NFL Sunday Ticket

NFL Sunday Ticket

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NFL Sunday Ticket App

Stream every live, out-of-market Sunday regular season game with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, exclusively on DIRECTV. Watch your favorite teams in fullscreen or multi-task like a champ to rule your Fantasy League by watching games while reviewing scores, stats, highlights, and articles. VIDEO PLAYBACK AT 60 FPS (NEW for 2017) More frames provide a smoother, more consistent streaming experience. Football games have never looked this good on your iPhone. FULL CONTROL IMMERSIVE VIDEO Games now start streaming when you launch NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Video is even preserved when you navigate through all sections of the app. WATCH YOUR FAVORITE TEAMS ANYWHERE See every minute of every out-of-market Sunday game no matter where you find yourself. DOMINATE YOUR FANTASY LEAGUE The DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE channel offers LIVE game-to-game fantasy analysis and real-time stats powered by Fantasy.* ACCESS STATS, SCORES & SCHEDULES Get complete, in-progress information for all the games. REPLAY EVERY TOUCHDOWN The RED ZONE CHANNEL® delivers the final yards of every scoring drive from around the league.* SET ALERTS ON YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS Add players to your Favorites List and get instant alerts every time they make a big play. CAST LIVE GAMES TO YOUR TV Send games to your TV with Apple Airplay or Chromecast. With improved video and simplified navigation, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is the best way to watch your football. Start watching now! Note: NFL SUNDAY TICKET is available for customers in U.S. territories only. A account and DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX, NFL SUNDAY TICKET BASIC, or NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV subscription is required to watch live video. NFL blackout rules and conditions apply. Streaming is available for out-of-market NFL SUNDAY TICKET games only (1pm ET and 4pm ET games). Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday night, and Saturday games are not part of NFL SUNDAY TICKET and therefore not eligible for streaming. Highlights and Shortcuts are available until 12am ET each Wednesday. NFL SUNDAY TICKET customers must subscribe to the MAX Season Pass to access the RED ZONE CHANNEL® and DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE CHANNEL. Use of the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET app by DIRECTV customers is subject to DIRECTV's customer agreement and privacy policy (available on the website). *Requires a subscription to DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX or NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV MAX


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NFL Sunday Ticket app reviews

  • Way too many games blacked out 1/5

    By ThomNova
    Every week at least three games are blacked out. It seems to have nothing to do with the “local market. “ Also the in-app customer support response function never works. Never. I give up. I will not be scammed by the promise of “every game” next season.
  • Error Domain 1/5

    By Ch9dbr9wn
    I can’t get the app to open for me. Keep getting “domain error.” I’ve tried deleting and downloading the app again. The “support” link goes to a page that can’t be found. Customer service took 45 minutes of my time on the phone, only to say they couldn’t do anything and gave me a different number. Ridiculous. I’ll be removing NFL Sunday ticket for future seasons.
  • Not casting 1/5

    By Zombie lover23
    As of now, it won’t cast to chrome cast. Other apps still work. It may be overall all issue because can’t cast from browser either.
  • Awful - glitches & customer service 1/5

    By Whodatttttttt
    1st - the link to app support is invalid. Wow. 2nd - can’t log in any devices says ‘unknown error domain’. 3rd - spent hours on the phone with multiple customer service reps. 4th - they provided zero solutions. 5th - cancellation
  • Major errors 1/5

    By DrewFrost86
    Will not let me cast through my Vizio TV
  • Just DON’T Trust Me 1/5

    By Omfogo
    The amount of stars I gave in my review are the amount of games you’ll be watching per week. Honestly everyone deserves to get their money refunded. Good job to the people who are part of this scam, you are making tons of money. I hope everone read this before buying this shady service.
  • Glitch glitch glitch 1/5

    By moreyzzzthirsty
    No good.
  • Come on DirectTV 1/5

    By babyheyseus
    Given the amount of money I spend on this, let me record the screen!
  • NFL ticket 1/5

    By Rbertomassima
    Poor ,, it takes for ever to view and does not allow full screen or can't seem to be easy to navigate... from bad to worse
  • can’t watch local games 1/5

    By ChalupaBatman16
    Is ridiculous that just because they’re showing the game locally. What if I’m not home? Can’t watch it. Is stupid. We should be able to watch all the games even if they’re being shown locally.
  • “Please sign out of your other device to stream” 1/5

    By Wii love Metriod
    When this app works, it’s great for watching on the go. For the other 99% of the time, it will refuse to log in citing the fact I’m logged into another device. Keep in mind I’m logged in, NOT WATCHING, on other devices. This is beyond absurd, imagine if Facebook told you to sign out of your home computer when you try to log into the app on your phone while traveling. Absolute trash and laughable at how easy it is to find mobile streams through other means.
  • What?! 1/5

    By jvanber
    I'm paying $60 a month to watch football, and you're forcing me to look at ads every time I open the app? Talk about low-rent. Tell you what, refund me my money, make the Ticket free, and you can show me all the advertisements you want.
  • Best thing ever! 5/5

    By 20yearsofFF
    The app lets me watch one game on my tv, one on my phone and one on my iPad.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Tghddjvd
    Doesn’t work, glitches out every single time
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By D_one4life
    I have direct tv so I was like cool I can watch my team the LA Rams on my phone wrong they won’t stream it for whatever legal reasons (B.S). So I call direct tv to see what’s up they say I have to get NFL ticket so I pay $12.99 to get to watch my team on my phone once again I was wrong total B.S got told misinformation wasted $12.99 because I don’t care to watch any other teams what a sham unbelievable
  • Worst use of money, poor quality app 1/5

    By Bsilver28
    You can’t watch local broadcast games, or prime time games, so if you’re looking to watch games when you’re not at home, too bad. The games you do get are about 2-5 mins delayed so your other apps will have the updates first. If you want to switch to a new device, you have to sign out of the other one first. Signed in on your iPad last and left it at the office? Well looks like you’re not watching games this weekend. And it’s a contract so you can’t cancel when your feed up with it!! Literally the worst sports package on earth.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By cghtdaxvg
    Never works. Always says local games can not be broadcasted even though I’m over 200 miles from any local tv station much less a broadcast of the games I want to watch.
  • Frustrating mobile experience 1/5

    By Zach SLC
    Can’t watch the game because I’m signed in at home, and can only watch if I sign out on the app at home. What’s the point of having a mobile app if I get locked out away from home?
  • Doesn’t fill the screen of the iPhone X like it does the earlier iPhones 3/5

    By Wild4Rock
    Needs to be full screen on the new iPhone X would be great
  • Never able to watch on my phone! Out of market on TV! Why did I get Sunday Ticket ?? 1/5

    By MadPatriot
    One out of eight games this Season. Not worth the BS!
  • Negative 5 stars 1/5

    By BeefSick
    This app never works, not on my cell, roku or my bf’s android phone. When I call customer service nobody can ever help me or find my account. Well then how can they charge me. Don’t do it. It will lead to you missing all your games with a clenched jaw and overall frustration. Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life. A bunch of inept individuals who could never solve the issue and I’m stuck paying for a service I can’t use.
  • Horrible App!! 1/5

    By Freshprince0f91
    What’s the purpose of paying for a service that you rarely ever get to use because the app is completely broken. If you are streaming your games from your phone to the TV (through google chrome), you WILL be kicked off! Then once you try to sign back in, the app will tell you that you are currently logged in. Duh! I was on until you kicked me off! And just like that you are blocked from watching all the games for the weekend. Good luck trying to sign back in. The engineers working on this app need to seriously fix these login issues. All because of an app, NFL/Directv could lose a customer. Makes no sense, Fix it!
  • Error Unknown Domain 1/5

    By Desk_jet30
    Does not work.
  • Awful 1/5

    By dhfrid
    I am never able to login. It always says “sorry for the interruption etc.”
  • Game Overlays 2/5

    By GG1000000
    Please remove the game overlays from the full screen view of the app. It cuts off the top edge of the screen and is very distracting. If I want to go to other games I will just exit full screen view and pick the game I want.
  • Offered packages 2/5

    By slidemike
    I have paid for NFL Sunday ticket twice through the DirecTV service. The next two years they automatically renewed it without my approval costing me money before I could stop it. I think most people only care about one or two teams and don’t need to see Every game every week. I think they would be better served to offer a less expensive package maybe geared around The one Or two teams you care about.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By 214Tone469817
    To many glitches & there’s a big score bar that makes it annoying to watch games & if the play goes to the side where the score bar is...forget about it the score bar block the whole play
  • Stop auto play 1/5

    By EChapple
    Every time you open the app stupid video please. Why would you force on people? Give me the option to press play don’t just assume!!!!
  • Poor Streaming Service and Customer Service 1/5

    By Lordship Andy
    I was on phone for over an hour with support representative and management trying to resolve streaming issues. Most of my time was eaten up by management trying to validate my account. Directv is not ready to compete with primary streaming companies.
  • 🙁 1/5

    By Sachi1119
    Can’t watch the games I wanna watch. Either says it’s not part of the package or nfl rules.... canceling after this season
  • Not All Games, Are Supported To Watch On The App 2/5

    By Studderman
    I try to watch the games on my app while im out, and most of them say, Not apart of nfl red zone, please fix, thats what i pay the extra money for, thanks
  • Remove score header! 1/5

    By MansonsMom
    There is already a ticker tape with scores below screen. Don’t need the horrible score tape on top. It cuts into the view of play making it unwatchable. This is absolute garbage! Fix this and immediately go to 5-star rating.
  • If you don't like watching football, this app is for you 1/5

    By Jimmywhite06
    If you don't like watching football, I highly recommend this app. It has some cool features like "games you can't watch" which seems to be 70% of the games playing every Sunday. Sometimes when I really want to waste my Sunday, I sit and look at the games I can't watch, and imagine what are they like? What's happening in the game right now that I'm missing? Why did I purchase a football app that doesn't let me watch any football in the first place? Too many great questions that can be answered in the 8 extra hours each Sunday that I'm not watching football thanks to the NFL Sunday ticket.
  • Enjoy being able to watch football on phone 3/5

    By Tulsacableguy
    Only three because of the stupid banner on the top (which might be something I can fix just haven’t figured it out yet) if the banner wasn’t there or I could move it to the bottom I would give 5 stars
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Kaity~
    I've been trying to log in to watch my game for the past 30 minutes and it keeps saying "Sorry about the interruption. We're addressing the problem ASAP." I will cancel the sunday ticket in a heartbeat if this happens next week as well. Not worth my money.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Russ123455789
    Can never watch a pats game due to restrictions? What’s the point of this app if it’s supposed to be any game. I can’t stream anything even though I subscribe to it at home.
  • Unknown error domain 1/5

    By Danno Buell
    The app doesn't let me log in.... been 2 weeks now! Horrible!
  • Unknown error domain!!! 1/5

    By MasterJedi217
    I cannot log in to the app any longer. All I get is a screen that says "error unknown domain." I get this across all of my devices both iOS and Android. I rely on this streaming service to watch my games. It hasn't worked for three weeks. I called DirecTV support and stumped them too. They eventually told me to google it and try to find the app manufacturer. According to this DirecTV is the manufacturer. I'd give zero stars if I could at this point. Epic fail
  • No shortcut replays on Monday night? 1/5

    By 10SNE14U
    I started to watch a shortcut replay and then it canceled on me and said none of the games were available. How are you going to watch those games all on a Sunday and Monday. There's not enough time. If they only offer it on Sunday, it's not worth having.
  • Can’t believe anyone pays for this 1/5

    By Gambler1234567
    I got Sunday ticket free this year and what a waste. The only time I would use this is to watch my home team if I’m stuck at work. Well guess what, they are always blacked out. Definitely got exactly what I paid - nothing
  • Awesome Watching on iPad. .. Not 1/5

    By BMAY99
    Pay for this?? Why do i want to watch a scorecard over half of the screen, with the score at the bottom. Maybe get to see 33% of the game. No thank you. All of these great reviews are BS.. or Buffalo Wild Wings Bots.
  • BS 1/5

    By F directv
    Pay $300.00 for this crap and I can't watch the game I want to on my device because it's a "local" game although I am literally half of America away from the game.
  • Directv apps are garbage 1/5

    By BenKL
    This one is no different. Can’t watch the game streams in landscape mode full screen. The video stays in a little box at the top of the app. Why is there no way to rotate?
  • Should be able to watch full screen 1/5

    By Donald Ducks1999
    Can’t watch a game in full screen mode. What’s the point of even watching a game now??
  • More annoying every year 1/5

    By Peter42424242
    Who decided when I open an app that I want a video commercial blaring that I have to turn off? Now loaded with commercials & ads like the rest of the terribly overmarketed NFL.
  • Last season with NFL Sunday ticket 1/5

    By lopez's ipod
    Glitches are constant. I can't even log in. I keep error domain. I called customer service regarding this issue and couldn't help me. I was on the phone for over an hour ON FOOTBALL SUNDAY and they still couldn't fix the issue. Today is Sunday and I can't log in.
  • Does not work. Unknown error domain. 1/5

    By Cover The Earth
    I get an error on login. Spent about 7 hours over the course of three weeks and they couldn’t get it fixed. Just given the run around by their lackluster customer support. Will be cancelling my directv package now after this horrible experience.
  • Players names not listed 3/5

    By Big fisher 1997
    Trying to enter my fantasy team is laughable. Chris Thompson not listed J Ajayji not listed Tyrek Hill wrong picture I gave up haha
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Beefybeans
    After I log in the app just hangs at loading.
  • Headache 2/5

    By WECoastin
    The app is great except for the function where you can only sign into one device . I forgot to sign out of my Xbox and now I can’t watch the game . This happens to often .

NFL Sunday Ticket app comments


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