Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

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  • Current Version: 1.1.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Nintendo Switch Online App

The Nintendo Switch Online app is designed to help enhance your online gameplay experience on Nintendo Switch™. With this app, you can check game-specific services (e.g., SplatNet 2 for Splatoon 2), invite friends to play with you via social media, and use voice chat while gaming. ◆ Do you play Splatoon 2? If so, you can make use of the dedicated SplatNet 2 service! You can use SplatNet 2 to check all sorts of vital battle-related information, including match results, stages, and rankings! ◆ Inviting friends via social media You can invite friends to play with you in supported games via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Of course, you can easily invite your Nintendo Switch friends, too! ◆ Using voice chat while gaming You can enjoy voice chat in different ways depending on the type of game you're playing. Chat with everyone in your room or split voice chat into teams and have it out head-to-head! *In order to use these services, a Nintendo Switch game compatible with this app is required. Splatoon 2 is compatible with this app. Attention: ● You can use the Nintendo Switch Online app for free until the paid subscription service launches in 2018. ● A persistent Internet connection is required to use this app. Cellular data may be used. ● A Nintendo Switch console, a Nintendo Account, and supported game are required. ● You must be at least 13 years or older to use this app. ● Your use of this app is subject to the Nintendo Account User Agreement, available at


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Nintendo Switch Online app reviews

  • BAD IDEA 1/5

    By XhshgdgdebbdßBhłreęæœ
    This should be in the switch itself! I find it so stupid that you guys didn't put it in the switch. Very bad
  • Can’t log in 3/5

    By PizzaMusicGamer9
    I can’t log in with one of my accounts and that’s really annoying because that is my main account , but otherwise it’s a good app
  • Pokken 4/5

    By Yalawan
    Okay I think this app is really cool and all but I also think it’s an Nintendo app not just a splatoon 2 app you guys should consider putting other games that are meant for online gaming like Pokken and others. Other wise great job 😁
  • A Really Good Idea 4/5

    By ChrisMS39
    I think the idea of this was executed very well. Of course, there is voice chat that everyone complains about. But it makes sense since the Switch won't always have Internet. I would like to see some sort of messaging system. Also a widget with the stages would be cool. It shows the current and next two stage rotations for all the battle modes.
  • Really? 1/5

    By TinyBoxTim12345
    I'll be honest, the only reason I got this was for Splatoon. But....why wouldn't you have this in the actual game itself?! It's pointless to really only have this app for ordering clothing, and the first way you did it in Splatoon 1 worked perfectly! Why would you change something like that?? Also, if you do make an app to make people order exclusive items, next time add in the ability to order more than one thing at a time. (maybe 4 maximum but seriously, thats just idiotic.) In short this app is a waste of space and is really only needed to order clothing for splatoon 2.
  • Does it work? 1/5

    By Ghhjgddvhjjgcxxchjbgfsegh
    Does it only work with Splatoon 2 or what ? It says this service doesn’t work with your account
  • Waiting for Improvements 3/5

    By Peacek33per
    I see the potential of this app, but very little has been realized right now. Hoping to see more features when the full paid online service launches.
  • Discord was better,no joke 1/5

    By ConnorIsNotHappy
    It’s 2018 and people are STILL on this app? People,take a break! I feel like someone is gonna respond with “but Connor,this app has no flaws” Well I say... YOU ARE WRONG! This app is flawed! There are many problems with the app,so let’s go over them. MUST keep the app on to continue chatting MUST have the app to voice chat on the Nintendo switch And much,MORE... Yeah,but here are things they can FIX(yes I said fix) about it 1.have a choice in parental controls to not have voice chat 2.have a “report” button in case someone does something mean to someone else I know I’m ripping off haedox,but that should be clear. But This review is over
  • Meh 1/5

    By HyperDreamer
    Worth to download, but not worth using for voice chatting. If you’re going to use a voip app on the phone, iPod, or iPad, get discord.
  • Dx 5/5

    By Lucalut
  • More bad than good 2/5

    By Knightlot
    On its own merit this app is promising, especially when using shop functions in game (Splatnet ordering). I’ve tried reinstalling this app and a host of other fixes but there are several features which simply do not track progress, such as splatfests. Setting up voice chat is a chore and does nothing for anonymous players. Whether the Nintendo app suggests that competitive players should already be established from the ground up in person, or they want to pander to a younger audience learning how to group online, it’s just not feasible as a reliable companion for any game at this point.
  • Log in 1/5

    By 19Boyscout
    I can’t even get logged into the stinking app I change my password like three times typed it in correctly like 20 times and it still won’t let me in nothing is wrong with what I’ve been typing in is Seriously just won’t let me in I even try to log into Facebook with it and it won’t it let me get past the login
  • Nintendo, plz do better! 1/5

    By slowslop
    The app looks promising. But there is only 1 game in there for ppl to chat on. ?!!!! Disappointed.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Ghmdihhu
    This is terrible
  • Can’t Connect 4/5

    By nitedo
    I have my switch right in front of me and I login and it does my thing you cannot sign in
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By CrackityJones33
    After being surprisingly amazed by the performance of the switch, I’m surprisingly disappointed with this application. At this point, it only works with splatoon 2, is somewhat complicated to use, and most media sources are stating this will be a subscription service in the future. Don’t mess this up Nintendo. Keep your customers happy and we will keep coming back. Will update review in a few months.
  • Not the app 5/5

    By KRB814
    I want a new game for the Nintendo switch,splatoon 3! Pls Pls PLS! I have always wanted to be a game maker so this is my chance! So please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just one thing 3/5

    By Charlie37544883
    So I might change my review I just have one thing. Add a simple controller to this app. Not to where you can play games but if you want to look at news or do some other stuff that we don’t need a full remote for like don’t use it for games
  • You're joking right? 1/5

    By Kawaii-Art-Life
    This app is literally useless. It should be built into the switch like Xbox or PlayStation. And I mean the app doesn't even work it is literally only for a splatoon
  • Nintendo it's 2018 1/5

    By StarfleetGwen
    Why Nintendo, it's 2018. Why isn't this already integrated into the console itself? Why do you guys constantly drop the ball on the online play and interactions? As a company you have innovatived motion control and handhelds, amongst other things. Why can't you get online right?
  • Beautiful concept, original design. 5/5

    By aerophisher
    Thank you Nintendo for making an awesome smartphone app for when I want to talk to my friends online.
  • Living in the past 1/5

    By upset about the gram
    I can’t believe Nintendo thinks it’s acceptable to have this kind of app instead of any kind of built in online
  • Online Friends 4/5

    By Cequon Tyson
    You should be able to see if your friends are online or not instead having to go to the system all the time to check
  • Switch thing 3/5

    By ADB (AnimeDrawerBoy)
    Hey can we the people have voice chat in all multiplayer game like Tetris
  • Should be an app in switch 3/5

    By TankWesley786
    It's a good idea but it needs to be an app on the switch so you can talk on different games.
  • This app is the worst app ever 1/5

    By gfgggggggh
    I’m a SEGA fanboy (:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(:_;)(゜-゜)(゜-゜)(゜-゜)(゜-゜)(´,,•∀•,,`)(´,,•∀•,,`)(´,,•∀•,,`)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)(●´∇`●)
  • Only for splatoon!? 1/5

    By Deltronic2016
    This is the most useless app I’ve seen. Maybe if it included all the games... or if it had just a general friend chat option. But stupid af. Good job.
  • Just no. 1/5

    By Basedshinigami
    If I’ve been party chatting since my DSi via Pokémon,messaging in chat rooms since the DS..please tell me why is the this system is behind even those things? My phone doesn’t even have a headset jack anymore why would I buy a headset that requires that? As a semi-hardcore Nintendo fan I’m turned off at the fact that you guys lack basic things..including actually usernames.
  • Ignore the haters 5/5

    By KittiesRock1234
    They're just jealous :3
  • Terrible idea. 1/5

    By teacherALIEN
    A (soon to be) paid service that’s a pain to use. Not even integrated in to the system or game? Fail. Selling a $70 game that will be useless unless we pay monthly for the online service is bad enough... at least give us an integrated chat with people we happen to be joining ***with an option to disable the feature for each account** ... or communication is restricted to similar age groups so its still “kid safe”... just not this disconnected and practically useless external extension. Unfixable. It’s just stupid in its conception. And BTW, where’s Netflix?
  • Great app 5/5

    By awesomebasketballnigga2003
    This app is great😁
  • Should let kids (13 and under) make an account 2/5

    By Ms wishes
    I am younger than 13 and I try to login in with my Nintendo account and it says I can’t use it cause of my Nintendo account. My account works fine on my switch but not on the app. Can you please fix it?
  • Room for improvement 2/5

    By Isak25
    I agree this should be built into the switch, but it would also be nice to have support for more games and possibly support for more switch stuff
  • Poor Comm Solution 1/5

    By Pissed613
    Poor solution for online chat
  • A Great Idea, But It Needs Refinement 4/5

    By Aethradon
    First, I’ll start off this review by saying that I’m a graphic designer that specializes in brand and UX design, but most importantly, I’m a Nintendo fan that wants Nintendo to succeed. I’m basing this review on what has been done well for the app and what needs improvement for the paid service’s launch in 2018. Nintendo Switch Online gets its job done...when it is not being used for voice chat, that is. This is the main problem: it was marketed as a voice chat app more so than one for game-specific services, which is supposed to be the ‘actual’ focus of the app in terms of prioritization. That is why the half-baked addition of voice chat was a confusing one for myself and so many others. However, the good news is that the app’s main objective to get users to check on game-specific services such as SplatNet 2 for Splatoon 2 without having to launch those separate games on the Nintendo Switch is forward-thinking and can be easily accomplished by having more game services available soon in order to continue to refine the concept. This encourages users to stay connected with each of their games on the Nintendo Switch as well as the Nintendo brand itself on a daily basis. Using SplatNet 2 while away from the console is great, and it should serve as the role model for future game services on the platform as well. Nintendo needs to consider teaming up with Blizzard to bring games like Overwatch to their platform and marketing the benefit of being able to also access content, player statistics, the Hero Gallery, etc., by using this app to customize all of your heroes and view the statistics of yourself and other users you’ve played with/on your friend list while away from your console. Please work with Blizzard to make such a game possible on your Nintendo Switch platform as it would encourage other third-party devs to jump into the mix and support the app as well. The Nintendo Switch’s inherent portability would be the icing on the cake and make that version of Overwatch quite possibly one of the best iterations of the game. Now then, when it comes to voice chat and connecting with friends, the app itself sadly becomes a UX nightmare. Discord must be viewed as an example, in this case. Even though Discord is not the tell-all solution, how it seamlessly handles voice chat by not separating it by game should be considered for the user experience within the app. Simply put, separating the Nintendo Switch Online experience on a game-by-game basis ‘for voice chat’ makes the Nintendo Switch Online experience itself feel heavily disjointed. Give users the tools to create and manage their own private rooms for voice chat, and you’ll see the negative reactions people have over Nintendo being “backward” by having a mobile app for its online service change. Some people simply do not understand it is better to delegate VC and game serivce functionality to an app for a hybrid console like the Switch to save on system resources being used and these same people, fortunately, do not represent the greater whole at stake here. When games are started up like in Splatoon 2, separate channels within these user-created rooms can be made intuitively for different teams in each match, similar to how they are now. Or, if you would like to just talk with friends like in games such as Overwatch, you could easily swap between Team and Group Chat. My main point here in this review is that not having the ability to chat with others without being in a game on the Nintendo Switch itself forces people to use other apps (like Discord) instead for games, and this could cause the very problem you are trying to avoid with having players be disconnected from the Nintendo Switch brand. This needs to be where Nintendo Switch Online improves as a service in 2018 at its full launch of the service so that voice chat can feel interconnected. It feels like it is in Beta in its current state, and it should have been labeled as such, to be honest. There are other online Switch games that can’t utilize the app’s voice chat functionality at all, so it is a head-scratcher to try and see where Nintendo is going by only supporting one of its games in this app: ARMS, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Rocket League, Minecraft, and DOOM, for instance, could make great use of this app. That’s why I’d ‘hope’ this app is still not meant to be fully representational of the 2018 Nintendo Switch Online experience as of yet. Because I can definitely say it does not feel finished in its current state and people (including myself) would not pay a subscription fee for a half-baked service that’d only be used for a small portion of Nintendo Switch games. Lastly, you only need to use the Nintendo Switch brandmark for the app icon. The word “Online” is not needed in the icon, and it goes against rules of app design. Instead, include the word “Online” underneath the icon as the name of the app when viewed from the Home Screen. “Nintendo Switch Online” could continue to be the full name displayed when viewing multiple apps at once. That would be the easiest change to implement, and it is a reason why this app also seems clunky in terms of design. All of my apps on the iPhone follow that pattern. Seeing “NintendoSwi...” looks awful by comparison, and it hurts the brand.
  • All fun and good. 4/5

    By Frozensolidglory
    I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of this app, no thanks to Splatoon. But that’s all I’ve used it for. I thought I would have been able to do Merc Missions from Xenoblade 2 via this app, but that not the case it seems.
  • Very Disappointed Really... 1/5

    By Blacky150
    There is really nothing you can do on this app. Only 1 game has the ability to voice chat, besides that I’m very disappointed on what Nintendo has become and how sad the company is going down hill on developing better products for there consumers. I wish it was the old times again like the N64 or GameCube era.
  • Native chat built into Switch! NOT THIS! 1/5

    By Joshua Simpkins
    What are you doing, Nintendo?! Make voice and chat app native on Switch! We don’t want this standalone phone app!
  • Better than having no app 4/5

    By Herro 123
    C'mon! It's still their first year. Chill out, Cry babies!
  • More Games In App 3/5

    Hey Nintendo I understand you have this app to help protect the kids which I’m fine with. But can we get more online games in the app like maybe Doom?
  • Seems interesting 5/5

    By AlexanderByers33
    The concept looks fun and I'm excited to see how games have it implemented.
  • A seemingly good idea, but... 4/5

    By Stubz702
    It’s seems like a good idea (I just downloaded it) but I think this should be on the switch, not an app on your phone. That’s just my perspective though
  • This app shouldn’t even exist 1/5

    By Ghghihfdfhuyg
    A prime example of Nintendo’s asinine decision-making at work here folks.
  • This is not so good 1/5

    By Ianc435
    I don’t know why they have to make it virtually impossible to make an app work with the switch. This app is installed and has added zero value even though it was advertised as compatible. Nintendo. Get you act together. This is the reason your #3 in other words, last
  • Splatoon 2 app 2/5

    By Whykayl
    This is not a Nintendo Switch app, this is just for Splatoon 2, its like how we used to call the switch a Zelda Machine. This app is a Splatoon app. Its sad we are almost at the end of 2017 and have way more games that supposed to have voice chat but they aren't on this app. When will this app update to have more variety?
  • This should never have existed 1/5

    By Cpassolano
    Not only should this functionality be built in game, but it doesn’t even exist outside of one game currently. Where is the support for Mario Kart? Why is there no functionality for other games? How can we expect 3rd party developers to use this app as well? We are paying for this in 2018 and there is no explanation of what features will be provided with any games other than splatoon 2
  • Why? 1/5

    By 13lackout
    Because you killed my dad
  • Buggy and only works with one game 1/5

    By No moreeee
    This is a bad idea in general. Nintendo should be implementing a better social environment on the switch rather than making a companion app.
  • Great App for Switch Chat! 5/5

    By DevilFangs V--V
    People cry about everything these days. Overly self entitled grown up babies. Boohoo! Thank you Nintendo for creating this app to allow us to have party chat! Works great & is a must have for anyone playing in groups.
  • A for effort, F for execution 1/5

    By Nonlethalhitman
    I’m ok with the chat being on my phone, but we can only use it in very limited situations on Splatoon 2? And we still can’t even send messages to friends? Come on Nintendo, you’re better than this.

Nintendo Switch Online app comments


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