Nest - Your home in your hand

Nest - Your home in your hand

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  • Current Version: 5.11.2
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  • Developer: Nest Labs
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nest - Your home in your hand App

At Nest, we make products that are beautiful, thoughtful and easy to use. The newly redesigned Nest app is no exception. Control your Nest Learning Thermostat, see your home with Nest Cam and Dropcam, and know if Nest Protect goes off – all in one place. And get notifications on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. 
Nest uses sensors, algorithms and the location of your phone to do the right thing automatically, like turning off the heat and turning on the camera when you leave. And everyone at home can get notifications and control the Nest products they need with their own Nest Account – no more sharing passwords. Nest Learning Thermostat The thermostat that programs itself to help you save energy. - Adjust the temperature from the train or the sofa using your phone or Apple Watch. - See how much energy you used and why. The more you know, the more you can save. - View and edit your thermostat schedule or boost your domestic hot water. - Get extreme temperature alerts before your home gets too cold. - Earn Leafs when you choose a temperature that saves you energy. 
 Nest Protect The smoke and carbon monoxide alarm that thinks, speaks and alerts your phone. - Get an alert if Nest Protect senses smoke or carbon monoxide (CO). Or if the batteries are low. (Requires Wi-Fi and working internet connection) - Silence an alarm from your phone with App Silence. (Nest Protect 2nd gen) - See the status of your batteries, sensors and Wi-Fi connection. - Run a Safety Checkup to test all your alarms at once – without using a chair or ladder. (Nest Protect 2nd gen) - Get “What To Do” instructions during a smoke or CO event. - See your Safety History so you know when alerts happened and why. Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor and Dropcam The security cameras that let you see your home on your phone, inside and out. - Set up your camera on your phone. Just plug it in and download the app to get started. - Get alerts when there’s activity, and talk back to get someone’s attention. - See what you missed with snapshots of the last three hours. - Check in on home 24/7 in super clear 1080p HD (Nest Cam and Dropcam Pro only). - Get person alerts and up to 30 days of video history when you subscribe to Nest Aware. (Subscription service sold separately.)
 Some features require a working internet connection, Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth.

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Nest - Your home in your hand app reviews

  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By tri-always
    Works great, easy to use. It's to early to know about any energy savings, but it's nice to be able to change your thermostat when you're out.
  • Nest thermostat 2/5

    By Sobprez
    Communication with an I-phone works about 50% of the time. Not good! Need to reboot and re install app often. Not likely to purchase two units for our new home. Also, no real-time info summarized by hour for the current day. Difficult to assess energy savings for making small changes in temperature settings without having current hourly data. Len l
  • New version 4/5

    By Yayyyy beer
    New version seems to fix some of the last bugs I was experiencing, love it!
  • Needs improvements 1/5

    By arky_Chicago
    There is no way to just turn on the fan without choosing the heat or cooling mode. My old thermostat had that feature- I was able to only power on the system fan without heating or cooling.
  • Ahorro 5/5

    By KleiYuli
    Especial muy buena ahorrando energía
  • App for camera is laggy at best 2/5

    By Pbrutto
    I have had a nest (drop) cam for over 2 years now and just added another one last year. I miss the drop cam app so much. I do not know what this app has to constantly be a let down but it is. I don't care about static shots of action, I want ROCK SOLID video first and an app free of constant glitches. Not sure why this has been so difficult for nest. I am sure if we lived in an alternate universe where you used the app first and then bought he hardware that these cameras wouldn't sell. It's really too bad, the cameras seem to work perfectly yet they insist on hampering them with this horrible app. Nest: Please, make streaming and camera on/off rock solid, then add whatever else you feel is necessary. I feel like I'm stuck with this hardware now as the app just doesn't want to work. (By the way, if you read this and think that perhaps my network is crap, I have gigabit Ethernet, connected home devices on 2.4 band, comps, tablets, phones on 5ghz band, and all devices that can be hardwired are, and all devices ran through a managed switch)
  • Shut off lag time 1/5

    By Well I think that, ya
    Thermostat is unresponsive to temperature setting. It will routinely over shoot the set point by 3-4 degrees. Result is increased cost to Nest consumer, contrary to Nest sales pitch of cost savings.
  • PLEASE!!!!!! 5/5

    By jtatum0510
    Amazing app but NEEDS to work with HomeKit.
  • it detects CO?? 5/5

    By Nonna ur beeswax
    do you mean CO2
  • This is my issues with nest app 1/5

    By Ghost JR
    Update: 5-26-17 since I got nest 6 months ago had nothing but issues with app. Again camera has great video quality but with out support from the company app it falls very short. I keep getting notifications every 30-40 min that it thinks it sees a person but no one is there. I turned feature off thinking it will notify me with motion in area I have selected with my nest aware subscription. It don't. I called nest and talk to J.R nest senior agent. He sent me a replacement camera witch made no sense since it's a software issue on there end after a month of trouble shooting he made me cancel my nest subscription create a new account. He said that he needs to send this to engineering. Now another 4 weeks and no call back or follow up. I am VERY disappointed in google / nest in caring about my issues. I am going to call again today and will update all on my findings Ok price aside for the nest aware, first you need to speed up your notifications. When someone is at my front door I want to be notified asap not 40 to a min later. There are some cams out there that do a better job. 2. Notification samples for iOS, look like it spotted a person but sample shows no one is there. You have a lot of people who have your app and some of them would like to help improve this. Why not have a report an issue button in the app so when something like this happens we can share our findings and the clip of the issue so you can make your algorithm even better. COME ON. 3 video playback. Sometimes I rewind my video and it won't play. It freezes. I have to close the app and play again. If you can do all this you would get 3 more stars out of me
  • Spinning 1/5

    By bsu4phd
    Constantly spins when trying to view live stream on cams.
  • Mad 😡 1/5

    By FireON
    What Da Hell is the point of paying if this 💩 keeps freezing up on me. Fix it. It's been a while now.
  • Love it 5/5

    By PaigeSjob
    Great, reliable app.
  • Great With Pets 5/5

    By ylleK.S
    I use the location services to know when I'm home & not so as to not work the system as hard. What I love the most is when it's not quite summer & the day is cloudy, the home may not cool down due to the thermostat not calling the AC to run & it gets stuffy for our dog. I can remotely bump the temp down a little from work or when out of town. Very useful & super easy to use. Plus, if it's a little to warm any given night, so nice to be lazy & turn the temp down from bed!
  • Broken at core 1/5

    By Diabiblical
    This app on ipadAir is an absolute embarrassment and a great example of absolute horrible practices. How could this garbage get released?? It locks up 95% of the time you're trying to see any footage from an email alert. It is fully reliable to FAIL. It is non-usable garbage. As a software developer dealing in video delivery over the web... i can assure anyone that to get this functioning reliably is not brain surgery. But when its managed, written and tested by complete incompetents... there is apparently zero humiliation in delivering inept apps. Nest needs to fire whomever is in charge of these pathetic Nest App development as these idiots care so little for quality that they are lame enough to release something that simply does not work. Buyers don't deserve to be tormented by pure garbage software. Sad reality as the camera works great. Shame on Apple. Jobs would be rolling in his grave at this mess.
  • Perfect for watching puppies 5/5

    By TN_Kiwi
    Set up couldn't be easier, and camera quality is excellent.
  • Now is back!! 5/5

    By Hacteck
    Thanks for the good job! Now the app is working again.
  • Great product and app. Wish it had HomeKit support 5/5

    By Jason Pruitt
    Just wish HomeKit was supported. Otherwise great app.
  • Bugs & Crashes 2/5

    By SemperMrs2511
    This app crashes constantly, especially when trying to access the live video feed from a Nest Cam. The app is an integral piece of the Nest package, and it's a disappointment to pay this amount of money to have a mediocre, buggy app.
  • Great start 5/5

    By Pilot511B
    Love my NEST thermostat and camera and the app! It is all working great!
  • Reasonably ok, needs more development to be more useful 3/5

    By PowerWizard
    The thermostat is ok. I would like access to the dead band set points I.e. +/- degrees at the set point. A bar or other hourly logging no of heating and cooling run times in the day would be great. This could be uploaded to a user's cloud account (Box or Google Drive). The learning mode is poor ( to be expected since I don't love be the same way everyday). Auto away works generally acceptable although When I'm working in a room and don't pass by, the Nest will enter away mode, but is quick to recover when I pass by. Remote setting works great. History trends are rudimentary and aren't available till next day. I recommend it, with qualifications as I continue to log errors which I continually encounter: 5/17/2017: Now, I can't add a clip. I the app says "something went wrong, try again". When I do it's still doesn't work! What gives nest? Have the decency to at least tell me what went wrong. Can't Nest get this right? More to follow.... 5/24/2017: [Config: iPhone 6sP 124gb 50gb free, IOS 10.3.2, Verizon FIOS wifi: 150 MPS up/down, 5 Nest Cameras]: App still freezing while reviewing camera history. Clip saving appears to be working again.
  • Well Done 5/5

    By David Lawrence T
    ....and done well. Just installed the Copper Nest thermostat....a terrific product, and beautiful - understated, design, too. Will be looking into other Nest innovations.
  • Constantly Crashes 2/5

    By Daadree
    Running on an relatively new iPad Pro, yet app constantly freezes and must be restarted. Come on Nest. This isn't rocket science these days and your parent company has deep enough pockets for you to deliver a quality app. BTW-same poor performance from your Nest Aware product. There's nothing smart about it. Sends out false alerts for basic outdoor events that should not trigger alerts.
  • Not working right. 1/5

    By wms1982
    This app was great but lately when searching video history, the app freezes. Also, I've been unable to save any clips via the iPhone app for several days. I've deleted the Nest app, restarted my iPhone, installed the app, and deleted all saved clips on my account (which was less than 1/6 of what is allowed). Still not saving clips via the iPhone app. My phone is up to date and so is the Nest app. Please fix!!
  • Excellent Product | Minor Software Bug 4/5

    By Dan_Clements
    We have had Nest thermostats and smoke detectors in our home for several years, and highly recommend them. Very easy to install and operate. We did not give a five star rating as there is currently a software bug in the thermostat that keeps turning the Away setting (Eco Mode) back on. Hopefully this will be patched soon.
  • Live picture freezes with spinning blue circle 2/5

    By M276
    I just installed an outdoor camera. The live picture keeps freezing and shows a spinning blue circle. I moved it indoors and had the same problem. I am not happy with this expensive camera. It seems to be a common problem. Why is it not being fixed?
  • Good app 4/5

    By 8TeeGOP
    I like it.
  • Bugs! 1/5

    By Wombatmatty
    I can change the thermostat on the app but it takes about twenty seconds to register. Sometimes I change the temp, wait a few seconds and it changes back to what it just was. I have it set to 76 and it's 73 in the house but the app still shows blue and that it's still cooling more than ten minutes later. Allow me to select more fan times other than 15 minute increments.
  • Slow slow slow 1/5

    By Evan Enright
    Every time I try to pull up he camera in my app is takes FOREVER to buffer. It works when it wants to. Great product, but the app needs to be more responsive to the camera. This is even if I am connected to wifi!
  • Simple to use & save us money 5/5

    By Aristotle Onassis
    Good investment
  • Good but it doesn't scrub properly 3/5

    By Unnameddd
    Generally very happy but it doesn't scrub properly and it misses events if it doesn't include it in the scrubbing. Also it's difficult to pin point a certain time to view--sometimes it jumps around to a time nearby. Also why no time stamp on the video, especially when doing a time lapse on the website? And why no time lapse in the app? Oh and why don't all events have a thumbnail?
  • Lost in Yonkers 1/5

    By Ursus9212
    What is it supposed to do??
  • Works well 4/5

    By Stevefrommultiplicity
    Would like to see force touch support.
  • This app has come a long way but still feels lacking. 3/5

    By NappiiRoots
    The app is great for those who solely need for their Nest thermostat or Nest Protect devices but for those also have Nest Cam and Dropcam the features are still lacking. The app really needs the ability to pause video and to adjust playback speed. Slow replay would be wonderful. At this point though I would settle for the ability to just pause and adjust scrub speed like you can on the web app. If those features were available I would seriously consider a five star rating.
  • Seems to be a good Thermostat App. 4/5

    By Leejay6931
    I just bought this Thermostat product today so I am still learning it. It appears to be a good product so far.
  • Bug renders the energy saving useless 2/5

    By gregofcalifornia
    I'll set my heat - cool temperatures and the system will automatically change it to something completely different. So I try to keep it somewhat cool but the system will change what I put in and the heater will turn on in the middle of a hot day.
  • Gone to crap with "person seen" update 1/5

    By jillifoss
    Ever since adding the Person Seen feature, our nest camera is only useful for reviewing the day's weather in time lapse. We've had people try to be noticed by the camera, in an activity zone, and get no alert. Also, the app often freezes while reviewing footage. Hoping a fix/update is coming soon.
  • Nest 4/5

    By RGA #4
    Excited to put it to a test. So far... great!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By BreenyRhee
    Very easy to use, and quickly navigate to settings with ease.
  • Worst experience ever 1/5

    By Annecylee
    I don't know why but it always sets schedule automatically, this is so crazy. It ends up several times that our room is too cold or too hot because it set a temperature for us, at midnight! Moreover, sometimes when I want to turn on/off it, it just doesn't 'listen' as like it has its own mind, "oh no you are not supposed to turn on the cooling now, I know I am right". Exo? It's so hot now and I just want to turn on it, now!
  • Not worth 1/5

    By Swan786
    No local storage of history. At least there is no 12 to 24hrs of video or photo clipping history available. Paid $200 and got wasted. No more nest products. It Has become useless product now.
  • HORRIBLE!! 1/5

    By Whitney10282819863748
    Worst app ever. Save yourself and do not buy it. There are constant freezes and I am unable to watch the video footage. Why hasn't there been ANY updates? There are so many issues and bug fixes that need to be addressed. Completely useless.
  • Great HW hampered by unintuitive SW 2/5

    By Yakima Pacific
    Nest's Apple-like promise of shipping intuitive and tightly integrated hardware, software and service have been lost due to the ill fated acquisition by Google. Usability (i.e. ease of use) has been negatively Impacted in recent updates. It is best to stay away from this product.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By leanne_says
    I was added as a family member on the app. A second "home" that is not set up is also within the app. This can't be deleted, and when pushed, makes it so you can't get back to the home three nest is actually set up for - not even after closing out of the app. Need to reinstall to get back into the home I was requested to join.
  • Easy to use. 5/5

    By joshfrai
    Fast setup, simple to operate, easy to connect.
  • Nest Thermostat 4/5

    By Jsmom2
    I love this thermostat, especially the convenience of remote access when traveling. I only gave it four stars because it is much easier to control from my computer than from the actual thermostat when I am standing right there. Otherwise no complaints.
  • Not responding 2/5

    By Selftaughtsolar
    Recently the application has not been responding to commands to increase temperature and the history is not relative to this non acceptance of command. The temperature wheel gauge in the app does not match the gauge on the thermostat. Wifi is in range and operational, no other explanation except possible security flaw?
  • Slow response for Nest Cam 1/5

    By iSayRwar
    Super slow servers for video history, playback takes long to load (if it loads at all) and live feed/talk through microphone is very laggy. Wifi is full on all cameras and phone, speed test gives me 200+ Mbps download and 50+ Mbps upload, so it is definitely nest server issues.
  • Problem city 1/5

    By skiigyrl
    App keeps saying offline but both thermostat and wifi working normally and connected patch or update for app would be nice!
  • Nest Cam App Freezes 2/5

    By klray650
    Constantly locks up scrolling through the time line :-(

Nest - Your home in your hand app comments

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