NHL SuperCard 2K17

NHL SuperCard 2K17

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  • Current Version: 1.04
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: 2K
  • Compatibility: Android
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NHL SuperCard 2K17 App

The premier NHL card battling game is back with NHL SuperCard 2K17! Featuring more than 400 new player cards, exhilarating game modes and a vastly improved visual style, NHL SuperCard 2K17 puts you on the ice and into the action like never before! - Over 400 Player cards! - Quick Game - Season Mode - Rivals Clash - Endurance Mode - Player Training - Card Enhancements


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NHL SuperCard 2K17 app reviews

  • Add VGK 4/5

    By Columnarsword16
    Add the Vegas Golden Knights
  • What happened to weekly events? 4/5

    By LegitSportsFan
    Like the game but weekly events have seemed to stop. Also please update rosters and add more players.
  • What happened to NHL 2K 3/5

    By Beaztmode789
    One of my favorite games for some reason got cancelled. Please bring it back
  • Terrible 1/5

    By SuperSplat3D
    I couldn't even get in the app without it kicking it me out. 😡😡😡😡
  • WHY 5/5

    By DrewBnc
    I haven't been able to play my game because of Game Center? Idk if it's the game or just me but it's getting pretty annoying, still love the game but it's pretty sad when your at 26 days and you can't play for some reason. + add Gretzky pls
  • What happened 4/5

    By ryanchu70
    I love this game it would be nice if Wayne Gretzky was in the game but I haven't been able to login for a month help please I want to play it so much
  • Good... but could be better 3/5

    By 80'srockfan
    Fun game! However, I feel compared to the NBA version of this game it's very generic. There's no auction to buy or sell your cards, there is no challenge to get extra cards, and the get cards feature is very weak. You can get a bundle pack in NBA for the same price as a single card in NHL. I do like you only need two of the same card to make it Pro version. Like I said it's good but could be a lot better if they took a page out of the NBA version and just tweaked it a little bit.

    By Lawrence John Tony
    Great SuperCard game, one of the best. 2 thumbs & 2 hockey sticks up forechecking this game
  • Nhl SuperCard 5/5

    By 3638942288323
    I love it but can't you put in a legendary rick Nash or something or and epic please
  • Best Hockey Game Ever!! 5/5

    By Niki341472
    I love everything about this game but you guys should add an ability for us, players, to trade cards in for other cards or other enhancements or even the helper card things. That would just be awesome!
  • Hard to get into to 1/5

    By Fri fri c
    The game works for 2 games then says connecting to network forever, even when on LTE, so you have to force close the app and restart then keep doing it... trashy
  • Broken 1/5

    By Zaxonite
    It worked for a short amount of time and was very fun. The next day I tried to play it I logged in to the game and tried to play quick play, but it took me to the favorite team screen. After I picked the team it brought me back to the main screen.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Doctor kill yourself
    Won't let you log on to Game Center just horrible
  • Not a good game 1/5

    By Trevor Heide
    This game is so stupid and annoying but it doesn't even work like the old one
  • Infuriatingly pay-to-win 1/5

    By Elliotgluck01
    Impossible to get ahead after a certain point unless you buy their outrageous credits.
  • Just doesn't work 1/5

    By Rjsilvajr
    Game Center won't let you log in. Waste of time to download.
  • Mixed feelings 3/5

    By AustinSprague
    I'd much rather 2K try to make an NHL game for console. Not the greatest experience with this game but I'm not saying it's a bad game. Just "sub par"
  • Quick train 4/5

    By Jphnhl
    I really liked quick train. Is there a way to make it so that you can turn it on or off?
  • Not happy with most recent change 4/5

    By AKosDaBoss
    I love this game, but the recent update got rid of a feature that was exceedingly convenient, Quick Train. Why?? It was so great. I literally would have given this 5 stars if it weren't for that reason.
  • Way to Go 2/5

    By Buffalo1188
    App does not work and is constantly stating it needs an update, THAT does not exist.
  • Stanley Cup 5/5

    By Creeper9076
    I love this game but I think that they should add a Stanley Cup tier .
  • Unfortunate 1/5

    By UnluckySh00ter
    This years version has so many annoying glitches that STILL have not been fixed since the apps release.. were halfway through the season now. Last years app had almost no glitches and simply ran smoother and looked better. Are you guys even trying??
  • Needs update 5/5

    By HR boy 22
    Watching an add for picks not working and constantly showing tips that I've already seen
  • Why Bother? 2/5

    By Songs worth
    Is there no way to transfer my progress from the 2k16 game to here?? I've put a lot of time in the old one and I refuse to play if I can't transfer progress because that's a lot of wasted time.
  • Fun, but limited 4/5

    By _sgdragonslayer_
    I used to grind the last one hard, but this year I don't find it as fun. Lack of features and overall jus nothing new kinda ruins it
  • Fix the calendar 2/5

    By MaJP467478
    Dec. 15, I was going to get the daily reward but the calendar marked it as the 16th. Fix the calendar and get it right, it's not fair because I wanted the epic for Christmas but now I can't so fix the calendar now
  • Fun but 3/5

    By game r8er
    When I log in on like a Saturday, it'll count the log in bonus for Sunday. The days got messed up somehow and it isn't the clock in my phone since I've checked and it's the right time and date.
  • Fun game but 4/5

    By Briiiann
    Whenever I watch an ad, I can't exit out of the ad? If I quit the app, I don't get my reward. Please fix this.
  • Fun, but annoying features 3/5

    By Dizfritz
    Even the slow scrolling (which has been fixed) didn't compel me to say something about it. That "quick train" feature when selecting cards, is such a pain. I mean, 1. It takes up more time so it shouldn't be quick, and 2. I've lost countless cards on accident because I'm still used to clicking anywhere on the screen in order to continue, but wind up hitting the train button. Other than that, I've been a fan since the 16 version, but I hope not to see that "quick train" feature continue the way it is currently set up, whether that means tweaking it, or getting rid of it, either would be an improvement.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Splooge57
    I don't play many games on my phone. This game is perfect for a very quick match to pass time! Love how I can create a team with my favorite players and such. I don't know how to upgrade a player to have a gold crown, can anyone help me out with that??
  • Can't open app 5/5

    By Fabinahoa1234
    Tried to update the app today. For some reason the app said it that it couldn't download at this time but since then my app has been frozen in the installation process. I can't exit it out or find the update in the App Store. I love this app and wish I could play!
  • Can't login 😭 5/5

    By Deseqn
    At 1:00 you said the app will shut down for a little, but I've been waiting for 5 hours now. and it's my favorite app. Please let the matinence notification go away😭 please.
  • Gamecenter 4/5

    By Dylan Berry
    With the new iOS update, gamecenter is deleted. When I first made an account, I didn't have Facebook so I made a Game Center account. Now I cant login because gamecenter is deleted off my phone. Please help
  • (Edited) Needs a good update 1/5

    By C1utchh
    So it's two months later and what do you have to show for it..... Absolutely nothing. Literally no updates on player models, no updates to the scrolling speed in training, not reverting back to the old menus for my cards. This company has the poorest communication to its fan base and players. They haven't even released a Twitter post or checked in at the 2k forums. I'm a vet of this game and I'm checking out, after the last RC with kucherev, there is absolutely nothing left in this game that can be proclaimed as desirable. I played as Firecracker Jim, and I'm checking out, you ruined 2k16 with 2k17 and now you have no intentions to even hear your customers or fan base. Disgusting customer support also. You deserve 1 star. For actually fixing event problems, everything else you have ignored willfully. I played this game last season. It was fun. Still have it. This game needs a good update. Key points are: 1) the "Train" needs to be able to scroll a lot faster through the players. 2) the "combine" option of players to pro them, needs to be the same as 2k16. I find it extremely tedious to scroll through all the players and combine them one by one. 3) when you combine cards, a glitch happens where it shows you the previous card that was combined. I.e. 2 grabners, will show a random pro, 2 etems combined and it will show grabner as the pro, and so and so on. 4) the game also has a lot of cards missing their player pictures. Overall the game feels rushed for release. 5) rewarding previous players for their efforts of the previous season. Helps with loyalty, especially through gamecenter. So far it barely gets a 3 from me. Hope they update these problems soon.
  • Pay to win 2/5

    By Bluehaze20
    In order to win anything you need to pay money to get far. It seems like every team i play against has a legend card when they aren't even in legend tier. I will never spend money on this game especially when it will be irrelevant in the next years game...
  • Fun game but... 1/5

    By mikesolo91
    You guys need to update the pics of the cards I'm getting tired of getting cards that just show a black silhouette with a downloading logo over it...that's getting annoying.
  • An insult to loyal players 1/5

    By Geckoman1011
    I loved the original game. But after spending a year building up my team they move to a new app with the EXACT same game but with UGLIER graphics. There is literally NO change in game play but all my work is lost for absolutely nothing. Disappointment is an understatement.
  • Fantastic game! 5/5

    By lacastle2002
    Super fun, but old version was better
  • It's Not Horrible, But... 2/5

    By Benderman10
    It's not that bad of a game, but it's not really my style. I wish 2K would make a new NHL 2K game where it's like a normal hockey game and it a Supercard game.
  • Need to get more events 4/5

    By Puck plays
    The game takes forever to get new events. please add events soon and the game would be so much more fun. I have over 500 wins and over 600 games played already and it's getting boring to play quick games over and over. please get events soon!
  • Bad 1/5

    By Wayzata400
    Can't even log in with Game Center bad
  • Love the game except the scrolling menu 4/5

    By Fun football player
    Hey guys great game here I love playing it except for one really annoying issue. When I'm in quick game mode and I hit edit line up and I hit train on the card I want to train, it is so hard to scroll in that viewing screen. Usually scrolling is fast and painless but in that screen view for whatever reason takes forever and it's absolutely horrible. Please fix
  • Extremely Disappointing 2/5

    By Benny6417
    I logged hundreds of hours into the previous version of NHL Supercard. The changes made to this version are an instant turn-off for us vets. You can only get the best cards in season mode and in special events. Season mode has been made three times harder and three times more expensive. The events have the potential to be fun but are always an arduous grind- who knows what the developers have in mind for this season? The lack of loyalty rewards and the poor communication from the developers to hardcore fans is extremely disappointing. I have moved onto other games. I played as "Benny" last year on Supercard, wish all the other vets well.
  • First one was good, this is terrible 2/5

    By Gmoney2388
    This was just a bad idea. You had a perfectly good game going, then you decided you needed to make a new one and ruined it. In the first rewards month you can't even get the best player because you idiots made it literally impossible because the game didn't come out at the right time for you to be able to get him. Also, the fact that you get no rewards for playing the last one is stupid. Is that just a liberty for the basketball game? If it is then you guys are plenty of words I can't say here. The layout for this game is also terrible. You went from a logical layout to something even worse than the myNBA layout. You guys really need to put some brainpower into hockey and quit reserving it all for basketball.
  • Total reset 3/5

    By TheSaxGuru
    As you've read, they completely reset the game. You start from scratch. Really a bummer but I'll kill it because of the lessons learned from last season. Scrolling is very slow and they put more cards into Season mode (and allow 40 recharges). New graphics on cards are good.
  • Scrolling issues 2/5

    By Jbartow
    Please fix when training cards and when scrolling thought to select the cards to use to train, it scrolls slooooow
  • Not as crisp as last iteration 2/5

    By hornguardtn
    This new year isn't as crisp as last version. Scroll through to train is sloooooooow. New season system seems a bit quirky as to what cards are used and no way to have them regain energy by being "benched." Could make 4 stars if more polished play.
  • Clunky and minimal explanations 3/5

    By C(Dubb)
    Fun basis for a game, but very confusing when it comes to scoring. No idea what a certain scenario is worth until after, so I never know if I should risk using better players now or wait. Another big problem is the card limit. There's good way to get rid of all of your extra cards or cards you don't need. You pretty much just have to delete all of your low cards. Also anytime you combine two cards, it takes you to the beginning of your list, so now you have to scroll all the way back to take care of more doubles. It's a fun idea for a game, but the mechanics are clunky and there is just no real explanation for scoring.

    By SuspiciousSheepX
    I think 6 star because of just the thought itself like for instance you can do a lot and hockey is fun so 6 star.
  • No "thank you" to returning players? 1/5

    By Pitbaws
    I simply cannot give any additional stars until they reward loyal returning players. I played a lot to earn good cards, but now they're all gone. Some people I talked to spent good $$ on last year's version but they still have to start from scratch with this one too. Also, the slow scrolling problem mentioned in other reviews is accurate, as well as the "forever loading" pictures. Need to add events, too. Proof that this version was rushed to release.

NHL SuperCard 2K17 app comments


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