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New Royal Farms

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  • Current Version: 1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: ToGoTechnologies, LLC.
  • Compatibility: Android
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New Royal Farms App

Royal Farms, Your Go-To-Place, day or night for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks and all the things you need... Featuring fresh, never frozen chicken, hand-cut Western Fries, made-to-order subs, wraps and more!

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  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By eac224
    I was a frequent user of the old app. While I would love to use this one, I can't even get past the log in screen. I reset my password thinking that it might be a problem on my end, but the app still says that I have "failed to login." Please fix this bug so I can transfer my old points and earn some new ones!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Joe4705z
    I'm happy that I'm finally able to get the app to work. But never mind, it's just an awful waste of time. DELETE!!
  • Disappointing "upgrade" 1/5

    By queennerd
    I had over a thousand points on the old app, and loved stopping for an icee when we got gas. Unfortunately, that's not even an option anymore! Wawa will get all of our business from now on.
  • ZERO STARS 1/5

    By Chikez
    I can't believe they put out this app without thorough testing. It crashes, it tells me I have no points, no card shows up and it tells me I must sign in to play the game. I am signed in, but it still will not let me in. Don't get me started on the ROFO card that refuses to work after being approved 3 weeks ago. I have a week left to get my 25Β’ off and the card does not work. RF cannot find the error after 7+ calls over 3 weeks. You just lost a formerly loyal customer!
  • Fixed! 4/5

    By SkuzBuck$
    This is a re-review of the updated app. They have fixed their previous mistakes and given us chicken as a reward! Though points are harder to acquire, its more of a loyalty reward program now, as apposed to the old "I can play a game" system. The new game still is not as fun, but like i said before its more about spending money to get rewards. I hope more menu items get chosen to be rewards in the future. Thumbs up!
  • Better than my first review 3/5

    By Bye Rofo
    Giving the app 3 stars, 2 more than my original review a month or two ago. It doesn't crash anymore, prizes have gotten a little better and now I understand the point system a little more. Dinging Rofo a star for rolling this app out way too soon and another star for the creepy, boring game that still stinks. With that being said, the rewards program isn't that bad if you are a loyal customer. You get 1 point for each gallon of gas, 5 points for each dollar spent in the store and 5 points each day you win the game. If you filled up a 15 gallon car each week, that's 15 points, played and won the game 5 times a week, that's 25 points, and spent $12 in a week in the store, that's 60 points, which would total 100 points in a week. If you spend more $ or fill up more (or play and win the game every day), those points could accrue much faster. Still not as good as the first app, but I'm sure there were people that abused the free stuff. If you also do the gas program you get $.10 off each gallon and other stuff you get free after buying 6. All together, not a bad program. Rofo - if you're reading this, might I suggest you bring back coffee, slushies, subs etc back as prizes as well.
  • Too much personal information 1/5

    By Give a hoot gibson
    Advertises 25 cents off gas but you have to provide drivers license number, birth date, last four of ssn, and bank account information so they can take payment straight from your bank account and not credit card. No thanks. Should have a lesser discount available if you want to use your credit card.
  • Wish I could rate lower! 1/5

    By MHS10
    I had the original app and it worked fine. A little outdated but fine. This new app is so broken you can't do much of anything. And the new mini game is terrible I've tried it numerous times and have gotten 0 points every time. Awful app
  • Bring back the old game & old offers! 1/5

    By ahshahakenjeus
    I don't car if you revamp the app, and make it look different. But the new offers are freaking horrible. Since you've changed the app, I haven't been back to a royal farms at all! Not to pump gas or grab something to snack on. Going there I would always get a free drink while going about my day, and now that completely changed. Bring it back and you'll bring customers back.
  • Game is horrible 1/5

    By Dardar79
    Seems they're offering more products but making it harder to get points. Old version was better.
  • Meh 1/5

    By Habagfkeusvs
    Terrible rewards. Everything is too expensive to now have a good reward system. Goodbye Royal farms. Nice knowing ya.
  • VERY disappointing 1/5

    By jhmwins
    I must say that you have very literally lost a customer. This app is such a big downgrade. With the rewards costing so many points and time, it's absolutely ridiculous and there's nothing good anymore. Do you realize that someone has to play the game every day for 200 days, getting 5 points each time in order to get an 8 piece chicken pack?!?! That's not worth anything. I cut lawns in the summer and therefore use a lot of gasoline. Before I found your app, I wasn't a Royal Farms customer. When I found the app and started using it, Royal Farms became a very normal stop for me. You got all my business for gasoline and the occasional snack. I am sad to say that you have most certainly lost that business. With nothing to make RoFo any more appealing than any other gas station, I will no longer be visiting there. Very sad to say goodbye to the good that used to be :(
  • What a total disappointment 1/5

    By Therealbiscotti
    My wife and I were coming up with excuses to go to Royal Farms. I was topping off our vehicles every other day. We both loved the occasional free coffee and a treat to go. It became our favorite place to buy gas. The game that actually forced you to think a little was a nice diversion in our days. New game is stupid. We will still occasionally buy our gas there but we both have already deleted the new app. Neither of us is interested in another card linked to our financial institution. I would rather pay full price for gas and get the old app back so I can get occasional free coffees and slushies.
  • Zero Stars 1/5

    By Ecocrab
    I exclusively gassed up and patronized Royal Farms because of old app. I shared the app with friends and family. Until your coffee rewards come back I deleted Rofo and will choose another gas stop.
  • New game 1/5

    By Ki'smom
    I don't like the new game.
  • Horrid app 1/5

    By Liiiimez
    Wish I could give this sorry excuse of an app 0 stars. Last app was much better. I can't even access my old account with all those points I have and new game is trash as well.
  • My points transferred over 4/5

    By Joshmm95
    In order to have your points transfer over you need to make a "new" account on the new app with the same email from the old app. My points then transferred over a few minutes later. ROFO finally realized they messed up and added back good rewards, but my only complaint is the 5 points a day from the game.
  • Seansmommom 1/5

    By seansmommom
    Hate it! Used the original app everyday. This is such a downgrade. The game is impossible and really rather disgusting. Do you regularly drop food in people's mouths? It takes forever to earn prizes so where's the incentive?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By pdiddy321
    Besides being able to save 25 cents a gallon on gas for the first 30 days only, this new card, app, and rewards are complete garbage. I understand the scaling back but this was extreme. I would always come in, get my FREE coffee but always purchase something else. Now I will no longer go there except for the next 2 weeks for gas. By ROFO hello WAWA!
  • Lame update 1/5

    By Joshua Mallow
    This is the worst "upgrade" of any app I've ever seen. This new rewards program is a joke. Why can't I earn rewards for making purchases and then choose how to use them? This app wants your name, address, DOB, SSN, bank routing/account numbers...they must think I'm a moron. I don't even visit Royal Farms as a result of this half baked app.
  • Worst Ever 1/5

    By J7353
    Worst app ever. My points didn't carry over from the old one. The game is stupid and is made very hard to win only five points per day. The prizes will take forever to get. They took out sodas, coffees and slushee which are what kids like. We never go now since we have no points. At least when we had points to get drinks we would buy other stuff. Don't get people in store you won't sell stuff.
  • Disgusted with the new game 1/5

    By Longlived
    This new game makes it impossible to win. I've been trying for over a month and have not won even once. Was the game made this way to make it impossible for people to win free points without spending money? I am so irritated with this chicken eating man game. It is so boring and agitating to say the least!!! Bring the old game back please or make something else. Why not allow customers suggestions!!! Very disappointed!
  • Stupid Game 1/5

    By Cookclan
    I used to enjoy playing the matching game, but this new game is a stupid, brainless game. And a maximum of 5 points a day only if you "feed" all of the chicken. Like I said, stupid!
  • Worst 1/5

    By Dfiiz
    Couldn't log into my old account and won't let me make a new one. Thanks
  • Better, but BRING BACK OLD GAME 2/5

    By Piper Bond
    NEXT UPDATE NEEDS THE GAME FROM PREVIOUS APP OR A NEW/BETTER GAME WITH MORE POINTS!!!! Update works well, and there are better rewards now, BUT 5 points a day max with the new game? That's atrocious... Bring back the old game, or a new game that can earn more points, otherwise it would take WAY too long and be annoying to wait to earn enough points to buy the good prizes.
  • No More Points 1/5

    By Tatathomas
    This app is slow and they took away the card game and replaced it with some silly chicken game you can't win. Thumbs down guys.
  • The old app was superior! 1/5

    By Fenne_Chemist
    Update: Please note that reviews focused on a fuel discount aren't really reviewing the app. The fuel discount is obtained with physical card that is linked to your checking account. The app isn't necessary for that. The clubs that appear in the app, again, are linked to the card not the app although they can be tracked there. The new app has a disgusting game, no links highlight in any way to let you know which thing you're on, the points and redeem system is inferior to a previous app. Again, the fuel discount is separate from the app and the amount you'll save will never match the benefit of their chicken meals ($5.79 v. $5 off of gas for the first month only on 20 gallons of gas purchased... After the first month $5.79 chicken meal v. $2 off of that 20 gallon purchase). --------------- The new app now gives 5 points for the disgusting feed-the-man game. The points from the old app transferred but they're still useless because the prizes are low quality choices given the number of points for each one. The old point system and game should have remained but they tossed it in favor of a this disgusting feed-the-man chicken drop game. The timer starts with titles still on the screen. The old system specified that the points required to earn free things could change without notice which should have been done if Royal Farms felt they were giving away too much free food. Instead of pulling me into their stores for something free that kept me checking their app daily (usually multiple times daily), they killed a golden goose in the hopes that I would step back to the late 80s and 90s for a club card. This club card, they hope, will be linked to my checking account to allow them to save up to 2.5% on each credit card transaction. They in turn will push back some of the savings in the form of 10 cents off of each gallon of gas; 25 cents per gallon for the first month. I'm sorry but I don't care how secure it is, I don't want to share my personal information with yet another company. The old app needs to be brought back, perhaps with adjusted point values for the prizes, and Royal Farms should have pushed for advertisers to foot the bill by advertising within the app. I will likely not use the app and will now likely stay outside of their stores, rather than in, for gas (if cheapest in the area) and RedBox. This app still really doesn't load all that much faster in general.
  • This new app won't let me log in to my account 1/5

    By Choppppppptort
    I got the new app and I forgot my password. So I got emailed a new password to use but is does not work. I have tried it multiple times. Sometimes when I do try it glitches a lot. The new app is not good and needs to be fixed. My old data needs to be able to sink into the new app. The old app was fine and so much better. Updating this review.. again... The app was updated but I am still unable to log in. I want all the point that I have earned back. This new app is a big fail, and need to be fixed ASAP! I want to be able to go get a slushy that I have been craving! Royal farms, just a little word to the wise, if you care about your customers you will read this review amongst other reviews and fix your app or you will start to loose customers.
  • Garbage Downgrade 1/5

    By Crazyben21
    Bring back the old app!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By TaylorWhiteGirk
    After my fist attempt at this new app, it took forever to get registered because it was constantly crashing and I'd get kicked out. Now things work slightly better, but it's still awful. My points from the previous app still haven't transferred, the game is just horrendous, and you barely win any points, but that doesn't even matter because the rewards aren't even worth it anymore. But that's cool, I'll just stick to Wawa πŸ‘πŸ»
  • Tried it out, wasn't happy 1/5

    By withaboss52
    I used to see my sister using this all the time to get free coffee and occasionally would take me to get some chicken. We live about 10 minutes out from a royal farms and she used the app a lot. I tried this version after she said it was garbage and she was right! Everything about it from the bad game to the slow points system and the lag in between screens. A rushed attempt at a perfect app that once was...
  • Bagman 4/5

    By Tegrodamusssss
    Love the fuel discount!
  • Disappointing Offers & Point System 1/5

    By Ratiug7
    Coffee is no longer offered, and neither is chicken :-(. With the new point system, it will take 25 days of religiously playing the new rofo game just get a bag of chips that is half filled with air. I understand Royal Farms cutting back a little on freebies and making it a little harder to get stuff for nothing, but this was a drastic change in not only that but also what products the customer can earn points toward.
  • Love the Clubs 4/5

    By RavensChampions!
    They have a lot of great clubs. I miss the old game but the 25 cents is 10 times better. Saving me more money!
  • I want the old app back 1/5

    By GamePlayerOldSkool
    This alleged "new and improved" app is right up there with Coke Classic. The app is slow to load and respond, the rewards (if you call them that) are lame and the game does not play as indicated, nor is it winnable. Like health insurance, Royal Farms should have just fixed what was broke and left everything else alone. I used to tell everyone to get their app. No more. Done.
  • Why would you change it? 1/5

    By Hanifan1
    This new app is awful! The old one had better rewards and a much more fun game to play. Feeding chicken to the old Verizon Wireless guy who is now with Sprint is quite dumb!!
  • Why did they change apps? 1/5

    By Bradbob22
    I can't log into the new one with my other account! I lost all of my points! I used to go to royal farms all the time but not anymore. I'll just go to 7-11 instead.
  • Lame game 1/5

    By Seansh44
    The new game to earn extra points is painfully lameπŸ‘Ž and the rewards are useless. No more rofo for me
  • Not worth the time 1/5

    By Agent-dad-024
    Slow app, downgrade of prizes (the points for which actually add up now and I almost gave it 2 stars if the game weren't so gross). Play the game for 8 days straight and you'll have a free water with the amount of points you can get each day! (yeah that's fake excitement) You can't even get an apple juice for a kid at this place...they don't carry it! No incentive to drive the extra 2 miles to Royal Farms anymore when Rutters and Wawa are right there. Deleted. Not worth my time. Waited for the update to give it chance. Guess the old app spoiled me. Epic fail.
  • Complete garbage 1/5

    By Melikey82236
    If I could give 0 stars, I would. Lost a few thousand points from the old app that would not transfer, game doesn't work, prizes are crap and it isn't worth it. Deleting.
  • Piece of Garbage 1/5

    By Lunchb0x12
    What a piece of garbage this new app is. I never set foot inside a Royal Farms before downloading the first app. Since using the original app I have gotten gas at Royal Farms every single week. The game was much better and easier. The points added up way more quickly and I loved being able to redeem my points on a chicken meal (which I only did once by the way). I still have over 2400 points which did carry over but it looks like I might be able to redeem them for a small bag of potato chips. The new app is ridiculous and the game is disgusting. The "rewards" aren't worth me having the space wasted on my phone. Needless to say I will not be gassing up or buying anything at Royal Farms anymore. I'll just go to the Wawa like I was before.
  • Match com back 1/5

    By Swindled Froggy
    Played old game every day and stopped at royal to fill up gas now New game stinks no reason for me to stop at royal no more I pass Royal to go to wars . Upgrades sometimes aren't upgrades
  • Downright awful 1/5

    By Jhonny j 250
    The is the worst app I have ever downloaded and game I have ever played. Its not worth the space on my iPhone!
  • Disappointing Downgrade 1/5

    By Rennocide
    So disappointed they got rid of the old game. I earned points from the match game that got me to drive past 2 Wawa's and an Exon to get my 50pt coffee and RoFo 3 times per week! My husband and I use to pull our points to get our kids slushies once a week! The new game doesn't work, and earns you close to no points. Then coffee/soda/slushies aren't even a prize anymore. I use to love RoFo. I'm from baltimore and remained a loyal customer when I moved to PA. Now there's no point in me driving further to hit RoFo instead of going to one of the 1million WaWa's that are closer.
  • Wawa wouldn't do this to me 1/5

    By Marjorie Ruggles
    This app ruined my life and is the reason for all my struggles.
  • Worker upgrade ever 1/5

    By CRob7Crew
    This was the worst "improvement ever! I used to use the old app a couple of times a week. I deleted the "new" app and haven't been in a RoFlo in weeks! I hope someone got fired over this debacle!!!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Treemarie67
    The old app had said that I would keep all of my points when I got the new app and I can't even use my old log in to log onto the app, I have to create a new one. I'm disappointed that the app and the company did not follow through with what they said they would do with the new app.
  • Very disappointing 1/5

    By baltokeys
    So I just looked at the app for the first time my self and I'm speechless. The amount of downgrades from the old app is unbelievable. The game is dumb and to difficult, the rewards aren't worth it, (one reward is water, really rofo) and it is difficult to navigate. 7/11 app is much more user friendly and rewarding, I know where we will be shopping now.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By baddoghouse
    The original app. was so much better than this one. The game was better. The selection of "free" items was better. And what happened to our free birthday meal?? So....not impressed 😟😒 PS Has anyone from Royal Farms actually read these reviews? BRING BACK THE OLD APP!!!
  • Crappy game!!! 2/5

    By Tamtams75
    New app has the worst game ever!!!..Bring back match game please!!.Very glitchy and questioning whether to uninstall

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