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NJ TRANSIT Mobile App App

Using the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App, it’s easier than ever to travel throughout New Jersey to New York and Philadelphia. NJ TRANSIT information is conveniently available to you. Buy and display passes or tickets securely and get transit options on your mobile device. • MyTix® mobile ticketing • Trip planning for rail, bus and light rail service • Real time rail and bus arrival/departure information Features: MyTix – Buy and display your pass or ticket securely on your mobile device Trip Planner – Receive suggested options for travel to your destination Train Schedules – Make travel plans using a quick station-to-station schedule DepartureVision® – Get real time train status for your selected station MyBus® – View bus arrivals for your stop Contact Us – Provide feedback on your travel experience


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NJ TRANSIT Mobile App app reviews

  • Lost all my tks 1/5

    By Tryest
    I updated to iOS 11 and lost all 20 of my tks and NJ transit and Apple where of no help
  • Not Ready yet 1/5

    By Haniarafa
    Many stations are missing including NYC Port Authority. It's a joke
  • Life savor! Well done 4/5

    By jy4pa
    Commuters between NY and NJ are thanking NJ transit for this app. Wish the ticket could be accessed through locked screen. Wish we could customize the menu. But thank you all the same.
  • Broken Update - Freezes on Saved Trips 2/5

    By pyroxp7
    Unfortunately, this update appears to have more issues than the previous update. When you view favorited schedule routes, it freezes on "Loading Results." Rebooted and reinstalled both the phone and app, but still encountering the same issues demonstrating this is a flawed app update. It's unfortunate how you can't view the schedules when it's a critical part of what makes the app functional.
  • Good app - but... 3/5

    By BPFJR
    While this app is very useful for schedules and purchasing tickets - it has one very dumb and frustrating feature. Apparently no one informed the NJ Transit app developers about "Omni-channel". If you open app on a 2nd device (e.g. iPad) it blocks access to the app on 1st device (e.g. IPhone) and requires a delete and reinstall to access again and loses all saved settings in the process. 👹
  • Crashes - can't use 1/5

    By Sheixgb2736
    Once again updated the app and it's unusable. I go to log in to My Tickets and it just keeps saying the network is lost. Nothing I can do to get my tickets again. This app is useless every time you update it.
  • Bus Routes Missing 2/5

    By timbobm99
    This update claims to allow purchase of tickets for all bus routes. However, the 165 (and probably others) is missing.
  • Useful and bad 2/5

    By sonofliber
    Good to buy tickets, 60% of the time the time of the buses is fake
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By akalam51
    I don't have any words to describe this app.its simply best.
  • Convenient yet unreliable 3/5

    By WilmoWayne-o
    The recent improvements to the app make it a much more user friendly and convenient interface. There are 3 glaring issues that need to be fixed. 1. No notification of cancelled trains. When planning a route using the schedules feature, your options include trains that have been cancelled. Departure Vision will often show cancelled trains as still active or simply not show them at all if they have been cancelled. Problem is - departure vision only shows about 20 minutes out for big stations like Newark or NYP. So you can't plan in advance. 2. Auto rotation of app is buggy. If you have a monthly ticket, it will auto rotate to landscape mode. When you go back to the app it will often be stuck in landscape mode and unusable. 3. The apps auto adjusts your brightness to full when it displays your monthly pass. After exiting the monthly pass you need to manually adjust brightness back down. Really annoying since anytime you open the app your monthly pass displays first.
  • Times 1/5

    By ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!
    After you purchase a ticket, you are given scheduled times of each arrival. This would be extremely convenient and helpful, if the times were right. I took the train from Bayhead to glen rock which was an original destination of 7:08pm. I was given a virtual schedule of the times of each station arrival. I was told that I would arrive at long branch at 4:58 pm. I get off the train at 4:58 pm and where am I? In Alenhurst. I look up tickets from Allenhurst to glen rock and it turns out that I won't be getting to glen rock until 10:00 at night. I decided to give up and turn back around after this. Thank you NJ transit for ruining my trip!
  • Doesn't show my bus route! 1/5

    By Oohlalamaria
    I have trouble finding my bus route to purchase a ticket no matter how I search-by name, number, zone. It just doesn't show up!! Anyone else have this problem??
  • The worst 1/5

    By copperdomebodhi
    This is the worst app I've ever downloaded. It is wildly uninformative. Relying on this for accurate information is akin to rolling dice. Frank Fleming had it right - "Incompetent "
  • What happen? 2/5

    By 2FourSam
    I like the new update on how you can buy a one way ticket instead of only buying a monthly ticket, but why they take the monthly ticket away?
  • Please keep me logged in 2/5

    By DempseyM
    Would love to see my login carried over from last session. Having my to do that every time is annoying. Otherwise works fine.
  • Train Schedules are a LIE 1/5

    By jtmac24
    showed up for the 7:50 train perfectly on time and it never showed up. had to wait 2 hours for the next one. Schedules are not accurate.
  • NJ Transit = No Bueno 1/5

    By Phil576325929
    Trains literally just don't show up
  • Limited 2/5

    By surroagtec
    "No service is scheduled for this stop at this time" Well can you show me a time that there is service. This app is really bad. But I use it to buy bus tickets because exact fare is a struggle. Update: to make matters worse it doesn't actually save my favorited bus stops for more than a day. I constantly have to search and re favorite.
  • Driver won't let me on the bus. 1/5

    By FlySoul80s
    Don't get this app. You are better off get a card. Bus driver would not let me get because my app was not working. I had a monthly and he was my usual driver!! So I waited for the next driver same BS I ended up getting to work one hour and half mins late!
  • Bus driver kicked me out because their app didn't respond 1/5

    By sarthz
    App failed to log me in one morning and was late for work.
  • Unable to login with 10.3.3 Update 3/5

    By virtuox
    I am unable to login and purchase tickets on the app after the iOS 10.3.3 update.
  • Bad update as of July 20 1/5

    By Pistolpca
    After the recent update, I have not been able to open it! It just won't open.
  • I hate you. 1/5

    By lammmmmmmme
    Currently sitting a delayed train trying to activate my ticket that I bought 30 mins ago and the app is telling me the network connection was lost...now what? I'm already on the train, I already bought my tickets, I'm already late for work...I hate you.
  • EF 1/5

    By Efards
    Ridiculous!!! Doesn't connect me to my account in the morning rush. Couldn't use purchased the tickets ! Fix it!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Quinfestation
    I've never written a review for an app until now, but this app is particularly bad. Bus arrival times are never accurate and none of the features on the app are intuitive to use. If you buy a bus ticket on the app, good luck trying to use it. I've bought tickets multiple times only for them not to show up in the My Tickets section until hours later.
  • Somehow made the app worse 1/5

    By 99735
    I've been purchasing my lightrail passed through this app for a year now. And now since the update it will not show me my ticket. I paid for it, I have my receipt. But no ticket. Fingers crossed I don't get asked for it huh? Would be awesome to purchase a pass and get ticketed on top of it.
  • Consistently logged out... 2/5

    By ButtersThaatsMe
    Randomly and consistently being logged out and then claims I am already logged into another device. Am required to reimport my account to my "new" phone. And since some ticket collectors are impatient, this causes quite a headache.
  • BUS PASS 1/5

    By Jeak86
    What on earth happened to the bus pass?! I was getting ready to purchase one and there is no function to purchase one. Just all the different tickets of the day or up to 10 trips! What is up with this update?!
  • Handy, but ugly and needs ApplePay 3/5

    By sonivore
    This app accomplishes what it needs to do and is certainly better than using the kiosk to buy tickets. Very convenient for an occasional traveler like me. I just wish they used ApplePay rather than storing my credit card. Also, they would benefit from some nice graphic design. Visually, this is not up to par with most apps on the App Store.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Orian Breaux
    Leave it to government to create an app with garbage usability.
  • Bring back full train schedules 1/5

    By jess anne
    If you want to see a train schedule you can only view trains after the time you are currently on the app... meaning you can't get any information about a train trip you are currently on. Awful.
  • Example of government incompetence 1/5

    By Cicorias1
    So many errors. Can't view schedules from trip planner as press button and screen flashes for a moment Live view never works Can't span multiple devices? Why? So many others
  • Train Schedules Need Updating 3/5

    By Pjacobs13
    The train schedules within the app need updating. For example, the app did not indicate that there was an early Saturday morning train at 12:37AM from NY Penn Station to Emerson, even though the NJ Transit website shows it. And as of right now, I cannot access schedules at all from the app, although of course that could be a server issue.
  • Saved me on my first train ride 5/5

    By Stevo the Kubo
    New to the metro NY area I am so happy I learned of this app. i purchased my one way fare well in advance in the comfort of an office. i was able to see all trains from the station i was going to use. after purchasing my ticket in advance, i simply got on the train and waited for the conductor to come by and look at the bar code on my phone. Very easy. highly recommend
  • This app crashed my phone. 2/5

    By GiantsFan91
    I love this app. The new interface is nice. The app is perfect for when I need to purchase tickets in a hurry and don't have time to buy them at the station. The one thing that bothers me is what happened on 06/19/17. I bought a ticket, took my ride, got to Secaucus Junction, opened up the app, enlarged the bar code, scanned in, and went on my way, but I stopped to put some things in my bag before heading to my train. As I went to plug my headphones in, I noticed my phone was now off. I don't know how. I know I didn't do it. So I turned it back on, no problems...until I realized my phone was having trouble sending iMessages and even texts. I don't know why. It's possible that this app is buggy and might be easily hacked. Be weary if you download it.
  • ISO a better alternative 1/5

    By MyQueenLindsay
    I have never felt compelled to write an app review in my LIFE! but this app is so bad I literally felt a personal responsibility to all other transit users to warn them of all its pitfalls. I am usually very tech savvy, never have had trouble figuring out any other iPhone applications, but this one is extremely user unfriendly and it has caused me to ride the rails all wrong on SEVERAL occasions. It only shows upcoming trains which is helpful to minimize scrolling time, but prevents you from seeing comprehensive or complete train schedules. You can't even look at the details for the train you are on because the app thinks it has passed! The layout and button placement is poorly designed and I often end up in the wrong place as a result. And for God's sake, WHY isn't there a MAP!! I continue to use this app only because there is no better option, but I do want everyone to know that I wish I could delete it from my phone and never think of it again. NJ Transit, please can't we just have this one thing!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hate the update411
    Horrible horrible horrible app. Now unusable due to an error that states my device is registered with my current email while simultaneously telling me there is no account registered with that email when I attempt to change my password. The redesign is also horrible but I would put up with that if the app worked. Not that I would expect anything more from NJ Transit.
  • The most annoying thing about this app 3/5

    By Diego Timido
    The improvements were MUCH needed. But it boggles my mind that they can't seem to fix one simple thing. The orientation change from (ticket view) to the (main menu view). When you open the app, and you have an active ticket, the default view is the (active ticket in landscape mode). But if you hit the back button to the main menu (default portrait mode) the app keeps the landscape orientation and cuts the main menu in half. The app freezes at this point, so you have to close the app and open it again. I go through this routine with this app every-single-day!!!!!!!! FIX IT!
  • Bug: Phone Brightness increases automatically when you open the application 3/5

    By Srinath Reddy
    There is a bug in the application, as soon as you open NJ transit application in iPhone, phone brightness increases automatically. Please fix the bug as it drains out the battery quickly.
  • Secaucus schedules not working 3/5

    By Jstarzy
    App looks good but bug with getting schedules from Secaucus junction down the north jersey coast line. The app thinks there are multiple transfers involved and reports an error message. Please fix this!
  • Best update ever. 5/5

    By Lalala68
    Love the new interface. Very intuitive
  • Great idea 1/5

    By Grselig
    Buses are not equipped to read ticket. One driver knew about it. Another thought I was stealing. I guess nj will not spend $ on a qr reader
  • Better than ever. 5/5

    By theattackisback
    Been enjoying this app for years. First trains, then added buses. Now the newest updates with gps wait times built in, schedules and ten trips the app is really useful. Thanks!
  • Fix the screen brightness 1/5

    By badzny5
    * 5/21/17- Auto brightness is still not fixed. Other apps like Starbucks do not have this issue. * 7/21/16 New update yet the brightness problem is still not addressed. You still have to press the Back button. The Home button still retain the brightness and waste your battery. ---------- Please put back the iPhone screen brightness after app lose focus. App will take time displaying the ticket if the signal is weak like in NY Port Authority terminal. Why does it need to communicate with a server if the ticket and the phone are linked? But then, NJT never listens to suggestions. They do these surveys but they never implement any ideas.
  • HUGE Improvement 5/5

    By JoeCannarella
    I'm editing my 1 star review for this 5 star review as I'm completely happy with the 180 degree turn this app took. It's much more user friendly and a breeze to buy tickets, track my next bus, and much more -- all from the main dashboard. Well done on this one.
  • Need Widget 3/5

    By Gary! 2536
    Love this app also. Need phone widget and Apple Watch integration .
  • Worse 1/5

    By WokaWokaWoka
    This new update is worse than the last, long-neglected version. In a failed attempt to be helpful, the app won't show you any train schedule data that starts before the current time of you are viewing saved/favorite schedules. That means, if you are on a train already or between transfers, good luck getting ANY info on your current journey. The app forces you to enter a load of data in a separate trip planner component in order to get any useful information.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By ShadyTimes10
    Train schedules not working properly wtfff fix it useless these people messing with apps
  • Much improved! 5/5

    By qwertymuffin
    Still unhappy with other parts of the company, but NJT's app team is killing it! Love the efficient new layout and INTRASTATE TICKETS OMG THANK YOU
  • No go 1/5

    By Polo12795
    Whenever I've used this stupid app it only works to pull up payments for bus. Passes as for tracking a bus or even planing trips in advance this app is terrible only because any action other then paying something is error code after error code even after multiple updates

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