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  • Current Version: 2.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Fidelity Investments
  • Compatibility: Android
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NetBenefits App

Description: The NetBenefits® smartphone app gives you convenient access to workplace benefits from Fidelity – like retirement plans, stock options, and health insurance. What can you do? - Retirement Savings – Check balances and account performance—you can even update contribution amounts or change investments. - Stock Plans – Check balances, exercise your options, and accept grants. - Health Insurance – Enroll in benefits, review insurance details, and access coverage costs and provider information. - Investment Accounts – Monitor other Fidelity accounts like 529s and brokerage accounts. - Planning –See how your age and contribution rate can affect how much income you’ll have to cover expenses in retirement. - Interactive Tools – Compare your retirement savings with your peers’, see how a small difference in your contribution can affect your savings, see if you’re a spender or a saver, and find out how much you really know about Heath Savings Accounts (HSAs). - Library – Browse articles and videos to help you plan for retirement and make wise investment choices. Additional Information The NetBenefits® smartphone app is available to individuals who have one or more workplace benefits provided by Fidelity Investments. Please note that the app is currently not available for use with Fidelity-serviced HR/payroll plans. NetBenefits and the NetBenefits design logo are registered service marks of FMR LLC. The images below are for illustrative purposes only.


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NetBenefits app reviews

  • Touch ID useless 1/5

    By Lordsiris
    Even with touch ID enabled it asks for fingerprint then prompts for password login. Why have touch ID if it's always going to require a password? Other apps with touch ID work without issue.
  • Touch ID stopped working after update!! 2/5

    By Pizza guy212
    Fix it!
  • Horrible ugly app 1/5

    By insmod
    Totally worthless. How can a multi-billion dollar company put out such a app?
  • Terrible UI 2/5

    By Henryfire
    Never seen a poor UI app from billions dollar financial company like this one!
  • Unbelievable! 1/5

    By Rodrigones
    What is this screen format??? I can't believe someone did it. Fidelity, please let's add some professionalism on it.
  • Touch ID now works 4/5

    By Koi fish man
    I just installed this app and Touch ID works fine. The app works well for me. Navigation is easy and intuitive.
  • Optimize Screen Resolution 1/5

    By Ashwin Perumal
    Could you please update the app for iphone plus phones. The Resolution and Font size in iphone plus models is pathetic. Its like seeing my screen with a magnifying glass and doesn't give a good user experience
  • Has potential 1/5

    By Zach Archer
    Please Fidelity update this app. It has huge potential put some work into it.
  • Not awful, but Touch ID doesn't work 2/5

    By MemphisNative
    Seriously Fidelity, this is embarrassing. For a quick check of balances and such, the app is fine. It'd be nice if it did more and was a little more intuitive, but I can live with the functionality. However, there is no excuse for Touch ID to not work.
  • 0 Stars 1/5

    By Jay Williams
    Horrible design, Touch ID login doesn't work, splash screen is a joke like a screenshot from a Nintendo, built-browser shows lack of commitment to development, I've never seen a design update of this app, I have never seen new features in this app, I could go on but I'm sure you get the point. I will be moving my investments.
  • Login 1/5

    By turner422
    Won't allow me to login. Says the system is temporarily down. I've deleted the app and tried to re-download and I continue to receive the same error. I have an iPhone 6
  • Awful 1/5

    By Tillybaler06
    1. It's so obvious this isn't a native app, just a cheap hybrid framework. Until you spend the time and money, this app will stay terrible. 2. At LEAST have Touch ID work since it alerts me to use every time.
  • Login 1/5

    By Bricetribe
    Fingerprint login stopped working
  • Please fix the scaling for plus sized phones 1/5

    By Elfstone19
    I literally won't use this app because it's not fixed for my 6s plus. It's a scaled up version of the app designed for small phones and looks terrible.
  • Open Web thru App? 1/5

    By n^som
    Gents, What's the point to open your website thru the application rather than using normal browser? Please run at least native app.
  • A suggestion.... 4/5

    By Babbchuck
    I think people are expecting too much from this app. I mostly use it to check my balances, and it's great for that. However, it would be really great if it showed the date under the balance- the balance never updates until the evening sometime and I can't tell if it's today's balance or still yesterday's
  • Barely useful 1/5

    By Jfigz4
    The app is great for seeing basic info, but that's it. Not optimized for iPhone 6/7 screens and many pages load in a web view. Need more work.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Eco green
    Please provide van update
  • Not very useful 1/5

    By Son of BGreg
    I have the app on my iPad, and thought I'd put it on the phone too. The first thing I want to see is how my portfolio did today. Not over the last month or last year ... don't care about the percentage contribution from my employer. I deleted the app, as it tells me stuff I really don't care about when viewing it on the phone. Vanguard has a relevant financial app on the phone, perhaps Fidelity programmers should check it out.
  • Just "meh" 1/5

    By nbnicholas
    Not super well designed. I'm a large fan of the desktop version. Touch ID login doesn't work. Reads fingerprint, registers, and then navigates back to login screen. Unimpressed.
  • Only shows balances 2/5

    By redcantelope
    I was hoping to at least be able to drill in and see my transactions for my 401k. You can only drill in for stock accounts. Also, hasn't been optimized for iPhone 6/7 screens yet. :/
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By 2bgodley
    Nowhere as good as core fidelity app. Clunky interface and very limited. Need to jump to many different tabs and screens for basic information. For example, you can't get a gains/losses view of how your investments are performing. You get that in fidelity app. Giving me my personal rate of return which counts performance plus my personal and employer contributions is misleading and worthless. Fix this app, Fidelity. The rest of your platform is spectacular.
  • Great app, one suggestion 5/5

    By Ravens 52 5 27 20 92 55
    Love the app, very easy to use and great lay out. My only suggestion is that they add a feature to show your investments over time in a graph.
  • Weak app 1/5

    By DeezNutz1906
    It's clear that this app is underfunded and under appreciated at the executive level. Fix it now.
  • Great app 5/5

    By D.bergey
    Very intuitive, alot of great info at your fingertips. Gives you all the info you need to stay close to your accounts and benefits. User friendly, easy to navigate. Can't imagine why anyone would rate this isn't meant to be a real time trading app. 5 stars from me.
  • App interface is an embarrassment 1/5

    By i2Deep
    Based on how large of a company Fidelity is and the resources it has, this app is an embarrassment. I looks like a HTML web page. I am sure that this type of underperformance carries over to the rest of the company in many areas.
  • System Unavailable...for days now 1/5

    By Qpuz
    Using latest update on iPhone 6s
  • Needs to be updated to modern standards 2/5

    By dfrankzor
    This app really needs to be updated to modern IOS UI and usability standards. The animations are horrible and the application has the bare minimum required functionality. In 2017 I expect more from large companies such as Fidelity that have the resources to invest in proper app development.
  • Got native? 2/5

    By Sistah1
    As a mobile architect and development, it's really clear this app was not written using the native iOS framework. The usual experience and functionality would be far better if it was. Also, you could leverage the native security APIs so important in today's world; especially for financial apps.
  • Fingerprint login useless 3/5

    By Markh0126
    The app overall is just a way to check your balance. Almost all other needs and views you need to do on the website. The fingerprint login will only work for about a week and then you have to uninstall the app and reinstall it. After a week it prompts you for the fingerprint but does nothing and you then have to enter your password.
  • App looks aged, outdated 3/5

    By Jon-Eric
    I see regular updates but I can't shake the feeling something's missing when I see it's still formatted for three-year old device screen sizes. Like apps that didn't update to the iOS 7 design changes, apps that haven't yet adopted the screen sizes introduced with iPhone 6 feel outdated and neglected (arguably, even if they are not). All that said it generally gives me the information I need. Pretty much the same as the mobile web site but a bit more sluggish (and, as I say fuzzy, scaled screen sizes).
  • Does the job 3/5

    By Cisdevry
    Does the job but ui is very old. Needs improvement.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Drann33
    I don't see why there are complaints. The touch screen - thumb print identification works great. And the functionality and ease of navigation is great! Better than the k world competitors. Fidelity has done it again!
  • Fidelity - best 401k app! 5/5

    By ChicagoSaver
    My company just switched to Fidelity 401k and the app is awesome! I love that I can make trades and review my investment performance while I travel outside the office. Fidelity's technology is the best.
  • App review 5/5

    By fidelity_customer1
    Reading the other reviews have me issues ever with Touch ID. I recently changed to iPhone 7 and still flawless. The information I seek each time I login is front and center and making changes are easy. I have only had rate-of-return calculations not display on a few occasions but this is usually just after midnight and I would imagine Fidelity is running the calculation for the previous day. All-in-all this app is well above other financial apps I utilize. Well done Fidelity!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Happy401ker
    I can access my company's 401k on the Fidelity app. It's awesome - I'm not a desktop guy so this is huge. Easy and you can make any changes.
  • Makes Retirement Planning Easy 5/5

    By trav c
    This app is great for accessing mutt 401k. Easy to use and gives me all the info I need. Keep up the great work
  • Slick app. Works great. 5/5

    By MD Investor
    Well organized. Functional.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By 32invest
    Love the Touch ID login. Very intuitive layout as well!
  • Fidelity App 5/5

    By SPSCMS1415
    Love the Fidelity app! Very easy to use.
  • Great design. Easy to use. 5/5

    By Apple Bacon 1970
    Love the touch function and the deep content.
  • Super functional 5/5

    By Mc_jiggles
    Fully transactional. Better than ever.
  • Gets me what I need 5/5

    By Scisa 29
    I see several negative comments but the app does everything and more that I need.
  • Mobile App 5/5

    By Fitchman08
    Fantastic functionality. Can change contribution percentage, review YTD and trending 1 year return, take a loan, etc. I can see performance of all of my investments and compare myself to others in my town, state and across the nation. Wow, eye opening. I can do whatever I need on the fly!
  • Resolution is pathetic 2/5

    By zagpoint
    I am ok with this app function wise, but the developer needs to find a different job if he/she cannot figure out how to get the resolution updated to look acceptable on an iPhone 6.
  • DOWNHILL 1/5

    By raiderpimp81
    Things that used to work stopped working properly, such as Touch ID. Fix it.
  • Why isn't payroll included?? 3/5

    By PrincessPunzee
    Would be awesome if I could log in to review my pay stubs?? Why can I only do that from desktop even though it's the same website??
  • Terrible and Outdated 2/5

    By VanceDickman
    Start to finish the app is terrible. First, touch ID does not work, it serves no purpose. Second this apps resolution must be made for a more boxy iPhone 4s or 5, because on a 7+ the appearance looks like the default setting is set for the visually impaired. Also, if you look at the version updates, they are not working to improve this app at all. Which I hope doesn't pose a data security issue. I will give it a 2nd star because it still serves its purpose and provides the details I am looking for.
  • Needs to be fixed, updated!! 1/5

    By Eddie477383
    No longer shows any of my data! Plz fix asap!! Has been showing like this for over a week!
  • Won't update 1/5

    By IAB111
    App constantly says it can't get data about my portfolio.

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