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Nextdoor is the free, private social network for your neighborhood. It is the best way for you and your neighbors to hear what’s happening in your local community. When neighbors start talking, good things happen. People across the country are using Nextdoor to: • Stay in the know about break-ins, theft, weather alerts and other important notices. • Find, sell and give away items in the Classifieds section. • Get recommendations for trustworthy service providers like plumbers, roofers, contractors, and more. • Ask for help finding lost pets. • Hear about fun neighborhood events, rallies or even yard sales. • Connect with the best neighborhood babysitters, dog walkers, and pet sitters. Follow us to to stay updated on Nextdoor news: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Blog: Curious about how we build Nextdoor? Check out our Engineering blog: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Nextdoor doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require it.


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  • Too many ads and solicitations 3/5

    By Gmoneygma
    Too many “sponsored” ads and too many people posting crap for sale or trying to advertise their business. Used to like it much better but it is getting cluttered.
  • Ads! Ugh! 2/5

    By Tawney's Mom
    This use to be a great app. Now you have to really look for notices from your neighbors. It’s nothing but advertising now.
  • Brings the neighborhood back to being a real neighborhood 5/5

    By LauraJinn
    I love this app! It brings back “the good old days” when neighbors knew each other and helped one another and were actually neighborly!
  • Great resource 4/5

    By FFuedaholic
    Love that this is a great resource for community based needs. Don’t like the advertising but suppose it is part of online life.
  • Constant error messages 1/5

    By thatoneguykris
    The developers do “weekly updates,” but nothing never seems to get fixed. The Nextdoor Service is constantly unreachable according a daily error message I get on this app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several times already. Oh, and btw, the development team is unreachable as well. No option in the app or AppStore to contact them. Yeah... that’s great. FIX THIS APP’S ISSUES ALREADY!!!!
  • App Great, Neighbors Not 1/5

    By TroyArci32
    Awesome app when it comes to crime and safety. When it comes to gossip and slander, the people get out of control. Social media drama has turned a great idea into a circus. I’ve been a victim of a witch hunt because of this app. It will lead people to your front door using all your personal information to contact your young children and even stalk you. I would delete all personal info, better yet, just delete it and wish I had never found it.
  • Great way to stay up to date 4/5

    By 13Bethany
    Like the posts about security concerns or wild animals. Sometimes too many posts but just ignore the ones I am not interested in!
  • Nextdoor 5/5

    By Rdrys
    I find this useful and fun. I love the recipe section ! Always good to know what is going on in the neighborhood
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Nikkiberg
    Great to get recommendations from neighbors and stay in the loop about community activities! We love Nextdoor!
  • Helpful App w frustrating flaws 4/5

    By Perkylex
    I use this app every day to keep up with what's happening in my neighborhood from activities, garage sales, power outages, freebies from neighbors & a host of other things. I believe you once were able to edit your own replies to someone else's post but now you can only delete them. Would love to see that edit function return! Update: 10/19/17 STOP with the Free & For Sale entries that CANNOT BE HIDDEN! This is SO ANNOYING! Let me hide what - I - want to hide!!!!!! Update 10/23/17 Just updated this app & they still have not fixed the extremely annoying condition in which you CANNOT hide Free & For Sale items as promised. Why is this option gone? PLEASE fix this ASAP. Update: 11/6/17 Thanks for fixing the “Hide” feature on Free & For Sale but now you’ve added a totally unnecessary step to confirm that you wish to hide. I can hide any other post without having to confirm AND I can still see the posts I hide if I go to the Free & For Sale category. Come on guys, don’t make things harder on us! And for Heaven’s sake, please do not add a confirmation step when hiding any of the other categories. It wasn’t broke until you “fixed” it the first go-round. Thanks! Update 11/8/17 Thank you for listening & keeping this a user friendly app! Update 11/14/17 Dang it! I do not understand you guys. Why would you swap the established locations of 2 icons, one which is heavily used & the other which is seldom used. In my book, good programmers do not do inconvenience users this way. SMH! You’re working your way down to a 3 star... Update 01/25/18 For the 2nd or 3rd wk, the app will not let you hide posts you don’t wish to see. The message that you won’t see that post in your feed pops up followed by an error msg in red about the app not communicating at this time, try again later. And the undesired post remains in your feed. Sure wish you would fix this annoying problem. Thanks! 01/29/18 Well, I just completed the weekly update & you still haven’t fixed the issue stated above in which the Hide function does not work. Once again, SMH!!! 2/19 It’s been weeks since I first posted the failure of the programmers to fix the “Mute” function in For Sale or Free category. It fails every time giving an error about the server not communicating, try again later; a later try produces the same results. I’ve deleted the app & reinstalled it to no avail. This is a huge FAIL!!!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Dietmommy
    Easy to use and so handy to get information out quickly to the community and also for recommendations and referrals.
  • Really love this app 5/5

    By scubadon
    Already helped me in so many ways from so many angles. From finding resources to letting neighbors know we have found a lost dog in the neighborhood. Great connecting to those of us that live so close!
  • Love it, but.... 4/5

    By FranRV
    Please stop letting people remove posts from others! Just make the option for each subscriber to block those that they don’t want to see easier and let each of us make this decision for ourselves. Otherwise, I really appreciate being able to share information and interact with those in the neighborhoods nearby.
  • Ads and Lost Dogs 2/5

    By Slarvey
    If, and if this app actually loads - its ads and lost dogs!? Really? Whats the point anymore.
  • Nextdoor 5/5

    By JanicePaine
    This app brings neighbors together who never know each other. Needs are met because neighbors know about them
  • Red notifications dot won’t go away 1/5

    By Púca
    No way to get rid of the red notification dot on the bottom right. Very distracting. C’mon, don’t abuse the system.
  • Neighborhood concept is great 4/5

    By Lisaaa1999
    Love the concept, and it does what it sets out to do by giving neighbors a way to share comments, heads-up, and favorites in the area. Sometimes not intuitive functionally.
  • App works just fine 5/5

    By DrSteveC
    Stable app that works just fine
  • This has to be the worst idea to try to bring older neighborhoods together. 1/5

    By tradeUp01
    Social media does NOT work for community policing and this is the biggest joke and they use your personal information to data mine. Also, many people are stupid and don't think about how they're over sharing their personal information, their address with everyone. I knew it was a joke when I saw an elderly lady (next door neighbor) who is social media obsessed posting her photos and oversharing. I can't believe that any logical person would be okay with giving their legal name and address to be privy to everyone around you. I guess none of you ever look at the pedophiles and sexual predators around you. Good luck living in your delusions of grandeur. This is just another social media site and realize what you're potentially sharing with sex offenders, pedophiles and everyone around you (for those that live to overshare). Don't be stupid, use some common sense. This site will never take off as many logical people realize the implications that come with transparency as it relates to your home, neighborhood and those around you. Watch fear thy neighbor if you need a dose of reality and to lay off of this stupid idea of social media for neighborhoods. If you need their phone number, it is: 415-569-7971 There are currently 79 negative reviews against next door via the Better Business Bureau (mine is pending). I'll be filing with Consumer Affairs next:, Inc. 1/24/2018 Alicia S. Negative -1 1 Review I am angry that my name and address were used, without my permission, in a mailing to recruit neighbors. Was this review helpful? Thank you for your feedback. [6] people found this review helpful, Inc. 1/10/2018 Phil S. Negative -1 1 Review They run a gossip page anti christian ,next store is trash. Was this review helpful? Thank you for your feedback. [4] people found this review helpful, Inc. 1/8/2018 Kim C. Negative -1 1 Review Anytime a neighbor post pictures of your home without permission violates my privacy. Nextdoor of Manhassette Community in Arlington Tx said this was fine. And did not reprimand the perpetrator be reprimanded the owner of the home. This has happened on several occasions. It is unfortunate the privacy that is violated belongs to people of color. Was this review helpful? Thank you for your feedback. [5] people found this review helpful, Inc. 1/7/2018 Elisabeth E. Negative -1 1 Review Nextdoor allows cyberbullying even though it's against their policy. I tried to explain things and was being called mental and they even insulted my parents. Nextdoor allowed it and took me off the site. Only me. They tried to charge my friends to use their 'free site' ZERO STARS DESERVED Was this review helpful? Thank you for your feedback. [7] people found this review helpful, Inc. 1/4/2018 Linda A. Negative -1 1 Review Nextdoor has poor customer service. You can only contact them through their site via a message. The responses are vague and usually not helpful. It was good when we first started using it in our City 10 years ago, now it is not helpful and Nextdoor personnel seem not to care...more about growing in quantity (locations) than quality (neighborhood experience/customer service). When you try to contact them for help, it's like going in circles. It also depends on who answers your email. You feel like no one is really listening. Was this review helpful? Thank you for your feedback. [7] people found this review helpful
  • Great 5/5

    By Harry "Joker" Johnston
    It's great.
  • Write some release notes. 1/5

    By Provide Release Notes!
    Write some release notes.
  • NextDoor 5/5

    By caaziredale
    Love it!
  • In my humble opinion NEXTDOOR has lost its focus. 1/5

    By Music Afiscionado
    Your app seems VERY DISORGANIZED. Nextdoor needs to do a better job making it more appealing to the eye when I log onto your app. On the one hand your main function is to bring neighbors together but at the same time once I do log on there is a mish mash of other stuff clearly I am not interested. I am fed up having to sift through all the uninterested stuff (ADS) your company wants me to see before I can read the happenings in my neighborhood. Clearly your company has lost its focus from the original mission which is to bring neighbors together. I’m done waiting for improvements that get me to want to come back.
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By chariev
    Love this app! Love being able to communicate directly with my neighbors. I love knowing what’s going on in our neighborhood. I love my neighbors!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By LolNurseJoy
    Love the updates but it spams my emails and notifications
  • Very Helpful 5/5

    By Aurora Wlby
    I’ve used it several times to request recommendations for services I needed. I received quick and helpful replies. I was able to post info on a Fundraiser. Although no ticket sales came from it, I did receive an inquiry. It’s also helpful to see alerts for the area.
  • Nextdoor 5/5

    By Kevynwriter
    Love this app. I canvassed my neighbors looking for their support. I truly did, a flyer stuffed in their door, a random meet up. I’m involved in a dog and cat rescue and this site definitely is the go to for lost animals. But this site is also your next version of neighborhood watch, welfare checks, sharing information about events, opportunities and pretty much anything happening in your area.
  • Great idea in theory 1/5

    By Dawalsh65
    When I heard about this app I was very excited. I looked forward to getting to know my neighbors in an age when most communities barely know who their neighbors are. It has so much potential. Alas, this app allows for certain private individuals to censor and expel any user they do not agree with. Regular people being ostracized for putting a post in the wrong category. People being banned because they disagree with their neighborhood leader. It’s turned into the inmates running the asylum. While regular people talk about regular things, the crazy people censor and delete their accounts. Hopefully the parent company can get some bandwidth to police their so called neighborhood leaders, but until that happens, this will just remain a good idea with poor execution. Don’t waste your time. It will only ruin your day.
  • It’s not working 1/5

    By Suxy1100
    It’s not working since I update the new version. I deleted and installed again but nothing.
  • Excellent Network 5/5

    By Buckaroo Sue
    I have benefited from being able to share important information, especially on safety and security issues. The site has also identified resources I would not have otherwise known about.
  • More consistency as to what is allowed. 3/5

    By Lkstaz
    Some people list their business and others can’t. Some people sell their puppies and it’s not taken down. I like when there are alerts and am interested in what people sell ( some are ridiculous ). It’s a fun app tho
  • Great communication tool 4/5

    By Rcvolunteer
    This is a great way to communicate with neighbors. My only source of irritation involves the need of some folks to troll and add negative comments with no constructive purpose. When a post heads in that direction, I simply block it from my feed.
  • Great way to connect! 5/5

    By Judy Via
    I joined in February 2017 and have become an active member over the last 12 months. NextDoor is great! I’ve bought items, sold items, given things away, gotten and given help, made friends, found services, offered services, and learned about what’s going on in my neighborhood and in the greater community of Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh. I’ve lived in Chapel Hill since 1971 and am discovering new resources, events and opportunities through NextDoor. The app has enriched my life significantly and I am a big fan. I’ve invited others to join and I tell my friends about it. I’ve even discovered some old friends who use the app.
  • Getting Worse 3/5

    By High420420
    I was once one of your biggest fans and advertisers. But, as I stated before, YOU’VE LOST THAT LOVING FEELING - NOW YOU ARE ALL CORPORATE. No thank you. We ALL work in Corporate America and dont want it shoved in our faces in our private lives. This is advertised as a NEIGHBORHOOD SITE and you have now allowed Real Estate agents and such in instead of us, the little people. The ones that worked 16 hours a day during one of California’s greatest tragedy’s to help each other. Do you think we give a crap about your advertisers? We need to know how we all are doing and what we need and who can get it there the fastest. For me, it’s also about getting my police officer Sergeant fed while he was running into homes getting people to safety and others getting animals to safety too. Again, who cares about your advertising. Stop with them and go back to your CORE VALUES or you will just become another Craigslist for pervs and thugs that no one will want to log into anymore. Thank you
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Major Bucks
    Great app! Great way to keep informed and inform others!
  • Poor Support & Biased Moderation 1/5

    By SiliconValleyVeteran
    Nextdoor Support may Suspend an Accounts without notice or warning in a biased manner. This most likely reflects liberal bias and associated politics surrounding its San Francisco Headquarters. Extreme caution may be necessary depending on your neighborhood and surrounding communities.
  • Helpful information from the neighborhood 5/5

    By Macret7
    So far I like this app, the only thing I would like to add is the exact community that you live in and a general and if so be like Malibu Bay. Otherwise it is good
  • Great app!!!!!! 5/5

    By Kooltreez
    Keeps the neighbors informed about what’s happening in the neighborhood. Especially when suspicious activity is happening.
  • Has Some Usefulness 3/5

    By SCAMMED 1
    Great for finding local sales by neighbors, neighborhood safety issues. Has a glitch with the iPhone X, getting back to posts from viewing a picture isn’t reliable. One warning, prepare to hear people rant
  • Forum for hate and petty disagreements 1/5

    By sohappy2be
    I’ve been on Nextdoor for over 3 years. I don’t even look at it unless I have a reason. We have neighbors who want to accuse, put down, argue with and are just plain mean. Most of our neighbors are not like this but there are several who want to make a kind gesture or comment into an argument. My cat didn’t come home for a week, completely unlike her. She’s fixed, has shots and she’s so sweet. I posted on this forum in hopes someone had seen her. One of the neighbors blasted me for letting my cat out, asked what would happen if his 200+ pound dog got loose and scared everyone! I politely told him my cat was friendly and weighed 7 lbs and wasn’t a threat nor would she be perceived as one. He Kept bashing me about it. Animal control says there’s no leash law but he kept saying he calls animal control every time he sees a loose animal, to teach us a lesson! Another man got a ticket because his tags on a vehicle had expired, not only did he accuse his neighbors of calling it in he threatened them!! Next door allowed all this. 2 weeks ago I posted comments and suggestions to help make our neighborhood close, to respect each other and help each other, I posted a couple scriptures and a couple people told me I had to keep quiet about that. There were many who wanted more yet nextdoor took down all my content. With this app I can mute and or delete any content I do t want to see which is part of a solution nextdoor gives. I’m now sending info out to the ones who want to see it and I ignore the ones who want to complain. I will eventually send info by email and delete this app completely. I do t recommend this app.
  • It’s all ads now 1/5

    By Not-happy_dad
    My daily digest has a title that appears to be something interesting from someone but when I try to find it in the email it is lost in all of the ads.
  • A Good Local Network 5/5

    By MadDennis
    Nextdoor is a useful app for sharing information among nearby neighbors. Anything going on from police activity to fire/ EMS to contractor recommendations are all shared among neighbors. Warnings about suspicious people, scams and aggressive door to door salesman have been shared. There is also a useful section for selling or giving away unwanted items.
  • Great app during a natural disaster 5/5

    By Rynayth
    I’m from Ventura which was greatly affected by the Thomas fire, the largest wildfire to date in California. This app was the best way our city communicated with us during the 3 weeks the fire burned. Through this app, the city was able to quickly post information as they received it about the fire, when people could return home, where to pick up free masks for the smoke and workshops and resources for those who lost their home. Even after the fire was finally put out and the news crews left, neighbors in the affected areas who had lost their home were exchanging information about how to clear the debris, reporting suspicious activity and exchanging experiences trying to manage their insurance claims. I have learned about the difficulties of rebuilding after a natural disaster through this app. I thought this app was mostly just to buy and sell things with rude people but once our city went through a disaster, this app became invaluable, informative and helpful for everyone in our city. To the Nextdoor app team, thank you for playing an integral part in our city’s ongoing recovery.
  • Too many adds 1/5

    By Ron Hates This App
    Too many crappy adds. I’m getting at least 5 adds from the crappy newspaper rag San Diego Union-Tribune to one neighborhood comment. Change the name of the app to Advertising app.
  • Good Information 4/5

    By Janjjb
    A good way to keep up with what is happing in the neighborhoods, for advice and recommendations, for sale items, free items and just about anything that you need help with!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Ashlllllleeeey
    I can’t even sign up. Any email address I use, it tells me it’s already taken, but I’ve never signed up before at all.
  • Highly recommend Great way to communicate with your neighbors 5/5

    By Chassafrass
    Love this app. Has helped me tremendously
  • Very useful 5/5

    By Jojosmojoyo
    It's a good social media platform for your local area!
  • Mostly good 4/5

    By Bicketybeck
    For the neighborhood news and items for sale and free. Not so good that discussions degenerate when they are allowed to go on too long.
  • Great! 5/5

    By GrannyWitch67
    I love this ap! It connected me to new neighbors and brought me closer to ones that I already knew. It's great for recommendations for goods and services because you get the scoop on local contractors. It's also great to sell things on because you don't get the creeps and scammers that come with Craigslist or even Facebook.

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