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NOOK - Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Comics

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  • Current Version: 4.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Barnes & Noble
  • Compatibility: Android
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NOOK - Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Comics App

Get the FREE NOOK Reading App for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to start enjoying Barnes & Noble’s award-winning eBook discovery and digital reading experience. Access our vast online library of over 4 million eBooks, graphic novels, comics, and magazines; plus, enjoy recommendations just for you curated by our expert booksellers. Customize your experience with multiple font and page styles and powerful organization and social sharing tools. Put down your reading and pick up where you left off—even as you jump from one screen to another. Barnes & Noble at Your Fingertips • Browse Bookstore for the latest new releases, bestsellers, and expert recommendations just for you! The more you use NOOK, the better our suggestions. • Purchases completed on Barnes & Noble’s website will automatically appear on your device. • Over 1 million FREE titles! Try a new author or start a new series risk-free. Download free eBooks directly from Bookstore. • Download free book samples and add favorites to your Wishlist. • Try any newspaper or magazine free for 14 days.* Rich, Customizable Reading • Adjustable font styles, line spacing, margins, page animations, and screen brightness for more comfortable reading. Use our Day, Night, and Evening themes or create your own background and text color combinations. • Add notes, bookmarks and highlights as you read. • Organize your Library with custom stacks of eBooks, magazines and your own files. • Search inside the book and look up words with the downloadable in-app dictionary. • Additional language support for British English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. • Accessible to blind and low vision users leveraging Apple assistive technology, including screen magnification and VoiceOver. Create Your Own Quote Cards • Found an inspiring or beautiful sentence in your book? Highlight and tap on ‘Share’ to launch the quote editor and create a custom Quote Card. • Choose your favorite background and share with friends on social networks, email, and text message. Discovery Delivered Daily • Visit B&N Readouts for daily streams of free book excerpts, magazine articles, and all kinds of bookish news—including reviews from our community. Share on social, email, and other apps.  • Join the thousands of NOOK readers on Serial Reads, Barnes & Noble’s latest free reading program. Enjoy a book every month, delivered FREE in daily chapters directly to your device. Titles are hand-picked by B&N editors across genres. • Enjoy our Free Fridays eBook selection every week. * NOOK account and credit card registration required.

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NOOK - Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Comics app reviews

  • Love nook 5/5

    By Mingylou
    I love this app! I like the new updated version because I can shop for more books. I like that I can archive the ones I have read already, but download them later again. I've had several nook readers, which I like. But I mostly read on my iPhone now, but all my books are still in my account. Best app ever, now if they can just find a way to make it smell like Barnes n noble while I'm reading...
  • Love my nook 5/5

    By Blow Fish Nemo
    I'm very happy with my nook. I read more often because of it. No complaints here.
  • Nook reader 5/5

    By Tomthetoyman
    Thanks to my first NOOK as a birthday gift for my 50th birthday, I have become an avid reader. The last five years I have read more books than in all the years before my nook came along.
  • Poor app 1/5

    By AK Arlene
    Challenging to simply buy a book and no response to emails. Try Amazon!
  • Me encanta 4/5

    By Glorianagb
    Facil de usar, gran cantidad de libros actualizados en diferentes idiomas y lo mejor muy intuitiva 👍🏻
  • Nook 4/5

    By williampunch
    I have had a Nook for over ten years. The system works well for me, the only problem is whether I can share a book with another friend who has a Nook as well. If I could share, or pass on a book to another Nook owner I would be very satisfied!
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By The R.oB.
    Major flaws relative to Amazon's Kindle • Unstable syncing of reading position and bookmarks. I have to go through a process to ensure that reading between my iPhone and iPad Pro stay in sync. And even then it's not 100% effective. This should not exist in production software. • Font size rendering is inconsistent and doesn't have reasonable selections. Too often I'm left with choosing to read from an eye chart or a type fit for a children's book. And the same font size selected is different across books. • Dictionary is paltry. All too often words that I have no trouble defining with default dictionaries in competitor software cannot be defined in this app. The user experience is materially below that of your nearest competitor. The only thing keeping me here are the large numbers of books my wife purchased for me. I would switch to Kindle if I could given this experience.
  • Love my Nook!!! 5/5

    By Kamronjm39
    I love my Nook!! Best reading app ever!! I use it all the time and have hundreds of books on it.
  • Nook Review 5/5

    By TScott713
    I love the Nook app. Now I don't have to purchase a Nook. I can turn my smart phone into a Nook. Very convenient!
  • Thanks for the app! 5/5

    By SLC-UCV
    We had terrible experience with the nook tablets; I discourage buying them. Instead, go with the app. It's a fantastic solution.
  • Works great! 5/5

    By alizardNtheSun
    Has most of the features of a regular nook, but better cause it's ON YOUR PHONE!
  • Very convenient 5/5

    By I love solitaire
    Nice to have access to my Nook along with other electronic applications.
  • Transitions well 5/5

    By pheobe1216
    When my original nook no longer held a good charge, I was able to load the app on my IPad and have not looked back since. I'm a B&N supporter so this allows me to easily use my gift cards as well.
  • With me all the time 5/5

    By Charopr
    I love that I can use the app in all my devices, so I can keep reading any where I go with the sinc running smoothly
  • Pricing 4/5

    By kid4ever1122
    I have the app on my iPhone and when I try to buy a new book, it only lets me get a sample. I then have to go into my tablet to purchase. I would like to do it all in one place, not various steps and devices. Please modify, thanks.
  • Room for improvement 4/5

    I love reading on my nook app on my iPhone but wish there were more organizational tools. Don't like that if only certain books in a series get grouped together. I have 7 books in one series but only 6 of them are in the same collection and the other book is on it's own.
  • Love nook 5/5

    By Pith ant
    Only way I read books now. Really good way to read
  • Love it 😃 4/5

    By LbmZ57
    I love reading books on my Nook! My library goes everywhere I go.
  • Excelente 5/5

    By D/d/don
    Me encanta nook muy buena app!
  • Rethinking 3/5

    By Houserftway
    I love nook I have two. I even have it on my phone and on my tablet but I wished you would come out with a way that I know we can buy books on the nook but I wished we could scan the barcodes of the books we own and add those to our nook library as well. I love reading a real book but when traveling I don't want to lug around a huge book and so I read on my nook. I really think you should consider it.
  • Not fun to use 1/5

    By Li-li28
    I don't like this app at all. Navigating the books is frustrating as is trying to make purchases.
  • Great App. 5/5

    By bwalt17
    I love the Nook App and use it on my iPhone and iPad. I also have a Nook tablet. Reading is my my primary hobby and the way I relax. Easy to use and habit forming.
  • A+ 5/5

    By Metoote
  • LOVE MY NOOK! 5/5

    By Doreen-RVer
    I've had my Nook app for many years now and I don't know how I did without it. I have an entire library on one IPad! It is super convenient. ☺️
  • My opinion on Nook 5/5

    By Paloma57
    Love it!!! Though I had my doubts when I first received mine as a birthday gift and still love the feel of holding a book, it's instant gratification when you're out of reading material! I'm a voracious reader and need another book when I finish one, so I love my Nook especially for that! Plus a great travel convenience, no need to pack books on a long trip!
  • Worst update ever 1/5

    By Xyzzyllp1234
    The last update created the worst app ever. The tutorial launched right away but I was in a hurry and had to skip it. Now I fumble through, hating every second and wishing it could just be intuitive.
  • Nice App 4/5

    By sdatx
    I have owned a Nook ereader since the 1st color version came out. Was a little hesitant about going digital since I love the feel of a book, but found I love using a Nook. Now after buying a couple of different versions of the Nook ereader and having trouble (and support stopping) with them after a few years, I've gone to using the Nook app on my iPad. Love it too. Only one small complaint. I can't figure out how to buy the ebooks on the Nook app. I aWays have to go to the Barnes & Noble app to buy a book which then promptly appears in my Nook app. A little tiresome. But overall I like the app and it works well.
  • No scrolling option? 2/5

    By Calendar guy
    This is a must update. Almost always when I read I use my phone and holding it makes seeing the bottom of the screen tough. Scrolling, as you can using iBooks, solves the issue. 2 stars until that's implemented
  • Ebook reader 5/5

    By Try7mod
    It's my go-to reader app..
  • Love 5/5

    By Kingjcn
    Awesome app! Love the samples!
  • Unlimited books in limited space 5/5

    By layogini
    I love books but simply no longer have room. This his app on my iPad keeps the world open and unlimited for me. I love it and how it functions.
  • Needs more work 3/5

    By Albiek42
    I read my Nook books either on my Nook Paperwhite and iPad. Sometimes they are in sync and sometimes they are not. Very inconsistent. I have a competing e-reader app that does not do this which tells me Nook needs to work on this.
  • Nook 4/5

    By Jmiiiit
    Decent app. Does what it is supposed to. Glad corrections and edit come through now
  • Love It 5/5

    By Serene Rocks
    I like the feel of a real book in my hands and the visual impact, but I really have many books I don't want to give away, and I can't save them as easily as putting them on an app, so I enjoy storing on Nook. Also- easy to take books with you, and recommendations come up for genres I may not normally read.
  • Can't Buy Here 2/5

    By LucyinBookland
    I'm sure it has something to do with agreements with Apple, but what's the point of a "bookstore" feature where you can't actually buy books? I was so excited thinking they had finally actually streamlined the app to let you buy books, but this is really a sneaky move. It's not a "bookstore"; it's a browsing feature. I've been a loyal Nook user for many years, but having to jump through so many hoops just to buy a book is really testing me. I just want to open the nook app on my iPad, search for a book, and click "buy", instead of having to find the site in a browser window, sign in, etc. I'm sure it's losing them sales. Really the app just keeps me from losing my Nook library, but doesn't encourage me to use it for new purchases. Sent from my iPad
  • Poor enough to investigate Amazon 2/5

    By ZLMommy
    I've been happily using my nook app for several years. Recently. I have not been able to receive gifts of books from my mom or download already purchased books on my phone versus my iPad. One book I downloaded was missing the first 9 Chapters! Big disappointment, enough for me to investigate Amazon. I love supporting book stores, but only when I can actually read the books I've purchased!
  • Luv this app 5/5

    By Peanut avalanches
    I absolutely luv this app, because I can have a library full of books at my fingertips, at any time or place
  • Love!!! 5/5

    By AlKevKasNick
    I have a nook 7" and the book glow light and the nook app!! LOVE ALL THREE! love that I can sit by the pool on my glow light and love that I can read at night on my phone or nook 7"!! ❤️😄
  • App is terrific 5/5

    By elise caprice
    I have the Nook app on both my phone and iPad. This means I always have my books and my magazines with me. I love the search, bookmark, and highlight features on the Nook app.
  • Its great! 5/5

    By msdianeperry
    Syncs my current read between multiple platforms. Seldom crashes.
  • Pretty Good 3/5

    By Lorieden
    At first, I loved the Nook app, but then I had an issue with downloading multiple different Nookbooks. I sent feedback, and nothing changed. I still can't download the books, though I can read them through my library online, which gives me problems as I'm always on the go. Overall I do love the Nook app, but customer service through this app is basically nil.
  • Dificil navegar 2/5

    By Jmbruni
    A veces no es fácil encontrar la barra para navegar. Con textos en pdf se hace difícil volver al menú. Le falta mejorar mucho.
  • Love it 5/5

    By mab548
    I love nook books. After cataract surgery I was dismayed to learn that I had the beginning of macular degeneration. I can continue to enjoy reading with a nook.
  • Nook 4/5

    By The Coastal Thinker
    I like the app but wish more titles were available in the Nook store.
  • Fine 4/5

    By Elderaco
    The app works well but I wish there were in app book purchases.
  • Love 5/5

    By Zane5371
    This is the 3rd tablet that I have put nook on. I love that when I upgrade all of my reading materials go with me.
  • So, so convenient! 5/5

    By Michele.p
    Love the idea that I can read anywhere - any time I have a few minutes. Whilst I miss the feel of a book, it is much easier to read from an electronic device.
  • Love 5/5

    By Polly ennett
    I love the nook program. It's very easy to use.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By Mcap4242
    Would be nice to purchase books through the app.
  • I love my Nook! 5/5

    By KimboUp
    I love my Nook, the fact that I only have to remember to pack it instead of 10 books. No more panicking when I'm at the end of a book because I didn't bring another, I know I have a hundred more downloaded. Makes me happy! On another note, it has started not keeping my place. I'm having to bookmark all the time.

NOOK - Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers & Comics app comments

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