NextRadio - Live FM Radio

NextRadio - Live FM Radio

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  • Current Version: 1.7.54
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: TagStation, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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NextRadio - Live FM Radio App

The NextRadio app lets you stream live and local FM radio on your smartphone in a brand new way. Get a real-time view of what’s playing on-air and interact live with your favorite local radio stations. Download NextRadio on your Apple smartphone today! KEY FEATURES: • Tune in to live, local FM radio stations on your phone • See what’s on-air with Live Guide or browse radio stations by genre or frequency PARTICIPATING RADIO STATION FEATURES: • See artwork and song information while you listen • Buy the song you just heard right from your phone • Get a list of recently played songs • View station information and see what DJ is on-air next • Give feedback on the songs you like or dislike • Share what you're listening to on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram NextRadio uses your location to provide an accurate list of radio stations available in your area.


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NextRadio - Live FM Radio app reviews

  • Launched to a blank screan. 1/5

    By Mitchy 10
    The app didn't work on my phone.
  • Difficult to navigate - no instructions 1/5

    By Deepsongs
    I can’t figure out where to enter the contest. There doesn’t seem to be any instructions on how to remove stations once they are selected and I can’t seem to find my local country stations. I have an iPhone 7, maybe the app isn’t really set up well for Apple?
  • Ashley 1/5

    By Easy awesome app
    I have heard the commercial on the radio several times about this app so I figured I would give it a try because it said I could listen to the radio station I was currently listening to. But.... neither one of the radio stations that I listen to are even listed! Poor advertising if you ask me.
  • Didnt have all the stations I listen to 2/5

    By Amaryllis78
    I use iHeartRadio for sports broadcasts and sports talk shows. When trying to find the stations I use now I couldn’t find them all. I’ll stick with IHR so I have all my stations in one spot even though it’s annoying to use at times
  • Goog 5/5

    By Rey19851
  • Best radio app by far 5/5

    By Inkslinger$$
    Had to get old iPod just to get local radio station without having to pay..THIS APP IS AWESOME!!dont have to pay and can get stations crystal clear!..keep up the awesome job NextRadio..and please don’t change anything it is easy to use and that is what people want!!
  • Next Radio Disapointment 1/5

    By g.elliott
    Why does this require WiFi or Data connection? Next Radio should be provided by FM Radio! Otherwise the name should be changed to Next Wifi/Data Radio...
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Boz357
    Currently, this app is unable to use the FM receiver in the iPhone. Apple has not allowed the chip to be used. The android version of the app may be able to receive over the air broadcasts but on iOS it uses streaming data. If you downloaded this app to try to cut down your data use, it will not work for that purpose.
  • Not so great 3/5

    By Jocamat
    I just downloaded this app because my local station said they are on it but it doesn’t come up at all. My other local station which is farther away does come up but it is not the one I listen to.
  • No stations 1/5

    By Cannon lover
    I thought this app taps into your phones fm transmitter. If it does, then why don’t any of the stations i listen to come up on the list. Search? Nothing i listen to. There are like 10 stations listed in my area. I live between nyc and Philadelphia , must be 100 stations in this area. I was so excited that i downloaded it as soon as i heard the commercial (on a station i listen to daily!!!). That same station is not available.
  • Not live 1/5

    By Aaronh228
    It works good sure but it’s not live at all. I was trying to finish listening to a song on the radio so I switched to the station and it was a random song. Kind of disappointed.
  • Must have Radio App 5/5

    By Mr. Luigi
    If you do a lot of traveling and want to stay connected to your home radio stations, this is a must-have app. Also great for listening to radio from other areas of the country. Smart looking, user-friendly UI. Great job by the developers!
  • Wzzk birmingham,al 2/5

    By Junebob
    It keeps putting the wrong station on my app. Wzzk Birmingham, al is a country station with the Rick & Bubba show. This is not what they are showing as WZZK.
  • Why does it keep asking for my zip code?!?! 3/5

    By Carmen Cook
    This is a good radio app but it asks me for my zip code EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I open it. I should be able to enter it once and never have to enter it again. It drives me nuts.
  • Hmm 2/5

    By mphdvet
    Currently not liking this app. Not all the stations in my area work. And of course it’s the stations that I listen to the most.
  • Release the FM Chip 1/5

    By Jackpesci
    Two problems: 1, the app doesn’t work. 2, Apple will not release/unlock their FM Chip so we could use our phone like a radio. Why, because they couldn’t sell music. Apple has enough money, can’t they just give this away for free? Overall bummer of an app and manufacturer.
  • Poor streaming 1/5

    By TJB080
    Connection issues frequent.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Waldo-Meade
    I am disappointed now that my favorite station is playing all Christmas and I can't listen.
  • :( 2/5

    By Angealous
    My town has 2 1/2 Country stations and they advertise this app but neither are showing up on here.
  • This is a KEEPER!!! 5/5

    By Mister Danger
    A great app with an easy interface. Always works and works well. Best free app EVER!!!
  • The Perfect Radio App 5/5

    By MBTI1
    All the local radio stations on an easy to use app. Flawless operation. It is exactly what I needed having moved have way across the country.
  • please add option for apple car play 4/5

    By howieman43
    almost perfect app just need to add car play to it
  • Forget Sirius XM 5/5

    By Jim980
    Nexradio is FREE baby!!!
  • NextRadio 5/5

    By Jasmine & John
    I love it. I wish Apple would unlock my chip. We all need to keep telling Apple to unlock fm chip and maybe we get it. Every one please tell them. I wish NextRadio had EQ
  • Get this app immediately 5/5

    By Nogggaheusjn
    I have been trying to find an app like this since I got my phone. No other app is able to deliver liver radio 100% free like this app does. You can call the radio stations from the app and see what events are happening. You should totally get this ITS GREAT
  • Works great for me! 5/5

    By MLME1985
    I really like the user interface and how quickly it found my local radio stations. It’s a really nice app much better than others out there! I like being able to thumbs up and thumbs down songs and send feedback to the stations. Keep up the good work and thank you!!
  • Stuck at "Finding local radio stations" 1/5

    By PowerObject!
    Downloaded the app in iPhone (iOS 11) and iPad (iOS 10.3.3) and launched it on both. It got stuck at the first screen saying, "Finding local radio stations" and does not finish the process even though I'm under wifi. Closed the app and relaunched but the issue persists. What good is this app if I cannot use it? Please fix so I can increase star rating. If Apple unlocks the FM chip in future, will the app use broadcasting using the chip and without streaming?
  • I'm Lovin' It 5/5

    By BigPapa317
    I have heard about this app a long time and I'm so glad I can now get it on my iPhone. Thanks NextRadio for making my favorite local stations look so cool.
  • Excellent app for live local radio 5/5

    By Grace_2004
    Just a beautiful, well detailed, user friendly app for listening to live local radio. Thank You NextRadio...
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Scotte9211
    Finally, one source for my local FM radio stations. Now, we just need Apple to activate the FM chip in my iPhone so I can listen without using data.
  • Dice que funciona sin data NO ES CIERTO 1/5

    By Joel oso
    Anuncio engańoso
  • Pretty good for streaming main channels...Not an FM tuner but great alternative. Thanks 4/5

    By del wade
    Good job
  • It's a prank 1/5

    By Dito8224
    Not even worth a comment
  • No sirve 1/5

    By fernacasi
    Esto no sirve
  • Not many stations available in my market 2/5

    By aliwade44
    I've heard the advertisements on the radio (the real radio) for this app. Like some others, I also thought that this meant that they were able to get Apple to allows access to the FM receiver. Alas, this is not the case. But at least I figured that out before installing the app. I went ahead and installed it anyway, since I have wi-fi available at home and work and it should be a convenient option. Unfortunately, when I installed and ran it, I found only a small subset of the stations in my market listed. And none of the stations I'm interested in were listed (although some of the local stations I don't care about are there). So I can't get *any* of the stations I want, even over streaming. I am sure that this is an issue with content rights, but it makes the app pretty useless for me. Also, before I gave up on finding my stations, I went to configure the app so that it can only use wi-fi and not my data plan, the app was not listed under the cellular settings. Without that, there is no way to prevent it from consuming my for-pay data in the event wi-fi is disconnected. This is huge for me, and is also a showstopper. I love the idea of this app, and would love to be able to give it a 5 star review. Unfortunately, it does not live up to its own hype.
  • Still has a bug or two. 2/5

    By Denhow2012
    I love the concept of the program, but being as it just became available to the iPhone it still has some bugs that needs fixed.It cuts out or quits working constantly. I have broadband internet, so I know that isn't the issue. But I'll still use it and wait for any future updates.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By <~:?
    I love this app. When I'm on the road or away from home I can still listen to my favorite stations and not miss a thing.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Raider083
    Even tho it uses your data, it's a start.  an Verizon needs to get on board an let us use our fm chip on our iPhones. Been waiting for this app to hit the App Store. Thanks keep up the great work.
  • Why isn't Apple listed? 2/5

    By Tired of getting cheated
    A local radio station just said Apple iPhone was able to listen and the iPhone is not listed. Anywhere. Y'all are lying.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Jereinemy
    They said fm capability, on iOS to where you don't have to stream. but when you go to it it's only streaming then you have to go to FAQ and look to see and it said apple phones do not have an fm chip
  • No FM Chip for iPhone. 2/5

    By stcopes
    I downloaded because the ad said available for ALL devices. So I figured it would work for the iPhone. It doesn't, it uses your data not a fm chip. Do iPhones even have an fm chip? I wanted to try it because I don't have a radio in my work truck, but I didn't want to use all my data just to listen to the radio. I guess we will just have to wait until something is figured out
  • Wish I had the FM chip 2/5

    By DisneyLouisiana
    When I heard the commercial for this app on the radio I was pumped because I love listening to local radio. When I dug into the details I found out that the iPhone doesn't have the FM chip activated so you're not getting the full affect of the app. If you already use TuneIn or IHeartRadio then it's pretty much the same service with less stations. Some seem to be blocked ( I think Clear Channel has something to do with that) . It has a clean interface and it's easy to navigate through. The sound quality is good and it works like other broadcast radio streaming apps. The original concept is of this app is amazing, but sadly is confined to Android.
  • Mind blowing app lovvvveeeee it 5/5

    By Dediya
    Awesome app love it. Live radio listening to favorite songs and see the artwork and can share buy.
  • Keeps failing 3/5

    By Exring
    I have tried to download several times and it quits just before it is finished. Soon I will quit as well.
  • Nice app, but... 3/5

    By AngryMike88
    I like the app, but the play/stop button is half off the bottom of the screen. Please fix.
  • Bah humbug 1/5

    By Wwwd69
    What a let down. Finally get the app and all it does is crash. Not worth your time.
  • Clean, simple fast! 5/5

    By Vjbrad
    Clean interface app and streams load quick and no popup ads when it loads. Now if they can just get it into apple CarPlay.
  • Great app 5/5

    By tyswebmail
    Great app for live local radio. Good ui.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By waevanoB52
    Excellent flexibility in choosing local stations or those in other states.
  • No all radios 1/5

    By Cdr1986
    Actually not Spanish radios. Only one Mexican. Not Univision radios, not mega 96.3fm Los Ángeles. Useless app for us for now.

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