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Nike+ Run Club App

Your Perfect Running Partner – Nike+ Run Club Nike+ Run Club gives you everything you need to run better and more often—including GPS tracking details of your run, customized coaching plans that fit your goals and adapt to your progress, and nonstop motivation from your friends. In short: We'll help you reach your goals and have more fun getting there. - FULL APPLE WATCH SERIES 2 SUPPORT - TRACKS AND STORES ALL YOUR RUNS AND RECORDS - PERSONALIZED COACHING PLANS FOR YOUR GOALS - EASILY SHARE YOUR RUNS WITH YOUR FRIENDS - COMPETE ON LEADERBOARDS - MOTIVATION FROM NIKE ATHLETES LIKE KEVIN HART, MO FARAH, AND ALLYSON FELIX SUPPORTS APPLE WATCH and APPLE WATCH NIKE+ Get your perfect running partner—on your wrist. The Nike+ Run Club app supports all generations of Apple Watches, with a simple experience designed for the runner in motion. Scroll down on the main screen to select a goal, activate Advanced mode, or adjust your run settings before you head out. Notification, scheduling, and sharing features keep you motivated, improving, and having fun. Includes GPS support for all Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Nike+, and stand-alone mode for first generation Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1. TRACKS AND STORES ALL YOUR RUNS AND RECORDS Get all the detail you need—pace, distance, GPS route, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits. Real-time audio feedback will keep you on track during your run. PERSONALIZED COACHING PLANS ADAPT TO YOU Whether you want to get started, get fitter, or get race-ready, Nike+ Coach has a plan for you. One that starts with your goals and fitness level, and adapts as you progress. CUSTOMIZABLE POST-RUN SHARING WITH FRIENDS Personalize your posts by adding photos, stats and stickers, then customize who sees it—your other social networks, or just your Nike+ friends. LEADERBOARDS LET YOU COMPARE AND COMPETE Easily compare and compete with friends and fellow runners—just tag your miles against specific goals or challenges to see where you stand. MUSIC CONTROLS FOR THE RUNNER IN MOTION With custom Nike+ Run Club playlists, in-run cheers from friends, and encouragement from elite athletes, you’ll have the motivation you need to go a little harder and little further. This app includes Nike stickers you can use in the app and on iMessage to share with friends. You can find the iMessage stickers in the iMessage app store by searching for NRC. By downloading the app, you agree that Nike provides these stickers for you to use only for that purpose. Nike may revoke this permission at any time. Nike+ Run Club integrates with the Apple Health app to sync your workouts and record heart-rate data. Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Nike+ Run Club app reviews

  • Basic Running App 3/5

    By Liljj__
    This review is from a collegiate distance runner. I've had Garmin my entire running career but was fascinated with the idea of a smart watch that did gps tracking and had cool smartwatch features. This Watch provides that and I think linking up with Nike Run Club is a great idea. The rest of the review will dig into my concerns and troubles and the reason I'll go back to Garmin. -This app, which is marketed as the main runner tracker for the Apple Watch 2 Nike+ version is very basic. -It does great for every day running, tracking HR, accurate distance, and calories. -This app lacks cadence and other popular running metrics runners love to track. -This app lacks any form of lap key for just watch. It does have a "speed" option that does lap keys but you must have the phone, so what's the point? This is the biggest frustration with this Watch and it may be more apple fault rather than NRC, but they don't help. -Data fields are weird too. It's one big field, then two small ones. Even for a young guy like me, I really have to zone in on my watch to look for what I want. I don't need that when I'm trying to do mile repeats. Very frustrating -overall this watch lacks the ease of use that Garmin provides at the advanced level. If you just run to run and wish for a sweet watch that is gonna track the mileage and HR. This is for you. If you are training very hard for an event and need the in depth metrics with lap keys, this is NOT the watch for you. -I believe that NRC will roll out these features eventually but who has time to wait. I've seen a lot of reviews about how Nike isn't listening to the people, and I agree. They lost me.
  • love it 5/5

    By BrazenlyVirile
    great app. love that I can use it on the road as well as the treadmill w/o GPS. I love the challenges as well and the fact that I can keep up with how my friends are doing. one thing i would like to see added is more options in the challenges section. instead of seeing who can finish a specific distance in a given time the option should be given to see who can run the furthest during a given time.
  • Awesome training app 5/5

    By Mom 234
    Have loved this app for years as a training tool/mileage tracking tool. Finally getting around to reviewing it
  • NikeRC 4/5

    By Beanzzz65313123
    All the motivation a runner needs!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Visskiss
    Plenty of great stuff here. The coaching section needs work to make it flexible but overall excellent.
  • Maps 1/5

    By Allmmart
    I hate that the newest version of the app on my phone no longer shows a map of where I ran. I find the stickers and pictures options useless. I like when I valued share my runs and it would show a map of where I ran.
  • Prioritizes social media over basic functionality 1/5

    By Once loyal Bedsider user
    This app is great if you want to connect with friends, take photos and post them on social media, and participate in Nike's challenges. This app is not great if you want accurate tracking of splits and elevation, reliable shoe tracking, or have your own training plan that you follow. Nearly every minor update since the last major change has tampered with the data tracking the mileage of my shoes. Somehow I still am missing 5 miles, which I know because I have had to start tracking my own shoe usage, despite Nike claiming to offer it as functionality. The charts that track my pace and elevation over a run is simply not accurate. The summary of splits are right, but they aren't always plotted properly on the graph. How is that even possible? Also, I really can't stand how every Sunday the default screen is a featured "5K challenge" and it is so easy to hit start because it's the same pattern I follow every other day of the week to start my run. It lets you run more than 5K, but there are stupid cheers telling you "you've hit your goal!!" When you run 3.1 miles. That's not so great when your goal is actually 3-4 times as long. Nike - I'm stuck with you after several years and many hundreds of miles. But for the love of God - bring back an option for us RUNNERS.
  • Nothing like crashing 50 mins into an hour long run 👍 2/5

    By Shu Chow
    At least they let you edit and add a run now. God knows how many runs I've lost since the Apple Watch app loves to crash.
  • Apple Watch Nike+ 5/5

    By PNWMomRunner
    Great running companion!
  • Tricky to start and stop runs on Apple Watch 2 4/5

    By Hotstuff66
    I have been a Nike fan for a while starting with the sportband, GPS Watch, and now the Nike Apple Watch 2. Both of my two previous watches had physical buttons. Yes the Apple Watch does have two physical buttons, however they are not used by the Nike+ Run Club App. I have $40 head gloves that have a nice capacitive touch pad on the index finger but, 99% percent of the time I find myself removing a glove to start a run. This is something a never had to do with both my previous watches. As an avid runner, I like to track all my runs including speed work. This is extremely challenging without a physical button because I have to start the watch by finger - sight (tapping a screen) vs finger - touch(pressing a button). The app has a short delay from the time the start button is touched, so when I start a sprint it is difficult to know is the run started or not. This results in many unrecorded runs. Bottom line: The apple watch app needs a crucial fix, the side button utilized as a start and stop function!
  • My Coach is so good! 5/5

    By andibulous.m
    I love the new adaptive Coach plans in NRC. They challenge me every week and also keep the workouts within reach so that I don't give up. It's been so great running 6/7 days a week on my plan. It tells me when to push and when to rest.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Stuby wuby booboo
    This app got me into running. Love it!
  • Nice 3/5

    By Nadilakhan
    I was pretty upset with the change since I loved the old interface, and I do miss the old features. But this new set up is cool and records my runs which is all I really need.
  • Better than my garmin 5/5

    By Cul8rRunner
    I've been using this for the past two weeks and I absolutely love it. The run tracker is feature-packed, reporting through headphones or speakers any splits you would like to hear so that when wearing it on your arm, you never even need to look at the screen. I especially love the training plans. I told it I wanted to run a 10k in 13 weeks and gave it my current fitness level, and it came up with a pretty good training plan--not perfect, but it allows you flexibility to make it your own. I used to run competitively, and since leaving a team, I've found my motivation for hard workouts has waned. This is just the push I need to get out and test my limits.
  • Out of shape runner 4/5

    By DC17526
    Been using the Nike running app for 10+ years. Until the most recent update, this app has been incredibly reliable. Appears Nike has fixed up the kinks so no issues now. I am happy with is product.
  • Promising 2/5

    I've used the Nike app three years. This update HAS been frustrating, but I can see where it's headed and that looks good. The little bit of audio coaching I'm the benchmark run is helpful. I hope they do more. The interface is easier. I like the training club app as a go together. Update: I have given this app months now and it just gets worse. It fails to load at least half the time. I do other cross training but it keeps trying to push me to the other Nike app. None of the running programs allow for no NTC workouts. The voice feedback doesn't work for almost any of the speed workouts, which is when it would actually be helpful to not need to look at my watch or phone. As a basic app, it was great. Now, it is just a glitzy waste and frustration.
  • Not Syncing Apple Watch runs 1/5

    By Z100 master
    I have been using this app for years and the new update makes the run not sync when I use my Apple Watch.
  • Use apple Nike watch 5/5

    By Stormshadoe
    Best with watch
  • Overall it's the best running app I've used 5/5

    By Bracket King
    Been running with Nike for awhile now and the new app isn't as bad as everyone is saying. There were growing pains with the new update but the core functionality is still solid. It gets the job done and shows all the stats I'm looking for.
  • So close 4/5

    By The other runner 5
    Seems a bit over complicated. The run tracking & goals are great, but the social stuff is nonsense.
  • Better 5/5

    By Bobczap11
    Recent updates make the app much better than previous versions
  • Simply the best 5/5

    By Abelito1986
    I have tried many apps like this one but all fail this is the best app for your running/walking/jogging needs!!! If there were 10 stars I would have gave them 10 stars.
  • It's good 3/5

    By Lantz1781
    I like the playlists and the trainers talking to me! Sometimes I find the app takes ages to load or sync. If I'm running at 5am it better not be for nothing or get screwed up because the coaching won't load. Sometimes I do the run on my schedule on a different date and it won't check. Other times I've edited my schedule and it won't stay that way. I just need the app to know 9 miles doesn't work for me on a Wednesday. Also, I sometimes can't find and friend people who I know use it. Unless they're lying to me about how to friend them. Possible...otherwise I like it! Wouldn't want to lose it :)
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Seattlegirlxo
    Best app for training
  • Update on Mar 23, 2017 1/5

    By clinton1994
    The last three updates have rendered this app useless to me. I'm not sure where the five star ratings are coming from, but I'm definitely suspicious that they're not authentic. This app has not been the same ever since they switch from the original format. Constantly crashes and sometimes it won't even open.
  • App is great when it doesn't crash. 2/5

    By sliced365
    I've logged 30 runs, I keep trying to get a Sunday 5k streak going but every other Sunday or every third Sunday my app crashes at the end of the run and doesn't record it. Really annoying.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Abp1021
    Very disappointed in this app, bought the apple watch Nike edition, so view this as more than just a free app. Updates have made it worse. Lately has been crashing during run, without any notice it has stopped recording. Has happened indoor, outdoor with phone and outdoor without phone. I couldn't even restart a new run after last crash--nothing happened when I pushed start. Would be great if it worked, but it often doesn't.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Shehdhdhce
    By far the best running app I've used!!
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By ChristineKS
    Love love love...

    By Wolverinehouston33
    Does anyone else have the problem with the app crashing mid run? Happened on a 10k race at a water stop so I thought maybe the auto pause was the culprit. Disabled that function. Happened a few more times and I thought maybe there is some kind of cross talk w my phone. So I started leaving my phone at home. Last weekend during a half marathon race AND again today during a 20 mile long run the app crashed at a little over 9 miles. I told myself I was stopping on the way home to buy a Garmin. And I did. I don't need the trophies or the cheers. Just need the app to run as long as I do. I'm over it, Nike.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Whizzer9
    I got this app a couple of years ago when I started running. It is a great way to keep track of progress. I like the GPS as opposed to the thingy in the shoe. I also find the pace information very helpful as well as the graphs of past runs.
  • Getting better, still my favorite, but.... 4/5

    By Shoetr
    I'm fairly happy with improvements you've made since the first update to the new app and this is my go-to app for running. The sharing aspects are great, the app itself is easy to use, and the blog pages are informative. Having said that, you got some room to grow here and some things that have been asked for for quite a while. 1. Guessing the the Speed option is the interval option that I've been asking for a while. I'm saying "guessing" because the Apple Watch Nike+ saying that you have to use the iPhone for that option. Kinda ironic since "Nike+" is in the Watch's name. Please adjust the watch app to make this work. 2. While I'm talking the Watch app, any chance you can get the iPhone and Watch apps to talk to allow Coach programs to be visible on the Watch? (E.g. Add a button for Today's Coach Program run) 3. Still can't make routes with this app yet and in-run nav/directions ..... You're getting a real competitor on this front from RunGo....and I'm willing to pay for this to be add-on feature (yes, you read that right.) Please add this capability. (Not the first time for this issue being brought up btw...) 4. Nike Training Center does not always communicate workouts to Nike Running and vice-a-versa. Unless your NTC workout is part of your NRC workout, you have to manually enter the workout into your plan. Since both apps work off of the same Nike password, why can't they seamlessly talk to each other? (Another continuing problem...) I get it, this is a free app and I'm probably asking a lot. I REALLY do like the app and have been loyal for a long time. Annoyances like the ones above make devoted members like me start looking elsewhere....
  • NRC+app 2/5

    By @khalifornia_
    NRC app is ok. Not as good as the version from a couple years ago. I like the fact that you can manually input your mileage if you run the treadmill or indoor track. I wish the app would bring back how you were able to see your friends mileage, their furthest run, longest time run, etc...that's my only complaint. Another issue I'm having is that my latest runs are not syncing and show a "sync pending" message that have been there for a week. Been hooked up to wifi and have re uploaded the app and nothing has changed.
  • Good, but no reason it can't be better 3/5

    By june-de-la-bug
    I use this app with an Apple Watch Series 2. I like the features the app has, but I see no reason it cannot give you the elevation of your runs?? Also, it has stopped/crashed during runs at least 3 times and there's no sound or indication that let's you know which really messes up a workout. With all of Nike's money and resources these are pretty much unacceptable issues. I'm stuck using it b/c the Activity app on the watch is worse. Perhaps some updates will resolve this.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mandi-loo
    Love absolutely everything about this app and their other app, the Nike train club. The only thing that could make either one any better was if they allowed a person to have two training plans at the same time. I am training for a half marathon but would love to be able to have a basic cross training workout plan at the same time.
  • What Happened?!? 1/5

    By LVAv8or
    I've had this app since 2013, and back then it was amazing. Now it seems this app gets worse and worse with each update. First they got rid of achievements which I thought really pushed me to do better. Then the app stopped playing my music (all of my songs have been legally bought through iTunes). Now when I do running programs to improve my time and distance the information doesn't save. Nike needs to listen to the phrase "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
  • Great App! 5/5

    By myhuio
    Great app! The Apple Watch Series 2 integration has improved over the last few updates and is now nearly seamless. I'm able to leave my phone behind and exclusively use the Apple Watch app to track runs. I've been tracking runs with Nike+ for ten years and wouldn't consider tracking runs with any other fitness tracker, app or company. My only complaint is that Nike+ Apple Watch complication doesn't automatically update after each run. However, I think this might be an Apple issue and not Nike, since my other non Apple complications don't automatically update either.
  • Running 5/5

    By luunatic
    Love this app. Use it to track my runs.
  • Loved the old app a whole lot more 2/5

    By Gaby224
    I decided to get the Apple Watch just a week before they went and overhauled this app. I'm trying to like it, but it crashes a lot when the watch it out of range from the phone. My whole reason to get the watch was not having to carry the massive phone during my runs. I hope they get this right. I never had problems with the older version of the app. Why fix something that's not broken and we all love already? I guess to add more sneakers ads?
  • Just Do It 5/5

    By ricegator
    Simple, effective encouragement and accurate data to run with. Just get this free app.
  • Great running app for years 4/5

    By Regmeister91
    I've used this app for years, starting when I started training for 10ks. The encouragement from runners and coaches at the end is cheesy, but it makes me laugh and it does feel good. I like the auto pause and resume and the notifications. The one thing I'd improve about the app is adding a heart rate monitor integration feature. This way, I could see my HRM on the screen and it could give me notifications along with the other stats. Currently, I use 2 apps when running...
  • My Battery! 4/5

    By Bats1966
    The new version got off to a slow start but is shaping up to be a great app.
  • Great running app 5/5

    By J9874
    Easy to use. Tracks all distance covered. Wish there was a way to switch it to a warm up and cool down. So could track all distance covered but keep time for run.
  • it's cool 3/5

    By Will Boh
    I wish when i reach my distance i set to run the app would stop the timer and record that distance and not continue to record time after i hit my initial distance, other than that everything is cool
  • Nike Apple Watch 3/5

    By Michael1234321
    I would love to be able to see my average pace, and my current pace at the same time on my Apple Watch.
  • Sunday morning 3/5

    By Toxon
    It's an improvement over some of the other upgrades, but I really don't like the Sunday 5k nonsense. First of all, I run longer than that on Sunday. Second, that stupid comic voice is really irritating when all I want to hear is my music.
  • Outstanding!!! 5/5

    By Macagojo
    I use it for my everyday running 🏃🏻 it delivers what you expect from a running app. 10+
  • Crash 3/5

    By Ipoduser30gb
    Love this app. Works well with my Garmin app. Crash and slow start and I have to keep reinstalling it in order to work well.
  • It's so great! 5/5

    By Namballack
    This is a good app. It's useful to run everyday.
  • Merci de votre effort! 5/5

    By EJ BAE
    Cella m'encourage toujours a courir :)

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