NFL Blitz - Trading Card Games

NFL Blitz - Trading Card Games

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  • Current Version: 1.9.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Panini Digital, Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Android
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NFL Blitz - Trading Card Games App

Collect, trade, play & dominate the league with NFL Blitz! The only exclusive and officially licensed trading card and collecting app of the NFL and NFL Players Association! NFL Blitz, the first of its kind digital trading card app, let’s you collect thousands of officially licensed digitally autographed cards from your favorite stars and rookies, cards with pieces of memorabilia swatches (just like the real thing), and rare cards and inserts in multiple colors. Be the GM and use your collection to enter real time contests, your cards score points as the players on the field do. Chat with, browse inventories, make offers, and trade with NFL fans from around the globe. Trade up to 16 cards at a time to collect your favorite players, complete sets, acquire rare cards, or build your ultimate contest lineup. Get free coins every day just for signing in, and earn free packs, rewards, and coins for completing sets, making trades, scoring in contests and so much more! New digital cards from Panini’s physical NFL trading card brands like: Score, Donruss, Certified, Contenders, Select and high-end products like National Treasures and Flawless and more are released daily! Find rare and limited inserts tied to special events and key performances, and collect exclusive Panini Instant inserts which feature cards of top performances from your favorite players just moments after they happen!


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NFL Blitz - Trading Card Games app reviews

  • Lol what the??? 2/5

    By Meadski123
    On the trial mode I got Aaron Rodgers and it made me trade him away for a player i didn’t even know.. I soon after deleted the app. Sorry if it’s fun but that rubbed me faaaaar the wrong way.
  • Don’t try pack battle!!! 2/5

    By Acbdfehgji
    Opening packs is fun but don’t waste coins on pack battles. It’s so glitchy that literally half the time it tells you that a pack battle is in progress and you just watch a clock tick down with no ability to see your cards or participate in the battle. Then i usually end up losing 3 out of the 5 individual battles for an overall loss, after not being allowed to pick my cards for the individual battles. It sometimes works fine if I use the free pack of cards, but every time I buy a pack, this happens. Don’t waste your time or coins.
  • Gridiron card transfer 1/5

    By J-Force
    I had several thousand Gridiron cards that never transferred to Blitz. I used same sign on and password as suggested. I have exchanged several emails with their support group. In all their emails they tell me the cards are there or ‘should be’ there. After several more emails inquiring about a resolve to this situation (as I truly enjoy the cards I spent a lot of money on) they have stopped communicating entirely. I would have more respect for them if they just said we don’t what happened to your cards and find a way to address their error. I understand errors happen but just to ignore me says a lot about a company. I’m hoping they reach out and address this error but until then I can not recommend Blitz. You could end up spending money and just have them lose your cards.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Cool zips
    It is by far the best collecting game out there!!!!
  • Panini I am not impressed 2/5

    By thebuttkicker2000
    It seemed okay, but when I tried to sign up, (or do anything) it would just load. And btw, how do you get money? And also, I collect real football card packs from you, it costed 40 bucks, and it promised a signed card. I DIDNT FRICKIN GET IT! NOT EVEN A NUMBERED CARD.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By rickyspanish812
    So I logged in to Facebook on it and it tells me to pick a name and avatar but when I do it it just says required fields are missing also the game logic is pay to win or be really good
  • Blitz 4/5

    By ericb0413
    Game is always lagging . Always issues people still missing stuff from old game Customer service does not respond!!
  • Overall, Excellent App 4/5

    By fukutopia
    I love that it’s much more involved than the Topps trading card app with the various mini games. I just wish it was formatted better to fit the iPhone X screen.
  • Trade 5/5

    By Sailor&Pirate
    Trading enhancements are awesome! Finally!
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone X 1/5

    By Fothree
    Please fix the app to properly work with the iPhone X. It’s been out for months now.
  • What are you really supposed to do 2/5

    By Jax good review
    I played this for 3-4 minutes and it was super boring i do not suggest this for anyone it’s a rip off
  • Gridiron/Blitz 2/5

    By Steve Starz
    At first it was a pleasant change from the issues that were never ending with Gridiron. Fast forward 6 months and $$$$$$ hundreds later similar issues are beginning to rear their head. The past few weeks I’ve according to the app making successful purchases of coins however my money is gone and no coins are received. After submitting 3-6 attempts to address the issues with their customer support I have yet to have been contacted by them. I have now gone to Apples Support with some resolve. I would highly recommend to any potential new users that you DO NOT SPEND your money on this app, there are ways of collecting pictures of your favorite players without spending anything. My current collection is at 74,000 useless, valueless pictures of the NFL. I have 2 regrets with this app 1) I would’ve read the reviews and comments associated with this app because I could’ve bought so many other items that are 3D. Not stuck in my phone wasting memory 2) There were someway of selling or getting rid of this collection for some of the money I spent, I’m disabled with a brain injury and had I told one of my aides about this app they’d never allowed me access to this app because I think their a bunch of cheats. You’ve been Warned, the choice is yours....
  • The loading. 3/5

    By Puff2003
    I'll give this app 3 stars just because I just got this, but the app loads to long. I want to register but it keeps on loading. HEELLLLPPP😫
  • Why can’t I sign up?!?!?! 1/5

    By Cjrenegade1
    When ever I go to sign up it keeps saying I need some more fields to be filled in when all their is are the nickname and profile picture when I save both and it still says I can’t save it because some fields are empty. Help I honesty do not know what to do.

    By Axisdragons
  • Don't waste your time or money 1/5

    By R5A9
    First App I've ever regretted spending money in. First month of the season was plagued with frequent crashes. 15 weeks since release and numerous updates and now it's constant network errors that make it impossible to open packs. 4 months of promises of Gridiron assets being ported and no sign that that will ever occur. Considering the poor reputation the competition has, you'd think it would be hard to not be the better product, but Panini has succeeded in putting the worst card app possible out.
  • Coin making 3/5

    By DCmoney101
    Please increase the amount you get every four hours. I can’t get on that often but when I do, I only get 500 coins and it is very hard to ever do anything. Tops huddle gives 20000 coins ever day and I need more than 500 every 4 hours. At least make it 1000 coins per hour pleaseee. Otherwise I have no complaints with the game.
  • Stay away!!!! You've been warned 1/5

    By Roosterdip
    They were making solid progress and then gave us blitz. Crashes constantly, can't use forum, releases are idiotic, etc etc Then these morons didn't give me all my gridiron coins. I'm done!
  • TERRIBLE APP!!! 1/5

    By BennochWashington
    Indescribably bad app. Nothing worked. I deleted almost immediately after downloading. Awful company in general as non of my ‘free points’ were recognized. Wasted 30 min of my life in frustration. Lesson learned: never again Panini!!!
  • ... 4/5

    By Gydtarw
    Promo codes don’t work
  • Getting Worse 1/5

    By Hightlight_Reel
    I usually never write reviews but I feel the need to. A few onths ago I would have rated this app 4 stars, it crashed every once in a while but was pretty fun overall. However recently they changed the reward from 1,000 coins to only 500 coins which is the worst. Before you could save up the coins and have a reasonable amount over time to buy the packs that are 7,500. Now it takes twice as long and they are basically forcing you to buy coins. Whoever thought of that idea should be kicked off the marketing team.
  • Help 1/5

    By Atagr8
    Really fun just can’t see all my collection I can only see all of my cards when I trade and boost me out a slot and make it easer to make a tab saying collection and saying parlel inserts I don’t want to see all the base I want to see my sigs and relics please fix this game
  • It's just bad 1/5

    By Tom M 1973
    I had an infrequently used Gridiron account and looked forward to the release of the new app to try to get involved. But the app came out late and even after the wait seems terribly not ready. But I don't know how to improve it. It seems bulky, slow, and not intuitive. You even have to wait for a ridiculous splash screen between almost every action. Topps is bad...but Panini unbelievably is worse. I had to laugh...the Dev’s responses to everyone’s issues about being slow and bulky was the same...”please contact support, we are happy to help.” How about just make a better app???
  • Great game 4/5

    By Vikingsfan2004
    This is a great card game but the trading is not good needs more options and better menu
  • Won’t work 1/5

    By CrazyCat_3
    I can’t even open any packs it says failed to get packs and when I save them to my inventory it doesn’t save them. It won’t work!!🙁

    By JeebyWeebiez
    I had bought packs to try and get better cards and I put them in my inventory and when I went to my inventory they were NOT THERE. You should get this app guys
  • Like it when it works 3/5

    By Redfeet99
    I like the app when it works but it crashes a LOT. I'm getting frustrated with it. It it doesn't get fixed soon I will probably uninstall
  • Not great 1/5

    By Cflynn92
    I played it for about 3 days, half the time I’d get an error message when I tried to collect coins. UI is messy and lags constantly. Trading seems pretty useless.
  • Fun but don’t expect perfect. 2/5

    By Moose6918
    This card collecting/fantasy football game is fun if you can deal with something not working at all times. This started as an app to replace Gridiron. Our cards and coins were going to be transferred in a timely manner. Well, like every Topps and Panini app, I have come to believe its all about collecting money and not about the app working. It has been months since this app started and still have not had our coins or cards transferred. I’m pretty sure they are waiting until the NFL season is over so they can maximize sales during the football season and screw the people that saved their coins between seasons on Gridiron. Gridiron had been stopped or at least the sale of packs is stopped. You cannot collect coins or buy packs on the Gridiron app. Every time you buy coins you become a VIP which allows you to get better odds on purchased packs. You don’t just get VIP status. You have to log out and then back in to the app to get the VIP status. Can be confusing and if you are not paying attention you might buy coins twice trying to get your better odds and VIP status. As I have said, the fantasy football part of this app is fun. Use the cards in your collection to choose who’s playing on your fantasy team each week. Problem is you need to set up your team like Monday night after the game. If you wait too long there is a good chance when you go to set your line up, that you won’t be able to log on. It has happened to me 3 of 9 weeks so far. Today I bought five 1000 coin packs. I finally got the QB I wanted to play this week in the fantasy game. I went to my team on the contest page and tried to put my QB in my Fantasy slot. Well all the cards I bought were white and not any information on the card. Couldn’t even figure out what player was supposed to be on the white cards. So I spent 5000 coins and can’t even use the cards I got. I have this review 2 stars because of the fantasy football play that is part of this app. If it wasn’t for this part of the app I would have given 1 star and probably deleted this app. Still might delete it because I’m upset how they are stringing us along and not giving us our coins and cards that they said would be transferred.
  • Code 5/5

    By Royal Jumper
    Type in yoboy for coins
  • Disappointing & Dishonest App 1/5

    By footballcraz
    This App upgraded for the worse! A TOTAL WRONG TURN SOUTH. Horrible layout & storage of Cards. They TOOK 50,000 Coins from me & I got NO CARDS. AND, NO MONEY BACK! I’ve Tried Numerous ways of contacting BLITZ & PANINI. Support Requests, E-Mails & by Phone. No Response or Returned Funds. Now, 2 Weeks later, they took 45,000 more Coins from my Account giving me no Cards! 95,000 Coins they have JUST TAKEN WITHOUT CAUSE! And NO REFUND FOR MY LOSS. This is where you are valued as a Customer. You’re NOT! They want your Money. Then they don’t care if they take it wrongfully. STAY AWAY!!!
  • Trash 1/5

    By JakeKo412
    Nothing work, terrible design looks like Captain America threw up. They want you to spend hundreds of dollars to get anything cool. Just download Topps Huddle if you're going to spend money on a card app. Instead of fixing anything at least they made it so you can't sign out since that was so important. #sarcasm. And to think the 5 star reviews on here aren't by employees or bots is hilarious. Go look up panini digital on twitter and see the amount of issues the app has and no one helps.
  • Can NOT Log In 1/5

    By MikeNishFish
    I cannot even log in to the Blitz site to ContactSupport to let them know that I can’t log in. Plus, despite promises to migrate over my GridIron cards and coins, it has not happened for well over a month. -Golden_Sand_
  • Incredibly frustrating experience 1/5

    By KevinB76
    First off, when the app functions, it’s great. I enjoy passing the time with it and it is designed well and all of that. That said, 2 days ago, I got a message that stated that my session had expired and requested I login again. I click ok, and nothing. It’s stuck and updating the app, restarting the phone etc, did not fix the issue. The worst part is, THERE IS NO SUPPORT! Where is it? The link to support from the app store leads to a form with no option for Panini Digital or anything remotely similar. Terrible, terrible experience.
  • Crash and Burn 1/5

    By Timmyballgame23
    UPDATE 3: Still crashes after update 1.5.0. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Using most up-to-date version of iOS. Really, the only difference now is it crashes *before* you get to the “What’s your favorite team” screen. Just terrible. If I could give it a half-star I would. Giving it 1 star is an insult to other 1 star apps. UPDATE 2: Still crashes after update 1.3.0. Using iOS 11.0.1. Really disappointing. UPDATE: Still crashes after update 1.1.1 ORIGINAL: App crashes before I can get past the "What's your favorite team" screen. I see others don't care for various aspects of the functionality of the app, but, I can't even get that far.
  • Not stable at all on iOS 1/5

    By Caprinae
    This is a joke for right now. Panini rolled this out way too early and the app has constant issues. It doesn’t deliver XP or other rewards properly, it crashes and logs you out often, and the cost of packs is all over the place. Why would Score cost more than Donruss? Shouldn’t this mirror their physical product like Dunk tries to do? I’ll play this for free but I would never buy another thing with real money on this app other than the first .99 purchase I made. Maybe Panini should consider hiring a better mobile team for their digital products.
  • enjoy the idea 5/5

    By Adam Sally80
    Nice concept.
  • Just get what you came for 5/5

    By 46Ruth Sainsbury
    Accidentally downloaded this app today. Love it very much.
  • Extremely disatisfied 1/5

    By BlueDevilsSwagg
    Since this app has been released i have yet to receive any of my coins or cards from gridiron. Keep being told it will happen soon and yet nothing. I want my cards and coins from gridiron or i want to be refunded the $1000+ i spent on it over the past couple years. If u cant provide me with what i paid for then i will be submitting a claim for fraud.
  • Very worth App 5/5

    By Yale Wolf1
    Very good platform.
  • Really good 5/5

    By Cornelius Mark
    Pretty good app, seriouly.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Owen Dulles
    Thank you for setting it up.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Novia Browning
    After trying this platform for some time, I found this app is really useful.
  • will try 5/5

    By tKirk Holt
    Adapted from the Awesome features, I like it.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By iつむらよしこ
    This app is awesome.
  • Lots of info 5/5

    By uFreda Horace
    It looks amazing.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By 76Irma Thorndike
    This app is awesome.
  • enjoy the idea 5/5

    By zLillian Larkin
    Nice concept.
  • Good app! 5/5

    By j.colout
    official license for panini I am a fan of the nfl
  • nice 5/5

    By lokiala1
    I enjoyed every single minute so far. It has all my favorite NFL stars and i think the game is really worth the download

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