5/5

    Use it!
  • Current ADN student 5/5

    By shaylon ADN Ivytech 47374
    This app is amazing! If your a nursing student you have to get this app. The thing about nursing school is all the tests you take are "NCLEX" style questions. You cannot study by reading material. You have to read but also apply the learning. This app give you the questions you need to study for every test you take. Best 30$ I have spent! I love the rationales, because when you get the question wrong it tells you why and help re enforce the learning. Get this app and USE IT EVERYDAY!
  • Seems helpful 5/5

    By Dish anywhere
    Rationales are pretty good
  • Worth every penny! 5/5

    By M4229
    I love this app. It's really handy that I can answer NCLEX style questions whenever I have downtime right on my phone. I also like using the website on my laptop. The only things I would like to see are more mnemonic devices and skills added. But all in all it's a great app. It gives you practice and offers strategies as well as feedback on each question.
  • Helpful 4/5

    By Shnarf (squared)
    Coherent and well written rationales
  • Hesi 5/5

    By E - Kat
    I did the questions from this app before my mental health and med surg finals and passed! I did a lot better then I thought I would've done. It's a great app!
  • Great app 4/5

    By Heatherr799328890
    This app is awesome but I don't like how difficult it is to deselect options when answering a question.
  • Useful for NCLEX studying 5/5

    By Dnk0740
    I'm using this app as an on the go student because it has a great amount of content and rationales that are right at my fingertips instead of a book. I really like that you can choose to break down your study choices by category such as labs, cardiac or neuro for example. It also includes lab ranges and other mnemonics that even a beginning nursing student could utilize. Paying for the upgrade gave me more questions and I feel better prepared to take the NCLEX.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By mczart
    Amazing study tool
  • Really helpful 4/5

    By skittles.2012
    This app is really helpful. It shows me what I have to work on
  • Greatest app! 5/5

    By xxastewartxx
    This tool has helped me so much in school. Handy to do when your waiting anywhere! Love the rationales! Thank you!
  • Awesome app! Great questions and rationales 5/5

    By Nurse Regina
    Love this app for nclex prep. Access several hundred questions for free then pay for more.
  • Great 4/5

    By Suggestion for improvement
    One of the best NCLEX apps out there.
  • The best app 5/5

    By uncle.dre
    This app is so convenient Nd it makes it easier for you to study on the go, the rationales are outstanding which makes it easier without consulting a textbook. Great app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Asdfghjkllkjhgfdsaq
    This is a great app! But writing a review because I do not like the new update, the white background is hard on the eyes. Please change it back....
  • Student 1/5

    By Screwy/notuseful
    It won't update. It says 2 to 3 minutes but might as well be months or years.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By taly_dbd
    English is my second language, and I find it really easy to understand. Has really good rationale.
  • Excellent questions and rationales! 5/5

    By KatieC531
    Love this app! It's improved my study skills tremendously and I recommend it to anyone in nursing school!
  • Excellent study tool! 5/5

    By extremeteam127
    This application is one of the best apps I found it is easy to over study on the go whenever I need to spend a couple minutes!
  • Great app for revision 5/5

    By erick arthurs
    Challenging questions that will put to test your knowledge from the literature platform and apply clinical situations
  • My opinion 5/5

    By Ssexxy780
    I am a first semester nursing student and I feel like I have learned a lot since the beginning of there semester, however I know I still have a long way to go. I have completed my first 75 questions and I am impressed with the level of questions, the rationale, and the type of questions I have seen. I feel like using this app with prepare me for the NCLEX.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By BaltoDoggi
    I really like this app. Some easy questions and hard questions where they really make you think. Perfect for on the go. Thanks. I'm a semester away from finishing but started studying already
  • On the go study with rationales 4/5

    By nickname pickname
    Good, mostly challenging questions, well-formatted and easy to navigate. Rationales are helpful too.
  • Simply amazing. Passed 1st try at 75 Q's 5/5

    By Trev-city
    I don't normally leave app reviews, but this app deserves it. This was hands down the best money I have ever spent. Like everyone does, I was stressing about the NCLEX. By the time I discovered this app, I had already spent ~$300 on other testing services. I thought to myself, "well, I've already spent this much, what's another couple bucks?" If I had known before how amazing this app was, I wouldn't have spent money on anything else. It didn't take long before I couldn't STAND the other services. I would have to sit through a whole test to see my results, remediation was more of a chore than a learning experience, and their rationales were either vague or littered with typos. And if I was on a bus/airplane? Forget about it, I couldn't even access their material. This app changed everything about studying for me. Every rationale was detailed (and free of typos!), the questions were sufficiently difficult yet reasonable, and seeing the answers immediately after each question changed my study process entirely. I ditched the other services and pretty much relied on this app entirely for my test prep. I am not exaggerating when I say that this app is the best possible money you will spend on test prep.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By bartkirby21
    This app is great for motivating me to take daily questions, helps me stay on top of these subjects!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Conceited91
    Love it
  • Great app 4/5

    By Autboyd
    I have my phone with me all the time! I love the fact I can have NCLEX QUESTIONS ANYTIME!!

NCLEX RN Mastery 2017 Edition app comments

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