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  • Current Version: 5.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Nike, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nike+ Run Club App

Your Perfect Running Partner – Nike+ Run Club Nike+ Run Club gives you everything you need to run better and more often—including GPS tracking details of your run, customized coaching plans that fit your goals and adapt to your progress, and nonstop motivation from your friends. In short: We'll help you reach your goals and have more fun getting there. - FULL APPLE WATCH SERIES 2 SUPPORT - TRACKS AND STORES ALL YOUR RUNS AND RECORDS - PERSONALIZED COACHING PLANS FOR YOUR GOALS - EASILY SHARE YOUR RUNS WITH YOUR FRIENDS - COMPETE ON LEADERBOARDS - MOTIVATION FROM NIKE ATHLETES LIKE KEVIN HART, MO FARAH, AND ALLYSON FELIX SUPPORTS APPLE WATCH and APPLE WATCH NIKE+ Get your perfect running partner—on your wrist. The Nike+ Run Club app supports all generations of Apple Watches, with a simple experience designed for the runner in motion. Scroll down on the main screen to select a goal, activate Advanced mode, or adjust your run settings before you head out. Notification, scheduling, and sharing features keep you motivated, improving, and having fun. Includes GPS support for all Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Nike+, and stand-alone mode for first generation Apple Watch and Apple Watch Series 1. TRACKS AND STORES ALL YOUR RUNS AND RECORDS Get all the detail you need—pace, distance, GPS route, elevation, heart rate, and mile splits. Real-time audio feedback will keep you on track during your run. PERSONALIZED COACHING PLANS ADAPT TO YOU Whether you want to get started, get fitter, or get race-ready, Nike+ Coach has a plan for you. One that starts with your goals and fitness level, and adapts as you progress. CUSTOMIZABLE POST-RUN SHARING WITH FRIENDS Personalize your posts by adding photos, stats and stickers, then customize who sees it—your other social networks, or just your Nike+ friends. LEADERBOARDS LET YOU COMPARE AND COMPETE Easily compare and compete with friends and fellow runners—just tag your miles against specific goals or challenges to see where you stand. MUSIC CONTROLS FOR THE RUNNER IN MOTION With custom Nike+ Run Club playlists, in-run cheers from friends, and encouragement from elite athletes, you’ll have the motivation you need to go a little harder and little further. This app includes Nike stickers you can use in the app and on iMessage to share with friends. You can find the iMessage stickers in the iMessage app store by searching for NRC. By downloading the app, you agree that Nike provides these stickers for you to use only for that purpose. Nike may revoke this permission at any time. Nike+ Run Club integrates with the Apple Health app to sync your workouts and record heart-rate data. Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Nike+ Run Club app reviews

  • Terrible update 1/5

    By TMo40
    Used to use this app a lot. When they removed the challenge feature and added all of this social media hashtagging it went to trash. Now I have to search for another app that lets me engage with friends :(
  • NRC 5/5

    By TheJoe23
    This app is great!!!!!
  • Nike Run App 4/5

    By Marine7865
    Great app!
  • Great app 5/5

    By rempsu
    Easy to use lots of functionality
  • I love this app 5/5

    By J Tyna
    It keeps me motivated, it tracks accurately, I've been using it for 4 years and it just keeps getting better. Without this I would run once a month. With it I'm running all the time! Great app.
  • Wonderful 5/5

    By Caroline_awsome
    It's the perfect motivation to work out and eat better is perfect
  • Pretty app 5/5

    By JavD
    Like the layout and challenges. Keep it coming.
  • Simple smart running app 4/5

    By Erratto
    I am not an avid runner but I like to measure my effort and track my progress and this app allows me to do that easily. It integrates seamlessly with my music and shows me my effort and distance accurately, which is a plus. One downside was in my first run when the app paused my workout without telling me. Frustrating to find when I realized enough time had posted and stopped to look that my progress wasn't being tracked to my goal even though I met it and with no communication.
  • Motivating??!! 3/5

    By Costanzinople
    Just an FYI, the only thing Kevin Hart could motivate me LESS to do than run or work out would be to pursue a career in comedy.
  • Motivational 5/5

    By RunnerRH16
    This app motivated me to go running and stick with my plan. It made me feel some what excited to work out as well. If you are reading this review I urge you to give it a try because I know you will really enjoy it.
  • Updated review 3/5

    The latest update has a few does not always mention each mile, and when it is set for distance run it doesn't say it when you reached that goal. Love Kevin Hart's voice for weekly start on Sunday. It would be nice to have his voice as a feedback voice as well for every run. Thanks!
  • Helped me to stay ACTIVE! 4/5

    By Powerbottom34
    Easy to use and helped me to stay active and healthy! Works with the Apple Watch... There's some few lags/ delays but I'm sure developers are working on it with updates!
  • Races 3/5

    By Marrsal
    Please make an option for it to have 5,10k and half marathon races every 30 minutes across the globe competitors.
  • NIKE Not Putting The "JustDoIt" Attitude Into This App 1/5

    By Ueno Murakami
    I am not liking where NIKE is going with this App. Fix the crashing problems!! You are NIKE - JUST DO IT!! Also, upgrade to an interval timer and recorder function included with the App, but this really is small beans. The big problem is the crashing. I will not use this app anymore while I train for a marathon trail run. I need the reliability of a basic stopwatch, a pen, and a paper notebook. Sometimes technology just can't keep up.
  • Love the ability to customize to your needs 4/5

    By ckasselman
    This app has great flexibility to customize your workout schedule to your personal schedule. Love the workout variety as well!
  • Great running app 5/5

    By Kayley Rae
    Easy to use, starts runs quickly, accurate, lots of options for giving yourself incentives and personalizing your run.
  • Good 5/5

    By Aaron Riddles
    It works really good. It tells me every mile my time and quick my mile is. It stops my workout when I stop. Then starts when I go again. I would recommend it to any walker or runner.
  • Almost... 2/5

    By artypants2go
    Though I haven't personally experienced the crashing that other are reporting, I also don't run with my phone that often. I want to preface this review with an understanding of the gear being used; Nike+ Run Club, iPhone 6+, Apple Watch 2, Jaybird X2. My main issue with the app right now is the lack of tight integration. The watch app seems like an afterthought (despite Nike having their own apple watch model), as it's only good for quick-starting workouts. If you have a workout plan set up with the coach, this is quite frustrating as the workouts and voice prompts won't be synced to the watch. They attempt to alleviate this by adding a way to "connect" a watch run to a workout afterward, but again, an afterthought nonetheless. My solution to the above is allowing the user to sync the workout to their watch before leaving the phone at home. This way, a user can connect their Bluetooth headphones to the watch and use the prompts and music through their respective watch apps. Afterward, when the watch connects to the phone again, it can delete the prompts and workout once the data has been synced. Although, perhaps a lost movement metric, NikeFuel is only generated via using the run app on the iPhone. Even the Apple watch 2's GPS and heart rate monitor being used throughout the workout will not generate NikeFuel. I have no reasonable understanding as to why this is the case, as I'm sure it's not just a case of the watch lacking a barometer. I really do enjoy using this app and it has made this former hater-of-running enjoy it a little more. The solutions to the integration problems aren't especially taxing, and I hope they make their way to the apps eventually.
  • Great app for the average mom and pop 5/5

    By Ac112011
    As a father of three I am always trying to find some time I can squeeze a run in or some type of exercise. This helps me keep track and encourages me to run when at a son's game or event before it starts.
  • The app needs work 2/5

    By Mark Sweaty
    I recently started using this app and was initially impressed with the quality and features. However, I've noticed that it doesn't sync well (if at all) with the Nike+ app. The battery life on my iPhone 6S has also taken a huge dive since I began using this app.
  • Good, but not great 3/5

    By ktan419
    Please provide announcements when switching from run to walk, or vice versa, during interval runs.
  • App used to be great.... 1/5

    By JAH2014
    This app is GLITCHY AF since the major "update". And the coaching part makes ZERO sense. I used to love this app and have used it for several years, but it's pretty worthless now. 😡
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By Good enough huh
    Everything relevant to tracking running does not function normally after the update
  • Great ap!!! 5/5

    By Jmoneyman3752
    Training for my first 15k and it is helping a lot to keep me motivated. It is an excellent way to track overall progress as well as real time pace. Update: still using this 4 years later. Works great and does everything I need.
  • Great app needs a minor tweak 4/5

    By Baywatch
    Please add a voice over status report option that reports heart rate and lap time option along with the mileage and time report to the Nike Run Club app. It would be the perfect app if that happened.
  • Great running app! 5/5

    By Chief1901
    I love this app. Best running app available for the Apple Watch!
  • pretty good as planer 4/5

    By quasidopamin
    still need to test it more, but is quite good. some problems to save some information, like type of road for a particular workout,but the main function is good.
  • Best app ever 4/5

    By B4aldmero
    Great app
  • Was great, now is okay. 3/5

    By Lklopez12
    Used to be 5 stars, now it's a 3 star app. Still use it and gets the job done but was so much better before the update.
  • 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 4/5

    By David Schwinger 😁
    It gives me the ability to track my athletic processes, I just wish there was a way I could track a few other types of running workouts. Other than that, this app is amazing! Recommended.
  • Unwanted motivation 3/5

    By TheeFrenchie
    First let me preface by saying that I've used this app for the last 6+ years, it's had some great updates. However, the Apple Watch version of the app is very glitchy. I was having probably one of the best runs of my life, I'm talking about sub 7 min mile on a road in the middle of nowhere in Germany, totally getting runners high and loving life. I look down on my Apple Watch to see the status of my run only to see that it froze...I was so angry, I ran home as fast as I can thinking about the scathing review I was going to write, when I got home I realized that I just ran a sub 6:30 min mile...all because the only thing that I was thinking about was writing this review...
  • Great app, great run no more :( 1/5

    By Casinero
    Used to Love this app. This a great case study of how a brand killed a great application. This app used to provide users with great stats, and allow them to share accomplishments with friends. The new and downgraded version does not allow it anymore. I don't recommend it anymore.
  • Update Failure! Fix The Bugs Please .. 1/5

    By Estevan1993
    I used to run consistently a while back and this app was the one I used and loved. Features were awesome from tracking and actually mapping out your run to being able to be detailed from type of environment your in to shoes your wearing (if nike) etc.. After a while I stopped carrying so much about the app and actually even stopped running. I've now began to motivate my self once again and thought hey why not use the app that helped me once. I've recently downloaded the app and noticed they upgraded the look on the app and when I launched it, it asked me to join or sign in, so i tried to sign in and it just crashed. After several attempts I tried to sign up as new and it still crashed! Eventually I grew frustrated and deleted the app. I used my fitness pal once so might just use that for now...Nike I am a huge fan of the brand so please fix this!
  • No coaching plan on Apple Watch Nike+; Garmin data sync workaround 2/5

    By whsu
    I started using my Apple Watch Nike+ edition and I the idea of having a "coach" to help plan a reasonable schedule for me was appealing. I like that the iPhone app does that for me. For the first 2-3 runs I thought all was fine. This week it's telling me I have a "benchmark" day comprised of 3 phases: warm up, benchmark, and cool down. Since I run without my phone, I was surprised that there's no integration between the phone app and watch app. So, in order to know which phase I should be on, I need to carry the phone with me, which exactly what I wanted to avoid with a series 2 watch. One feature I really miss from my Garmin fenix 3 is a virtual running partner that would show me relative to a fixed pace partner so I knew to change my current pace restive to my selected pace. If you're having problems syncing data from Garmin Connect to NRC, I found that I need to log out and log back in to NRC after each run to see the Garmin data. The Nike+ web site syncs with Garmin Connect almost instantly but the NRC app won't sync even when I force a sync. You'd think it would sync flawlessly with the Nike+ web site. Hopefully Nike will fix this soon. Integrate the coaching into the watch app and I'll upgrade to 4 stars. Add a virtual partner and fix the sync issue and I'll give 5.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By NotanNRCfan
    I have used this app for 3 years and have 3500 miles logged. It used to be simple and reliable. The newest version is garbage! It often crashes mid run and sometimes does not start at all. I hate having to switch to another app and losing all my run data, but this version is too frustrating.
  • Great 5/5

    By Mark Kingpin
    Thanks improving the features for each releases
  • Memberships card 2/5

    By JoseloMiguelo19
    Not working for me, any idea why?
  • Crashes ALL the time 1/5

    By Mexicolombiana
    I use the app with my Apple Watch series 2. This app started crashing ALL the time since the new update and I'm considering changing to another app except ALL my miles are logged here. That's the only reason I keep using it. It pretty much crashes during every single run. It basically stops mid run and then doesn't even log the part of the run before it crashes. After it crashes it won't even restart until I turn the phone and watch on and off. It's pretty much worthless at this point - and the indoor runs are not calibrated all either. Nike better fix it or I'm switching to another app.
  • I loved this app. 5/5

    By Nuvyq
    I loved run with this app in combination Nike+training, had try with others app, but this did not work for me. Simply this is the best.💕👍🏻
  • Everything I loved about it gone... 1/5

    By Prestonisgreat!
    I normally try to give apps some leeway on their app updates... And normally even the dramatic updates end up being better in the end. At this point, I'm not sure how Nike will pull out of their recent disaster of an update. Here are just a couple problems I've experienced: 1. I was in the middle of a coaching program that just disappeared. I was told to set up a new one but all the new programs are way more complicated then what I want. 1.1 I still get daily updates telling me what my old program was, which really only acts as a reminder of what a horrible update this was. 2. All mileage associated with my shoes are gone. 3. My leaderboard won't populate any data. 4. Social share functions are either gone or buried too deep to be worth using. 5. The feed is nothing but a platform for Nike to advertise. 6. I can't find or add friends easily. I am really surprised at how off this update is. Seems like a company as big as Nike could get this right.
  • Inconsistent 1/5

    By Jam8891
    Love the app, when it works, which is very rare with the latest update. The app crashes every time I try to edit a run (like add my challenge rating or shoes). It takes at least 15 seconds between pressing start and saying "beginning workout"- it seems to get hung up on "1" every time.
  • Thank you Nike 5/5

    By SleepyTheDon
    Nike I can't thank you enough. Ive gone from 260lbs to 229 and this app and the NTC app played a huge part in helping me realize my potential.
  • You've ruined it 1/5

    By sjb100
    Nike+ Run Club app ctashes a lot. Lost some of its Facebook functionality with the redesign. We don't need photo sharing when it comes to tracking runs. WTH.
  • NRC 5/5

    By OmegaCorbin
    I like the app. It connects to all of my social media apps and the challenges you can present to multiple people is awesome.
  • Awful, seriously awful... 1/5

    By Tanchica45
    I was using this app to train for a half marathon, and more often than not, the app would lose my completed runs. The app says it will take your progress to assist with adjustments with speed and tempo as you work through the scheduled runs- but if it doesn't keep your runs even after you've saved them, it can't make any adjustments- so what's the point? Deleting all my Nike apps.
  • Update the app or be deleted 2/5

    By lifesaverservant
    So man bugs on this app... crashes and training coach doesn't work correctly. :/ it' tough because I want to love this app! I don't mind paying for something that works correctly. I guess me buying your $200 socks with rubber on them should tell you that. But I guess that was not enough for the developers of this app.
  • My favorite fitness app 5/5

    By Clouded_focus
    The Nike apps are my favorites they've pushed me to improve and challenge myself and my friends I recommend it to everyone
  • Great app 5/5

    By Imake money
    Great app love the free coach
  • Only if 3/5

    By I gave it a shot
    This App would be better if i can connect to my spotify instead of iTunes. It helps you stay motivated, so from that aspect it's great.
  • Overall very good and accurate 4/5

    By Queenie DS
    I think the app is overall very good and accurate. I've been using it for years. I like that you can track which shoe you're running with. My only complaint is that I've had it erase all my data when I've installed an update before. Doesn't happen with every update but annoying when it does happen!

Nike+ Run Club app comments

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