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Nextdoor is the free, private social network for your neighborhood. It is the best way for you and your neighbors to hear what’s happening in your local community. When neighbors start talking, good things happen. People across the country are using Nextdoor to: • Stay in the know about break-ins, theft, weather alerts and other important notices. • Find, sell and give away items in the Classifieds section. • Get recommendations for trustworthy service providers like plumbers, roofers, contractors, and more. • Ask for help finding lost pets. • Hear about fun neighborhood events, rallies or even yard sales. • Connect with the best neighborhood babysitters, dog walkers, and pet sitters. Follow us to to stay updated on Nextdoor news: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Blog: Curious about how we build Nextdoor? Check out our Engineering blog: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Nextdoor doesn't run GPS in the background unless you give us permission by turning on optional features that require it.

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Nextdoor app reviews

  • Helpful Communication Tool 5/5

    By Suzyq76bella
    I love Nextdoor to stay informed and connect with my neighbors.
  • Great online bulletin board 5/5

    By Player with Brain
    I love Nextdoor Neighbor. Especially now that I realized I can bookmark specific threads and archive them to refer to later and also that I can search for old posts from other people. The app works perfectively on my iPhone 6. Ours is a great, involved group of normally very generous people. My only complaint is not with the app but that an occasional topic is a hot button (like vaccines) and like anywhere else some people resort to name calling, ruining everyone's day. However, you can unsubscribe from just that thread. You can get a dozen answers to your gardening questions or sometimes free rugs and tools. A wonderful supportive group of people.
  • Best Local Information 5/5

    By Cindy Thomas
    I love that, for the most part, these are neighbors. I even hooked up with a group of ladies for a book club. Love it!!!
  • Better than expected! 5/5

    By mdko
    I really like this site much more than I expected. It's an easy way to communicate with neighbors. It's easy to sell things, give things away, hear about problems, find dogs and cats etc!
  • Spam and Constant Login issues 1/5

    By BigDaddy9z
    Deleted from my phone finally. Good concept, bad execution. Every time they update, it forgets your login information. But worse, 90% of the posts are spam. Not my neighbors.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Blossomboom
    Love this app. Great way to keep up with activities, warnings, lost pets, etc... in your neighborhood
  • Neighborhood app 5/5

    By mahatfieldjr
    So far as a "Neighborhood" device that is able to let neighbors communicate with each other that want to or to let neighbors know of events or just answer questions is great, and it's free (so far). I can't wait until I need a referral of someone to do some repairs or other work for me. I like it!
  • Mary G 5/5

    By Pomonamg
    This is an excellent application. It helps neighbors contact each other and stay in touch. It also shares important information that is helpful, such as contractor services, lost and found items and pets, items for sell and or needed, and general information of interest to that individual neighborhood.
  • Thank you very informative 5/5

    By Ritarater
    I am learning a lot
  • It's community organizing from the recliner 5/5

    By SprayPaintFire
  • Great idea 5/5

    By Renee11267
    Love being able to post to just my neighbors instead of Facebook.
  • App is easy to use 4/5

    By DeeJayMarl
    I placed an ad in my neighborhood for a house rental. It operates as expected and keeps you informed. However I wanted the ability to respond only to the party that was interested. If that capability is there, I couldn't find it.
  • great communication 4/5

    By Chelly4244
    neighbors thanks for all the updates
  • Great Neighborhood App 5/5

    By me2thePowerofG
    Love this seamless app to stay up-to-date on things like events, opportunities to help, swaps, yard sales, and heads up on activity around the neighborhood. Sure there can be some that use it as a means to just complain but that's not the apps fault. If you see a negative post just keep it moving and engage with the good stuff. :)
  • Love it! 5/5

    By AA.FA
    I know what is going on in my neighborhood. It's like having one big family. Great app.
  • Happy Neighbor 5/5

    By Tons of fun slots
    Absolutely love this app!! Such a great way to communicate with our neighbors!!!
  • Great concept sorry app 3/5

    By Marijat
    The website is great -the app loses your info and you have to keep signing back in. Sometimes you get back in most is the time you don't.
  • Love Nextdoor 5/5

    By JoyiKraus
    This app does what I expected and wanted. It works just like Nextdoor works on my computer.
  • Meow 4/5

    By dustin555
    Could you add a way to filter alerts/notifications by keyword? A solid 80% of my neighborhood alerts concern lost cats or found cats. I'd really like those alerts to only reach those who feel the need to insert themselves into the lives of navigationally-challenged felines. Have they considered those kitties that might just want some "me" time?
  • NextDoor 5/5

    By septembergurl
    I've got nothing but love for NextDoor. It's such a great way to be connected with your neighbors and keep up with what's going on in and around not only your neighborhood, but your town. Plus, the Classified and Lost/found sections have been invaluable! If you are new to your neighborhood or even if you've lived there for years, NextDoor is a great way to connect/reconnect and feel like you're a part of things.
  • Worth the time. 5/5

    By HollyPasr
    I love it. Had to learn how to slow down the emails but after that it was great.
  • Cool app 5/5

    By Barclay nickel
    Sweet app
  • Dog Saver 5/5

    By Jlrpanda
    This has been great to know about events in the community, curb alerts, and most importantly has helped me find the owner to a dog I found.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Heacockb
    We love Nextdoor. We've lived here for over 20 years and never felt this connected to our neighborhood.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    Great for our community and great for our local business's.
  • Useful and simple 5/5

    By Booplaya
    Great resource and I like the micro social networking aspect. Keeping it local and in the neighborhood is so useful. Also the double authentication before you join keeps it less mysterious and potentially safer than Craigslist. It's nice to know if you find and item to buy or a service, you know it's not clear across town. That sofa is down the street or the kid you get to now your lawn is local.
  • Great app for keeping informed 5/5

    By Tamara2art
    I really like this app. There are so many options available for listing things to sell, asking questions, getting recommendations, and keeping informed.
  • 👍 5/5

    By Nana Gerri
    I love this app and I helped promote it in my subdivision. My goal is to at least have 75% of our residents signed up. It has been so helpful to so many people. You could use a little tweaking here and there but I know the people at Nextdoor are continually working on improving it.
  • Great way to keep up... 5/5

    By delight12175
    It's great for knowing what's going on in the neighborhood. Keeping people safe. Meeting new neighbors. Garage sales, one persons trash is another persons treasure 😊
  • Great and very useful. 5/5

    By Teejayblueyes
    I may not know all of my neighbor's faces, but the ones on Nextdoor are definitely known. Nextdoor United us by a common interest; making our neighborhood better and safer. Great App.
  • My go to for information 4/5

    By LiaWing
    I check NextDoor nearly every day for information on my neighborhood and surrounding areas. I keep up with the latest information about activities that are going on. Crime situations, anything that's happening in my neighborhood that I want to know about I can usually find here. Sometimes I skip over a post and sometimes I respond. I may not like everything that is said but everyone has a right to speak their mind. Next-door is great.
  • They need to work on handling online bullies 1/5

    By yar1vn
    Complaining or reporting will only get your comments deleted to deter you from doing so. They are not transparent about how they handle complaints and their support is not very responsive. They also expose your location and personal details to the whole neighborhood. Facebook seems like a much safer place to organize and connect with your neighbors. Another issues we have - Commenting or even "liking" (thanking?!) will immediately subscribe your to receive notification to that thread without any way to opt out. The app itself is pretty terrible, buttons are not responsive and the UI is confusing. Seems like this service is mostly used for selling old stuff, posting missing dogs and arguing with other neighbors - and it's free! wonder how they make money? my guess is paid ads and selling our privacy.
  • Good, but... 3/5

    By Msgibs
    Good app overall, but it needs some fine tuning. I wish there was a way to filter out the categories I don't want to see. And just because I thank someone doesn't mean I want to continue to follow the thread.
  • Etters Next Door 5/5

    By A Foxette
    Always found great advice. Everyone is very respectful with comments. Great place to hear what is going on or what we are all looking for about our homes & the neighborhood. THANKS for a wonderful site!
  • Good place to practice being neighborly 5/5

    By Doug McKean
    So far I really like this site. The idea of getting people to know who their neighbors are and communicate with them is important now that it's so easy to shut yourself in and live isolated in a crowded world.
  • Giving a review so they stop asking 5/5

    By 300 AAC BLACK OUT
    Been on Nextdoor neighbors for about a year or two now. Have never had a service problem or anything except for today. For some reason it just kicked off line. We found out how great of a tool this can be, and how fast you can reach multiple neighbors when something is going on in the neighborhood. For instance pre warning of crooks going door to door trying to rip you off. Or rob you or once it saved me a bunch of time as there was a accident on 434 the way I was going so I was able to go the back way. And that is about all I got to say now,,, I thank I am going to go home now ☹️
  • Great for Connecting w/ Neighbors! 5/5

    By Jenny Penny 27
    I Love this app! I love that the community and surrounding neighbors can come together to help a lost dog/cat/etc get home safely. I love being able to swap/sell items that are no longer needed. I wasn't sure about the safety, until I moved into a new neighborhood and had to change my address and a postcard was mailed to my new address w/ a code I had to login with, so "not just anybody" can see who lives where! I use this app daily!
  • A connected circle 5/5

    By Lesincalifornia
    Our neighborhood is great, selling stuff or giving to those in need, help with chores, lost pets and coyote watch- really helpful app that has made a community out of us all - when before we really didn't know our neighbors. There is enough privacy where you don't have to engage if you don't want to - and you can private message right from within the app.
  • Nextdoor Review 5/5

    By Anchorage Annie
    I love this app/website. It makes it so easy to share information with people in my neighborhood and others in my area. It's helped me learn more about the area I live in. I've actually met some of my neighbors through this site. Got immediate help for a bee swarm issue. Often get free plants sometimes when people divide their overgrowing gardens. There is one GOM (grumpy old man) who complains about just about everything and everyone, but others are vocal and give him appropriate pushback so he doesn't get away with much. I even think it's helpful to have a GOM because he exposes us to different viewpoints and definitely encourages much feedback.
  • Decent app, alot of whiners tho 1/5

    By Craycray7
    I use it here & there. The biggest issue I have w/it is there are too many hypersensative ppl on there who report others for no valid FB. If you can tolerate the childishness, it has some benfits, like neighborhood watch. It is snowflake central, so beware!
  • Great for finding local spots. 5/5

    By AxeGop
    Like where to find breakfast sandwiches!
  • Hard To Figure Out 2/5

    By Wantstruth
    Although I often pick up useful information on this app. And maybe 1 out of 10 attempts I manage to get in a reply. I usually cannot find that reply again. Or the stories I wanted to follow. Not user friendly to technically challenged old ladies , I'm afraid😒
  • Great way to meet new people 5/5

    By Gene Payne
    I love this app. Hopefully we'll be able to have a meet and greet. Right now the communication is respectful and helpful. Let's keep up the good work.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Jeniferr
    Love being connected to the surrounding neighborhoods. It's easy to use and simple.
  • Good local app 5/5

    By Letitiashen
    This AP is great for just the neighbors around you.
  • Has potential but not there yet 2/5

    By kelligirl921
    Sadly what was supposed to be great has really just turned into a place for bickering and griping about neighbors. It's especially hard when leads are involved. There isn't much resolution without fear of retaliation. Not sure this app is for me but it does have a lot of potential with better monitoring improvements, if they come along.
  • App 4/5

    By Webeback
    I like this app but in some respects it is very hard to use. In helping find lost or found pets it does not allow you to share or even copy and paste. There are a few neighborhoods that are not in this site so I would like to be able to put the lost pets on a community site. Very frustrating.
  • Love it!! 4/5

    By Arly13
    This app is an incredible concept, I wish more communities and neighborhoods used it. I think it will help build a stronger community, it gets you in touch with your neighbors that you would otherwise never see. Giving a 4 star because you can't upload videos. Change that you and have your 5.
  • Love it 4/5

    By OneNoteTrier
    For classifieds, recommendations, helpful info. Makes the neighborhood smaller.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Pied Pipper #2
    Took me years to hear about this App...It is really great for hearing the good and not so good in your area. Love it for the connections, feeling like I am part of a community!!! Yeah!!!

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